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In the year 1995 a group of scientist were finally able to create a serum that would prolong death. When taken by an animal it would cure any illness and gave them an additional 10 years of a healthy life. When taken by a human, it completely changed their genetic code. The person would become young and beautiful. They would get inhuman speed and strength that could take down a tank, but only if they feed on human blood. Once the serum was injected a terrible hunger would rise and if unchecked, the person would starve to death. But if they drink, and continue to drink, they would live forever. A choice scientist didn't want mankind to make.

They began to hide their research and get rid of the test subjects. They only had five. Two males, two woman and a female child. They locked each of them away and began the starving process. On the fifth night, the little girl was able to finally pop the screws on an air vent and made her escape. When someone finally noticed she was gone, it was too late. She was in the next town massacring a farm family. Once her hunger was gone, she looked at what she had done. What had they turned her into?

24 Years Later

[Your Character] moves to the Big Apple and finds a pretty cheap apartment in a really bad part of town. You take it tho and move in. Just as you are moving your things up the stairs, you trip and start to fall. Only to be caught by a gorgeous woman. She helps you and carries a few boxes that even you couldn't lift...


Hey guys, so a few years ago I was on thins site all the time. Life happened and I disappeared for a while. I'm back now and thought I would start off with a vampire like roleplay. So with that being said, my rules.

1. I would like this to be a fxf roleplay so no guy characters.

2. Real pictures only

3. This will have mature content. No cybering tho. If our characters get that close we will time lapse.

4. 1000 character minimum. I like detail. I like twists.

5. Message me if interested.


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[font "tempus sans itc" The female was standing by the window watching the storm rage outside. She heard her phone buzzing, but decided to ignore it. She was pretty much in all of her glory right now, and she didn't want it to end. She lifted the mug to her lips and took another sip, then there was a knock on her door. Her heart seemed to slam against her chest, and then heard Viven's voice on the other end. A small smile passed over her lips as she moved away from the window, and made her way through the dark.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As she thought she passed the small coffee table, she ended up stubbing her toe on the leg, and she nearly dropped her mug. She let out a hiss of pain, as she placed the mug onto the table top. [#FF6347 "Give me just a minute"] she called out. She wasn't used to this apartment set up yet, and knew she wouldn't be for a little bit. She took a deep breath before walking towards the door once more. When she knew she was away from any other type of dangerous objects she unlocked, and undid the chain on the door.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She drew it open and saw the woman standing there, and she smiled lightly towards her. [#FF6347 "Well hi there, come on in. No point in just standing out there"] she said lightly. She stepped aside and let the woman into her apartment. For some reason this woman smelled amazing, and she couldn't really put her finger on why she did. Then she realized her phone had gone off a little while ago, and she slipped past the woman and checked the message, it was from the woman in her apartment.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#FF6347 "I would love too, if you wanted I could make you something in stead. I've been told I'm a pretty mean cook"] she said with a small smile. She might as well give her answer since Viven was standing in her apartment with a bag in hand. She looked towards the bag and raised a 'brow slightly. [#FF6347 "What's in the bag?"] she asked lightly. She hoped she wasn't sounding too rude, but when she couldn't really see what was in the bag, it seemed to put her on edge. Ever since she was a child.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Unknown objects always put her on edge, and she couldn't really remember why. It was like she had blocked all of that out. She then nodded towards the couch. [#FF6347 "If you'd like, you are more than welcome to make yourself at home. But since it's getting kind of late, I was going to call it a night because I have to be up early for work in the morning"] she admitted. It was true too. She was starting her job at the pancake house, and she was looking forward to it more than anything. Which was really strange to her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She wrapped her arms around herself, as she stood there in nothing but sweats, and a sweat shirt waiting for the other to speak. She did that too, she would talk someone's ear off because of her nerves, and that's just what she was doing. She bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from saying anything else, and let Viven do the talking for the time being.]
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Vivan had started to drift off to sleep when he phone began to buzz in her hoodie pocket. A soft yawn slipped past her lips as she rubbed her eyes before grabbing for her phone. She looked at the text name and a smirk grew on her face. As she read Trixie’s text, she felt something she had never felt before. She couldn’t put her finger on the feeling but she wasn’t in a rush for it to go away. The tall female’s legs hung off the side of her couch as she typed up a reply.

