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She’d allowed the male to take her from the back and of course, the man he was he found it hard to resist such temptation. She was warm, tight and eagerly accepting him, of course Dimitri had taken advantage.
He’d felt her kisses, there before fleeing and his eyes fluttered open then, watching her bare frame walk across the room. Her ass still red from his grip and spankings. A slow smirk slipped over his lips. He’d caught the last bit of her whispers, her expecting him maybe to still be asleep.
“Isn’t that what you wanted?” Dimitri asked before yawning as he came to a sitting position in the bed. He was tight himself, his head hurting. He reached up to caress the tender spot beneath his eyes. [I Right], he thought to himself as he recalled the memory of the fight with the paparazzi. Dimitri rolled out of the bed, rolling his neck to release tension as he walked toward the female that stood before the mirror. His hands pressed against her ass, his lips placing soft kisses against her shoulder. “Don’t ask for what you cant handle,” he said. He looked into the mirror, himself not looking too good, the cut now forming a nasty bruise and of course, a few red scratch marks thanks to Emily, more probably across his back.
“Breakfast?” He suggested, his arm wrapped around her, pressing her naked frame against him. “I mean there’s no secrecy at this point, Gianna is asleep.” He smiled then as he turned her to kiss her. “I know I don’t look my best, but maybe we can try this date thing again?” He chuckled a little and kissed underneath her chin. She still smelled like chlorine and sex, like him. “It’s always hard to resist you,” he admitted. “I am hungry though.” Dimitri had pulled away then. “Anything to get rid of this fucking headache.” Dimitri started for his shorts. “I’ll shower and change and we can explore the city a bit yeah? I mean one good thing out of this is a little bit of a vacation while shooting I guess.”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 36d 23h 37m 18s
Emily was America's sweetheart.
There was no doubt about it.

However, if they knew about her escapades in bed and the coke she used along with the alcohol she abused her body with, people would think differently.
Her career would be somewhat tarnished and perhaps ruined so it was important, that nothing got out.

That night, she and Dimitri were violated and the photos of the naked and fucking in the pool in such a passionate way, Emily knowing full well that he was having a baby with another woman.
A poor act of judgement, but she loved him.

[i “Ah, you want me,”]
[b "I always want you.."] she replied, still resting on her knees with her behind facing him. A hand caressing ass, she gave herself a little smack - a motion of she being willing for whatever was to come.

What went on between the two was slow at first as Dimitri went in the backdoor, slowly, listening to Emily breathe out and her words to keep going.
Once comfortable, that was when the sex was rough and passionate, pleasurable noises filled the bedroom from both of them.

Emily was pulled in close to his body, Dimitri's mouth kissing her neck, tongue gently licking the lobe of her ear as she continued to push deeper inside all the while, growling like an animal.

Many positions were done that night.
All holes used up and Emily's body sensually abused and red raw. They finished together with the Actress of top - riding Dimitri to climax, but not before her.
Emily arrived first.
Body shaking, head tilted back, she screamed out towards the ceiling with her eyes closed as Dimitri hit the spot over and over.

Gianna surely would of woken up from all the noise that came from the bedroom..

Dimitri came second - saying the word of love which only made Emily collapse on top of him, breathing heavily with a smile on her face.
[b "I love you too..."] she whispered, slowly slipping up and off from her companion and rested beside his body.

It was not long until the two faded into dreamland.
Slept all the way through until morning light, and Emily was the one that woke up first once again.

Moving closer to Dimitri - Emily kissed his neck softly before sitting up slowly and stretched giving out a sigh of relief.

