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[b She] was an Actress.
An Actress who when behind a camera, was simply perfection. A real gift, she had in portraying characters that writers had written with their heart.
[b She] seemed to have it all. Money. Fame. Fans, but behind the camera behind closed doors, the Actress was miserable. Having been divorced twice already at the age of 28, sleeping around to get where she was, being a drunk. Fame and Fortune, wasn't everything.

[b He] was an Actor.
An Actor whose background was British and excelled in the British Arts. Shakespeare on stage was his starting point, however the handsome English man who was tall and ever so rug-ed became known as the new Actor portraying James Bond.
[b He] was a world wide sensation and everyone knew his name.

[b They] both signed on to film a movie in Africa.
Truth be told, [b He] refused at the beginning due to word in ear that even though she was a siren and America's sweetheart, her life was an utter mess and had no control of it. He wanted a professional to play his love interested. An Actress great on screen and off screen.

[b They] did not get along.

The longer they were together, the more they started to grow on one another.

What happens next?
Entirely up to you.

[b She] - played by me.
[b He] - played by you.

PM me if interested.


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“We’ll make time. Let’s not forget, we are the star guests. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if we arrive a bit [I fashionably] late.” He had started the car then, the two beginning on their way more toward downtown where he expected it to be a lot busier. There was of course more chance of them being encountered by fans and they would definitely not have that much privacy. Dimitri figured he could handle it though and this was there life. Eventually they would have to deal with this type of attention. It was best they start navigating as their relationship had previously been known to the world and would be reintroduced in a short few hours. There was no more hiding or sneaking around and with that being said, Dimitri was not happy with the idea of Emily removing the engagement ring that she had been given to him as a sign of commitment. When he proposed to Emily it wasn’t out of fear of being discovered and he certainly wasn’t ashamed of the engagement or being with Emily.
The element of surprise was still tempting, but Dimitri wasn’t sure if he really cared to make such a big deal of the engagement. The only opinion he cared about was that of Emily’s. He reached his hand out to grab it, kissing the back of her hand and the ring itself. “I don’t want you to ever take it off.” He told her sternly, briefing looking over to give her a kiss, smiling after at the joy that overcame him with the notion of how well things were going in his life and only were going to get better from here.
They had arrived downtown finally, Dimitri pulling the car into the parking structure of the shopping center, figuring it would give them just a tad bit more privacy then having to navigate the busy sidewalks where the plenty of upscale stores were lined side by side. It wasn’t uncommon to find celebrities in this area, Dimitri just hoped they could enjoy a nice outing together.
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Emily rose to her feet and stepped over to Dimitri and stood by him, reaching down and held his hand with a grip of pure excitement.
The two again, bought another time with both of their names on the dotted line.

It was their house.
Not just hers..or his - theirs.

Everything was signed and ready to go.
[i "Fifteen days..."] he spoke to which Emily gave off a smile with a nod of her head.
[b "Fifteen days cannot come quick enough. I gotta get a removalist, pack everything up, sell my home ..which I suppose can be done while we live in our new house.."] Emily replied, biting her lower lip - quick to get thoughts in her head.
So much to do - so little time.

It was all going to go fast and in that moment, Emily felt overwhelmed. All this stuff to do as well as work at the same time. How was she going to do this?
Hell, she needed to hire more help.

They headed to the car then.
A car that waited - a convertible which made the drive even better with the wind in her hair.
As the door opened by Dimitri's own hand, Emily lent in and kissed her loved upon the lips before getting into the car on the passenger side, taking a seat and waited while buckling up.

