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[size10 [b Set] in a world where vampires have always existed.
In Catalina, a city where the summers are way too hot and the winters way too cold, you'll find citizens unlike any other. Here the supernatural is not only known to be true, but also to be feared. On most occasions the vampyres keep to themselves, only coming out at night.
[b Though] this is the only time of the year when the sun fades into the background of thick heavy clouds and when night comes creeping fast. Most vampyres are able to easily get along with their rosy cheeked companions, but, it doesn't mean they are well liked.
[b However] that all changes when humans start to go missing and local murders increase tenfold. Everyone knows this can only be the work of the vampyres, but the vampyres know better: their oldest enemy lycans being responsible.
[b Now] determined to once and for all rid the world of vampyres.]
[size9 [b rules - notes.]
-so this plot is loosely based on underworld cause i just finished watching it. basically humans are getting killed and going missing, mostly because the werewolves have started trying to build an army and while slightly stronger, only pureblooded vampires are capable of strong vampyric powers.
-fledglings are humans that have been turned, what they gain in strength and speed, they lack in control - almost like mindless slaves
-[b there is romance in this.]
-unlimited amount of characters can be introduced let's just not get crazy and remember there's a plot for a reason

osting is at least once a day

-real pictures
-mature theme

osts dont have to be too long, just some substance

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She wanted him, Dimitri could tell in the way her eyes gleamed and how intensely she focused on his lips. She wasn't into the drugs any longer and a part of Dimitri knew that the woman maybe never had any intentions on buying them in the first place. She just needed a way any way to lure him into her trap. She was close, the smell of her perfume gently caressing his nose. A small hiss extracted from his lips, dangerous like that the way she was looking at him. He could do a lot to the female, tug her into an embrace that was delicately balancing between pain and pleasure. Her robe was opening some, waving about and there was that tantalizing piece of flesh once more. He wanted her, knew it was not a good idea, but dammit. She had a point, who was he to deny what he wanted - a little moment of satisfaction. He knew what it'd look like him leaving with her. To everyone he'd look like the luckiest man in the world. Seeing how Minx knew a lot about Quinn there was no doubt that the woman held some type of reputation; beautiful and as wealthy as she was, he was sure that she was someone important and definitely from an important family.
That did make him reconsider, but just for a moment. Getting into pureblood territory was dangerous, that he knew. And he harbored resentment for the world that had pushed him out, the world that had casted his mother away as though she held a disease, as if she had done something wrong. Sometimes he didn't know whether or not it was good or bad that he had been born. A part of him missed his mother truly. She'd killed herself, knowing she couldn't fully immerse herself into the human world and she wouldn't accepted by her own people. Who was she, who could she be to her son? No money and no home, no understanding of how to live a [I normal] life.
Swallowing down the depressing thoughts Dimitri hung his head some. His tongue swept over his fangs, his hands gripping the vile tight as it sat in his pocket. A waitress had trotted over, the club would be closing soon for an elite event and as a pureblood only treat, they were given free expensive vials of wine. He knew he'd have to disappear before it was clear he was a hybrid. Popping over the capsule, Dimitri swallowed one of the pills, washing it down with the chilled wine. It was thick, tasty and cooling his throat some. He could feel the pill breaking apart, his body growing hot with desire.
"Fuck it," he mumbled under his breath, his hand extending a pill out toward Quinn while his free hand had brought her close by the waist. Effortlessly they roamed down under the gown to draw her leg over his. Hitched closely the male looked into her eyes. "Let's go to my place?" he suggested. "Or yours?" All was important was getting out of there, averting any suspicion and allowing himself to ravage the female. He growled some then drawing close to nuzzle against her neck. He could feel the power of the blood, his movements quick and strong but deliberate with a softness toward the female. His fangs brushed carefully over her neck. He'd didn't think he could wait any longer. He could feel the vampyric side of him coming out, he was feral nearly: an animal waiting to take bite out of the beautiful prey before him.
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[i “Well I’m not sure it’s money you’re interested in.”] He was right about that. Quinn had more cash than she knew what to do with. If money suddenly ran tight, she had ways to replenish her stash. If she were to resort to stripping, she would surely find a whole hell of a lot of money thrown her way. However, the bet was complete, so she had no reason to go up on stage again. Well, unless she wanted eyes on her which she’d saunter up there and make something happen.

When Dimitri chuckled as she got unnecessarily close to him, Quinn found herself grinning. He wasn’t pushing her away in that no nonsense dealer mentality. [b “Anytime.”] Her deep brown eyes looked into his, almost flashing as she spoke. Dimitri seemed to be flirtatious as she was, and she wanted to pull that out of him. Quinn was challenging him the way she did most people. It helped that she was hardly wearing anything.

Raising one manicured brow, Quinn let another grin play on her lips. [b “No, not really anyway. My friend Xavier and I bet on something, and I lost. But surely he’s off banging that blonde that caught his eye, so I’m free now. I assume you are the same?”] She bit her bottom lip, letting her tongue run across her lips again. True vampire mates could not be separated. Vampires were sensual by nature, and Quinn was no exception to that rule.

