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[b She] was an Actress.
An Actress who when behind a camera, was simply perfection. A real gift, she had in portraying characters that writers had written with their heart.
[b She] seemed to have it all. Money. Fame. Fans, but behind the camera behind closed doors, the Actress was miserable. Having been divorced twice already at the age of 28, sleeping around to get where she was, being a drunk. Fame and Fortune, wasn't everything.

[b He] was an Actor.
An Actor whose background was British and excelled in the British Arts. Shakespeare on stage was his starting point, however the handsome English man who was tall and ever so rug-ed became known as the new Actor portraying James Bond.
[b He] was a world wide sensation and everyone knew his name.

[b They] both signed on to film a movie in Africa.
Truth be told, [b He] refused at the beginning due to word in ear that even though she was a siren and America's sweetheart, her life was an utter mess and had no control of it. He wanted a professional to play his love interested. An Actress great on screen and off screen.

[b They] did not get along.

The longer they were together, the more they started to grow on one another.

What happens next?
Entirely up to you.

[b She] - played by me.
[b He] - played by you.

PM me if interested.


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She was there, barely clothed in his sheets that draped her body. Dimitri was trying not to be rude and trying to turn back time. Was it a mistake? He wasn't sure. He could tell she was still in a flurry of pure bliss from their relations earlier. He inhaled deeply, dropping his head down before looking over his shoulder and finally taking the woman's presence in full. He knew it wasn't right to just kick her out in all sense. She was probably tired, maybe a bit tipsy and despite how much Dimitri trusted his driver he just knew that wasn't a condition to send a woman in. He could sleep in the living room on the couch, or stay in the bed with her, the male just didn't know how the woman would react when completely sober.
Her hand was warm, her breath so soft and it took everything in him to not try to ravage her again, despite being tired and knowing they were to be up and ready for work in just a few short hours. Dimitri hung his head and decided to listen to his desires. He'd turned, flicking the cigarette over the balcony before turning to bring the female to him, his hands slipping into the sheets to grab her close. He couldn't help his hands roaming over her warm behind and God how much he wanted her again.
"No," he finally started as he nuzzled her neck, her scent. "Just stay, I'll make sure you're okay for tomorrow." He figured it was best not to upset the female. Last time she had sprayed water in his face, he hadn't fully experienced her anger or wrath. Maybe it was just him falling into the trap of her body that was dazzling him. "I have some clothes, they should fit you in case you want to you know - shower when you wake," he suggested. He'd a bunch of clothes he'd bought for Gwen, clothes she would never wear that just took up space in his closet.
Dimitri could still feel Emily's lips against hers, taste her. His hands roamed over the female's behind, cupping her perfectly sculpted bum.
"This was bad," he whispered, now sobering up. He was fighting himself, his tongue taking purchase in the crook of her neck as he lapped at her skin, kissing her. He knew this could lead to more trouble than it solved. What had he been thinking?
"I want you, again," he finally crooned, biting down roughly. She was the forbidden fruit, he'd already taken a piece, why not finish the whole thing? But after this no more? It'd be hard, but he'd have to ignore the female, even after tasting such a delicacy. He'd have to learn to keep his distance, this was supposed to be a one-night thing.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 5h 41m 9s
It was a night she would not forget.
They both wouldn't forget.

The two that had hatred for one another had just overcome the anger and ended up in bed having...the greatest sex Emily ever had.
How it came to be, was foggy. They were drunk and..buried the hatchet. One would expect just dinner and they would go on their merry way.
Instead, they fucked like rabbits, Dimitri making Emily orgasm more than once.

Turning to Dimitri, she spoke on words that she should go home and before she knew it, his arms wrapped around her naked form and pulled her in close to him.
A kiss rested upon her lips.

Another kiss, one that wasnt forced. It felt...right.
A smile formed upon her mouth as she pulled away but with all good things, they all had to come to an end.
Dimitri went from ..kind and..loving to someone she saw earlier on in the day.

The cold..jerk.

Leaning back, Emily rested on her side and watched as Dimitri got up out of bed, naked for a split moment and soon put on his clothes, speaking on getting the car for her.
She should of known better.

