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“I’m going to propose to her,” Dimitri had said to Gianna, who had been rambling about how great the video was doing, glad to see that her hard work was paying off. Dimitri was buckling up the belt of his jeans he had changed back into.
“What are you talking about?” Gianna said then, rising to her feet and walking toward him hurriedly. He reached into his pocket then to produce the white case, opening it to show the ring that Emily had picked out.
“Emily,” he had said with a smile, closing the box and placing it back into his pocket. “Tonight I am going to ask Emily to marry me.”
“You can’t be serious Dimitri. You can’t have a child on the way and just barely out of an engagement with that woman – now with. This woman. Do you know how that would look?”
“I don’t care how it looks,” he said with a determined pout. “I know what I want Gianna.”
“No, you know what you like. You’re thinking with your dick.”
“I love her. I love Emily.” Dimitri had shrugged on his shirt, pushing pass the female. “Whether you like it or not I have made my decision, you can’t control everything about my life Gianna.”
“You’re going to end up hurt, she couldn’t make a marriage last for longer than 72 days and yet this is the woman you think will give you a fairytale? Dimitri you are so much more than this, you already have a child on the way, this will just make things harder.”
“Don’t you want me happy?”
“I do, I-“
“Then let me be happy.” Dimitri said with a sigh before he exited the trailer. He figured Emily had already left in an earlier car to get ready for their date, him catching another and reaching the Villa. He walked up the stairs into his bedroom where he stripped and began to shower, trying his best to clean up his appearance. He was nervous, more nervous than he had been when he had proposed to Gwen. Dimitri had changed into something a bit more fancier, knowing this was a special occasion. He’d even called the chef ahead of time to have them prepare a candlelit dinner for them outside, under the starry sky of Madrid. They would have to stay in, but Dimitri knew he could make it special. He’d headed downstairs then, making sure to grab the chilled bottle of champagne and place it on the marble table where a spread of food had been prepared. Gianna hadn’t come back and she feared that maybe she was keeping her distance as she was probably still upset with his decision.
He wanted to go up to Emily’s bedroom, but knew that he would find it hard to allow her to leave once so close to the woman and a bed.
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Emily did all the talking.
Furious was not even the word she was feeling at that point. Perhaps it was the word - disappointed, which just happened to be way worse.
Standing infront of the Director, Gianna was off to the side acting all high and mighty and in that instant moment, Emily felt she had something to do with this.
The less time the two Ators had together - the better.

[+red “Well, thanks to Dimitri’s . . . lack of control so we’ll say, we made it a part of the story. There’s no way for us to take a week off, simply not in the budget”]
[b "Dimitri had every reason to do what he did to that man. He trespassed on private property and took pictures of him and I, both. It could of ruined this movie, so you should be thanking and kissing his ass right now for what he had done..."] Emily replied, standing with her arms crossed.
Dimitri beside her, keeping silent.

[+red “Now keep calm, we wouldn’t be in this mess if you – well – weren’t – you know.”]
The chuckle from the sidelines of Gianna made Emily turn her head and look in her in such a manner, that was of utter disgust.
[b "Why does eveyone seem to have a problem with this?..."] Emily spoke, shifting gaze to Dimitri who shrugged as he too had no clue.

Within minutes, the two were prepped for their Q & A which was still a go ahead, while everyone was preparing the studio to film the new scenes.
Dimitri and Emily sat on high chairs with their names on the back of the fabric that protected their back, mics were connected to their clothing and it all began
Questions on, when they fell for each other - marriage, which made the two look at each other in confusion, more so Emily than Dimitri as he had a plan - spoilers of the movie.
It was not as bad as Emily anticipated. With a soft kiss of the lips, the camera's stopped rolling and she removed herself from the chair and got up.

Dimitri pulled her in and kissed her neck sweetly.
[i "We’ll try this date nigh thing again, this time though not interrupted? And I’m thinking definitely the pigtails.”]
[b "Then we will have to stay in. And im definately thinking of the pigtails as well..."] she replied, kissing Dimitri once more before being ushered towards her trailer to get her dressed - wig on along with the costume.

The script was an easy read.
One she memorized quite easily and within a few hours, the shooting was done. Mark was happy which was the only thing.
Removing the clothes and the wig was less time than putting it all on and within minutes, Emily was back to her old self.

