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They say that with great powers come great responsibility.
And I suppose that's true.
But responsibilities can be many things, and not all of them are as simple as they seem.
This tells the story of two who took on different responsibilities.
But why?
For that, we must look [i Behind the Mask].


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[font "Georgia" [size14 [tab ] Ellie shifted a little, realizing she had tensed up a bit too much-- it did seem like they genuinely wanted to offer some help... she tried to relax her stance a little from that forced habit.

[tab ] [+darkgreen [b "If you think it'll help, that's greatly appreciated."]] She said sort of taking a step to the side, out of the way of access to the engine. [+darkgreen [b "I might take you up on using your phone- it seems to be a bit of a dead spot for my service provider. Though I'm not really sure who I'd call, I don't even know what's wrong- I just saw a poof and pulled over."]]

[tab ] She reached a hand to sort of rub her neck in a self-calming gesture. [+darkgreen [b "It's nice of you to stop."]] She said a bit awkwardly, trying to show she was at least grateful for the thought.]]
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/8f/cf/ea/8fcfeaf049b9d5f488809992ba49948f.jpg]]
[font "Times" [size15 Valerie stopped, noticing the shift in stance of the woman as she turned towards them. Yes, keeping some distance was a good idea. There was a certain guardedness that the girl had that kept them apart.

They glanced her over, fingers lacing together and twisting a bit as they tried not to think that maybe... this was exactly not the situation they should have gotten themselves into. Another car passed, blowing the edge of their coat back and nearly taking their brimmed hat with it, Val's hand went to catch it and hold it against their head.

"[B Um. I can see that,]" they responded, glancing past the stranger and towards the open, steaming engine compartment. Their eyes returned to her. "[B Can I take a look?]" As a fellow vintage car owner, they figured that that might be something she would be comfortable with.

"[B Or- do you need a phone or something?]" Their hands spread, taking their phone out of their pocket.
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[font "Georgia" [size14 [tab ] It was beginning to become painfully clear that, despite Eleonora's greatest hopes, transferring to a new city was decidedly [i not] going to go smooth no matter how hard she tried to make it smooth. This fact had been punctuated harshly by the realization that her truck was going to do its very best to give her a hard time at the worst possible moment- an alarming amount of steam or smoke or [i something] starting to rise from the engine of the old truck with a bed full of packed boxes and suitcases carefully tucked in and covered with a tarp to protect it from the wind as she had decided to take this journey solo.

[tab ] [i It'll be fine. Like a mini vacation. Always wanted to take a road trip out of state. I'll get some time to myself, maybe see some state's ball of yarn or something, eat some greasy fast food and then get there with more than enough time to unpack myself.] That had at least been the spiel she had used to convince her father to let her go by herself on this little trip. Now she was regretting not having easy access to someone who knew how to get her truck up and going without potentially exploding the engine or something-- in the very least having some cell service would've been nice.

[tab ] She [i could] always call that number-- they always had access. Like dialing emergency services. But she really, really preferred to not have to owe any favors, to make it look like she was going to cause trouble before she'd even started on her new assignment.

[tab ] Absentmindedly Ellie got out of her truck after pulling it over onto the shoulder, and fumbled with the mechanism that held the hood down, popping it open and trying to determine where exactly the steam was coming from with a fair bit of uncertainty. Her hair was already tied up in a thick messy pouf of a bun that was a remnant of how she had put it up the day before, and she was sure she looked quite disheveled in her tshirt and cuffed jeans considering that she ended up sleeping in them the night before, deciding not to bother with digging out something like sweats or anything else. Her jacket and jewelry was still sitting in the passenger seat though, she forgot to put them back on that morning and honestly between the temperature warming up and her truck's heater working, she didn't really need them anyway.

[tab ] She knew she needed to get the old thing fixed- properly fixed up- but outside of topping off the oil and other basic fluids of the thing she really wasn't too certain how to make it work or what strange thingamajigs fit into the different bits to get it functioning properly. She very nearly didn't notice the deVille pulling up onto the shoulder ahead of her, but she did certainly turn to notice the strangely distinguished, glove and hat clad person close their door and start over in her direction.

[tab ] [+darkgreen [b "I'm alright. Can't say the same for my truck unfortunately."]] She called back, sort of rocking forward onto her toes and back to the balls of her feet briefly, hoping they weren't planning on giving her any sort of trouble. But then again, knowing her luck she wouldn't be surprised if they thought that they could... She tried to ignore that idea and instead be more welcoming to the potential help.]]
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/8f/cf/ea/8fcfeaf049b9d5f488809992ba49948f.jpg]]
[font "Times" [size15 It was one of those shitty days that just made you reach for one modicum of control in your life. Something that made Valerie grip the wheel and punch it once the light turned green, once they could merge onto the little highway 101. A pitiful, two lane thing. But. Small towns.

It felt good to maneuver it through the gears, hearing the engine crank higher, the car pushing harder with each change. That is, until they spotted a beached whale of a vehicle on the side. Their foot had already left the gas by then.

It was a faded red-orange behemoth of a vintage truck, older than their car they were in now. Valerie glanced back as they passed, blinking at the puff of hair being scratched at by the driver. Who was decidedly not a dude that looked like he would stab them.

The car leapt into neutral, and they let it coast, swinging around across both lanes and moved into the shoulder. It was the opposite direction that they were headed but the hapless look of this driver and all the boxes in her bed told them they were probably a college student who was using a car they had no idea how to fix, and couldn't afford to anyways.

Valerie stopped a distance in front of the truck, facing it with their deVille and shut the engine off. Pulling on their gloves, they put their hat back on and got out, approaching. They slowed down a bit of a distance away still, seeing if the driver of the truck was freaked out or anything. People up north here tended to be jumpy like that, and they didn't want to get shot. Admittedly... they were all in black, pulling on gloves, wearing a hat and coat on this crisp, sunny fall day of course, so... perhaps they were the suspicious one.

"[B You doing okay?]" Valerie called across the distance in the buffeting wind of a semi passing by, tipping their head to the side as they moved.
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