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They say that with great powers come great responsibility.
And I suppose that's true.
But responsibilities can be many things, and not all of them are as simple as they seem.
This tells the story of two who took on different responsibilities.
But why?
For that, we must look [i Behind the Mask].

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The House:
[pic http://i.imgur.com/GIjkcx8.png]


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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] [b [#284f09 "Alright, so more or less just making certain there's nothing that will potentially kill me and most else should be good. Sweet."]] Elle replied, looking to the restaurant they had just pulled up to, and then back to Val and Chad. [b [#284f09 "Thanks for pulling me out of the house. It's... nice. Especially with everything the last few days."]] She unbuckled herself and got out of the car, closing the door behind her and stretching out a bit in the fresh air.
[tab ] Elle turned back to the two and smiled a bit, [b [#284f09 "So, we're all sort of homebodies. I work with the museum. What sort of work do you guys do?"]] She asked, trying to keep conversation going a bit, everything just still felt so strange to her, like she was getting too much in her head. [i Focus on deciding what you want to eat, Elle.]
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[font "Times" [size15 "[+crimson She's a newbie!]" Chad exclaimed, giggling again.

Val's brows pressed a little, wondering if she was one of those daydreamy types. Not really connected to reality, which might explain the sort of loftiness of a lot of her statements from earlier. Valerie glanced back into the mirror and caught Chad's eye. They exchanged a look.

"[+crimson You'll be an easy neighbor, then! We're sort of homebodies, too.]" He gave her a wink.

Val hummed, "[B Um-]"

"[+crimson Probably nothing you're allergic to,]" Chad piped up from the back seat, sounding very proud of himself.

Their driver sighed, shaking their head. "[B We're going to a restaurant that has a lot of options, so there's a lot that you'll be able to choose from. It's a man and wife, and it's kind of like a sports bar I guess? But like has really good food. And they have gluten free bread options I think.]"

With that, Valerie slowed down and pulled them into the car park, pulling the brake and turning the engine off. "[B Voila, we made it. Ready to eat, everyone?]"

The sign said Black Top, bar and grill. It looked to be a roadhouse themed, kind of rockabilly themed place. And seeing as it was about dinnertime, it was ready to receive the trio.
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] Elle nodded along a bit. She couldn't quite remember how long it had taken her to find the house, but she was sure that it would be less difficult, take less time to travel back and forth between the city and the house after that.
[tab ] Thinking about the museum, and feeling a bit embarrassed as Val looked confused that she hadn't really explored she just sort of cleared her throat, [b [#284f09 "I mean. They did. Just, that was when I first got the job. I've only lived here right around ten months or so, after getting a job transfer here."]] She admitted, and her fingers played with some of the tassels on her shawl absent-mindedly. [b [#284f09 "I'm just... I don't know. I spend more time at work and in my own head than out and about."]] That was mostly true. She did spend an awful large amount of her time at work, but how could she even begin to explain that it was spent tracking down criminals, occasionally fighting off the main villains the city had been dealing with. Elle shook her head slightly, trying to get out of her own thoughts.
[tab ] Elle smiled a bit to Chadwick. [b [#284f09 "If you do want to discuss it with them, just let me know."]] Her eyes came back to the road. [b [#284f09 "Any suggestions for what to order at this restaurant we're going to?"]] She asked, deciding to try to steer the conversation away from her work before her story stopped adding up. Or she would have to come up with a hobby.
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/14/29/ed/1429edc31607b4ff00f072cc0334ca2b.jpg]]
[font "Times" [size16 They weren't able to be too active in the conversation, but they were able to kind of half engage while driving. It was kind of strange to have someone in the car that wasn't Chad, if they were honest. Or Oliver. Or Mavis. Their tiny, tiny group of friends, beyond Chad's musician friends.

Valerie nodded, "[B It's nice to be out of the way. We're not unimaginably far from the city, but we're not [i in] the city. It's still accessible.]"

"[+crimson Yeah, exactly that. And we have just enough property for like a backyard barbecue or something, if we wanted, you know? But it's enough of a neighborhood to know your neighbors.]"

Valerie shrugged a bit. Chad was the social one between them.

Val did have to frown at 'not getting out much' "[B You mean they didn't show you around when you got the job?]"

His eyes widened a bit, sitting up a little more. "[+crimson I- could yeah. I can like discuss plot and art and stuff, but I really don't, yknow, have the ability to [i engage] more than that, you know? As more than a fan.]"

His smile was a bit sheepish. "[+crimson Yeah, my job gives me weird hours sometimes.]"

Chad smiled, "[+crimson I grew up here.]"