Date night.
Date's havent gone well for them. Well their first one was where they ended up in Dimitri's bed and possibily had the best sex of her life.

Date night and Emily was excited.
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Dimitri could see the frustration in the woman, one he too had as his plans for a little public fun had been put on halt as they were driven to the studio. Sighing, he had made his way out of the car and followed after Emily, of course making sure to retrieve the box from the jewelry store.
Dimitri crossed is arms across his chest letting the female in front of him do her bidding and take lead of asking questions.
“Well, thanks to Dimitri’s . . . lack of control so we’ll say, we made it a part of the story. There’s no way for us to take a week off, simply not in the budget,” Mark stated to them. “Now keep calm, we wouldn’t be in this mess if you – well – weren’t – you know.” Mark waved at the couple, a roll of his eyes. Gianna was off to the side, a chuckle falling from her lips at the situation. It was an interesting story and she had to give the man behind the camera some type of credit. He helped them promote the movie even better than their own marketing team and yet this had proved to make their lives a bit complicated when it came to rebranding. Mark was smart though and Gianna was smarter, a dynamic team.
“Look, we’re just going to do a few establishing shots after your little video, but that week vacation is off. It’s all about back to shooting,” Mark said with excitement. He stood up then and he began to make sure everyone else was at the ready to get things rolling.
“Let’s go you two,” Gianna said as he was leading the couple toward a small little set they had created for the video, the backdrop a beautiful scene of Madrid.
“Okay, so this will be live, let’s keep it PG you two. Just answer a few questions, not too long – just about thirty minutes and then it’s back to the film.” The questions had been typical, when did they fall for each other, would they get married, spoiler inquiries about the movie. It wasn’t something that Dimitri typically was a fan for, but he didn’t mind being able to hold Emily close without having to worry about who was watching. He could kiss her and not have to worry who saw. The video was finally over, the couple sealing it’s ending with a kiss.
“Alright we’ve got a movie to film.”
Dimitri grabbed Emily before she could leave then, placing a kiss against her neck as he held her close.” We’ll try this date nigh thing again, this time though not interrupted? And I’m thinking definitely the pigtails.” He smirked at her before heading toward his trailer to change.
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[i “I don’t know, it all sounds so tempting. We’ve got a lot of time though, to try anything out, and we know I’ve got the energy.”]

Boy, did he ever.

Sitting in the back of the SUV with her partner beside her, a man she possibily did not have to pretend to only be friends with any more, all Emily could do was laugh slight at his comment.
Nodding slowly, - turning her head to veiw him instead of gazing out the window, Emily opened her mouth and spoke words.
[b "You always are full of beans. Sometimes I think I should play off a headache, with you..."]

A smile radiated her face only for her eyes to turn back to the window and watched the landscape of Madrid pass by.
Historical buildings.
Luxury stores.
People passing by with coffee's in their hands, some on their own - some speaking to others.

It was not long until Emily felt her dress slide up her legs slowly with both of her legs parting and a hand slipping underneath her underwear.
Eyes widened, a shock look upon the face of the actress as she turned once more and stared at Dimitri who was having fun - rubbing her in the car, getting her all hot, excited and wetter than she already was.

[b "Dimitri... the driv....the driver...will.....see...."] she tried to speak words but all she could do was close her eyes and tilt her head back, mouth agape as she began to breathe heavily.

However, all good things had to come to an end.
With the insertion of his fingers, they were soon pulled out only for Dimitri to take a call.

[b "God damn it, I was close.."] she whispered, palm of her hand on her forehead as she listened to the phone call.

The driver soon turned around and the two were both on their way to the Studio as changes were made.
[i “We’ll continue this another time yeah?”]
[b "We're going to have too.."] she replied, trying to enjoy the ride.

She was now frustrated for not climaxing and ...her little shopping trip was over.
As the car pulled up to the studio, Emily got out with a grip of her purse.
A woman on a rampage, annoyed.

Gianna was standing there with Mark, the writers off to the side with scripts in their hands.

