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Dimitri has missed her. The last months being too much for him and he couldn’t help but get a little rough with the woman. Emily knew how she made him feel and they both knew how they liked it. He had his way with the woman how he had imagined those nights when all he had was his imagination and his hand wishing desperately it was Emily on top of him. Those months of being without a woman had turned him mad with passion.
“I missed it too - I missed you.” He had said as he finally removed himself. There was a ring of the doorbell and he had to remove himself from Emily to not make things awkward. Gathering himself, buckling his pants then - watching her and knowing her underwear were being soaked with him, he sighed with frustration not wanting to part with her.
“I should go.” He said. Dimitri sighed and looked at Emily - the one who had been his. He still wanted her to be his but she was married and this was a lapse in judgement. He kissed her, not knowing when there would be another time he would be able to hold her the way he wanted. “I love you. “ Dimitri said as he walked away, the door opening and the movers pushing pass him. He looked over his shoulder at his ex fiancé. She could find him if she wanted and he knew that this may be the last time they were together but not the last time they say each other.
[center [b _]]
“I can’t take this,” Gwen said. The baby was crying and that wasn’t the only thing that had stopped their coupling. He had Gwen from the back, taking her from behind, roughly entering her. He had to keep control as he had been back with the woman but needed her bish to recover from labor. Being a father and mother had taken a lot of time from the couple then. Gwen was happy he was sober - but it seemed she couldn’t satisfy the man as much as she tried. And this time had been worse.
Dimitri had her by the hips, deep inside the woman and losing himself and without thinking yelling Emily’s name as he had climaxed. The two had already been fighting and he promised he wasn’t seeing his ex fiancé. She hadn’t returned his calls since their coupling in her old apartment and that was weeks ago.
Still he thought of Emily - he missed her. Gwen was different in every way from her especially when it came to the bedroom. With Emily every part of her was available. He missed his she wrapped around him, demanded he take her. The way she didn’t go against him when wanting to fill any hole. Gwen was too vanilla and when she denied him of things he had to accept it. He still managed to stay sober through it all. Five months at that point and the awards were the next day.
“It was a slip of the tongue. I’m sorry. “ he tried to reason. He’d had the woman’s mouth around his member then, Gwen finally giving in to his requests and all he could think about was how Emily did it better. He hadn’t meant to moan out her name.
“A slip of the tongue after 4 months? What have you been doing with her?”
“I don’t see her Gwen. I go to my meetings, to work and then I come home to you and our little girl. That’s it.”
“Couch.” She had said simply. Tears in her eyes before disappearing to take care of the crying child. Dimitri sighed out, gathering his clothes before heading downstairs. A drink sounded nice but he didn’t want to mess the awards up. This was his first public outing. It had to be perfect.
Blue balls and all he had slept on the white couch.

Morning finally came, he went for his normal run and workout routine. He strayed away from drinking and unlike the premier - he was sober and clean. He’d dressed in the finest tux, Gwen still upset with him but at his side. Their little girl Eliza with a nanny for the night. They didn’t speak the whole ride to the awards, Gwen pulling from his touch.
They were all smiles though as they finally exited. She was at his side, pictures being taken. Once pass she had left him, catching up with an old modeling friend in the lobby where appetizers and drinks were being served.
“Club soda,” he sighed out. He couldn’t wait to see Emily at least. Sure they hadn’t talked since their last fuck in her old apartment, but he thought of her everyday. He wore the engagement ring around his neck every day.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 15d 22h 33m 5s
The relapse was partially her fault too.
If she just had been up and honest with Dimitri, perhaps none of this would of happened and they would still be living in that beautiful house and maybe..married by now, happy.

Giving into temptation and all that was her ex fiancé, Emily bit her lower lip and pushed down her pants and panties, shifting Dimitri onto his knees where he spoke her name.
Eyes looking down at him, Emily opened her mouth and whispered a moan softly as his fingers spread her apart and lent in, tongue out and began to taste her - eat out when all she could do was enjoy the feeling and tilt her head back.

Unable to stand any longer, body slowly moved down onto her bac, legs spread where Dimitri gripped thighs and ate out a little more roughly that caused the female to run fingers through his hair and grip the strands tight, moving his head up and down just how she liked it.

