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[i "Emily..."]
[b "What?..."] she spoke, turning her head from Gianna's bedroom door and glanced at Dimitri who stood by the staircase, ready to wander down it.
[i “Everyone deserves a sense of privacy.”]
[b "Well yeah but...."] she replied, watching as her Fiancé wandered over to her - snaked an arm around her waist and slowly pulled the female from the doorway, hearing another squeal, knowing full well Gianna was getting lucky.

Dimitri then spoke on this being their time and al she did was nod.
He had a very good point and Emily, agreed. This night was about them and them alone.
No distractions.
No interruptions.

[b "How are you not interested to know who it is, though? I know you want to know.."] she repeated, coming down to the foyer ground floor and was ushered out of the house due to his hand upon her lower back.
The car waited and slowly, Emily slipped into the back seat with Dimitri trailing behind and sat next to the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

All the way to the destination, Emily could not stop kissing his lips.
A single hand upon the side of his face, eyes closed - she smiled as little pecks here and there were made before finally giving in and pashed him with the right amount of tongue.
The right amount of "i love yous" were thrown into the mix and before she knew it, the car stopped and they had to get out.

The rooftop of the restaurant was where they would enjoy the morning.
Away from the vultures with cameras and away from prying eyes. Emily wanted to conceal their engagement as much as possible. She wanted to tell the world and not by being happy snapped and it being spread over front page news.

[b "This is incredible. The view...oh my god.."] she spoke, the landscape taking her breath away before she sat down, with Dimitri infront of her - he too, having a glance.

[i “I think we should move in together,”]

Emily turned her head at his words, completely surprised at what he had just said.
Hand reaching forward, the flute filled with champagne was brought to her lips and she took a sip.

[b "Move in together?..."] Emily asked, listening to more of his words of moving in together after the premiere.

[b "Well, yeah it seems logical. We're getting married.... so yeah, fuck it. Let's move in together..."] she spoke with a smile, taking another sip of the drink.

What they were doing was fast, but when two people were in love, fast or slow - if it felt right..it was right.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 29d 19h 30m 35s
Dimitri chuckled, Emily too noticing of course how Gianna paid such close attention to the male.
“Emily,” he said with a roll of his eyes as he wrapped his arm around her waist to drag the woman down the stairs and away from the door of Gianna’s. “Everyone deserves a sense of privacy.” He chuckled though, hearing Gianna’s squeal penetrate through the door and knowing that it was very possible it was Mark in there. The two had gotten exceptionally close lately.
“c’mon, this is about us.” Dimitri said as he had led her downstairs finally and out the door. He kissed the woman on her neck, some sense of anxiety in the male as he looked around to make sure they weren’t going to be followed. If anything, he wanted their engagement to be announced by them, not put out by the press or a fan.
Dimitri had opened the door from the female before he slipped into the back seat. He drew her in close, kissing at the woman as he was completely infatuated with her, the whole ride to the restaurant he couldn’t keep his hands off the beautiful woman, kissing her and whispering ‘I love yous’ into her ear. They had finally arrived there at the restaurant, “I want this to be special,” he said to her. He had gotten out of the car to open the door for her and lead the woman toward the inside of the room, the host obviously thrown off by their presence. She watched them carefully, Dimitri watching as he she texted on her phone, hoping she wasn’t giving up their location to some type of press.
She had led them up to the roof then. Complete privacy, for now at least, away from anyone and completely in solitude. It had cost a lot of money to rent out the whole dining area, but Emily was worth it, worth more than she thought. He’d ordered a bottle of their best champagne, smiling at Emily.
“I think we should move in together,” he said to her. “I mean after the premier yeah?” He didn’t want to be away from her and his apartment wasn’t anything special. If he would spend his life with Emily, he wanted to do it right.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 29d 21h 43m 37s
That smile.
The smile on his face when Emily stepped into the room from the en-suite bathroom made her stop dead in her tracks, hands still lotioning up - moisturizing her skin so it would dry out in the humid heat of Spain.
The smile, more of a grin that she knew too well, one that of him thinking things in his mind, things that made the man forget about plans they had only to love her right there in the spot they were in.

