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[B [Center [size25 [+purple Ken is a young Omega in the pack who is also a breeder. Ken's life has been nothing but abuse from his family and his higher ups in the pack. On his 16th birthday he is destined to find his mate as do all members of the pack upon coming of age. There is no denying your mate once you find them even if you hate them your wolf draws you to them. What happens when Ken's mate is the alpha of the young pack.]]]]
[B [Center [size25 [+blue _______ is the alpha of the young pack and future alpha of the main pack. It has been 3 years since he came of age and he still hasn't found his mate. Finally after all this time ______ finds his mate and its disgrace of the pack. ______'s wolf is causing him to fall for his young mate whose first heat is fast approaching what will the young alpha and his mate do?]]]]


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Ken growled a bit when the other male had suddenly hugged his mate from behind. When the other was gone ken was disappointed that fein went back to the car cause he was actually enjoying himself for a change. Grumbling under his breath he followed Archer and Spade into a few more stores before stopping in front of a sporting goods store and was staring at the set of throwing knives on display. After a moment of staring he walked off by himself with out thinking only to find himself lost and cornered by several males that he had never seen before. [+red "go away and leave me alone please."] He said quietly as one of the males knocked him down. [+orange "why would we do that when its obvious your a breeder and your almost in heat."] Said one of the males as the all approached ken. In a panic ken kicked the one that had spoke in the balls and ran for it out of a side exit and down the street not looking where he was going. [+green "um spade where did ken go?"] Archer asked his mate looking around for his brother panicked.
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[#9370db "It looks great im glad that he chose it for you."] he spoke as they walked he listened to Archer and chuckled. [#9370db "Ill get you anything you want, just don't kill me in the middle of the night with them."] he joked

as the boys tried on clothes spade came back with some tight leather pants a leather jacket hat licking his lips sticking his tongue out at Archer which showed his pierced tongue as he pushed his brother out of the room before pulling him into another dressing room. [b "These are special Leather pants would you try them on for me?"] he purred and handed them over.

Fein blushed looking down at Ken in his suit he had tried on. [#9370db "you look nice but you don't look very comfortable."] he spoke and handed him a pair of pants and a button up. [#9370db "Are you into these clothes, or maybe my sized shirt it would look nice on you too. I just want you to be able to be more comfortable around me."] he spoke as a male came behind him hugging him. Fein freaked and sent the male to the ground his eyes held murderous intent.

Spade heard the commotion running out of the dressing room and pulled fein of the male who was escorted out. [b "Fein its okay hes gone, hes gone.... Calm down. your okay now take a deep breath. come on yyour in front of your mate calm down."] he spoke as fein looked at Ken calming down in embarrassment before handing one of his credit cards to spade to pay for the stuff.

[#9370db "Keep him close to you both I swear if anything happened to him ill hurt you. im going to the car."] he spoke still shaken as he left and got into the car waiting for them in front of the store.
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Ken couldn't help but blush a bit when fein commented on how he looked. [+red " Archy picked it out for me."] He mumbled as they left the house he stuck close to fein and archer almost hiding between the 2 but could feel the eyes on him. [+green "Hey bro I bet if you asked you could get a couple new knives while we are out."] Archer said smiling at ken then looked at fein. [+green "hes kinda fascinated by knives unfortunately his collection got left at mother's father helped him collect knives behind mothers back."] Archer told fein as the walked between stores. Ken grumbled as they shopped and archer kept dragging him into the dressing room of each shop making him try stuff on. [+red "Archy I swear your a girl in disguise as much as your enjoying this."] He said as he tried on yet another outfit this one being a pair of tight black pants a band tee and leather jacket. [+green "come on ken you have to show fein how bad ass you look."] Archer said pushing ken towards the door. [+red "but this isn't me Archy."] He said as he was pushed out the dressing room in front of fein.
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Fein touched his face worried. [#ba55d3 “You are not with your mother you will eat like a normal person, you will eat even if it’s a bit every meal time, just so that you gain a little more weight your too thin.”] he said wrapping his arm around him looking down and glaring at archer.

Spade looked between Fein and his mate and hissed. [b “Hey hes just trying to let you know why the boy is not hungry give him a break!”] the male spoke and ate bacon.

[#ba55d3 “Well your mate is okay with him eating twice a week while he sits there three times a daymeals my mate makes!”] he hissed before watching the boys going to Archers and Spades room. Fein hissed and went to his own room dressing in a nice pair of jeans and a black Tee before walking out throwing a suit at Spade to wear who laughed at how childish Fein was being. As soon as they were dressed the boys walked out spade went over to Archer kissing him.