A man celibate for several months removed his pants as he lent up - Emily who was breathing heavily, watched as he sprung out.
[b "Now, that ….I have missed. Fuck me, Dimitri, I want it..."] she sighed in speech, spreading her legs wider and welcomed Dimitri as he lent over her and pushed in the right spot, slipping inside the woman willingly.

Head tilted back as her t-shirt and bra was pulled up, breasts bouncing up and down slow then fast showing how hard or slow he was pounding, but Emily wanted it harder.
Screamed out to fuck her harder, faster as she needed it. The more intense, the more she felt a connection - that and it made Dimitri groan like an animal.

The actions went on for a little while longer, until both could not hold the orgasm in any longer.
Dimitri released himself deep into the woman while she made a little squirt as he hit the right spot.
Together they climaxed but Dimitri stayed inside the woman until he was completely sure he was empty and drained.

Emily licked her lips and stared at the ceiling, a hand placed upon her head as now she was utterly exhausted.

[b "Fuck, I forgot how good that was..."] Emily spoke with a soft chuckle, leaning up slowly.

The doorbell rang moments later. Dimitri slowly pulled out from the woman who was seeping fluid but was stopped due to her panties being pulled back on, soaking them.

[b "Shit, its the movers..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 16d 3h 16m 32s
He hated himself for how he made Emily feel, like she was the reason for his drug abuse. It was his own insecurities that had led to it. It wasn’t about her – it should’ve been her that he considered and thought of to not relapse in the first place. Dimitri loved her, he cared for her and he let her down. She was hear now though, her body close and in his hands. Dimitri sighed out then, relief at having Emily accept his please to have her.
He peeled away her shirt, kissing against her breast and stomach, traveling to her legs which he gripped. “Emily,” he had said, finally taking the woman he had missed so much then. His tongue moving against her, hands gripping her thighs until her legs rested on his shoulders. He purely and ultimately just wanted to think about Emily and pleasuring her, wanting her.
He had her on his mind all those months when he had been away from Emily. Now in his hands finally, hands gripping her backside – he suckled from the woman like she was a juicy peach.
It wasn’t long before a man who had been celibate, surprisingly for the last few months, had removed his own pants. The moan was loud, echoing in the empty house as Dimitri felt like he had fully reunited with the woman he loved, his ex fiancé. He hadn’t even moved, trying to mold this in a memory in the case this was the last time they would ever be in such a position. Slow, he pushed deeper, looking down then at the woman he loved.
His hips had moved then quickly, desperate almost as he gyrated against the woman. Slamming against her, sweat dripping with each hit, feeling like she would slip away if he didn’t hold her close enough. Dimitri grunted, close to releasing, eyes intense and looking down at Emily. She was [I his] whether she wanted to believe it or not. She could live in her false world with Thomas, or she could come back to him. He would respect her either way.
“I love you,” he had whispered, his hips moving quicker , entering her deeper with much ferocity until he had finally climaxed. Breathing hard, hands pressed on either side of the woman he remained inside her. Quick jerks until sure fully done and still, having the woman wrapped around him. He could go again if she had asked him, though knowing they had overstepped their boundaries.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 16d 23h 57m 32s
[i "Did you honestly think I wouldn’t come back for you? I love you.”]
[b "I honestly felt, that you wouldn't. That night, you hated me so so much, you actually hit me. You thought I was cheating on you, I saw the look in your face, Dimitri."] Emily replied, being as truthful as she could.

She really felt, he would not come back.

[b "You relapsed and went back to heroin all because of me. I did not think you'd come back in fear it would happen again once you got clean.."]

That was the honest truth.

Dimitri stepped in close with a face of one being apologetic.
Arms wrapped around her wait and she stepped in, hands upon his chest as she gazed at him, deep n the eyes, seeing how sorry he was.
Ears perking up, listening to how he wanted her, wanted and needed her love and hating the fact that some other man touched and fucked her.

[b "You do not have a right to say that to me.."] she whispered, biting her lower lip.
[i "I want you back.."]
[b "You don't give up, do you?.."]

Hands slid all over her body, Dimitri copping feels, one to remember if this conversation ended and so did they.