Val exhaled softly, "[B I've been here for a few years.]"
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] Elle smiled a bit sheepishly at Chad's tease and was thankful for Val's understanding and explanation. She couldn't quite put her finger on the way she felt about it all, and just the general feeling of... already quite enjoying a new place after a relatively short amount of time.
[tab ] She made brief eye contact with Val as they spoke, wishing her luck. [b [#284f09 "I don't want to move into anything too quickly. But, even so... I like being a bit out of the way, it reminds me of when I was growing up a bit. I'm still sort of researching a few things, but the rent seems stable and the house is beautiful."]] She didn't know how to explain that she wanted to make sure she hit it off with her potential future neighbors before confirming any paperwork... If she wanted to live there, she knew she wouldn't have to worry about the monetary part of it, not that it didn't make her feel just a bit guilty...
[tab ] She was happy to be pulled from her thoughts by discussion of the museum. [b [#284f09 "I've mostly just been in the art department, but I know there's a healthy natural history in the other side and some absolutely gorgeous tapestries and dioramas. I haven't really explored that side of the museum too much though, but then again, I don't get out much."]]
[tab ] Elle looked back to Chadwick, [b [#284f09 "That doesn't mean you couldn't discuss the art of it? I mean, I'm not particularly involved with animation and I find it really interesting to discuss."]] She said warmly, smiling a bit at his shyness. [b [#284f09 "Seems like we all have a lack of time in common."]]
[tab ] She shifted a bit in her seat, glancing over at Val again. A question that was always present in her mind rose up again, [i 'So what do you think of the supers around here?'], but she stopped herself from asking it aloud. She was still trying to learn to keep her life separated, neatly compartmentalized. [b [#284f09 "So how long have y'all been in the city?"]]
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/14/29/ed/1429edc31607b4ff00f072cc0334ca2b.jpg]]
[font "Times" [size16 Chad's grin widened a bit, pushing up into a nose-wrinkling bit of a tease. "[+crimson Oh, she likes us already!]"

"[B No,]" Valerie corrected. "[B She is here out of necessity, and doesn't know how long this will be, so she is making the best out of losing her home.]"

They glanced over at her. "[B I hope things settle down for you.]" It was serious, but sincere, before they returned their attention to the road.

"[+crimson What's in that museum?]" the young man asked in the back, leaning back against the seats and wiggling around in his seat until he could kind of almost lie down in the back. "[B Is it like natural history and art and stuff or like what?]"

Chad laughed, "[+crimson I don't [i make] animation, I just like it. I watch it.]" He laughed a bit, looking embarrassed, and kept his gaze away before covering his face. "[+crimson I don't [i do] cool things, I don't have time-!]"
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] Elle nodded a bit, humming slightly in thought.[b [#284f09 "I keep making plans in my brain as though I'm sticking around, even though I haven't formerly made any decisions..."]] She said aloud, glancing to Chadwick. [b [#284f09 "I do really want to help the landscaping though."]]
[tab] [b [#284f09 "Well, if either of you want to visit the museum, let me know and I'll get you inside if you have time..."]] Elle said shifting a bit in her seat.[b [#284f09 "I'm currently in a contract doing some restoration work with the museum, so I can pretty much get y'all in for free as long as you don't cause a ruckus."]] She smiled, looking to the two. She shifted a bit. [b [#284f09 "I'm a fan of impressionism stuff, I'm a huge sucker for Van Gogh. Oh! And you should talk to one of my friends, he works in with a publishing company anf one of their clients is in communications with an animation network, I'm sure you guys could chat about it for a good while."]] She offered to Chadwick.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/5c/5c/f8/5c5cf840b9eb88e442223d03a7ea79e2.jpg]] [font "Times" [size16 Valerie shrugged, "[B Not a bad thing.]"

They nodded again at the color assumption. Technically they had a lot of favorite colors, but black felt safe, good to wear.

"[+crimson I like red, actually, like a lot.]"

Valerie sighed, "[B I hope so, he's kind of cute. No, he's like really cute. I want him to be alive.]"

Chad gave a little, interested noise, eyes big. "[+crimson You [i garden]? Oh my god the lawn is going to look amazing.]"

"[B [+crimson Too expensive,]]" came the almost unanimous response from the both of them. Chad glanced forwards, picking his head up, and Valerie's brows arched again, surprised that happened.

"[B I also don't really have time, unfortunately.]"

"[+crimson You're literally [i always] working,]" Chadwick complained a bit, pushing his lower lip out.

Valerie nodded. "[B I like spooky landscapes, and German Romantic stuff, mostly. And Impressionism.]"

