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It was three words
The message contained 3 words that she hoped would bring Dimitri back to wherever it was he went too.
The last time she said or wrote "I love you" was when she was getting married as they were a part of her vows and everyone knew how that turned out.

If Dimitri did not come back to the Villa, a reply would of sufficed and she got both, in spades.

In the bedroom, Emily typed out the text and pressed sent before dropping the phone onto the bed where they had slept in.
Standing there with a finger inbetween her teeth, she bit down and kept her eyes on the phone but nothing yet.
Sighing, Emily dropped her hand and shifted to the side where the open close welcomed her and she grabbed clothes she would wear to travel to the movie lot.
Tight denim jeans with little rips in them.
A white bandeau top - showing off her toned, flat midriff that Dimitri loved to kiss and relieve himself on.
Hair in a ponytail as it was becoming too humid and hot for the hair to be down along with a pair of slip on shoes, easy to slide on and off.

It was either putting her hair up through the elastic band that she heard the sing.. of the cell going off.
Going to the phone fast, Emily almost slipped on the rug but caught herself - seeing the reply on him loving her too.

This made her smile.
It gave her hope.

Faith, that she was the one.

In the bathroom she brushed teeth, left her face bare but up on sunscreen moisturizer knowing her face would be prepped by the make up team and soon left the bedroom towards the stairs - seeing Gianna standing there.

Damn that babysitter.
She was everywhere!

"Is he back yet?" ... Emily asked, stepping down the marble steps with a hand on the banister before reaching the bottom, the same place she and Dimitri fucked right after their dinner date.

Soon Dimitri came into veiw.
Wandering down the stairs while his hands fumbled through his hair and his clothes to tidy himself up.
He was home.

Emily shifted from Gianna and went up the stairs, a few - meeting Dimitri and kissed him with her eyes closed.
Hands on his waist, keeping him still before pulling back moments later only to look at him.

"I'm sorry. Please dont do that to me, you got me worried..."
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 44d 5h 47m 35s
Gianna rolled her eyes at the naïve female. Dimitri was a good guy and it was true, he probably did care for the woman, but in one of his moods that grip he held on Emily could turn into something else. Gianna should know, it was the past incidents that Dimitri ran from and struggled so hard to hide. She just worried about the man and in some ways, she worried about Emily too, wishing she could see that. She could hate the woman all she wanted. And much the same as Gwen, Gianna would learn to accept the female in his life whether she wanted to or not because Dimitri, end of the day, would do what he wanted.
Gianna had headed to her bathroom, calling Dimitri on her way up the stairs. She’d gone to shower, sending a text and it was relief when he had finally responded to as she was getting dressed. They had little under an hour, he still needed to shower and get dressed he couldn’t show up in sweats and in his condition smelling like liquor. A sigh of relief escaped her lungs and she responded back to him that a car would be on its way to the address he had provided.
[b _]
Dimitri ran hands through his hair, before they returned to his legs where they tapped furiously. He didn’t know what to say to Emily, afraid to send her a text or even call her. He was a fuck up, not sure why she wanted to bother with him and of course it was because she loved him, but Dimitri didn’t want to hurt her. He knew the only way Emily would be happy was if he were to not have them a secret. It was a dangerous move, but he just didn’t know what else to do to make sure she knew even when talking to Gwen, that she was the one for him. Gwen would be the mother of his child; he couldn’t rid of the woman completely.
He stared down at his phone, Emily professing her love for the male in a text message. He sighed out, responding back.
[I ‘I love you too Em’] He’d arrived at the villa shortly, almost a coward some before entering.
Gianna was there, arms wrapped around him tight before hitting the male in the chest.
“I was worried. Don’t do something so stupid like that again!”
“I’m sorry, I just – “
“Got angry, I know,” Gianna finished for him.
“Emily?” His eyes searched for the female. Gianna sighed, knowing she could not keep the two apart if she tried. She could only do what was best for Dimitri and his career and if that meant Emily to be involved, then fine.
“Upstairs, probably finishing getting dressed.” Dimitri nodded; he’d started for the stairs to go to the female’s room.
“At least shower first, we’re going to be late.” Dimitri nodded and headed for his room, showering quickly, taking a few bumps when he had got out and finished drying off. He dressed then, allowing himself the time to figure out what to say to Emily.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 44d 17h 21m 41s
There was no changing a man.
Emily did not want to change him as all she wanted was for him to see the error of his ways, wanting the same thing that Gwen wanted, and that was for him to be better as he had perfect potential.
Dimitri just needed to know exactly what he wanted and within there in the moment, Emily knew Dimitri wanted her by the grip had on her arm as he stretched out and would not let her leave.

