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Meghan rarely found herself getting nervous around Eric anymore and was more than happy to treat him in such a way, and she had nothing to be conscious about around Eric because he had proven time and time again that he loved her body by the significant amount of attention given to it. She watched the expression on his face change from confusion to something else entirely and she couldn't help but smile knowing that she had been the cause of such a rush. His movements were slow as if allowed himself more time to take in the sight of her. The underwear was a perfect fit and the red stood out against her skin tone.

When he edged closer to her he was quick to allow his hands to roam over her skin and before she could say another word, his lips were crashing on hers and she was more than happy to accommodate him. Her tongue danced along his and they melted into each other, her arms going around his neck as she pulled him back with her so that his body was flat against hers as her back hit the wall behind her. It only added to the heat and passion and she decided that they wouldn't make it to the bed tonight. She steadied herself and wrapped her legs around him, launching herself upwards so that she was resting in the exact right place for him to enter her. She wanted him this way, taking her against the wall.

[B "Need some help?"] She asked as she helped him unhook her bra. It was a little more complicated that normal but when she got it undone she dropped it on the floor. [B "I want you so bad."
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Eric thought she’d be right behind him, but she called out that she’d be in soon enough. Taking the time to peel off his shirt, he stood there, waiting for her to return. He assumed it was just to grab something or make sure Lydia was asleep. He never expected what she did next. Eric turned to face her as she spoke, her body covered in a thin robe. Confused, Eric was about to say something when his breath caught in his throat. The robe fell from her body like a present being unwrapped on Christmas Day. A present she’d bought and planned to wear just for him. She wore seduction on her face and hardly anything but thin, lacy fabric in the fashion of lingerie. Eric gulped once, heat rising all through his body. He stared at her a moment, checking her out before slowly making his way to her.

His hands went to her sides, pulling her towards him as he trailed a finger down her body and over the lingerie. Hotly whispering against her ear, he let his hands roam all over her, appreciating the way she looked and felt, [b “You’re so damn sexy, Meghan.”] With that, a growl of lust filled his chest as he claimed her lips possessively and hard, tangling his fingers in her hair. He then deepened the pace, pressing her body against his as he traced his hands over her milky skin. As he continued making out with her, Eric tried to find the straps to pull off her bra, not wanting to waste much time.
  Eric Bateman / bubbles12 / 42d 10h 19m 47s
Meghan chuckled a little as he stood and rushed off to her room. She found that they were both obviously keen to unite and she wouldn't deny him of that. "I'll be right in." She called as she grabbed hold of a shopping bag ahe had left in the hallway and made her way to the bathroom. She had bought some new underwear when she went shopping that day and she just knew that it would drive him wild. It wasn't the kind she could wear under normal clothes, it was designed purely for sex.

She quickly changed into the underwear and allowed her hair down and glanced at herself in the mirror before she placed a robe around her just in case Lydia managed to poke her head out of the her room. The last thing she wanted was for her to see Meghan dressed that way. When she got back she was glad to see that Eric was ready for her.

[B "I have a surprise for you."] She said, seduction upon her face as she smirked and peeled away the robe, letting it fall into a heap at her feet.
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Eric grinned at the redhead as she straddled him. That certainly got his attention and fast. Placing his hands on her sides, Eric hadn’t expected his jab to work. Apparently, Meghan had been thinking the same way. As she leaned in to kiss his neck and suggested in that sexy voice of hers to take it to her room, Eric ran his hands through her fiery hair then to her back. The feel of her lips trailing from his neck back to his mouth had him reeling already. It had been a week at least, but he missed their hot, passionate nights. She was a mind-blowing lover. There was a chemistry between them that they couldn’t deny and wouldn’t deny anymore.

Grinning, Eric placed another kiss on her lips, pulling at her bottom lip some as he stood and set her on her feet. [b “Is that even a question? Hell yes I do.”] Eric grinned, unable to stop smiling as he rushed to her room. Waiting for her to join him, Eric started undoing his shirt, already excited. What would she have planned this time? Something to take their minds off of everything... They needed this. He needed her... and desperately.
  Eric Bateman / bubbles12 / 42d 11h 23m 53s
All Meghan hoped was that Eric didn't think that she was here to play Mom to hos daughter because she knew she could never be a mother to her own daughter. Many would consider her to be quite strong to even be around young children knowing that she could not have her own and the news was really quite fresh since she was also dealing with memory loss too. She remembered when she told her mother and the reaction she gave.

[I "That's alright honey. You love your job and you always said you didn't want children."] The accident changed her though. She wasn't the same person anymore and she wanted different things. At least there was something out in the open now. Eric knew more about her and it didn't seem to phase him aside from the fact that he felt sympathetic towards her. She would gladly change the mood though and she looked towards him with a smile.

