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Dimitri sighed out, knowing this was a part of fame, but more so this was a part of their life considering how controversial the couple was. Dimitri smiled at her, glad to see that for the moment Emily was appeased by his apology, though he knew he would have to work exceptionally hard to maintain the female and her trust. He also needed to find a better way to juggle between the two, this would prove even more difficult when his child would be born. She had questioned him plenty times before this night, was he [I there] with her? Sometimes it was true, his mind wandering about Gwen and the baby when with Emily, but he was dedicated to making this work.
Frowning some, as he was disappointed, Dimitri motioned for the waiter to come over and take his card to cover for the check. “I’m sorry, not really a great date?” It would be easier though, if they had finally come out about their relationship. However, Dimitri just didn’t know when would be the right time. He would have to talk to Gianna about this, the girl was perfect when it came to making sure his career wasn’t set aflame by any rash decisions. “We’ll try this again, I promise it’ll be better. Maybe next time will have to be a bit more special, maybe take you to a little rooftop dinner? You know I have a pilot’s license.” Dimitri could hear in Emily’s voice how badly she wanted to get away. Receiving his card back, Dimitri then stood. He fought the urge to extend his hand out for Emily’s already noticing that now there were more than a few eyes on them. The man, though, had disappeared almost as if he sensed they had discovered his not so secretive picture taking. He was sure though, the man was probably just getting a head start on following the couple wherever they decided to go next.
“I’m sure there’s a pool waiting for us, and I admit I have been dying to get you out of that dress since we left.” Dimitri licked his lips, waiting to follow Emily out of the restaurant. The car had pulled up and the two were now getting into the car. Dimitri’s hand brushed against her leg. “You don’t know what you do to me,” he whispered, his eyes finding hers and he couldn’t help leaning across to kiss her on the neck.
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Dimitri apologized.
Closed his phone and slipped it back into his pocket without a second glance at but Emily knew full well who the secret messenger was.
There was no way he was going to abandon Gwen, she knew this considering she was having his baby; but he could no look at his phone every moment it went off.
Especially when they were on a date...his suggestion.

He said he was sorry and again, grabbed her hand to which she stopped eating for him to do so.
"Are you sure you're here with me?..." she replied. "You seemed gone for a moment.." again she spoke, keeping her eyes on the man she loved.

Again he apologized and swore he was there in that moment with her, sipping champagne only to listen and take in all of her words of her childhood.
She left out a few details but what she had spoken was pretty much all in all.
Dimitri made a joke that made her smile, show off a soft laugh before nodding.
"If you did what I asked of you ..I wouldnt be demanding..." Emily spoke, keeping her eyes on Dimitri as he finally opened his mouth and spoke on his life.
He had a brother.
A doctor brother.
Both had been successful with hard work.

"I think you've turned out well. I think we both have..considering the backgrounds we have come from.."

Emily too saw the man with the phone in hand..pointing in their direction and from a hunger appetite, she slowly began to lose it as she took little bites of her meal.
More sips of her drink though to get her a little tipsy of champagne.

"Go soon? How about now? He is taking photos, I know it.. " she spoke softly in a whisper. "Maybe we shouldnt of kissed in public..."

A sigh escaped her throat
No matter where she went...or they went...cameras flashed.
It was a part of fame.