Dimitri was just going to fuck and leave her.
Who would blame him?
Emily did the same thing, but now..it was happening to her.

It didnt feel nice.

'Dimitri .." she spoke...soon moving from the bed naked and wandered around the bed and began making her way over to where Dimitri stood.
Outside on the balcony, dressed while she was naked - still wearing the heels upon her feet.

Behind him, she slowly moved her hand up his back before placing it upon his shoulder.
She slowly moved around and faced him, leaning in and kissed his lips with her eyes closed.

Letting out a soft moan as she pulled back.

"I'd like to stay...but only of you want me too. If not....I'll get my things."..
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 10h 29m 11s
Dimitri's hands roamed through his hair, massaging his scalp as he tried to figure out exactly how they'd gotten to this point. [I Interesting] he thought, it surely was interesting. This was unexpected and now it'd be a lie if the male didn't have secondhand thoughts on if he made the right decision. But the sound of her voice, breathless, even just closing his eyes and replaying the love making made it hard for Dimitri to decide if what they did was wrong.
No, he'd decided. It was just something for fun. Though tired and spent, his body still craved for her, the monster in him never really satisfied. He could already feel himself craving Emily. Dimitri and addiction had come hand in hand. He resisted though, his energy limited at the moment. He really needed to get back on his workout regimen.
His hand instinctively reached out for Emily, drawing the female close to him, still reeling from the pleasure and coming off his high. He kissed her, not really in the right mind. "Wasn't the apology I was going for," he'd said. Dimitri rubbed at his eyes, not really wanting to let the female go, but knowing there was no way for her to leave in the morning without catching attention. Plus, Gianna would not appreciate seeing her if she were to barge into his place like she usually did.
"Go," he'd repeated. He was sobering up now, kicking himself in the ass mentally for letting them get this far. It was okay though, right? One time only, no more hatred or bad blood between them, everything would be cordial - at least he hoped so.
Dimitri sat up then, leaning over to grab his shorts and pull them on. He couldn't look at her, not sure what was the confusion it came to his feelings and it did come off cold. He didn't mean to be rude, so cold or distant but Dimitri knew he had crossed a boundary with Emily and he was beating himself up about it.
"I can get you a car back to your hotel," he suggested, his eyes looking anywhere but directly at her. It wasn't so much that he was embarrassed, Dimitri just had switched into professional mode. He shrugged on a sweater, reaching into his pants pocket for his phone and smokes. He had no messages or missed calls which were good. Stepping out onto the balcony of his bedroom, he lit the smoke. The puff of air was relieving, his shoulders sagging after the sweet inhale.
"Or, you can sleep over," he suggested over his shoulder. "Whatever you prefer."
If Gianna found out she would kill him.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 10h 48m 34s
Emily continued to lay there - naked with not a single solitary item of clothing upon her body.
All the while, Dimitri just looked up and down at her, making the woman raise an eyebrow as he still did not speak a word.
[b "You're staring."] she spoke softly, breathing heavily as she laid upon the very expensive sheets of the king sized bed that made her look like the size of an ant.

A smile came to her lips the moment one showed up on his, a smile that gave her the nod that what he saw, he did enjoy seeing, just as she did him.
Within seconds, Dimitri did not waste any time and lent down - showering Emily kisses upon her lips that were sensual, only move down her body lower, lapping up her breasts and inbetween her legs.
It was all to get her ready, but hell, she already was, she was ready the moment she laid eyes on him earlier in the day when his soaked shirt clung to his skin, outlining those ripped abs.

Dimitri quickly removed his pants and boxer briefs, leaving him bare and nothing to the imagination.
There he was, all in his glory - big and somewhat scared her of what was to come.
However, her hands pushed the Actor back to where he sat on the middle of the mattress and she shifted her body, sitting ontop - facing him with long legs wrapped around his waist.
Lowering herself onto the hardness that was all for her with only his hands - gripping her bare ass, giving it a tight squeeze as moans and words escaped their mouths on how good it felt.

Emily was putty in his hands.

Completely weak and completely his to do whatever he wanted, and he did.
Positions upon positions they tried, Emily's favourite was her legs on his shoulders with her hands up - gripping the headboard as it banged against the wall from the force upwards.
Screams of pleasure filled his home that night.
Drunken screams that were loud from the female and grunts, dirty words shared by the male.

