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[b She] was an Actress.
An Actress who when behind a camera, was simply perfection. A real gift, she had in portraying characters that writers had written with their heart.
[b She] seemed to have it all. Money. Fame. Fans, but behind the camera behind closed doors, the Actress was miserable. Having been divorced twice already at the age of 28, sleeping around to get where she was, being a drunk. Fame and Fortune, wasn't everything.

[b He] was an Actor.
An Actor whose background was British and excelled in the British Arts. Shakespeare on stage was his starting point, however the handsome English man who was tall and ever so rug-ed became known as the new Actor portraying James Bond.
[b He] was a world wide sensation and everyone knew his name.

[b They] both signed on to film a movie in Africa.
Truth be told, [b He] refused at the beginning due to word in ear that even though she was a siren and America's sweetheart, her life was an utter mess and had no control of it. He wanted a professional to play his love interested. An Actress great on screen and off screen.

[b They] did not get along.

The longer they were together, the more they started to grow on one another.

What happens next?
Entirely up to you.

[b She] - played by me.
[b He] - played by you.

PM me if interested.


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Dimitri could tell the woman was more than annoyed, she was pissed and even more so because he had embarrassed her. He had promised to walk the carpet with her. “I overslept,” he slurred out to her, scratching at his neck as he tried not to watch her. Everything was much too loud and distracting, he wanted the night over already surprisingly, but he knew that wasn’t really him talking. It was the drugs and the alcohol.
Frowning he looked toward the female, knowing at least his eyes still weren’t bloodshot, but they were helping from the flashes of the cameras. He truly did have a migraine, he’d been hungover a lot, his vices taking over the man’s body and Emily none the wiser.
“Hey don’t fu-. Don’t talk to me that way,” he whispered to her, knowing if anything he couldn’t allow Emily’s career to be tainted by the media posting all about a public argument for the hottest engaged couple in business. He sighed and removed the sunglasses, placing them back into his jacket pocket.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to react that way.” He was coming off his high and the realizations of being sober was making his skin itch. If anything he needed a drink. He knew they would be announcing their engagement at the dinner and then the movie would show. A movie which had pretty good ratings from critics who had seen it’s release already. This was definitely a possible Oscar winner. Timidly he pulled the woman in, pressing a kiss to her forehead then lips. “I love you. I’ll make it up to you okay?” He couldn’t walk in with her but he would be with the woman every step of the way, for the rest of their lives.
Smoothing back the gel styled hair, he smiled down at the woman – his soon to be wife.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 2h 46m 50s
It truly was a beautiful dress.
A dress that hugged her body in the right places as it was made for her and only her by Dior.

A slender, sleek dress that hit the floor with a reasonable train behind her.
Low cut, showing off a little bit of the goods that Dimitri loved to fondle along with her back that was completely shown due to it being backless.
Emily had the body and Dior wanted to showcase that.
Deep forest green that made her blonde hair glisten, stand out and shine from the sun.
Minimal jewels.
Natural make up, a cat eye and a nude lip, it took Emily hours to get ready.

This premiere was important.
It was important due to the movie already getting rave reviews and could made herself and Dimitri bigger stars than they already were - and, the couple were going to show off the ring, finally confirm that they were engaged and could not wait to spend the rest of their lives together.

John was in the car with the Actress.
Emily all giddy and excited and all John could do was smile. After all the bad talk and the fights between the two, he finally came to realise that the couple were happy and wanted nothing more than to be with each other.
John accepted, been though - deep down he still did not like Dimitri.

20 past 6.
10 minutes to wait for the love of her life which was fine. Nerves started to take over.
[+red "Don't fiddle. Everything is going to be great.."] John spoke, looking at Emily before making a few final more arrangements. [b "This is a big night..."]

[+red "Yes, and it will go smoothly. Stop fidgeting.."]

The car came to a stop and the door opened, Emily slowly getting out on the sidelines where no one could see her just yet.
Dimitri had promised to be there to walk with her, so ...she waited....and waited....and ...waited.

Dimitri was no where.

[b "John?.."]
John shrugged, unable to get an answer from Gianna or Dimitri himself.

[+red "Start walking. He is probably stuck in traffic..."]

Emily kept her eyes on John, her heart hurting as Dimitri had promised but was not there with her.
Nodding, faking a smile - Emily turned and started to wander the carpet, smiling - waving for the camera's that flashed as one of the two stars were in their presence.