Emily opened her mouth and spoke words on Gianna.

Dimitri stepped forward towards the woman and gently grabbed her hand only to graze his thumb over the large diamond ring that cost more, than the first home she ever bought upon her finger.
Emily did not hear the doorbell or anyone come in throughout the night, but then again - after their little play time and all the noise she made, it was no surprise if Gianna did come home and simply did not hear.

[i “She was, but I don’t think she wants to be bothered, which means more time to have you to myself."]
[b "She doesn't want to be bothered? She always pays attention to you..."] Emily muttered, standing up slowly by Dimitri's hand. [b "Maybe she isn't alone. You should of seen the way she was with Mark yesterday. Wow.."] she spoke, giving off a laugh thinking on what she said was just a joke and nothing more.

Grabbing purse, Emily fixed her sunglasses and wandered out of the room and motioned passed Gianna's where soft laughter came from behind the doors.
A giggle, more of a squeal of delight, one that Emily had all the time when Dimitri was beginning oral in between her thighs.

With the man by her side, Emily stopped and mouth hung open, looking at the door then to Dimitri who didn't seem all that surprised.

[b "No...way...."] she spoke, pointing at the door that was securely locked. [b "Go have a peek. Who is in there with her?..."] talking to Dimitri.

Oh this was too good.

[b "Maybe now she will be less crabby since she got a good fucking or is ..getting.."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 29d 23h 18m 28s
Dimitri walked over to Emily, noticing the way she perked up at her presence. His heart fluttered some, her beauty unmatched. He watched her carefully, as her hands coursed over exposed skin, moisturizing. He recalled how those hands had pressed against his chest, the way they had balled into tight fists clinging to the sheets as he had taken her from behind, her screams of pleasure etched forever in his memory. He smiled some at the naughty thoughts. They were the perfect couple, oddly enough after months of hating each other. Though similar, they were still different and there was something about Emily unlike any of the women he had been with, she knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to take it. Though, Dimitri knew she was not above submitting to him when wanted. She had him in a tight grip though, him definitely unwilling to ever leave her or be with anyone other than her, he could see then why she had gotten so jealous of his relations with Gwen that day. Amazing how that one night of pleasure had turned to this, an engagement.
His hand reached out for hers, running briefly over the ring, proud then that she was his and he hers as well, for as long as they lived. Looking to meet the female’s eyes he finally answered, “She was, but I don’t think she wants to be bothered, which means more time to have you to myself.” He chuckled, knowing that Gianna had someone over and wondered if they hadn’t been so long would they have heard the coupling going on in Gianna’s room. He also wondered who was her little friend anyways. Holding Emily’s hand, he led the woman to a stand. He had reserved them a restaurant that had a beautiful rooftop section, surrounded by flowers. It would give them the privacy that he wanted – complete uninterrupted time with her.
He placed a kiss to her forehead. “Are you all set to go?”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 30d 1h 25m 55s
Dimitri spoke on loving her back.
The words that seeped from her lips made her heart fly as this ...the feeling inside of her body was what love felt like.
It was love, there was no other way too describe it. Love and lust could easily be mistaken one for the other but in the beginning, what they felt was indeed lust.
No denying.

What she felt now was completely and utterly different.

Emily made a soft growl as he poked fun at her, referencing her as the bear and he had a good reason too.
His back and chest were all scratched up - red and some puffed up from the amount of pressure used.
It would of been a lot lighter if he hadn't pushed so deep inside her.

[i “You know you have quite the mouth on you. Gianna could definitely hear the not so nice things you were screaming. I’ll arrange for us breakfast alright? You just worry about getting ready.”]
[b "Heh. I thought she wasn't here..."] she replied, pushing the blanket up and off from her body, turning an slowly got up off the mattress, doing what she was told.
Only had to worry about was getting ready.
[b "The woman should invest in some earplugs. They do work, you know.."] she spoke once more, wandering around the bed towards her very own private bathroom just as Dimitri walked out - wandering to his own.