Again, she was considering things she shouldn’t. Her mind flashed to him lifting her up against the wall and exploring her body or turning her so her face was pressed up against it. Vampire on vampire sex was unlike anything human. They had increased height, strength, speed, and senses. It was always intense. It was almost like drinking blood. Quinn craved it, and Dimitri intrigued her. He had her mind racing. He knew the pills were at her taking, but she wanted more now selfishly. She wanted to see what he felt like, looked like, and tasted like.

As soon as his eyes fell on her lips, Quinn’s went to his. Stepping forward again, she slowly undid the robe, implying that she was undressing right here in front of all of these vampires in this bar, but her attention was on him. Her breath was hot against him as she spoke just against his lips, [b “Blood pills are great and all, but they don’t hold a candle to what we could feel together. So... keep your pills and the cash and do something crazy for yourself. There’s more where that came from...”] She whispered, feeling sexual tension out of the roof.
  Quinn Sawyer / bubbles12 / 7d 5h 36m 23s
Dimitri smirked, briefly turning his head away as he was embarrassed some. He knew she'd been watching him and he wasn't shy with the way his eyes looked her over.
"Well I'm not sure it's money you're interested in." Dimitri could see the woman was interested in more than the pills. She had some kind of agenda. Maybe she just wanted to feel pleasure or maybe she wanted to make someone jealous. He didn't know whether he would fall into her little trap she was setting though. He watched as her hands brushed against his chest, finding some excuse to get close to him. Raising a brow, Dimitri smirked cheekily. "Thanks," he responded with a chuckle.
"So, you aren't here with anyone," he questioned. Not unusual, she had confidence. He had no doubt the young woman could take care of herself. Surely, though, with a sensual personality such as hers it seemed more ideal that she would be with someone. Vampyres sometimes could be very protective over their mates. If they were loyal. This was. A new generation though, where the only thing you needed to do to preserve the line was to continue to mate with purebloods. His eyes looked across the bar, he could feel Minx's eyes on him even from across the bar. He was ashamed a little, quickly looking away. Her gaze still burned into him though.
"Hm?" he responded, a bit distracted by his own thoughts. "Oh yes. . . I do know that feeling. You get all of that in just one capsule and the best part?" He leaned into her closely, "It's right at your fingertips for your taking. No need to ask, to be, it's just there." Making love as a vampyre was just like drinking blood. You never really was satisfied. You could go on and on and still crave more. It was satisfying. He wondered what it'd be like making love to the woman in front of him. It had been some time since Dimitri had bothered to commit to anyone long enough to bed them.
She looked light, knowing he'd be able to hold her up no problem, her legs wrapped around his waist securely. He smirked, thinking about his hands dancing over her frame, roaming over the curve of her behind, along her back, and finally at her shoulders. He wondered what she tastes like, what the taste of her blood would be like. Clearing his throat Dimitri tried to turn the conversation back to the pills. His eyes fell on her lips though.
"So what will it be?"
  dimitri / SincerelyLily / 8d 4h 48m 33s
Quinn didn’t take her eyes off him. She noticed every little move, wanting to see what made him tick. Vampires could smell, gear, taste, feel, and touch at a heightened pace, especially purebloods. Quinn was trying to sniff him out for herself, but it was strange. He wasn’t picking up for her. Normally, when she checked for hybrids, she smelled a distinct human blood presence in them. She could usually tell that their blood ran a little thicker. Quinn didn’t detect it on Dimitri. He fooled her, but she wouldn’t know that yet.

Her eyes went to the tattoo on his wrist, including the Roman numerals and name etched on it. Curiosity sparked through her, but it wasn’t really time for that. The pureblood was interested in him in more ways than one, but the business deal came first. [i “Nothing is free.”] He was taunting her. Alright, most people didn’t dare speak back to Quinn Sawyer, but she was finding herself respecting it her confused by it at the same time. Considering it, she simply grinned and retorted as he adjusted the black robe around her lingerie clad body, [b “In that case, you should pay me for the constant peeks you’re getting.”]

Again, she was joking, but she looked at him completely serious a moment before cracking a small laugh, nothing truly genuine. Her eyes caught onto the canister he removed from his pocket. There they were in all their glory. Three pills, clearly filled with blood to burst in a vampires mouth in euphoria. Even to Quinn, they looked delicious. She needed to know more. He was a cat that got her tongue. Quinn eyed him after the small preview, and he finally told her his name.

[i Dimitri.] She eyes him up and down, fitting. He was smart not to give her a last name, more reason she had to know more. [b “Well.. Dimitri.”] She spoke sensually, the words rolling off her tongue like a low wave hitting the shore. Her deep brown eyes found his as she voiced his name like honey as she licked her fangs obviously. She knew what she was doing. Stepping forward once, she ran her hand down his shirt again, adjusting some kind of fabric to give her an excuse to be close and try to smell more of him...