Emily was an actress.
A professional.
If she could fake orgasms in movies, she surely could fake this.

Walking for 30minutes, interviews, more pictures taken - she was almost at the end where she began to speak to one of the formal organizers about the seating arrangements, the dinner then the movie to be shown.
That was when she felt a hand against her ass.

Turning around slightly - breaking conversation, her eyes rested on Dimitri who finally showed up, looking ….well, looking okay.
[b "Where the fuck....were you?..."] she whispered, still trying to smile as if all was okay.

Inside, she was furious.

[b "I waited for you, you promised me and made me look stupid out there on my own.."] she kept going, all she could see was her reflection in the sunglasses Dimitri was still wearing.
[b "And take those sunglasses off.."]

[b "Now!..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 1d 16h 40m 33s
“Migraine,” he had said with a shrug about the sunglasses. He was trying to keep up with the conversation, his head swimming though and Emily’s sweet voice lost in the distance. It sounded like her voice was playing through a speaker underwater. He had come to somewhat as she was leaving, kissing her back and watching her flee. Dimitri stood then and headed for the room, just wanting to lay down at least. He grabbed the bottle of champagne on his way out. Where the day would take him was a mystery.
Dimitri awoke after his latest trip, his phone violently vibrating against the dresser, the empty bottle of champagne discarded to his side where usually Emily would be. [I Where the fuck was she?] Finally sobering up some, he stared down at his phone, missed calls and texts. It was already 6 and he was going to miss the opening. Gianna was definitely not happy with him.
“Ah fuck,” he said with a groan, quickly jumping out of bed as he was responding to everyone, letting them know he was on his way. Dimitri didn’t really have much time to prepare, staggering to the closet to find the closest thing to a decent suit. He sighed out, extremely exhausted, hung over and not necessarily flying anymore. Not even bother to get his tie on, he rushed downstairs where a car was waiting, the vehicle making it’s way down the long driveway and out of their gate that separated his home with his fiancé and the world.
“Where the hell are you?” Gianna’s voice was low, but he knew she was angry and probably just around people, he could hear the tension.
“I overslept,” he slurred, tying the laces of his black shoes. “Sorry.”
“Sorry?! Dimitri what the hell. This is the biggest night of your career, [I your] night. That’s not something you oversleep-“
“I’ll fucking be there, okay?” He angrily stated before ending the phone call. Gianna staring at her phone in disbelief. That was not Dimitri. Reaching into his pocket, he removed the items needed, watching as the driver watched him, though as far as keeping a job, stayed silent as the man had shot up with drugs.
The car had pulled up behind a string of other cars, press eagerly awaiting and smiles placed upon the famous’ faces. He was barely keeping his mind straight. He looked presentable at least. Placing the sunglasses back on, even though it was the night, he then got out of the car to screams. His name was being called from every direction. He could barely keep it together before he headed inside, just a little after 7, at least he’d made it. He searched for Emily, knowing that ass anywhere and eagerly coming up behind her to grab it, in the middle of a conversation with who from where. Who cared?
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 2d 6h 7m 26s
Emily had no idea that Dimitri was using.

Sure, there were times that they had fought and he would go off to god knows where, but she often figured he was off to have a breath, to get into the right headspace so there was nothing in her mind about him using drugs.
He would be silly if he were to do that, he would never risk his relationship, right?

Downstairs, Emily stood in the kitchen dressed all casual, no make up on and her hair freshly washed.
By the countertop she began to eat the breakfast that was prepared for her after calling out to the man she loved and it was within seconds that Dimitri wandered out and greeted his girl.

[i "Here, my love.."]
[b "Mmm...there you are baby..."] she spoke, stepping in close with a wide smile and kissed Dimitri back, just as wet as he made it.

Pulling back, Dimitri explained he had already arranged a car, a gesture she nodded at before she made her way over to the table and sat down - wanting a proper breakfast before she would be on her way to get ready.

[b "Why are you wearing sunglasses?..."] she spoke, looking down and adjusted the napkin on her lap before grabbing the cutlery as the food arrived and was placed on the table before them.

[b "I cannot wait until tonight. You and I ...officially coming out as getting married. Ugh, I am so...so excited. Just...being with you and ...showing my love for you...."] Emily spoke all smiles, complete giddy.
As the two ate, they did peak to one another, Emily had no idea about the drugs or the fact that Dimitri had seen her phone and the messages from her ex.

