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[center [size20 [font courier [b [i ╏╹as above, so below╻╏]]]]]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/RGEXCq6.png]] [size10 [b It's the] year 2050, just a little over 30 years since the [i Flash]. 30 years since some people have even seen the sun, migrating underground and shielding themselves from the [i Above]. The Above wasn't considered safe anymore, hot burning days and the coldest of nights, the air so thick that it'd choke you mid sentence. There were those that failed to get away in time, those burned terribly, their eyes now a milky white with blindness - and they were hungry. Barely anything had survived Above.
[b And then] there was the [i Below]. Before the Flash it was just a conspiracy; internet trolls used to scour different forums. All this talk about how the Government was building underground tunnels, as if they knew this day would come. Somehow society had managed to salvage what was left of humanity.
[b There were] the Higher Ups, the fortunate ones with not a mark on them who somehow had managed to gather as many of their belongings before the Flash. Then there were the Lows. Those who were caught off guard, not even able to grab a photo or anything. Somehow some way life turned into some kind of normalcy. there was water, there was energy, and there was food. life was good. [i everyone knew life was better down below. The President knew what was best.]
[center [b _______]]
[b For the] President's daughter that always seemed to be true. What better life to live than to be healthy and happy? That is until a little scamp from the Above managed to find his way in, though escaping prison, he had some new for anyone who'd listen. The Above was more than they imagined, thriving in fact.
[b The man] they loved so much was lying. His reasons clear, why keep his temple below surface any longer. If above the world could be his, as so below

[b --]
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Xavier had taken to the couch, not able to keep his eyes open and Camille had sat at the table along with Kova and Henry. Meira was pacing the kitchen, busying herself in her uncle’s kitchen. She obviously was quite nervous and Camille could understand why. They both were. A bit out of their comfort zone and aiding fugitives. She happily sunk into the seat, glad to at least have a moment of rest even if it was just for the time being.
Henry adjusted the glasses that were hanging around his neck, most likely manufactured by himself. He was an intelligent man, which was why he had been of such good use to the people of the Above. He had also been one of the architects for the tunnels – only casted out by the President who wanted all the control and the glory.
“We have history,” Henry said with a chuckle, watching as Meira delivered the coffee. He hadn’t seen her since she was young. She had grown beautifully. “You act just like your mother. She didn’t know how to keep it together.” Henry chuckled with a shake of his head, reaching for the mug after adding in a splash of milk. “There was a time when I lived in the Above.” He frowned then, memories of his late wife flashing. The memory of finding her body, what was left of it. Had she not been related to the President, he wouldn’t have been able to seek refuge in the Below as everything was still getting settled above. Henry had thought that it was possible the President would want everyone safe and happy. When he had entry, he had planned for the generator and the tunnels – there was more than enough room. The President however had different plans, thinking it a better idea instead to create a whole new society – a [I perfect] one.
He was eventually cast away and though still able to live in the Below, he knew the Above needed his help. “How’s your mother?” He asked, a woman who helped get all the secrets and plans he gave her to the trackers: which was how he had come to meet Camille and Xavier.
“I haven’t seen her in months. Been in prison,” she said softly. Henry nearly choked on his coffee. It was then he took in Xavier’s appearance and with the news of Camille being arrested, he knew that this was serious.
“We’re in a bit of a mess,” Camille said with a sigh. She leaned back, her shirt rising to expose the toned stomach beneath, hands playing with her curls.
“I can see that.”
“We’ve come for the generator.”
“So things Above are going well?”
“Remarkably.” He turned to look at Kova then Meira. “So how are you two involved ? Hostage situation?” Camille chuckled.
“They want to come along for the ride. Look we promise to be no trouble, we just needed somewhere to hide out so Xavier could rest.”
“How long ago has it been since you’ve left? And you’re a guard I presume, for my niece – the best I should hope.”