[B "Strip poker? You accidentally slip that in there?"] She moved herself so that she could straddle him. Meghan placed her arms around his neck and smirked before kissing his neck. [B "We can skip the game if you like and just strip anyway. It's been over a week since we've had the time to be together."] She trailed kisses from his neck to his lips. [B "What do you say? Want to come back to my place?"] She chuckled, insinuating that they should take things to her room.
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Eric hadn’t wanted the mood to stay as somber and dark as it had been when he stepped in and learned something so private for her. Learning that you couldn’t ever have kids whether you may or may not want them was a tough pill to swallow. Meghan seemed to stay around children as a result, even after her accident. She could’ve started over in a new life with limited memories any way possible. Meghan would have had so many opportunities what with her pretty face, kind attitude, and impressive brains. Still, she chose to stay with his miserable company, mostly due to his daughter he would have thought. Except now they were seeing each other, and he didn’t really know what to call it. But he didn’t want it to end. They needed to change the atmosphere, so he needed to think of something and fast as Meghan admitted she was game.

Returning the kiss softly, Eric looked in her eyes with his own and considered their options. Was she thinking something along the lines of board games and movies or more? Eric certainly had several ideas floating around in his head. [b “What are you in the mood for, beautiful? We have endless options... movie, board game, strip poker, you know...”] Laughing softly, he knew it was a little hopeful, but he really just wanted to spend some time with her. Plus, Lydia was worn out, so it was time for daddy to have some fun of his own. He deserved it after all the work he did, didn’t he? And Meghan was starting to know just what he wanted and liked and how he wanted it. She was learning more about him than he even realized. They were growing closer than the both of them realized too.
  Eric Bateman / bubbles12 / 43d 11h 45m 36s
Just being there in his arms was more than enough comfort for her. While it still aaffened her to think about the fact that she couldn't have children, she knew that she had Lydia in her life and she was grateful for that fact. She was a wonderful girl and she felt privileged to be granted the chance to help in raising her. Meghan had no doubt that one day she would turn out to be an incredible woman and she couldn't wait to be around to see that. Although, she did have to wonder where she would sit in to all of this when Lydia was old enough to look after herself.

She smiled and leaned into Eric for a little longer then before he pulled back and looked at her. It was clear he was trying the lighten the mood and she had to give him credit for that. In fact, she was rather grateful for the fact that he didn't give her too much sympathy about the the matter because that's when she found it the hardest to bounce back. Her mother had cried on and off for days when she found out the news and she found ways to make her feel bad about them fact that she had lost the ability to have children, almost like she had done it just to spite her.

[b "Something fun? With you? I'm always up for something fun with you."] She smirked a little then and decided to give in to her desire to kiss him; the desire she had since the moment she laid eyes upon him that night.
  Meghan / d1gn17y / 55d 13h 21m 34s
Meghan shifted closer to end the awkwardness between them with how forward he’d been. Her gentle kiss on his cheek warmed the mood again, and he allowed her to play with his hand as he looked towards her and finally nodded. It was her way of telling him it was alright, and she’d accepted her fate. Perhaps it was all clear to her when she took this job with him and Lydia. As a nanny, she wouldn’t have to give up caring for children if her life goal revolved around it. Meghan was damn good at it too. Bad things happened to the best of people. Eric pulled her in closer, rubbing the small of her back in circles.

[b “You know... It took me a while too to find my purpose and direction after I lost it. Hell, I don’t think I ever really knew what it was. But things make more sense now. Thank you for that, Meghan.”] Eric was so honest and so sincere then, holding her a while longer just because he’d been wanting to. Finally, he pulled back and looked at her, [b “No more sadness. Let’s do something... Have some fun. Spend time with each other. Do you want to?”]
  Eric Bateman / bubbles12 / 55d 17h 29m 0s
Meghan could tell that the news was unexpected but their relationship had been one of honesty and it didn't make sense to go back on that now and she trusted him enough to tell him too. It was news that she had been give a year ago and she had spent the year coming to terms with that and her memory loss. She was sure that Eric didn't fully understand just how crucial he was to her recovery because she really had come a long way having him on her life.

She could see that he as effected by what she had said and when he took both her hands she kept her eyes focused on his. [b "Hey, no. You are not an idiot. You weren't to know. Besides, it's okay. Its something I have come to terms with and you certainly don't have to apologise. We talk about personal things all the time, this is no different really."] Meghan truly felt dage talking to him about these things.