Standing in-front of the mirror, Emily looked at herself - stared at her body, seeing she too had marks upon her skin.
Her ass welted from all the slaps.
Scratches on her torso and nipples swollen from Dimitri sucking on them hard..just like she begged for.
[b "I'm going to end up in a wheelchair.."] she muttered to herself before turning on the water for the shower and began to wash herself clean.

Denim jeans, distressed and light blue that hugged her ass, were put on second after the panties.
A crop top, no bra and hair up - once again to stop her neck and body getting hot from the heat.
Slim sunglasses on the bridge of her nose after mascara and lipgloss was only applied followed by perfume, ears perked up when she could hear Dimitri enter back into her bedroom.

This caused the woman to put down the lotion she had in her hand and began to wipe it over her hands and arms, stepping out to meet her fiancé.

[b "Was she awake?.."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 30d 3h 48m 0s
The woman clearly wanted to get out of the house and was more infatuated with the idea of being with him than the movie. He smiled at her proclamation, kissing the woman once more. “I love you too,” he said then. “Alright,” Dimitri said then as he came to a stand. “I’ll have to feed the bear.” He chuckled, referring to her earlier comment. “I’ll go shower and get dressed, maybe pop into Gianna’s and see if there’s anything else for us to get through this week. Maybe we can try to make more time for us.” He scratched through his messy hair. “You know you have quite the mouth on you,” he said with a chuckle. “Gianna could definitely hear the not so nice things you were screaming. I’ll arrange for us breakfast alright? You just worry about getting ready.”
It hurt the male some, not wanting to be away from him, but Dimitri was well overdue for a shower. He exited the bedroom, walking into his own, making sure to dump the clothes that he had grabbed form Emily’s bedroom floor. Dimitri had stripped of the shorts and threw them into the hamper as well, making sure to send a text to housekeeping to collect the clothes when free. Dimitri headed into the bathroom then, stepping into the shower and immediately began to wash over his body. He smiled some as his hands ran over the scratch marks, thinking about Emily and how she had left her imprint on the male.
He’d finally got out of the shower, drying off and trying to maintain his hair, the strands growing longer now and he knew he was due for a hair cut. Had changed into a plain white shirt and dark blue jeans, a pair of boots on his feet. He walked out of the room, heading toward Gianna’s where he knocked on the door. It took a while before the woman had opened it barely, as if trying to keep him from going inside.
“I’m busy,” she said in a whisper.
“You have someone in there?” Dimitri asked with a chuckle. Even through the slit in the door he could see the blush on her cheeks.
“Look everyone needs a bit of fun, as you know [I daddy]” she crooned with a chuckle. Dimitri blushed then.
“We’re going out for breakfast,” he told her.
“Text me when on the way to set, okay?” Gianna closed the door back then and he chuckled, not sure of who the woman was with but at least she was letting loose. Dimitri had made his way into the bedroom of Emily then.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 30d 4h 1m 53s
[i “Well, you did a bit damage to me too.."]

Emily kept her eyes closed, head still resting on Dimitri's chest as she smiled wide - listening to his words
Last night, yes, she completely dominated him but the male also threw in his fair share of moves that rendered Emily red raw and the possibility of being unable to walk.

[b "Looks like you've met your match when it comes to bedroom play.."] she whispered softly before opening her mouth and slowly yawning, knowing full well that shooting of the move had to continue and they had to get up.
Both weren't ready yet.

It wouldn't be long now until the news of their engagement was leaked, along with the reaction of the crew and Mark....and John.
John, Emily forgot about John!
Inside her mind she was screaming at herself, but surely, Gianna would of told him after the secret confession that Dimitri made to her.

Rolling off Dimitri's body slowly, he moved up and Emily opened her eyes - watching her Fiance' shift and got up out of bed, in all his glory.
The claw marks on his chest and back made the woman bite her lower lip and giggle softly before turning her head and placing face into the pillow.

[i “Don’t tell me you’ve tired of my touches, I’ve always got enough energy in me no matter,”]
[b "No..."] she muffled in the pillow before leaning up. [b "Never, but it looks like you were in a fight with a bear..."] she replied - smiling.

She clearly had won that round last night.
Evidence was all over him.

It was the most important meal of he day and while Dimitri made his way to the bathroom, Emily thought about his question.
Too eat in, or to go out?