[i “How about a quick shopping trip before? We’ll have some drinks, dinner, and get dressed before having to get back into the limelight?”]
[b "Do we have time?..."] Emily replied, looking at the clock on the dashboard and nodded slowly.. [b "Yeah, we have time. I think that's a good idea. Us too on the town. I should hide the ring yes?..."]
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“It was a pleasure.” He responded to the realtor, Emily rising to her feet then before coming to his side. Her smile made him smile and while his conversation with Gwen was a bit tense, he was glad they had come to some kind of understanding. Though, he wondered if Gwen would keep her promise. Both her and Emily had strong personalities and as they had both been with the male, there was some sense of animosity between the two. Though he hoped that with Gwen being a mother now that she realized Eliza came first. This couldn’t be about showing one or another up. He wanted everyone happy, including himself and Dimitri would try his hardest to keep peace. Though he was positive when they began to plan the wedding things would become already more hectic and certainly there would be nothing modest at that time. He wanted to give Emily whatever she wanted.
Everything was signed and ready and Dimitri was insanely happy toward the steps he was making toward a better future with is fiancé. “Fifteen days,” he said then. That certainly wasn’t that long and he knew for both of them that would mean a lot of work. Emily would need to find a buyer for her home, they both would need to get movers and all their things packed and of course this all had to revolve around their crazy work schedule. He would want to hire people they could trust as well to take care of their home, especially when they were away which he knew they would be for months at a time due to shooting films. Something inside of Dmitri hated the possibility of them not being together. They had lucked out on being together daily when shooting for their film, but they still had to remain individualistic in their careers or else it would get boring seeing them on screen, though he wouldn’t mind seeing his future wife as much as possible. He just hoped that she had grown to trust him and that he had changed, that Dimitri had every intention of remaining faithful, sober, and constantly at work.
They headed to the car then, Dimitri opening the passenger door for his wife before heading toward the driver’s side. They both had spontaneously headed to the hotel after the awards and after Dimitri had proposed to his wife. He was sure they could have someone purchase clothes on their behalf at the hotel, but Dimitri wanted to have as much personal time with her as possible.
“How about a quick shopping trip before? We’ll have some drinks, dinner, and get dressed before having to get back into the limelight?” He suggested to her.
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Emily made enough to live happily without having to work ever again. She was also known on splurging on things that were expensive or things that were deemed unnecessary.
One thing she did by was a $1200 dollar Chanel boomerang - used it once as it got stuck on the roof of her house as she tried to throw it to make it come back.

It was a waste of money but it was fun, for a few minutes she had it in her hand.
Emily as also one to give money to people who needed it. The way she saw it, once she as one from this earth, money couldn't go with her - so she gave it away.
Helped people.
Went halves in things - paid for the cheque when out with friends.

Paying half for the house was a no brainer. Dimitri had bought enough. A million dollars he spend on a ring to deem his love for her was enough for him to spend on her...for now.
Driving back to the Office, it was not long until the couple got up and out of the car and stepped inside where they waited until they were called.

Dimitri, not happy with the fact they were going halves as he felt, he should be paying for their home on his own - reluctantly agreed as he knew Emily would yell, if he said no.

[+blue "Mr Laurent, Miss Winthorpe - you may come in now.."] the Realtor spoke as she stuck her head out the door with a smile. Still holding hands, the pair stepped into the room and sat down on two chairs that were by a desk with the woman on the other side.

Not a bad commission.

The ball started rolling.
Contracts were printed.
Cheques were written out, signed and pulled out from the booklet and handed over.
Contracts soon had signatures on the dotted line and while Dimitri had completed his tasks, Emily was in the middle of signing her share over while her fiancé lent over and spoke on having to make a phone call.

[b "Alright. Hurry back..."] she spoke, smiling before turning back to the papers and continued to sign.

During the course of him being away, Emily signed all that needed to be signed and handed the pen back before shaking hands with the older woman across the way.
The two while waiting then began to speak about the property and it was evident, 15 days would go fast.
In 15 days, she needed to find a buyer for her home. Pack her things, get a removalist....a it was thinking of all this she started to get a headache.

[b "Thank you so much for your help today. We are very happy.."]
[+red "It was a pleasure. It was very nice to meet you both.."] the woman replied back just as Dimitri wandered back into the office.
[b "Very nice to meet you too."]