"I need privacy. Now...."
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Her voice penetrated the small bubble and he looked up, blushing in an apologetic manner. Placing the phone away he sighed out, waiting for the waiter to leave before reaching for Emily’s hand again.
“Hey, I’m sorry –“ He breathed out, gripping her hand tight. “Date night, I remember. Here.” Dimitri turned his phone off and slipped it back in his pocket. “I’m here, with you I promise.” Dimitri had started to eat his food, running over the thoughts of the female as she had explained her unfortunate life, though of course diamonds wouldn’t be diamonds without a bit of pressure. All that Emily had went through had obvious worked in her favor now. She was beautiful, successful, and wealthy and with him being in her life he hoped he completed Emily. He wanted her to have the world. Even though she could be a bit callous, at least when they first met each other, Dimitri could see there was a soft side to her considering she still took care of her mother, even if they didn’t seem to have the best relationship.
“Hm, only child then – must be why you’re so demanding,” he joked as he watched her carefully. Taking a sip of the champagne, he figured it had been his turn to give her an insight to his life. “Well, like you I too come from a single parent home. I have a brother though, he’s a doctor in New York.” Dimitri chuckled then, their worlds completely different from one another, and like Dimitri he had a bad beginning but chose to make the best of it, but in different ways. “Not really a stranger to trouble, had a really tough upbringing,” he admitted “I like to think I’ve cleaned up well now though.” Dimitri looked in the window, seeing the reflection of a man holding his phone up in their direction. Fans he was used to, but most would usually approach the celebrity at least. He frowned then, wondering what was this person’s agenda. However, there wasn’t anything specifically wrong with what they were doing, just two costars having dinner with each other. Still, he wanted them to have a little bit of privacy.
“We should go soon, I have an excellent idea for dinner,” he whispered across the table.
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It was a nice kiss.
A kiss that was longing and made the two want to continue but knowing full well, it had to stop as their animalistic instincts to do more would take over.
As their lips pulled apart, Emily and Dimitri sat back down onto their cushioned seats and remained in silence for a moment - taking it all in.

It was a date.
A nice, no water swilling, no cussing, no anger or fights.
It was just the two of them together, enjoying this time alone without the baby sitter looking over the shoulder.
Little did they know, a few sneaky photos of the two together and sharing a kiss were taken but held off as they wanted something juicier.

As the waiter came up with a notepad and pen in hand, Dimitri ordered his food while Emily did the same.
Ordering a Saltimbocca and another bottle of their finest champagne.

Dimitri wanted to know all about her.
Inside and out.

"We all.. I was born in Michigan. Single mother who drank alot, lived in an trailer park and men always came and went...making my mother hate me as she thought it was me ..which was why the men never stayed." She spoke, taking a sip of her champagne. "I left when I was 17. I send her money every month..and I got my nose fixed...anything I forgot?"

He past wasnt happy
It was miserable but..it was her life.

It was better now.

Emily opened her mouth once more and began to speak again but was stopped, due to Dimitri becoming distracted by his cell phone buzzing.
Emily silenced.
Looking at her date then to the waiter who brought them their food, she smiled - speaking thanks.

It was either Gianna or Gwen.
By the look of his face..it was the latter and it made Emily a little annoyed.

"Dimitri...date night, remember?" Emily spoke before sighing, looking down and began to eat her food, not speaking anymore.
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“Insatiable,” he mentioned after their lips released, not wanting to let her get away that quickly. She was tempting and he couldn’t wait for dinner to be over with so that he might take her offer up on the pool. Dimitri watched as the waiter came over to ask the what they wanted for dinner. He ordered the fish, taking a sip from the glass of champagne. The waiter had left the bottle in a chilled bucket that sat to the side of the table.
Brushing his hair back he cocked his head to the side as he watched Emily. She had soothed his worries, the female admitting to him that she had no intentions of leaving and did not fear him. Though, it also didn’t make Dimitri feel all too comfortable, considering that he knew that there was always the possibility of hurting Emily. He would have to watch his actions, he didn’t want Emily to leave him. Running his tongue over his bottom lip, his eyes watched over the female, the peek of her collarbone, the shiny complexion. She was a woman of great beauty and complexity and much like him, a slave to her emotions. H recalled the look of anger and pain in her eyes when she saw him speaking with Gwen, knowing she had shed tears that day the male had had sex with Gwen on set.
“I want to know everything about you,” he said finally, his hands taking hers again to grip her tight. “Inside and out, if this dinner doesn’t come soon enough I might have to rain check.” He smirked toward Emily, wanting to kiss her again and again. His phone vibrated then in his pocket. Dimitri sighed some, figuring it was Gianna asking where he was. Instead it had been a text from Gwen. She had sent him a message with a picture of the ultrasound. He held in the gasp, the smile not so much easily leaving him. It was a bit too soon to get the gender of the baby, but there it was – proof of his child. She’d sent a second picture of her at the clinic, hand placed lovingly over a small but growing bump. He didn’t notice how entranced he was until the waiter had returned with their food.
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There did come a time in every womans life where she desperately needed love.
Unconditional love.
And by her past, growing up as a child, that was all her and her mother ever wanted.