Chad laughed, looking away and rubbing the back of his head. "[+crimson I like animation...]"
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] Elle nodded along, watching the two neighbor's banter over Chad's music tastes of the week, and smiled a little, trying to make a mental note of the bands mentioned to keep in mind.
[tab ] [b [#284f09 "Not trying to be, just sort of get caught in my own head sometimes with things."]] Elle replied to her choice of favourite color. [b [#284f09 "What about you two? Do you have a favorite color or mostly stick with black?"]] She turned to look at Val, shifting her focus to think about the cactus. [b [#284f09 "Sounds like a real cactus? I'm sure they're probably alright, it takes a lot to kill them. And if you do end up wanting another plant I could also help you. If nothing falls through I'm going to be purchasing some new plants, and maybe even taking a look at that landscaping on the property..."]]
[tab ] Elle swallowed slightly, afraid she'd gotten a little too deep for such an early conversation. She tried to think of something to change the subject to. [b [#284f09 "So... What sort of art do y'all like, if any? Do you visit the museum at all?"]]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/5c/5c/f8/5c5cf840b9eb88e442223d03a7ea79e2.jpg]] [font "Times" [size16 Chad grinned, big and pleased, and laid his head against Val's headrest, "[+crimson Oh, it's mostly Sisters of Mercy, Merciful Nuns, little Type O Negative...]"

"[B Old school goth cuz he's a showoff,]" Val piped up and finished, not moving their gaze from the road, but arching their brows a bit.

He laughed, "[+crimson Only a little! It's a special mood!]"

Valerie glanced over at Eleonora with the description of color. "[B How poetic,]" they said, tone light, acknowledging.

"[+crimson Ooh, I like that. It's kinda spooky, that dusky, twilight hour kinda thing.]" He wrinkled his nose a bit as he said it, eyes glimmering with enjoyment.

Their driver thought a moment, head tipping to the side. "[B Well, he's small, just kind of a ball of spikes, basically. A little cactus in a little thing of dirt that he came in.]" they shrugged, glancing over to Elle again. There wasn't much to tell about Jekyll.

Their brows pushed together at the suggestion of a Hyde, "[B God, I can barely take care of myself, I don't know if I could handle another plant.]"

Valerie's brows pressed again, looking a bit raw for that comment. "[B God, that's true...]"
  Tweedy / 23d 7h 19m 48s
[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] Elle hummed slightly, thinking through her answer to the questions. [b [#284f09 "What's this week's playlist like?"]] She smiled, glancing back at him as she spoke. The other question felt somehow much harder to answer, as though she had suddenly forgotten every color in existence, or in the very least their names, watching the shenanigans between the two neighbors as Chad's hair was flicked unceremoniously from Val's shoulder. [b [#284f09 "I like... deep purples. Like, the color of the sky just before the sunrise begins to show its first clouds over the horizon, and the blue of the night's sky gets infected with the red of the warmth of the sun."]] She replied, still slightly deep in thought. Elle had never really thought on the topic before.
[tab ] Elle could see the quick glance in their direction, even over Val's sunglasses, and she glanced at her hands again, before perking up at the mention of a plant. [b [#284f09 "Ooh- what does Jekyll look like? If you'd like I can take a look, or heck-- maybe they need a Hyde eh?"]] She smiled.
[tab ] The last bit caught her just slightly off guard- she hadn't really been expecting a response. [b [#284f09 "Good pair of headphones is the only way sometimes. Can't think too much when you're probably pre-maturely wrecking your hearing by listening to Fleetwood Mac on max volume and attempting to leave this time and soul."]]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/5c/5c/f8/5c5cf840b9eb88e442223d03a7ea79e2.jpg]] [font "Times" [size15 Valerie glanced over at Eleonora, brows arching, wondering if they heard correctly. They hesitated on a 'what?' wondering if they imagined it.

Chad saw it all, his mouth pushing into a silent, hooting o. Oh, the [i drama] of it all. He drummed his fingers on the back of Elle's chair, grinning silently again and chuckling again, softly, to himself. Seems like they were getting along rather well.

"[+crimson Oh, all sorts! Are we talking goth bands specifically, or like this week's on repeat for endless hours playlist? Or-?]"

"[B You're going to have to be more specific,]" Valerie summarized, glancing at Elle with a commiserating look.

"[+crimson So, Eleonora,]" he cooed, languidly leaning his head on Val's seat so he could see her. His hair fell over the seat and onto their driver, who promptly flicked it back at him. He giggled again, ignoring it, "[+crimson What's your favorite color?]"

As Eleonora looked over, Valerie had stopped at a light, leaning their head in their hand on the sill of the window and stared off at nothing for a bit. At least until her voice came up again and they looked back over. Their eyes met Elle's briefly, seeing the wonder on her face, and quickly looked away, feeling a bit of heat rise in their neck. What was she seeing??

"[B I have one plant,]" Val responded, lifting a finger. "[B And his name is Jekyll. And I'm kind of wondering if he's been plastic all along.]"

