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[b Maricella:] It kind of was. We got to finish a Jane Goodall movie in their class. Oops..I'm Maricella by the way

[b Imelda:] Oh some of us like to watch first. Do you like to talk?
  F&A / SheDevil / 73d 16h 42m 5s
[b Marcel:] That sounds fun ish.

[b Marceline:] Why dont you talk much?
  в&в / Starling- / 73d 16h 46m 7s
[b Maricella:] Just sitting with the holder

[b Imelda:] It's nice to meet you -smiles- I'm Imelda. And not new here just don't talk much kinda being pushed now to make friends
  F&A / SheDevil / 73d 19h 15m 3s
[font "veranda" [size12 [b Marceline:] I'm good, My name is Marceline I'm new here what about you?

[b Marcel:] Whats up?
  в&в / Starling- / 73d 19h 25m 31s
[b Imelda:] How are the two of you? -tilts her head-

[b Maricella: ] -waves to them- Hi there
  F&A / SheDevil / 73d 20h 5m 9s
[font "veranda" [size12 [b Marceline:] [i *looks up*] Oh hello there

[b Marcel:] [i *nods to the new comers*] Hey
  в&в / Starling- / 73d 20h 7m 29s
[b Imelda:] Hello there

[b Maricella:] -pokes her head in, wiggling her ears-
  F&A / SheDevil / 73d 20h 13m 16s
[font "veranda" [size12 [b Marceline:] [i *peaks her head in*]

[b Marcel:] [i *follows his twin in*]
  в&в / Starling- / 73d 20h 28m 47s

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