[b "A week long pause on the shoot, plans were made and now we have to come back because of changes? What's going on?..."] she spoke, standing before the Director, raising an eyebrow.
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Dimitri eyed the cheeky woman, chuckling at her words knowing Emily was freaky enough to stay true to it. “I don’t know, it all sounds so tempting. We’ve got a lot of time though, to try anything out, and we know I’ve got the energy.” Dimitri kissed at her neck, [I America’s Sweetheart] and yet she could be so dirty when with him. He’d told the driver to take them to the nearest place for something quick to eat, now much too distracted with Emily to even bother with shopping and yet, the thought of banging her in a dressing room was more than tempting.
His hands roamed underneath her dress, not caring if the driver saw, knowing he wouldn’t say anything. Dimitri pulled away to watch Emily then, strong determined hands parting her thighs. He’d felt her then, growing in his own pants and wanting to have her, growling at how small of a space they had. He’d only grown more frustrated when his pocket vibrated, distracting him from the warm moist venture he was currently exploring. He’d paused at her chin, his lips there against her and as the vibrating continued, he considered it to be something worth responding.
“Shit,” he said with a roll of his eyes as he pulled away. He removed his hand, reaching into his pocket to retrieve the phone.
“Hello,” Dimitri breathed out, catching his breath and leaning against the seat.
“You two need to get back – Mark and the writer adjusted the script, they want you guys here for filming so that means we need to do the video as soon as possible.”
“Are you serious?” Dimitri asked of Gianna, upset with their alone time of fun being cut short. It was interesting now, that he wanted to be around her so much and he wondered then what would their life be like after the movie. All that time together and what with him deciding to pop the question to the female, they would hopefully have forever.
“Yes I’m serious, so get your asses here.” Dimitri hung up the phone, directing the driver to head toward the set instead.
“We’ll continue this another time yeah?” He said to her with a smile, hand brushing against her cheek as he kissed her once more.
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It truely was a beautiful ring.
A ring made for a proposal of love, trust and forever faithfulness.

Emily had already been married and it was a great time until their divorce only 72 days later. They simply were not meant to be and with the marriage coming to an end, she did go into a spiral of depression - blaming herself for the end and how she could be so stupid in jumping into it with a man she hardly knew.
With Dimitri, it was different.
Yes, there were factors that were similiar to the very first union. She hadn't known each other for a long time. The first date, they managed to have sex only to fall in love quick and ever so easily.

It was rushed, no doubt, but Emily did not regret it.
She loved him, this was different.

Wandering to the exit door of the store, Emily did stop and start as her eyes wuld gaze at the beautiful peies of jewelry along with the Rolex's.
She did not think about turning to see Dimitri or think about the ring again as if she did - she would buy it and claim it as her own, but oh..how she wanted it.

The two stepped out of the store and quickly made their way to the car as the last thing they needed were more pictures of the two coming out of Cartier and a rumor mill starting.
Dimitri held the door open and Emily got in first - followed by the man she loved.
Buckling up, Emily cleared her throat ready for the next destination only for her head to turn a felt her lips being kissed.

Eyes closed, she kissed Dimitri back - opening her mouth slightly letting both their tongues dance along each other's own, tasting that only made the woman give off a soft sigh.
The two did not seem to care about any camera's that went off or the Driver if he had a sneak peek.

Pulling back slowly, Emily smiled as she blushed a soft shade of red.
[b "What was that for?..."] she spoke softly as eyes gazed upon the Actor who surprised her.
[i 'I love you..']
[b "I love you too.."] came her reply that was the god's honest truth and that was when the car pulled away from the curb back onto the road.

[i "How about we find something that you look good in? You know something to compliment those pigtails you mentioned.”]
[b "Oh? ...What did you have in mind? Something like, naughty cheerleader or bad..bad bad schoolgirl?..."] Emily asked, keeping her eyes on the most beautiful male she had ever seen.