Growing up in a trailer park, Emily's mother was the epitome of a porch drinker and smoker, going to bingo every Wednesday in the hopes of winning money and looking for love.
She found it, a couple of times but it was with men who werent afraid to put up their dukes and give it to her.
Emily did not know what love was.

There were moments where she had to sit back and think about how she felt very closely but they were never it.
It was more lust and the wanting of sex, the attraction just like what she found with Dimitri at the beginning.
However it, it was as if she could die if he ever left her side. It was as if she would never breathe again.

Sitting down upon the chair, Emily bit her lower lip as her eyes looked outside through the glass plain windows they were sitting beside.
The candles casted a warm glow around the table, making her skin glisten from the shimmer powder dust on her tanned skin.

Speaking on how beautiful this place was, Dimitri replied back that it was her..that was beautiful.
Emily looked at him and blushed, giving off a sincere smile before feeling her hands being grabbed and gently caressed.

"Is everything alright?" She spoke, only to hear a reply of him..apologizing for the way he man handled her by grabbing her arm in a tight manner.
At the time, she did notice the grip and the look in his eyes going from charming to animalistic but during the time and the argument, she somewhat expected it.

"I know you never meant to hurt me. I know you wont hurt me..." Emily replied, grabbing her hands from across the table.
"I love you too"

Up and off from her seat, Emily lent over meeting Dimitri and the two shared a kiss.
A kiss that was sweet, tasted like champagne as their tongues did touch.

The longer she kissed him, the hotter it got her so she had to stop and pull back before she took him right at the table.

"We are okay..let's enjoy our night, yes? Go back to the villa...maybe a nice fuck in the pool?..."
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Dimitri surmised that the woman wanted him badly by the way she drew into him inside the villa, her words clear as day and as they got into the car, he wondered if he should’ve just said screw it to the dinner and taking her back upstairs. Though, he knew it only proper to go on a date with Emily seeing how they rarely had time together to do such couply things and of course his mother had always made sure, to try to do right by a woman, considering his father wasn’t really that great of a model. Still, Dimitri had struggled with monogamy and the whole relationship fiasco. As an addict, sex was the closest thing he felt was safe to indulge in completely and with a woman as beautiful as Emily, he couldn’t imagine abstaining from it.
They’d sat in the back seat, keeping it cordial of course, keeping up the front of them just being costars. Finally arriving at the restaurant, he exited the car, making sure to open Emily’s door for her. Their table was near a window, the warm lighting casting a beautiful glow, you could see the lights from neighboring homes and restaurants; it was a beautiful view. Of course, not more than the view he had from across his table.
“I think you’re more beautiful though,” he mentioned calmly, taking his glass of champagne to toast against Emily’s before he took a sip. He thought briefly of his conversation with Gianna, surprised that Emily was still sitting here and willing to love him, give herself to him despite what she heard and what she knew to be facts. His hand reached across the table for hers, rubbing his thumb over the back.
“Emily,” he started, furrowing his brow as he tried to find the right words. “Earlier, about – I would never intentionally want to hurt you.” He was referring to his grip and while a part of his strength was from not wanting her to leave him, the other part was a cold showmanship of anger, somehow wanting to control something in his life. He still had flashbacks, to that night with Gianna, but had told himself he would never get to that point. “I just don’t want you to fear me.” He ducked his head some, embarrassed maybe, his cheeks burning red. “I love you.” The words still felt weird, he’d said them to Gwen plenty and usually when the woman was riding him in bed, but somehow this felt more different, organic. Was this what love was supposed to feel like?
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Eyes caught Dimitri as he ushered himself down the staircase to the foyer where Emily stood by the flowers.
Finishing the touches of the pressed powder against her nose, the compact clicked shut and was placed back into her clutch purse, smiling as she could not take her eyes off the man.

When he got dressed up, it honestly took her breath away.
Even when he was naked, her knees went weak. There was something about this man that made her know she wanted to spend her days with him.

"Handsome man...." she spoke, smiling only to feel his arm snake around the waist and pulled her in with a sharp yank.
A pull of passion and desperate wanting where she tilted her neck to the side - welcoming Dimitri's lips upon her neck.
Words on her being blonde was better made her giggle, a large smile on her face. "I told you blondes have more fun. Do we have to go to dinner? I'm horny and I want you..." Emily spoke in a soft whisper - taunting Dimitri, it was there she whispered in his ear in a senusal manner on what she wanted him to do to her.
It was naughty.
A nice little backdoor action as she trusted the man.

