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[b "I know ...I know honey. I'm just was furious as you are. I booked the movers in 2 weeks ago and they are still not here."]

There was always something.
To think something would run so smoothly, was something Emily had always believed in but after all that had happened - slowly, she was no longer trusting in it.
Standing in the middle of the apartment, she stood in months ago that was fully furnished and she cried her little heart out - it was now empty.

[b "I will be there soon, They cannot be far off, hunny. Okay ... I love you too. Okay...okay bye...'']

The sun shone in through the open curtains that created a nice soft glow in the house.
Emily hung up the phone and placed it in the back pocket of her loose jeans.
Loose jeans - a tight shirt and sneakers upon her feet.
Nice as casual.

She was moving house after all.

Seeing little specks of dust being lifted up as she wandered around - hands touching the walls.

There were some great times in this apartment, however now - it was time to move on.
She was married.
Had a band around her finger and now needed to move into a home with her husband.


Dimitri had that chance but he blew it. Pretty much all up his arm.

Emily had to move on, she had no other choice but that did not stop her heart for still longing for the man that she considered to always be the love of her life.

It was still standing in the middle of the room - eyes looking out at the veiw that she loved and made the woman buy the place the moment she saw it - came a knock upon the door.
[b "Oh..finally....'] she muttered to herself, turning on her heel and rushed down the hallway, hand placed on the handle of the door and turned - opening it up.

The male behind the door she did not expect to see.
The male did catch her by surprise and although she did want to see him - Emily still felt she was not ready.

[b "You're not the movelists. Dimitri, what are you doing here?..."] she asked, keeping on the male who seemed to get in good shape.
He looked healthy.

[b "Just.....just come in side..."]

Stepping back, Emily held the door open and Dimitri wandered inside, the door closing behind and the two wandered back down the hall to an empty apartment.

[b "I, did not expect to see you..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 19d 3h 53m 40s
Emily of course hadn’t answered Dimitri, he wasn’t surprised as just like earlier she was ignoring his phone calls. Instead he talked to Gianna, who had answered his phone call with the hopes there was good news. He was supposed to be heading back home in a matter of hours.
“Dimitri? What’s wrong?” Gianna was enjoying her honeymoon with Mark before she would have to come back to pick him up from the facility. He had a lot of prepping to do – the award ceremony not far away and Dimitri having to gt used to being back in the real world.
He sighed out then, “Nothing wrong. I tried to call Emily.”
“Dimitri-“ she had figured then that maybe the man had no clue about the engagement. She sighed. “Have you been reading the papers?”
“No – it hurts me, to see her face,” he admitted. Every time he thought about her he just though about what he had done to the woman, how he had treated her thatnight – how close he was to hurting her beyond a split lip. If Gianna hadn’t shown up, he didn’t know what he would have done to her.
“She’s married,” the woman said then, softly hoping not to anger him. The voice sounded distant then. He took a long drag of the cigarette, not paying attention as he realized he was crushing the smoke in his hands then, burning himself.
“Yeah, can’t wait on me eh? Not worth it.”
“I gotta go, group.” He was lying to her then, not necessarily happy to hear that Emily had moved on – knowing of course her life couldn’t stop for him, but he loved the woman. He still loved her and If she was truly fine, but he wanted to hear it out of her mouth. He woudlnt bother her again if she had decided shenever really wanted to see him as she had mentioned on that night.
He had went back inside, into his room and grabbing his things, calling for a car to meet him. He was checking out early, without telling anyone, ignoring the staff. It’d taken him time, but he had managed to get info on Emily, seeing she was still staying at her old place. He gave the driver the directions, leaving his belongings in the car as he got out and headed inside. He didn’t know what je would find, who would be there. Surely she would be afraid of him still.
All he knew was he had to see her. She was supposed to marry him. Dimitri was sorry. He wanted her back. He was clean now, sober and hadn’t even had a drink – he would never hurt her, never touch heroin as long as he lived.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 19d 4h 11m 23s
Emily had left.
Packing all that she could get her hands on in that particular moment, the luggage case closed up and she gripped the handle tight, walking back downstairs without another glance towards her now "ex" fiance - the man that slapped her good with the back of his hand that cause a cut on her lip.
Face began to swell and she knew, wherever she went, she had to hide it.


