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There was no way for Meghan to know what would happen between the two now and she could tell that Eric didn’t know either, but the connection between them was really was undeniable. There was something about the way he looked at her that made her [I feel] things and honestly, she was excited to explore whatever they could be or whatever it was between them. She could understand why he wanted to keep everything away from Lydia and she was very quick to agree to that.

[b “Absolutely. It’s the right thing for us to do. I don’t want her getting caught up in anything if this doesn’t work.”] Meghan smiled and kissed him back, with just as much softness before she watched him leave. A sigh escaped her lips as she tried to gather herself. He had completely intoxicated her mind and she didn’t know how she was supposed to focus on anything else. She smiled to herself and climbed out of bed and made her way towards the bathroom so she could get freshened up.

Once she was showered, she changed into some fresh pyjamas, perhaps something a little more appropriate for dinner since she didn’t want to put Eric in a position where he was looking at her. She wasn’t trying to tease him after all. Once she was ready she made her way to Lydia’s room and knocked on the door. [b “Lydia, do you want to come down for dinner?”]

[I “Yes! I’m starving!”] She giggled as she ran through the door and straight into Meghan’s arms causing Meghan to laugh too. She went downstairs with her and went straight into the kitchen.

[b “Wow, something smells good.”]

[I “Daddy, are you cooking?!”] The girl sound surprised and it made Meghan laugh.
  Meghan / d1gn17y / 22h 12m 7s
Eric waited for Meghan to say something. She busied herself with covering herself as he did the same before she actually said something again. As soon as Meghan reached to take his hand, Eric wrapped his larger one in hers. He wasn’t supposed to feel or act this way either with his child’s babysitter, but he couldn’t stop himself. There was something between them that was addictive... How could she just deny it? The way it felt when they were together was akin to no other. Eric didn’t want them to just use each other for sex when they needed to express emotions. He actually wanted to explore what it was about her and him that made them have such a close bond.

Hopefully, Meghan didn’t think he was just saying that to have a sex partner in the house for whenever he needed. Eric sincerely wanted more. He hadn’t ever really been the type to be a friends with benefits type guy. If there was such an immense force pulling them together, why shouldn’t they see where it led? If it were anyone else, Eric would never entertain the thought. However, he realized his feelings for her may be deeper than just physical.

Placing a kiss on her hand, Eric looked Meghan in the eyes. [b “Then let’s try... But let’s keep this away from Lydia for a while at least. Just explore and understand each other and whatever this is between us? I’ll see you later.”] Eric then leaned in and kissed her softly, a peck almost enticing her for more. With a smirk, he stood and left her bedroom, sure she’d have to do some clean up after their tryst. Eric headed to his room for a shower before heading out for dinner. Lydia was still playing upstairs, so he started getting things out to cook.
  Eric Bateman / bubbles12 / 23h 21m 4s
Meghan was just being extremely wary when it came to Eric. It was obvious that he needed some sort of reliable from her too but she needed to know where his head was at first because she didn’t want to make a fool of herself. Although the way he traced circles on her skin was giving her the indication that he wasn’t exactly trying to use her for sex whenever he felt like it. He was talking about the tension between them and she nodded when he mentioned it, it was obvious and neither of them could ignore it which is why they had fallen into bed with each other.

She continued to listen as he pulled his sweatpants on. Meghan started to pull her underwear back on, knowing she would need to go for a shower shortly. She then sighed to herself and then looked towards him knowing that it was her turn to say something.

[b “You are right and I’m not denying anything. I just didn’t want to assume and make an idiot of myself. I know that I shouldn’t feel this way and we shouldn’t do this because I’m supposed to be Lydia’s babysitter but...I know that I cannot ignore this. As long as you want to see what this is, what it could be then I want that too. We still have a lot to learn about each other.”] Meghan reached out to take his hand. [b “Let’s try...”]
  Meghan / d1gn17y / 1d 3h 31m 34s
Meghan was testing him. Any time that he answered one of her questions, she seemed to answer with another question. She wasn’t being clear with exactly what she wanted him to do or what they were going to be. It made sense in some ways, considering he was paying her. However, Eric was more in debt to her than she was to him. Without Meghan, he surely couldn’t afford another nanny and the house payment. Plus, he wasn’t like the other boss she spoke of before who assumed a baby meant sexual benefits to grant her pay. Eric genuinely wanted her just like he knew she genuinely wanted him. If she didn’t, why would she have instigated it the first time? There had to be something between them... She had to feel that.

Tracing small circles on her skin, Eric finally sat up and worked to pull on pants to cover himself. [b “Of course I do. Don’t you fee that unexplainable tension when we are near each other? I know I may seem cold and unapproachable, but there’s something in me that changes with you.”] Tying the drawstring on his sweatpants, Eric leaned forward on his knees then in thought. [b “I’m not asking you to have sex with me as some kind of payment... But if you’re uncomfortable then by all means I’ll behave myself... or try to.”] The last parts he worded under his breath.