[b "I'd like to go out. Get us up and moving otherwise if we don't, I'll stay in bed all day. Fuck the movie, I don't care..."] she spoke towards the bathroom. Laying back down onto the mattress where Dimitri came out and crawled ontop of her, leaning down for sweet kisses.

All the while Gianna being home - heard everything.
From the "fuck me harders" ..to the "yes, daddys" ... to other things that bare shall not be repeated.

[b "I love you..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 30d 4h 32m 38s
Dimitri chuckled as he watched the woman stir awake, her words soft and raspy with sleep. “Well, you did a bit damage to me too,” he told the woman. He could still feel the stinging sensations from her scratch marks that covered his chest and back. He knew with the noise that they had made, not trying to be quiet Gianna had to not be at home or else she wouldn’t have been shy to come and keep the couple down.
He rubbed at his eyes, wiping the sleep from the corners. He was still tired as their coupling had exhausted him and he figured that he’d be just as sore when he bothered to get out of the bed. He knew though that they still had a movie to shoot and with that would come the undeniable confession that he had proposed. He was tired of keeping their relationship secret and so was Emily. He knew that she would want to wear her engagement ring and undoubtedly someone would ask questions. Gianna knew, but he figured the woman had believed he would’ve maybe catted out and not had the courage to ask Emily for her hand. He knew though, the decision he was making was a good one, Emily had changed him for the better.
“I have to take a leak,” he said to the woman, kissing the top of her forehead as he shifted his body some, gently removing the woman from her position. Still nude, he turned his back to her to allow his feet to rest against the floor, the red scratch marks from the minx behind him so present against his back, probably the most damage either of them had done to one another. Dimitri stood up, just as he suspected, his muscles taught from their overuse the night before.
“Don’t tell me you’ve tired of my touches, I’ve always got enough energy in me no matter,” he said to the female as he looked over his shoulder, winking toward her. He had walked toward her bathroom, a grin slathered across his face, him completely ecstatic. Engaged. He was engaged, yes again, but this time [I for real]. Dimitri had used the bathroom then, washing his hands.
“Do you want to go to the city for breakfast?” He asked the woman, “Before we have to go to set?” He knew their last day out had ended before it really had started and with the new script changes they wouldn’t have much time to themselves. This was now all about shooting. The premier would arrive before they knew it. “Or we can have breakfast in? Maybe have the chef bring it in bed,” he suggested as he walked back into the bedroom. He placed his boxers back on then. He located his pants on the floor, finding his phone which definitely was in need of charging. Gianna apparently had been home and had sent him a text, letting him know they were exceptionally loud and she hoped he enjoyed himself. He chuckled then, ignoring the message for now and deciding he would confirm to Gianna in person that he had proposed and Emily accepted. Instead he decided to focus on Emily, walking toward the bed to crawl on top of the woman, hands on either side of her as he leaned down to give her a kiss.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 30d 4h 54m 17s
It had been her room that she entered and stripped down to nothing.
It was her bed that she slid upon and resting upon her side, face towards the door so her eyes could watch Dimitri enter, and they did just that - the moment he opened up the door, seeing the woman in all her gory, wearing nothing but a tie for him to tug on and a pair of heels for him to grab onto in the many positions to come.

[i “Wow.."]
[b "Hello, lover..."] she muttered, biting her lower lip as her fingertips trailed along the side of her body - up and down slowly all the while watching as Dimitri wandered in, closed the door and began to strip as quickly as he could only to approach the bed in his shorts that were now like a tent due to his impressive hardness.
The tie was grabbed by his hand and with a quick jerk forward, Emily moved on all fours and crawled to him slowly, tilting her head up as Dimitri looked down and the two - connected lips.

A kiss, hard, rough - passionate while their tongues danced along each others' own.
Moans of pure delight left their throats then, moans of wanting more than just a simple kiss.

The night was filled with pleasure screams from the woman, knowing Gianna was not home.
Moans through clenched teeth coming off as growls of pleasurable pain as Dimitri took her body and reminded her over and over who she belonged too.
He was just as dirty as she was when it came to words and this only excited the woman more.

