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Literally just a place for me to well... be me if you want to join go right the fuck ahead, but the moment you tease or troll you get kicked. I want a place where I can be selfish and let out the child inside me so back off and leave me alone if you don't want to coddle someone with issues... thanks.

[b Plot:] Little girl is alone in the world and not taking it very well...


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The girl jumped when she heard a booming voice and looked up her vision still blurry from the tears she couldn't see much but she could see a large figure bumbling towards her and she moved to scream again, but again she had no voice and then suddenly she was free and she took no time to bolt, but as she just wanted to get away she didn't see the angry white haired man until she literately ran into his leg falling back on her butt. The man who freed her rushed over to grab her and drag her into line with the others, but as soon as he touched her she began fighting and clawing at the man her mouth open still trying to make a sound and suddenly all the toys in the room began floating and propelling themselves at the man as the girl was a witch just coming into her powers, but as seen they only worked on occasion. The man crushed into the wall groaned, [b "That's fucking why."] before getting himself out and running off.
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[h3 [center Risosu]]
He had been pointed towards a seat, most likely to wait a bit for the rest of the staff of this shitty place to gather potential children. The white haired male had his arms resting on his legs, eyes partially closed. He remained like that for a bit, then something caught his attention.
The different colored gaze shifted to the side down the hall. The male's eyes narrowed, seemingly changing, becoming something else entirely, but then swiftly returned to a more, normal looking appearance.
[#5f9ea0 "I swear...and they say us monsters are bad...I beg to differ..."]
A low hiss seemed to come from him, but the sound disappeared swiftly when the appearance of one of the staff came before him. The male slowly stood as he was beckoned down the hall, then into a room. As soon as he entered, it took his entire self control to keep from grabbing the nearest asshole and tossing him through a wall...
His hand balled up into a fist against his side, but his posture remained tall. His different colored eyes landed right upon the small girl that was basically trapped in the chair. He swallowed the growing growl in his throat, the male needed to keep calm, too strong of an emotion would trigger it, he couldn't have that, not here.
[#5f9ea0 "...Why is that certain child contained, but the rest are allowed freedom?"]
There was no answer, well, that or someone didn't respond quick enough. The male whipped around in an instant, the once round pupils becoming thin slits. There was no hesitation as his arm jerked upwards, slamming right into the chest of one of the staff, pinning them to the wall.
[#5f9ea0 [b "Silence isn't an answer asshole,"]] his voice was a low, deep hiss, [#5f9ea0 [b "I expect her to be released...NOW."]]
His gaze flitted to the side, waiting for the next to go and free the small, girl from the constraint of the chair. The sudden air he was giving off dangerous, uneasy. It would be best to listen, or face something no one wanted to see...
The next morning when the adults came to finally release the girl, having forgot about her, they sighed irritated at her sleeping naked and redressed her before picking her up and began carrying her to the girl's bedroom, but they were then stopped by the headmaster. [i "Take the child to Observation room 5 along with the others her age and slightly older we have a potential fosterer."] he said and the adults looked down at the child not wanting to after showing how violent she was the night before, but then they remembered there was a 'special chair' in that room from when this place once held the criminally insane and they smirked at each other and headed to the room where they strapped the girl into the chair that had been built into the place so many years ago. Once she was strapped in they went to retrieve the other kids snickering to themselves all the way.
A few minutes later the girl began to stir and a smile crept on her face as she heard children all around her and she figured mommy must have brought her and her siblings to a park, but as her eyes slowly opened all the memories from yesterday rushed in and she opened her mouth to start screaming again but nothing came out as yesterday's tantrum had damaged her vocal cords. The girl tried to get up to trow things around to show her anger, but she couldn't move and tears came to her eyes as she tried desperately to get out and scream but none of the children paid her any mind and she didn't notice when they all lined up in neat little rows as a man with white hair came in to appraise them.
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[h3 [center Risosu]]
[#5f9ea0 "You guys are barely meeting the requirements for the upkeep up this place. There are several hazards to the children I've seen, as well as barely being able to provide decent food."]
[i "Listen pal, [b you] try running an orphanage filled with screaming brats."]
The taller male stared down to the smaller man before him. Though his eyes were different colors, and the air he gave off was something dangerous. The tall male didn't seem at all amused by the other's remark.
His eyes narrowed, [#5f9ea0 "I have no intention of running a home filled with children, but m'lady would like the company of a child, and you know how she can get."]
The male seemingly gave a growl, glaring directly towards the short man, awaiting his answer. He was answered with the other scurrying off, most likely going to get a line up of potential children, or whatever it was that they did, he didn't know.
The male seemed to release a sigh, running a hand through his hair. Thoughts were running through his mind, trying to figure out the best approach to meeting a potential child. A younger one would probably be a better choice, having a more open mind perhaps?
[#5f9ea0 "Can't believe Lady Julian has me doing this,"] he mumbled, [#5f9ea0 "I don't question her decisions, but doesn't stop me from wondering..."]
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The small girl laid on the chairs in the foster office sobbing uncontrollably while the adults tried to figure out what to do with her, she had just watched her entire family get murdered leaving her the soul survivor only because she had been hiding in a cupboard. The girl continued crying until an adult came out to move her to an orphanage at which point the girl flew into an all out tantrum wanting her parents and siblings. The adults just glared at the girl during all this before forcing the 3 year old into the back of a car and driving her across town to the orphanage where someone met them to take the still screaming toddler off their hands and the Head of the place took the girl and though struggling hard bathed the blood covered girl before dressing her in a pale blue nightgown and taking her to the tantrum room where she could wear herself out. The adults locked the girl in the padded room and she screamed and beat at the door and tried tearing at the padding already hating it here and she tore off the clothes the adults had put her in and continued screaming and fighting the room for hours until finally her voice was gone and her mind to tired to do anything else and she passed out her mind still a mess of what she had seen mixed with the uncertainty of what was going to happen to her next.
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