They sighed, "[B Trying not to think is a tall order.]" they responded. Helped sometimes when you had been concussed just enough times getting your assets beaten in that your thoughts were all hazy anyways, lately.
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] Elle smiled a bit as Chad responded to her comment on being all but a spirit, and chuckled lightly as he discussed his goth elite sites, and she wondered how much of that was true. She really didn't know all that much in particular about that specific range of social groups, other than what she had learnt in her Folklore 201 class nearly eight years ago... Listening to Val chime in made her smile to herself a bit, taking to gazing at the passing scenery as they drove towards their destination. [b [#284f09 "You seem like an interesting concept."]] Elle mumbled softly, not catching herself saying the words aloud. [i And a lovely one. Given some exploration.] She mentally added, truly silently this time. There was something in her that did want to explore them.
[tab ] [b [#284f09 "A social life? What's that?"]] Elle joked as Chad spoke up again, [b [#284f09 "I like most music-- what bands and artists do you listen to?"]] She asked happily, even as Val responded to her question.
[tab ] She turned to look at Val inquisitively, away from the passing scenery once more, lined green eyes glancing them over curiously. Their answer seemed to hold more than what they had initially said, at least to Elle-- she often felt like she didn't do much either. [b [#284f09 "Outside of work I'm mostly a homebody. Take care of some plants, try out a new recipe maybe, but mostly I just like to listen to music and try not to think."]]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/5c/5c/f8/5c5cf840b9eb88e442223d03a7ea79e2.jpg]] Valerie was quiet for a bit, feeling something about that resonate for a moment. It made their brain shift into wondering about people, how people were supposed to be made up of so many colors... To give a feign of paying attention, they put a smile on their face as their attention was stolen, briefly, by introspection. It made the smile distant, tired. Then it disappeared as Elle started talking about art. Now their focus came back, nodding along with her idea about subjectivity. People were subjective... right? Ultimate goods and ultimate evils weren't real...

That thought left a void, something empty, and hollow, and doubting.

"[+crimson That's what I tell all the goth elites online,]" Chad said, breaking the silence that Val had accidentally plunged into, wondering how long they had been silent. Had it been a whole conversation? Did Eleonore think they weren't listening? Shit. How long were they out? Was the excuse of focusing on driving applicable here?

"[+crimson You know, when I decide to comment at all.]" he laughed.

He stared at her, eyes wide and wondering a bit as he weighed how serious she was being. Before a grin split his face.

"[B Me too,]" came Valerie's response. "[B I'm more of a concept than a human being, really.]"

Chad laughed again, bright and shiny, "[+crimson You mean holing up in your apartment doing art for school didn't suck every aspect of socializing out of your life like it did to us?? That sounds untrue.]"

There was a beat of silence that Chad promptly broke, "[+crimson Well, I like shopping and listening to music, so I hope you like goth music!]"

"[B I don't do much,]" Val said, a bit of a frown pursing their features as they realized that. Everything was too busy. They were too busy to [i do] anything, what with trying to fix and heal their body so it wouldn't give out mid-fight, recovering from said fights physically and mentally, and trying to figure out how to stay out of more trouble than they were already in. Their hand rubbed over their face, stopping to push at their brow a bit. God, look at them now. Twenties and a wanted criminal. They thought they'd be changing the world, but instead they're just confused and trying over and over again to do something worthwhile. What an amazing way to spend their dwindling youth.

"[B I'm super lame.]"
  Tweedy / 24d 9h 40s
[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] [b [#284f09 "Quite the contrary-- it's always been quite interesting to me that black is made up of all colors, as well as white. Opposite ends of the spectrum, yet so much in common. Also, what the hell is 'following your bliss'? What is that even supposed to mean?"]] Elle replied to Val's sneering remark, feeling slightly defensive of herself. [b [#284f09 "Art is subjective, and constantly evolving. Trying to put rules on it outside of imitating a specific style is just dumb."]]
[tab ] At the rising concern of Cahd feom the back, Elle just gave a slight confused look, turning her head towards the back, and said in her most serious voice; [b [#284f09 "No. I'm haunting the world, floating from place to place and pretending to be a new tenant for apartment buildings."]] A beat of silence, followed by [b [#284f09 "Yeah. Turns out they got the orders swapped with a different table because it was a busy night. So some other random got some chopped heart of palm mixed with vegan mayo and old bay seasoning."]] She leaned back in her seat, facing forward again.
[tab ] [b [#284f09 "It sounds good. I mostly do pretty well as long as I don't specifically eat it, or like someone tries to crack into something and fling pieces into my food."]] Elle replied to the last question, glancing over at Val. She couldn't read them for the life of her, and it was both fascinating and frustrating. [b [#284f09 "But-- anyway, I'm interested in learning about you two. Like? What sort of things do you do, what are you interested in? It's been a while since I've tried to get to know people, so please forgive me if I sound like a dumbass."]] Elle added the last part more to herself, examining the buckling mechanism on her seatbelt before glancing back up and out the window.
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