His chest red raw of scratches as she rode him.
Payback from her ass being dominated inside as well as copping all the hard spankings from his strong hand.

Emily had finished before him - unable to hold it in any longer. Dimitri kept on going which only made the woman shake and roll her eyes back as he wouldn't stop hitting the place that made her climax again however this time - he released himself inside the woman, knowing full well she was on the pill and safe.

They both had rested before going once more, a second time before coming to a stop, utterly exhausted which made the two fall into a deep sleep.
Emily still on top of Dimitri but pulled out from inside.

Head on his chest, body against his own - she felt safe around him and it was easy to fall into a slumber but with him shifting some in the morning as the sun peeked through the gap of the curtain, Emily moved slightly, feeling his touch.
Hand brushing her hair.

Emily gave off a little smile.

[b "You did enough touching last night.."] she whispered.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 30d 10h 2m 11s
They both were in sync, both filled with happiness and desire for one another that dinner didn’t matter anymore. In fact, Dimitri was more interested in dessert, already thinking of the ways he could ravage Emily’s body. He could barely keep his hands off of his now fiancé as they made their way back inside, Emily fleeing from his touch to freshen up. He had walked into the lounge, making himself a celebratory drink and to ease his nerves. Engaged. He was engaged again and this time to someone he truly loved. His only hope was that he wouldn’t mess things up.
The liquor proved to calm his mood and Dimitri soon headed upstairs, loose and almost forgetting the stress if only for a while. He had opened the bedroom door, Lily there in her splendor laid upon the bed, her eyes dangerous slits and her pouty lips slightly parted. Confidence radiated from the woman as Dimitri could tell she knew how sexy she was and how much he enjoyed her. As promised, the woman had placed her hair in pigtails, the only article of clothing on her body being his tie, and heels on her feet.
“Wow,” he ad breathed out with a chuckle already beginning to strip his clothes as he slowly made his way to the bed, by that time he was in his shorts, the growing nature of wanting very evident. Dimitri looked down at the woman then, a smirk playing on his face. He’d leaned forward, gripping the tie tight enough to bring her to him without being fatal, applying just enough pressure to excite her. His lips grazed against hers before he had kissed Emily, his tongue playing with hers inside her mouth. He’d moaned into the kiss, relinquishing his hold on the tie to lay the woman down. He knew he had to take the lead first, remembering his first night with Emily – the woman could be submissive when she wanted, but America’s little [I sweetheart] had a daring side, and she was not afraid of showing it.
That night was filled with both fighting control over the other, trying to prove how happy and in love they were with the meshing of their bodies. Dimitri’s hands had eagerly gripped anywhere he could, the feeling of her breast as she rode him, rubbing her ass after the countless spankings as he had taken her from the back, of course gripping those ponytails until they had come loose.
He was filled with an energy, releasing into Emily and still not wanting to let himself away form her, starting the bed tango another time. He’d awoken to find the female laying on top of him, recalling the look in her eyes as her hands were pressed against his chest, hips gyrating with speed and force, him gripping those very hips to assure he was well deep inside her.
Things were a bit more calmer now though, her resting their peacefully. He smiled, brushing his hand over her hair. He never knew he could love someone so much.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 30d 12h 24m 2s
It truly did seem like eternity.
She wanted to say yes...yes the moment he opened the box but she was so speechless at the gesture of him buying the ring and him being this romantic that she couldn't speak.

A yes finally escaped her throat and they both smiled wide as Emily held out her left hand - watching and feeling the large diamond ring be slipped onto her finger by Dimitri who was now her fiance.
Standing up slowly, the two shared an embrace and kissed each other lovingly.

A perfect moment, shared with an even more perfect kiss, one that was broken for a moment before Dimitri kissed her neck, chin then then to her lobe that caused her knees to shake, the feeling of tingles all over body.
[i “You have made me the happiest man in the world.."]
[b "I am the luckiest woman in the world.."] she whispered back, biting her lower lip as she could feel his hands travelling along the sides of her body.