Leaning in a little closer, she spoke again, [b “Quinn. My name if you decide to use it. You certainly know some people. Oh and sorry.. just had to fix that spot on your shirt.”] She whispered, knowing there was no such thing before returning to her spot on the wall that still faced him. Quinn wanted him to open up and to bite on the bait she was dangling because hell she was already biting on his. She was an elite. Quinn normally didn’t spend time for this, but she was making an exception all for the dealer of the blood pills.

As for Dimitri, he continued to ask her what the whole pole dancing was about, and she broke into a sensual grin. [b “Oh... you mean the pole dancing? Lost a bet and had to cash in. Maybe I should do it more often the feel was exhilarating. You know, kinda like that moment you’re about to climax with another vampire... would be nice to feel that again.”] Her eyes caught onto his, burning into them, and she wouldn’t release him from her gaze.
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Dimitri cocked his head to the side and watched the woman before him. He shifted his stance, adjusting so now he faced her more easily.
"Who am I?" Long fingers roamed over the back of his neck, exposing the tattoo he had on his wrist, a simple date in roman numerals and the name of his mother. Massaging the tender spot in his neck he tried to navigate the conversation into a positive manner. Vampyres could hear you just as well as they could smell any blood that coursed through a human's veins. For some hybrids it was harder to detect. His blood count was fairly low, but the more you spent times around humans, the more you took on their habits and behavior. Eventually you started to smell like, you became more of your human side. Dimitri was a bit different, he didn't really spend much time in either sides of his life, just constantly somehow managing to balance in the middle - neutral.
"Nothing is free," he teased, using the female's own words against her. "Even for a peek." He was joking of course, reaching into his pocket to remove the clear canister. Each held 3 pills, held in by a black cork. Toying with the canister between nimble digits, Dimitri switched his view from the pills to her. The bright red liquid inside the capsule rhythmically swishing from side to side slowly - like the thick gloop inside of a lava lamp.
"I'm Dimitri," he answered. Mentioning his last name would cause a stir and surely he had no time for that. [I Get in. Get out] He had to remind himself of this constantly. "I know some people," he put it simply. Despite being an outcast from the Order and those considered to be elites, Dimitri had a few people who still had some kind of loyalty to him. That didn't mean that they held the same amount of patience for him or his presence, as evident by the interaction he had with Viktor earlier. Dimitri cleared his throat, "And you are?"
Obviously she was a pureblood and from her pompous attitude Dimitri didn't doubt she was the highest of the elites. This made him slightly nervous, only cause nothing good ever came with working with people who had that much power. The higher up, the worst of the fall.
"What was with the whole -" Dimitri twirled the canister of drugs in his hand, indicating a twirling motion as he referred to the little show the woman had put on. "Is that a normal thing?" He thought if he'd ever seen the girl around, maybe she never really frequented the club, because surely he would have remembered her - a name he would've thought to catch.
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Blaring pop music was followed by smooth sensual beats spun by a DJ up on stage. Of course, all of them were vampires. Well, save for the blood bank of people behind the bar, but it was a reason she loved the Lost. She wasn’t really a low profile person. Actually, she was [i definitely] not a low profile person. Hell, a low profile person would never put themselves in lingerie and a black silk robe then pole dance in front of a crowd of vampires. No, you could not describe Quinn Sawyer as low profile. In fact, she held a bit of a reputation amongst pure bloods. Her father was an elite, and she learned all of her advanced hunting skills from him. She knew who to choose to avoid detection. She knew not to involve the cops. Most of all, she knew not to trust a hybrid.

He was taking a while. She was starting to become inpatient. Plus, she’d already slipped a large amount of money in his waistband. While she wasn’t hard on for cash, she didn’t just want to lose it left and right. [i Come on pretty boy...] She thought, running a tongue over her fangs. You would do well not to cross Quinn. Her bite was sharper than her bark. Then, he was there all of a sudden. She moved to sit on the black couch next to the wall she was leaning on, motioning for him to sit next to her as she crossed her legs.

[b “Nothing is free. But I’ll make an exception.”] Quinn eyed the man beside her, not giving her name out yet. She wanted to be sure about him. She wanted to trust him a little more. Deep chocolate eyes met light ones as he quite obviously looked up and down her body. Quinn didn’t mind the attention one bit. [i “How many?”] Quinn turned the words over in her head a moment more before examining the dark-headed vampire before her. [b “Show me what you have first. Blood pills are rare and hard to come by. If you have them, then you really know some people.”]