[b "I was just thinking of being naked, wearing one of your ties.."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 34d 4h 37m 50s
Dimitri thought about her words, lost some then. Meaning. She meant a lot to him, why wouldn’t he buy the ring for the female? He longed for a longer kiss, but Emily was already fleeing away, making her way toward the exit. The male looked over his shoulder, making sure she wasn’t looking as he had decided why not splurge, besides as the woman mentioned he had worked hard for the money he had. Did it matter who he chose to spend that money on?
He’d spoke in a hushed tone to the employee, asking for him to go ahead and package up the ring.
He’d used his card, a bit of nervousness in the man that always exuded confidence. He was scared then though, knowing that it was much too soon for a proposal, but even his impulsive side had taken time to think about this. He wanted Emily in every manner, couldn’t fathom any way to prove to her how much she meant to him unless he gave her his complete loyalty; was that not what marriage was for? Gwen would soon birth their child, he would have to see the female and he wanted Emily to trust him, to trust that he was dedicated to her. Grabbing the box, the male placed it into his pockets, following the female out to the car.
He’d leaned into the driver’s window, casually speaking with the driver and asking him to place the box in the locked glove department, not wanting to ruin the surprise for Emily. Now, he just had to find the perfect moment to ask the burning question for Emily’s hand in marriage. This time would be different than his proposal for Gwen. This love was different. Never had he felt so entranced by a woman, so wanting to be within her space constantly – being with women in the past was a selfish action for Dimitri. It was all about sex and what made him feel good and now, just the idea of losing Emily made his heart hurt.
He’d opened the car door for the female before getting in on the opposite side. The idea of the proposal and actually buying the ring had ignited a new feeling in him. Leaning over he kissed the woman, this time not having to worry about who saw or who took pictures – nothing. Nothing mattered at that moment, but Emily.
Dimitri’s tongue explored the inside of her mouth, his hand gentle around the back of her neck. His other hand gracing her thigh, of course stopping himself as he wasn’t too keen on getting too excited and not having the woman. He then pulled away, kissing her softly on departure. “I love you,” he said.
They had enough time for another store, maybe grab a quick lunch after before they needed to head back to the villa. The kiss, the proposal, they had all played a part in making him feel so excited. He nuzzled her neck, “How about we find something that you look good in? You know something to compliment those pigtails you mentioned.” He smirked at Emily, kissing along her neck.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 34d 13h 30m 39s
The words of Dimitri speaking on the better the grip, the deeper he went made then woman smile and blushed. All the good feelings and images from last night flashed through her mind.
All the positions along with herself becoming ever so flexible just to made Dimitri slam in deeper to make her scream.

"Maybe next time, hair in pigtails when I'm on my knees. Hmm?" She replied back to his comment with a cheeky laugh.

Cartier couldnt wait.
It truly was an exquisite ring.
The diamond big on her finger that could almost replicate a mirror, it was so damn shiney.

Holding her hand out infront, the ring suited her long fingers. Emily tilted her head and kept her eyes on it.
Even when Dimitri came over finally and placed palm of hand down on her lower back, she did not look away.
Eyes just stared at the diamond, but her ears listened to words on her not being simplistic.

"I enjoy the finer things in life. I worked hard to make the money I do. Why not splurge on extravagant gifts?" Emily replied, leaning against the man she loved.
Dimitri took her hand and brought it too him, his eyes staring at the ring and he too remained silent.

Silence for a moment with the Employee in front of them behind the counter along with the Guard keeping a careful eye - Dimitri asked is she had wanted it.
How she desperately did.
It would go well with her collection.

"Yes. But the ring should be bought with meaning. It should be worn with meaning, not just because...." Emily spoke with a smile, bringing her hand back and slowly she removed the diamond from her hand - handing it back to the man behind the counter giving off a smile.

"Thank you. It's beautiful..."

Turning around, she quickly kissed Dimitri on the lips before stepping away - wandering around the large jewelry store, looking in the glass cases almost making her way to the exit door.

"Some nice rolex's over here.."
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 35d 4h 40m 48s
They had gotten into the car and Dimitri made sure he had a grip on her hand. “A ponytail is different then just grabbing your hair in the moment,” he said, “this gives me a better grip, better grip – the deeper I can go.” He had whispered to her and even being in her presence made him excited. He could see how happy she was though, in a chipper mood and glowing. Dimitri had watched as the woman flew out of the car, him barely trying to keep up through the throngs of people that were on the sidewalk. Did she expect him to do anything else but be by her side, though Dimitri was a pretty simple man, not really the type of person who focused on materialistic things. This being why Gwen had bags of clothes and countless pieces of jewelry he had purchased, when it came to spending money for Dimitri it was about the latest woman in his life to spoil.
Dimitri finally trailed after the woman in the store, though his choice in clothing gave off the casual demeanor of someone rich, the shiner on his face didn’t help and he noticed as the guard stepped closer. Offering a smile, he headed toward Emily. If only they knew who the couple were, then would they treat them differently? She wore a ring there, the diamond very impressive and of course even more so on the hand of Emily. He could see the look in her eyes, a gleam of pride as she wore it. His hands shrugged into his pockets he walked behind Emily, freeing one hand to press against her back.
“A woman with lavish taste, of course there would be nothing simplistic about you,” he whispered with a joking tone, his hand grabbing hers to get a finer look at the ring. He ran his tongue inside his mouth, debating if he should buy the ring, knowing that Gianna would not be happy with him spending that amount of money, especially his accountant. “Do you want it?” He asked, a stern look on his face. He’d give her anything she wanted, the love he had for the female insurmountable.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 35d 11h 46m 31s
[i “I thought that’s what you liked, you were the one who begged for it,”]

