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Teagan thought about the boy she encountered. She kept trying to think how she knew him. Maybe she did recognize him from the one basketball game she went to with Luke at the kick off game at the beginning of school. When her Statistic class got out she made her way to her favorite spot. The bench by the lake at the back of the school. Teagan sat down and pulled out her English novel to read for her book report. As she read the thought of him came back. His dark brown hair perfectly styled and the way his eyes just starred at her. She urged to see him again.
  Teagan Scott / Angel_love94 / 7d 22h 2m 50s
Colby just kept his gaze on her when she said she would think about it. [i Yes you will...] He thought as he was working out, the rap music blaring in his ears. If all went right, she would fall for his charms, and he would break her heart right in front of his half-brother Luke. Once Luke saw he meant business when it came to keeping his spot on the team as the superior brother, he would surely back off.

He just had to reel the woman in. He still didn’t even have her name, but he could ask around about her. Colby was fully confident it wouldn’t be a big deal. She would fall for him easily just like every other girl. It wouldn’t be a challenge.
  Colby Daniels / bubbles12 / 10d 6h 29m 47s
Teagan took the piece of paper and looked up him once more meeting his gaze. “I’ll think about..” she softly said. She took a deep breath when he left her. She waited a few moments before turning her head to get a look at him again. Teagan shook her head smiling as she made her way to her statistics. “Hey..” Teagan said quietly to her friend as she sat down. Luckily Mr. Williamston wasn’t in the room yet since she was a few minutes late.
  Teagan Scott / Angel_love94 / 10d 20h 32m 44s
When the blonde stepped back, Colby stood his ground. She’d been to a game before and didn’t like it? Well that was certainly because she hadn’t been front row. Everyone liked basketball. [b “Maybe you didn’t have a reason to go out in the first place. If you don’t feel like partying maybe just you and I could do something. Here... let me get you my number.”]

Before she could leave, Colby pulled out his journal and tore a piece of it off then quickly scribbled down his number to place in her book. [b “Call me later.”] His eyes searches hers once more with another grin and then he walked away confidently, heading to the gym to lift some weights and try crazy dunks.
  Colby Daniels / bubbles12 / 10d 22h 51m 25s
Teagan stepped back, feeling like she needed a breather from the intense starring. "I have been to one game with my friends.. and I'm good.. I don't do the whole going out and party thing.." She said and then looked at her phone seeing the time. "Sorry, but I have to get to class" Teagan said as she pulled her hair behind her ear.
  Teagan Daniels / Angel_love94 / 11d 8m 49s
Colby’s piercing blue gaze met that of the blonde woman in his arms. She was hot... smoking, he would give her that. Plus the fact that she was his half-brother’s best friend made her a perfect target. Should be easy. He was quite the catch in his own humble opinion. Colby’s gaze stared into hers and then lowered quite obviously to her lips as she bit her lower one. She was already into him.

[b “Maybe if you go to the basketball games. I’m starting point guard. Maybe I can save you a seat in the front row? Get you in after parties... I bet you are great at dancing.”] His eyes scanned her body. Yep, this wasn’t going to hurt anything going after her. Oh yeah, except maybe his brother James.
  Colby Daniels / bubbles12 / 11d 19h 21m 8s
Teagan heart skipped a beat when she was helped up and pulled closed to him. She bit her lip as she peered up at him getting lost in his eyes. She stayed quiet for a few seconds trying to come up with what to say. "Umm.. Ya I have Human Studies today." she replied to the first thing that popped into her head. "Do I know you?" Teagan asked feeling like she saw him before.
  Teagan Daniels / Angel_love94 / 11d 19h 45m 40s
Colby made his presence known on campus really quick. It wasn't hard what with his good lucks and charming attitude. The money didn't hurt either. Or that he had a full ride scholarship playing basketball for Applewood State, home of the Pythons. His body was sculpted seeing as he worked out almost every day. Not that his grades were stellar by any means, but he sailed by right? With his headphones stuck in his ears and listening to rap, Colby looked to the blonde who bumped into him and then scoffed as if it was just an annoyance.

Had to be a gentleman, right? Leaning down, he grabbed her books and then finally looked into her eyes. Was that... Tegan? His half brother's best friend? The same half brother trying to take his starting position and the one he hated for taking the good life when he was stuck with a strict father? Oh this would be good. Putting on that charming half-smirk of his, Colby closed his large hand around hers to lift her up and pull her against his chest. [b "Don't be sorry... So you're into human studies? Colby Daniels."]
  Colby Daniels / bubbles12 / 11d 19h 58m 41s
Teagan strolled down the sidewalk taking in the sun's warmth. She hoped today would be a great one. The past few weeks had been rough adjusting to being a freshman at Applewood State University. She glanced around seeing booths set up for clubs, Sororities/Frats, and sports. She closed her eyes for just a second telling herself that she wouldn't get caught up in extra curricular activities. She knew she need to focus in school. As she opened her eyes she bumped into someone. Her books went flying to the ground. "I'm so sorry." She said as she keeled down to pick up her books.
  Teagan Scott / Angel_love94 / 11d 20h 47m 29s

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