Emily turned around and faced him.
[i “Hey, don’t walk away from me,”] he spoke, her ears listening to him intently as she just sighed.
Mouth open, she was about to speak words but was shortly cut off by another female voice that came from the glass French doors.
Gianna had decided to come inside and ruin the moment, they would work it out and perhaps get back on the road of happiness.

Emily glared at Gianna.
A face of pure hatred as she felt Dimitri let her arm go and no longer, was he touching her.

He did not speak a word, instead, he was the one that turned and abandoned them, leaving both women in the kitchen without explination.

[b "You just...wont back off, will you? We, do not need a babysitter. We like each other. Care about one another. He doesn't want you, let it go....."] Emily spoke to Gianna before she turned and headed out the same way Dimitri exited and climbed the stairs to the bedroom where the shower called her name to wash away the chlorine.

In a few hours, they had to be on set.
How could she face him now after that little hiccup in the kitchen area?

Emily nodded and he would contact her soon as she did believe he cared for her, so she would wait.
In the shower she was nude - naked and washed her body down to be refreshed and clean for the first day of shooting but when she walked out, seeing no message on her phone, she looked confused.

Not a text.
Not a call.

Biting her lower lip, she sighed and bit her lower lip - writing a text message to Dimitri.

[b "I love you.."]

That was it.
Three words.

Yes, he was having a baby with another woman but this was before they met and before they started this affair.
She loved him yes, but he needed to show his love for her besides the sex.

Emily needed to know it was her, only her and not Gwen...or Gianna.

No more this love ...square.

They did not need a baby sitter.
She was tired of keeping this bullshit a secret, but it was what he wanted.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 44d 18h 58s
Emily was there then and while usually he would depend n the woman for comfort, a loving embrace even he could tell that she was angry or upset – both? She was talking then, her words floating in circles, his mind not really in the right place at that moment thanks to the champagne. Without meaning to he’d grabbed Emily, his grip tight as he drew her close, eyes a flame and while the man had used his strength when pleasuring Emily, admittedly this was something different, the look in his eyes different.
“Hey, don’t walk away from me,” he’d whispered, and while his actions were angry, his words were a plea. He couldn’t have Emily walk away, he loved her and though his actions weren’t always right, he was trying. He didn’t know how to love really, this was all so new and it was hard for him to do the right thing apparently.
“Dimitri,” the voice called, an echo some in his ears, all he could hear was the ringing, anger then. There was a hand there, on his and it had brought him somewhat to his senses. He could smell chlorine, his eyes darting from Gianna to Emily and fuck, what was going on. Releasing his grip he’d stumbled back, brow furrowing in confusion. He just needed to get out, get away – what was he thinking? He knew he shouldn’t have spoken to Gwen, shouldn’t have reacted that way with Emily – it was all just too much for the male.
He said not one word, instead walking out of the kitchen who knows where. They had to shoot in two hours and he was running off.
[b _]
The male had managed to score some coke, shuffling into a small cozy restaurant and heading to the bathroom. His phone was buzzing, phone calls and texts. He knew he couldn’t let Gianna down, but was too ashamed to face Emily after his actions. Maybe she’d hate him, maybe she loved him enough to be the first woman willing to try. Gianna had walked away from that situation. He just needed something to take the edge off, return him to the somewhat normal Dimitri he was. His nose burned with each inhale, his eyes closing and head resting against the cool wall near the sink where he had laid the lines out.
Blood pumping, he clumsily reached into his pocket, texting Gianna to send him a car. He could do this, he was an actor after all – he could manage to get through the long day.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 44d 18h 16m 13s
Emily was not stupid.
The two obviously had some connection and by Dimitri's reputation, he did do something with Gianna.
Worked his magic and fooled around with the woman as he did with her, but how did it all end?
Who ended what?