Turning to Dimitri, she smiled.
[b "Everything is signed and ready to go. 15 days we move in..."]
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Emily was a woman who knew what she wanted and wasn’t the type of woman who settled for less. This marriage and their new home would ultimately tie them together forever, for a world of only greatness. Emily was also a woman that Dominic knew you didn’t say no to and he figured there was no use in fighting her even though he did want to pay for the house, hell he wanted to spoil her as much as possible.
“Alright,” he said then with a smile, kissing her on the cheek then. “Our home.” Dominic said once more, bringing her hand up to his lips before kissing the back of it. It all seemed like a dream and Dimitri just knew to maintain this life he had to remain dedicated remaining sober. Thy had reached the leasing office then, following the relator until they reached the inside. They’d waited in the lobby until they were called into the office where they were to sign off on the papers, two separate checks and two separate signatures to signify them finally settling on the house. He couldn’t wait until they both had finally moved in, wondering just what the two of them would come up with when it was about settling on furniture design. He even more so was looking forward to setting up Eliza’s room. It sunk in then that he would need to tell Gwen right away about moving in. As the final papers were being signed, he leaned into Emily. “I just need to make a call,” he told her as he kissed her cheek then. He stood from the chair, heading out of the office then and reaching for his phone. He took a deep breath, dialing Gwen’s number. Their last conversation that morning hadn’t gone very well.
“What do you want?” Gwen asked, he could hear the slight crying in the background and it did pull at his heart. Dimitri missed his daughter and he knew he wouldn’t see her until the next day.
“Gwen,” he started. “Just hear me out alright? I know how I have gone about this hasn’t been the best.” She snorted then and he ran his hand over his eyes, a headache already forming. He reminded himself though that Gwen was the mother of his child and he needed to get along with her. They all didn’t have to like each other, but they were going to be in each other’s lives and it was responsible with them being adults to get their act together and be able to coparent.
“Why are you calling Dimitri? Here to rub in my face how you abandoned me? Your daughter.”
“Hey, I didn’t abandon Eliza,” he said in a slightly raised voice. “Look, Emily and I plan to marry and we’re closing on a house. I don’t want there to be hostility. I want us to all get along as best as we can.” There was silence then and he could tell that Gwen was trying to process everything.
“All I wanted was for you to tell beforehand,” Gwen said, her voice small then. She was hurt and he hated that he had been the one to break her heart.
“I promise to try to remain private, you know I can’t help nosey people.” He rolled his eyes then, time was running over and he needed to get them back to the hotel if they expected to change into something a bit more business-casual for the interview. “How’s Eliza?” He asked, not hearing the crying any more then.
Gwen seemed to cheer up a bit then, “She’s not fussy anymore, having a feeding. I think she misses you.”
“I miss her too. Look, uhm I have the interview tonight, but I can swing by tomorrow. Maybe we can have breakfast together?” He knew he had to gather his things and needed to start figuring out packing. It was a good thing they had a guest room, but he figured he would be staying with Emily until they had time to move in. “Tell her I love her. Talk to you later alright Gwen?” He had started back toward the office then, ready to head out with Emily.
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The each of them had enough money to retire now and live in luxury, that was if they did not blow it on ridiculous things like drugs or ...fast cars they couldn't drive.
This house was peanuts in price considering all the other mansions around the area an to Emily, a decent 3.2 million was an utter steal.

Her engagement ring alone cost 1 mill.

Never did she intend of Dimitri paying for the house himself. It was decided in the car during the ride to meet the Realtor that the two would go in together.
Half and half and not just one buyer. It was their house, it was only fair that she chipped in, also, if anything was to happen again - Dimitri could not kick her out.
They would have to sell it and go 50 50.

[i "I think this is it..."] Dimitri spoke and Emily, could not wipe the smile off from her face. Gripping his hand tighter, she squealed somewhat in excitement the moment he turned to the Realtor and spoke on words on them taking the house.

[b "Oh my god, we have a home..."] Emily muttered, smiling wide - leaning in and kissing Dimitri's mouth, so damn excitement about the next chapter in their lives.
[i “I cant wait to spend forever with you,”]
[b "Awww....."] she spoke a reply, holding her fiancé's hand as they followed the Realtor out of the house, back to the cars that were parked outside in the driveway. [b "Such a wonderful sweet thing to say..."] Emily giggled, getting into the car and the pair, drove off - following the leader back to the officer where contracts would be signed.