[b [i Dinner sounds good. And you’re not begging. I remember being new to the big city. It can be intimidating and lonely if you let it. How about you come over to my place tomorrow around 6:30? We can order some Chinese food and get to know each other.]] Her fingers seemed to hover over her phone’s keyboard as she typed. Rereading it before hitting send. Once she saw the message sent icon, her eyes darted over to her fridge. [i “Fuck…now I need to clean out my fridge.”] A small growl rumbled in her chest due to her aggravation.

She stood up and made her way to the closet she stuffed everything her didn’t really need except for every once in a blue moon. When she opened the door, all she could see was boxes. She moved them with ease until she saw the small red cooler she kept for when she went hunting. She pulled it out from the back and put the rest of the things back where they were before going into her kitchen. Right as she was sitting the cooler down by the fridge, a huge crack of thunder shook her apartment and the lights went out.

Viven rolled up her sleeves and went right back to the closet. Her eyesight was even better in the dark as she made her way through her apartment with ease. Grabbing a box labeled candles that she kept for the exact reason. Blackouts happened a couple times of year here. They always lasted a few hours. Something she had gotten used to. She rummaged through the box and pulled out two handfuls. She placed them in an old grocery bag and grabbed another two handfuls. Putting those in a bag as well. With her phone keys in her pocket, she made her way down to Mrs. Chang’s apartment barefoot.

Once she had delivered a bag of candle’s to her landlady, she went back upstairs and knocked on Trixie’s door. [i "Hey Trixie, it's Viven…"] She could smell the female from outside the door and it made her slightly hungry. She shook the thought away as she stood there, waiting. Vivan felt her phone buzzing in her pocket again and saw it was a text from her boss. She sent her a quick reply before sliding her phone back into her pocket. Her mind going back to Trixie. She wouldn’t be able to step into the other female’s apartment unless she was invited. A safety precaution that was needed when you lived near a monster.
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[font "tempus sans itc" As the woman felt herself getting more and more comfortable she heard her phone go off. She read the message and laughed a little bit, before replying [#FF6347 [i No I didn't trip and fall on it. I almost did though, but that's only because I wasn't paying attention. But enough about that. I was thinking maybe you and I could get together and do something. Doesn't matter what it is. We could stay over here, and play some movies, and make dinner or something. You are more than welcome to say no, but I do need some friends.]]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#FF6347 [i Now I feel like I'm begging you to spend time with a total stranger. I'm just going to shut up, and let you enjoy the rest of your day. Xoxo.]] She hit send, and regretted it. She couldn't believe she was pretty much begging for attention. That wasn't like her, and she hit herself in the head. She was stupid, and knew it. She put her phone back beside her, and turned her attention back to the screen. She watched a couple more episodes of Riverdale, before her stomach started growling.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She ordered some pizza, and went to make some tea. Something to warm her up. The weather outside was still bad, and the thunder seemed a bit louder than it had been. She shuddered lightly, and shut the tea kettle off as it started to whistle. She poured the water into a mug, and put a tea bag inside. As she was walking back into the living room, the door bell rang. She went and opened the door. [b "Did you order a large Pepperoni and Olive pizza?"] the male asked. [#FF6347 "That I did"] she said lightly.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She paid for the food, and made sure to give him a small tip. Her eyes wandered to the closed door across the way, and she shook her head. She shut and locked her door behind her. She took the box into the small kitchen and placed it onto the counter. She then grabbed a plate and took two slices. She then went back into the living room, and curled back up into her blanket. She reached over and pressed play. She took a bite of the pizza and leaned back against the couch.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Thunder boomed, and lightening flashed, and that's when the power went out. She was sitting in darkness, and groaned. She held the plate the best she could, and found her phone. She turned on the flash light and looked around. [#FF6347 "Great"] she muttered lightly. She leaned over and put the plate onto the table. She then stood and made her way to her bedroom, and grabbed her jacket. She slid her arms into it, and then went back into the living room. She walked to the window, and drew the curtain's open and looked out.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Sure enough the power was out all around the small town. She stood there leaning against the wall, watching as lightening flashed across the sky. She turned off the flash light, and grabbed her mug of tea. She then moved back to the window, and looked out once more watching the storm raging outside. The food forgotten for the time being. Thunder storms were always her favorite thing, and she loved watching the lightening flash across the sky. She took a sip of the tea, and stood there. She felt at home right then, and she wouldn't have it any other way.]
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Viven had put in the music order and was just sitting behind the counter. Listening to a mix tape she had created on the store’s speakers. She watched the storm outside continue to pour down. She was alone in the store. If no one came in the next hour she would be closing early. Honestly, who in their right mind would be out in this storm? She let out a bored sigh when suddenly her phone buzzed in her pocket. At first she thought it was her boss telling her to go ahead and close the store. However it was a number she didn’t know. She felt her pulse race ever so slightly as she read the text. A smirk finding its way to her face.