The ring remained on the perfectly polished table in the middle of the foyer by the large vase of flowers that Dimitri would buy to surprise her every week.
There it remained until he or Gianna would pick it up again.

A slam off the door of the house followed by more slams of the doors that belonged to the car, Emily got inside and buckled up - telling the driver to head to a particular apartment.
Her old apartment.
The one that she decided to keep and luckily she did. Perhaps she kept it due to the little voice of Gianna in her head, speaking on that he would hurt her...eventually.

Emily knew he was crying.
Emily knew he had fucked up but with a hit, came more abuse and she could not be the guiniea pig for it all.
Throughout the car ride home - she cried, her heart completely broken as she had just left the love of her life for him hitting her.
It was the right thing.

Wasn't it?

Opening the door, a flick of the switch - the lights soon in her apartment went on and shone everythign that was inside it.
Wandering down the hallway with her bags being brought in, left and the door locked behind the driver, Emily was alone again.
Standing in the middle of the room, looking down with a sigh, only to cry a little harder.

John would be informed in the morning.


Months had passed and despite having a sad few weeks, Emily managed to get back on her feet with the help of John.
Calls from Dimitri were consistant, but never once did she reply as it was still too raw from the events that occured.
She also did not reply due to the fact she was forming another relationship with a man who was devoted to her.

The movie was created Oscar buzz and it was nominated for an award just like she was along with Dimitri.

News swirled.
Dimitri was in rehab for drug abuse, but they did not know the full story. Emily however did.
She often kept tabs on him but she stayed a good distance away from the man as she did still care for him.

News also began to swirl at the event take took place in Vegas.
A month of knowing one another, herself and Tom got married in the little white chapel.
A vegas wedding, quick and easy.

Another marriage.
Number two, and yet - it wasn't to the man she belonged with but she was happy just the same.

It was so fast, she didn't even get to think about it, she and Tom just ...did it.
Pictures formed.
Magazines printed them.

Perhaps she married Tom, thinking he was Dimitri.

The two would share the red carpet in the coming Month at the Oscars and this time, a man would not let her down and be by her side.
  MeisjeKelly / 19d 6h 2m 13s
“You’re fucking ridiculous,” Gianna said with a shake of her head, wiping away the tears that had fallen from her face. The room had been silent then – the slamming door of Emily making her jump. The woman had left beaten and bloody and there was no way she was coming back with how Dimitri had acted.
“I really screwed up,” he said into his hands, it was almost like he had blacked out and finally coming to. Emily was gone, she would not be coming back – the ring on the counter a clear indicator.
“You think? I don’t understand you Dimitri. You know how you are when you’re high. Heroin? You know better.” Dimitri was finding it hard to focus on her words, crying into his hands. He had fucked up real bad, he didn’t know how he could get away from this.
“What am I going to do?” He said then walking toward the kitchen, not wanting to stare at the hole in the wall – the same wall he had caged Emily against. He couldn’t believe that he had went that far. Gianna was pissed, she was sad – but she knew Dimitri needed help. He wouldn’t be able to get through this himself and she knew that he was still her client. It was her duty to protect him.
“You’re going to go upstairs, you’re going to pack, and I’m driving you to rehab tonight.” Another stint in rehab, having to get clean – the withdrawal already making him itch. “Upstairs Dimitri, now.” Gianna had said, surprisingly stern. He trudged toward the stairs, up and to his bedroom. He had shared a room with Emily that morning, the bed evident of the many nights of love making – love making with high. He didn’t need to be high to be with Emily – he was a fool. He got into the car then with Gianna, exhausted now and completely fine with the silence.
[center [I _]]
It had been three months since he was last high, no more symptoms from withdrawal, but definitely still craving it. He knew he would always crave it. He hadn’t heard from Emily, she had ignored his phone calls a when he first arrived. She was doing well though, since the film. He would be leaving soon – his first public outing since going into rehab. Gianna was trying to flip it as a stress retreat, but the vultures of course got pictures of him outside the rehab facility.
Still, he had something going for his career, a chance now that their movie had been nominated for an Oscar. Gwen just shy of delivering his baby, somehow managing to forgive him – but with what happened, he had to have supervised visits until she could trust him. A baby boy.
He’d tried not to read anything about Emily, not wanting to see if she had moved on.
Running his hand through his hair he stepped outside, the sun shining. Lighting a smoke he filtered through his pockets for his phone – the facility was a little club med, not as strict, but at least he was getting the help he needed.
He tried Emily one more time, he just wanted to hear her voice, wanted her to know ow sorry he was.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 19d 9h 32m 44s
Emily was beyond pissed.
The way she felt, it was ..a complete, new emotion she had never felt before.
The was Dimitri spoke to her was absolutely disgraceful and simply not needed however, she let him have his time in the sun and listened intently to what he had to say and Emily did not like it one...bit.