Fein blushed madly walking over taking his hand and kissing it. [#ba55d3 “You look beautiful Ken.”] he spoke leading him out of their home. Fein held him close to him as they shopped entering expensive stores finding outfits for the boys trying on a few suits himself.
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Ken blushed when Fein kissed him and pulled back after a second. [+red "but I'm not hungry I ate yesterday."] He said standing beside his mate and looking at archer and spade. [+green "Mom only ever let him eat twice a week so hes probably telling the truth about not being hungry."] Archer said between bites of bacon smiling as he spoke. [+red "shopping as in out in front of the whole pack and the humans?"] Ken asked nervously rubbing his arm. he wasn't found of large gatherings of people or being in public period. [+green "Come on ken let's get ready I can finally get you into clothes that fit you right."] Archer said as he finished eating and dragged ken to his bedroom so they could get ready to leave. So ken would feel more comfortable changing Archer locked the bedroom door keeping fein and spade out.[+red "Archy I dont wanna go shopping I have clothes."] He said looking at his twin going through a duffle bag and throwing some tight jeans and a tee shirt at ken. Who put them on without arguing. Before long the two stepped out of the room in front of their mates.
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Spade looked down at his mate and smiled. [b “Im sure Fein will help him break that habit, he looks like hes scary but he really is sweet and caring even though your brother is a lower rank, in fact because hes the way he is he will be super protective. Lets you and I also head to be Fein has given us a room. He wants us to stay here till your brother is comfortable enough to live in the house with Fein alone.”] He spoke getting up gently grabbing Archers hand leading him to their room.

Fein rolled over in his sleep smelling Bacon and sat up feeling for his mate that was not there. He went to the kitchen not seeing him there and freaked out a little. The male had left while he was sleeping he looked at Archer and Spade who had come out of their room then went back to his room where he had found Ken under the bed.

As ken got up Fein quickly swept him into his arms and let out a sigh of Relief. [#ba55d3 “You are not a slave here you are my mate, you are to eat when I do you will eat the same food as us you will sit at the table, lie in our Bed. This is Our home.”] Fein expressed before pressing his lips to Kens hugging him yet again. [#ba55d3 “After Breakfast we will go out shopping, you and your brother will be getting new clothes accessories anything you want. You will stand proudly by my side.”] he wiped Kens face before leading him to the kitchen table.
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[+green "Ah Spade you might want to go tell the alpha that if ken wakes up in a bed he'll have a panic attack our parents never allowed him to sleep anywhere besides my bedroom floor."] Archer said worried for his twin as he watched the other be carried away by fein. Ken had lost his battle with sleep and didn't wake up as he was moved and placed on the bed. Thankfully he didn't wake up till morning and he panicked forgetting he wasnt in his parents home for a moment. He yawned rolling himself out of the bed as he stared away fein he still couldn't believe fein was his mate. He shook his head heading to find the kitchen and out of habit began fixing breakfast. When he finished cooking he retreated to feins room and crawled under the bed going back to sleep as the smell of bacon and pancakes filled the small apartment waking the others. Ken stayed asleep under the bed for a while until he was found by his mate and brother. [+red "I'll clean the kitchen now that yall are done eating."] Ken said standing up looking at the other two before heading to clean up.
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[#DDA0DD “Just because you ate this morning doesn’t mean you don’t need to eat I want you to be healthy I want you to be happy with me.”] he spoke before blushing himself when Archer had mentioned how Ken was red. Spade held close to Archer as they went to the living room bringing in two boxes of pizza in placing them on the table.

Fein huffed as he wiggled out of his arms and sat next to his brother but smiled as the boy began to fall asleep. [#DDA0DD “I am tired we will finish this movie in the morning Spade there is an extra room for you and your mate but mine and I will be going to bed now.”] he spoke picking up Ken princess style taking him to the room where he laid him in the bed getting in after him. [#DDA0DD “Don’t worry I will not hurt you I will not try to touch you tonight sleep here next to me.”] he spoke pulling him to his chest yawning a little.