She was still unsure about him. This random guy had pills of that caliber? High profile drugs that any vampire would pay hundreds or even kill for? This guy had skills if he wasn’t lying to her. Maybe he was good to know. Quinn eyed him again, taking each part of him in. [b “Who are you exactly? One of the elite? Or just friends with them?”] The pureblood didn’t exactly expect him to respond, but it was always good to have a leg up on the other vampires. Fights and violence broke out every other day. If she knew someone like him and had him on her side, it would be well worth the time. She at least hoped she was right. It wasn’t like she was wrong that often.
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Dimitri raised his eye at the female, catching Minx snarls in the distance. Her nails brutally scratched against the countertop as she grabbed the bills tossed carelessly at her. He was starting to catch on to that [I personality] that Minx had described. This would play tricky for him. He could tell the female had money, that was obvious by the way she tossed it this way and that. He wasn't sure if he found that a turn on or a complete turn off. Running his hands through his hair, he inspected the bills she had shoved into his waistband. He'd hope to tell the sensual vampyre that he had every intention to sell her whatever she wanted, had it not been in the Pureblood section. She'd already sauntered off, however, confidently swaying her hips.
"See what I mean?" Minx spat out, clucking her tongue as she poured them both another drink.
"C'mon you can't let her get to you. Obviously she was trying too hard to get under your skin."
"Then why is your mouth gaping open like a fucking urinal?" Minx cocked her head to the side, a playful glint in her eyes, though he knew the smile on her lips was nothing short of jealousy. Ducking his head, Dimitri licked his lips and tried to find something to rebuttal with.
"'s not," he lamely responded to her. He battled with the thought of heading over to the woman. He really couldn't risk getting into a scuffle tonight but getting his quota would [I kind of] make it worth it. He scratched at the back of his neck and sheepishly chugged down the shot, ignoring the way the liquor burned.
"Don't think about it," he heard Minx say. Dimitri Feigned stupidity.
"What do you mean?" he asked. He chuckled a little. Minx had known him long enough to know when he would get himself into trouble even when he wasn't exactly looking for it.
"You know exactly what I mean." Minx drew in close, leaning across the bar sticky with liquor and chase. She dropped her voice to a whisper, her lips so close to his he could feel the words vibrating from her mouth. "Don't think about it. It's not worth it. Trust me she's not worth it Dimitri." He grit his teeth, his tongue lapping at the bottom of her lips. Minx could get him to do anything, any other time he'd listen to her, but she didn't understand his life depended on this money.
"I'll be fine," he responded, his light eyes peeking through the dark strands of hair with smug confidence.
"Last time you said that you nearly bit that guys neck off and you weren't allowed back here for six months. The only reason Tommy allows your presence is because you keep the drugged out 'bids in long enough for him to get their money."
"That was different, you know that guy only came at me because of you." He retreated, Minx slowly slinking back. He'd offended her.
"Yeah well at least he didn't treat me like a slag, just someone to take a lap at when he feels." Yeah, their relationship was [I complicated]. Dimitri stood up, taking his last shot and wiping his mouth of what dripped down his lips. He knew she only spoke the truth and it turned the liquor sour.
"I'll be fine, honest. Stick around for me tonight?"
"Fuck off," she muttered,, turning her back on him. Dimitri sighed, she'd come around he knew.
[I Fuck, here goes], he thought as he'd walked over. His hands were fists in his pockets, his eyes darting left and right. He caught sight of a few of the purebloods that lingered on the black couches. He made sure not to make direct contact. This was a get in and get out. A little flirting, show the product, get the cash and go.
Smiling as he stood in front of the seductive woman, he motioned to the spot beside her, "This free?" Dimitri looked over the woman, starting at long smooth legs smooth like a pearl. He licked his fangs at the way the robe clung to her small waist, her breast high and plump. His eyes finally met hers. "How many?" He inquired, if he got straight to the point he'd focus more on business than pleasure, but she was making this hard.
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[i "Honey, I'll be replaced the minute Tommy finds someone with a better mouth than me."] She heard the voice uttering those snarky words coming from just across the counter. Her senses were sharp with the blood in her system. Addictive was the only word for it. It was better than any drug. Vampires could drink alcohol and snort cocaine or shoot up whatever they wished, but she was a pureblood so it didn't affect her hardly at all. Yeah, she got the effects of the drunk and high sensation, but she never had hangovers. But it wasn't the same with blood. Human or vampire. That was why it was so expensive. [b "Where is this Tommy then? He's never met me yet."] She mused with a grin, licking slowly over her fangs and then watched the bartender fill her blood up. At least she didn't have to fight her tonight... As she was waiting, watching with eagle eye vision to make sure the bartender didn't add anything to her drink, Quinn heard something behind her. A voice. Male, from the deep sound of it and suggestive. [i "Of course not, it's easy to spend money you haven't earned. Maybe next time we'll clear the floor, make some room for the fellas to throw a few bills your way eh?"]

Turning on her heel, Quinn realized who her body was pressed up against and leaned back against the bar, putting one heeled foot up to rest on it. [b "Yeah? Would you happen to be one of those fellas? You know I keep my money in my bra if you feel so inclined."] She spoke with sensuality rolling off her tongue. He was hot. His face was framed with dark, wiry hair with peaks of bright blue eyes under unruly strands, and it was clear he worked out. She was about to say more when she sipped her drink and noticed the blood that was pushed towards the man. Finally, she had a name for Miss Bartender Bitch. [b "Excuse me? Did he pay for that? More reason to get you canned."] Reaching into her bra to pull out some more cash, she threw it over her shoulder. [b "Here. For his drink and to cover your ass.. Minx."] She spoke her name, making it clear she knew where to find her if she were to start up a fight or something stupid like that.