[b "We are going halves on the house. I've made the choice for the both of us. I do not want to hear a no. It'll be [i our] home then..."]
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Dimitri, a man with money but still to some degree responsible was a bit wary. He had a child to think of and though his savings was hefty – a home of this manor and especially staff to take care of it would be costly. As a man of pride he could not allow himself to have Emily paying and certainly his bills for Gwen and Eliza and the home he left them – plus a hefty child settlement payment did make him pause in saying yes. He hadn’t even fully accepted a new role yet and contracts had to be negotiated as his rate as an actor had gone up since the awards. He couldn’t say no though, not with how Emily looked at him, her hand in his. He looked down at the engagement ring, a signifying promise he spent a million on to show he was committed and dedicated to building a life with her.
Dimitri had to remind himself that this wasn’t just a house and it certainly wasn’t and would be a bachelor pad. This was the foundation of a new beginning with Emily and in the future hopefully their children – somewhere he wanted his daughter to spend a Christmas or any holiday. His mother eventually would come to visit too, considering he was engaged again and she would definitely hold it against him if she found out the news from blogs or a tabloid. Dimitri worried then slightly, his mother was tough and when it came to women she found no one perfect. However there was nothing that would make Dimitri change his mind from marrying Emily.
“I think this is it,” he finally said with a smile, leaning down to kiss his wife. Seeing the smile on Emily’s face, the way she lit up at every room was all he needed to make the decision. “We’ll take it,” he said over his shoulder toward the leasing agent who was more than happy to close out on the sale of the home.
Time was dwindling and he wanted them to have enough time to get ready for the late night show as it was approaching late evening. Dimitri kissed his fiancé again. “I cant wait to spend forever with you,” he said as he held her hand, following the leasing agent toward the car that would take them back to the office. A new home, engaged again, and a child – Dimitri’s life had certainly taken a turn.
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With the house, there would have to be a room for Dimitri's daughter.
Emily knew that once this all came out in the open, Gwen would dislike it more than she already did.
Herself and the man she loved would go their seperate ways but would still maintain a relationship for their daughter who would occasionally stay with her Father.

It was fine.
Emily did love children and due to Eliza being Dimitri's, she was sure she would love Eliza like her own.

Wandering around the first home, the pair listened to the Realtor and took all into consideration.
They did in fact like the home but there was a few things that it was lacking to which was explained. The woman who was showing the two actors around nodded her head and wrote down on what they were looking for in a home.

"The closet was a little small. It needs to be big. A fireplace would be really good.to have as well as a pool for those hot summers...." Emily explained to the realtor and it was not long until the three exited the firs those and continued on their way, looking at 2 more homes.
They were nice but still not what they were looking for...until the very last one.

A mansion of a home.
4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large kitchen with a butlers pantry along with a closet ..fit for a Queen.
2 fireplaces and one large pool out in a backyard that was green and big enough to host parties.

Through the front door, Emily stayed by Dimitri, feeling his arm around her waist loosen as she started to move away to inspect.
It was exactly what she wanted.
The moment she stepped into the home, it honestly felt like home and it wasnt until they did a full inspect of the house that they stood in the foyer.

Emily looked at Dimitri, listening to his words of it being..it.

"I agree. This house..is perfect. Everything I could want. A hot tub aswell...." she replied, looking at the Realtor. "You said it was how much?.."

"3.2 million. 15 day settlement. The owners are eager to sell. I can have the contracts written up this afternoon..." she spoke, Emily looked around the house once more before turning to Dimitri.