Knowing full well they had arrangements for dinner - teasing the man, Emily pulled back and smiled
Kissing his lips.

"Come on...the car is waiting.."

The two left the villa, Emily giving off a squeal as Dimitri hand gripped her ass giving it a nice squeeze before getting into the veichle.
In the car, again they had to pretend they were friends only and it killed her on the inside.

Arriving at the restaurant, the building was beautiful.
Big and then detailing.

Inside was exquisite.
Tables dim litter by candles. Tables surrounding a floor in the middle where people were already dancing with one another to the music.

Dimitri and Emily walked in, side by side - shaking hands with people, nodding and smiling before finding their table.
A table perfect for them.

Emily sat down slowly - trying to cover the updraft incase people were looking and placed her clutch on the table beside her champagne glass that was already being filled.

"This place is beautiful."
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[I Dinner like a date?] It was a strange question, then again Dimitri would’ve questioned his actions too. Other than the first dinner they attended together, they hadn’t a proper date at all. That was his mistake, as impulsive as the male was, sex had been his initial interest in Emily. Though, as time went on that had changed. He loved her, wanted to know everything about her and be normal. He wanted them to be like every other couple, going on dates and sharing details of their lives with each other. Also, when it came down to it he did want their relationship to be public. Dimitri hoped that if their relationship was strong enough then no force could break it.
Glad to hear she had accepted his proposal, Dimitri headed for the trailer to change. He’d arrived to the villa after Emily, having to sort out a few things with Gianna who was staying late on set to speak with the director. As tempting as it was to have the villa alone with the female, he knew like wine, it took time for something great – he would be able to have Emily when he wanted tonight. It was surprising then, unusual for the male to be able to control himself when desperate for need. Drinking on the other hand was necessary. He made sure to have a couple of shots before heading upstairs to his room to dress. After showering, he managed to wash out a good amount of the gel used on his hair earlier, before styling the strands back with the hopes they would stay in place. He dressed in a grey dress shirt, dark pants, and brown boots. His shirt sleeveless to enjoy the warmth of Spain’s night. He’d headed downstairs, eyes falling on Emily as she was exiting, the white dress flush against her. It contrasted the mild tan the female was receiving. She was effortlessly beautiful.
His hands instantly wrapped around her waist, drawing her close to bury his nose into her neck, inhaling the sweet perfume she wore. “Hm, yes I would say you’re much more enticing as a blonde.” He had whispered before pulling away, kissing Emily’s lips. “Ready?” He had made a reservation for them at a very famous restaurant, that also would allow them some bit of privacy. The car had already pulled up outside.
“Ready?” He asked, his hand gliding to grip her ass, a soft moan of satisfaction sounding after.
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Emily was already on the studio lot, in the newly created area for their first scene when she heard Dimitri's voice.
This caused the woman to turn her head and smile somewhat, the smile only grew bigger the moment she saw what he was wearing and his hair.

A little giggle escaped her throat.
He looked good. Definatly played the part that was for sure.

"You look good..." she muttered to him as he stepped in closer to her, his eyes trailing her frame and her newly found hair that of a brown coloured rather than her blonde that glistened in the sun.
It was amazing how a few weeks could change the course of things.
In the beginning they loathed each other - used their reading to secretly speak on how disliked they were.
Staying away from one another ...water thrown before dinner and amazing sex.
Sex that led to the two admitting love and having such a strong affection.

Dimitri raised a hand and gently with his fingertips spoke on liking the new color l, Emily then laughed as he spoke on the role playing situation and all she could do was nod.
"I knew you were going to say that. Dont you like blondes? They have more fun..." she replied - Dimitri quickly giving her neck a quick kiss, quick so no one would see. "Stop..theyll see..."

The cameras started to roll and the scene was played out and re done multiple times to get it perfect.
The director did his duty and spoke on what to do, where to stand, directed the couple who were getting on that made beam with glee before yelling CUT, wrapping up for the day.

Almost time for dinner.