Quinn turned her brown eyes back to the man as he embraced a woman, but it was clear what he was doing. Again, stupid. The customer must have been a hybrid to want those hard drugs or did he carry the good stuff? The pills with the blood mixed in? Interested, Quinn had almost not seen the cash moving. Well, she didn't really see it, but she inferred what was happening. [b "What do you sell? Hard drugs to hybrids or something? You know you could hit more of a market with the purebloods right over there."] She pointed to a circle of gambling, smoking, and drinking vampires then leaned in closer to him. Her voice was hot against his ear as she spoke, her lips brushing against his skin slightly. [b "Especially if you deal blood pills on the side. Hard to find those... I'm interested. Find me if you're dealing."] With that, she ran a hand down his chest and then pushed several hundreds in his waistband. Quinn was well off for money, and she didn't care using it. She hadn't had a blood pill in a long time and frankly the man was intriguing to her.

Throwing back the rest of the blood, she threw it haphazardly to Minx and called out, [b "Thanks for the drink Bartender Bitch."] Laughing, Quinn made her way out to a darker corner just behind the stage. She'd give the vampire time to come for her. If he didn't, she'd just find someone else to warm her bed, but Quinn knew she was hot. It was his turn to keep up the deal. Plus, she was willing to pay over top dollar. And she was fairly sure he was a pureblood if he had the pills themselves. Only elites with strong connections could land those.
  Quinn Sawyer / bubbles12 / 11d 3h 12m 26s
Dimitri snorted, waving his hand in a manner that meant a another double. "Out of my league," he started, "I don't have a league. Matter fact, pretty sure I'm in a league of my own so doesn't that mean that I'm out of everyone's league?" Dimitri's words slid from his mouth more fluently now, quick and sensual. He could feel the effects of the blood already and as always the thirst was insatiable the minute it touched your tongue. He knew Minx could see the look in his eyes, he was a very greedy boy, but blood didn't come as easy when you tried to keep a low profile such as he. Hunting near the intense human populations meant cops, meant having to explain to people why they woke up with punctures in their neck. It meant work and Dimititri obviously was not meant for that type of life.
"Okay," Minx started after refilling his glass. "What I mean is she's posh, a bitch, hmm" Minx rolled her tongue inside her mouth, head tilted slightly as if putting much thought into the insults she could slay toward the female. "The girl's a total Peabody - strictly -"[I Speaking of the devil] Minx thought as she saw Quinn sauntering over.
"Honey, I'll be replaced the minute Tommy finds someone with a better mouth than me," Minx smarted back with a nasty smirk, "which is pretty hard." She shot Dimitri a look as if to prove what she meant as she went to get her drink prepared. Dimitri rolled his eyes, Minx was a bit sparky, but the girl was nice. She was kind to him the year after the Change, or should he say no change. He happily fitted his pockets, hands digging around until finding the baggie he wanted. Liquor did a little damage to everyone, including vampyres. As a pureblood you typically got all the perks of getting drunk without the bitch of a hangover the following day. For half-bloods it was different, but liquor wore off quick. Drugs were a different story, wore off pretty quickly for purebloods if it didn't make them feel lethargic in general. For Dimitri, it was the perfect kick. Drugs from vampyres were different, everything to make you feel on the up and up all encapsulated in a capsule full of blood. He popped one, already spotting from the corner of his eye a female walking in his direction. He could spot her from across the way, his eyesight immaculate. He could see the smeared glitter on her cheeks, the crust of blood still sitting in the corner of her lips. She lapped at it cheekily. She looked back as if to confirm with her friends the order. Maybe this night would end a bit early which meant he wouldn't have to worry about losing his head literally the next night.
"Of course not, it's easy to spend money you haven't earned. Maybe next time we'll clear the floor, make some room for the fellas to throw a few bills your way eh?"
Dimitri was distracted then, at the feeling of the body against him and the fresh blood that Minx had placed before him. This was unusual, but he happily accepted. He eyed her carefully, trying to get her to answer what this was for. He definitely could not afford it.
"Minx," Dimitri warned. The girl was unusually on edge and he had to believe there was more behind her disdain for the female than just a spoiled attitude.
The girl with the sparkles from across the room was there in just seconds. "You're back," she inquired, and he faintly remembered looking up at her face from the floor during his last [I encounter].
"For now," he jested. She quickly embraced him, her hands already gripping the loops of his pants. The transaction was quick, the cash replaced for a few capsules. By the time her cinnamon scent caught his nose, her and her crew had already disappeared out the front door.
[center [b ________________]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/qeU5mg4.png]] Minx rolled her eyes at Dimitri, opting instead to handle a few customers during her transaction. Yeah she hated Quinn and maybe that was a bit of a strong feeling, but she didn't like the way the girl treated people. Besides, her little boy toy had made a full of her plenty of times. They treated every as if it were dispensable. Pureblood or not, there was nothing pure about those people sometimes.
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Her heart was pounding in her chest. It was exhilarating getting on stage like that and performing. Loud applause filled her ears, but she didn't really pay much attention to it. Sliding off the pole and replacing the black cape of a robe around her scantily-clad body, Quinn stopped at a random table. [b "What is this? Tequila?"] When the still googly-eyed front row-sitting pureblood nodded, Quinn just grabbed it out of his hands and downed it. When she was done, she dropped the glass and let it shatter on the floor. Someone else would clean it up surely. Disregarding the purebloods nonsense words spat at her, she was already halfway across the room to Xavier who was sitting at the bar. Yeah, she could do for another fixing of blood. The Lost always had healthy choosings. Slapping down a one hundred dollar bill like it was nothing, she took a seat next to the raven-haired vampire. [b "How was the show?"] She asked, grinning and then took hold of her fresh, chilled, college student blood. Oh how refreshing.