[b "You were an animal last night..."] she spoke softly, getting up and off from the mattress and wandered to the mirror - turning around, looking at her ass that was still red from all the spankings and sex.. [b "Damn...."]
  MeisjeKelly / 37d 4h 53m 41s
Emily was right, the woman had him for once in a vulnerable position and he actually felt weak. Had she continued he didn’t think he would be able not to allow her to let her tongue dance amongst him before release. He couldn’t keep his hands off her, her neither off the male. She was a tantalizing bit of energy, her body and his like magnets that inevitably were drawn together. The two had made it to her room finally, only parting for Emily to saunter onto the bed, back arched and a look of mischievousness on her face as she looked over her shoulder, strands of hair falling and creating a curtain amongst her face.
This was not America’s Sweetheart.
He smirked, still at attention and growing harder with each passing moment.
“Ah, you want me,” he said with a light chuckle, a dangerous glint in his eyes, his shorts being edged off until they rested on the floor. Dimitri had finally made it to the edge of the bed, her towel no longer present and her nude body there in the waiting for him. With the growing pain of desire, Dimitri had snatched her close to him, her body now flush against his, his lips at her neck. “I’ll always want you.” He promised, the kiss being the last delicate thing of that night the male had done to Emily’s body.
What had been the reason she drove him passionately to a world of madness? Her moans inevitable, and him barely able to keep his in with each stroke and thrust among the woman. The way her hair had fallen in her face, her hands pressed tight against his chest and Dimitri’s hands gripping her backside, both of them fighting each other sensually in a very dangerous tango in the bed. He liked them when they were bed, no restrictions – no complaints when he’d nibbled at her flesh, strong hands wrapped around her neck and a crippling sound of pleasure each time his hip had met her backside. Their sex that night in particular had been very wild, much like the first night they had met. The pleasure had been so much so great Dimitri barely noticed the pain from his wound from the fight. All he could think of was Emily: the smooth skin of her breast when they rested in his hand, the way she screamed with each firm spank to her ass, the undeniable look of both a sexual prowess and also a woman who was undeniably in love. She’d won, won him over fully that night, him now completely determined to having her in his life. With Emily atop him, ignoring his pleas indicating he was closer to climax, her gyrations increasing, their breaths hurried. Buckling, he held her close by the hips, bursting with pleasure, finally releasing the pent of energy that he had been denied in the pool.
“Fuck, I love you.” He had growled out, eyes close now, hips twitching and his appendage deepening, assuring she felt every last drop. He’d grown limp then, body glistening with sweat and sticky, his breathing slowly returning to normal. “I love you.” Sleep soon followed.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 37d 15h 13m 2s
She was happy to do it.
Everything in the world was about sex except sex. Sex was about power in which Emily had in the palm of her hand right then and there. In bed, Dimitri was the one that roughed up her body - took her from behind and claimed her as his own.
This time, the power was shifted.

Keeping her eyes open, looking up and remained a gaze upon the man, Emily, the actress who people considered pristine and America's sweetheart was on her knees and giving oral all the while, listening to Dimitri speak to her name in sighs of a whisper.

With a hand on the base, Emily did close her eyes at some point as she moved her head lower, taking the man all in.
Tongue playing games against him, listening to more words that were only words - not making sense in a sentence that only made her smile still with her mouth full.
[i "Room, bed – fuck, now”]
[b "Mmmm...mhmm..."] she mumbled, feeling Dimitri's had cup her face before sliding digits to her neck in which he grabbed, pushing her back slowly to which made her lean up - slipping him out from her mouth.

Breathing hard, Emily licked her lips - looking up at him knowing full well his large appendage was pointing in her direction practically begging for more.
[b "What's wrong?.."]
[i “Single child or not, this is one thing I will not let you have.."]
[b "You'll give it to me. You were close, I almost had you..."] she replied back, biting her lower lip as it took a lot not to keep going but Dimitri wanted bed.

Bed to lay on.
Bed to sleep of after they finished what they started in the pool, however this time - it was reality.
They were outed.
They were out as a couple.

[b "Bed. You know what I want..."] she spoke, slowly raising up onto her feet just like Dimitri, grabbing his hand and placing it firmly on her ass.
She trusted him enough to do it.

The two wandered up the stairs, hands upon each other, unable to remove them before coming to her bedroom and the bed that waited.
Standing by the end of the mattress, Emily lent over and climbed upon it on all fours, turning her head and looking back at him.