The car pulled up and Emily kissed Dimitri.
[b "630pm. Please, do not be late. I love you..."] she spoke before wandering off - getting into the car and made her way to Dior studio.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 2d 8h 25m 50s
He hadn’t wanted to scare Emily away when he first started using again. In Madrid they had a brief argument where he ran off to get his head together and instead ran into a man willing to offer him something that would make him feel much better than powder up his nose. At first, it was something he could control and now he used it whenever, with anything being an excuse for use.
Band wrapped tight around his arm, the needle inserting then, he tilted his head back at the release. A physical sigh of form as his body nearly deflated. Who did she think she was? She dared to leave the man for another’s embrace. He didn’t know though that Emily had still remained loyal to him and was not entertaining her exes advances. She was still in contact with him though and the jealous personality Dimitri had was not to be tested. He could forget about all that as of now though.
Dimitri had exited the bathroom then, hands reaching toward his hair to draw his sunglasses over his eyes to cover the dazed look he had. He saw Emily then, much too high to be angry now. “Here, my love,” He said with a smile, walking over toward his fiancé. His hands wrapped around her waist as he placed a sloppy kiss against her lips, hands eagerly grabbing her ass. He chuckled then against her neck.
“I already called the car.” Dimitri smacked her ass then, the drugs always making him feel like he was king of the world. The kitchen staff tried to avert looking their way, knowing that lately Dimitri had been a bit off the deep end with his temper. “Let’s have breakfast yeah?” he suggested to her, though when high Dimitri was more demanding and it wasn’t really a suggestion. He wanted to feel her out and see if he could get some info out of the female. Gianna had asked him to not drink, not wanting anything to go wrong with the release as this would be their first outing as an engaged couple and the premier of their movie they had worked so hard on. He was stressed though, him thinking his girl talking to someone else and already high off heroin. He had began toward the table that was being prepared, eagerly making pouring him a glass of whiskey which was definitely more than a shot, the staff preparing their plates for them.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 2d 19h 5m 9s
Sex between the two was intense.
It was magnetic. A connection that was invisible but the two felt a strong pull towards each other.
Both knew how to make each other feel good in more ways than one. Perhaps one could say, they knew each other bodies inside and out.

Dimitri did rest his head in-between the woman's legs after he removed the pants that were constricting her and hiding the place were he longed to be.
Emily lifted up her ass from the table to help the pants slide off easier and it was not long until panties were pushed to the side and Dimitri slid out his tongue and pleasured the woman with people down below, none the wiser.
Climax number 1.

Reaching forward once satisfied but needing more, Emily lent up and reached - undoing Dimitri's pants and forced them off along with his briefs and motioned to get on top of her.
He did just that and together - the two fucked like animals, rough - moans and groans unable to be heard, thankfully as well as no one found them and left the two alone.

[i “I love you, forever,”]
[b "I love you too. You have my heart..."] she replied back as the two finished, holding each other - never wanting to let go.


3 months had gone past quite fast.

It was hard work, but it all paid off the moment Mark called the last "wrap" and everyone celebrated.
Finally, the cast - crew and the two love birds who were engaged to be married got to go home.

Dimitri kept his promise and the two sold up their houses and soon moved in to a mansion on the hill, secured with gates and guards that patrolled the perimeter. The couple not wanting another fiasco like they had in Madrid.
It cost a bit extra but they could afford it.

Almost every place in the house they christened with their sex.

Emily started to use her body and sex as a distraction as lately, Dimitri had been speaking to Gwen, a woman she did not like but had to put off with.
He hid it well and she was no fool.

Emily had her fair share of secrets.

The Ex had come back into her life, an ex she did love and deeply care for and spoke to him repeatedly, but to her, it was harmless.

Nothing came from it.
Nothing would ever come from it and she explain that. Friends - that was all but that did not stop Johnny from messaging her, saying words on that he needed her, he loved her.
Just like the one she received in the morning, little unknown to her that Dimitri saw it first.

Waking up in the bed she shared with the man she loved, she saw the empty slot beside her and made a little pout.
Where was he?
Leaning up, she called for him - thinking he was in the bathroom but he did not respond and that was when she turned over - yawned thinking he was downstairs and grabbed her phone.
Another message from the number that was all too familiar.