Due to the drugs, the sex lasted to all hours but Emily did not want it to stop.
Saying [i don't stop..] was something she said a lot as Dimitri pushed her sweet spot on numerous occasions until she climaxed the final time and when she did - so did he.

Sheets were all messed up.
Several items from the bedside table were knocked off onto the floor due to hands and feet colliding with them.

Dimitri slid out from inside her and rolled onto his back, where the sheet was slowly pulled up over his waist.
Emily who was already on her back, breathing heavily - rolled onto her side and looked at him, unable and not sure on what to say.

It all happened so fast.

[b "Well...that was, interesting ....."] she spoke softly, keeping her eyes on him.
[b "Something, I ...did not expect to happen..."]

Turning her head, she planted her face down into the pillow and sighed, breathing out.
Her body completely satisfied, but was he?..

[b "Maybe, I should go...now..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 11h 40m 37s
Dimitri's eyes wandered over the female in astonishment. Her body a sight of wonders. A soft growl escaping his lips, it wasn't long before he ravaged the female. It was a flurry of excitement as he'd held the woman by her waist, lips exploring her bare skin from her neck to her inner thighs. Hungrily he lapped at the feeling, his mind soaring at every squirm, moan, and twitch of pleasure that was derived from the female. It became too much for him to contain before he finally procured her, legs around his waist propping the female up. It was entangled limbs, heavy breathing and passionate kisses. Messy, it was hot, and it was messy. He'd tried his hardest not to lose himself, but she tasted good and felt so soft in his hands. Her body was like playdoh, switching between melting between his palms and easily being molded by the very same hands.
She was beautiful and enticing, a woman so dangerous for someone like him. How could she be without someone at her side, forcing the female to stay home. A body like hers he couldn't imagine how anyone would let a goddess with a body so divine leave the bed, let alone the house. How could he think like that? Someone he'd despised until this very night and now he wanted all of her, wished to consume her until there was nothing left.
"Shit," was one among the plenty of curse words that the male growled, his hands holding her frame against his from the back, tossing and turning and watching the woman sometimes taking control. He was at her demand in that moment, in that state of mind so ravaged by his sexual desires, he would do anything to continue to have a taste of her.
She felt light, so small in his hands and at times easy to control, her breasts sitting in his palms where he lapped at them lazily, her fingers intertwined with his when the pleasure became too much and he didn't know what to do.
He was an animal, trying his hard to contain the beast inside him that raged on, the wanting to show her how much she made him yearn with every smirk and every swish of her hips, even if before now she'd been the most annoying female he'd ever met. His power was dangerous, strength insurmountable where he had to be sure not to leave a mark, a bruise on the beautiful woman.
The drugs had prolonged the love making, Dimitri's kisses sloppy from the liquor. It wasn't long before Dimitri found it hard to contain himself to the point of climax. He hovered over her frame, his hands gripping her behind firmly to himself as he tried to regain his breath, eyes pinched tight. The sheets of the bed were carelessly tossed about, her scent now mixed with his and masked by the aroma of the passionate affair. Finally regaining his sense, he released himself, sweating poling at his temples and his eyes fully opening to lie upon Emily. It was different then, him not really sure how he felt about her, falling into his routine of offering languid kisses against her bare skin, salty against his lips.
He rolled over then, laying on his back and trying to make sense of what'd just occurred.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 12h 1m 55s
The car was indeed nice.
A car like what he had could go fast but Emily wondered of he would go faster.
Nice and gentle in the beginning to get feeling and then completely ruin her body with going hard and fast as she begged for it.

There was only one way to find out.

The kiss finally happened but it was received on the crook of her neck a single moment after speaking that she wanted to be taken to bed.
Or really anywhere for that matter, she was drunk and horny - needing to get filled and with Dimitri close by, he was the one.
Hands upon her body to keep her upright and guide her in the direction of the elevators - it was not long until they were both inside the silver box, code put in and they were taken up towards the apartment, loving the feeling of her stomach being weak from the force up.

No strings attached.
Just one single night of sex.
What harm could it do?