[b "I want you, lover..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 37d 21h 37m 17s
She was right, he had thrown the first punch and had Gianna not stopped him, he might have actually pummeled the man into death. Dimitri found it hard to stop himself when it came to violence and he loved Emily, he had hated how that man defiled her with his pictures – no matter how beautiful she was, she was his and he would make damn sure, now public, everyone knew it.
Dimitri watched Emily then, her hands on his shorts, still soaked from the water of the pool.
“Em,” he had said softly, no intention of stopping her. The gasp of pleasure was hard to stop as well and he couldn’t help feed into the trap. His hands played with her hair, still wet and smelling of chlorine, eyes closed tight to maintain some type of composure. She could control him with those lips, that tongue – her. She was the only thing that somehow kept the male in control.
“Emily,” he had said again, this time pinched between his lips. His hands had grown rough then as they gripped he hair, the longing just as bad, the temptation just as hard as the member that befell those soft lips.
:Room, bed – fuck, now”. His words were just clumsy letters, as he tried to pry her away, so close and yet controlling himself so as to fully enjoy the pleasure of her. He wanted her, wanted to finish what they had started earlier and the pride in him wouldn’t allow the weakness of releasing unless into her. Yet, her hands were soft, he was putty easily molded then, his legs weak some. He cupped her cheek, looking down at her with narrow eyes. His hand had moved toward her neck, gripping with enough pressure to remove her from him or else he would forfeit and Dimitri was not a fan of losing, evident from the battle he had with the pap. “Single child or not, this is one thing I will not let you have,” he breathed out. He was tingling then, full of desire and incredibly it was evident from the hard appendage in front of her.
“Bed,” he had whispered, a bit of dejavu from the first night they had indulged in their desire. He stood, ignoring the standing member from the oral, drawing her up by the chin. His lips pressed against her neck, biting her slightly. “What did I tell you about doing that to me? Making me want you,” he said in a breathy whisper. He cupped her ass then. “Let’s go.” They had a long night, an interrupted intimate sessions and Dimitri was determined to make this night end on a high note.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 37d 22h 8m 11s
The moment the ice touched his face, a tough demeanor of the Actor somewhat went soft as he winced from the sudden outburst of pain.
Emily rolled her eyes before smiling. "Dont be such a baby. You threw the first punch, you take it like a man..." she spoke softly, standing infront of the man who fought with a Vulture to defend and protect her just as much as himself.

He mentioned on being a hot head along with finishing what they started which surprised Emily, thinking with what had unfolded, Dimitri was wanted bed, not her or sex.
Stepping in with a hold he had of her, the two kissed with both eyes closed - only to stop the moment footsteps were heard in which the two broke the kiss and turned - looking at Gianna who shone her phone while waving it around.
Emily and Dimitri made social media.
Photos of them which the two scrolled through, looking quite good together.

"We look actually quite good.." she remarked, passing the phone back. Rolling her eyes when she spoke on Mark being pissed. Speaking on doing a live Q and A to answer questions.
The only thing Emily was worried about at this point was John. It scared her, she couldn't lose her dearest friend.

As Gianna departed, wanting sleep, Dimitri smiled and turned back to Emily speaking that she got what she finally wanted.
Leaning in to her man, she nodded slowly. "I'm an only child. I can be quite demanding.." she replied, repeated a sentence Dimitri made earlier in the night at dinner.