Opening it up, she read it and rolled her eyes, - putting the phone back down and fell back onto the bed with a growl sigh.
It was Premiere night.
The day was going to be long with her getting ready, just as much as Dimitri.

Getting up, she showered - washed her body clean of the sweat and fluids from last nights sex romp and got out only to dry herself down.
Still no Dimitri in the bedroom.
[b "Hmm..."] she muttered to herself, slowly getting dressed in casual clothes as she would be going to the Dior's studio to get dressed and made up.

Dimitri would meet her on the sidelines of the carpet at 6pm sharp and together, they would walk - standing for pictures, showing off the engagement ring as tonight - they would come out as a true...official couple.

Phone, bag in hand - Emily walked downstairs and went into the kitchen, calling Dimitri's name.

[b "Have you seen Dimitri?.."] she asked the Chef who shook his head.

[i "Not since last night, Maam.."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 3d 6h 41m 52s
Dimitri had made love to the woman with the vigor of a male who had everything good going in his life. He had kissed her all over, glad that they were not interrupted as his lips had danced lower. He’d removed her pants, his pleasure this time at first delving from being able to please Emily. She had been in control the previous night, and the marks on his chest and back proved the woman could match him in the bed. This though was his treat to her. He wanted her to know how much he cared about the woman, how he loved her and treasured her.
His lips had played with the warmth between her thighs, barely stopping even knowing she was close, with the intent to tease her. He had come up then, the act of public sex not seeming like a big deal. He didn’t care who watched or who saw, he loved Emily and he would make a fool of himself to prove it.
They’d rocked bodies against that table, those on the street probably unaware to how the couple had pleasured each other just above their heads. He had never wanted someone so badly, despite how close he was. He knew once they were finally married they’d be as close as possible. Dimitri admittedly was an animal, this release more intense than the other times.
“I love you, forever,” he promised her.
[center [b _]]
The premier was that night, months of working on the film had taken it’s toll on the couple, but they had managed to keep their relationship together. Dimitri had kept his promise to Emily, finding them a house in the city that sat on a hill, gates and security constantly patrolling. Of course the paparazzi could get a few shots when they wanted, but never getting too close to the couple. Gwen was eight months pregnant, the woman’s belly bigger than Dimitri was used to seeing the model. They were cordial and she kept her distance, refusing to speak to him unless about the child, which he accepted.
Gianna, as it turned out was in a relationship with Mark – her now engaged as well to the man that was making film history with the movie that he and Emily were involved in. He had come out of the shower then, towel draped around his waist, Emily still sleeping. Lately she had seemed preoccupied and any time he brought something up about it, Emily would distract him with that lovely body of hers. Like normal, her phone was going off and he was a bit hungover from the celebratory party the night before to be dealing with it. They had no secrets, she had his code and he had hers for their phone. Watching his fiancé sleeping peacefully, Dimitri picked up the device, wondering who would be messaging her so consistently. He frowned then, the number not saved under a name, but the thread dating back for quite a few months.
[I I want you.]
[I I love you.]
His hands gripped the phone in his hand tight, anger taking him, but resisting the urge to toss the phone. She had been playing him, sleeping at her side and when not at his side, plenty sure that Emily had been sleeping with someone else. He wanted to wait, see how she reacted but the idea had already been planted in his head. Dimitri didn’t want to even see her wake up, instead heading downstairs, ignoring the chefs already preparing breakfast. He had locked himself in the bathroom, knowing it was the guest bathroom which he knew Gianna and Emily wouldn’t check. He eagerly reached into his secret compartment, ready to shoot up.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 3d 10h 59m 56s
[i “You know, I still promised we would have that little public naughty time.."]

He did infact promise.
Emily did not think he was serious about public sex, though. However, once she thought that - she knew that it was stupid. Of course Dimitri was serious, it was the one thing he had not done yet so if he got to experience it with Emily, he would jump at the chance.

Stepping in, body pressed against body, Emily placed her hands on his shoulders, giving off a smile at his words.
[b "You really are a naughty boy.."] she whispered, biting her lower lip as she felt his strong hand glide against her body - palm rubbing circles against her breasts through the bandau top that only made her nipples harder with arousal.

Tilting her head to the side, the smile upon her face only got wider as Dimitri leant in and nibbled her neck to where all she could do was giggle.
He was good at giving off soft tickles, that and many other things.