Dimitri was Emily's weakness, in time and the more he spoke, the more he touched her - the more she fell all over again.
The more her knees became weak and wanted to give into temptation.
They both wanted to do right by Thomas, but they could not help the attraction.
Kissing upon her collarbone, Emily tilted her head to the side and sighed out from the pleasant feeling of how he made her feel.
Despite him hitting her, she still felt loved and wanted by that man and that was when she gave in.

[i “If you tell me to stop, I’ll leave and never bother you again.”]
[b 'Don't, stop...'] Emily whispered, pushing Dimitri down slowly onto his knees before her.

Pants down by her own hands, underwear following - slowly Emily moved onto the floor and laid on her back with her legs spread apart.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 17d 50m 48s
“Of course I would come back,” he said then as he looked toward the woman. “Did you honestly think I wouldn’t come back for you? I love you.” He’d fought for Emily, against Gianna his longtime friend, against the naysayers who had thought their engagement was a fluke. Dimitri had been there every step of the way to ensure that his love for the woman was true and unbreakable.
One stupid mistake he had made had brought his world to crumble around him. He wanted his life back, he wanted his Emily back. He hadn’t fought Gianna about getting sober, knowing that what he did to his then fiancé could’ve been worse. He got better with the hopes Emily would be here waiting for him [I maybe]. Of course the female had moved on though and even admitting that maybe she had married too quickly.
“I want you,” Dimitri said then, sensing her trying to make sense of his presence and her marriage. Just not being close to her already drove him mad. He grabbed her close again, hating the distance, hating the space. “I want all of you. I hate the thought of someone else touching you, kissing you, being inside you. I-“ He sighed, still not relinquishing his hold of the woman, hands to her waist – them hip to hip just so he could see that lovely face. He’d thought about her since he left, how he had hurt her – the pain and fear she had when she left him. He hated himself.
“I want you back,” He said. “I know you’re married and I said I came just to make amends, but-“ his hands drew lower then, grazing her thighs, the warmth between them, finally ending on her ass where he firmly squeezed. “I want you.” He had said then in a low husky voice.
Emily and he had always been meant for each other. Through the initial hate, the fighting, the secrets – there still remained one of the most important things which was love. And no one could love the woman like he could; with such passion and adoration. They had good times, great times and he just couldn’t live with himself because one bad moment had spoiled everything they worked for.
“I know you want to do right by your [I husband], but I assure I can make it easier for you to figure what you want.” He said knowing she was confused. All he had to do was touch her, kiss her in the right spots – he knew Emily. He’d kissed at her collarbone then only lowering.
“If you tell me to stop, I’ll leave and never bother you again.” His hands were already grazing her stomach, tentatively going south as Dimitri remained kissing at the woman. God, how he had missed her.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 17d 12h 45m 13s
Emily was confused.
The thoughts in her mind scrambled and she could not peice it all together. The woman honestly did not know what she wanted.

Dimitri was the love of her life and forever would be, however she had never made a mess of a marriage when now - all she could think of and want to do was throw the marriage away to run back into the arms of a man who hit her.
Given it was only one time, she was still afraid.

Dimitri had relapsed twice, why not a third time?

[i “Fuck Emily,”]
[b "Really?..."] she spoke, keeping those eyes on him, listening to him speak her name in a frustrated manner of her bringing up marriage once again.
He needed to understand.
She needed to convince herself, she even tried to convince herself deep in her mind when Dimitri lent in close, making the female's head tilt to the side so he could get access to her neck where he kissed and smelt the scent of her.

Why was he so damn tempting?

[b "Why are you doing this?..'] Emily spoke in a whisper, hearing his words so carefully as he admitted he still loved her, that he could not be with anyoneelse and she ...was who he belonged with, his sul mate - companion.
He had screwed up and he wanted to make amends, make it all better for the two of them.

[b "Oh my god..."] she whispered, closing her eyes, biting her lower lip as his hands caressed her body, slowing giving into all that was Dimitri until he decided to pull back with a growl.
[i “This was a mistake,”]

A mistake.
An error in judgement.

Emily turned her head and opened her eyes, staring at her ex fiance and slowly nodded in agreement, it was all a mistake.
Leaving him was a mistake.
Getting married so quickly was also...a mistake.