Eric ran a hand through his now slightly messy hair, smoothing it down. [b “But the thing is, Meghan? I don’t think you want to stop. Deep down you know you don’t. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have stayed here. Am I right?”] Eric asked, looking her straight in the eyes then. He wouldn’t rest until she answered and answered truthfully.
  Eric Bateman / bubbles12 / 1d 14h 59m 52s
Meghan wanted to leave this decision to him. If he considered this to be a mistake she would make sure that she didn’t do anything with him again, she would learn to control herself because she didn’t want him throwing her out because she kept overstepping but she needed to hear those words from him. Eric was in the driving seat when it came this...relationship...if that was even the right word to use. She watched him carefully, seeing if he had any initial reaction. She didn’t exactly say anything aside from his name but he had to know what she meant and what she needed.

Luckily he didn’t leave her waiting too long and when he glanced towards her, she couldn’t help but allow her breath to catch in her throat. He was a gorgeous specimen of a man and she considered herself to be lucky that he had chosen to be with her. She didn’t know if he had been with anyone since his wife but it seemed unluckily based on how cold he had been towards her initially and how much he had worked.

Her breath caught even more at his words. He wanted to see what they could be and it surprised her more than anything. Meghan had fully expected him to say that he wanted this to stop. Her heart started to beat faster when he reached out to run a hair through her hair and down her side. [b “You... want this?”] It was as though she couldn’t quite believe that he wanted her over anyone else. [b “You want to keep doing...this?”]
  Meghan / d1gn17y / 2d 23h 32m 7s
Eric hadn’t had sex before her in months upon months. He was almost beginning to think he’d forgotten how. [i Not with her...] Meghan instigated the sex the first time around which had got him going to no end. He got the ball rolling this time. Both times, there was this heated rush between them that he couldn’t describe. In all honesty, he hadn’t quite felt anything like it. Meghan lost her memory, so she had nothing to compare him to... well, he hadn’t been sure of her history before him. Anyway, she had little experience if any in her new memories. Eric remembered everyone he’d been with, and he would’ve been lying to say he felt anything close to the pure desire he did with Meghan.

When Meghan breathlessly worded his name, he knew exactly what it meant. Eric didn’t really know what to say either. His eyes finally moved from the ceiling to the redhead, taking in her gorgeous sight. The way her fiery hair rested on the comforter was absolutely breathtaking, not to mention the sight of her pale, smooth skin. Eric knew she was waiting for an answer. [b “I... I don’t know how to describe the way I feel around you, Meghan. These things just happen... but I’m not saying I regret them at all. About what you said earlier... I don’t want things to change between us either. If sex is part of moving forward, then hell let’s find a way to be alone more often.”]

Eric then turned to her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. [b “You are beautiful... You know that?”] His hand trailed from her face to her side, speaking softly then. [b “I don’t know what this is yet, but I don’t want to stop. I want you, Meghan. I need you. Give me a shot in the dark?”]
  Eric Bateman / bubbles12 / 3d 48s
The odd benefit of having lost her memory meant that when she had sex with Eric, everything felt new and fresh. In her mind she had never had sex before, regardless of knowing it was very unlikely that she was a virgin before this, she relished in it as she experienced the pleasure of being taken from behind for the first time. Somehow it felt as though he was deeper within her this time but then he had control of the movements and could easily force himself in as deep as he wanted. Meghan had been the one to instigate sex the first time. He offered her a kiss and she took so much more, this time he kissed her and demanded her body too and she was sure that she would never quite understand what it was that hung between them to cause such a reaction.

Half way through their animalistic intercourse he flipped her over, claiming her lips again before thrusting into her. She wasn’t she if he was tired rom standing or whether he wanted to look at her when she reached her end but she didn’t mind it, she was still crying out in pleasure allowing whatever noises her body wanted to make to escape into the room. He kept going, pounding onto her until they were both erupting with pleasure and out of breath. He was also quick to pull out of her and roll over, leaving her a little worried about whether he truly regret sleeping with her this time.

Meghan glanced over at him for a minute and then looked to the ceiling herself as she tried to regain a normal pace of breathing. [b “Eric...”] She didn’t know what to say.
  Meghan / d1gn17y / 3d 15m 2s
Meghan’s loud moan was all he needed to keep going. There wasn’t really any words to relate how they felt. Their actions showed every intense need and desperation floating between them. Eric relished in the way she felt and looked with him behind her, sliding in and out of her in an intense passion. Their sounds filled her bedroom as he continued to pound her, moving in a frenzied passion. The first time they’d slept together, Meghan took control of him. He wanted to show her his dominance this time. Eric didn’t know how long he stood there behind her before he turned her and pulled her up on the bed. Pushing her back gently on the sheets, he climbed on top of her and took her lips into his, entering her again as he felt all over her skin and watched her rocking under him.