It was speaking with the crew that she turned to Dimitri who was close by and listened as he proposed dinner.
"Dinner, like...a date?" She spoke, biting her lower lip with a smile, blushing only to hear about the possibility of being naughty in the pool - under the stars of the Spanish sky
"You're such a naughty boy. I'll be ready at 7..." she replied, grabbing his hand softly for a moment before letting go.

Time passed and she had the wig removed and the clothes she arrived in - back on her body before being whisked away to the Villa to relax and prepare for another work.day tomorrow.
However instead, she showered, did make up and hair and put on a white backless dress, short with spaghetti straps and heels that were clear upon her feet.
Perfume of Chanel - a sweet scent not too overpowering as she got ready for her date night with the man she knew - deep down she would be with forever, despite many factors proving otherwise.

A line of coke up her nose, clutch in hand - Emily wandered down the steps to the foyer and stood by the round table that rested in the middle with a large vase of flowers.
Compact mirror in hand, she finished powdering her nose to get ride of the white markings.

Dinner and sex.
The perfect date.
  MeisjeKelly / 41d 5h 49m 27s
Dimitri had changed into his costume, trying hard not to mess with his hair. It’d been smoothed over to the side, a style he was not accustomed too and made him feel way too posh. He adjusted the shirt he wore, everything felt uncomfortable and Dimitri wasn’t sure if it was because he was nervous for some strange reason or because this was probably the most sober he had been before. He’d finally managed to get to the set, the backdrop for today would be a simple museum. How hilarious they would be reciting the lines from the reading they had a few short weeks ago, when now they wanted each other and admitted their love for each other.
It would be nice to see Emily even though It hadn’t been that long since he last held the woman close.
Seeing her as a brunette was intensely different, he almost didn’t recognize her beforehand. Slinking to her side, Dimitri managed to place a quick kiss against her neck.
“I like this,” he mentioned playing with her hair. He stood in front of the female now, with a smirk playing on his lips. “Maybe we should do a bit roleplaying more often,” he joked. The director had soon com to set and they were to begin the filming. It was interesting then, how well Dimitri was able to take on the role, despite how different it was from him and almost as if immersing himself enough to ignore who he truly was. Emily of course was remarkable. They’d finally broken off the shooting for the day, Dimitri was more than happy to get out of the clothes and get all of the gunk out of his hair.
Casually walking up to Emily, he tried to make his manners more friendly as there were more people on set at this time and Dimitri was trying to keep something of a low profile.
“Why don’t we grab dinner, together?” He suggested with a boyish grin. It was different now though it wasn’t just about sex or about him having to only have dinner with the female just to apologize – he was trying to impress Emily now. A part of him was scared she may have taken to Gianna’s worried words, he felt he had to prove he wasn’t like that and not just for Emily but himself as well.
“I mean, I’m asking if you’d be kind to go to dinner with me?” He’d moved in closer now, wanting to kiss her and wanting to hold her like usual. “And then maybe, we could try out that pool engagement yeah?” Smiling some, his hand impulsively and gently cupped her face, eyes traveling her beautiful countenance and of course reveling in her body. The touch was brief, but enough to make him excited and for the meantime soothe his desire to have her in his hands completely.
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Emily had been warned.
What had happened with Gianna, Emily knew she was trying to raise warning and let her know on how Dimitri could be, and yet - the actress could not believe it.
Throughout their short time together, Dimitri and her were a match.
Sure, they disliked each other immensely before knowing one another but when they were together, it was heaven.
Dimitri loved her.
Surely he would never put a hand on her or become violent.

Leaning against the couch, Emily's eyes scanned the trailer - nodding her head as she was happy and content in her little home which it would be for the next 3 months along with the Villa.
How she missed her apartment and LA already.

Picking at the tltwo flavors of skittles at her request, she had just put them in her mouth and started to chew as the make up and hair team entered her Trailer with a knock.

A modernized movie of The Mask of Zorro.

As the script was being written and contracts were signed - the two actors had to learn how to sword fight, learn stances and defend from getting hurt. Along with learning to ride horses.

That was new.
Emily hated that.

Now, came the pretend, to show off skills learnt for the movie that was to begin rolling today.