Licking her lips, she downed some of it, feeling as alive as a vampire could. She liked it that way. Doing things her way. The way she felt they should be done. [i "You were hot as fuck. Remind me to make that bet more often."] He mused. Quinn only grinned, setting down her expensive glass. [b "Or maybe next time I'll be grinding on you. Tonight?"] She suggested, trailing her hand precariously close to his manhood over his jeans. Moving her hand away just as fast, Quinn took a long, sweeping gaze over the Lost and the people inside. Some purebloods she knew. Some she didn't. Some lights blinking in neon colors outside. Some not lit at all. She wanted nothing more than to score tonight after all that. The blood left you with a high... a thrill that not even drugs could top although she wasn't against those either. Just didn't like how they altered her performance. Her dexterity and agility and overall alertness. After all, it was a vampire eat vampire world out there. She had to be smart to survive, especially with her high-achieving background.

Xavier leaned in, whispering against her ear, [i "Would love to sweetheart, but I've had my eye on Raven for a while now. You know big boobs airhead? I got a date tonight. You're on your own."] Rolling her eyes, Quinn eyed the blonde. Of course. Always getting in her way. [b "Sure just don't wish for me when you don't break the bed."] She grinned some and stood from the counter. She'd tried calling for the bartender several times now. Apparently, that didn't work. Frustrated, she stood from Xavier and sauntered over to the redhead with the cat eye glasses pouring the drinks and of course the high dollar blood. Leaning provocatively over the bar right next to Dimitri, she eyed the woman. [b "What the hell can a woman do to get a refill in here? Do your job right or I'll have you replaced."] She mused, sliding her glass of blood towards her hard. Quinn didn't really have time to mess with people tonight. Actually, that wasn't an excuse. She was pretty much a cold bitch every night.