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[font "tempus sans itc" The moment the four of them were out of the truck, Kova tilted his head to the side and looked towards the older male. He was kind of surprised that he remembered Meira's name. He shook his head lightly and made sure the other's were safely in the house, before he went back out, and parked the car around the back of the small house. He sat there for a little bit. He honestly felt like he was at a loss. Everything was happening too quickly, and yet he loved the feeling he got from it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Yes he was worried about Meira, but who wouldn't be? She could act like a child at times, but other times she could handle shit herself. Just with stuff like this, she couldn't handle it very well. He loved her more than anything, but if she wasn't a huge part of this problem, he felt like she would't even be here. He let out a small sigh, as he grabbed the keys and slid them into his pocket. He walked back around the house, and slipped inside. He could hear them talking softly, and his heart skipped a beat.]

[font "tempus sans itc" When he walked into the room, he saw the Henry was sitting down, and Meira was making her way around the kitchen. Something she did when nervous. He moved over to a chair, and pulled it out. [#9966CC "Coffee Kova?"] she asked. The male looked up towards her and nodded. [#00bfff "Yes please, thank you"] he muttered lightly. He made a mental note to pay the male back, and replace whatever they end up using, or eating. Coffee was the first on his list. He looked towards Camille and then towards Henry, and took a breath.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#00bfff "So I have to ask, how do you know these two?"] he asked. He let the words hang in the air, and turned to watch Meira moving around the kitchen, finding mugs, and whatever else she would need. His eyes then moved back towards Camille, and waited for her to speak. Meira on the other hand, was trying to keep herself busy. She hated the fact that she was getting dragged into this. Could she really handle herself with something like this? Let alone entering the [i Above] made her really nervous.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She wasn't about to turn these two in, it would make her feel awful. When the coffee was done, she poured all of them a cup, and then handed them out. [#9966CC "I don't know how you all take your coffee, so do as you please with it"] she said lightly. She handed onto to Kova, who took it and thanked her. She walked back over to the counter, and she leaned against it. She stood there with her fingers wrapped around the mug, listening as the other's spoke, feeling slightly out of place.]
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Camille watched the woman then, Meira and already she was annoyed at how close she was getting to Xavier, but she was also clearly a woman who was stuck in between being an adult and a child. Hell, she was being ordered left and right. There was no one that would ever talk to Camille like that, growing up in the Above meant growing up quick. A child remained a child, you had to prove you were responsible. At least, that was especially true for people like her and Xavier who were expected to be able to navigate this different world on their own, their missions not always the safest.
“Make a right,” she said, giving directions when needed to help guide Kova to Henry’s “Uncle?” She asked with a raised brow. Xavier had felt the cool hand next to his face, looking up to see Meira. He thought then, remembering the man had mentioned his sister being the wife of the President. That was the only reason he was able to actually get into the Below. Others from the Above had naturally been turned away, only accepted by the President. Henry had a wife though who had not been allowed. She died during the beginning, when cannibals did roam the earth and because he never forgave the President, he did what he could to help the people from the Above.
Camille looked up into the rearview mirror, watching the curious young woman as she asked about the generator, chuckling some as Kova had snapped some. “Someone must call you daddy in bed the way you act,” she joked to him.
“The generator is the only piece missing. If we have the generator, we can actually get the Above back to normal. Our people have plans.” [I Our people], Camille was still finding it hard to integrate the two strangers into their world. They would have nowhere else to go though, she figured they would be in for a real culture shock and the way that the woman could barely hold up for herself, she hoped she could keep up and hold her own. Camille didn’t need people dragging them down and Xavier should know this.
They had finally reached Henry’s hut. Everyone had gotten out, Xavier barely able to keep his head up and she knew he needed rest, it was a good thing that they had made it here with someone they could trust. She had led the trio through a small tunnel, a door made from steel is where she stopped. There was a green light attached to the top which meant he was home, a good sign.
Camille knocked then, the door opening after a bit of silence to reveal an older male yawning. He rubbed at his eyes, removing the glasses from where they perched in salt and pepper hair to his face to see clearly.
“Camille?” He said in surprise, looking at the group in front of him. “Xavier – Meira?” Of course he had never met his niece since she was born, he hadn’t even seen her when her mother died. He didn’t bother to ask what was happening, knowing that obviously they were trying not to be detected. “Come in, come in –“ he ushered them, eyes peeled as he knew they had to play this safe.