[i “Then why the fuck haven’t you blocked his number?"]
[b "I didn't think I had too as nothing came from it!..."]
[i "You should’ve told me. Or did you decide to send the message in person and things got a little out of hand? Hm?”]
[b "Tell you? Tell you everything only for me to know on how you would react? You're being a complete fucking asshole, right now..."] Emily replied, keeping her gaze upon the man who obviously felt he was losing everything when reality - he was gaining everything.

A wonderful movie with an Oscar buzz.

A woman who loved him, every part of him and agreed to marry him as she could not live to be without him, only for now, all Emily could think about was running away.
Arms up - hands above her head, Emily turned her head as she would not bare to look at the drug fucked fiancé, only to feel his hands pulling up her dress.
This was not the way their lives was supposed to go.

Gianna had warned her about this very attitude and to steer away from it, she was true about everything...

[i “I know what it’s like, know your taste – know you’re always so eager to spread your legs for me. Who’s to say no one else?”]
[b "You're a monster..."] she spoke, plain as day.
[i “I don’t need babysitters in my fucking life, you’re a coke head. What does it matter eh?”]
[b "And you are heroin fiend, and I hate you.."]

That was when Emily spoke on leaving Dimitri and something in him, snapped.
A single hand was moved and within seconds, Emily got a nice back hand across the face.
A force so powerful that her head turned the side - her lower lip split where it seeped blood and a nice beautiful red mark was starting to show.

Emily brought up a hand and gently cupped her face, feeling the welt of pain that made her eyes close with tears forming.
The string, unbearable.
Next came punches in the wall beside her head, Dimitri trying to make a point.

She was frightened of him then.

Gianna came just in the nick of time.
The two scuffled a little bit, letting Emily shift away from the wall and the man who she thought she knew.

[b "The wedding is off. This whole thing..its over...."] she spoke, holding her face in her hand and turned to look at herself in the mirror. [b "You slapped me..I will never forgive you for that. Do not....ever come near me again....."]

Taking off the ring, slipping it off her finger - placing it on the table i the foyer and began to tread upstairs.
Upstairs she packed her things.
Everything she could possibly grab and rushed back downstairs with a car waiting that was packed with her things.

The tears falling from her face that caused stinging from the wound upon her lip and the swollen skin of her face.

Emily did not even say goodbye.
Not even to Gianna and just left..throwing away the ring and the marriage.