Running fingers through her long hair that was wet by the water of the pool, Emily wandered up the stairs, up and out of the pool - giving the last speech or so she thought.
She did not hear the mutter that Gianna spoke and thank god she didn't either.
The last thing she wanted to hear was the fact that Dimitri was having a baby considering after everything the ha been through in the last few days.

Dimitri promised not to see Gwen anymore, but wether or not he swore not to speak to her was a different thing
Emily could not tell him to stay away from Gianna as they were business partners - deep down, she was afraid that he would hurt her...

Grabbing the towel from the chair, Emily began to dab herself down as she wandered back into the Villa, seeing Dimitri on the phone.
She stopped in her tracks, unable to stop herself fro hearing the conversation.

[i “Thank you, listen Gwen – I’m sorry truly.”] ...

Emily clenched her teeth and watched as Dimitri turned and smashed a bottle in the sink out of pure frustration.
A nice big F WORD escaped his mouth before he gripped the counter top, just as Emily stepped in a little closer.

[b "I'm truly sorry...Gwen?"] she spoke, before nodding slowly, looking away. [b "Wow, you just...can't help yourself, can you? Its Gwen, me ...and I bet you fucked Gianna too at some point. Love? .... please, you don't know what that is, do you?"]

Emily began to walk away from the kitchen.
Gianna still outside.

Better, could he be better?

He seemed too be so far...
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 44d 18h 38m 11s
“Tell that to woman who begged to talk to last night, you know the one who’s having his child.” Gianna mumbled under her breath, once more diving beneath the water. It was true she cared for Dimitri, but Gianna had given up on the man. Who knew Emily probably was the one, but so was Gwen and the others before her. Eventually she would meet that part of Dimitri he kept from the world, the side of him only she knew and would Emily stay then?
Dimitri had finally gathered the courage to call Gwen back.
“What do you want?” It would be a lie to say his lips didn’t curl into a smile at the sound of her voice.
“Don’t be crass. I was returning your call.” He nibbled at the bagel he had, forgetting the juice and drinking the champagne in general.
“Oh which one? The first where you begged for me to stay in your life or the second one, telling you never to call again, you know after you pocket dialed me while fucking your little whore of a costar?” He could hear the anger in her voice, despite how calm she spoke. He really had been out of it last night. Sighing out he drank straight from the bottle.
“I’m sorry,” he finally said, his head feeling lighter.
“Sorry sorry sorry, yeah you’re always sorry.” There was a sigh on the other end, silence then. Dimitri felt bad. He didn’t know what it was, maybe the hormones from the pregnancy but Gwen was different, she sounded less selfish in a sense. “I need you to get your shit together Dimitri. If you want to be a part of this child’s life you need to get it together.” Dimitri placed the bottle onto the counter, gripping the phone tight in his hand. “You hear me?”
“I wi- I do, I will,” he finally said. He gripped the bottle of champagne and swallowed what remained.
“Good. I have an appointment soon, I’ll send you the pictures,” she promised softly.
“Thank you, listen Gwen – I’m sorry truly.”
“Don’t be sorry Dimitri,” she sighed before continuing, “be better.” The phone line ended then, and he was angry. What was wrong with him. His hand gripped the bottle tightly, knuckles turning white from the stress of his grip and without thinking he threw the bottle into the sink with such anger and force, it shattered; thick green shards of glass against the pristine sink.
“Fuck,” he muttered.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 44d 19h 10m 35s
[i “He’s my client, a friend, a confidante. . .”]
[b "Ahuh..."]

Emily raised an eyebrow as she approached the centre of the pool and stood there, keeping her eyes on Gianna who was clearly baiting her with the words she spoke, especuially the sentence that made Emily's eye narrow.

[i “Besides, what does it matter, if we are more?”]

Inside, Emily was laughing.
They weren't anything more. The way Dimitri fucked Emily, spoke on maybe loving her and wanting to be hers, Gianna was so full of shit.
Clearing her throat, she turned away and no longer looked at the Agent who did anything and everything for Dimitri and began to swim - enjoying the warmth of the water.