It was sweet how he tried to offer her options and she couldn't help but smile. When he seemed to feel a little awkward she shifted closer to him and placed a kiss on his cheek and took his hand again. [b "It's okay.It is nice that you care enough to talk to me about that but...honestly, I have accepted it. It took my a while but I have and I have purpose and direction in my life. I'm fine."]
  Meghan / d1gn17y / 55d 17h 36m 11s
Eric felt her hand in his, suddenly hoping he hadn’t put her in a tight spot. Following her to sit, Eric searched her eyes as she explained and then took in a deep sigh. He hadn’t been expecting that. He thought it was just a general statement based on something that happened in her life that made her think she didn’t want to have kids. Eric never once thought it was because she physically couldn’t have children after her accident. Placing both hands on hers, Eric looked her in the eyes. [b “I.. didn’t realize it was that serious. I’m an idiot. I shouldn’t have asked you something so personal...”]

Releasing her hands and running his own through his hair, Eric took in another deep breath. The news was heavy for her, and it rubbed off on him. [b “It all makes sense now. With you telling me not to worry about contraception when we get a little too heated...”] Eric cursed to himself and then sat back more in his chair. [b “There are always other options if you Uhh... if you still wish to have a baby of your own. My wife used to work as a nurse, so she looked into in vitro fertilization or surrogates for others. It’s possible.”] He didn’t really know where he was going with it. Refreshing, he spoke again, [b “I’m sorry. I know this isn’t my place. I shouldn’t have asked or pried.”]
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Eric offered even more of a distraction when he came towards them and started to join in the tickling, focusing a lot of his time and energy on Lydia which the girl loved of course, giggling hard and accidentally kicking her legs in an involuntary motion she she tried to wriggle away from the two of them and Meghan was laughing hard at the look on her face. When Eric finally decided to relieve of his tickling he glanced her way, holding her gaze for a little while and she offered him a smile, one that told him that she cared about him and that seeing him with his daughter quite literally made her day.

It wasn't long until he was scooping up Lydia and taking her off to bed but not before she managed to give her a huge and a kiss goodnight as well as making promises about making cakes the next morning since she had seen a recipe on a TV show she had on in the background earlier that day. If Meghan remember rightly it was a chocolate recipe with even more chocolate. When she was alone she sighed happily and moved herself back onto the sofa, switching off Netflix and then the TV.

It wasn't long before Eric was coming back downstairs and he was quick to pick her up on the conversation she had tried to avoid with Lydia. [b " heard that."] She sighed and reached out to take his hand an encouraged him to sit beside her. [b "It's not like I've been keeping things from you, it's just not the kind of thing you work into a conversation."] Meghan started to bite the inside of her lip then. [b "When I got into my accident, there wasn't just damage to my brain. I lost my memories and...I also had some damage to my womb. There was so part of the car that came off and rammed into me. That's why I have the scar."]
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As Eric cleaned the takeout plates, he grabbed something to drink then made his way back to the couch where his two girls were. The movie had just ended with a line he basically knew by heart with the amount of times Lydia made him sit through the thing. She had stuffed animals and toys and t-shirts and pajamas from the thing, but she couldn’t get enough. Sometimes, he envied her youth and carefree life. But he knew he was her dad, and he would take on all hardships and problems and allow her life to be better than his even. He wanted everything for his daughter who was also his entire world. He’d smiled as he heard her wording the same parts she loved and laughing at the same jokes.

It was when he was returning to them after they were both on the floor that he overheard somehring perhaps he wasn’t supposed to. It was private, regarding Meghan and children. Lydia asked why Meghan didn’t have babies, and there was a notable shift in her behavior. [i “I don’t think I’m destined to be a mother love.”] Eric was curious what that meant. It was along the lines of her telling him he didn’t have to worry about not pulling out their first time. Also, any problem she had would become his naturally since they agreed on that. Plus, he cared about her. Seeing her sad was not a good thing.

Vaulting the couch and sitting next to the two, Eric joined in the tickling fight with Lydia. [b “The tickle monster is here!”] Laughing, he finally released her and then took a long look at Meghan before checking the time. [b “It’s bedtime Lydia. I already let you stay up later than normal.”] With that, Lydia whined, [i “Nooo I just want to stay with you and Meghan and watch movies.”] Eric shook his head and lifted her into his arms. [b “I want that too baby, but you need sleep to grow up big and strong. No more whining.”] Eric got her upstairs and tucked her in with her favorite stuffed animal then shut the lights and went down to find Meghan. When he did, he slowly approached. [b “Meghan... I, I overheard the conversation you had with Lydia. What did you mean by that exactly? I saw how sad you got. You know we’re supposed to talk about these things. Your baggage is mine and so forth?”] He questioned, hoping she wouldn’t get all angry on him.
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Meghan was more than happy to spend the evening with the two of them, simply enjoying their company regardless of the fact that she wanted nothing more than to fall into Eric's arms and kiss him. He was becoming harder and harder to resist but she has to tell herself not to get too attached, not wanting to make things too serious before Eric was prepared to take that step. For now they were enjoying themselves. The sex was great and the company was just as good and tbeybfound themselves talking just as much as they did kissing and exploring each other.

