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Heya! My name is Mako, and I’m a literate roleplayer. I’ve been roleplaying for over 4 years and I’m currently looking for a MxM roleplay in any historical period. I am 21+ years old and only roleplay on Discord. Preferably one of the ones I’ve mentioned below.

There will be romance in the roleplay but you can choose any other genres you’d like. I also roleplay NSFW and I would prefer for my partner to be the dominant or switch role. I roleplay TRANSGENDER MALES so if you don’t like that DO NOT continue reading. I really prefer that you are knowledgeable about the time period we roleplay in as that will make it all the more fun.

I’m very flexible so please tell me any plots, characters and ideas that you have in mind. Also, please tell me if you don’t want to roleplay anymore instead of just ghosting me.
Remember, we can always do another roleplay if one doesn’t work out.

Here is some inspo: https://boredomtherapy.com/colorized-history-photos/

Thank you!


- Renaissance
- Ancient Greece/Rome
- Middle Ages
- Ancient Egypt
- The Roaring 20’s
- Age of Discovery
- Any World War
- 19th Century Britain
- Viking Age
- Stone Age
- Age of Enlightenment
- The Fifties-Nineties
- American Revolutionary War
- Victorian Era
- Ice Age
- American Civil War
- Great Depression
- The Future

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