[b [I Hope you didn’t trip over it.]] She hit the send button and placed her phone on the counter. A rather loud crash of thunder boomed outside of the store, making some CD’s rattle on a display that was by the window. Viven stood up and stretched her stiff body. Her stomach growling every so softly. She was always hungry. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. Holding it for a few seconds before releasing it. Her focus coming back to her.

Thirty minutes went by without a single customer and that’s when Viv decided to call it for the day. She texted her boss a quick closing up message and gathered up her things. Once she had turned off everything in the store she walked outside into the rain and locked up the building. The cold liquid pounded down on top of her. She should have brought an umbrella, however she always told herself that a little rain wouldn’t hurt her. Not like she could get sick.

She made the fifteen minute walk back to her apartment building at an even pace. By the time she was at the door for her to put the code in, she was soaked to the bone. Inside the building was warm. Mrs. Chang had been walking out of her apartment when Viven was walking in. [b “Hello Child. Oh my….no sense in you youth. Didn’t even think to bring an umbrella did you?”] Viv laughed as she rung her soaked hair out over the lobby trashcan. “Why would I do a silly thing like that? Come on now, my youth doesn’t have common sense most of the time.” She smiled kindly at the old lady before making her way up the six flights of stairs. “Have a good night.” She called over her shoulder as she trudged up the steps in her soaked clothing.

Singing to herself, she made her way into her apartment. Once inside she opened up all her windows so she could hear the storm outside. Gust of wind blowing through every once in a while, cooling down her apartment. She stripped out of her wet clothes and hopped into the shower to warm up. Once done, she pulled on a pair of black leggings and a red hoodie. With her hair pulled into a messy wet bun on the top of her head, she moved around to clean up her apartment. Singing to the rhythm of the rain.

Once everything was neat and tidy, she warmed up herself some dinner and sat on her black velvet couch. The red liquid sliding down her throat with ease. She would need to go to the blood bank soon. She was off from work for the next three days. The couch seemed to eat her as she got lost in thought. Perhaps she would go for a hunt. Gods knew there was enough slime balls in this city to feast on.
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[font "tempus sans itc" When the female finished the application, she put it in the box and she stood. She was kind of hungry, and she thought she had heard thunder outside. She walked to the door, and slowly drew it open and peered down the hallway. She could hear people talking, and the smell of food was making her mouth water. She shut the door behind her, and made her way out to the front of the pancake house. When she slipped out from the back, the older woman looked up and smiled at her. [b [i "Everything okay now?"]] she asked.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Trixie nodded lightly. [#FF6347 "Yes, thank you. I hope you don't mind, but I put in an application for a job. Seeing as I don't have one right now"] she said lightly, moving over to the counter. The woman smiled warmly and nodded. [b [i "I'll take a look at it later tonight. I'll make sure to give you a call as well. Take a seat, and I'll get you some food. On the house"]] she said. Trixe couldn't help but fall in love with this woman. She was so motherly, she liked it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She moved over to a table and sat down. Right when she did, thunder crashed and the sky seemed to open up just then. She looked out the window, and watched as the rain hit the ground. She felt so much calmer, and she didn't understand why. She shook her head lightly, and looked up when a plate was placed before her. [b [i "I realized I didn't tell you my name. Call me Mama Sophie. Eat up, and stay as long as you need sweetheart"]] she said. Trixie couldn't help but smile at her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#FF6347 "Thank you so much Mama Sophie."] she said. The older woman bowed her head, and walked off. Trixie dug into the food in front of her, and when she was done ten minutes later, she pushed the plate away, and wiped her mouth with the napkin. It was still raining, and she knew she needed to get home. She would be drenched by the time she would make it back home, but she didn't mind. She pulled her wallet out, and put some money on the table and stood. Mama Sophie was busy with other customers.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She ducked out of the pancake house, and the feeling of the rain hitting her skin, made her feel even calmer. Rain had a different effect for her. As she ran down the street to the apartment, she hoped she wouldn't run into Hunter again. When her apartment building came into view, she put in the code, drew the door open and slipped inside. She stood there, trying to catch her breath. Her hair was sticking to her head, and her clothes were drenched. She then walked up the stairs to the sixth floor, and to her apartment.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She opened the door, and stepped inside. That's when she nearly fell. [#FF6347 "What the fuck"] she breathed out, and looked down to see what she slipped on. She saw the piece of paper and bent to pick it up. It had a phone number written on it, with the letter V on it. Her heart seemed to skip a beat. She had the woman's phone number. It wasn't like they wouldn't run into each other a lot. She smiled lightly as she took the paper into her room. She found some clean clothes, and went to shower.]