"I love it. This...is our home. What do you think?..." Emily bit her lower lip and grabbed her Fiance's hand. "A hot tub, Dimitri...." she repeated.
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Dimitri realized then when he mentioned the nursery he would have to have a room for Eliza. He expected her to visit and sleep over, especially as Gwen eventually would have to return to work as a model and that would mean going on trips. While they could afford a nanny, Dimitri didn’t like the idea of his child being watched by a stranger all her life. He found that if they could co-parent it would make their relationship with their child stronger, especially for someone born into the limelight. Eliza would come to realize having celebrities as parents could lead to a crazy childhood and even into adulthood. He didn’t want her to think that was all her life was about or could be, Dimitri imagined she would be born into greatness and would focus on something that she had a passion for. He didn’t want her rushed or forced into something.
Dimitri wondered then just how well Gwen would accept his marriage with Emily and he believed that it wouldn’t be easy. Dimitri was sure then that there would be rising tensions and this was going to be something they would all have to work toward getting over. Asking that of Gwen and Emily though worried Dimitri as both woman were definitely sure about what they wanted and who they wanted. As far attention went he would have to appropriately navigate that between the women, but knew fighting was on the horizon. The home was small, for Emily he assumed as Dimitri hadn’t always been the type to look out for these things. He was flashy at times, but pretty minimal.
The fireplace added a nice touch though and would certainly prove a lovely accent during holidays or when they entertained guests during colder times. They had wander4ed through plenty of the rooms then, big, but definitely not them.
“I imagine the closet in the master to be a bit too small.” He said as he whispered against her ear, kissing her neck. “Maybe the next one will be the one? Besides, no pool,” he said in a low husky voice with a chuckle before pulling away.
They ended up viewing five homes. Finally landing on the final one and Dimitri could tell it was the one, the minute they entered. The staircase up to the second floor reminding him of the villa from Spain, the stairs where he had his way with Emily. The yard was breathtaking, beautiful tall palm trees, manicured lawn and not only just a pool but a hot tub as well.
“This is it,” he said with a look to his fiancé to see if she felt the same. There was even a fireplace in the living room, a beautiful dining room to the right. It felt like home to him and they hadn’t even moved in yet.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 10d 19h 32m 15s
Everything was better now.
Emily thought the life she lived, although she was heartbroken from walking out on Dimitri - the drugs soon took over and in her mind, she was happy and content after a while.
It wasn't until Dimitri showed up on her doorstep all those months ago, that she realised, it was all a fog in her head.

Emily missed him.
Emily loved him and now - she had the ring on her finger and was to be married to the love of her life.

This time, no foul ups.

The two suddenly realised what was important and that - was each other.

With the car door open, Emily placed her purse at the front of her body and slowly shifted down onto the seat, covering the dress she wore so no one would look underneath.
Dimitri took seat on the other side - turned on the car and pulled out and away from the hotel - down the road towards the leasing office in Calabasas.

[b "What are you looking for in a home?..."]
[i “A gym would be nice, a large yard and if luck befalls us, a room for a nursery?”]
[b "A nursery?...'] she spoke, turning her head to look at the driver - smiling wide as she grabbed Dimitri's hand. [b "A nursery? I like the sound of that. Even if it doesn't have one - we can always transform a room..."]

He was a great father. Putting Eliza first, always and it only made Emily love the man more than she thought possible.

At the leasing office, the car parked and the two got out and went inside - speaking to the realtor, it was not long until the celebrities followed the older woman in a car and drove long the road.
Passing many houses until they arrived at their first stop.
Two stories, four bedrooms and two and a half baths.

It wasn't a mansion as she was used too, it was but cozy and inside, the moment the three of them walked in - she smiled.
It was cozy, small but it was nice.
However it was only the first house, they had to keep looking. Letting go of Dimitri's hand, Emily wandered around slowly - eyes gazing at the surroundings of the home.

[b "It's nice..."] she spoke, stepping into the large lounge room equipped with a fireplace, that would be wonderful on during those cold winter nights.
A perfect room to make love in.

Fucking on a bear skin rug in front of a warm, lit fire.

It had it's perks.