Which bed was to be laid upon was the next question and Emily though about it. 'Hmm... my bed, its bigger...but in the mean time.." words flowed as she slowly moved onto her knees infront of Dimitri.
The towel around her body coming undone and falling to the floor around her leaving her naked.
Hands, fingers pulled down his shorts - revealing all his big goodness and with cupping sack, Emily began oral fellatio - sucking as she looked up at him.
Wanting to get him harder and excited.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 38d 6h 5m 49s
He winced some at the feeling of the ice cloth pressed against his eye, where the cut throbbed annoyingly. That was sure to leave a mark for a few days, which meant they would have to stall shooting or do a lot of CGI which was incredibly expensive. Dimitri reached his hand up, the angry red scars now clean of blood, but evidence of a lot of anger and brute force. Dimitri cupped Emily’s face, “What can I say? I’m a bit of a hot head for the right woman,” he muttered, leaning forward to kiss the woman. The night hadn’t ended badly, sure he hadn’t been able to finish with Emily, but she was here.
“We’re going to have to finish what we started.” He smirked and leaned forward to kiss the woman, admittedly the moment was a bit of a turn on.
‘Well well,” Gianna stated, “You two sure do bring a a whole new meaning to [I star crossed lovers].” The woman commented, waving her phone in the air. She stepped beside the couple, handing Dimitri the phone. “I mean you guys look good if anything,” she jested. Dimitri chuckled halfheartedly, grabbing the phone from her hand and scrolling through the many posts. It was clear as day, a few lewd comments and speculation – well a true story – of the two being together. Fans were going crazy in the comments, some people even tagging their own pictures of the couple from their set , the dinner they had before, even the night they had arrived, the way Dimitri had held Emily by her waist.
“So what does this mean?” He asked Gianna, knowing the woman could get him out of a murder if she needed to.
“This means,” Gianna said with a sigh, “we push ahead of this. We’ll make it about the movie – how just as the characters fall in love, you guys develop feelings blah blah blah. I mean it’s a nice romantic edge to it. Now the assault,” she said glaring at the male. “That is a separate manner, probably will have to pay the guy off. I’m positive a nice big sum, considering I’ve seen what you can do with those hands – when you’re not being nice.” She pursed her lip then. “Shooting is stalled for a week, we’re going to make sure you get a little better looking before we go in and right now Mark is a bit pissed. This is costing the movie studio thousands of dollars.” She took the phone from the male’s hands.
“But, I think what we also need to do is give the fans what they want. So, we’re doing a Q&A tomorrow, something brief – via live chat. Who knows you guys could probably be the next Angelina and Brad, but you know maybe you guys will actually work out.”
“So this means –“
“This means public but, keep it cute. No more of this fighting bullshit. Get some sleep, we have a really busy next couple of days.” Gianna patted Dimitri’s shoulder before turning on her heel and heading toward the room. Dimitri stood tall then, towering over the woman and looking down at her.
“Well look at that, looks like someone got what they wanted,” he said with a smirk. He looked over his shoulder, glad Gianna had departed. Bringing the woman close, his hand grabbed her ass. “So, my bed or yours?”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 38d 14h 30m 29s
It was a brawl fight.

It happened so fast. It was just like a flash, a flash of a camera of a peeping tom that sealed his fate when it came to Dimitri.
Dimitri was not a man to fight with. He certainly was not the kind of man you wanted to take naked pictures of and expect a big thank you.

Emily got in closer, the towel around her body knotted up tight at the side so there was no gap, no gap to see what was underneath.
What was the point anyway?
The vulture got all the pictures he wanted.

"Dimitri, stop it!..." she called out, moving in closer and tried to grab the man she loved, the man who was busted just as much as her, off the man that violated their privacy. "Just grab the camera and smash it!..."
With her voice, another one rang out from the background - Gianna came running after hearing all the commotion.
The fight ended and Dimitri stood up. The coward ran leaving the actors and the agent behind.

Emily ushered over and grabbed hands, looking at them along with his face.
"Damnit Dimitri..."

Gianna got closer and asked if they were okay.
It was not long until she put two and two together and she sighed. Whispering words and her face went to disappointment and anger.

She spoke on swimming in the pool to which Emily sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose as she stood by the man she loved and who said loved her back.
"We know you swim in the pool. We didnt cum, Gianna. You're safe..."

There Gianna pulled out her phone, speaking on calling John.
Emily rolled her eyes and began to wander off with Dimitri, back into the villa and in the kitchen where she grabbed ice.
Gianna was now on damage control.

"What a night.."
"Once you start...you really cannot stop, can you?" She muttered, biting her lower lip - moving to Dimitri and handed him ice for his face that would soon be bruised.
His gorgeous face..tainted.

