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[font "courier new" [center [size14 Once you b e c [#da90c5 o m e predictable], no one's [size17 [#da90c5 inte][#eabedd rested]] [#fbdff3 anymore.]]]]
[font "courier new" [center [size11 I will not [#da90c5 hesitate] to [i [#eabedd stab]] you if you steal my [#da90c5 s h i t.]]]]


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[size11 [center I was so naive then, my [ bear]]]
  Avanesa / 17h 23m 54s
[right I've always found it eazy to talk about heart break.]
[right To go into gorey detail on what it feels like to have]
[right the one person who gets you, just up and leave you.]

[right But when it comes to telling someone about]
[right my love for you, I come to a blank.]
[right So I'm going to try now.]

[right Your words are like seeds, they've managed to]
[right bury themselves in my heart]
[right and have bloomed into a garden made up of]
[right [i forevers and always].]

[right I am so entranced with everything that is you.]
[right You took the remaining pieces of my heart,]
[right & welded them into something beautiful.]

[right So melt with me into the indigo night]
[right & love me like the [i m o o n] loves the sky.]
[right Become the technicolor found in my pigment][right & breath life back into my graying skin.]

[right Just, love me the way you already have.]
  Avanesa / 17h 33m 40s
[font "courier new" [size11 [i And it begins...]]]
  Avanesa / 1d 17h 9m 25s
[center [pic]] [center [pic]][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][pic]

[font "courier new" [center Wouldn't you prefer us to remain in this moment forever? To always be young? Just us four, working here at the bar, collecting unforgettable memories while trying to figure out our uncertain futures? College? Continue on with it! Experiment more! Some of us can remain madly in love, cleverly hiding mistakes. Others caught in a whirl pool of disaster, abusing the ones who adore us the most. While the rest of us put on a pretty face just to hide the emotional baggage of not wanting to move on and nasty habits. The real world is but a scary reality, filled with traps just waiting to lure us away from our fantasies. I propose a drink, a drink to ever lasting youth! Why must we grow old and miserable, wouldn't life be much more satisfying if we remain young as long as possible? We can't delay time, but we can delay our souls from growing old.]]

[ [#314c87 [center [font "courier new" Creators guidlines & Info]]]][center [font "courier new" Courtesy of [ [#314c87 [font "courier new" Avannessa]]]]]

[left [pic]] [center [font "courier new" [size20 [#314c87 S k e l l y:]]]]
[center [font "courier new" [i ]]]

[b Name:] [i Whatever floats your boat]

[b Age:] [i 23-25]

[b Sex:] [i Male or female?]

[b Personality:] [i A brief description of your character]

[b Quick Bio:][i Quick briefing on your characters history. Whos your bff, whats your major etc etc]
[#314c87 [center [font "courier new" [size15 Quick Overview:]]]]
[center [font "courier new" This rp is basically a 2x2, two men two women. College students in their senior year. Getting ready to graduate this year while battling the struggle that comes with finally entering the real world. They will battle situations like drug use, relationships ending or starting, etc etc. Its pretty much free form but the rp does surround the lives of these 6 students have been friends since the beginning of their college experience. Maybe even some might have been friends since hs or child hood. That would be up to you to discuss with others in the RP.]]
  Avanesa / 1d 17h 11m 21s
[center [pic]]
[center [font "courier new" Ok. Lets do this shit.]]
  Avanesa / 4d 14h 58m 12s
[font “courier” [center I’m trying so hard to reconnect with my brain. ]]
  Avanesa / 4d 18h 55m 1s
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[font "Courier New" [size12 I've seem to have lost my way around a pen. No one ever explained that growing up meant having to give up parts of your heart; because that's what my writing was. It was an extension of my being. Writing was, is, a huge part of my survival. I want to find that again. I want to be spilling with ideas and smile when I finish a paragraph.]]

[font "Courier New" [size12 I need to. Because I'm losing myself in adulthood. I'm losing Avannessa. I thought I'd start here. The place where she once thrived creatively and never lost sight of who she was. A human blessed with a gift to transport the human mind to other worlds. To understand what it is to be human, to love and to hate. I want to be her again. A storyteller.]]
  Avanesa / 6d 9h 18m 11s

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