[i “One thing I will tell you about Dimitri, when it comes to women he will never change. He’s got – issues. I’ve tried my hardest to just get him to this point and I’ll be damned if a little side . . piece will have him distracted.”]
[b "Maybe, you should speak to your ...client. Get a few facts in ya..."] Emily spoke, giving off a smile as she waded to the other side of the pool and slowly stepped up and out of the water.

[b "You might think ..that he is a one minute man, Gianna, but that was because he hadn't found the right woman.."] Looking at Gianna once more, Emily grabbed her towel and began to wander off towards the glass French doors that were open that led inside the Villa.

Something happened between the two.
They had relations for sure and deep down Emily could tell Gianna sill wanted his ands on her.

Was there a woman that this man did not fuck?
Emily knew women, she was one - one could tell when a woman was scorned.

Luckily for her, she was the winner.
Dimitri wanted her and only her, right?

He was no longer in contact with Gwen.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 44d 19h 49m 14s
Dimitri has finally awoke, alarmed by the rustling and sounds of people moving downstairs, he’d pulled on his boxers and headed for his room once making sure the coast was clear of Gianna. He wondered where Emily had gone, his side cold from her warm body. After shrugging on some sweats and a shirt he headed downstairs to see what was going on. Of course, they were cooks, nonetheless most likely a service Gianna had ordered. Starving, he began toward the kitchen, the cooks at work, fawning some over his presence. His phone vibrated in his pockets, him finding a message from Gwen. When had he texted her? His mind tried to think, cursing himself as he recalled texting her before the dinner. Swallowing thickly, Dimitri eagerly accepted the mimosa offered, biting into some fruit. He dialed her number back, waiting for the phone to stop ringing.
[center [b ___]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/MwWj2Wy.png]] “You know most people just say good morning,” Gianna jested toward the female, her brow raising some at the statement Emily had made. It was a bit out there and in some sense a bit confrontational. She was much too hungover to figure out if it were a sense of insecurity or simple speculation.
“He’s my client,” she said finally, “a friend, a confidante. . .” It was a bit funny then, to see how Emily watched her and Gianna wondered what had brought the female to believe there was anything going on between the two, let alone that she had any interest in Dimitri besides business and a personal friendship. “Besides, what does it matter, if we are more?” Obviously she was playing games, just to sense a reaction out of the female. She knew they were fooling around, but maybe if she got Emily out of the way Dimitri would get his head in the game. He already had a woman pregnant, Gwen, who had called the female twice to let her know Dimitri had left two voicemails for her, wanting to see her – speak about the child. She would tell him eventually, considering he probably didn’t recall as he had been drunk.
“One thing I will tell you about Dimitri, when it comes to women he will never change. He’s got – [I issues]. I’ve tried my hardest to just get him to this point and I’ll be damned if a little side . . [I piece] will have him distracted.” True, her and Dimitri had had a fling, but that’s all it was. Both of them knew they couldn’t be more and of course there were times Gianna wanted to climb the man she worked with, remembering how his hands could feel, how good he felt inside her. However, there was a dark side to Dimitri that couldn’t be tamed once unleashed. It was best they kept it professional. Emily had no clue what she was getting into.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 44d 21h 12m 9s
Emily left Dimitri alone to dream.
There were only going to be certain times where she was going to be on her own and when she could take it...she did.
A little her time was not the same as being alone as that was what she feared the most.
Now she did not have to worry as she was the other half, the partner of Dimitri.

Leaning over, gently kissing his cheek and climbed out from the bed unable to sleep anymore - it was there she grabbed a towel - changed into her skimpy bikini that looked like she might as well be wearing nothing. Thong and a small top - she wandered out and ushered downstairs.

All were asleep.
Dimitri and Gianna.

It was just her to enjoy the sunrise in the pool in Spain.
Or so she thought.

Upon coming to the pool, Emily felt the humidity of the sun that would burn bright and hot today and her eyes rested on a woman swimming laps.
A sigh escaped her lips and cursed the man above in why...why was she up and why did Gianna have the same idea.
Towel on the chair, Emily tilted her head and looked at the woman who finally stood and looked back before rising to sit on the edge.

"Thought youd still be passed out. Good night was it?" She spoke - wandering around the edge towards the deep end.
Stretching, Emily raised her hands - slid them up her body and through her long hair giving out a yawn of a terrific feeling.
Her orgasms from Dimitris hands, mouth and dick were better, but a stretch yawn came awfully close.