"It was an entertaining night. Regardless of this and the outcome, I had a really good time with you..."
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 38d 19h 52m 11s
He was lost then, unable to focus on the man and Emily at the same time. The two men were now engaged in a brawl, fists thrown, blood dripping onto the grass. There was the sound of siren then, Gianna’s voice in the distant calling out for him to stop. He knew if he continued to hit the man it was very likely he could be sued. Dimitri hadn’t been paying attention, the man delivering blow to his face causing Dimitri to release the tight grip he had on his shirt. The paparazzi had stumbled away, through the fence bloody and certainly sore, but despite the physical blows obtained he had won. He had his camera. He had pictures of the couple that would certainly sell for a lot of money.
“What the hell is going on?” Gianna screamed rushing toward Dimitri and Emily. Dimitri’s breathing ragged then, the man trying to regain his breath. The cut under his eye had begun bleeding, his knuckles sore and starting to bleed as well from the force of his hit. It was true, despite how successful he was, Dimitri couldn’t stray away fully from who he once was, and that was always a fighter. Gianna had grabbed a stray beach towel, too large for his cut, but the closest thing available.
“Are you okay?” She asked, looking to Dimitri and then to Emily. She started to piece together the scene, already noting their absence from earlier. “Dammit,” she whispered in anger, her small delicate hands made into a fist to hit the male in front with very little impact. “He has pictures.” She said, leaving Dimitri to hold the towel for himself, her hand pressed against her forehead and eyes closed as she tried to make sense of the situation.
“You know you guys aren’t just regular people – things like this [I relationship] can only be a secret if you actually [I try] to keep it that way. I mean, honestly, fucking in the pool? I swim there you know.” She already had her phone out.
“I’m calling John right now. Both of you get inside. Emily get Dimitri ice, please.” Gianna had stormed pass the couple, on the phone ranting. She was trying to find the best way to get in front of this story. Walking toward Emily, he ducked his head in embarrassment.
“What a night?”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 38d 21h 38m 37s
[i “Who cares?”]

That was the answer she got.
It was a damn good answer too, seeing as the moment the question left her lips about Gianna, instantly, she regretted asking it.
The woman knew abut her client and the female, hell - she had warned Emily about certain things and if she heard the moans and the screaming from the pool - it would only confirm that Emily did not care about her warning and believed Dimitri would not hurt her.

[b 'Yeah, who cares...']
[i “I want you and that’s what matters. I want to hear you scream my name,”]
[b "Fuck me the way you do, hit my spot and you know I will do just that..."] she replied, wrapping her arms around Dimitri, around his neck while they rested on his shoulders.
A smile appeared on her lips before it faded into a hard, long passionate kiss.
Tongues danced along each other's own after Dimitri spoke on no more talking.

Feet became lifted up from the pool's ground, waded in the water only for a single moment before wrapping themselves around the male's waist, locking at the ankles while his very own hands gripped her ass, inserting himself deep inside the warm walls in just one single push that only made the woman gasp.

[b "Uh..fuck, oh my god.......'] she moaned - breaking the kiss before going back in for more, Dimitri moving his body, letting his actions make Emily's body quiver all over, unable to keep silent.
Legs held the male in closer.
Water moving, swirling around them as the two fucked in the privacy of their own Villa.

Emily's head tilted back, eyes rolled as they closed as Dimitri kept on fucking - hitting the spot that made her almost climax and the moment they both were about to do it together - letting each other know from the amount of dirty talk, the movements slowed down and they came to a stop.
Emily - breathing heavily, opened her eyes and looked at Dimitri who was no longer looking at her but off to the side and finally let her go.

[b "What's going on?...Dimitri?.."] she spoke, wading alone in the water as the male didn't speak - only too put on his shorts and the moment he moved from the pool - came the moment she heard his voice calling out.

A man was in the backyard.
A camera in his hands that continued to flash.

[b "Oh my god...!! Was he taking pictures the whole time!..??.."] she called out, swimming to the edge and quickly pulled herself out the moment Dimitri grabbed the guy's shirt.
A quick grasp of the towel that was upon the seat, Emily wrapped it around her body and wandered to the men but kept her distance.

[+red '“Emily, big fan – great rack might I say.”]
[b "Dimitri...dont..."] she spoke, knowing what was coming and within seconds, a punch was thrown - fist colliding with the Papz face.