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[font "tempus sans itc" Once everyone was in the truck, the male knew it wouldn't take long before someone noticed they were all missing. He looked in the mirror at Meira in the back with Xavier. She was acting like a mother hen over the male, and it kind of unnerved him. He hadn't seen Meira like this before, and it kind of worried him. She was one to get attached easily, and he hoped that she wouldn't end up getting hurt. When the name Henry was mentioned Meira's head snapped up, and she narrowed her eyes a bit looking between the two.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#9966CC "You mean Uncle Henry is apart of the [i Above]? How is he tied into all of this?"] she asked. She had gotten to know the male over the last couple of years, and he had taken her under his wing more than once. She was finding out more and more information, and it was making her head spin. Kova just shook his head. [#00bfff "Doesn't matter how he's involved, if he's the only person down here that these two can trust, you better count on the fact I'm getting them to him"] he said.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Meira's heart seemed to sink, as she looked down at her lap. She felt like she had been in the dark for so long, and then she remembered something else. [#9966CC "Kova, let me out here"] she said. The male looked at her, and shook his head. [#00bfff "No. I know what you are thinking, and now's not the time to get that bloody journal"] he snapped at her. Meira sat back against the seat, and narrowed her eyes. She had a feeling her mother's journal would be able to help, but as always Kova was right.]

[font "tempus sans itc" They had to focus on one thing at a time, and as things slowly started coming undone, Meira felt like she was getting more and more shoved into the back of her mind. She checked on Xavier's forehead, and made sure none of the stitches had come undone. She then looked towards Camille. [#9966CC "What's with the generator? Why do you need it so bad? And why are you so on edge about me being the president's daughter?"] she asked. Kova tightened his fingers around the wheel, and took the next turn that Camille pointed out.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#00bfff "Meira, don't hound them right now. Please for the love of God, just keep quiet. If they want to let us in on what's going on they will"] he muttered a bit. Then the car came to a stop and they were parked in front of a small hut type thing. He looked towards Camille and raised a 'brow lightly. He then climbed out, and let Meira and Xavier out, and he made sure to help the male better than the female's could. [#00bfff "Lead the way"] he said lightly.]
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It all seemed to be going so fast,, Xavier had a hard time trying to maintain consciousness as the headache he had seemed to only be getting worse. Though at least he had been stitched up the and even that he found hard to focus on. He could only recall the feeling of Meira and her hands as they delicately cupped his cheeks, the other stitching him up.
Camille was also a bit unnerved, this moment always being something of a dream for her and yet now was the day she would finally be free. There was a chance she would be able to see her mother. Though, the woman wasn’t an idiot and Camille knew that this wouldn’t be an easy escape. Kova and Meira thought that it was just a drive away into freedom and yet they had to stay undetected, retrieve the generator [I and] get through the tunnels without being detected. Of course Meira had to know that her and Kova’s presence was important, their absence would be immediately noticed and that meant high alert. Same for her and Xavier, this would prove difficult. They would have to work as a team and they would need to play this smart. Their survival depended on it.
Camille had walked out of the cage, watching as Xavier managed to somehow keep his balance, supported by the weight of Meira who held him up her best ability as they were heading toward a back entrance. The crew had climbed into Kova’s truck.
“We need somewhere to hide out,” Xavier said then.
“Yes,” Camille said, “Somewhere we can easily plan without having to worry about being distracted. They’re going to recognize we’re gone soon and we have to make sure we have a plan.” She watched as Xavier furrowed his brow.
“Henry,” he said then, “Remember Henry?” Camille could recall the gentlemen in question, though she didn’t know how she felt about bringing their troubles onto a man who had been undetected for the longest. He was their mole, living in the Below all these years. He had taught them everything they knew. If he was caught, it would be a risk.
“I do – but-“
“Camille, he’s the only one we can trust down here.” Camille chewed on her bottom lip before nodding.
She turned toward Kova, “I’ll direct you”, she said as he began to tell him the route to the man’s house.
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[font "tempus sans itc" The day seemed to be going slowly for the female. Her father wouldn't leave her side when she finally awoke, and made her way down stairs. A couple of the guards were watching her closely as well, and it was kind of getting on her nerves. She ended up snapping at them. She didn't care though. Her mind was on Xavier and Camille. They would finally be getting their freedom, and she just hoped her father would let her leave the house with Kova. If not, she would be sneaking out once again. Something she felt slightly guilty about.]