[font "tempus sans itc" When she was comfortable in her sweats and tank top, she grabbed her phone and programmed Viven's number into her phone. She then hit [i New Message] and typed one out. [#FF6347 [i Just got home, and found your number sitting on my floor. Thought I would message you so you know who it is. Xoxo Trixie.]] She read the message over real quick, and then hit send. She let out a small sigh, as she looked at the boxes littering her front room. She rolled her eyes, and plopped onto the couch.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She pulled out her lap top, plugged it in and booted it up. The storm outside was still raging, and she turned on Netflix. She found her blanket, and wrapped up in it. She let herself get comfortable, her mind wandering to her neighbor. Something about the woman drew her in, and she didn't understand it. She just hoped that something good would come from it in the end.]
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It had taken her hours to do her inventory and by noon she was done and hungry. It had taken all of her strength to not rip the throat out of one customer who had given her a hard time about an expired coupon. Her eyes darted to the door when she heard the little bell above the door. Queuing her that someone had entered. It was Jason, one of the other employees. [b “Hey J. Perfect timing. Inventory is done, I’m going to lunch.”] She smiled at the red haired guy and hopped over the counter. She tossed him the keys and out the door she went. Her eyes a dull gray as she looked around her. The sky had grown dark and in the distance she could hear thunder. She could smell the moisture in the air. It was going to rain and it was going to rain hard.

Viv moved swiftly through the crowd of people on the sidewalk. All of them had a different scent to her. But nothing like the girl from earlier. Trixie was her name. Trixie… Viv snapped herself back to focus as she came up to her apartment building. Putting in the entrance code and walking inside. She sprinted up the stairs to the sixth floor and to her apartment door. Her breathing even as she unlocked her deadbolt and went inside. Her eyes had changed to red as she opened her fridge. Pulling out two bags and pouring them into a bowl. She warmed it up in the microwave and with a straw she drank every last drop.

A wave of relief passed over her as she sat the blood stained bowl into her sink. The crash of thunder made her look outside. It still hadn’t started raining but it was even darker than before. She made her way over to the window that connected to the fire escape. She climbed onto it and sat on the edge with her legs dangling off the side. She looked through the bars, down at the world. The wind blew through her hair as a soft sigh escaped her lips. Her tongue flicked over her canines. She tried so hard to appear normal to the people around her. If they knew she was a monster, would they be able to kill her? Probably not. That was her curse. There was only one way to kill her.

Viv huffed as she finally moved from her perch. She climbed back through her window and made sure her apartment was once again locked up before leaving. As she passed Trixie’s apartment door, she stopped on her heels. Even from outside of the apartment, she could smell the female’s things. Why was this girl so intoxicating to her? Viven frowned as she couldn’t wrap her head around it. Why was this one different? The blue haired female pulled out a little piece of paper from her pocket and scribbled her cell number on it. Just signing it as [b –V.] She slid the paper under the door and went on her way back to work. Hoping she would get there before the sky opened up. She didn’t know why she had left the girl her number but she just couldn’t shake the girls scent. It followed her.