The floorplan of his home was nice.
Very open, spacious and everything had a place. Wandering inside, Emily's heels clicked against the tiled floor as her eyes looked around.
"Good taste in cars and home. Maybe you arent as bad with making poor choices as I thought..." she spoke, placing her handbag down onto the couch.
Turning to face Dimitri, the urge was only getting stronger with the two of them and second later, a kiss upon her pouty lips was made.
A kiss that she returned with his hands cupping her ass tight to make sure she wouldnt go anywhere.

The kiss was hot, passionate - open with a little hint of tongue.

That was one way to pracetise for their scenes.

"Bed..." she spoke while pulling back.
A word that was motioned by Dimitri leading her into the bedroom and plopping her o to the large mattress that seemed to overthrow her small frame.

Eyes watched Dimitri intently.
His hands being unbuttoned his shirt slowly - opening it up only to show off that chiseled body that only Gods could have along with all the tattoos he sat down to get and bared with the pain.
"..wow..." she whispered to herself before slowly laying down as Dimitri stepped forward and crawled onto of her - hovering above her body with his strong arms holding him up.

Eyes still on him - not looking away, slowly Emily pushed the straps of her dress down over her shoulders and dragged down the fabric from her body.
Over her breasts that bounced out, becoming free with no bra.
Down passed her flat stomach and passed the intimate area where Dimitri would pleasure and do a the pounding.
A skimpy little black lace thong upon her skin to which - with the dress she grabbed and pushed them both down.

Naked on Dimitri's bed.

There was something she thought she'd never do.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 23h 25m 11s
Dimitri took her hand, smirking at her comment. "Yeah, well I figured going over the limit as drunk as I am wouldn't be the smartest." He chuckled a little, drawing the woman in close so as to close any space between them. Why not just take her here in the parking lot, as drunk as he was? He had strength though, even as his hands wandered along the curve in her back until they rested at her waist. "Oh, I'll take you," he whispered against her neck, leaving a light kiss just at the crook. Dimitri went for her and again, guiding her toward the elevator. He punched in his code, allowing the doors to close finally and head up toward his apartment. He'd stepped behind Emily. No strings attached right? He repeated the thought in his mind as he pressed the female against him, clearly excited at her presence.
The building he stayed at only housed the finest elites in the city, actors, businessmen and sometimes their mistresses too. They were all extravagantly designed and specific to the taste of the renter. Dimitri was a very simple man, not really one for color and more a fan of black and white.
He unlocked the door, the lights automatically turning on in the apartment. The kitchen to the right, his glass from earlier still on the counter next to the bottle of liquor. The ceiling to floor windows were still open, a beautiful view of the sparkling city. Just standing there, at the highest level made you really feel like you were on top of the world. It was an open floor arrangement, the dining room to the left which rarely was used due to how often he was gone on set or out of the city. The living room had art on the walls, the one thing Dimitri admittedly spent a lot of money on. A large tv and entertainment center pressed against the wall.
And then of course there was the bedroom, door idly open and he was glad for once he'd remembered to have the apartment cleaning staff clean while he was gone. It was maddening then, how much he wanted her, the urge he had.
Dimitri grabbed the woman by the waist, his lips finally finding hers and man was it a kiss. His hands cupped her from behind, muscles strong enough to hoist the woman up around, her legs around his waist. He couldn't hold in the moan of pleasure that had escaped his lips.
"Right, bed" he suggested in a whisper against her lips, breathless and hungrily taking her lips again. She tasted bad, in a good way knowing they shouldn't have been doing this, but it made it all the more exciting.
One night only.
Plopping the female on the bed Dimitri looked over her, taking in the sight of the female dwarfed in size in his king-sized bed. The white sheets already creasing at the small weight of her body. Large hands began to unbutton his shirt, a fit body underneath and now before her the countless tattoos he'd gotten. Licking his lips, he inched closer, hovering over her bare-chested, his hands on either side and against the bed. He was so close, close enough to smell her and she smelled divine. Why was his attraction for the female growing stronger every second?
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 1d 9h 17m 55s
Removing her jacket from the back of the chair, Emily did not put it on as the temperature inside the restaurant started to become stuffy and a little heated.
Heated from the temperature right?
It wasnt the fact that she was somewhat borderline drunk - way passed tipsy was it? Or was it the fact that she was getting all hot from all the thoughts that ran through her mind.