[font "tempus sans itc" When she heard Kova down stairs she felt her heart skip a beat. Was he talking to her father about leaving? She walked out of her bedroom, and caught the very end of what the two were talking about. [b "You have to promise me you'll keep a really close on her tonight. I can't be around all night, and seeing what happened yesterday, I feel like I can't trust her"] he said. That's when the female rounded the corner, and her father spotted her. She narrowed her eyes a bit, and crossed her arms.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#9966CC "It's good to know you can't trust me"] she spat out. Kova looked towards her and shook his head lightly. [#00bfff "Let's get going. I have to get to the jail early. Make sure to grab some books as well, it's gonna be a long night"] he said. There were some unspoken words there as well. She nodded lightly, and turned on her heel and went back to her room. She grabbed her back pack, and threw some clothes into it. She didn't know how much she would need, but it would be enough for now.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She made her way back down stairs, and Kova wrapped his arm around her waist, and the two left. She was nervous. Was this really happening right now? Her heart was hammering inside of her chest, and she honestly couldn't hold it back any longer. They were close enough away from the house. [#9966CC "Are we getting them out?"] she breathed. [#00bfff "As soon as everything's settled down. I want you to make sure the male stays stitched up"] he said. She nodded lightly. That she could do without a problem.]

[font "tempus sans itc" They ended up at the jail in less than five minutes. She plopped down into a chair, and the male went into the back. She saw that the two were still in their cells. Pretty soon they would be getting out of there. Kova went about getting the check list done with the other guard, and then they were alone. He nodded to Meira and she clicked off the lights, and they went into the holding cells. Her back pack on her back. Kova went to Camille's cell first and looked towards her with a smile.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Meira had gotten another key, and went to unlock Xavier's cell. She walked into the cell, and the first thing she checked was the stitches she had done. [#9966CC "Are you going to be okay to travel?"] she asked him, as they met up with the other two. Kova opened up Camille's cell, and let her out. [#00bfff "We are leaving by the back door. My truck is parked around back. What's the plan?"] he asked. He didn't care which one spoke up, as long as there was a plan set in motion, he was willing to do anything and everything in his power to keep them all safe.]

[font "tempus sans itc" They were finally leaving, and Meira didn't know how to really react. She was nervous, but at the same time she'd been ready for this since she was a little girl. [#9966CC "Let's go"] she said. Kova nodded and led them out the back door, and towards the truck. He jumped inside, unlocked the doors, and waited for the other's to get inside. It was time.]
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Xavier knew that at least Camille was safe, but of course it would prove dangerous for him to call out to her considering that the guards had changed and Kova wouldn’t be there to protect them. If they were found to be in communication with one another, their plan would surely fail and they would probably spend their time in the prison for the rest of their life. Xavier’s head hurt, but he managed to head toward the wall. Though thick, he could tell with a knock that it would be easy for Camille and him to communicate through knocking, a type of Morse code that they had learned while during their training.
He hoped that the woman was at least awake as he began to knock against the wall.
[I Are you awake?]
Camille had caught the last bit of the knocking, her eyes fluttering as she was close to sleep. She smiled then, knowing that Xavier was alive and he too must’ve felt the same about her. Running over to the wall she bent with her knees to the ground, her ear close to the wall and her fist knocking in response.
[I Awake. Cant believe you’re here]. Xavier chuckled, of course this was fate and a miracle of his to find the female was alive. Neo had cuddled into his lap.
[I We breaking out]. Xavier had responded.
[I The girl]? They had not had a chance to speak, both Camille and Xavier knowing Kova and Meira separately, never having a chance to actually speak with one another. They were all, to some degree, strangers.
[I Meira, President’s daughter]. Camille had rolled her eyes then, of course he would be the type to consort with a female of such status. Though, much the same she had trusted Kova and Camille knew that Xavier was smart – they both knew in order for them to get out and complete what they had come for, they would need to depend on an insider. Both of them were close enough to the President that had all the intel the two would need.
[I Eat, sleep, stay safe]. Camille had responded as a guard was coming to deliver their last meal. She retreated back to her cot in time as the guard had slipped her tray.