It was exactly what she wanted.
Emily had begged and pleaded for Dimitri to do all the nasty and filthy things to her last night. He was only following orders, so it wasn't his fault.
They both enjoyed being ever so kinky in the bedroom and with the screams from the female and the grunts from the male, they both were connecting and it was the best feeling in the world.

Throughout her shower, washing her skin clean - free of the saliva, fluids, sweat while she slept as it still was a humid night along with the chorine in her hair that made the strands dry and crunchy - Emily did not know he had visited Gianna.
Her and John finally knew about the two and how they felt for one another. Both got a response from Gianna but she was still yet to hear from John, and that scared her.

Stepping out from the shower - Emily dried herself down and got dressed in the proper attire for a city outing, that and to dress to the heat that was already radiating.
Wandering downstairs, it was a day she did not snot a line of coke as she felt she did not have too. She was happy.

She had a boyfriend.
She was in love.

Downstairs, Emily wandered back into the kitchen and saw Dimitri and opened her mouth, asking if he had checked on Gianna.
The woman had not made a peep and had not shown her face.
[i “No, she’s up – she’s heading to see Mark.”]
[b "Mark? ..What is she seeing Mark for?"] Emily asked before nodding - the reason coming to her head immediantly. The episode last night, she had to clean up his mess.

A little pull of her ponytail made head tilt head slightly before looking at the male who teased it, speaking on him liking it.
[b 'You gathered my hair up last night and pulled on it. Whats the difference?...'] she muttered with a smile, holding her purse. It was not long until the two exited the Villa and made their way into the car where it began to drive off to the city of Madrid.

A day of shopping, that was her therapy.

The SUV pulled up infront of Cartier. Emily had no intention of going inside, but with a glance at the window of a ring, it caught her fancy.
Raising her eyebrow, she left Dimitri to get out of the car and stood by the window, looking at it a little closer before turning her head to him.
[b "I'll be in here..."] voice spoke before shuffling inside Cartier.

It was close to empty.
4 people in the store, not including her.

Having a good look at the displays, one ring - stood out from all the others.
A large emerald cut diamond ring.
15 carats on a white gold band.
Cost, $1.5million.

Tilting her head to the side, Emily bit her lower lip and looked at the Employee as she pointed down to it, wanting to have a look.

He obliged.

Opening the case, slowly he took the ring out while a Guard stepping closer, just to make sure the woman didnt do any funny business.
Emily reached out and grabbed the ring, placing it onto her finger and outstretched her hand.