Those dirty thoughts.
The lustful thoughts on what she wanted to do to Dimitri when and if they had the chance.
"Your place, it is..."
Stepping away from the table, billed paid and completely taken care of, it was not long until the car that Dimitri owned rolled up to the front due to the Valets service and handed over the keys.

The door opened.
Slowly Emily made her way inside, letting one long leg inside before lifting in the other in, putting the jacket onto the backseat.
Legs together, purse on the side of her right thigh, Emily looked out the windshield and watched as Dimitri wandered around the car and slithered in the drivers seat, buckling up and soon took off.
Not much was said during the car ride.
Amazing on what alcohol and an apology could do.

It was just sex after all.
No string attached.

Emily did not bother fixing the dress that made it's way up her thighs the moment she sat down in the car but rather felt it would add a little more excitement to the evening.
The fabric moved up a little more - showing off more skin as the car drove towards his home, soon finding solice in the reserve parking space.
Underground carpark.
Away from prying eyes how would sell people out to make a quick buck.

Sadly, that's how it was nowadays.
No one has privacy

The engine stopped.
Door opened and Dimitri got out, soon opening her door acting as if he was a gentle man and held out his hand.
Emily reached out and took it willingly.

Jacket remaining in the back seat but purse in hand that held her keys..fell and the most important powder medicine, soon she stood up and out of the car, keeping her eyes upon the man who would play beside her in the movie that would ultimately change their lives.

"You do have a very nice car. I like fast cars..." she spoke, biting her lower lip.

"Take me to bed..."
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 1d 10h 37m 44s
Dimitri was honestly surprised that she had readily agreed. Though much the same, he concluded she probably battled with the thought internally. Dimitri smirked, trying to figure out what would be easier.
"We can do mine," he suggested, considering it'd be a little easier to slip in and out. Running his hand through his hair, he shoved his hand in his pockets to find his keys. Going back to his place? It was crazy, and yet the playful smirk on his face couldn't be wiped off. It was the drugs maybe and of course the liquor, but could it be that all that annoyance and hatred was due to a simple case of sexual tension? One and done that's all it'd be and then they could stop biting each other's head off every time they saw each other. Of course, leaving wouldn't be so conspicuous. If anything it would appear he was giving the girl a ride home.
He approached the valet to retrieve his car, glad that they'd come outside since it was beginning to get a bit hot and stuffy inside the restaurant.
The young male attendant had pulled up in his car, offering Dimitri his keys before graciously accepting the tip that Dimitri offered. Dimitri opened the passenger side door for Emily, placing his hand carefully at the end of her back. His eyes wanted to remain there, roam against her backside, but they were in public. He'd keep this as low key as possible.
Once in the car, he sighed out in relief, turning his attention to the female he watched her carefully. It was hard to resist her he admitted, his hand snaking up her dress carefully with a sense of exploration. She was warm and soft as he imagined. Should he turn her away now, or continue, not wanting to think about it for fear he'd chicken out and retreated his hand. Right, he could wait until they had reached his apartment.
Finally starting the car, the male began toward his place. He'd drawn into the garage and parked, knowing that he could escape the front desk. There was always that one staff member that the tabloids had on their pay list. They'd spill anything for a hefty sum. Opening the car door for Emily, he casually hung against the door frame, staring at her lips. Kiss her now or make her wait? It was beginning to be too much of a turn on, the more he lingered on the ideas of what he'd do to her. If Gianna knew he was up to this the woman would have his head, probably be around him twenty-four seven to make sure it never happened again. He smirked knowingly. Hell if Gwen found out, broken up with or not, she would go nuts. The woman was terribly territorial and jealous.
"Ready?" He finally asked, extending his hand out for hers.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 1d 10h 59m 38s
Her hand was let go.
It was let go of a man who rather go to the bathroom and take a line rather than remain seated and speak to her about ...anything really.
Then again, if Emily had to make the choice, she would of done the same.

It was amazing of how much a white substance ruled ones life.