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[font "tempus sans itc" Hearing that her father was on his way, made the woman's stomach turn. She was going to be in some really deep shit, and she knew it. When Xavier took her hand in his, she looked down at him and her heart broke slightly at the sight. She honestly didn't know what to do. As the two made it back to the main lobby, she sat down and put her head into her hands. [#9966CC "Everything's shattering.."] she muttered lightly. Kova looked at her and shook his head. [#00bfff "No it's not. It'll be okay"] he whispered back to her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As soon as the words left his mouth the door flew open, and in stormed the woman's father. [b "What the hell were you thinking?! Do you want to get yourself killed the way your mother did? You are impossible to deal with. You aren't leaving that house at all today child"] he snapped. Meira looked up at her father and she narrowed her eyes. [#9966CC "Really? That's all you freaking care about? You don't care about asking if I'm okay? What a good father"] she snapped back. She stood, and stormed out.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The older male stood there watching his daughter, and Kova shoved his hands into his pockets. [b "Is she okay Kova?"] he asked looking towards the other male. Kova nodded a bit. [#00bfff "Yeah I think she is. I'll stop by in a little while, and I'll make sure she won't leave"] he said. The older man nodded lightly, as he turned and walked out of the building behind his daughter. That's when Stephen walked in. [b [i "You are free to go Kova. The President wants you right now"]] he said. Kova sighed a bit.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He stole a quick glance towards the cells, and knew he would be back soon. It would be a long ass day, but it would be worth it. Seeing as the President wasn't letting anyone else watch over his daughter, they would have the whole day to get ready. He gathered up his things, and then made his way out of the building. He slid into the car beside Meira, who had her arms crossed and was looking out the window. [#9966CC "We better leave tonight"] she said in a really low voice, so that he was the only one who heard.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#00bfff "We will be, I promise you that. We have a whole day of planning ahead of us"] he said back. Soon the car was in motion, and they were taken back to her house. As soon as they were inside, and both in bed, they crashed. It had been a long night, and they both needed some sleep. When they got up later on in the day, they would talk about leaving, and getting Camille and Xavier out of there as well. Things were slowly coming together.]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/K6W9LDj.jpg]]
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Camille pouted as she was separated by the female, still not really sure who she was and not exactly happy with how much she was trying to make her presence known. She ran her hand through her hair and stepped back some, taking in Xavier’s position and he did look like he could barely stand. She looked over her shoulder at Kova who stood with a nervous look in his eyes, shifting left and right to make sure that there were no other guards that would be coming soon as he had mentioned he would be switching shifts soon.
“I’m fine,” Xavier mumbled, watching Meira carefully and enjoying the care she took of him. However, he knew Camille was a bit in the dark as far as what was going on and when he had a chance to speak with her, he would try his hardest to explain. He knew Camille wouldn’t be too happy to hear that he had exchanged the truth for them to get out, but she knew that this would be the only way that they could get out and hopefully also leave with the generator. A slight bit of fear ran through Camille’s body as she heard the President was on his way. She allowed herself to be taken in Kova’s arms, being ushered back into her cage.
“Oh this is bullshit,” she managed to spit between pursed lips. Her eyes widened in shock as she looked up at Kova, his promises of keeping his words a distant echo as she was still reeling from the kiss he placed to her forehead. [I That was completely unexpected], she thought as she watched him as he closed the gates. With a sigh, Camille sat back on the bunk. At least she knew that Xavier was safe and at least she knew that they would be able to get out here. Kova had promised.
Xavier on the other hand, had briefly grabbed Meira’s hand as she departed, his face no longer covered in blood but, of course he would need stiches as Meira had pointed out and running around with a bloody face would definitely garner attention for the group when they did begin to escape. He retreated into the dark space of the cell, sitting on the bed, Neo nuzzling his neck as he sat in the crook there.
He fell into a sleep, the pounding In his head too much, awaiting for Kova and Meira’s return.