He could not step back from her quick enough.
[i “I just wanted to let you know I love you and I will always be here. I should go.”]
[b "I suppose me, getting married and moving on as fast as I did, was wrong in my part. I just...never thought you would come back. I could not live in my sea of tears anymore. I was hasty in marrying Tom..."] she admitted.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 18d 2h 29m 3s
Confused? She was confused and that made him upset. He had hoped that it would be clear who she was to b with and that was him. Emily was a sweetheart though, despite her cheeky ways in bed and he knew she believed in the sanctity of marriage – of a relationship. He hated himself for even thinking that she would’ve cheated on him with anyone. He had really screwed up.
“Fuck Emily,” he said as she mentioned her marriage again, his hand a fist and softly pressed against the wall, nuzzling her hair. “I’m doing this because I love you. I didn’t want you to be with anyone else and I screwed up and I hate myself for it. I want you back.” She spoke on being embarrassed if news broke out of her divorcing after 42 day of marriage. True, it didn’t seem to say anything flattering about the woman and she probably didn’t want it to be a repeated pattern.
Though, Dimitri didn’t plan to let go of the woman had he have her again. He hoped they would be together forever, it had been why he asked her to marry him. He just had one bad mistake, but he had changed now. Was he not worthy of a second chance with her? Growling, he removed himself from the woman, hands running through his hair as he tried to calm himself down.
“This was a mistake,” he said, repeating to himself to calm down in his mind. He knew stress was his trigger and he had been sober so far. He wasn’t going to screw that up, no matter how badly he wanted a drink. He couldn’t risk disappointing Gianna after all she had done to help him. Hand son his hips, Dimitri had turned away from the woman then, more so to ease the tension in his pants and to get his mind right. “I just wanted to let you know I love you and I will always be here,” he said with a defeated sigh. “I should go.”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 18d 12h 3m 49s
Everything she was saying was to try to get it through Dimitri's head...or so she hoped.
Deep down she was speaking all this shit to try to make herself believe it.

[i “When have you known anything to stop me from having you?”]
[b "From the short time we were together, I suppose...nothing.."] she replied taking several steps back towards the wall before thrusted up against it with no where to go.
She was trapped like a mouse in a cage.

[b "Dimitri..."]

Emily had spoken his name only for him to move in closer and place a kiss upon her lips.
Another kiss that she welcomed but knew it was completely and utterly wrong on all levels.
Breaking the kiss, needing to breath - against she shook her head and closed her eyes, listening to him speak of the stairwell in Spain.

Yes, she remembered it.
Well actually.

Dimitri did not need a bed or a chair...or a couch to fuck on. He could take her anywhere and he would make it work.
[i "Don’t you miss this, me – Don’t you miss us? There’s no way he can make you feel, how I can.”]

That was true.

Emily bit her lower lip and kept her eyes closed - feeling his hands roaming her body while his mouth kissed and nipped at her skin.
[b "I....I don't know. I am so confused right now.."] she muttered softly almost like a whisper.

Emily was really confused.
She loved Dimitri with all of her heart but she was bound to her new husband and she was never one to cheat or break vows.
And yet, with him being here, all she wanted was to do all those things.
Dimitri was a bad influence.