The tall female made it to work just before the rain started. Right as she was walking in, a clash of thunder echoed through the sky and thousands of rain drops came hurling to the earth. [b “Jason, I’m back. I’ll be in the back office putting in the order.”] She smiled at the male as he nodded to her. He was preoccupied with ringing up a customer. The back office was small and dark. Boxes were stacked up the ceiling and there was only a lamp that lit up the small space. The overhead light had faulting lighting and the owner had never gotten around to fixing it. Viv sat at the old computer and started to put in the numbers for her order. They had sold a lot over the month. She sat very still. The only thing moving was her fingers. Her thoughts floating back to her new neighbor.
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[font "tempus sans itc" The moment she got the woman's name, she felt slightly better. Viven. That seemed to fit the woman perfectly. She nodded lightly. [#FF6347 "I'll see you around then"] she muttered lightly. She watched as the blue haired female made her way the other way. Was it something she said? Or was she just being paranoid? She shook her head lightly, as she reached for the sandwich and took a bite. She sat there watching as people passed by. That's when a male walked up to her table, and leaned against it. He looked down at her licking his lips.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "What's a pretty thing like you doing all by yourself?"] he asked looking her up and down. That kind of sickened her. She cocked her head as she looked up at him. [#FF6347 "I would rather be by myself. It clears my head, and I don't have to worry about other's around me"] she said lightly. The male shook his head a bit as he pulled out the chair Viven had been sitting in, and took a seat. [b "Well, looks like you aren't alone anymore Princess"] he cooed, leaning his arms on the table.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "You must be new though. I haven't seen you around town before, unless you've been hiding yourself away and just now decided to come out and play"] he said lightly. Trixie was getting really annoyed with the male. Yes, she had approached Viven like he had, but at least she didn't get treated like a piece of meat. The way the male was looking at her, made her stomach turn, and she all of a sudden wasn't hungry anymore. She pushed the plate away. [b "Don't stop eating cause of me"] he said.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Names Hunter, and you are?"] he asked leaning forward a little bit. [#FF6347 "Oh, I'm not eating because you are here, I'm not eating because you made me sick to my stomach. You aren't getting my name either. If you don't mind, I have places to be"] she said as she put her hands onto the table, and pushed herself up. She was about to turn around, when the male was all of a sudden next to her. She hadn't heard him stand up, and his arm was snaking around her waist.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He pulled her against him, and she felt something that made her more sick. [b "Don't be a tease. I saw you talking to that blue haired bitch. She can't show you a good ass time like I can. So why don't you come back to my place, and get that pretty ass of yours into my bed"] he said nuzzling into her hair. Trixie put her hands onto his chest, and she pushed him back. [#FF6347 "I'm sorry, but I'm not attracted to men. What I'm really attracted too is females"] she said lightly trying to take a step back.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He pulled her against him, and crushed his lips against her's. She nearly puked just then. She drew her knee up, and kneed him where the sun didn't shine. He let out a groan and let her go. He doubled over in pain, and she turned and ran for the stairs. [b "You are going to pay for that you bitch!"] he called after her. Right now she didn't have to worry about that. She was running towards the pancake house that Viven had mentioned. She looked over her shoulder, and slowed down a little.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She might have just dug herself a grave, but she didn't care. She wasn't about to let someone treat her like that. She was a human being after all. She opened the door, and slipped inside. That's when a woman looked up and saw the look on her face. [b [i "Are you alright darlin'?"]] she asked. Trixie shook her head. [#FF6347 "No, I'm not okay.. I'm new in town, and some asshole just tried forcing himself on me"] she said, her voice cracking a little bit. The older woman came around the counter, and moved towards her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b [i "Come with me, and I will make sure you are well taken care of"]] she said. Trixie wasn't about to tell her no. She let the woman lead her behind the counter, and led her into an office. [b [i "Make yourself at home, and I'll come and check on you in a little bit. What was the man's name?"]] she asked her. Trixie moved over to a chair and sat down. [#FF6347 "He said his name was Hunter. I don't know his last name"] she said, she then wrapped her arms around herself.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b [i "Alright sweetheart. I'll be back in a little bit"]] she said and walked out. Trixie was left alone, her heart hammering inside of her chest. She then spotted some application's on the desk, and she reached for one. She might as well fill on out while she was here. Maybe the woman would take pity on her, and hire her. She found a pen, and went to work filling it out. Wondering how long she would be back here.]
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Viv ran her fingers through her long faded blue hair. Brushing it out of her face and off her shoulder. Her eyes always moving as she scanned her environment. Watching the local newspaper delivery boy drop off his daily shipment. The bar next to the apartment building, [b COOPERS], was getting its windows cleaned. The old gay guy who owned the flower shop next to the coffee shop was just now arriving to open for the day. Soon he would be bringing out a large selection to be put on display in hopes that people would buy them. A smile grew on her face as she watched him bring out different kinds of flowers. She took in a deep breath as the scent of roses and sunflowers filled the air. Just as she was taking a drink of her coffee, a very small female sat down at her table next to her.