The foreplay almost had him spent, not to mention their first position. He was holding everything back to last as long as possible, and he wanted to watch her reactions to his movements. His thrusts increased in passion, her bed creaking as a result. Breathing heavier, Eric rhythmically moved into her over and over until the passion left him. Eruptions of pleasure that built up into orgasm showed all over his face as they finished together on a very high note. Rolling off of her, Eric was sweating, and his chest was heaving up and down.

Running a hand through his hair, he stared at the ceiling, still trying to make sense of it all. It was like he never wanted to leave... Had she cast some kind of spell? It seemed that way at least. Eric let the heat of the moment wash over them longer before trying to understand more of what it meant and how to handle things.
  Eric Bateman / bubbles12 / 3d 29m 3s
He could have easily walked away from her. He could have pulled back and put a stop to this and walked out, going to his own room which would have put an end to any night of passion that she imagined for them. But he didn’t. Instead, he responded with more heat and more hunger as his hand found her hair, something which had an effect on her like no other. It was just a hand in her hair, yet it felt like electricity being sent through her body. The bed acting as a barrier then, knowing that they probably would not have stopped moving until they hit a wall if that hadn’t had been in the way. Eric used that to break from his lips and started to remove their clothes, Meghan’s eyes hungrily taking in the sight of him before he reached out to removed whatever clothing she wore. He was on her so fast then, lips teasing at different parts of her body and then when his hand went between her legs, she could not stifle the moan that left her lips.

Meghan’s reaction was to reach out and tease him then, allowing his pants were in the way, it didn’t stop her from attempted to tease and massage him further, stiffening him more than he already was. Then he worked to remove them, almost impatiently before twisting her around so that she was no longer facing him, her stomach a flight with butterflies as the heat travelled through her, heightening ever single sense that she had. The foreplay was almost too much, and it was evident that it was for him too because after a moment of kissed her was removing the last of her material and pushing her forward, her hands coming out in front of her to catch herself on the bed. She didn’t have time to react to anything but his hard and deep thrust, a loud moan almost even a scream of pleasure ripping through her in the first instant while he found a rhythm. The chemistry between them was undeniable. Meghan would take every inch of him, letting him take her in any way he wanted. She was his now. His to do whatever he pleased.
  Meghan / d1gn17y / 3d 13h 22m 44s
Meghan took no time to respond to his heated kiss. Her arms closed around his neck after she widely shut her door. Soon enough, she was walking him backwards to her bed. Stepping in rhythm with her, Eric gripped tightly onto her sides and then latched a hand into her hair as he pressed his lips hotter and hungrier against her own. As soon as her knees hit the edge of her bed, Eric pulled apart from her lips enough to quickly shed his shirt. Eric all but ripped her pajama top off, cupping her bare chest and claiming her lips even more possessively than before. Eric then trailed hot kisses down her neck, suckling in certain spots before stimulating each breast. He wanted her hot for him. One hand went between her legs, stimulating her to act even more.

Then, he removed his pants in a hard motion. Eric needed to be free before the tightness began hurting. Eric kissed all over her chest and neck before he gripped her hips and twisted her so her back was to his chest. With his body behind hers, Eric gripped gently at her neck, tilting it to place hot kisses down her pressure points. His other hand groped her chest before he couldn’t take it anymore. Pushing down her pajama shorts, Eric took hold of her back and bent her top half over the bed. Gripping at her hair and her hips, Eric entered her, thrusting hard and passionately. Grunts and moans filled the room as he took her, fire burning up between them.
  Eric Bateman / bubbles12 / 3d 13h 37m 10s
Meghan has told herself that she should be careful around him. That she didn’t want to do anything to make anything difficult or awkward between her and Eric for Lydia’s sake. If she didn’t something that was out of line, he would get angry with her and Lydia would be the one to suffer and that was the last thing she wanted because she truly did live that little girl but it was so hard. Eric did things to her that she hadn’t expected and be certainly made her feel alive.

At least he was laughing. That was a good sign right? He had seen the funny side of it. Yet the way his eyes lingered told her something else entirely. They were burning into her and she couldn’t quite gauge what would happen next. She was about to say goodnight to him so that she could put an end to the tension and her embarrassment but before she could part her lips to say anything, Eric has crossed the threshold into her room and had taken her face in his hands, kissing her with just as much heat as he had the first time he had.

