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There wasn’t much conversation in the back seat of the car during the drive, mostly considering Dimitri found it hard to keep his hands off the female and his lips pressed against hers, his tongue dancing along the inside of her mouth. Emily was much like him, he at first didn’t see what was so bad about Heroin it made him feel great. It wasn’t until he had went to rehab that he began to realize he didn’t really [I need] the drugs.
It pained him, almost like a smack in his face when she brought up his heroin use. That was a night he hated himself. A night he replayed over and over in his head when he was away at rehab. She didn’t know how much he missed the rush, the way the drugs made him feel especially during sex with Emily. Those night were intense and filled with so much passion. Normal love making was still enjoyable but there was something about being high and being inside Emily that drove Dimitri crazy.
They had reached the hotel, a very luxurious one where only the wealthy could afford the rooms. They had the whole floor to themselves, the manager promising utmost privacy. They only people who would know they were there being the staff. Dimitri sighed with relief as he sat on the King Sized bed. He undid his tie and had unbuttoned his shirt, exposing the toned body he had worked so hard on while he was in rehab and even when outside of the facility. He had undid his shoes, watching Emily as she headed toward the bathroom to shower.
He knew what she was doing, leaving the cross there on the table; taunting him and teasing him. A part of him desperately wanted to go for it. This is a case where Gianna would infer the relationship was bad. Dimitri was finally sober and doing good and Emily was influencing him in a bad way.
[I Just one] he told himself, but ended up taking 2 bumps as he headed toward the dress. He closed his eyes at the familiar taste of the drip at the back of his throat. He had removed his shirt then, feint scars from his drug use the only real damage to his body, luckily not as noticeable due to his tattoos. Feeling the drug causing him to heat up, his heart beating quickly. [I No more]. He had to promise himself. Dimitri raided the mini bar, finding a complimentary bottle of champagne which he popped open, pouring himself a glass which he eagerly drank.
Dimitri headed toward the bathroom, wanting to watch Emily, the coke already giving him a hard on.
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[b "Both of them need to keep their nose out of my business. They do not work for me, Dimitri. What I choose to do, is all me..."] she spoke, keeping her eyes on the love of her life, the man she got back after months of being without him.

All her words being spoken with arms wrapped around her waist. Listening to him, she could tell he was sincerely worried about her and her well being.
[i "Can you even go an hour without shooting up your nose? What about waking up and looking at yourself in the mirror? That’s a sign Emily,”]

Emily rolled her eyes.
[b "I went an hour without it tonight. When I look in the mirror, I look tired, sure but thats because I have been up crying because you werent with me. Coke, made me feel better about me, about myself. It makes me feel good and it surely does not lecture me..."]

It was there she perhaps took a step too much and spoke on Dimitri doing coke with her, despite knowing how hard he worked to get clean and sober.
She felt his hands drop off and away from her body.

[b "Coke did not ruin our relationship Dimitri. Heroin did, and I am not doing that..."] she spoke once again.
Once more - arms around her waist, the two kissed by the beach as they both muttered the love they had for one another and that they should head off to a place secluded away from any prying eyes.

Turning around, soon the couple left the beach - back into the car that drove them to the hotel that was exquisite - inside and out.
A room booked - a suite made for a King with an outside pool on the roof - private - glass that you could see through along with a spa that radiated warmth.

Entering, Emily started to feel the itch of wanting the powder and tried ever so hard to fight it.
She missed her Dimitri, part of him that did the coke with her that made their sex - hotter than one ever thought it could.
Made them both be passionate, alert....rough....