Emily kept hers hidden in a hollowed out crucifix on a chain, in her handbag.
Pulling the top off revealed a small spoon inside that carried the cocaine, it was easier to use that utensil rather than leaning over a bench and snorting.

Leaning back on the padded chair, Emily breathed out - get body becoming warmer, eyesight getting a little burry and her inhibitions way out the window now.
Finishing the last of her drink, she ultimately decided that was enough for the evening.

The last thing she wanted to do was to embaress and make a mockery of herself infront of the man that could potentially ruin her career if he found out anything, but all in all, now she had something to hold against him.
Moments went by and it was not long until Dimitri came back, all refreshed - high and ready to go.
Emily said nothing.

Instead, watched as another round of drinks rested on the table long with the with check that he took before she could.
What a gentleman.
[i "To the movie"..]
[b 'To [i our] movie..."] she replied, holding up her glass - giving it a little clink of his own.
He paid for it all, which gained some brownie points in her book but it wasn't going to make up for the hell he put her through.

The two remained in silence, drinking as the atmosphere started to become awkward but with the choice to break the nice, Emily's eyes widened a little at the words that soon slipped from Dimitri's mouth that only made her put the glass back down onto the table.
He leaned in closer, spoke words in a growl - trying to keep it hushed and on the down low.

[b "What?...'"]
[i "How about we, get out of here?"]

[i "Say no, Emily...say no!"] she thought in her mind, but her mouth ran faster than her brain
[b "Okay, what the hell..."] she replied, looking down and finished off the vodka before sowly standing up and regained some balance - grabbing her purse and jacket.

[b "Your place or mine?..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 2d 22h 41m 52s
Dimitri thought of her words as she grabbed his hand. He was distracted then by how soft her hands were, the way her eyes watched him as though she were reading his mind. He smirked some, his hand lingering on hers before she'd pull it back entirely.
"Ah, so now I should really be nice or else you'll spill my secrets eh?" Dimitri resisted the urge to encroach her space once more, to take her lips with his in wanting, the taste of liquor on both of their lips. [I I'll wait] he heard her whisper as he'd started to walk away. Wait, maybe in that head of shiny blonde hair there too were thoughts of what the two could do. The many ways their bodies could be entangled. His hands gripping her so close there would almost seem like no space to breathe.
Finally reaching the bathroom he reached into his pocket for his phone. Dimitri chuckled at Gianna's frantic texts, worried she hadn't heard from him since that afternoon and if he had did what she asked. Rolling his eyes, he responded to her message, letting her know that he'd taken the princess to dinner and all was well. He promised to message her when he awoke, not letting on that he was still in the restaurant with Emily, both of them at a point of intoxication where they were willing to get into a little trouble. Staring at himself in the mirror he had to shake his head at the thought. It was a crazy thought, but how much could it hurt? He was single and she was single.
Hell, she didn't seem shy in one-night stands and neither was he. They'd both get over it quickly, treat it just as a simple hookup and go about their professional lives no problem. "Fuck," he muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. He'd decided to take the shot, worst case scenario she would say no. That too could prove a good thing. He'd wanted her to say yes though.
Dimitri headed into one of the stalls, pulling the vial from pocket then after making sure the door was locked. He dusted a line onto the back of his hand, raising it carefully before inhaling the powder. He felt his nose turn cold, the bitter taste of chemicals at the back of his throat as it began to continue down. After one more, he made sure to clear his nose and wash his hands before heading out. There was more pep in his step, his hands in his pockets desperate to hold onto someone, to ravage them entirely. That could go two ways - having relations with someone or getting into a fight.
Finally reaching the table, he carefully watched the woman and how the candles gave her an unearthly glow. Licking his lips, he sat down, putting his hand up to catch the waiter's attention.
"Another round," he said, "and the check." The waiter had come back with his order, taking his card to run for the bill. "To the movie?" He suggested as a cheer while raising the glass. Taking it all in its entirety, shiny eyes looking the female over, he leaned over.
"How about we, get out of here?" He suggested in a low drawl, biting on the bottom of his lip, wanting to bite hers.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 3d 6h 52m 45s
"I dont have any comments yet to your character. All you have done is read the script
Actions you have not made. Dont worry...I'll comment when I need too..." Emily replied back, again - taking another swig of her drink until it was empty.
Drugs she did do.
Alcohol..almost took over her life - however on this occasion, she tried really hard not to show her weaknesses, especially to a man who would hold them against her.