[b "It's the same guy from the restaurant! ...He followed us here! Grab the fucking camera...these cant get out!..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 38d 22h 7m 29s
Dimitri’s hands pushed through the water, his legs carrying him toward the female where he brought her close. He was distracted, kissing at her neck and shoulders. Rolling his eyes some he gave her a small smile.
“Who cares?” Dimitri lifted a wet hand up to press his hand against her neck, kissing Emily deeply. “I want you and that’s what matters. I want to hear you scream my name,” he chuckled against her ear, watching Emily then, water lapping at her skin, her skin shiny from being wet. He couldn’t control his desires then and honestly didn’t care if anyone heard him. “Let’s stop talking,” Dimitri mumbled against her lips. There was a deep desire to have her and he waited all day. The man had mentioned patience earlier and now he couldn’t even control himself.
Not giving her a chance to respond, Dimitri had entered the woman, strong arms holding her up by her thighs. A moan of satisfaction broke out, even in the pool Emily’s warmth evident, hugging his appendage.
Dimitri smiled against her lips then, his forehead pressed against hers as he let his body do most of the talking. “I told you, you were in trouble.” Dimitri breathed then, trying to control himself as he allowed the passion to take over. They were so close and yet Dimitri wanted her more, as if any space between their bodies was way too much. The water was splashing then, Dimitri gripping the woman tight, hips buckling with such urgency to consume her body entirely. How long had it been since their last coupling? Too long apparently as Dimitri had tried to control himself, long enough to prolong their being together. He was close then though, on the brink of an intense climax, getting lost in the woman’s eyes, her sounds of pleasure.
Dimitri had nearly reached the point of release when he heard rustling in the bushes. Annoyed and distracted, Dimitri looked over to see a man, camera in his hands smirking.
“Oh this is perfect,” he announced. Dimitri didn’t know what to do then, naked and angry.
“What the hell are you doing?” He’d managed to get out, between tight lips from anger, His hands released his hold on Emily, finding his shorts floating above the water before managing to force them on. He was uncomfortable then, what with them being wet and his member not exactly in a proper state, slowly deflating.
He’d climbed out of the pool, instantly gripping the man by the shirt and trying to grab the camera that the man tried to keep out of reach. Dimitri could feel his hand tight now in a fist. He had a choice then and anger and the liquor in his system made that choice fuzzier by the second. If he had started a fight with this man he didn’t know if he could stop.
“Emily, big fan – great rack might I say.” Dimitri had his sight go red then, the first punch almost as if not of his own will.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 38d 22h 22m 35s
The night in Madrid was a humid one.
The heat still in the air, but was not as severe as the day it was. The dark sky was painted and somewhat lit up with the stars and the moon that shone above her as Emily's hands pushed the fabric off from her body.
It was only a Gucci dress.
A couple hundred of dollars.

Play money and there was more of that where it came from.

The dress and shoes laid on the edge of the pool and Emily remained standing - naked under the moon, biting her lower lip as she turned her head to the side - watching Dimitri out from the corner of her eye.
He was undressing just the same.
Pushing the clothes away like they were nothing - like they were suffocating and all she could do was smile at the sight of him and his big appendage along with that body covered in ink.

Dimitri pressed up against her backside, hands caressing her skin from the outside of her thighs to her stomach - to her chest, in which he grasped her chest and squeezed.
All the while, the same vulture with the camera was in the vicinity - behind shrubs taking photos of it all.

Not exactly caring that the two's privacy was being invaded.
All he wanted was the money.


It was not long until Dimitri shifted away and made his way into the pool, motioning her to join in with a wiggle of his index finger.
Hand upon the railing, slowly Emily made her way down the steps and glided into the water - body covered and could not be seen except for her shoulders, neck and head, she approached Dimitri and reached out for him as the deeper she got, the more support she needed.