[b "What do you think, hunny?"]
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Everything was better than okay. It was great being with Emily, his now fiancé. Their future looked better than promising, bruh he and filled with love and adventure. Starting this chapter of his life was refreshing and exciting. Had you told Dimitri he would be engaged and have a child, ten years ago, he would’ve laughed. No time in his life did he ever consider that he would be the type to settle down. Being a celebrity – one of the hottest actors had the enticement of fake, fortune and many women to choose from. Though settling down with Emily didn’t feel like he was [I settling]. Emily wasn’t an object, but Dimitri felt like he really lucked out on obtaining her and most importantly being allowed to have her heart. He loved her with all his being.
They enjoyed each other’s presence and made each other very happy. The sex between them was intense and yet there could be moments that were completely sensuous and sensational. She took his breath away and her beauty was unmatched ; he couldn’t think of any time she had looked bad – even in the most simplistic clothing.
“Alright, pool check.” He relayed with a smile, hands reaching for his sunglasses and eyes trained on the road. It was a nice day and Dimitri took it as a sign that they were in the clear and finally on stable ground when it came to them and the future of their relationship – something that eventually would turn into marriage. One hand left the steering wheel briefly, reaching over to take Emily’s hand for a brief second and give it a kiss. “Of course shoes,” he teased with a roll of his eyes. “A gym would be nice, a large yard and if luck befalls us, a room for a nursery?” He suggested to Emily. The prospect of children had never been something Dimitri focused on, but after becoming a father to his little girl the idea of having children was exciting. He wanted his daughter to have a brother or a sister and most importantly he wanted a child with Emily. It would be an interesting family what with his daughter being with his ex Gwen, but there was nothing [I simple] about the couple in the first place.
They had reached one of the gated communities, Dimitri was no stranger to as many of his celebrity friends had homes in the area and he had attended parties there. Lavish homes, privacy and a landscape unmatched.
Parking in front of the leasing office then, he got out of the car and headed to the other side to open Emily’s door. He didn’t want her too far away, and wanted to assure her he would always be close and protect her. His hand again wrapped around her waist and he couldn’t help but kiss her, the sun hitting her just right. She was a glowing beauty he had managed to capture. They’d talked to an agent before they were being led on a tour, drive in a car so as not to have to walk everywhere.
The agent finally stopped at their first house. Two stories, four bedrooms and two and a half baths. Whichever home they decided to purchase, he knew that every room would be christened by the couple. They were soon led to the front door after being shown how the gate worked. He was excited to see what awaited the inside.
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Dimitri was a charmer.
Emily knew all of this from all the gossip mags and the video's that the Vultures would catch of him with women.
Whether it was wining and dining them or simply walking out of a club at 2am, heading towards a cab to take them back home.

We all knew what would happen at that time after a club, drinking.
Too many of these caused Emily to see Dimitri as nothing but a playboy. A man loved women a little too much but, that was Emily. Assuming things she had no idea about.

She thought the worst of him, something she would regret thinking as she was in love with him.
Emily was going to marry him and he - was going to settle down and marry her back, grow old together.

Emily had tamed Dimitri Laurent.

[i “Total package I know,”]
[b "Well, I think you are and that is all that should matter..."] she spoke, smiling wide as the two finished the wine clean, both a little tipsy but still in a clean bill of mind.
Dimitri had paid for the meal and it was not long until they stood up and off the cushioned seats and both exited the restaurant.

An arm snaked around her waist.
A gesture of a male to make a female feel safe and with Dimitri, she felt safe all the time.

At the lobby, Dimitri let go of his woman and went to the front desk.
Emily stood off to the side and bit her lower lip - eyes looking around the hotel, smiling at several other celebs who were there - needing time off.

It was not long until Dimitri wandered back to her side.

[b "Is everything okay?..."] Emily asked just as a red hard top convertible pulled up out the front of the Valet.
Engine running.
The male got out of the car and stared at the pair as they wandered out of the entrance of the Hotel and walked to the car.
Getting in, Emily smiled wider - nodding her head.

[b "Nice ...car...."] she muttered, leaning forward with her hands on the dash - feeling it before leaning back as Dimitri shifting into the car in the drivers seat.

[i “So a pool is a given?"]

Emily laughed as she listened to his words.
The car pulled away ad all she did was nod as her hair fluffed in the air. [b "A pool is important. We cannot have a house and not have a pool. Fucking in a pool, is something we do..."]

[i “What else are we looking for in our future home?”]
[b "A large kitchen and one...damn big wardrobe. For my shoes, of course.."] she spoke with a wide smile as she watched Dimitri drive - focusing on the road through sunglasses.

Damn tat man was sexy.
Took her breath away.