In the trailer, Emily sat down and stared at her reflection.
A woman warned.
Nervous from the missing and missing Dimitri even though he was only next door in his own personalized trailer.
Long blonde hair up in pins and a wig cap, she went from blonde to a brunette beauty within a matter of minutes.
Make up as natural as could be before shifting up and off from the chair, walking out of the trailer still in her tight Jean's and the bandeau top, wandering towards the studio lot where she would get changed in proper attire of that era.

Turning her head as she walked, her eyes looked at Dimitris trailer.
Missing him but knowing it would not be long until they would be together...playing characters and pretending.
It was their job.

Gianna would now watch them both like a hawk.

Being together now was going to be more difficult.
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Gianna shook her head at the woman she could choose not to believe her at this time and to some degree Gianna hoped she was wrong. She hoped that maybe she was strong enough or at least had the desirability to keep him on the straight and narrow. If not, well she knew who to call – Gianna was always cleaning up his messes after all. If anything, it was clear Emily had no intention of letting the man go, and she wasn’t keen on hiding her emotions. For him as she kissed him so brazenly before her. A public relationship meant that if anything went wrong, well that’d be just as public.
Shrugging she headed toward the car, the couple following after her.
They had finally made it to the set. Dmitri had let out a breath of air he wasn’t aware that he’d been holding in. He watched as Emily headed toward her trailer, his beside hers. Gianna had followed the male into the trailer. She took a seat on the small white couch, Dimitri grabbing a water from the minifridge. Just like his home, his trailer was pretty simple in decoration, everything either white or black. He grabbed another water to hand to Gianna and took a seat opposite of her in a black chair.
“Well well are we going to run away any more today because I don’t have the energy.” Gianna jested to the male as she took a sip of the water. Dimitri drank from the water, looking over script for the scene they were filming that day.
“No,” he repeated with a smile, looking up at her briefly. He was still a bit buzzed from the drugs he had earlier.
“Good, because I was worried Dimitri.”
“What were you and Emily discussing?” He inquired to her after. “And don’t worry, everyone doesn’t have to worry.”
“I just told her, to – you know be careful with you. Look, I was being honest, we all know [I why] I should be worried.”
“I thought you forgave me,” he mumbled, eyes turning away in shame.
“Of course I do Dimitri, I don’t blame you. I’m still your friend aren’t I. Besides, I knew that wasn’t you.” They had referred to the night they had decided to finally breakup. There fights had always been a bit violent and it did make the makeup sex all the more better, but that night Dimitri had did more drugs than he had ever before, his drinking completely out of control then. Gianna had been shocked, the look of anger in his eyes as he had towered over her. He was an animal, hitting her wherever he could while she tried to escape him – his words harsh as he cursed at her.
Dimitri had woke the next day with a terrible headache, his apartment a mess of glass and overturned furniture, bottles strewn about. Gianna was gone. It wasn’t long though, he apologized and promised to go to rehab and they decided they could only be friends. True, she had lied to Emily as they did have a sexual relationship, but that was distant and in the past. There was a knock at the door, the costumer designer was there. Gianna sighed and stood up, walking toward Dimitri and hugged him. It took him off guard and he had to smile back.
“Everyone fucks up, I believe in you yeah?” Gianna said.
“Thanks G,” he responded. The woman soon left his trailer and Dimitri focused on the long day ahead, yearning to see Emily.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 42d 11h 19m 59s
Emily began to not care.
Gianna knew full well, on what the two were up too so why Emily felt the need to continue to hide her affection and growing love for the man was beyond her.
Up the stairs - snaking her arms around Dimitri and kissed his lips hard, with sorry and wanting to make him forgive her for the words she said.

As the kiss broke, forehead against forehead, Emily listened to the words that seeped from his lips - letting him explain.
She said she believe him.
In bed she said she trusted him so for her to go off on that tangent, it was unacceptable.

Dimitri had gripped her arm tight before he left
Tight enough to leave finger imprints on her skin, especially when he pulled her in with force that made her gasp.
For a split moment - anger and rage were in his eyes and this was a sight she had never seen before.

It scared her.

Another kiss on the lips, Dimitri moved passed her and wandered into the kitchen, leaving the two women together, two women who did not get along.
Emily turned and looked at Gianna and did not speak a word, however the female Agent did all the talking for them both.