[b "I'll go freshen up..."] she spoke towards Dimitri, giving off a smile and turned - heading towards the bathroom - the necklace around her neck filled to the brim with the powder.
A necklace she took off while shifting towards the bathroom as heels clinked against the floor.
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“Both of them expressed this to me.” Dimitri sighed out seeing that she was a bit annoyed, especially with Gianna. Dimitri pulled away, hands wrapped around her wrist. He was mindful of his strength but trying to keep a distance. “Yeah it’s just a little now and then two minutes later another little. Can you even go an hour without shooting up your nose? What about waking up and looking at yourself in the mirror? That’s a sign Emily,” he said. Clearly he didn’t mean to lecture the woman, he was just concerned. “I can’t believe you even offered it to me when you know how hard I worked to get to this moment.” He dropped her wrists, head hung down low and his hand reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose.
“I’m not asking for it to be today, or tomorrow – just I don’t want to lose you. You’re way too beautiful to let this take over your life.” He sighed out, not meaning to make things s tense after such a happy moment, but she wanted him to be more communicative. Wasn’t that the whole reason behind why their initial engagement failed? He had acted on impulse about the texts she was receiving from her ex instead of simply asking her. His hand gently gripped her chin. “Look I don’t want to ruin the night, we can talk about this another time. I really just want to celebrate the fact that you’d bother to want to be my wife.” He placed a gentle kiss upon her lips. “I love you Emily, I will protect you and I don’t even think I would leave you if you couldn’t stop. I just thought I would mention how much I care about and your safety.” Dimitri took her hand then. “Let’s just head toward the car and go to the hotel.” Dimitri had finally taken to looking at his phone, Gianna not particularly happy about him running off and especially not with Emily.
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Dimitri was her fiance - again, just the way it should of always been.

If it was not for her walking out - surely they would of been married by now whether it was from a Vegas wedding just to finally be together or a wedding carefully planned out.

She should never of left him.

Arms wrapped around the man she loved, the ring on her finger making itself known by being heavy, Emily smiled as her head rested against his chest - asking on where the two should go if they were to consumate their newly..engagement.
Her new place on Mulholland drive?
A hotel in the best suite available - pool, spa - the two naked in the water making love sounded quite romantic.
It happened once before only for them to be caught red handed by a camera vulture that ruined their moment.

[b "Hotel sounds nice. Hopefully no one sees us for a little while. I'm not ready to share you or our celebration to the world at the moment..."] she muttered, holding tighter.

How things changed.

Dimitri was the sober one.
Emily, was not the wrong with a drug dependance, a strong one. Snorting up to 5 lines a night.

[i "Emily..."]

Emily leant back and tilted her head up - looking at Dimitri who now had a seemingly serious facade on his face.
[b "Yeah?..."]

[i “Mark said something to me about you, about the drugs. Are you still doing them?"]
[b 'Mark asked that or did Gianna tell you, relaying it from Mark?...."] she asked, raising an eyebrow.

So he had heard.
Gianna somehow heard - and Mark?

[b "I don’t – I can’t be with you if you are if I’m to remain sober.”]
[b 'It's just a little cocaine, Dimitri. You love cocaine...I have some on me, lets do it together..."] she spoke with a smile. [b "We can keep an eye on each other..."]

Leaning in - she kissed his lips, sighing softly against his mouth.

[b "It'll be fun.."]
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Dimitri kissed the woman he now called his fiancé, wishing just like her that they could get married that very moment. “Of course we will make this work. I know what I’m doing this time around and now that I’m sober it makes it easier.” He couldn’t resist kissing her again, nuzzling her neck with his nose.
“We can go to your place? How about I get us a nice hotel? Spas, hot tubs, a pool – a really beautiful suite. No one has seen us leave, we might be able to have a few moments of privacy before the vultures are on us. You know things will get a bit hectic once news is out about our re-engagement.” Dimitri still couldn’t believe that he and Emily were back together. That night he had hit her, had knocked some sense into him as well.
He couldn’t believe he had hurt the woman he loved and he knew that it was only because of him being on drugs and all the drinking. It was making him paranoid and careless. Now, sober, he found his head much clearer and making it easier to think. He knew to some it would probably seem impulsive to ask Emily for her hand in marriage when his daughter was just barely 2 months old and yet his mind was clear as he was sober. Him asking Emily for her hand in marriage was exactly what he wanted and he wanted to have a family with her. The birth of his daughter had kind of awakened something in the man who had once been a bachelor, sleeping with any female he could get his hands on: choices unlimited due to his status and of course being attractive.
“Emily,” he started, “Mark said something to me about you,” he sighed out and held her close, looking down and into the woman’s eyes. “About the drugs. Are you still doing them? I don’t – I can’t be with you if you are if I’m to remain sober.”
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Emily really tried to make her rushed marriage work.
Hell, she had married in a white chapel on the Vegas strip, not exactly what she wanted when it came to a wedding.