Dimitri had struck her, exactly how Gianna said he would and she was stupid for not believing her.
A man, could never change.
  MeisjeKelly / 19d 17h 4m 21s
Of course she was pissed at him, he had humiliated her and surely the woman didn’t know that this was something that Dimitri had bothered to dabble in. Everything was adding up in the woman’s mind and she was probably also embarrassed he had been using her nose, none the wiser. He was having. A hard time focusing and the smack to the face wasn’t making it easier, his cheek still stinging and he knew Emily had enough in her to hit him again, if he had freed her.
He wasn’t really thinking though, reeling off a high and ignoring the pain from the woman, trying to piece her words together to a point they would make sense. “Then why the fuck haven’t you blocked his number? You should’ve told me. Or did you decide to send the message in person and things got a little out of hand? Hm?” He was deranged then. “A guy can’t be that obsessed with you unless he’s getting something out of it.” Dimitri grabbed her then, a strong hand gripping her wrists above her head, hands moving to push her dress up, to caress the space he had so lovingly cared for – now rough and clearly out of his mind. “I know what it’s like, know your taste – know you’re always so eager to spread your legs for me. Who’s to say no one else?” He paused then, eyes darkening. “Leave me?” He whispered. Dimitri had definitely split then, her words angering him and before he knew it he had slapped her. His hit definitely with a bit more force than the woman’s. For a moment he actually managed to sober up balancing in between the high and sobriety as he realized what he had done.
He was gone though, hand gripping her hair tight as then as he held her squirming body close. “What did I say about talking to me that way?” He asked, voice menacing, pressing her to the wall so she had nowhere to go, his hand a tight fist repeatedly pounding the wall beside Emily’s head, streaks of blood dripping from a now fucked up hand. “It’s that easy,” he said to her then, delivering another smack. “I don’t need babysitters in my fucking life, you’re a coke head. What does it matter eh?” He knew though deep down after this night, there was a chance he would never see Emily again. He had no time to react as the door was unlocking then Gianna walking in on the less than pleasing sight. The noise had alerted his staff and they were concerned, she knew they knew better not to call the cops – Dimitri didn’t need any publicity.
“Dimitri!” She called out as she rushed over, trying to pry him off the woman, his fiancé. She was having flashbacks to a not so nice night and knew Emily could end up seriously hurt, obvious by the hole in the wall. A new home already tainted. “Let her go,” she pleaded, him turning his attention to her. He grabbed her then, shaking the woman and tears falling. “Stop! Just stop please!”
Something had triggered the male then, almost like a switch, or maybe it was the high he was coming off of. He admittedly was a bit confused, the disheveled woman, the bloody fist – the mess he had created.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 19d 17h 31m 29s
[i "Babe..."]
[b "Don't you babe .. me..."]

The last thing she wanted was for her partner, the man she was to marry - be condescending and speak the word "babe.."
She was angry.
She was more than angry she was furious, completely livid at the fact that Dimitri would go and shoot up in the way that he did.

And all for what?
To feel better about himself?

No police.
Emily had agreed to that the moment Gianna grabbed her arm at the theatre and somewhat begged for it.
No police as they were not needed...yet.

A nice hard slap was given to Dimitri upon the face leaving a side red from the contact.
It was a good one, the sound was just as rough.

Emily raised a hand to give him another one when he grabbed her wrist and the tone of his voice changed.
Dimitri grabbed it hard and forced the woman up against the wall with a hard thud. Her head hitting it that made Emily wince.

Never had he been this way.

[b "Ow..."]

[i “You think you’re humiliated. You’re talking to someone else behind my back,”]
[b "What are you talking about?!.."] she screamed at him - staring at him, death like in the eyes.

Dimitri opened his mouth and it all started to make sense.

This all started the moment Diego began to message her.
A few days later, Dimitri started to become the way he was now, it was all making sense.

[b "You went through my phone?..."] she spoke softly.

[b "Oh...you...fucking bastard"]

Emily tried to fight against him, trying to push Dimitri away from her as she could not even bare to look at him.

[b "Nothing is going on. Me, bending over for anyone, are you fucking insane? You are the only man I am sleeping with, and if you looked in my phone.. you would see my messages, telling Diego to back the fuck off."]

Emily continued to scream at him.
Fighting to get him away and off of her.