[i "Mrs Laurent.."]
[ "Oh..now that has a good ring to it..."] she replied, giving off a soft joke about the ring of the name and the ring on her finger. Dimitri really went above and beyond in purchasing that diamond.
A good $1.5 million sitting on her engagement finger, something she would never take off and it would never leave her sight.

Holding onto her fiance tighter, it was not long until he picked up Emily and gently, slowly laid her down upon a glass table that was bare, with nothing on it upon the rooftop.

[i “I have you now to myself. Seems a bit dangerous don’t you think?”]
[b "I live for danger..."]
[i “Unless you think we should get back to work?”]

What a silly question.

[b "We will, after you eat out..."] Emily spoke with a smirk.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 3d 14h 40m 9s
Dimitri looked at the female then, her smile more than enough to set him off. He was a greedy man when it came to the opposite sex, and a complete slave to his desires. He looked around, the rooftop empty as per his request. Sauntering over toward Emily, closing that space, he then drew the woman in close to him.
“You know, I still promised we would have that little public naughty time,” he said as he looked down at her. “I keep my promises.” He kissed at her neck then, hands roaming up her crop top and caressing her breasts, knowing she was braless as he had stared at her hardening nipples a good portion of the time he was with her at the table. “And I promise,” he said as his hands delved lower across her stomach, “To always protect you and always be here for you.” Dimitri gripped at her pants, fingers playing with her buttoned jeans. “I will never allow from this point on anyone to get in our way.” He playfully nibbled at her ear before pulling away and looking at Emily. “Mrs. Laurent,” he said with a smile. “Hm, I like the sound of that. I can’t wait to spend forever with you.” Dimitri gripped her by the ass in, his wanting so increased that he couldn’t help but lift her up. “And I admit, I can’t help but want you.” Dimitri leaned forward and kissed her again. He had never felt so happy before, this was a new feeling for him. Not thinking he had carried the female to and empty table beside him, looking down at her with a smirk.
“Right now, we have all the privacy we could ask for.” He chuckled, “I have you now to myself. Seems a bit dangerous don’t you think?” Dimitri leaned over, hands gripping the glass table for stability. “Unless you think we should get back to work?”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 3d 23h 25m 11s
[i “How should I know?”]
[b "You didn't do this?.."] Emily replied, keeping her eyes on the man that asked her to be his wife. A man who she believed would never harm her and always protect her for the rest of her days.

Breaking the gaze, Emily turned her head, unable to fathom on why she and Dimitri could never had a fucking date to themselves, a date where there was no intrupptions. Time taken to enjoy just the two of them.
It began to drive her crazy.
Was this what it was going to be like?

This woman, Francine tapped her pen trying to act all intimidating that only made Emily raise an eyebrow, only to make her somewhat mad with the questions that spilt her lips.

[+red “So are you pregnant or is this just another one of your trial run marriages?”]
[b "Excuse me? What did you asked me?..."] she repied, in a tone that was nothing but furious.
Dimitri caught this and he moved up from the seat and spoke words on it was time out on Francine and that she had to leave.

[+red “You wont be seeing the last of me, there’s a lot of buzz around you guys. Don’t think I’m going to let this go.”]
[b "You will, or you will be speaking to my Lawyer..."] Emily spoke, watching the woman leave from her spot an vanish.

Sighing, she looked down, listening to Dimitri speak on how he was sorry.
[b "I wasn't your fault.."] she replied, listening to more words on their house being away from all this bullshit.
It was a nice thing to say, but there was always going to be Vultures flying around, waiting for something to slip up to make money.

Dimitri wandered over to Emily and softly, the two them kissed one another.
A kiss that was quick but it was filled with joy.

[i This day isn’t over, fuck the movie. I’m going to go find a real employee here and make sure we’re taken care of"]
[b "It doesn't matter Dimitri. What you did this morning was beautiful.."]
[i "Have you spoken with John at all? I’m not sure if Gianna decided if it’s her space to speak for you.”]
[b "We've sent texts. He isn't about what's happened but ... he knows when it comes to me, shit like this happens. He will be here in a month. So, he has asked for me and you to be on our best behaviour..."]

Emily smiled, giving off a laugh before taking a sip of the champagne.