Packing up her things in the apartment she loved, she was ready to start a life with Thomas however, the doubt entered her mind the moment Dimitri showed up and declared his love for her still even after all that time.
He had planted the seed but the two went their seperate ways an both tried to live a life without each other.

For Emily, it did not work out.
Another failed marriage that ended in an annulment and for a fraction of a moment, she thought she was going to end up alone. A lonely old spinster, childless with twenty cats and this frightened her to no end.

Dimitri came back into her life like another miricle and now, the two were standing on the beach, conversing - talking like they did back in Spain and again, he on bended knee - asking her the same question.
The last thing she wanted was to break up a happy home but as Dimitri put it, him and Gwen were not happy and simply in it for their daughter.

He had a daughter.
Emily still could not believe it.

A daughter who would now be her step daughter, she she accepted the proposal.

With her answer, the ring slowly moved onto the finger it should never of come off of and her eyes watched as Dimitri moved back up onto both feet and eagerly took her in his arms.
Emily smiled - kissing Dimitri lips deeply to seal the deal.

[i “You just made me the happiest man alive,”]
[b "I stand by it..I am the luckiest girl in the world..."] she spoke softly only to lean in and kiss him again and again while hearing the waves of the water in the background.

[i “So what should we say about a celebration? You know I’ve been dying to get you out of that beautiful dress all evening.”]
[b "Of course youd say that..."] Emily spoke with a laugh, holding Dimitri with her head resting on his chest - eyes closed, happy and content. [b "Where do you want to go? .. If I had it my way, id marry you now.."]

Emily would.
However, her annulment was still being processed.

[b "We will make this work now, wont we?..."]

The habit she was reliant on had to stop, but it was going to prove difficult.
Now she knew how Dimitri felt when he could not stop.
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Dimitri had tried to make his relationship work with Gwen because they had a daughter and Emily was unavailable as callous as that sounded. In all truths Gwen had changed once she had become a mother. She wasn’t as stuck up as she used to be, motherhood had humbled her. However, he just couldn’t get over his love for Emily and that had caused a strain their relationship. They both knew that just because they had a child together didn’t mean that they should use the child as a reason to stay together; it was unhealthy. Of course he knew that Emily would have some concerns about his proposal as he was still living with Gwen. He didn’t want the split to turn into something big and dramatic. He would let her have the apartment and as long as he could visit their daughter when he so pleased, he was happy. It was surprisingly a good thing though in this case that they weren’t married. Gwen was humble, but she wasn’t stupid and Dimitri was making top dollars: obvious from the million dollar engagement ring that Emily happily had slid onto her finger.
Coming to a stand he eagerly drew Emily close, hands pressed on each side of her face as he kissed her deeply. “You just made me the happiest man alive,” he said softly against her lips before kissing her again deeply. He couldn’t believe that he was finally getting his life back on track and now with Emily back to being his fiancé and with a rising career he was beginning to think that his life was perfect.
“So what should we say about a celebration? You know I’ve been dying to get you out of that beautiful dress all evening.” He whispered against her ear, lips pressing light kisses along her neck. This was turning into a great night – much different than what had occurred at their previous premier.
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Dimitri did infact know her inside and out.
Emily was an open book and was very predictable, however in this case, a part of her was sorry that it did not work out for him. Emily knew that he wanted a family and he did have one - however, him and Gwen were just not compatiable.