[b "Let go of me. You are vile, disgusting for shooting up. You don't trust me and I don't want anything to do with you...not anymore.."]
  MeisjeKelly / 19d 19h 23m 35s
Dimitri was much too high to see how angry Emily was but of course he could feel his the way she moved his hands away. She was unhappy with him and it was clear in her words and her behavior. A small part of him felt bad, but that part was locked away. Gianna felt bad for Emily, clearly seeing she didn’t know the man and finally understanding her worries from when they first started dating.
“Please call me, if there’s any issue. No cops,” she had whispered to Emily. She tried to soothe everyone at the table, promising Dimitri was just sick, knowing though every magazine would be broadcasting this news in the morning. Dimitri waved with a smile, trying to keep up with his fiancé who was storming off and definitely not happy. The car ride was less than pleasant, Dimitri finally appreciating the silence making his high better. He knew how Emily was when she was angry – though in love, the couple had their fair share of arguments. Of course it had more to do with their difference in furniture options – heroin was a completely different topic.
The door had barely closed before he was being assaulted and questioned by the woman, feeling like he was being interrogated for judgement day the way she was acting.
“Babe,” Dimitri said with a sigh, tired of all the lights. His head was buzzing and the drinking was too much. He could barely stand without swaying.
“Hey what did I say earlier?” He asked, gripping her arm then. In the comfort of their own home, alone there were no pretenses to keep up. “I said don’t fucking talk to me like that.” Dimitri was high and he was crazy. Especially paired with liquor there was no telling what he do, the reason why Gianna had tried to warn Emily and told her to call. If anything happened and Dimitri was arrested, his career would be down the drain. Drugs, violence – yeah jail was inevitable.
“You think you’re humiliated. You’re talking to someone else behind my back,” he said to her, grip only tightening as he pushed the woman to the wall of the room. “You think I’m stupid? Like I haven’t noticed how you get a message and turn your back? You don’t have shit to talk to me about – not miss perfect. You bend over for anyone.”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 19d 19h 49m 23s
People use drugs, legal and illegal, because their lives are intolerably painful or dull. They hate their work and find no rest in their leisure. They are estranged from their families and their neighbors. It should tell us something that in healthy societies drug use is celebrative, convivial, and occasional, whereas among us it is lonely, shameful, and addictive.

[b "Heroin?.."] Emily repeated.

The look on the woman's face was one of that being a joke.
Smiling she turned her head and somewhat laughed at the fact, but it was when turning her head back - the look on Gianna's face said it all.

[b "No, you're joking. He would never touch the stuff..."] her voice spoke out, breaking the moment Dimitri started to cause a scene and that was when Emily got angry.
Her blood boiled.
The way he was acting, he was obviously high and cocaine, did not do this too him.

Sitting down beside her, Dimitri crashed with the table, lifted up an arm to signal that he was alright and he stared at Emily who just glared at him.
Out of all nights, this was the one he chose.

Dimitri lent forward and Emily copped a kiss from her man, a hard one - rough and not too keen on having at this point, especially his tongue down her throat and she pulled back.
[b "You're making a scene. What the hell is wrong with you..?"] she spoke.

[i “You said you’d always want me, let’s do it on the table like in Spain,”]
[b "How about we don't..."]

Hands reached up and cupped her tits to which Emily pushed his hands away from her body.
[b "Are you fucking high, right now? …."]

He didn't say anything.

[b "That's it, were going home... now.."]

Looking around the table, Emily had never been so embaressed.
Standing up - she left the theatre, walking through the crowd only to reach outside, got into the car with Dimitri following due to Gianna helping and it was not long until the car pulled up their driveway and the couple got out.

Emily did not even wait or help Dimitri.
He did this to himself.

Throwing the handbag across the lounge room where it hit the wall with a hard thud, Emily turned around and stared at her fiancé.

[b "I have never...never been so fucking humiliated in my life! … you... you knew how much this meant to be and your fucking late to show up ..and you decided to made a fucking grade A ass of yourself."] she spoke, walking up to Dimitri and forced the sleeves of his shirt up where she saw the puncture marks of where the needle would stick in.