Sitting down on the edge of the deep end, Emily kept her eyes on Gianna - both her feet in the water moving around - swirling water before slowly slinking that body in going under to get herself all wet before rising to the top - wading around.

"You and Dimitri seem close. Is there something between you two?..."
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 45d 5h 53m 18s
Her trust and belief in him was all that he needed for the moment to peacefully fall into sleep, her body nestled against his warm and naked. She was an angel then, no worries or trouble in sight. It was so relaxing Dimitri found it hard to wake, thankful their day was starting more into the afternoon for the first day of shooting. He allowed him this time to sleep, seeing how he’d been having trouble doing so lately.
[center [b _]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/MwWj2Wy.png]]
Gianna had found herself in bed, hands rubbing at her eyes hoping to erase the headache she had. It was a habit of hers, the female unable to sleep in and besides, she needed to somehow find a way to recover from the hangover before the afternoon. It was the first day of shooting after all and she had to be on her A game, always a professional. Finally sitting up, she tried to recall how she got into the room at all, not normally one to get drunk, but after a final breakup with her boyfriend she had figured it was a good enough time to let loose – that being why she had decided to dye her hair a darker color. She was finally in a mood to be somewhat more carefree. James didn’t like that everything revolved around her career, revolved around Dimitri. He didn’t understand though, by opening so many doors for Dimitri, she too had a chance of being a star sought out only to increase her popularity amongst actors and others involved in Hollywood.
Gianna always had a morning swim, the reason she was in such good shape and managed to keep a good physique. She knew while her body craved sleep, if she didn’t get up and running she would be shit for the rest of the day. She grabbed her phone, carefully placed on the dresser by Dimitri no doubt and began to reply to a few emails and missed texts, her hands already beginning to release of her clothing before grabbing her suit from her luggage and placing it on. She placed an order for lunch, knowing the male would be hungry, and of course secondly thinking of Emily. She saw the voicemail from Gwen, her brows furrowing at the message. She sighed out, that she would deal with later.
Gianna grabbed a towel and began toward the pool, pausing to head toward Dimitri’s room. She knocked, hearing no response and assuming he was still asleep, wanting to check Emily’s room, but having some hope and believing he was just asleep and in his own bed.
Gianna had stepped out toward the backyard, stretching some and removing the sunglasses she wore. The sun was already rising some and the weather warm, even the water a nice temperature as she dipped her toe in. She dove into the cool clear water, doing several laps, feeling as her body’s muscles loosened, the headache now a dull thud at the back of her mind.
She’d come up for air finally on her seventh lap, chest rising and falling, pulling up to sit on top of the side of the pool. Her hands wiped away the water, smoothing back the long dark strands. She heard the glass doors sliding open, thinking it would be Dimitri, instead looking over to find Emily.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 45d 12h 45m 10s
It wasn't something she wanted to bring out so soon, but she needed closure.
This man...even though he spoke ill of her in the beginning and she disliked him immensely, Dimitri grew on her. He made her feel things she never really felt before.
Sure she had lusted and liked a man but did she ever really love ...a man?

Laying on her side, a single sheet covering her body - Emily watched as her head rested upon her hand as her elbow rested on the mattress, leaning her up some.
Emily opened her mouth and spoke words only for Dimitri to reverse and sit down on the bed, back to her where the tattoo's that took time, patience and money was ink permanently on her skin.
Emily shifted up and knelt down behind him, wrapping arms around the body of the man that drove her wild.

[i “I want to be with you, not as a secret, I just – I don’t want to mess up,”]
Holding onto him tight from behind, Emily rested her chin upon his shoulder before tilting down, kissing his skin softly [b "I want to be with you too. We wont mess this up, I wont let it."] she replied, smiling softly as she got her answer.

Dimitri wanted her.
Partners, girlfriend ...companion. However he wanted to put it.

[i “I told you, things will work out.”]
[b "I believe you. I trust you, baby.."]

Slowly they laid down in bed together, under the sheet and held one another.
It was something she longed for and she finally got it - laying in the arms of a man she wanted for the rest of her life.

They fell asleep within seconds and it was happy.