She knew how hard it was to leave a coupling and with the two having a child together, surely it made it harder.
Emily would not know.

[i “We did make a beautiful daughter, but I have come to find that she is not the woman for me.”]
[b "Surely, you always knew that right? Deep down at least..and yet you still tried to make it work. That's really ..noble of you.."] she replied, the two wandering onto the sand without shoes - feeling the ground underneath the soles of their feet.
Dry sand that gradiated to wet the closer they got to the water and it was not long until the water lapped at them, cooling them down from the summer humid heat.

As her eyes stared out at the landscape, Emily opened her mouth and spoke on her being lonely.
2 failed marriages and an engagement that did not go ahead as planned. She honestly felt like she was destined to wander this world alone.

[i “I know that I messed things up, but I’m different now. I love my daughter, but I don’t love Gwen.”]
[b "I know you love your daughter.."] she replied, feeling Dimitri's arm gently caress around her waist and the two stood closer together.

The two remained silent for a short time.
Basking in the sund of the water, the feeling of sand inbetween their toes and the smell of the walt water that lingered in the air.
It was beautiful.

Breathing in thrugh the nose, Emily smiled - happy she was away from the crowd.
Happy she was away from the ceremony and happy she had won an award. Emily was even happy that she had Dimitri by her side.
Nothing could make her happier.

It was there that his arm left her waist and his words that grasped her attention to where she turned, watching with her eyes, the same color of the ring that Dimitri pulled out from the pocket of his jacket on bended knee.

[b "Dimitri...."] she spoke softly - ears perked up as he asked if she would marry him.

For real this time.
No more bullshit.

Get married, have a family and be fucking happy.

[b "You're asking me to marry you when you still live with Gwen in a house together?..."] Emily spoke.

[i “I love you, I always have and forever will. I want a family with you. I want forever with you.”]

A hand covered her mouth, eyes looking at the ring that he bought for her in Spain, a ring that showcased love and commitment only to see his face, one that was sober and truthful.

[b "Then... yes..."]

Emily nodded, moving the hand from her mouth with a smile, holding it out for the ring to slip on her finger like a glove as it was meant to be there and stay there - weighing it down.

[b "I will, marry you.."]
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“You’re not sorry,” he said with a roll of his eyes. “I know you – inside and out.” Dimitri said to the female with a smirk. He knew that she missed him just as much as he missed her. The two had fallen so quickly in love, but there was no doubt that there love was true and long lasting. He couldn’t fathom being away from Emily. He had wanted to try to start a new life with Gwen only because of their child and the fact that Emily was married. However, he obviously still thought too much of the woman. That being why his relationship with Gwen was coming to an end. “We did make a beautiful daughter, but I have come to find that she is not the woman for me.”
Violent, as if the woman didn’t know how he was before. Clearly he was a man who had a temper. He kept to himself though, making sure to listen and to not incite any type of violence between him and her ex boyfriend. The two had successfully managed to get away from the crowd then and into a car waiting outside. A car which had taken them away from the Hollywood scene and to a calm place: the beach as he suggested. He had removed his shoes following Emily. He could see the look in her eyes when she mentioned his child. She was a woman of failed marriage and no child to show for any of them.
“You’ll never be lonely with me,” he promised her as he wrapped his arm around her waist, walking closer toward the water – the smell of salt in the air. “Emily,” he started before pausing. They had reached the edge where the water lapped playfully at their feet. He was beginning to feel how he had felt when he first asked for Emily’s hand in marriage.
“I know that I messed things up, but I’m different now. I love my daughter, but I don’t love Gwen.” He turned to face Emily. “I love you, I always have and forever will. I want a family with you. I want forever with you.” He mentioned before getting on bended knee. His hand reached into his coat pocket presenting the emerald engagement ring he gad given her; the one that had been abandoned that night he lost her and realized he needed to get sober if he would ever have a chance with Emily. [I If] she still would want him, to have him.
“Will you marry me?” He asked her with a hopeful smile.
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Dimitri knew exactly who Diego was.