[b "What are you looking for?.."]
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Dimitri chuckled then, of course he was a charmer which could be good or bad depending on the woman and the circumstance of his relationship. Though, he only had eyes for Emily and Dimitri didn’t believe that was going to change any time soon. “Total package I know,” he teased with a chuckle as he finished his wine. The waitress had returned then, Dimitri assuring her that everything was to their satisfaction before handing her his card for the check. Card in tow, he too came to a stand, placing his wallet into his pocket. He was completely full and walking around seemed like a good way to work off his meal. Not to mention, it would give them a chance to get out.
The first house he bought with the intention of living in it with Emily had been a spur choice of his as he just wanted them to have somewhere to stay after coming back to Spain. Of course, Emily had moved out after their fight and Gwen and his daughter had moved in. Now he couldn’t see him and Emily moving in and he had no intention of kicking the mother of his child and his daughter out of the home. He owed that much to Gwen and would continue financing the home as normal. Time was dwindling and Dimitri knew that eventually it would be night and they would have to start getting ready for the interview.
Dimitri took Emily by the waist then as they exited the restaurant. He was leading them toward the lobby, figuring he could rent a car and drive them around instead of being driven around. He wanted the house hunting to seem more intimate. The same as the house they found. He wanted it to be a home that clearly reflected both of them – a forever home to raise children. Somewhere they had some peace and privacy. He had managed to get a rental at the lobby desk, not surprised as the wildly expensive hotel was known for its many amenities as their clientele consisted of celebrities. Of course being the flashy type, Dimitri had settled for a red hard top convertible which awaited them outside the hotel.
“So a pool is a given,” he said with a smirk as he lightly gripped her ass. He took the keys from the bellboy and opened the passenger door for Emily. “What else are we looking for in our future home?”
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 14d 21h 44m 0s
Before they starred in a movie together, before they even knew one another - Emily would read about Dimitri in gossip mags.
Dimitri was either out and about, at a club drinking or wooing a woman and all she did was roll her eyes.
A man with money as flaunting it and Emily found it and him distasteful. If only she knew her opinion of him would change in Spain.

For the second time with the same man, a ring was on her finger and that ring was where it would stay forever.
Eventually down the line, she would have to introduce Dimitri to her mother and tat was one thing she was dreading.
Her mother was nothing but a drunk and ...an ex Vegas show girl who had a rep for dating bad men.
A mother who once lived in a trailer park, but despite all that - seemed happy.

As the meal arrived, more wine was poured into their glasses and Emily simply smiled at the cuisine.
It was a great afternoon meal and the company made it even better.

Calabasas was the area they would look into.
Digging into their meal, the pair ate and had decent conversation with Emily asking on when they should start looking considering they had plans coming up that would take much of their time.

[i “Why don’t we start today? We’ve got connections, time before the show tonight – anything where I get to spend time with you I don’t mind.”]
[b "You are a charmer. You know just what to say, don't you?..."] she spoke, finishing her meal - wiping her lips with the napkin before taking a long sip of the alcohol. [b "We can start today. We should probably get moving before we run out of daylight before this ..interview tonight. Shall we?..."]

Moving back from the table with a push of the chair, Emily stood up - grabbing her purse.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 14d 23h 3m 15s
Of course Dimitri had always been a bit of a womanizer and maybe because his own mother didn’t have a really good relationship when it came to men. Constantly he found them coming in and out of his mother and his life and never did he question her but he would hear her cries – see the pain in her eyes whenever she introduced him to a new mate with the hopes he would be the one. They never were the one however and Dimitri had kind of grown to think that love was just a construct – something that was completely unobtainable for a man like him and with being famous – a wild and varied selection of woman to choose from – he didn’t see why it was so important to settle down with a woman so quick. Though with Gwen he figured it was the right thing to do considering they had a child. The live wasn’t there though, it had vanished nor he lost Emily and Dimitri knew that he would never and could never live another woman the way that he lived Emily.
To have her agains with him was all he could ask for. Sitting here and enjoying a light afternoon meal with his fiancé was all that he needed and more than he could even think to ask for. It seemed they had settled on an area at least and with nothing to do for the remainder of the afternoon and evening, there was no harm in checking out a few houses on the market. It was unusual for Dimitri then as this all seemed so domestic, but still exciting at the idea of a life with Emily.
“Why don’t we start today? We’ve g it connections, time before the show tonight – anything where I get to spend time with you I don’t mind.” He was already finishing his meal then and a bit typist on the wine, but he knew that would wear off soon enough.
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 15d 12h 45m 32s

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