Fein hoped that Ken wasn't to uncomfortable he just wanted to keep the boy safe from everything he wanted to shelter him and make him his but would slowly ease him into it
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Ken and archer were laughing happily talking about their mates when Fein came in picking ken up. He welped out of habit when he was picked up but calmed down some when food was mentioned. [+red "I'm fine I ate this moring."] He said in a small voice his eyes grew wide as his mate mentioned pregnancy already. Ken looked at fein before feeling feins face in his neck. Ken caught his breath for a moment thinking fein was gonna mark him right then. [+green "Haha Bro you should see how red your face is right now."] Archer teased leaning against his mate watching his twin happily. [+red "Archy your mean."] Ken pouted as he wiggled out of feins arms and sat on the floor beside archer and his mate. Ken yawned slightly trying to ignore the rumble in his stomach. He knew if he ate again today he would end up sick. He turned his head towards the tv watching the movie that was on before long he subconsciously found himself leaning against feins legs as he fought to stay awake for the rest of the movie.
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Fein looked down at his mate and blushed as he smiled. He was beautiful if he had a tail it would be wagging he then looked over at his twin keepinghis eyes on his mate before feeling his mate wrap around his he sat down he felt his mate peck his lips but he wanted more. He chuckled as the two ran and Spade came up behind him. [b Oh my feels like we have the same lover doesn’t it they are twins.”] He joked his golden eyes looking at the door the two boys ran into. [b “Your lucky though your mate kissed you mine hasn’t yet but it also could be that Archer was stolen away from me.”] The male joked more.

The taller male stood up and looked at the door wanting to pull his mate back to him he was drawn to the boy he didn’t want him to far away. [#DDA0DD “ No they are different, my mate is timid I want to make him mine and only mine I want the others too look up to him never down on him and I trust none of you look down on him.”] he spoke the others nodded. Orion and Jack left and went to their homes with their mates as Spade and Fein sat in the living room turning on the tv.

Fein then stood up and walked to the room opening the door before picking up Ken. [#DDA0DD “Both of you come we are going to watch a movie. Mate….What do you want to eat ill make you anything you want. Anything. You are thin I want you to gain a little weight, healthy weight so you don’t get hurt during pregnancy.”] he said closing his eyes putting his face into the nape of Kens neck. [#DDA0DD “I cant get enough of your sweet scent. Thank you for being my mate.”] he spoke as spade laughed.

[b “Yeah thanks kid this guy right here is three years due. Well haha so am i.”] he spoke looking down at Archer putting his hand out to him.

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Ken couldn't help the smile that played on his lips as his mate put his parents in there place. His smile grew even bigger when he saw his brother with another alpha approach them. [+red "Archy you found a mate to."] He said happily hugging his brother before fein wrapped a arm around him leading him away. Once at his new home he looked around nervously and stood awkwardly behind fein. He stayed quit as his mate spoke to the others that had come with them. His eyes grew wide when fein asked for a kiss before he could spend time with archer. He glanced at his brother nervously and then back at his mate. He slowly walked over to fein and gave him a quick peck on the lips before grabbing archer and running to a different room. [+green "Wow bro that was pathetic you couldn't have been more obvious that you had no clue what you were doing."] Archer said teasing ken as he sat down in the chair at the kitchen table. [+red "was I really that bad Archy?"] He asked sitting in the floor next to his brother out of habit. [+green "yeah you were I can5 imagine what you'll do when hes ready to mate and mark you."] Archer said playing with his brothers hair.
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Fein nodded and looked down at his mate whom asked him to look for his brother then heard the male again his eyes piercing through him as he slapped him to the ground hissing more. [#DDA0DD “Did you not Listen to a word I said! I will destroy you!”] he was about to hit him when he heard a woman talk to him telling him that it was a mistake and it frustrated him his scent causing everyone to shudder.

[#DDA0DD “Don’t you dare lay your hands on him again as you can see he is wearing my ring he is mine there was no mistake between him and I the mistake is YOU!”] he looked at her forcing her to her knees and then looked at the father. [#DDA0DD “You keep your Bitch away from my mate, and the brother they will no longer come near a disgrace of a FAMILY. Your son is not the DISGRACE YOU ARE!”] he hissed and looked at Spade whom came over with his mate which was Kens brother.