Hell, her ex boyfriend was pretty much the reason why Dimitri went on the path to ruin and started to shoot up heroin and drink himself into a stupor.
Emily watched as Diego left the two to go get the so called drink she wanted and turned back to her ex fiancé .

She spoke on being disappointed that he did not win the award for the movie they both starred in.
It was a travesty, but as she stopped talking, Dimitri opened his mouth and spoke on Emily deserving the win.
[b "You have to say that to me. You..were my acting partner and you are just being nice..."] Emily spoke, with a soft smile, giving off a soft giggle.

[i “You know uh - I’m pretty sure after this night, Gwen and I won’t be together."]
[b "I am...really sorry to hear that. You look good together and you have history and a beautiful daughter..."]

His daughter was beautiful.

Emily often laid in bed at night and wondered on what it would be like to be a mother.
If she would ever find the right man who would want nothing more to give her a child.

Marry her at least.
Emily thought she found the right man, only for it not to work out and it left her heartbroken.

Emily wanted a baby with Dimitri, only for him to go off and have one with another woman.

[i "Lets get away. Away from all these people, from that Diego guy. Almost punched his head off for touching you.”]
[b "Don't be so violent. He only touched me."] Emily spoke, keeping her eyes on Dimitri before nodding - giving her answer and it was not long until the two wandered out of the ballroom, away from Gianna, John..Mark...Diego.

Laughing, the two rushed out the doors and entered a car that waited, it did end up taking them both to the beach and they both got out, Emily removed her shoes and felt the sand in between her toes and under her feet - wandering along the shoreline with Dimitri by her side.

[b "I live near this beach and yet....I never come here. I should start doing things like this. Taking time off, enjoying life before one day I look at myself in the mirror and see a woman who is older..lonely.."] she spoke, looking at the water.
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“Yeah I know who he is,” Dimitri grumbled not really happy to see the man so close and pushing up on Emily. Especially with knowing that he was her ex. He was sure the woman was probably trying to tell him she wasn’t interested but Diego didn’t seem the type to bow down until Dimitri stepped in, considering how intense and intimidating the man could be. It was a good choice for him to back down as he did.
He sighed out, the fact he wanted a drink wearing on him but he knew that he couldn’t break. One would lead to two and two would lead to well who knows how many. “It’s fine. You deserved it and you know it. “ Dimitri smiled at her then, drawing in close. There were so many people in the room and yet all he could focus on was the woman before him.
“You know uh - I’m pretty sure after this night, Gwen and I won’t be together. She isn’t too happy about me and you - things that happened when were were together intimately.” He blushed. “I can’t really think here. Why don’t we get away? Maybe the beach or anywhere. Doesn’t matter as long as I’m with you. “ The party didn’t interest him, he had shown his face and kissed enough ass for enough roles promised to the male in the future. Truthfully, he wanted to confirm having Emily as his wife that night. He still held her ring and he wanted it on her finger. He didn’t care what anyone said or saw - his focus was Emily. She occupied his thoughts and the man loved her so much it made him feel crazy. “Lets get away. Away from all these people, from that Diego guy. Almost punched his head off for touching you.” He also wanted a chance to talk to Emily. He had stipulations regarding their relationship too. If he was going to remain monogamous , she was to get clean and stay sober just like him.
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The hand upon her lower back only got harder with pressure, the more Diego stepped in close to the woman that was once his.
Emily kept her eyes down at her drink - keeping focus as she tried hard to listen to his words over the music that filled the room to make people get up and dance.