Turning her head, Emily opened her eyes and gazed upon the man who was once her fiancé.
The man who still held onto the expensive ring on a string around his neck.
[b "Why are you doing this to me? You know ...you know I love you, you know this. I have only been married for 42 days....I am going to be the laughing stock of all Hollywood..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 18d 17h 43m 40s
He could see the tears forming in her eyes, still close to his body and refusing to move away though he bet everything inside her willed her to. She was married, she kept repeating it, maybe with the hopes that it would actually sink into Dimitri’s head. Or was she trying to convince herself that she hadn’t wanted him.
“When have you known anything to stop me from having you?” He asked her, backing her into a wall then. Furniture gone, no bed, no table and hell the counter was much too small. He had enough energy due to his health resurgence to do anything to the woman. Memories of their love making enough to fuel him. Dimitri had kissed her then, hands pressed tight against her ass as he turned her to face the wall. “Don’t you remember Spain, what we did on that stairwell?”
“You know me Emily,” he whispered against her ear. “Don’t you miss this, me – Don’t you miss us? There’s no way he can make you feel, how I can.” He was finding it hard to take no for an answer, believing that Emily was just trying to deny the feelings they both knew were so obvious. He had let his lips travel along her shoulder, shirt pushed up and hands traveling along her breast, his hips pressing against her lower ass.
“I want you, I know you want me too.” He told her. He’d grinded against the woman then. “If you want me to stop, I will,” Dimitri growled, hands now formed on her hips, the only barrier between him and her were there clothes. He knew that the man Emily married was just a distraction – just someone to love because she had been disappointed by him, but he was better now and he always loved Emily. The drugs had distracted him, but he was clear minded now and the ring around his neck proved it. He couldn’t give up on Emily unless she literally wished the man away.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 18d 20h 15m 10s
Emily was married.
Newly married to a man that yes, was not Dimitri but was still kind and loving and she knew..this man would never..ever lay a hand on her.
He was sweet.
A little too sweet maybe...

His life was going in the right direction.
Emily could not understand on why...why all this happened. They had a few fights when in Africa together and there was one where he did walk out. Was that when it all started?
Was him seeing the texts the moment it all began?

All of this guessing was making her get a headache.

"I'm married...married, Dimitri.."
"Married to the wrong man." He replied that only made the woman sigh against pinching the bridge of her nose, trying to get those words out from her head.
"Maybe so, but I am still married none the less."

Emily tried to be strong.
Inside she was screaming.

Being drawn in close again, Emily bit her lower lip as she kept her gaze upon Dimitri and listened to his words that made her swoon and go weak in the knees.
If she said no, he would walk away from her and.never look back - to leave her to her brand new life as a wife.

"There is no where to do it. Everything is gone..packed away. You are too late Dimitri.....too late.." she spoke softly, tears started to form in her eyes.

He was late.
Way too late but she still loved him, loved him with ever fibre of her being.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 18d 21h 10m 13s
She was right. Gianna was right – his life was going right and yet they didn’t understand the pressures of fame. The demanding to be perfect. Dimitri had tried his hardest to keep himself together, but he didn’t necessarily come for the greatest background and there were demons that neither of the closest women to him even knew he had. His anger – a result of a terrible father who himself had abusive tendencies toward him and his brother. Great – they were supposed to be great and the pressure had always built up inside him until it broke.
Drinking and drugs had been the only things to help him cope and yes when things were good, they were good. He struggled when he felt like things would be bad because he felt like he never had anything too good in his life for long.
She spoke of the heartbreak, the tears she cried for the man and how she had eventually decided to move on. Dimitri knew she was married, knew all Emily wanted love but he did love her and he hadn’t stopped. She was the man for him and he had fucked up, yes, but h was doing better now and had made a promise to stay sober.
“Married to the wrong man,” he said to her as she had tore herself away from him, Dimitri then reaching into his shirt to show the engagement ring he had bought for Emily, on a chain around his neck. “I knew that day I wanted to marry you. I’m sorry I got jealous. I just didn’t want to lose you – every time something is going right in my life it goes wrong. Gwen dumps me, then she’s pregnant, I’m trying to keep you happy – focusing on the film – a successful film. The pressure just got too much, but I know one thing was that I loved you Emily.” He drew her in close again, hating the distance and his initial intentions been just to come and apologize, but now being in her presence – it was changing things.
“Just, make love to me – if you can look me in the eye and tell me you don’t feel what I feel – that you don’t want me, I’ll leave.” Dimitri’s hands were already forming around her ass, pressing her close to him.
“You remember what it was like Emily,” he whispered huskily. “I know you wouldn’t lie to me. You know we are meant to be.”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 18d 22h 11m 6s
Emily continued arund the empty apartment, trying to even fathom on what was going on right now.
She honestly felt she would never see Dimitri again but she knew that was not true considering they were both up for awards and would see each other there at the Venue.

She would see him in the papers from the stories being written about him...and her.
Dimitri was always around and still in her heart no matter how much she tried to shift him from it.