Her eyes locked onto the girls neck for a split second before darting up to her eyes. She could hear the girls slightly elevated pulse. Her heartbeat sounded off and her eyes told a dark story of pain. Her skin smelt of drugs. Her voice was softer than she expected and something about this fragile human was intoxicating. "Welcome to the neighborhood Trixie. I'm Viven. You can call me Viv." Her voice was kind as she spoke. Raising her cup to her lips and took another drink. The hot liquid warming her throat.

"Yea, I was just helping out with some trouble makers." A smirk flashed onto her face as she remembered the look on the kids face when she scared him off. Her eyes flashed for a moment down the alley before going back to the female next to her. She could smell her breakfast sandwich. It smelled appealing yet she knew if she would try it, it would taste like dirt. Everything tasted like dirt. She tossed the thought away. "If you like pancakes, a couple blocks down on the left is a pancake house. Like a ten minute walk." She pointed down the road and raised her coffee back to her lips to finish off her drink.

Viven pulled out her phone from her back pocket to check the time. [b 7:30am] Almost time for her to go to work. She quickly texted her boss and slipped her phone back into her pocket. "Well Trixie it was nice meeting you but I have to go to work. I'll see you around." She voice was genuine as she stood up. Her tall figure casting a shadow on the smaller female. She gave her a playful wink before turning and tossing her cup into the trashcan that was placed outside. With her hands in her pockets, she made her way down the sidewalk towards the opposite direction of the pancake house she had talked about. Her steps silent yet fast as she made the 15 minute walk to the music store she managed at.

She pulled out her keys and unlocked the front door. Turning on the open sign and making her way to the register. The whole store was filled with aisle's full of CD's and records. There was even a section for old cassette tapes. She hopped behind the counter where they kept all the musical instruments and began to count her register. Making sure that the new guy had closed correctly and hadn't taken any money. As she started her paperwork for inventory for the month, she flipped on the store's surround sound system and blasted Godsmack. Nodding her head to the music as she walked around the store counting everything and writing it down in her notebook.
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[font "tempus sans itc" The small woman finally carried her last box into the apartment. She finally found the perfect home for her, and she was finally on her own. Her heart was fluttering inside of her chest from the moving, and she looked towards the male she was with. [#FF6347 "Thank you so much for helping me out. I don't know what I would have done without you"] she said lightly. The male shrugged a bit [b "Don't worry about it. That's what family is for. But I really should get back home"] he said. The female nodded and hugged him.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The male pushed her back a bit, and kissed her forehead. [b "Promise me one thing Trix. Please?"] he asked her. The female sighed and put her hands on her hips. [#FF6347 "Anything Alex. What is it?"] she asked. The male looked down at her, and a small smile passed over his lips. [b "Promise me you won't go back to that dark place. You are finally free from the pain, and the drugs, just take care of yourself"] he said lightly. That was something she didn't want to promise, but she loved her cousin more than anything.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#FF6347 "I promise, I'll take care of myself better. Thank you"] she breathed. The two hugged one last time, and then Alex walked out the door. The moment that the female was alone, she felt it. She was alone, and she didn't know what to do. She wanted nothing more than to just forget everything that had happened. The rape, losing her baby, and losing her family. She was itching to get some kind of drug into her system though. She shook her head, and took a breath. She couldn't be thinking like that.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Instead of unpacking her things, she grabbed her apartment key and slipped out of the apartment. She locked the door behind her and made her way down the stairs. The black haired female loved using the stairs. It made her feel slightly winded, but that was because she wasn't fully down from her addiction. She would deal with that later on though. That's when she heard two female voices. She spotted a blue haired female with the older lady. She shook her head lightly, and walked out onto the busy street. She was hungry, and it was early.]

[font "tempus sans itc" That's when her eyes fell on the coffee shop across the street. She then made her way towards it, and she walked inside. She walked up to the counter, and ordered a mint coffee, along with a breakfast sandwich. [b "Are you new here?"] the female behind the counter asked. Trixie nodded a bit. [#FF6347 "Yes I am, I just moved into the apartment building across the street"] she said with a warm smile. The female before her shuddered lightly. [b "You are a brave one"] she commented. That was kind of strange.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She paid for her small meal, and when her order was done she made her way back outside. She wanted to be anywhere but here right now. That's when she saw the beautiful creature from before. She was drinking a coffee as well. She bit her lip lightly as she moved over to her table. She then sat down and locked her eyes on the stranger. [#FF6347 "I saw you talking to the land lord, I'm Trixie your new neighbor"] she said with a small smile. She then lifted her cup to her lips, and took a sip.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She was being kind of bold, but she felt some kind of connection to this female before her. She put her cup back down onto the table, and pulled out the food inside of the bag. She then took a bite, and let the silence wash over them both. She didn't know if she was over stepping a line, but she did need to make a couple of friends, so why not start with her neighbor?]
  вlood / Blissful- / 173d 6h 36m 18s
Screams of terror. That's all she dreamed about. That is when she did sleep. The blue haired female opened her black eyes to the first light of dawn. Her stomach growled as she sat up in her bed. Her black sheets falling off her naked body as she stood up and made her way to the kitchen. Vivian let out a long yawn as she opened up the fridge in her kitchen. The whole thing was stocked with bags of blood from the the local blood bank. After being like this for so long, she had to make friends with the right people. She made a vow to never kill again.