Emily dreamt good things that night, however her eyes opened at around 5am and she turned her head - looking at Dimitri who was sound asleep.
Pushing the sheet off, Emily slowly and carefully wandered around the room and grabbed a clean dry towel and changed into her bikini's.
She could not sleep.

Slowly down the stairs, walking through the Villa, Emily took some time to herself and dove into the glistening water.
Swimming under, she swam from one end to the other before coming up for air, breathing out and opening her eyes - wading in the water.

It was nice and quiet and for once in her life, Emily was sincerely happey
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 45d 20h 26m 30s
Taking Gianna up to her room was no easy feat, despite his strength. Dimitri had managed to get her there though, heaving a deep breath as he managed to lay her down peacefully. Dimitri removed her shoes and coat, leaving the woman untucked knowing how warm it was, but he did open her window for some air.
“Night Dimitri,” she mumbled in and out of consciousness. He smiled and kissed her forehead.
“Night.” They both had a soft spot for each other, but what he felt for Emily was different than what he felt for Gianna. He’d closed her door and began for Emily’s, already stripping his clothing before closing and locking the door, he didn’t want any surprises or interruptions. She was in the bed then, laying on her side. He had looked over his shoulder at her when she spoke, quickly turning to face downward as his ears burned red. She was right, he had said that and it’s not that he regretted it or didn’t find the words genuine, but Dmitri knew that it was so sudden and it made him self conscious.
“I did,” he finally responded, now shirtless and removing his shorts. He sat on the bed, running his hand over his shoulders, the back tattoo there and present. Dimitri sighed out and ran his hand through his messy hair, now dry and tangled from the sweaty affair with Emily from earlier. “I want to be with you,” he expressed, “not as a secret, I just – I don’t want to mess up,” he had confessed. Everyone good he had been with he’d hurt with an affair. Dimitri turned then and got into the same position as Emily, facing the female. He reached out to brush his hand against her cheek, her words causing a flutter in his chest.
“I told you, things will work out.” He said softly before placing a kiss against her lips. “We just have to get through the movie and then we will be fine.” Of course there was the pregnancy he would have to deal with and that would surely cause a strain. “Don’t worry your little head alright, just – I’m not going anywhere.” He promised to the female before drawing her close, to press against his chest and place a kiss atop her head.
“Now let me sleep please, you wore me out.” He laughed then, yawning some.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 45d 21h 43m 20s
It was hard, fast and rough - just how she secretly liked it.
With the villa being large, there voices seemed to travel when one stood in the foyer and it just so happened - the two fucked on the staircase like rabbits.
The words that spilt from her mouth were dirty ones, ones that a woman or a lady would never say but Emily had too if she wanted Dimitri to fuck her exactly how she wanted.

She really didn't have too.
He knew her body and how she rocked against him just fine.

Hands choked her.
Nails dug into her skin aas he pushed hard from behind - giving her cheeks nice slaps red raw taht only made her squeal in pure excitement.
as the two finished up - he did not pull out like normal, instead he seeped inside her.
Luckily she was protected with taking a little pill every day at the same time, but it was nice, feeling it inside her body. Warm.
It came with a little suprise of an admission from her co Actor, saying the L word.


Breathing heavily, Emily opened her eyes and bit her lower lip - slowly standing up - holding onto the bannister before fixing her clothes on her body as Dimitri did the same
Face flushed red as she looked down, fixing her panties - just in time of hearing a jangle of the handle belonging to the front door.

Gianna entered, almost falling.
Emily raised an eyebrow. [b "Oh my god...she is trashed..."] she spoke, watching Dimtri wander over to his friend and Agent, helping her inside the Villa, carrying the almost passed out woman upstairs.

[i “I’ll meet you in bed?”]
[b "Yeah.... mine..."] she spoke, leaving her purse on the steps as she followed the pair upstairs.
Seperating at the top going in different directions.

In the bedroom, Emily removed her clothes and left them on the floor before finding the bathroom.
Wiping herself and her inner thighs of fluids from herself and Dimitri that was left behind before removing her heels and wandered back and landed naked in bed.
Hair down from the ponytail, make up removed, she sighed and rested.

Dimitri came in minutes later.
They would share a bed tgether - again, only to make sure they were up first to avoid suspiscion.

