The Queen's Blades

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The demon legions have been locked on their home world of Kiovis. For centuries they thirsted for battle, for blood, no for freedom. To be unleashed upon the mortal realms of other planets which would allow them to make themselves a new. Their kind new no other way, but it was not to be. For eons they were told no, told that their time would come. However the demons tribes because restless and so war broke out among them on their home world. The bands of demons that would follow a demon lord would fight, but the Hierarchy of the demons didn't seem to interfere as to them only the strong survived and the weak were consumed. One day during the fighting however the demon lords turned not against each other, but to that of the high demons the Royals of their kind.

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They wanted to be the next ruler of the legions and scores of the demon world. News spread like wildfire however that the queen was with child and had become weak because of it, and so the forces of the seven demon lords gather and march soon against the queen and her own brood of elite demons. A civil war is breaking out, but that requires the Demonic lords to work together to make their Royals fall. The queen's elite soldiers however were ready for them and the seven captains were hand picked to take on each demon lord, now they just needed to know which one.

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Character's Picture:
Character's Name:
demonic race type:
Role: Are you one of the seven demonic lords? Or perhaps one of the Captains that serves the queen?
[h3 [center [b [size20 The Cast of the Seven Captains]]]]
[h3 Colorful_insanity]
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[right [b Character's name:] Cern The Fallen]
[right [b Gender:] Male]
[right [b Age:] Unknown...Oldest demon alive]
[right [b Demonic race type:] Banished Angel]
[right [b Role:] Last of the Elite Captains to the Queen]

[h3 [center [b [size20 The Cast of the Seven Demonic Lords]]]]
[h3 Colorful_insanity]
[Right [pic]]
[left [b Characters Name:] Ra the Gold]
[left [b Gender:] Unknown]
[left [b Age:] Seven thousand Eighty-two [b (7,082)]]
[left [B Demonic race type:] Fallen God]
[left [b Role:] First Demonic Lord, Lord of Fallen Angels]


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