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[font "tempus sans itc" The female nodded lightly as he slowly came too. When she felt a small fuzz ball sniffing her, she looked down at Neo a small smile passing over her lips. She barely had time to snatch up the little thing, before a female was throwing herself into his arms. In a way it made her slightly jealous. She shook her head lightly and looked down at the little ball of fur. [#9966CC "Is this normal?"] she muttered lightly. She looked between the two, and then Kova was right there in the cell with them, watching the whole thing playing out.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He was glad to see the two were back together, but he was worried about someone coming back into the jail. He wasn't about to be the person to break this up, but what other choice did he have? He cleared his throat and Meira looked towards him. She looked like a child holding the little fur ball, looking like she was about to say something. He shook his head and looked towards the two before him. [#00bfff "I know you both have some catching up to do, but we need to talk"] he said.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#00bfff "We can't leave tonight, seeing as you are still pretty unsteady, I can't carry you all the way. The female's are both able to walk, but you mate aren't. We will be switching out guards in about two hours, and after that I'll be back later tonight. I know you don't want to be locked back up Camille, but we might not have much of a choice"] he said lightly. Meira on the other hand was slowly pulling the two apart, and slipped between them. She let out a small sigh looking over her shoulder.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#9966CC "Xavier does need some stitches though. He's bleeding again. I'll have to work a little bit longer on him, and then you both can do what you need to do. But I think we should start planning a way out of here. Do you think you can wait one more night in your cell?"] she asked the female. She gently pushed Xavier back down onto his cot, and Neo moved onto his shoulder one more. Kova looked at the watch on his arm, and let out a small cuss or two.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He looked slightly worried, and then he moved back out of the cell, and went back into the main lobby. Sure enough his phone that he had was going off. He read the message and his heart sank. The President was on his way here. He went back into the room, and hoped that Meira was almost done. She was. She looked at the blonde before her. [#9966CC "I know you are excited, but don't get too excited."] she said with a small smile. Kova walked back into the cell, and he put his hand on Camille's shoulder.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#00bfff "The President is on his way here"] was all he said. He gently took the woman by the arm and led her back into her cell. He looked down at her and felt his heart break a little bit. [#00bfff "I promise I will get you both out of here, you have my word. Just a little bit longer"] he said lightly. He didn't know what came over him just now, but he kissed her forehead. It was his way of sealing it with a kiss. He then backed up and out of the cell, locking it tightly behind him.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He then moved over to Xavier's and pulled Meira out behind him. [#9966CC "I'm sorry.. We will both be back.."] she said softly. She watched as Kova locked the second cell behind them. [#00bfff "You have my word as an honest man, I will get you both out of here, and out of harms way. No matter what"] he said. He then ushered Meira back into the main lobby, and put the first aid kit back. He made sure she was seated, and he placed himself behind the desk. He was kicking himself. Hopefully everything would work out in their favor in the next little while.]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/K6W9LDj.jpg]]
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“Calm down Kova,” Camille said in a low sultry voice, her heart beating rapidly despite the fact she was nervous. What if this was a trick and the male was just trying to see if she would take the bait? She ran her hands through her hair and cocked her head to the side, eyes briefly distracted by the woman who was heading toward the cell Xavier had to be in.
“I always keep my promises,” she said again, this time serious and with no malice. Camille had stepped back, watching as the keys to her freedom dangled in Kova’s hands. She had been surprised to find the male had actually unlocked the gate, suspicious then she slowly walked out. The distance between the two, that gate that had barred them from each other no more. She stood there, small against his frame some, but still intimidating at the same time. Camille looked up at him, a smile on her face and for a bit she was completely unthinking of her friend.
[center [b _______]]
Xavier awoke to the female from earlier, his head pounding so of course it took him some time to remember what her name was.
“Meira,” he whispered with a feeling of relief. He leaned into her calming embrace, allowing the female to start to clean the dried blood from his face.
“Just a little battle wound, nothing serious,” he joked. Neo had peeked her little head out of the space between his legs where she had nestled herself. She crawled toward the female, nuzzling her hand some to have a sniff of her.
“What’s going on? My friend, Camille, is she here?” He asked her, the words tumbling one after the other. “My plan worked, I admit but that hit to the head was a bitch.” He chuckled a little.
Camille had already begun to walk into the direction of the distant voices. The freedom, after all that time being locked up, a bit new to her and she still looked over her shoulder in fear some. She stood there then at the entry of Xavier’s cell.
“Camille,” he breathed out with a smile, now distracted. Not thinking he came to a clumsy stand, his face expressing disbelief and happiness that she was alive.