Viv made her way around the kitchen. Grabbing a coffee mug and filling it up with a bag of blood. As she waited for it to warm up in the microwave, she stretched her long slender body. Feeling every muscle move and her shoulders pop. As soon as she heard the ding of the microwave, she grabbed her cup and made her way back to her room to get dressed. The blood smelt divine to her as she took long slow sips. Her eyes slowly shifting from black to a bright blue. Her skin turned from pale to a soft tan. Her hair turned from dull to shiny and as she finished the last drop, her strength came back and she was ready to face the day.

With a yawn she walked into her huge closet and grabbed an outfit for the day. Just an old pair of ripped up jeans and a red plaid shirt. Once dressed, Viven made her way to the window in her room and opened it. Stepping outside to stand on the fire escape. Her eyes scanned the area. She watched as the coffee shop across the road opened up. Her eyes followed the paper boy as he pick a flower from in front of the flower shop, always one flower for his secret crush. She smiled and took in a long deep breath as she felt the wind blow through her long thick hair.

"Well what to do today..." Her voice was deep yet seductive for a woman. It always seems to suck people in. A curse in a way. Oh how she wished she was normal. She just wanted to be normal girl. With acne, frizzy hair, and stretch marks. Something she would never get. She wanted to fall in love. Something that was too dangerous. Who would ever love a monster like her. Vivan shook those dark thoughts away and climbed back into her apartment. She grabbed her black combat boots and slipped them onto her feet and made her way out the door. With her backpack purse on her back, she locked up her apartment and made her way to the stairs. Passing what used to be a vacant sign on the only empty apartment that was left in her unit.

"Huh, I guess I have a new neighbor. " She kept walking, making her way down the six flights of stairs. Once on the first floor she knocked on the leasing office door. After a moment this little Chinese lady opened the door. "Good morning Mrs. Chang. Here is my rent money for next month." The old lady smiled sweetly at her as she took the money. [b "Thank you child. Always on time you are."] Viv's eyes sparkled as she smiled at the elderly lady. "So I see you finally rented out that apartment on the sixth floor." Mrs. Chang nodded as she scurried into her apartment for a second and came back out with a bag of trash. [b "Can you do me a favor dear and take this to the dumpster for me. I'm afraid those group of boys are hanging around the area again and I can't afford to keep paying them just to throw my trash away."]

Vivan nodded to the sweet old lady and grabbed her bag of trash. "Don't worry, I'll get rid of them." With that said she made her way out the back door of the building and walked down the long alley towards the apartment dumpster. As she got closer she heard the sound of teenage boys talking smack back and forth. The air smelled strongly of marijuana and rap music could be heard. As soon as they saw her, their voices got louder as if trying to scare her off. It was cute. As she approached the dumpster one of the kids got in front of her. [b "It's $20 to use our dumpster. Pay up or move along skank."] She looked down at the kid from her 6'1" height. Her eyes shifted to black and her canine's grew just slightly so when she spoke, they could be seen. "How about you guys run along and go be scum elsewhere and I won't have to smash your skull into the pavement." A low growl rumbled from her chest and for a second a deep hunger filled her. She could smell the blood in his veins, hear his heartbeat pick up pace. She watched as fear filled him and within minutes he was backing off and his little gang walked off. Still talking trash.

She tossed the bag into the dumpster and started walking to the front of the building. Her features went back to human as she crossed the street to the coffee shop. Walking inside to order her normal cup of black coffee. She breathed in the bitter smell and took a seat at one of the tables that was outside. The morning air soothing in a way as she took a long sip of her drink. Watching the world around her come to life.
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