Arms around waist, Emily was pulled in and the two kissed a little more passionate than before, her teeth biting down on his lower lip only to slowly pull away with it before letting it go.
[b "Mmm...damn baby, you know how to take care of a woman.."]
[i "Tell me now that I can still get that pigtail treatment?”]
[ "Oh, you'll get more than that..."] she replied, loving the feeling of Dimitri's muscular hands on her firm ass.

[b "Forget about dinner..."]
[i "Let's go inside.."]

Emily smiled, biting her lower lip as she turned and began to wander inside the house, leaving the dinner to go cold as she slowly moved up the stairs.
[b "I'll be just a minute... I need to freshen up.."] she muttered, leaving Dimitri out by the bedroom door.

Inside, she removed her clothes.
Put on a little more perfume and while naked by the bed, she put on her heels and the tie that belonged to him for Dimitri to tug on whenever he felt like it.
Hair up in pig tails, she slowly lowered herself onto the bed in a seductive manner and called out to her man.

Her Fiance'

She was going to rock his world, make him say her name over and over as now, she could be as rough as she wanted.
Dimitri was not going anywhere.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 30d 22h 2m 24s
He waited and it seemed like eternity then before finally she had uttered the word that meant the most, [I yes]. Smiling he slipped the ring on her finger, grinning now like an idiot as he came tot a stand, bending over to kiss the woman. He held her face in his hands, deepening the kiss drawing the woman up close to him, wanting her nowhere more than a centimeter away from her. She had said yes and while he knew Gianna had some worry that this wasn’t the best move for them, he knew that this would work. He loved Emily and Dimitri knew that she loved him too. What more could he ask for? A beautiful woman here for him.
His lips had traveled against her chin, her neck and up toward her ear where he playfully bit her earlobe. “You have made me the happiest man in the world,” he said, his arm around her waist and his lips hungrily kissing at any available patch of skin. He didn’t care about the dinner anymore, all he cared about was Emily and he had her there and in his hands. He had everything he could ever want, a great career, a fiancé, and while a bit on the different side, he also had a child on the way.
Dimitri’s hand impulsively pushed up her dress, running over the smooth behind of Emily, knowing the woman took great care of her skin. Satisfied at her answer, he chuckled a little against the woman’s. “Tell me now that I can still get that pigtail treatment?” He smacked her playfully, pulling back to look at the beautiful woman, who soon would be his wife and more than a costar or a girlfriend. Dimitri tucked her hair behind her ear, his growing excitement evident.
“Let’s go inside,” he demanded, not wanting to wait any longer, wanting to properly celebrate their engagement.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 30d 22h 21m 7s
[i “The right girl only deserves the best.”]
[b "Mmmmhmm, couldn't of said it better, myself.."] Emily spoke, tilting her head to the side, allowing the man of her dreams light place kisses on her neck while smelling in the perfume she spritzed moments before.

[b "Flattery will get you everything..."]

The chair was slowly pulled out from the table and Emily sat down slowly, placing that ass, the one Dimitri loved to dominate rested upon a plush cushion and got herself comfortable.
Reaching out a hand, the flute of champagne came in connection with her palm and held onto it tight, giving off a smile and held the glass in the air where the two toasted before both - taking a sip.

Dimitri drank a little more which made Emily raise an eyebrow.
He was acting oddly.
He was more a beer drinker and now he was drinking champagne?

[b "Really nice .."] she spoke, placing the flute down slowly onto the table before her hand was gripped softly by his own.
Thumb gently caressing the back and silence filled the area. Emily's eyes watched her man carefully.

Little glistens of sweat on his brow.
[b "Dimitri, what's going on? You're sweating. Is it the candles?..."] she asked, only to watch the male shift up from his seat, saying her name that only confused her more.

Thoughts of him telling her something she would not like came to her mind.
Emily begged for that not to be it. The dinner would be the perfect setting for her to not act out and be dramatic...

[i “I’ve never felt this way before. I thought I did, but with you..."]
[b "Yeah?..."] she spoke, still confused and it showed on her face. However when the moment came that slowly Dimitri moved down onto one knee, it all started to be unraveled on what he had planned for the night.

[b "Oh my god..."]
[i “I want you to know I am committed to you. I love you,”]

Emily looked around for any one who was looking.
Surely this had to be a joke.