With the sight of the drink being done - another one was ordered, poured and was placed in front of her while the empty was taken away.
The two continued to enjoy their meals.
Emily's dinner was one she often had whoever she visited Ciccone's. She didnt like to change to something new when what she had..was perfectly done.

Romance was something Emily did not have.
Men were just quick rides she had to make her less lonely and scratch the itch but when it came to flowers, dates...special outings and the big L word, Emily did not get involved.
Too complicated.
She did not want another marriage that turned out to be an utter mistake and made her feel upmost humiliated.

One night stands were just as good.
Rough sex, no regrets.

Emily - while finishing her meal, asked Dimitri the same question.
Was he taken?
Secretly married?
Turned out, he was single and it was while looking at him, listening to his response Emily looked down and somewhat gave off a smile.
In her mind, she spoke to herself..speaking on no wonder he was single with a smug attitude like that.

She didnt say it out loud though.

"Single is better. You dont need to worry about partners feelings. Just quick random acts of sex and enjoyment.." she spoke, placing her fork and knife onto the plate - again taking another sip of the vodka to wash it all down.

What came next was her eyes watching Dimitri slowly stand up - speaking on being excused to go to the bathroom.
Emily was not stupid.
Was not born yesterday.

One who did come.. knew about the getting away for a quick fix and it was while he almost turned from his seat to head away that she grabbed his hand.

"Go into a cubicle and do it. Any evidence...theyll screw you up for it. Wipe it all away.." she spoke before letting go.
"I guess...I have something on you now too, dont I?" She spoke softly, giving off a smile, leaning back on the padded chair - getting drunker and wanting to have a little fun.

"I'll wait..."
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 3d 15h 13m 3s
Dimitri snorted, "Have we not read the same script?" He asked sarcastically. "I mean surely you may have some comments on myself playing Daryl?" As someone who mostly did action roles, it had come to his surprise when Gianna had mentioned he was up for the gig and though he had faith in his abilities, he did doubt some if he'd do good in the romance spectrum. It'd be a challenge. Dimitri finished the drink, taking to eating more of his food. He was just trying to keep conversation. The more he talked the less he looked at her and once they were done he was sure they would both go about their nights respectively. Wouldn't they?
He admitted he was shocked that the woman was in some respect single, no one ravishing that woman's body at night. He wondered what went on with his female's romantic life. Failed marriages, one that had only lasted seventy-two days. Were these all publicity stunts or had her exes at some point actually been in love: maybe only in lust. He'd figured that wasn't something that he could easily ignore and surely none of her past lovers could either. So what made the woman tick? Or what exactly was going on in her head, her past. He wondered with an attitude like hers had she simply just closed off anyone from having the possibility of getting close to her.
Taking another bite, he washed the meal down with water, his phone vibrating in his pocket. He ignored it though, not wanting to be rude and that was a first especially considering his company.
"My life," he whispered thinking about Gwen. "'s complicated," he started and shrugged, ignoring the vibrating again and this time he was sure it was Gianna looking for an update. She normally texted back to back when he hadn't responded. He could feel his head becoming light. He was tipsy alright. "'m single." He simply mentioned and left it at that. He wasn't sure if Gwen and him would last. She was a gorgeous woman who was filled with so much spunk, but she was completely absolved with herself. He'd admit with his bad boy ways and at times kind of rugged demeanor, Dimitri ultimately wanted to settle down with someone. Maybe start a family even with how chaotic his schedule could be with acting and constantly travelling, being in the spotlight. It was possible though, he was sure of it. There were plenty of successful married actors. He'd find it soon, enjoying the freedoms of being a bachelor at this point anyways.
They'd had another reading tomorrow, this scene toward the end and this time not over a table which meant less distance. They'd be face to face. He had finally finished his meal, satisfied and laying back. He was stuffed, he was drunk, and definitely need to be in bed with someone. Maybe he'd have to call Gwen. He knew she probably wouldn't come though, him being drunk and all. With another reading tomorrow, he knew he needed to be up early.
"Excuse me," he finally said as he started for the bathroom. He needed a pick me up and he needed to see what Gianna wanted. Eventually the woman would call him if he didn't respond to her soon enough.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 3d 16h 51m 31s
[i "It's no problem, we'll call it even. My apartment has free dry cleaning anyways."]