[b "Now that...is a diamond..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 35d 23h 14m 22s
He hadn’t met to startle Emily, and definitely didn’t expect the coffee which he was glad hadn’t spilled on her.
“I thought that’s what you liked, you were the one who begged for it,” he said playfully in a whisper, kissing the spot behind her ear. “Next time I’ll go slower,” he promised, though it would be a hard promise to keep seeing how excited Emily made him. The two had walked back into the villa, sitting down at the dining table and taking part in the breakfast that had been prepared for them. It was normal then, oddly enough – eating breakfast and looking across the table at Emily, his eyes full of adoration.
Eventually finished with breakfast, he kissed Emily’s departing figure as she headed for a shower. Dimitri headed upstairs where he had knocked on Gianna’s door, just to make sure the female was doing alright.” Gianna?” he called through the door.
“Come in,” she called back recognizing it as Dimitri’s voice. He’d peeked in, the woman was getting dressed for the day.
“And where might you be going?” He asked, noticing she wasn’t wearing her usual professional attire.
“To see Mark,” she said as she clipped on a pair of earrings. She wore a plunging white top, and a pair of flowing blue pants.
“Dressed like that?” He asked with a smirk, his brow lifting in suspicion.
“Yes, Dimitri – is there a problem?” She smiled back at him. He shook his head, waving his hands in a dismissive manner.
“So, Emily and I are going out for a bit, just walking the city and all, a little shopping.”
“Little, you are not a man who does [I little],” she snorted. “You’re going out like that hm?” She motioned toward his eye. Of course he’d get a few looks, but was sure he’d managed. Besides the only one who’s opinion mattered was Emily’s.
“Yes,” he stated chuckling as he came to a stand. He had been leaning in her door way.
“Well alright just don’t get into any trouble, none of your little [I public] shenanigans okay? And be back by 2. Got it?”
“Yes my queen,” he jested before turning away, closing her door behind him. He’d already requested a car in that meantime while he was downstairs, sipping from a freshly made mimosa. Emily came down then, floating almost in the yellow dress she wore, a strikingly beautiful contrast to her warm toned skin, already tanning from their few days in the city. He kissed her cheek.
“No, she’s up – she’s heading to see Mark.” He had responded, distracted though as he kissed at her bare neck, exposed like that. “I like this,” he said with a devilish smirk as he pulled on the ponytail. “There’s a car outside, he mentioned as he slid his hand down her back, drawing her closer. He couldn’t imagine not having her close, there at his side. “Ready?”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 36d 13h 59m 32s
A shower was too what she craved.
Showering now with Dimitri, would certainly lead to more sex and quite frankly, she felt like she could not walk.
The way he treated her body at her request was something she enjoyed but now she was paying for it.

Emily was sore, but it was all worth it.

Cup of coffee in her hand, slowly the rim of the mug pressed against her lips and slowly she drank it, the caffeine helping her wake up and become more alert, alert with giving off a little squeal of shock and surprise the moment movement of an arm snaked around her waist - lifting the woman up like she was as light as a feather.
[b "Shit..oh my god.."] she spoke, seeing the coffee spill from the cup down onto the ground luckily, not to get on her or her skin.

Head tilted back, Emily kissed Dimitri back as he initiated the collision of the lips.
A smile framed her lips as she pulled back, licking her lips as she tasted him on her.

[i “So what do you want to do? Shop? Or maybe go to a few museums. I know Gianna mentioned she wants us back by two so we can do the video for the fans,”]
[b "Heh, yeah. Gianna.."] Emily replied, turning around slowly - breathing out. Two o clock, was the deadline that the video would be shooting and they had to be there. [b "If I quickly have a shower, get dressed ..we can leave now and maybe do both?...Shopping I'm more inclined too do..."]

A few more sneaky kisses, Dimitri being naughty and speaking on maybe finding a little place where they could...show love which only made Emily smile.
[b "After what you did to me last night, I don't know if I could even take how big you are without feeling a little pain.."]

Emily had not seen her social media lately.
Too be honest, she was missing it and sure, eventually she would stare upon it but right now, the most important thing and person was Dimitri and spending as much time as she could with him.

Breakfast was called.
The two went inside and ate their food that was cooked for them before Emily moved upstairs - had a shower to get rid of the chlorine.

A pastel yellow summer dress on her body with wedge heels upon her feet, Emily put her hair up in a ponytail and wandered back downstairs with her handbag.

[b "Gianna is still asleep? Have you checked on her?..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 36d 19h 52m 57s
Dimitri kissed the female before leaving, her promising to get breakfast ready. Gianna was sleeping in, probably preparing for the exhausting day ahead which was why he wanted to take Emily out while he could. He had showered, drying his hair barely with the towel before changing into a white v neck and a pair of dark jeans, tying up a pair of sneakers. He had seen a message from Gwen, letting him know the appointment had gone fine. He responded, making sure to slip the phone into his pocket and turn it on vibrate, not wanting anything to interfere with time with Emily.
Dimitri headed out of his bedroom, the smell of breakfast cooking floating through the air. He had reached the bottom of the stairs, looking toward the back patio to see Emily standing there, beautiful as she was like a Greek statue. He walked up behind her, his hands slinking around her waist, picking her up slightly before letting her feet touch the ground, his lips grazing her neck before tilting her head back to give her a passionate kiss upon her lips.
“So what do you want to do?” He asked her, “Shop? Or maybe go to a few museums. I know Gianna mentioned she wants us back by two so we can do the video for the fans,” he said. It was interesting then, how they had reached this point and at one point in time they had hated each other. “Maybe find an interesting place to take you,” he growled playfully into her ear. It felt freeing some, knowing that he and her could walk around without having to keep their affections secret. However, there were rumors still of Gwen and Dimitri spreading around on the social sites and he hoped at least Emily wasn’t looking at it. He knew it was the hardest part of their relationship for the two to get through.
The chef had come to the door then, announcing breakfast was finished. “Let’s go, yeah?” he said as he grabbed her hand.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 36d 20h 20m 22s
[i “Isn’t that what you wanted?”]