[b "Do you think Gianna's upstairs? ..."] she spoke quietly but not in a whisper. [b "I have to keep quiet again, huh?..']
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 38d 23h 20m 16s
Dimitri had tried to keep up with the woman, enjoying seeing her casually strut toward the back of the villa as though she were more suited for modelling than acting. There was a lot to learn about Emily, a woman probably of many talents – one of them being turning the man insane with a look or a small sway of her hips. He’d followed after her, glad to find Gianna was either gone or asleep, meaning in some sense they had their bit of privacy. Dimitri had reached outside, Emily already stripping of the dress, the bit of fabric carelessly left beside her heels on the ground.
Smiling, he began to remove his shirt, walking toward Emily to follow her actions. The moon sat above her head, the pool alit by the lights underneath and her tanned skin a sensual view. Perfect, that was the only word that the male could use to summarize the night’s ending. She was happy, had enjoyed their dinner, and now she was his for the taking. Dimitri had finally unclothed, completely nude and pressed against Emily, his nose burying into her hair. She smelled good, her petite frame warm and flush against him.
Dimitri grabbed the woman then, his hands snaking up to grab the woman’s chest firmly in his, having her against him to know how badly he craved her. He kissed the woman then along her neck, little bites here and there. Dimitri pulled away with a smile, walking pass the female to descend into the pool. He goaded the woman, his finger motioning for her to enter into the abyss, a rare moment for them to lose themselves in without having to worry about being seen.
Of course, Dimitri was completely unaware of the man from the restaurant, who was perched in the shadows of the bushes, taking pictures of their whole encounter. Dimitri wasn’t focused on that though, all he could think about was Emily and how he would have his way with her.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 38d 23h 33m 34s
It only made Dimitri even more determined to do something new with his life.
The only thing Emily learnt and that she stuck too was riding horses, a talent she needed to master for a movie she did in the past, one that got her a nomination and got the award for it.
Apart from her home in LA, Emily did buy real estate in Wyoming. Acres of land and a stable, for 3 horses that she bought to have on her property. They of course were being well looked after, she made sure of that.

The kiss only made them both hungrier.
The driver kept his eyes on the road, but knew full well what the two were up too but did not speak a word as he knew, they surely would of been drunk to actually releaise what they were doing.
However, little did he know - they knew exactly what they were doing.

Seatbelt unbuckled, Emily gaspe somewhat against Dimitri's lips as she was pulled closer to him but being dragged along the seat.
Dress slowly glided up the outside of her thighs due to his strong, masculine hands moving upwarsd before resting on that ass of hers, one that could bounce a nickle.

[i “Emily,”]
[b "Mmmmhmm..what?..'] she spoke - keeping her eyes closed, pecking at his lips only to feel Dimitri pull away and spoke the word on being patient.

What a shitty word.

Emily bit her lower lip - looking at him with firm eyes before nodding, being complient.
Little kisses were given now and again until the car came to a stop at the front door of the villa and it was within seconds, the door swung open by her own hand, the other grabbing her clutch.

Thanking the driver, Emily smiled at Dimitri's whisper of her being in trouble and got out of the car, rushing to the front door - unlocking it with the set of keys.
Dropping her clutch, Emily - with her heels that she knew how to walk, talk, stand - run in - ran through the foyer, laughing towards the back of the Villa, outside where the pool was dim litted from the lights in the water.

Heels off her feet, Emily stood by the edge and slowly began to undress herself - both straps off her shoulders and pushed the fabric down - only showing off a thong that shortly followed - laying on the ground with the expensive Gucci dress.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 39d 6m 40s
He chuckled some then, distracted from the memory of how shocked Emily had looked when he mentioned his pilot skills. “My last movie made me interested. I had to seem like I knew what I was doing, but there was an excitement that built in me. So I took lessons, got my license.” He could tell that Emily was not interested in his words, her breath hitching at the feel of his lips against her neck. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her and he didn’t need to hear Emily say that for him to know it to be true.
Her lips were there then, forceful against his, her tongue tracing his bottom lip. He didn’t care now whether the driver saw and surely, at this point they had already been outed. Why deny him of the tantalizing woman literally there at his finger tips? Dimitri had drawn the woman in, his hands clumsily undoing their seatbelts to have her closer to him. His free hand pushed up her dress, hands travelling against her smooth skin, up her thigh until cupped perfectly on her ass.
“Emily,” he had breathed out, upset in a good way that the female had fallen into his trap and now was taking control of the intimate back seat session. He kissed the woman again, wanting her in his lap. He was growing with wanting, pants becoming tighter. He managed the strength to pull away from her, one hand in her hair and the other still gripping her ass tightly. “Patience,” he finally said with a chuckle, knowing that if they had sex in the back seat of the car that is something the driver definitely would get paid big for. Dimitri could see they were already pulling up to the villa. He kissed Emily again before the car had come to a stop.
“Oh you’re in danger now,” he said with a smirk, the pool a few feet away and nothing stopping Dimitri from wanting to take Emily as his own. There were a lot of distractions lately, but he knew one thing was true, when Emily’s body was flush against his own, there was no one he thought about but her.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 39d 28m 22s

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