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[B [Center [size25 [+purple Ken is a young Omega in the pack who is also a breeder. Ken's life has been nothing but abuse from his family and his higher ups in the pack. On his 16th birthday he is destined to find his mate as do all members of the pack upon coming of age. There is no denying your mate once you find them even if you hate them your wolf draws you to them. What happens when Ken's mate is the alpha of the young pack.]]]]
[B [Center [size25 [+blue _______ is the alpha of the young pack and future alpha of the main pack. It has been 3 years since he came of age and he still hasn't found his mate. Finally after all this time ______ finds his mate and its disgrace of the pack. ______'s wolf is causing him to fall for his young mate whose first heat is fast approaching what will the young alpha and his mate do?]]]]


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Ken yelped when he was tackled by his mate in wolf form. He lay on the ground shocked for a moment before sitting up. His wolf wanted out but he hesitated cause he had only ever shown his twin his wolf form. He sighed slightly before allowing his wolf to come out. Where a scrawny boy had sat was a black wolf with icey blue eyes that looked to large to be the scrawny boy from before. [Pic] Ken's wolf form had never matched his size or rank in the pack. His brother being the only pack member that had ever seen his wolf form. He looked up at Kumori when he was asked to sit with him. He walked over in his wolf form and sat beside his mate feeling content looking at the stars beside him. After a few moments he shifted back to his human form and laid his head on kumori shoulder without thinking. His peace did last long as he smelled someone approaching and immediately hide behind Kumori. He recognized the scent as Micheal the Bata that always bullied him more then anyone else.
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Kumori stop and stood there silently as his form shifted from man to wolf. He stood there silently on all fours watching the male with his ruby colored eyes. He could hear the male whine and whimper. Which he really didn't understand why? Kumori hadn't even lay a finger on him yet.

The snow colored wolf pounced on the slender male knocking him over easily. His pink colored nose ran all over the boy's body. He sniffed the male's face and hair the most. So this truly was his mate? This scrawny little thing. Kumori jumped back and sat down on a large rock. The moon had risen high the sky. He sighed softly as he say there his ruby colored eyes then dance back towards the male who lay still on the ground.

[#b4c8ee "Come and sit with me and gaze upon the moon..."] he said with a light growl. His form them shift back from wolf into a human. His ruby colored eyes were now back to an emerald color. Kumori had his doubts about the male but his wolf wanted him. It just had to be him there was no else the made him feel this way. This strange fluttery feeling in his heart.
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Ken ran a good 1000 feet or so before hiding from the girls chasing him. He remained hidden for about fifteen to twenty minutes before coming out and beginning to walk home. He sighed feeling lost as his wolf howled for the mate that was clearly going to reject him. He sighed setting down under a random tree listening to nature before returning to his abusive home. His wolf howled again as he seen kurmoi approaching him. He tried to hide and avoid the rejection that was to come. It was to late to hide he'd been seen by his mate. He lowered his head waiting to be rejected as kurmoi snarled at him. He lifted his head quit surprised when he was told to follow kurmoi. He quickly followed after the other Male wondering if this ment he had been accepted by his mate. He continued following his mate for a while and stopped when kurmoi stopped on the out skirts of pack territory. Realizing where they where ken became afraid again. He whimpered slightly and cowered down believing he was going to be beat.
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[center Kurmoi eyes dance around the room. Of corse he was surround by beautiful women. Some of them were pretty tempting but the feelings just weren't there. Kumori sighed softly as he continue to looked around the room. His eyes shifted from green to a ruby red. When he approached.

It was the omega Ken. There was no way! Just no way it was him. The wolf inside him knew. He didn't stop the female from chasing him away. He just watch them aimlessly. When the male was chased away his eyes went back to an emerald green. That feeling the got when that freaking omega was near. His hear was racing in his chest.

Kumori smiled softly as he step back. [#b4c8ee "Ladies it was a pleasure meet you but I must bid you good day."] he said with a soft smile. He the walked away. He walked past Ken once more getting that strange feeling in his chest. He let out a small pant, but it quickly turn into a snarl. His ruby colored eyes glared at the male. [#b4c8ee "Follow me..."] he said ever so softly.
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Ken quickly finished fixing his families breakfast and grabbed a piece of toast retreating to his twins room. He could hear his family eating and complaining about him. [+pink "I feel bad for whoever is saddled with the disgrace as a mate today. But at least he wont be our problem anymore."] He heard his mother say as he changed into the only clothes he had decent for being seen in public and slipped out the window onto the roof of the porch. He jumped from the roof of the porch to the ground and ran to the meeting hall a little early. Upon entering the meeting hall he quickly found a corner to hide in and just prayed his mate found him. He continued hiding in the corner as people began filling into the hall. He watched everyone as things began and most quickly found there mates. He was beginning to lose hope of finding his mate until he caught the scent of fresh snow and Roses. He followed the scent coming to a stop in front of the young alpha and smiled weakly as his wolf howled in excitement over finding his mate. He didn't stay near the alpha long because he was running for it from some female batas running at him in anger for getting near the alpha.
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[center Kumori being the grand old age of 19. Sighed softly as he closed his emerald colored eyes. Today was the day, it just had to be! He was destined to find his mate. He had been waiting so long. He could just feel it. Kumori emerald eyes sparkled as he got ready for the day. He took a long bath in rose water. He wanted to make sure he smelt his best today.

After his bath, he quickly got dressed and headed out the door. After wishing his mother a sweet goodbye. His parents had always been kind to him. Even his father who seemed gruesome. His father and mother taught him everything they knew. Which really helped him, he excelled at hunting, and fending off danger. Kumori sighed softly as he glance back toward the house. His mother was watching him leave from the window. He just hoped she would be okay alone.

Kumori father had just recently died due to humans and their excess hunting. Kumori let out a snarl. His father fur was a brilliant white. Kumori was the same. His fur was white like snow, it was simply just gorgeous or so he had been told by many of the elders and even potential mates.

Kumori had made it to the meeting hall. He smiled faintly as different scents drifted in the air. Kumori sat down taking his place first in the line. After all he was an alpha. He stood there smiling softly as he heard people whispering about him. [#b4c8ee "I made it dad..."] he said under his breath. Soon it would be time, all the Bata and omega would be showing up.
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Ken groaned rolling over as his brother's alarm went off and his brother's feet barely missed his head. [+green "ken you could have slept in the bed with me last night you know."] His twin Archer said to him as he sat up. [+red "Archy you know mother would beat me if she caught me in your bed."] He said looking around for a shirt to put on under the bed. His twin was never treated badly by their parents because he is a Bata and most importantly not a breeder. Ken unfortunately is little more then a servant to his family and coming from a line of Bata and alphas makes his being a simple Omega a disgrace and shame to the family name. At least today he would finally move into the young pack house and out of his parents apartment in the main pack house. Today was his and his twins birthday they where finally coming of age and once they find there mates they will have there own apartments with there mate in the young pack house. Once he found a shirt he walked downstairs to the kitchen. Sighing he began to cook breakfast for his family for the last time unless of course he was one of the unnatural cases who dosen't find their mate for years after coming of age. He grumbled as he continues cooking for his family.
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