This caused Emily to raise a hand and slapped Dimitri hard across the face.

[b "It all makes sense!..."]

[b "You fuck with the light off now, so i wont see the marks. You are moody, always wear those fucking sunglasses...I CANT EVEN FUCKING LOOK AT YOU!...."]
  MeisjeKelly / 19d 21h 1m 0s
“Heroin,” she said. It had been a bitch and Dimitri was not his right mind when on the drug. Everything was starting to make sense.
Gianna’s heart was slowly breaking, her love for Dimitri clear as day. The man she had grown with, helped build was falling to pieces – everything they had built nothing. Didn’t he know how much he was worth? She couldn’t bear to think about the past, the many nights she had dragged Dimitri out of bars and how he had puked all over her. She had been through the worst of the worst.
“Oh no, that’s your mess now. I try to talk to him and he’ll definitely cause a scene. Maybe you can get him calm until he’s outside.” This was a scene she knew all too well and lately Dimitri was not a fan of the woman’s overbearing personality. She also had to keep up her own appearances, taking on Dimitri and watching over him was taking a toll on her. Honestly she was glad that he had taken a fancy to Emily and thought she would be able to keep the man out of trouble. Now was not the time for blaming games. Now was the time to get the drunken bastard out before he made an ass of himself.
Dimitri had managed to make it to the table, sweating from the liquor and the drugs. He leaned forward to kiss his fiancé, forcing his tongue into her throat. “Let’s ditch,” he said to the woman. “I want you.” Dimitri’s tone was of a man eager to consume anything in sight, especially his beautiful fiancé. “You said you’d always want me, let’s do it on the table like in Spain,” he said with a chuckle, eyes glossy and a clear indicator the male was on something. He was drunk, the bottle drained and high. Eager hands reaching to cup her breasts.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 19d 21h 23m 32s
[+red “You’re doing coc-“]
[b "Well, yeah. We both are, have been for a long time. Even before we met. I thought you knew? Dimitri tells you everything, right?..."] Emily spoke, leaning in close to Gianna so her words were spoken as a whisper in the woman's ear, whispers that no one could possibly hear as if anyone found out about the drugs, their careers would be somewhat over or looked at differently.

Mark continued to talk upon the stage, thrugh the mic all the while his new fiance was talking to the Actress in his movie that he was so darn proud of.

[i “What did you do?”]
[b "What did I do? I have not done anything, I swear. I said yes to marrying him, I got a house with him, we fuck every night..im thinking but nothing is coming to me..."] she replied to Gianna, not liking the woman's tone in her voice.

Emily kept her gaze, thoughts running through her mind on what she had done to make Dimitri possibly act this way.
There was nothing.
Nothing was coming up.

That was when Gianna lent back and spoke words on him using again.

[b "Using? Using what?..."]

Gianna speak another word.
She just simply look utterly deflated and Emily's face drew concerning.

What was the woman hiding from her?
What the fuck was Dimitri hiding from her?

Taking another good sip of her wine, she sighed - trying to focus back on Mark who wandered from the stage and the movie began to play.
The first time she saw it alone with everyone else, only for it it to be interrupted by Dimitri, sauntering down - bumping into people, tables - grabbing a bottle of liquor from the waiter.

Emily turned her head along with everyone else, watching the commotion and Gianna was not happy.
Emily stared at Dimitri in pure rage.

He ruined this night.
He did.