[b "I said, we will see, cant promise anything..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 4d 18h 15m 9s
Dimitri looked at Emily with a raised brow, his mouth set in a stern line. “How should I know?” He asked her then, as though he were supposed to be responsible for orchestrating this whole fiasco.
“Oh c’mon, you guys are the hottest couple,” the girl said then. “I’m so rude, name’s Francine.” The bubbly reporter smirked then, tapping the pen against her finger. “It was obvious, I mean Dimitri paying this much for a rooftop seating. I knew he wouldn’t be alone and I heard some whispers that you had proposed last night, so I wiggled my way in.” Francine chuckled then.
“So are you pregnant or is this just another one of your trial run marriages?” She asked Emily. Dimitri stood then, “I think it’s best you leave.” He could see how Emily was beginning to get unnerved and he hadn’t set this up at all. Francine threw her red hair over her shoulder and smiled, knowing she was getting under their skin.
“You wont be seeing the last of me, there’s a lot of buzz around you guys. Don’t think I’m going to let this go.” She chuckled a little as she stood and headed away from them. Dimitri sighed, knowing that this was not the last time the couple would be handled by the many reporters. Their privacy would often be tested and there was nothing he could do, but Dimitri knew that Emily was important to him and he would try to protect her at all costs. Once Francine had left, Dimitri walked over toward the female, taking a seat beside her and grabbing her hand.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “I keep trying to make things special and they keep butting in.” Dimitri rolled his eyes and leaned forward to kiss her. “Our house will be above and away from all this. I don’t want anyone taking time away from me.” Dimitri pressed his lips against hers. “This day isn’t over, fuck the movie. I’m going to go find a [I real] employee here and make sure we’re taken care of. Have you spoken with John at all? I’m not sure if Gianna decided if it’s her space to speak for you.”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 5d 36m 39s
It was only logical for the two to move in together.

As quick as it was, the two did fall in love and they did in fact get engaged to be married. They could not be husband and wife and live in separate homes. Itnwas.pure nonsense.
Taking another sip of her champagne, Emily bit her lower lip and smiled at the man that did take her breath away and listened to his words.
"I agree with you. We should not be separated. Living together is important..." she replied.

The background of Madrid was truely beautiful.
It took her breath away and if was looking at the skyline of the morning that she began to think of purchasing a home here.
A place she could travel too when she was not working, a place her and Dimitri could go to when on a long break.

Dimitri then spoke on her saying yes alot and Emily turned back - smiling at him.
"Who wouldnt say yes to all this?.." she replied only to laugh at the fact a rooftop was the only place he had never had sex.
"You speak on sex alot, I dont complain..."

Emily continued to laugh, looking back at the scenery not noticing Dimitri tilting his head down and pulled out his cell phone where messages from two women were recieved. One from a woman she did not feel threatened over..and one that she did. Gianna and Gwen.
By the time she turned back, more champagne was poured into the flute and again, another sip against her lips.

"You're not pressuring me baby, in all honesty this is all I have ever wanted. Marriage to someone I love...a house we live in together, eventually a family. I'm somewhat almost there. I want this. I want you..." she replied only to be stopped and a glance of a woman caught her eye.

A camera in her hand that just made Emily sigh.
A happy snap taken of the couple that made Emily almost stand up in defence but was stopped due to the woman pulling up a chair and sat with them.

"So who is going to talk first?" The woman asked.

Emily looked at her then back at Dimitri.
"What is going on Dimitri?..."

Why was this woman here?