Ordering the bartender again before she got another word out, Sawyer motioned with her hand as if waving her away like a pesky fly. [b "And I want the good stuff. Healthiest preferably O neg. I'll pay it's not like it's a big deal."] She said like a spoiled brat, stuffing her money back in her bar that was filled quite nicely. She didn't notice the man beside her yet that her ass was practically in his face. Quinn didn't really care either. If only she knew who he was. But she didn't. Or else there would certainly be words said and maybe a fight broken out.
  Quinn Sawyer / bubbles12 / 11d 6h 29m 26s
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/qeU5mg4.png]] Minx was everything her name proposed her to be, a fiery and boldly flirtatious woman. Working at the bar you didn't make any money treating anyone any old kind of way. She's smile those large fangs, one bedazzled at anyone who was willing to tip nice enough. Arching a thick brow up, the bold cat eyed glasses slunk over the slender frame of Dimitri. She smirked, running her tongue over plump red lips, stained with blood which was a perk of the job - free drinks, free blood. She'd met Dimitri years ago, when they were younger, before the full change had taken them over. She remembered hearing about him at Chapel, one of the local schools for vampyres; heard all about how by thirteen his heart was still beating. There were few hybrids that could venture into being a full vampyre. As shitty as it was, it all came down to bloodline and Adeline just so happened to get knocked up by some blue-collar man that didn't even bother to call the woman when he heard she was pregnant. It was a shame, most of the vampyric woman couldn't have children, maybe one if lucky and to have it wasted.
Well, wasted was kind of rude. Dimitri was interesting, usually stayed undetected until he had too much to drink both liquor and blood. Blood did something different to hybrids, like triple the shot of speed or a steroid. You felt like you could do anything; you speed, every sense, strength - you were invincible. But the feeling could only last so long, most woke the next day weighed down by the fact they just were good, but they'd never be great. Invincible yes, but to what extent?
"Well well, my favorite customer," she drawled out as she started to collect a few tips. Dimitri had taken a seat at the bar, his eyes looking left and right. He was waiting to find someone to score with, but also she knew he was trying to keep an eye out for trouble which always seemed to find him. She swallowed a little thickly, knowing tonight wasn't exactly the best night seeing as there were a lot of purebloods and eventually the higher ups would be coming. That meant the Lost would close its doors, [I real] vampires only and sometimes Dimitri didn't take too kindly to being told to get out. Especially, when he was trying to do business and the man was always trying to do business. Being a pureblood meant money, lots of it. Most of them had their hands in everything: business, Hollywood, technology - you name it. There was no doubt they were the top CEOs and stockholders, sucking humans dry in another way. Minx mostly worked for the fun of it, just to get out and meet others. She couldn't deal with purebloods for too long, their noses high up in the air.
"Minx," Dimitri drawled sweetly, all the but entranced by the woman. His eyes traveled the nook of her neck, a section he knew all too well. How many times had he buried his fangs into her, tasting her so sweet, with a kick, her hands digging into his back. Purebloods tasted different, each with their own unique taste. Hybrids were decent, never quite fully quenching a thirst and their blood was thicker as if it were just as confused as to whether it was going through a human or a monster.
[center [b _]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/NqqRNft.png]] "Let me guess, you want me to risk my job for the hundredth time to give you Top Shelf?" Minx asked, smacking the boy's cheek to get his attention. Dimitri shrugged his shoulders, they lived in different worlds most of the time, but she was probably his closest ally - here at least. His only other person resembling a friend was his roommate, a human who didn't really know much of Dimitri's life - just that sometimes he was an average young adult playing video games and hanging with girls and sometimes, just, he was usually gone all of the night.
"Do I really have to ask?" He watched swiftly as Minx disappeared toward the back shelf, knocking casually on a clear panel. The door slid open, nosey enough you could peek in and see humans lying dormant. They were usually college kids, unaware that the few hundred they were getting paid had nothing to do with Science and everything to do with greed and gluttony. Minx returned with a shooter glasses of deep crimson liquid. It was warm still, very fresh. His eyes fluttered back at the smell. You could tell a lot about someone from their blood. Female and very healthy. Minx had poured two shots of Tequila for them. "Oh, now I'm paying for your drinks too?" He knew Top Shelf was expensive for his kind. Liquor was anything but casual but if the manager saw him getting free blood, wouldn't be good for him or Minx. He'd started to take the shot when in walked a woman, parting the way of the messy young crowd, her robe fluttering like a black cape behind her, small glimpses of smooth pristine white skin showing.
"Oh great," he heard Minx mutter. She knew this girl did everything she could to prove she was better than you and the show she pulled off did just that if not more.
"Who is that?" Dimitri asked, tipping his head back and lapping at the blood with such fervor. He turned to face Minx, his eyes growing brighter red by the second. They'd both reach for the shots of liquor, tipping back at the same time. Minx smirked devilishly.
"Out of your league," she simply responded.
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[i Blood. O negative. Best tasting one. Where are you?] Quinn's nose was in the air. Quinn Sawyer was hungry. SO hungry. As she stalked through the night, speeding through alleys, she was looking for her favorite. O negative. Tonight, she needed the energy. It wasn't that hard to find. Quinn was a descendant of her father, one of the elite vampires in the Circle. Of course, fully pureblood. Purebloods were the only real vampires in her mind. The elite. The superior. Both of her parents were actually. Quinn was trained from childhood. She knew damn well how to take care of herself, and tonight was no different. Her deep brown eyes drank in the figure before her, quite literally. He was wearing a dirty heavy metal t-shirt, listening to the same horrible band in his ears. No wedding band. Yeah, no one would care about this guy. Her father taught her at an early age how to spot them. The ones that didn't get you in trouble and make you bite about half the local police department. This guy checked all the boxes. [b "Wrong place, wrong time."] She muttered with a grin.

Expertly jumping behind him like a cat crouched down, Quinn literally heard the heart beating. Her fangs released themselves as she looked for the right moment to strike. [i Go for the carotid. Strongest pulse and almost no chance of survival.] Quinn repeated her father's guiding words in her head and then jumped. That was it for Mr. Heavy Metal. And he tasted really damn good. On a high after drinking human blood, Quinn made her way down to the Lost. She lost a bet with Xavier, another pureblood that she'd hooked up with several times, so she was cashing in on it. Quinn didn't back down from a bet once she was given one. She rarely lost too, but here she was, dressed in nothing but a silky black robe, black lacy lingerie underneath, black heels, and fishnets.