Fingers along her skin of her lower back, Diego bend his knuckles and lightly dug into her skin making himself known.
Emily just continued to stand there, smiling as much as she could while her brain was screaming for her to get out of the situation, either to find a bathroom where she should snort up, or just to get away all together.
However, she knew - standing here - Dimitri would watch and become slightly annoyed at that he saw.

[+blue "I'm trying to get you into a production I am in...."]
[b "Me? ..Why me?..."]
[+blue "Why not you? Your...a great actress, beautiful ..perfect for the role. That and I miss you, you know that..."]

Emily smiled and gave off a soft laugh, looking at Diego.
[b "As kind of an offer that is, I cant. I already have three movies lined up and I cannot get back in that same boat with you. What we had was great, but it'll never happen again.."] she replied, Dimitri approaching them right on time - unable for Diego to give a reply.

Her eyes focused on him, another hand upon her body - this hand she wanted there, to remain there and to touch her like he did those months ago and simply hours before in the dressing room.

[b "Dimitri...."] she spoke, listening to his words on congratulations.
[i "Just wanted to congratulate you - Gianna too.”]
[b "Thank you, and...tell Gianna thank you too.."] Emily spoke, looking at the two men who stared at each other.

[b "Dimitri, this is Diego. Diego, Dimitri...Diego was just leaving, right? To get me another drink."]

Emily looked at Diego who nodded slowly and stepped back and away, leaving the two alone.

[b "I am a little disappointed you did not win. You should have, you were great...."]
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“Jesus why don’t you just fuck her in the middle of the room?” Gwen muttered as she took a sip of her champagne. With what she was going through, she was happy that she could finally enjoy a drink as she was no longer pregnant and her life wasn’t that great. Of course the only thing good to come from their relationship was their daughter, a beautiful child who favored Dimitri more unfortunately - well not necessarily a bad thing as the man was handsome. Gwen couldn’t deny that and her beauty - the young girl was bound to blossom into a talented, wealthy, and beautiful woman. However even if they had ended things [i slightly] amicably, Gwen wasn’t one to be embarrassed. They were going to play this night out happily and then tomorrow both would agree to make a statement.
What Gwen didn’t know of course was that Dimitri was proposing for the second time to Emily as soon as possible. She didn’t know what he saw in the woman, Emily a known coke fiend apparently.
Gwen could offer him a family and especially with him being sober. But she wasn’t Emily and it was a reality she had faced.
“I’ll be back,” the male muttered leaving her side. Dimitri couldn’t focus really. Too many noises and smells - alcohol everywhere. Being sober wasn’t easy. It was the hardest act he’d to pull off in his life.
He noticed though that Emily’s ex had her close, whispering in her ear and he didn’t like that. Walking over he smiled, hand also gripping Emily’s waist which wasn’t necessarily proper but he didn’t like anyone touching his girl. He watched the look on Diego’s face. Sober or not - he’d fight anyone over Emily. “Just wanted to congratulate you - Gianna too.” He said to Emily with a smile, forced as he was trying to contain his frustration.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 12d 4h 51m 44s
The two stood together proudly.
Emily extremely happy at the sight of Dimitri doing so well, getting back on track with his life, while she on the other hand, snorted coke every chance, she could.
What was something she hardly did, now - she was dependant and tried to hide it as much as she could.

Mark wasn't lying when he spoke to Gianna about the actress's problem, something that was soon relayed onto Dimitri, but he seemed not to believe.
For a coke head, Emily held herself well.

The two spoke into the mic, infront of their peers. Majority of them happy to see the two being civil, radiating some sort of affection towards one another before Dimitri spoke out the winnder of the award.
Both clapped before getting the award, passing it over to the winner, kissing on the cheek in adoration and congratulations before stepping off to the side.

Their job was done.
Being ushered off stage, the two remained backstage - Emily holding her Oscar close to her body as she had one the nomination for the movie. Dimitri, missed out, but to her - he was still a winner.
He was going places, movies stocked up for him - money was coming in.

Being sober did him good.