"Not by sex?" Emily replied, stepping down the stairs - eyes still on the female. "Why do I think that's a lie..."
Stepping infront of Gianna, Emily crossed her arms, listening more.
Being somewhat respectful.

Gianna heaved warning.
Warning on that if pushed, Dimitri would hurt her whether it was emotional or physical.

Surely this was a ploy for her to stay away from him. From what Emily experienced, Dimitri was a lover...not a fighter.
Her words today were enough to tilt him over the edge but instead he walked away, the grip on her arm was just to make sure she didnt walk away.
It might have been a little tight, but surely that it nothing.

"Like you said, you were a fling. Those things he did to you..he wont do to me. Dimitri..loves me, as hard as for you to believe. He said it to me..last night while you were getting wasted..and not acting like an agent should." Emily replied, taking Giannas words on board sure, but did she believe them?

The car pulled up.
Dimitri entered the room once again with a smile on his face and it was not long until the car took them to the Studio to begin the movie that millions were thrown into.
One trailer for Dimitri.
One trailer for Emily.

Emily opened the door and stepped into her on lot home for the next 3 months.
Everything she wanted, she had.
A fish aquarium along with red and green skittle candy only.

Purse on the seat, Emily breathed out - leaning up against the couch of the motor home.
She had a boyfriend and she wasnt going to let him go..
  MeisjeKelly / 43d 21h 58m 25s
Gianna had started to answer the female, but she was gone then, up the stairs to meet Dimitri just as he was coming down. He had changed into simple clothing, dark jeans and a black shirt. Emily’s lips were there then, soft and yet so hard with the passion of missing him. It shocked him some, how open she was being, especially in front of Gianna, who did nothing to stop the two. Her hands were around his waist and he mimicked the action, drawing her close. Pressing is forehead against hers as their embrace ended, he smiled some.
“No, I’m sorry,” he said softly. “I didn’t mean to, just didn’t want you to see me like that.” He had confessed to the female. He’d gripped her tight enough to hurt her, wanting to hurt anything or anyone and it reminded him of his father, of his past – in some sense it reminded him of Gianna. He didn’t want to be that person and yet, without that he didn’t know who he would be without it. It was the perk of acting, allowing him to disappear and become someone else – someone [I better].
Dimitri kissed the female again.
“Just need to get a drink,” he said as he began down the stairs.
“Water . . . . please,” Gianna suggested.
“I’ll be back,” he promised to Emily. The car would be there in five minutes, they weren’t late but close. Gianna was glad he hadn’t done anything rash. She timidly walked toward the stairs as he passed by, her eyes watching Emily.
“Look,” he finally said. “I can’t keep him away from you and despite what you think I don’t want Dimitri and I know he doesn’t want me. At first, I did try to keep him away and I’ve been a bitch, but I know him – I’ve known him longer than the few weeks you’ve known him and not just by sex Emily.” She paused, choosing her words carefully.
“Dimitri and I did at one point have a fling, early in his years when he was still barely known and he was – he isn’t the man he is now, somewhat yes, but he has changed for the better in some areas. Just – I know the ugly side of him. When he gets that way, mad – he can . . . he can hurt you; whether it be his words or physically.” She looked over her shoulder to make sure he wasn’t there. “When he grabbed you, I didn’t mean to be overbearing. I just, I saw that look in his eye and if I didn’t bring him back to reality, he would’ve really hurt you. Sometimes he gets in this space, of torment or self-destruction. I have been a victim to it, and no one was there to stop it from happening. He’s not bad, just troubled and always running to whoever will make him feel good. But once the alcohol runs dry, the drugs are gone – when he has to face his actions, he is a mad man. I just didn’t want him to hurt you like he’s hurt me. He’s left bruises, he’s called me horrible names when he’s in bad spirits and not sober – but fiending as an addict.” She could hear his footsteps coming close. “He’s doing better, but I want you safe and aware, Dimitri has layers to who he is. I was wrong to try to keep you apart, but only know when interfering, I just don’t want him to hurt you as he hurt me,” she said.
Dimitri returned, smiling some and in decent spirits. The car had pulled up already. [I The show must go on.]
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 43d 23h 3m 13s

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