Emily felt that all of this was far from even.
She wasn't the one that verbally bashed him on live tv, but in that moment, she deicded to bite her tongue and say nothing more - just simply forced a smile and nodded at his words.
It was fine for her - she didn't have to fork out money to get his shirt dry cleaned.

It wasn't her being cheap, she just simply did not want too after everything.
[b "Alright. Even.."] she replied, leaning back on her chair, asking the day old question on what it was they should do or talk about now.
As the owrds escaped her throat, the Waiter arrived with both of their meals on a platter along with their drinks.
Food down infront of them correctly, it was not long until the two Actor's dug into their food with Dimitri's words of [i "Now, we eat.."]

The food kept on getting better.
Same with the vodka. Every drink, one after the other was as good as the next. Perhaps it was just her body getting warm and fuzzy - getting heated from the alcohol.
Inhibitions began to go out of the window.

[i "How're you liking the project so far?"]
[b "So far? ...So far its been....entertaining. It's only just begun Dimitri...how can I answer that?..."] she replied, putting down her fork and reached to the side where she gripped her glass, bringing it to her lips and once again - took a nice sip.

[i "Anyone in your life at the moment?"]

What a question to ask.
What was he up too?

Emily paused but kept the glass to her lips, eyes on Dimitri as he slowly unbuttoned a little more from his shirt.
Clearing her throat, slowly she placed the glass back down onto the table and shook her head.

[b "No, no one in my life at the moment. Just..having fun. What about you?..."] she replied.
The man was going to be the death of her - in pure annoyance and desperatly wanting.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 3d 20h 49m 28s
Dimitri sighed out, she looked satisfied and he was glad to see that, filled with much relief. He knew to text Gianna soon, let her know with pride that he had managed to evade any further issues. He'd done proper damage control and knew that if the two kept up this type of behavior then maybe there would be a future for them. Brushing his hair back, he cocked his head some at the female's following words. He admitted he was quite shocked to see her apologizing. Though, it did show signs of a matured female, surely something he never thought her to be.
"It's no problem," he mentioned with a wave of his hand. "We'll call it even. My apartment has free dry cleaning anyways." The waiter had returned then with their meals and a drink for Emily and him without asking. He didn't bother correcting the female, shrugging as he took a sip of the water he'd also replaced. Dimitri, eagerly took his fork in hand.
"Now?" He questioned the female, his fork winding around the thin spaghetti. "Now we eat" he'd suggested with a smile. Things were going smoothly for them and he figured they'd be able to eat peacefully now. He could feel her leg brushing against him and how quickly she had pulled back, bashful almost he could tell by the way her chest rose somewhat quickly with every breath she took.
He admitted though that it was a bit awkward, they'd never had a conversation before. He didn't know what to say. After taking a bite, he sipped at the whiskey in his glass. "So," he started, "How're you liking the project so far?" It was small talk really, anything to rid them of the awkward silence though the distant chatter of the fellow customers did help some. Dimitri though had been distracted by the female: her hands, her eyes, her lips. "Anyone in your life at the moment?" That'd be something good to know, he'd worked with an actress before who had a pretty jealous boyfriend and it did not prove fun for the actor at the movie's premier, especially with the drugs in his system. He'd been ready to fight and had Gianna not pulled him into the limo through the back door, it would've been a nasty front page the next day. Gianna was good like that, always able to get him out of trouble. He'd slowed down on the drugs then some, only using every now and then.
It made no sense an addict still using, but the life of Hollywood could be stressful. He was careful though knowing that Gianna wouldn't dare to let him fall back into his true old ways. Dimitri raised the fork to his mouth, licking at it carefully. What would it be like if he indulged himself in the female? Sipping more at the liquor he could feel himself getting hotter. Careful, he'd unbuttoned his shirt once more.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 3d 21h 24m 53s

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