It was not long until Dimitri reached into his back pocket and pulled out a beautiful velvet case and slowly opened it up, revealing the ring that she was so enamored with earlier.
That glistening emerald cut diamond of 14 carats, one that almost held her hand down when it was on her finger.
[b "That's the rin--oh my god, Dimitri..."]
[i “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”]

Looking at the ring for a fraction longer, Emily's eyes shifted up and stared upon the man who was baring all right in front of her.


Emily's mind screaming for her to say something but she couldn't find the words.
The right word, she just kept on staring at him like a complete and utter fool, perhaps making him worry at the same time that she would say no.

[b "Y-yes Dimitri, yes... yes, I'll marry you.."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 30d 23h 19m 21s
He watched the beautiful woman walk toward him everything about her was perfection, like a creature from another world. Just watching as she chewed on her bottom lip made him quite excited. He had poured a glass of champagne for both of them, leaning in to kiss her lips, leaving a kiss against her neck just to inhale her familiar scent.
“The right girl only deserves the best.” Dimitri said to Emily as he handed her a glass. He motioned for the female to have a seat, pulling out her chair for her before moving to his other side. From the corner of his eye he could make out the security that were making rounds around the premises, trying to offer as much protection to the couple as possible. He leaned forward, cheering toward Emily with his glass before taking a sip of the bubbly substance. He reached his hand out for the female’s, drinking the champagne a little quicker to help with how nervous he felt. The ring sat in his pocket like a brick. He rubbed his thumb over the back of Emily’s hand. He was trying to find the right words, trying to figure out what to say to her before getting on bended knee. He had poured another glass, the chef coming over to make the couple a plate. Dimitri focused on the food then, hoping the meal would soothe his queasy stomach.
He’d noticed then that he had been quiet without meaning to. He was sweating and it was unusual for the male to not be confident. Dimitri had finally stood up then, walking over toward Emily, the liquor in him now making it a bit easier to relax. “Emily,” he started as he looked down at her, his hand running over her cheek gently.
“I don’t – hell,” he stopped and tried to start again. “I’ve never felt this way before. I thought I did, but with you. . .” He hung his head, cheeks burning red. His hand scratched at the back of his neck. He’d finally lowered himself then, on one knee and looking up at the woman, his hand reaching to pull out the case, opening it to present the very ring she had seen earlier.
“I want you to know I am committed to you. I love you,” he told her, holding the ring toward her. He didn’t know what she would say. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 31d 1h 40m 0s
Another date night.

They hadn't gone so well in the past but this one, Emily was excited for as they would be staying indoor, hopefully away from prying eyes.
Extra security was hired to go around the premises and keep watch so tonight surely nothing could go wrong.

Emily did leave the set earlier and before Dimitri.
It took a woman longer to get ready than a man so she needed to have a head start and the moment she stepped inside the Villa, Emily ushered herself up the stairs and into the large bedroom that was connected to an ensuite bathroom - fit for a Queen.

She showered down.
Washed herself thoroughly with musk fragrance and made sure she was hairless, fixing anything with a razor and lotion.
Stepping out - drying off, it was not long until she grabbed the clothes for that evening - one of a dress that would flow and loose fitting - comfortable in the Madrid heat.
Hair down with shoes on her dainty feet.

While Dimitri was not home she managed to get herself one of his ties and placed it on the bed along with a pair of heels that would stay on during their little pigtail session while she squatted down before him.
If it got that far ...which surely, it would.

Humming a soft tune to herself, Emily fluffed herself up a little more of her hair and smooth down the dress before leaving the room and wandered down stairs to the foyer and turned towards the entrance of the backyard.
The layout was beautiful.

Dim lighted from the candles causing a soft warm glow.
Soft romantic music along with the smell of dinner that made Emily bite her lower lip in hunger.

Ears perked with the pop of a cork.
Champagne had been poured as Dimitri could see the woman entering the room making her way up to him.

"This is beautiful. You do know how to romance a girl..huh?" She spoke, wrapping her arms around Dimitris waist and looked upon him with a smile.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 31d 2h 54m 3s

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