Again, she started to feel violated.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 7d 18h 29m 23s
“Yeah I mean, I just figured it would make it easier for me to see you when I wanted,” he smiled then,” Easy access.” Dimitri smiled then as he reached across the table to take Emily’s hand in his. He wished he would never forget this day, the way the woman looked there with the city of Madrid as her backdrop, so effortlessly beautiful.
“You say yes to a lot of things,” he responded with a smirk, “You know the rooftop is the one place I have yet to have [I relations].” He winked at the girl, as they had been interrupted before from them having their public act as he had mentioned. Dimitri had ran his hand through his hair, reaching into his pocket which vibrated, a message from Gwen flashing across his screen.
He felt bad as he smiled some, hoping that this wouldn’t be something that grew between the engaged couple, even though it had at this point appeared that Emily had accepted that his ex would have to be in his life. He also had received a message from Gianna stating when they would have to be back on set. In any case, he was happy to find that he had some time with Emily.
“This isn’t too much for you Emily?” He asked the woman then as he poured himself a glass of champagne, the waitress coming with their meals then. “I don’t want you to feel pressured into it and I know that there’s going to be a lot of –“
Dimitri was interrupted then, as the waitress had revealed a camera then, casually taking a picture f the engaged couple.
“First picture of the soon to be newlyweds,” she said with a smirk. The female had pulled up a seat to their table, the intimate time they had planned to have together now gone. “So, who’s going to talk first?” She asked then.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 8d 2h 29m 53s
[i "Emily..."]
[b "What?..."] she spoke, turning her head from Gianna's bedroom door and glanced at Dimitri who stood by the staircase, ready to wander down it.
[i “Everyone deserves a sense of privacy.”]
[b "Well yeah but...."] she replied, watching as her Fiancé wandered over to her - snaked an arm around her waist and slowly pulled the female from the doorway, hearing another squeal, knowing full well Gianna was getting lucky.

Dimitri then spoke on this being their time and al she did was nod.
He had a very good point and Emily, agreed. This night was about them and them alone.
No distractions.
No interruptions.

[b "How are you not interested to know who it is, though? I know you want to know.."] she repeated, coming down to the foyer ground floor and was ushered out of the house due to his hand upon her lower back.
The car waited and slowly, Emily slipped into the back seat with Dimitri trailing behind and sat next to the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

All the way to the destination, Emily could not stop kissing his lips.
A single hand upon the side of his face, eyes closed - she smiled as little pecks here and there were made before finally giving in and pashed him with the right amount of tongue.
The right amount of "i love yous" were thrown into the mix and before she knew it, the car stopped and they had to get out.

The rooftop of the restaurant was where they would enjoy the morning.
Away from the vultures with cameras and away from prying eyes. Emily wanted to conceal their engagement as much as possible. She wanted to tell the world and not by being happy snapped and it being spread over front page news.

[b "This is incredible. The view...oh my god.."] she spoke, the landscape taking her breath away before she sat down, with Dimitri infront of her - he too, having a glance.

[i “I think we should move in together,”]

Emily turned her head at his words, completely surprised at what he had just said.
Hand reaching forward, the flute filled with champagne was brought to her lips and she took a sip.

[b "Move in together?..."] Emily asked, listening to more of his words of moving in together after the premiere.

[b "Well, yeah it seems logical. We're getting married.... so yeah, fuck it. Let's move in together..."] she spoke with a smile, taking another sip of the drink.

What they were doing was fast, but when two people were in love, fast or slow - if it felt right..it was right.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 8d 9h 13m 57s
Dimitri chuckled, Emily too noticing of course how Gianna paid such close attention to the male.
“Emily,” he said with a roll of his eyes as he wrapped his arm around her waist to drag the woman down the stairs and away from the door of Gianna’s. “Everyone deserves a sense of privacy.” He chuckled though, hearing Gianna’s squeal penetrate through the door and knowing that it was very possible it was Mark in there. The two had gotten exceptionally close lately.
“c’mon, this is about us.” Dimitri said as he had led her downstairs finally and out the door. He kissed the woman on her neck, some sense of anxiety in the male as he looked around to make sure they weren’t going to be followed. If anything, he wanted their engagement to be announced by them, not put out by the press or a fan.
Dimitri had opened the door from the female before he slipped into the back seat. He drew her in close, kissing at the woman as he was completely infatuated with her, the whole ride to the restaurant he couldn’t keep his hands off the beautiful woman, kissing her and whispering ‘I love yous’ into her ear. They had finally arrived there at the restaurant, “I want this to be special,” he said to her. He had gotten out of the car to open the door for her and lead the woman toward the inside of the room, the host obviously thrown off by their presence. She watched them carefully, Dimitri watching as he she texted on her phone, hoping she wasn’t giving up their location to some type of press.
She had led them up to the roof then. Complete privacy, for now at least, away from anyone and completely in solitude. It had cost a lot of money to rent out the whole dining area, but Emily was worth it, worth more than she thought. He’d ordered a bottle of their best champagne, smiling at Emily.
“I think we should move in together,” he said to her. “I mean after the premier yeah?” He didn’t want to be away from her and his apartment wasn’t anything special. If he would spend his life with Emily, he wanted to do it right.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 8d 11h 26m 59s

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