Fein blinked and then looked between the two pulling Ken to his side looking at his arm. [#DDA0DD “Looks like you will be close to him. Your brother.”] he was a man of few words unless angered he put his arm around his waist and took him to their new home his friends and their mates following. [#DDA0DD “Now that we are all here if any of you talk about or do anything to my mate I will not hesitate to destroy you. And Ken my mate you may go spend time with your brother but first kiss me.”] he spoke siting in his chair the other Alphas nodding and sitting down as well.
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Ken watched the scene his mate caused with wide eyes. He just nodded when his mate spoke to him gently. He smiled slightly when the ring was put on his finger and stood up with his mate. [+red "my brother can we find my brother?"] He asked softly his eyes searching the room for his twin wondering if he had found his mate as well. He waited for his mates answer still searching the room with his eyes. After a moment he dropped his head looking at his feet trying to shrink away from all the hateful glares he was receiving. [+yellow " how can the mutt be Alpha Fein's mate."] One of the boys who had been pushed to the ground hissed glaring at ken. Ken assumed his request to find his twin had been ignored he began to follow Fein silently unsure of what to expect once they reached the others home. As they walked he spotted his parents storming towards them. [+pink " I'm sorry Alpha Fein there must be some mistake I'll get this disgrace out of your sight."] His mother said grabbing him by the arm beginning to drag him away from his mate. [+red "mother please dont take me from my mate."] He begged receiving a glare telling him to shut up. [+pink "Quite spouting this nonsense I'll deal with you for tricking the alpha when we get home."] His mother hissed causing ken to whimper in fear.
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[center [font "Letter" Fein sat up as the boys were called one by one he wasn’t interested in any of them he then noticed Orion had found his mate as well as Spade and Jack. Once Ken Light stepped forward his heart skipped a beat and he immidatley stood up. He noticed he was the lower rank. Of all boys he was the one he was fated to be with. He stood for a few moments Orion holding onto his mate before looking at Fein.

[b “Eh so you are fated with that one I feel bad for ya, should have stuck to the whore this morning.”] he chuckled before cowering at the sight of feins glaring eyes. They pierced through his soul and he submitted it made everyone submit and bow there heads. He walked over to his mate who ran after being kicked he grabbed the two boys gripping their hair tight hissing as he pushed them to the ground.

[#DDA0DD “You dare touch what belongs to me! I don’t care what his rank is everyone here can tell that he is my Fated and I swear on my title I will destroy anyone who dares touch my property again!”] Fein hissed and looked at everyone Jack spade and Orion all in shock never seeing the male this possessive over something, but then again he was a true Alpha above all other Alphas.

The taller male found his mate pulling his rings off his necklace putting one on himself before crouching down to Ken. [#DDA0DD “You, Ken right? I know I look big bad and scary but I am your fated mate we both can feel it I know you can if I can.”] he stopped before gently grabbing his hand. [#DDA0DD “You arm my mate and no one will ever harm you again you belong to me and as proof here is a ring to symbolize you being my mate.”] he spoke putting the ring on kens finger. [#DDA0DD Look I do not care about ranks yes im way above you and your pretty low and by the looks of your body you seemed to be abused. Now come your coming home with me. Orion, Jack, Spade Lets go get your mates and lets take them home.”] he spoke pulling the boy up looking at those staring hating that Ken and Fein were fated for eachother.]]
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Ken finish cooking his family's breakfast and grabbed a bowl of cereal retreating to his brothers room to eat before going to the young pack house to find his mate. Once he finished the cereal he hide the bowl under the bed. He began getting ready to leave for the pack house to find his mate. Before long his brother came into the room and got ready as well. [+red "Archy do you think I'll find a good mate today?"] He asked his twin watching the other get ready. [+green "of course you will a find a mate today. You know how rare it is not to find your mate upon coming if age."] Archer said to ken sighing. Once bother where dressed they ran out the apartment to the young pack house. Ken looked at the other boys his age gathering around the main room. Some had clearly already spotted there mates while others where looking at him in disgust. He sighed ignoring the looks he was receiving as things began. He stood waiting patiently for what seemed like forever for his name to be called. You was called by rank so he was one of the last to be called. [+purple "Ken light Step forward."] He stepped forward as his name was called his eyes making contact with the young alphas and he felt his wolf jump. His mate was the alpha this terrified him would he be rejected or killed or abused more. He lowered his head submissively waiting for the other to acknowledge that they were in fact mates. [+blue "out of the way runt Norway your the Alphas mate."] Said another boy his age but was much larger then him and shoved ken to the ground. Ken felt the other kick him hard and he whimpered looking up at his mate un acknowledge as he stood up slowly walking away. His wolf howled in protest demanding he dominate the other Male looking at his mate but ken just sulked off to hide in a corner.
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