Once again, they were seperated.
John came behind backstage and lured Emily away from Dimitri to which all she could do was turn her head and look at him as she walked away, not wanting to be far from the man she still loved with every fibre of her being.
The afterparty was to begin.

A grand ballroom, Actors and Actresses, mingled.
The award taken from Emily and put somewhere safe for no one to take while she enjoyed her night.
Champagne in hand - Emily smiled as she conversed with people as she considered good friends, congratulating her while she congratulated them if they had one.

Laughter and smiles.
Anything she could do to forget Dimitri was arund with Gwen by his side, trying to forget that heavy diamond was no longer on her finger. However all that changed the moment from across the room, her eyes watched and saw Dimitri saunter in with Gwen, who looked happy to be there with him.

All fake apparently.
All for show.

Emily kept on looking at him, sighing as it should of been her by his side, regretting that she left him when she needed her the most.
Giving off a soft smile to him, her gaze was distrupted by a dear friend, her ex boyfriend, Diego.
Emily smiled and began to speak to him, being civil - feeling him lean in close to speak in her ear while his hand, palmed down on her lower back to make sure she would not go anywhere as they both spoke over the music.

All the while, knowing Dimitri was with his partner, despite them not working out.
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Dimitri stood at Emily’s side. The bright lights a bit too much and admittedly he was a bit nervous. This was his first event being sober. Though the pride in Gianna’s face made him feel better. She actually had faith in him and had did her best to assure the male wouldn’t fail.
He could also detect her relief that he had actually made it on to the stage. With Emily leading the speech, he soon followed announcing the winner of the Oscar. They were the final speakers of the evening and now heading to the after party. Dimitri had exhaled once the curtains were drawn and they were backstage. He was a bit stressed out.
He was trying to figure what was the best way to go about his plan he had conjured in just an hour. He had promised to have Emily as his wife and he was dedicated to that. Though he wasn’t sure what was the best way to let Gwen know or when. To be honest he wanted Emily as his fiancé that same night, but he had brought the mother of his child with him to the venue.
“You did do good !” Gianna’s voice distracted him from his thoughts, her arms thrown around his neck. She pulled away to look at him then, noticing his strain - eyes looking at Emily from a distance. “What happened ? What’s wrong?”
“Gwen and I aren’t working out and -“
“And now you’re thinking about starting back with Emily?”
“I love her. “ he tried to defend his actions.
Gianna moved the man into a corner, sighing as she felt he was doing so well and they would just go to the after party. He already had directors looking to cast him in future projects - especially after his stint in rehab and how healthy and consistent he had been. “You two are - I don’t want you to lose focus. You dote in her too much and Mark honestly says she’s a coke head. I just want the best for you. If you’re with her you’re just bound to fall back into drugs and I can’t deal with that again.” She avoided his eyes, though felt how close he was. She thought of that night of the premier - all the other nights when he would be high off drugs. Sober Dimitri was good and kind. That’s who he needed to remain as.
“What did you say he said about her?” Dimitri already in anger at hearing Emily’s name being tainted in such a way. Gianna cursed at herself for the slip of the tongue, but she knew his anger and he was doing so well - this was not the night to pick a fight.
Her hands pressed against his chest. “Hey. Breathe okay? Look I obviously can’t stop you. I know Emily doesn’t like me but the way you act - surely you love her. I just ask that you wait until tonight okay ?”
Dimitri unballed his fists then, head hanging as he tried to calm down. “Alright. “
“Thank you. Congratulate Emily on her award for me yeah? See you at the party.” Gianna kissed him on the cheek then, Mark on her arm as they were heading to the separate area where the after party was. Emily had won an award for her performance in the film, though Dimitri not so fortunate. Still he was happy and the amount of awards the film got alone had made him highly sought out - so in a way he had a win.

He soon found Gwen, towing the woman on his arms throughout the night. He tried to contain himself but Gwen could see him distracted, eyes following every movement of Emily.
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