Sauntering down the strip, Quinn turned more than a few heads. Not that she really cared. If she wanted a man, she had one in her bed. Even if she had to charm a human. She wasn't against that. Just no hybrids. Ever. The music was loud in the club she usually frequented. Pushing through the black door in the corner, she flashed her fangs for admittance and then sent Xavier a small grin. [b "Hit it."] She whispered seductively against his lips, letting hers brush over his once before walking up to the stage. As soon as the upbeat, sensual music started, Quinn put a hand on the pole in the middle of the room. Spinning around it in a natural movement and athleticism, she grinded on it as if she were having sex with it then and there. Ripping the black satin robe off, she was left in the black lingerie that highlighted her curves in all the right ways. Dropping to the ground and twerking then pulling herself up on the pole to twirl around it for the last few moments, she finally finished, upside down. Her brown hair fell as a result of gravity, and her chest with cleavage in her push up bra was heaving at the exertion.
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[I This is starting to get old], Dimitri thought to himself. He was being shaken down, for the second time this week, by a man he [I may . . . okay absolutely] borrowed money from. Well more liked owed, seeing as he'd half a bag of product on him that hadn't been sold, the other half flushed out of his system this morning in his toilet. Dark brown eyes stared up at the tall lanky figure before him. The man's eyes burned red, hot like fire and most likely from a recent feeding.
"How many more chances am I to give you Dimitri? Hm?," the man inquired, his tongue so keen to end on the 's'. The consonant slithered past Dimitri's ear, a sound that made him shiver. He knew Viktor was not keen to second chances and already had given Dimitri three. Had it not been the fact Dimitri's mother was one of the few members of the Order organization, he was sure he would've already been split into two. His pale body taking up space in the dark alley behind the bar.
"Viktor," he breathed out, a short and pensive chuckle falling off his lips with the hope to ease the tension. "You know, you know I'm good for it. I just got a little . . . off base." Off base, he made sure not to snort at the remark he'd made as his hand languidly plaid with the long thick strands of curling dark hair. He'd spent a good chunk of the money on what most of his age and stature did: booze, girls, and drugs. Ah yes and of course the nasty gambling habit he had. "Trust me, I'll have it all in full tomorrow night. I'm heading downtown now, easy targets." He stood a little taller, no longer leaning against the sleek black car, probably the one thing in his life he actually bothered to care for. Though standing a strong six foot, he still barely managed to reach the chin of Viktor, who at that moment looked as if he were debating on sinking his fangs into Dimitri's neck on the spot. That was a fight he was unsure he'd be able to win in his state; not only was he hungover but hadn't had a proper feeding in hours. Human food sustained him fine, but there was nothing like the power of blood. All of that energy igniting inside him made him shiver at the thought.
Viktor smiled, tossing a loose strand of the straight platinum blonde locks from his face. His fangs gleamed, sharp and big, they looked wild - primal and contrasted the small ones Dimitri had been endowed with at birth. "My dear Dimitri, had I not personally known your mother" - he paused and looked at Dimitri, basking in the grimace just at the sound of his mother's name, "I would be more inclined as to not believe you. Alas, you are in luck. Third time is the charm." He stepped away, no longer dangerously encroaching Dimitri's space. "But do please remember, soon that name of yours will be nothing. There aren't many people like me who still bother to have some sort of respect for Adeline. Midnight, tomorrow, and don't make me wait."
Viktor was gone in a flash, a streak of gold barely lighting up the alley, illuminating the sleeping homeless man and the rats that crawled over and around him. It soon became clear to Dimitri who Viktor had fed on in the shadowed corner before stopping Dimitri from getting into his car. He heaved out a great sigh, glad to know he had escaped a pretty crucial beating. He knew when to pick his battles and maybe it was because the liquor had started to wear off, while sometimes reckless with his smart mouth, Dimitri could tell he wouldn't have been able to beat Viktor. Shrugging into the car with little effort, he pulled out of the alley. His throat itched with desire, his heart beating - he needed to feed. He needed money. He knew exactly where he was heading.
[center [b _]]
Dimitri felt better in Catalina at night, comfortable with his presence as he drove down busy streets. During the day hybrids like him liked to hide in their homes, some too afraid and unable to control the side of them that thirsted only for human blood. Weaklings, fledglings that never successfully managed to change, void of any thought. Not to say there were as many half-blood vampyres as pureblood. It had always been frowned upon in their society. Humans, while to some degree were to live amongst, that wasn't to say they were above to being food.
Finally making an all too familiar turn off the freeway, Dimitri began into the world of the Lost. The who's who of vampyres and even the scoundrels could be found here. The streets rattled with the sounds of music playing loudly from bars and clubs, pale and flashy dressed bodies lining the streets.
While it was hard for someone like him to get by without an issue down here, he knew it was the prime spot to target people. Easy selling, smug purebloods who didn't mind spending a little too much on so little. After parking, he walked toward the Prime, an exclusive club he'd been thrown out of plenty of times. But, Minx, an old pal still had a thing for him after countless hookups. He could see her working the bar through the crowd of people, dancing to high pitched music, unaffected by the bright lights that inconsistently strobed along. Pushing his sleeves up, he headed there first. A drink - a drink and then to work. Obviously tonight was a younger crowd night, even better, but in the corner he could peek the black door. A room for no riff raff, still lots of fun, but unofficially for purebloods only.
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