[i "I didn’t mean to. Emily, I was going through a lot and I just couldn’t – I didn’t want to admit to being weak.”]
[b "You were going through alot?..."] she spoke, stopping dead in her tracks and turned - facing Dimitri once again who was following her like a lost little puppy. [b "What were you going through that could possibly be alot? You had it all made! A successful production. A woman who loved you more than air and agreed to be your wife..despite all the bullshit! Damnit Dimitri, you broke my fucking heart..']
[i "My heart broke that day too, I lost you. I still love you, hate to have heard over the phone you were someone else’s.”]

She was someone else's.

Perhaps she did make a hasty move on getting married so quickly.
She hardly knew the man but then again - she didn't know Dimitri that well either before sleeping with him.

All Emily wanted was love.
Love...was that so fucking hard?

Emily remained quiet and just listened to Dimitri speak hiswords on loving her - him loving her then and he still loved her now despite everything and this made Emily shake her head- walking around once again as she could not stay in one spot.
Breathing out, sighing - Em came to a stop and Dimitri ushered behind her.

[i “I hope I didn’t upset you, I just I don’t want things to be awkward. I just wanted, I needed you –“]
[b "You have ... no idea how I have been these last few months. I was broken, I cried every night, cried for you and then one day I woke up and I just..could not cry anymore because it did not made any difference. It just made me feel worse.."]

Dimitri made his way over to her.
Standing in front of the woman, she stared upon the man who came to speak his heart.

They did not speak a word.
There eyes spoke enough and it was within seconds that both of her mouth's collided.
They had kissed one another with passioante longing - Emily closing her eyes and keeping Dimitri close, head tilted to the side as she breathed through her nose - sighs on being safe in his arms once more.

However, again, flickers of this being wrong flashed in her mind and she broke the connection.
Shaking her head, Emily stepped away - bringing a hand to her mouth, looking at her ex Fiance.

[b "I'm married... god damnit, I'm married!..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 18d 23h 38m 56s
He knew deep inside her that she was still I love with him, still his Emily. The two had fallen in love sp intensely and so quickly – he was an intense guy and she knew that when she first met him, when they first had sex with one another. He admitted though, the heroin was a bad choice of vice and it had made him the person he always tried to hide. He had never thought of hurting Emily until that night.
His heart twang with pain as he could hear her words. Cold as her wam and soft body was no longer pressed against his. He had broke her for but a second before she had wised up and moved away. “I didn’t mean to,” he said as he followed her through the empty home. “Emily, I was going through a lot and I just couldn’t – I didn’t want to admit to being weak.” He had surprisingly a good hold on his temper, now that he was sober it was easier to keep control of. He was more passionate now if anything.
“I wasn’t thinking straight and the drugs helped me just get through. I didn’t realize through the high what it was doing to me or to us.” Dimitri shoved his hands in his pockets, playing with the chip he had. “I’m four months sober, I would never do anything to hurt you and I think about every day – every day what I did to you. My heart broke that day too, I lost you. I still love you, hate to have heard over the phone you were someone else’s.” She had moved on quickly, a Vegas marriage at that and he didn’t know whether to be upset with her or not. How could he expect her to wait for him? A man who had hit her with no care – had accused her of being unfaithful when she had only loved him.
“You know I love you, I will always love you. I replayed every memory with you. The I love yous, the dinners, those nights of being naked – embraced with each other. I miss you Emily, I hate how I lost that and had I no respect for you, I would take you here and now – I’d go hoarse declaring my love for you.” Dimitri stood behind her then. “I hope I didn’t upset you, I just I don’t want things to be awkward. I just wanted, I needed you –“ He whispered as he walked over to the woman then, now in front and dammit he had to kiss her. He had thought of those lips for the last few months. Right or not, knowing she was married – Dimitri just needed to feel her.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 19d 17m 24s
[i “Sorry to disappoint,”]
[b "Im not disappointed at you, just ...a little annoyed that the removalisits aren't here yet..."] she muttered as she and DImitri wandered the marble hallway towards the main room of the apartment that was now bare - naked, nothing completely in it.

Breathing in deep, she had no idea on how to handle this siutation.
A million things ran through her mind and how to treat this predicament she was in.
Arms crossed against her chest, slow,y she turned around by the large open window and gazed upon Dimitri who looked...better than good.
He was more buff, he seemed to have that spark about him - that glow she was entranced with the moment she saw him.