[b "What the fuck...."] she spoke. [b "Gianna...go get him. Im going to fucking kill him....."]
  MeisjeKelly / 19d 23h 18m 17s
“You’re doing coc-“ Gianna shook her head, finding it unbelievable and yet it all made sense. The two had to have something in common and drugs were easy conversation starters and also led to high risk activity also known as sex. She tried to stay even tempered. “He’s using again,” she said then. Her shoulders sunk with defeat, she had seen Dimitri at his worst and this was before everything seemed to tumble into a pile of shit. What was making him this way?
He turned to the woman he loved, who he had been utterly obsessed with since their first encounter. “What did you do?” She asked Emily then, narrowing her eyes at the woman. Dimitri only acted on stress and despite the sweet words they spoke of each other on stage, there had to be something going on. She had been consumed by her own relationship, not being able to check on Dimitri as regularly as before and knowing Emily wasn’t a fan of her, she had tried to give them their space as an engaged couple.
Dimitri used when he was insecure, when everything seemed to be tumbling his way – also a reason for his drinking. He was positive that no one really liked him when sober and the stress of trying to be the fun and charismatic man when sober was overwhelming. Besides, he was not a fan of the messages he had seen from whoever on Emily’s phone. She talked about how she loved him and yet she was keeping secrets. He had been loyal to her all these months, something very uncommon for the man.
Those were the thoughts running through his mind, Dimitri drunk and reaching into his pockets for the secret stash he had brought. Removing his coat, he undid shirt and quickly began the process of shooting up. The relief and pure bliss from the drugs inserted into his veins made his shoulder sag with relief.
Now he was flying.
He’d barely managed to come to a stand, staggering out of the bathroom and toward the inside. He had bumped a few tables, eagerly grabbing a bottle of liquor from the waiter’s hand – all eyes on him and for the wrong reason. The movie was now a backdrop, his entrance disturbing it.
“Oh fuck,” Gianna said under her breath.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 19d 23h 37m 15s
Together, the two stood by eachother, side by side as they both spoke into the MIC.
First Emily then Dimitri and his words honestly made the woman blush and somewhat made her eyes glisten from tears of the words he spoke.
It was from the heart.
She understood the feelings as was everyone else as they started too.

However some people - thought that all thuis was simply a publicity stunt for the movie.
Little did they know, they were wrong.

Dimitri lent in and kissed the woman where she too - kissed back, left hand on his chest making the diamond ring on her finger glisten.
In the mic, spoke thanks before moving off from the stage - back to their seats where Mark, spoke on the film itself before it started for the first time for people to see.

Sitting back down onto the cushioned seat by the table, Emily smiled - completely on cloud nine as more champagne was being filled.
Dimitri, asking for something a little harder which was too no surprised. Wine was more a girly drink and Dimitri...was a man.

Head facing Mark, Emily did not hear the conversation between her love and Gianna until the moment came where a voice was raised. A little too loud that Em turned her head and looked at Dimitri.

[b 'Babe...shh...'] she spoke softly, leaning close to him.

Dimitri then got up and spoke on going to the bathroom, Emily kept her eyes on him - narrowing her eyes knowing something was up. She had known for a while but chose to ignore.
Guianna soon sat by her side and lent in.

[i “What’s he been up to? What is he taking?”]
[b 'Taking?'] she replied, turning her head from looking at Dimitri to Gianna whose face was serious.

She was not playing.

[b "I dont know what he is up too. Him being late, was a shock to me. He promised me and yet he 'overslept?..'] Emily replied softly, eyes still on Gianna. [b "He takes cocaine, like I do.... but I dont know, I think he is taking something else...im not 100% sure..."]

Now that she said it, it was all hitting her.
Turning back to Mark, Emily sighed - biting her lower lip.

She was worried.
She was angry.