It was what she wanted.
However she thought that since it was a different area he would be thrusting into, Dimitri would be gentle...and he was - at the beginning.
The harder he thrusted and the rougher he became, it was all because Emily wanted it that way.

She begged.
The words that spilt from her lips that night were not lady like but it turned Dimitri on.

Standing by the mirror, Emily bit her lower lip as she continued to look at her body in the reflection, especuially her ass.
Scratches and a nice big hand print that was welted.

[b "Oh yeah, I wanted it alright. You sure did give it to me...] she spoke softly, watching as Dimitri moved from the bed looking utterly exhausted with a somewhat swollen eye from the fight last night.
Both naked, he stood behind her and couldn't help himself but held her close to him.
The two looked at themselves in the mirror.

They looked good together, Gianna was right.
They were meant for one another.

[i “I know I don’t look my best, but maybe we can try this date thing again?”]
[b "I'm always up a date and to spend time with you.."] she replied, smiling, resting her hands upon his own as they rested on her stomach.
They would spend a time out on the town.
Sight seeing, buying things with the money that certainly earned from the movies they had made over the years.

Emily as excited.
What woman didn't like spending money?

[i “I’ll shower and change and we can explore the city a bit yeah? I mean one good thing out of this is a little bit of a vacation while shooting I guess."]
[b "I'll get breakfast..."]

Leaning in, Emily kissed Dimitri's lips and stepped back - grabbing the dressing gown and tied it up before shifting out of the room and down to the kitchen.
The chef's were already there, ready to prepare breakfast for the two and Gianna who still seemed to be sound asleep.
She didn't blame her.

The two surely kept her up last night.

[b "Can I get a big breakfast, everything on it..?"]

The chef nodded and went to do what Emily asked.
The maid of the house reached over the counter and passed Emily a cup of coffee that he Actress willingly took.

[b "Thank you.."] she replied, shifting on her bare heel and wandered out to the back patio - standing by the pool, enjoying the sun that was radiating in the skin giving off the heat.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 36d 21h 45m 23s
She’d allowed the male to take her from the back and of course, the man he was he found it hard to resist such temptation. She was warm, tight and eagerly accepting him, of course Dimitri had taken advantage.
He’d felt her kisses, there before fleeing and his eyes fluttered open then, watching her bare frame walk across the room. Her ass still red from his grip and spankings. A slow smirk slipped over his lips. He’d caught the last bit of her whispers, her expecting him maybe to still be asleep.
“Isn’t that what you wanted?” Dimitri asked before yawning as he came to a sitting position in the bed. He was tight himself, his head hurting. He reached up to caress the tender spot beneath his eyes. [I Right], he thought to himself as he recalled the memory of the fight with the paparazzi. Dimitri rolled out of the bed, rolling his neck to release tension as he walked toward the female that stood before the mirror. His hands pressed against her ass, his lips placing soft kisses against her shoulder. “Don’t ask for what you cant handle,” he said. He looked into the mirror, himself not looking too good, the cut now forming a nasty bruise and of course, a few red scratch marks thanks to Emily, more probably across his back.
“Breakfast?” He suggested, his arm wrapped around her, pressing her naked frame against him. “I mean there’s no secrecy at this point, Gianna is asleep.” He smiled then as he turned her to kiss her. “I know I don’t look my best, but maybe we can try this date thing again?” He chuckled a little and kissed underneath her chin. She still smelled like chlorine and sex, like him. “It’s always hard to resist you,” he admitted. “I am hungry though.” Dimitri had pulled away then. “Anything to get rid of this fucking headache.” Dimitri started for his shorts. “I’ll shower and change and we can explore the city a bit yeah? I mean one good thing out of this is a little bit of a vacation while shooting I guess.”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 36d 22h 10m 35s

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