She responded instantly, closing her arms around his neck and pulling him closer before reaching behind him to shut her bedroom door before she started to walk backwards towards her bed. She wanted him. She [i needed] him.
  Meghan / d1gn17y / 3d 13h 45m 35s
Meghan chuckled first. That was a good sign right? [i “Its still your room, I won’t be going in unless I absolutely need to.. unless that was an invite?”] Eric just looked at her then, adjusting his stance and straightening his posture. Where did that come from? She hadn’t so much has said or done anything to show him she wanted anything more than what they’d experienced... They were just dancing around each other, and they both knew it. Eric had incited her for several reasons. Underlying, he had hoped she would take it as an invitation as well as a thought that he was changing and opening up more and more.

[i “I didn’t mean..”] She was blushing then, and Eric just laughed inwardly to himself. [i Yeah, right Meghan...] Eric saw what she was picturing, literally seeing right through her. [i But he was thinking the same thing.] His eyes just stared into hers, completely captivated. Tension was riding high as always. There was a fire burning between them, just waiting for the spark of them to close the distance. It was so intense Eric felt it harder to breathe. Before she could continue, he moved. Eric stepped forward, hands taking her face in his as his lips crashed possessively and hungrily against her own. He couldn’t wait any longer...
  Eric Bateman / bubbles12 / 3d 14h 7m 49s
Eric didn’t move after her invite, instead just leaning against the frame of the door in a way that showed off the contours of his body nicely. She couldn’t help but allow her eyes to scan over him subtly before he responded to her. She had to admit that his words were not exactly what she was expecting and she was confused by them at first, unsure as to why he would be coming to her room to tell her that. Was he just looking for an excuse to talk to her? Meghan looked to him for a moment, eyes lingering on his like his had.

After a minute, she figured that he was simply bringing down his boundaries around her and wanted her to know that he was changing and adapting to make things work. She chuckled a little then. [b “It’s still your room, I won’t be going in unless I absolutely need to...unless that was an invite?”] She raised an eyebrow and chuckled before catching herself, realising what she had just said and then all she wanted to do was kick herself. [i Great. Well done Meghan. Way to keep it plutonic.]

[b “I didn’t mean...”] She blushed and then sighed. It was becoming harder to ignore the tension between them and she wanted nothing more than for him to kiss her and take her again the way he had before but he hadn’t exactly given her any signs that he wanted more from her. Maybe he wasn’t saying anything because he didn’t want to embarrass her. He didn’t need to worry about that though, she was embarrassing herself.
  Meghan / d1gn17y / 3d 14h 38m 40s
Eric stood there, one hand supporting his lean against the door frame and revealing the muscle of his arms. Admittedly, the single father rocked a dad bod, but his mechanic job strengthened his arms and torso considerably simply from what it demanded. Looking past Meghan as she opened the door slightly wider, Eric ran a hand over the stubble of his chin before speaking. [b “I just.. I just wanted to let you know it’s alright if you ever wish to go to my room for any reason. I know what I said about the rules earlier, but they were harsh. This home is yours, including every room inside. I thought you should know that.”]

Eric stood there, humbling himself. It was still raining outside, and he still didn’t quite understand why she liked the rain so much. They were two different people.. that was for sure. However, Eric was warming up every passing minute. Meghan seemed to thaw him out if that was possible. She glued his life and family back together. Lydia was happier, and he was too. Eric let his gaze linger on her a moment, waiting for what she’d say. He was sure she’d politely respond and then retreat back to her room. After all, she hadn’t done anything since saying she wanted them to remain the way they were... after they slept together. Eric hadn’t really [i stopped] thinking about it or her. He just couldn’t make sense of it yet. All he knew was that he craved more, and only one person could fulfill it.
  Eric Bateman / bubbles12 / 3d 14h 50m 30s
Meghan returned to her room and climbed onto her bed, setting down the coffee on her bedside table as she picked up a book. Meghan was found of reading since her accident, using it as a way to escape the real world whenever she needed to. At least that’s what it had been about at first, lately she just enjoyed reading and it didn’t even matter what the subject matter was. She would read just about anything but this was.

Meghan lost herself very quickly, back against the pillows as she pulled her knees up to her chest as she flickered through the the pages. It wasn’t until their was a knock at the door that she was pulled back out again, no idea how long she had been sat there for but she took note of the page number and hopped off the bed. [b “Coming!”]

Meghan picked up the two prices of clothing she had in her path and threw them into the washing basket in the corner of her room before apparichibf the door and she opened it soon after. Of course there were only two people it could be. Lydia because she couldn’t sleep, or Eric for whatever reason he needed her. She smiled when she saw Eric stood there.

[b “Hey!”] She opened the door a little wider. [b “Everything okay? Do you want to come in?”]
  Meghan / d1gn17y / 3d 14h 57m 49s

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