The Chinese food was great and the film was fun although it was one that they had all seen a million times before since it was one of Lydia's favourite films. She sat there mouthing some of the words and giggling before the jokes and it made Meghan's heart melt. She slid down onto the floor with Lydia when the film came to an end and pulled her into a hug. [b "Good stealth mode earlier! I don't think he suspects a thing at all!'] She whispered as she kissed her cheek and giggled.

[I "Meghan? Do you have children?]"]

[b "No darling, I don't think I could spend this much time away from them if I did!"] She giggled and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

[I "Well why don't you have a baby?! Then I would have someone to look after and play with!"] Meghan swallowed hard then. It had been a long time since anyone had brought up the topic of children and she had spent so long trying to ignore her problems.

She tried to place a smile upon her lips then but anyone who could read her expressions would have known there was a sadness within it. [b "I don't think I'm destined to be a mother love. But thay just means I have more time for you."] She tickled her then, trying to distract herself a little.
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Eric hadn’t been looking when Lydia attacked him. She hurtled herself at him, and he stood, laughing. Picking Lydia up into his arms and lightly tickling her, he smiled wide. [b “Someone looks excited! What are you up to?”] Lydia giggles and squirmed then broke free as he set her down, pulling at his leg. [i “Oh nothing daddy just talking to Meg and waiting for you to get home.”] Eric nodded and then thought nothing of it, despite the planning that had gone on in secret between them. It was no understatement that Eric needed a vacation to relax and unwind. He was always working or stressing or trying to parent. Meghan had relaxed some of that, but he was still busy. It was only until recently he started taking off more to spend quality time at home with his daughter and his nanny that doubled as his girlfriend of sorts.

Meghan, the red headed vixen she was, showed up from her room to greet him. Sending her a small, knowing half smile, Eric wished he could take her in his arms and kiss her then and there. However, Lydia was around, and he didn’t want her getting the wrong idea. They were doing a good job of hiding their passion and new relationship from Lydia, so he wouldn’t break it now. Besides, Lydia would ask so many questions he couldn’t answer, including why he was replacing mom or why he was spending more time with Meghan than her... Eric had done his best to balance, but they were delving deeper into something so taboo that it was exhilarating. Meghan brought that out in him anytime she came near. Eyes on her a little longer than necessary, Eric smiled and tossed her some bills. [b “Chinese sounds great. And when is she ever not hyper?”] Eric teased and playfully nudged his daughter who was now playing with some toys she found from upstairs.

[b “I’ll put in a movie while we wait. Something for Lydia.”] He scrolled Netflix and found a family movie for Lydia to watch as she stared at the screen and sang along with the characters. Her reaction was precious as they got their Chinese, and he polished his kung pao chicken bowl up rather quickly. As Lydia was mesmerized by the movie, Eric took the bowl he was eating and moved to clean up. The movie wasn’t really his style, but he knew Lydia loved it.
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The two plotted as much as they possibly could and Meghan figured that he deserved a break anyway. He had spent so long working two jobs that it made sense that he finally get rewarded for that and she had a fair bit of cash saved up. Besides, with a birthday not too far away, she had every excuse for the surprise and she wouldn’t allow him to pay a penny towards anything. Lydia had chosen to go somewhere with a lot to do outdoors and she had picked up her laptop and found a lake house with a river nearby and a mountain for hiking. It seemed like the perfect place. Perhaps if she thought about it carefully enough she could even book some time off on Eric’s behalf, betting that he had plenty of holidays saved up since he wasn’t the type to take them.

Some way into their planning she heard the door and figured that Eric was home for work and Lydia stood up excitedly as though she was ready to spill on everything she had planned. [b “Lydia, baby don’t forget that this is a surprise so don’t go ruining it alright?”] The little girl threw her arms around her and kissed her cheek.

[i “I won’t Meg.”] With that the little girl ran off and she could hear her excitedly jumping on her Dad. She chuckled to herself and she wasn’t too far behind, making sure that she closed her laptop and then went out to great them. She was happy to see him and she had to fight the urge to kiss him like she did every single time she saw him.

[b “Welcome home. We were talking about ordering in Chinese tonight so excuse the little miss and her hyper state, she got excited.”] It was a believable cover.
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