“Xavier!” She had ran to embrace him, her arms tight around his neck as she kissed his cheek.
This was worth it, whatever was promised to the two other, was worth it to have her friend and her freedom.
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[font "tempus sans itc" As Meira sat there, she thought about all the things she could have been doing. What really crossed her mind was X. He had made a promise to get her and Kova out, but what if he had been lying? Would she be doing this for nothing? That's when she heard Kova enter the room. She had her head leaned back against the wall, and her eyes were closed. She wasn't in the mood for his questions, so when he stayed quiet she felt slightly better. She took a breath and spoke softly finally breaking the silence between the two.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#9966CC "Please don't be upset with me.. I didn't really think everything though, and I'm sorry about that.. I just.. I was looking for you, and when I came across that male, I felt like maybe I could trust him. I don't know if it's the right thing to do now or not.. But I really am sorry for worrying you Kova"] she said softly slowly opening her eyes, and looking towards him. The male was sitting to her with his back turned, looking towards the jail cells. That was pretty odd, but she didn't care.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The male turned and looked towards her. He wasn't saying anything at first, but then he spoke. [#00bfff "Honestly, how stupid can you be Meira? You could have gotten yourself killed. And for what? Just because someone was paying attention to you finally?"] he nearly snapped at her. The words stung, but she wasn't about to let him know that. All she could do was nod a little bit. [#9966CC "Which I can understand your anger with me.. I wasn't just doing it for the attention.. He said he'd help get us out"] she breathed.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The male couldn't believe it at first, but then realized he had kind of made a deal with Camille. That was when he heard her calling his name. Something was happening. Both of them were on their feet, and moving towards the cells. Meira's eyes moved over to the beautiful female, and her heart sank a little bit. She couldn't compete with that. She shoved those thoughts aside, as she saw the male a couple of cells down. He looked terrible. She hurried and went back into the main lobby and got the first aid kit..]

[font "tempus sans itc" Kova looked at the female and wondered if it would be wise to let her in. She nodded her head lightly, and he knew he didn't have much choice. He opened the male's cell and let her in. Meira walked in, and moved towards him. [#9966CC "I'm so glad you are okay.. Let me get you cleaned up"] she said lightly. She set the first aid kit down, and went to work cleaning him up. Kova then walked over to Camille's cell and looked towards her. [#00bfff "Your going to keep your end of the bargain right?"] he asked her.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Everything seemed to be moving so quickly, that he couldn't really think straight. He kept looking over his shoulder as Meira worked on getting the blonde cleaned up. He took a breath, and pulled out his keys. He made sure to take a step back first, as he waited for the woman before him to make him that promise.]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/K6W9LDj.jpg]]
  вelow / MoonBird- / 36d 10h 24m 41s
Camille was happy to hear that it wasn’t Kova who had harmed Xavier, thinking maybe he wasn’t too bad of a person and if his words were true then they had a chance to get out. She willed the male to come to soon, the sooner that Xavier was spoken to, the sooner they could get out of here.
“We have until end of the moon, two weeks” Camille said before the male had departed. Back home they were working on a dome, to go over the community they built which is why they needed the generator. It would act as an electronic bubble, shielding them fully from the blistering hot days and giving them the solar power to run everything. They had already tapped into a water source and with a little more digging, they wouldn’t have to ration the water as they were now.
Camille watched as the male sauntered away, a promise that he would return. She admittedly longed for his return. She went toward the bed and sat there, head against the cool wall and eye peeled open, her body ready for Xavier to wake up. There was hope.
[center [b _]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/LTHYhOO.png?1]] Xavier awoke to a soft mew and nuzzling against his neck. The fur of Neo tickling him. His eyes fluttered some, his head pounding and his mouth dry from a lack of hydration. He licked his lips then, looking around to recall where he was. [I Right, jailed]. He recalled his plan then, to get placed into the jail and then have Meira and her friend get him out, and he hoped maybe there was a sign of Camille being around. He petted Neo, surprised that the guards hadn’t checked the male for any weapons or anything. Then again, passed out and hidden behind bars what really could he do? He did have a gun, few bullets, and a knife but there was no use in using either if not in direct trouble.