[b "You said the L word. What does that mean for you and me? Where do we stand?..."] she spoke softly, resting on her side, watching Dimitri as he undressed. [b "I hate having this always being a secret. I think I love you too..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 45d 22h 24m 35s
It was quick and yet it seemed to slow down some as the male held her against him, his shirt slowly drenched with sweat. Dimitri gripped Emily tight then, eyes pinched in pain then relief as he’d finally reached the moment of pleasure. He cried out against her, unable to even pull out and damn, she was on birth control wasn’t she? It was these moments when he lost control that he found it hard to think straight.
Dimitri kissed at Emily’s neck, his hand still firm on her hip and now her breast, loosening it’s hold. She still smelled sweet, even though her skin tasted salty. Rough, that’s how she wanted it, him choking her at one point, fingers digging into her bottom he was sure he’d left a mark. He was spent then, wishing to pass out there on the stirs but Gianna would arrive soon.
“Emily,” he breathed, his eyes closed as he released himself. “Think I love you,” he mumbled and though genuine even Dimitri was caught surprised by how easily it slipped out. He was fixing his pants and it was clear he hadn’t quite been paying attention to what he said, the man was actually close to passing out. “We should get in bed before-“
The door began to rattle then and it was a good thing Gianna was drunk because it took her a minute to get inside. Dimitri furrowed his brow, sobering up some as he was not used to seeing the woman in a state.
“You alright?” Gianna nodded, though the woman saw double of everything and barely padded toward the stairs, her shoes in her hands gripped tight. “Easy,” he said, though tired he was to some degree sober at least compared to the female.
“Let me get her upstairs,” he said and it was ironic because in the past this had been Gianna’s job, dragging his heavy high and blackout drunk self through back ways to evade paparazzi and into bed.
“I’ll meet you in bed?” With Gianna drunk, it’d be easier to get away with sleeping with Emily and no questions about the state of their clothes, the smell of sex only masked by the smell of alcohol.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 45d 22h 47m 12s
Again they drove through the city.
The lights brighter than they were coming in due to the amount of drinking she and Dimitri did they had to fill the void as the come down from the coke snorted was wearing off.

Emily needed to obtain longest lasting stuff, that was for sure and she would, when she got back to LA.

[i “She has to like me, enough to deal with the shit I put her through,”]
[b "You do tend to have a way with certain things.."] Emily spoke in reply, palms against her legs as she smoothed down her dress. The last thing she wanted was for the driver to see up her dress as the wet patch of her underwear, that was caused all from one man who happened to be sitting beside her.

[i “You’re crazy to think she likes me in that way and even crazier to think I’m letting you get an ounce of sleep when he return.”]
[b "Then I must be really crazy"] she replied, turning her head away from Dimitri and once more - watched outside, seeing the landscape of what she could see from the lights.
Madrid was indeed beautiful and she could not be more excited to taking a holiday here in the future with her time off.
Even if it was on her own.

Clearing her throat, silence filling the ca - it was with a little touch of a hand that made her turn her head, looking at Dimitri before looking down.
His hand slowly slid up her thigh - pushing the fabric of the dress upwards only to let his fingers push her panties to the side and let his fingers slide up and down, feeling the smoothness and wetness of the woman that made him do unspeakable things in the bedroom.

Emily gasped, biting her lower lip and quickly looked at the mirror. The driver was more focused on the road than the backseat. tilting her head back - letting Dimitri slip a few in before she grabbed his hand, making his motion go faster.

He was going to get her into so much trouble.

It all stopped the moment the car parked and Emily who was heated up exited the car followed by Dimitri who bumpd behind her, lifting up her dress before they even got to the door.

[i “What did I tell you about being a tease,”]
[b "Ive been a bad bad girl. Need to be punished..."] she whispered as they got through the door of the Villa.

Emily turned around and wrapped her arms around Dimitri's neck and kissed him passionately, growling - biting his lower lip as they backed up towards the bedroom - but they did not even make it up one step.
Breaking the kiss, Emily turned back around, pushed up her dress and slid panties down - holding onto the bannister and bent over infront of Dimitri.

An hour was all that he had.

[b "Be rough. I need you so fucking badly..."] she begged.
  MeisjeKelly / 45d 23h 29m 59s

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