Tonight was slowly turning to shit
  MeisjeKelly / 20d 2h 6m 11s
Dimitri stood at the woman’s side, the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. He watched her carefully then, trying not to feel so caught up from her words, her being able to expertly summarize how he too felt. He had no clue that he would be here, in this position with her. Dimitri didn’t know that he and Emily who had not really come together at first in good spirits would eventually be standing here together in harmony. Even better, they were in love and engaged. This movie had proved to be the best part of his life, it brought him Emily.
Dimitri held her close, hand soft at her waist as he smiled out into the sea of faces. The soft whispers now cheers at the announcement of their engagement and Dimitri was sure that there of course were also mumblings of doubt. Many would think this a marketing trick, something the production company asked for as a publicity stunt. All that mattered, though, was his love for Emily and that she knew he didn’t just buy the ring as a gag – he wanted to marry the woman.
“Emily is right,” he said into the microphone. “This movie has brought many new wonders to my life. I got to experience a new role, a new woman – This movie has proved to be the best part of my life, a new turning point.” He smiled as he kissed the woman, his affection proof of how he planned to be in Emily’s life. They were then ushered away as Mark and the screenwriter came onto stage to explain the process of the film. He had barely enough time to sit down and order his choice from the selection of dinner before Gianna was tearing his attention away.
Voice low so as not to cause a distraction and hopefully keep Dimitri in line, she questioned the male. “Where were you? You know I didn’t like how you ended our conversation today.” Dimitri sighed out, rolling his eyes and glad to see his champagne glass being refilled.
“Can we get something a bit – harder?” He suggested the waiter, drinking from the glass before choosing the best words to use in response to Gianna. “I overslept ‘s all. Don’t be so mad, I’m here aren’t I?”
“You’re here and your high.”
“Don’t you lie to me, I know you. You could barely keep your head up and drinking doesn’t help.” She sighed out and shook her head, drugs and liquor were Dimitri’s vices and brought on by stress. If he overdid it, that meant nothing but trouble for everyone.
“Why’s everyone on my fucking back?” He said, voice loud enough for the table beside them to hear.
“Relax,” Gianna said, a nervous look in her eyes as she looked around. He happily downed the double shot of Jameson placed in front of him in seconds.
“I need to take a leak,” he muttered as he came to a stand, barely able to focus let along stay stable as he began out of the crowded room.
Gianna replaced his place, now next to Emily who she knew was not a big fan of her, but understandably anyone with Dimitri would be jealous – her standing with him was a bit closer than many were comfortable about.
“What’s he been up to? What is he taking?” She knew if anyone would be aware of his drug use it would be Emily, it was hard to pull them apart since they were engaged.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 20d 2h 30m 32s
Inside was simply just beautiful
Dim lighting with tables perfect rugged up with a white sheet. Candles glowing - giving off that warmth glow so it would not be so bright. The chandelier up above in the middle did shine to give off a bit more vision.
Glasses were already getting poured with the finest champagne which Emily was truely looking forward too.

After the beginning of this event, she was flustered and ever so angry at the man she loved for leaving her in the lurch, making her walk the carpet alone.
But he was here now, spilling on that he loved her and he was truly sorry to which, she believed 100%.

The movie was truely something.
It was all a haze as the 3 months together had gone so fast and before they both knew it, they were here.
They were getting married.
Bought a house - wanting to spend their lives together.

Ushered to the table, slowly Emily sat down with Dimitri by her side and began to drink a glass of champagne while her man downed three. Nerves perhaps.
John, Mark and Gianna were with them and they spoke to once another before the lights dimmed a little more.

The host approached the podium and spoke words into the mic, introducing Dimitri and Emily to the stage.

[b "Show time..."] she muttered softly to Dimitri who shifted from the seat and held out a hand for her to grab.
Hand in hand, she got up off the seat and the two made their way up the steps while Dimitri kept her close - stop her from falling or tripping over the dress.

The podium glass, see through and the mic propped up from the middle.
Emily stood infront of it and smiled, looking at the crowd, from Editors to Journalists, to Directors - to other actors who were invited.

[b "7 months ago, I signed a contract to be in a production that I had no idea would change my life. It changed my life for the better when then, I thought it would be for the bad. It changed me as a person as I got to know, someone who I felt - was truely, out to ruin my career."] she began to speak, biting her lower lip. [b "I got to know and become friends with some great people who now, I could not imagine my life without. My persona in the production fell in love, I also fell in love in reality."]

Emily smiled a little more, breathing in deep.
[b "I fell in love, I did and it is with the man who is standing by my left. Dimitri Laurent, the man who is got on one knee and asked me to be his wife..."]
  MeisjeKelly / 20d 5h 11m 21s

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