He seemed better and that was all she wanted for him.

[b "So what are you doing here, Dimitri?..."] she asked again, still in the defensive stand - eyes still gazing upon him and removing to look away.
She couldn't.
[i “You weren’t answering my calls,”]
[b "I think, I have every reason not too.."]
[i "You look good..."]

There it was.
A nice handed compliment that made Emily sigh out - dropping her arms down by her side.
This seemed to make Dimitri take a step forward but stopped - knowing his boundries.
[i “I just – I wanted to say hi. I mean. I ...congratulations. I wanted to say I’m sorry, for what I did.”]


The word she wanted to hear months ago but never got.
It was..a little too late.

Dimitri congratulated her and Emily could tell it hurt for that to come out from his mouth as deep down - it should of been them too saying "I do" ... getting married and starting a family.
[b "Thank you for ..the congratulations and the apology..."]

Hell, she had no idea what to say.
Her heart was still breaking as it tried to mend itself.

Tilting her head down - Emily pinched the bridge of her nose, eyes closed for a fraction of a moment before feeling Dimitri step in closer.
Forgetting all boundries and took her by the waist, him leaning in close where he culd just get the smell of her.

Perhaps he forgot her scent.

Dimitri apologized again.
Admitted that he was sorry for what he did and wanting to go back in time to change it all.

Emily stayed there in his arms.
The safest place she had ever known to be in and there - she forgot where she was, forgot that she was married to another man but it was not long until it all snapped back in her brain.

Pulling back, Emily stepped away and sighed once again.

[b "You hurt me. Physcially, you hit me. Then you had the nerve to speak on me cheating on you when all you had to do was ask me and I would of shown you the text messages and me...telling my ex..to leave me alone..that I was happy...and in love with you."] she muttered, almost getting choked up.

[b "You were doing heroin, for god sake, Dimitri..."]

Running fingers through her hair, Emily began to wander around the room.

[b "You...broke my heart. You took it from my chest and smashed it..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 19d 1h 6m 26s
He had done quite a bit of working out – eating better when in rehab. Of course there were chefs cooking the best meals, an exercise regime. Any time that Dimitri had an urge, he’d return to the gym and work out – lift weights or run the treadmill until he was too tired to think of those types of things anymore. This was how it had been before he had met Emily and went off the deep end. He had the same routine, but this time he promised to himself and Gianna that he was going to stick to it.
He hated himself for what he did to the woman, he never wanted to be that person again. She had called him a monster, the woman heonc was engaged to and made sweet love to – he had to agree with her. Only a monster would dare to hit Emily, to hurt her and break her heart as he did.
There she was before him, still as beautiful as ever. She had lost a bit of weight, stress no doubt, but still had that same figure – those eyes filled with wonder that had captivated him. He had tried to catch his breath, nervous now much like how he had been when he proposed. She was a married woman though and from the looks of it she had moved on – boxes ready to be moved from one space to another. He still had the home he had purchased with her – Gianna making sure bills paid and everything take care of.
It was just a building then, a place of rooms and walls – cold – there was no home without Emily. “Sorry to disappoint,” he mumbled softly with a small smile as he was ushered inside. Of course she had not been expecting him as the woman was screening his calls, not returning them or the voicemails. Even Gianna hadn’t really been able to deliver any of his messages. If it wasn’t for the movie nomination and the awards coming up, Dimitri wasn’t exactly sure whether or not he would really ever be this [I close] to Emily again.
He cleared his throat then, head ducked as he was a coward -ashamed and couldn’t meet her eyes. “You weren’t answering my calls,” he said, He rubbed at the back of his neck, finally loking up at Emily. “You look good Em,” he said softly steping toward her out of instinct, but stopping to keep the distance. “I just – I wanted to say hi. I mean. I congratulations. I wanted to say I’m sorry, for what I did.” Dimitri had every intent on coming into the room, pulling her into his hands and making love to the woman, hoping he could turn back time. He couldn’t help himself as he reached in to draw her in, nose buried in her neck, inhaling her scent. “I’m so sorry for what I did to you. I wish I could go back Emily. Please forgive me”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 19d 1h 29m 37s

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