Besides, Xavier wasn’t here to kill anyone. Retrieve the generator, retrieve Camille and go back to the Above, that was the goal.
He heard a male talking then, his name spoken and he knew that it couldn’t have been Meira, as her voice didn’t sound like what he listened to. No, he knew this voice.
“Camille?” He called, the loudness of his voice making his head ring, but who cared, if she answered she was alive. [I She was alive.]
“Xavier!” The female had called back to him and the sound of her response almost made the male cry. He held Neo in his hands.
“She’s alive,” he whispered to the creature’s face with relief.
“Kova!” Camille called out, the knowing she would be free soon. They all would.
  camille / SincerelyLily / 38d 11h 39m 25s
[font "tempus sans itc" Kova stood there looking the female up and down, and when she came towards the bars he felt his heart skip a beat inside of his chest. Just having her this close was doing different things to him, and he couldn't help but wonder what it would do to him if she wasn't locked up in a cell. When she spoke about the male's name he knew that the blonde across the way didn't tell Meira everything. He locked his eyes on her own, and nodded lightly. How could he tell this woman no? She was telling him everything she knew.]

[font "tempus sans itc" When she asked if he hurt him he shook his head. [#00bfff "No I didn't touch his pretty face. That had been the other guard. The one who found him and Meira. But listen, I don't know what Meira and your friend over there have talked about, but I've been trying to figure out a way to get Meira and myself out of here. I've had a strange feeling about her father for ages now, and hearing you telling me this makes my feelings that much more real."] he reached up and ran a hand over his face.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He couldn't really believe this was happening. He sighed lightly before speaking again. [#00bfff "I will get the both of you out of here, and seeing as Meira is the President's daughter she'll be able to get us into places you couldn't enter, and around guards you couldn't handle alone. Do you know how much longer you have to get it?"] he asked. He knew that Meira would be pissed that he pretty much was going to use her. What other choice did he have? She'd been talking about the [i Above] for years now.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Helping the woman and her friend out, might not be such a bad idea. He then looked over towards Xavier's cell, and turned back to her. [#00bfff "It's only Meira and myself right now. No one else is around. When he starts coming too, call for me and I'll bring Meira in here, and have her help get him cleaned up. I promise you this, if neither one of you fuck us over, both Meira and I will help you escape"] he said lightly. He meant it too. He was always a man of his word.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He turned and went back the way he had come, and walked out into the main lobby where Meira was, and noticed that her eyes were closed. [#00bfff [i 'Good, let her sleep for a while']] he thought to himself. He moved over to a chair, and sat down. Maybe he was making a mistake, but he didn't feel like he was. Maybe their dreams of getting out of here, and away from her father were finally going to happen.]
  вelow / MoonBird- / 39d 9h 27m 31s
Camille was pacing the small cell, refusing to call out for the man so that she wouldn’t have to deal with another guard coming to keep her quiet. Excited was less of a word for the female when she saw Kova walking up toward her. His tone was tight and his words stumbling out of his mouth quickly, with urgency.
“I don’t believe in maybes.” Camille said as she walked toward the bars, staring the male in his eyes. She wanted to clear away any sign of desperation even though she needed him and this was the only way for her and Xavier to get out. Swallowing thickly, Camille chewed then on her lip as she battled with thinking whether or not to tell him., Biting the bullet, she sighed out with defeat.
“Fine,” she mumbled. “His name is Xavier, he’s from where I’m from. Look, there’s a lot that goes into why I’m here and why he’s here.” She was distracted then, remembering the blood that was caked against his face. “Did you hurt him?” Her brows furrowed in deeply as she tried not to worry. It was the first sign of weakness that the woman showed in front of Kova, usually always so careful to keep her emotions in check.
“Your President isn’t the great man you think he is. He’s been lying to you, about the Above. It isn’t dangerous, there aren’t cannibals. In fact, we are close to having a civilization much like your own. All we need is the generator and I’m sure that’s why Xavier is here. I failed my mission,” she said with defeat. Dropping her hands from where they gripped on the bars, she met his eyes once more. “So are you going to help us or not?” Camille ran her hand through her hair, chewing on her bottom lip. She hoped that Kova was telling the truth and would try to help them out.
“Xavier may know more, I was only briefed shortly before leaving for the mission."
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