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[center [h3 Calvary's Here]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Arthur panted with a slight sweat. As he took a step forward with a wide grin on his face.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I guess it's time for me to push past my limit-]]]

[center [b Before he could charge in Envy had appeared! He blinked seeing her make quite the scene. Conjuring a weapon on the spot, Arthur seemed a bit surprised. "I'll fight as best I can" she would help him? Really? She could have sneaked her way through or avoided the fight but instead?]]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh I had them right where I wanted them! Haha!]]]

[center [b "I should have come with you" Arthur had given a playful chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Whoops~]]]

[center [b He laughed a bit as Sol hopped into his armor to offer him some support. He felt his wounds slowly feeling better and his body becoming lighter. The snide cat remarked on his tracking skills.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Yeah I forgot I don't know anything about tracking! So I guess that's my bad huh? Hahaha!]]]

[center [b Arthur laughed with a carefree smile but it wasn't long before Danny cut into the conversation dashing at Envy. Arthur took jumped in the way blocking with his arms as he grunted a bit holding his arms crossed. He yelled pushing Danny back.]]

[center [+darkblue You handle the former night I've got the Witch little one.]]

[center [+red I'm not a fan of you throwing orders but you've got a point.]]

[center [b The witch flipped her Scythe/Broom into her hands with a playful smirk.]]

[center [+darkblue Awe~ You look adorable it'll almost be a shame.]]

[center [b Former knight? Arthur? He shook his head he couldn't think about that right now. The Witch had summoned Fireballs into both sides of the Scythe flinging them both at Envy. "That fire! So it was her huh?"]]

[center [b Arthur knew he couldn't use any more Runic energy because Sol can't restore stamina. so he'd need to focus on doing this the old fashioned way. Danny's wounds were closing as well as he focused more energy into his Spear. Hitting Arthur with the hilt and a Runic powered kick. Flinging red energy at the Knight as Arthur endured it all. The armored Knight was bleeding inside that tin can but it seemed Sol was helping him out. Danny was packing serious power. His eyes almost swallowed by energy.]]

[center [b Arthur had run forward as Danny dashed Arthur was ready for Danny to flank him with blinding speed. Instead, it was a forward stab sending Arthur into a tree! Arthur was trying to keep up in speed but he wasn't doing so well. Trying to predict Danny's moves was also getting harder. Danny had jumped upward coming down with a powerful thrust. Arthur grabbed the spear as the energy burned his hand through the armor. Screaming in pain Arthur yanked Danny closer punching him in the mouth. Danny refused to release the spear. Arthur drew his damaged sword stabbing Danny in the shoulder all the while the energy shocked Arthur. Arthur had thrown Danny into that Tree with a mighty force panting heavily as blood fell down his brows.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hell of a fight Danny. I wish we could have had a fight like this in different circumstances.]]]

[center [b Danny had groaned leaning on his spear as he vomited blood. His blood seemed a sickly hue of red.]]

[center [+red Pfft, you always gotta be such a good sport about it huh? Fine- AGH!!]]

[center [+darkblue Oh it's finally hit it's limit huh? That's what happens when a human drinks a Fyurian potion I guess.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center The hell?! I'm not sure I understand but you knew that potion would do this? Yet you let him use it?!]]]

[center [+darkblue Of course, no way he'd win otherwise but he couldn't manage even with. Goes to show I don't always get my calculations right huh?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center How.. How the hell could you?!]]]

[center [+darkblue How? Adorable Knight, it's clear you Knight's no you humans see us the same way. Tools or monsters so how do you expect me to feel pity for-]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Shut the hell up! He may have an attitude but he trusted you!!]]]

[center [+darkblue He trusted regulation and that badge. Not me and he gets what he deserves for it.]]

[center [b Arthur gritted his teeth with nothing to retort to as he turned to Danny. Placing his hand on his shoulder Danny smacked it off.]]

[center [+red It's my duty to take you both in even if that means my death. Surrender and I won't be forced to- Agh.. Damn it all to.. This pain.]]

[center [b Danny felt energy rush through his body as it started to encase him in a red river of transparent aura.]]

[center [+darkblue So he's turned into a Runic beast huh? He may best you yet. I gotta focus on my own affairs first!]]

[center [b She drew her Scythe ready to face off with Envy. "A Runic Beast?" He was.. Losing himself. Danny was roaring in pain as he crawled on all fours in a cloak of red he dashed his head into Arthur's stomach. Gripping the spear in his mouth he sent Arthur flying back with a kick.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Whoa! He's tough!]]]

[center [b Arthur barely caught himself on the ground as he looked down at Sol with a gentle smile]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hey, if things go south take Envy okay? Take her and go.]]]

[center [b Arthur pulled Sol out of his armor placing him to the side. He didn't want Sol to get hurt in the next strategy he had planned. Danny was charging all his Runic Energy to the tip of his spear. His roar distorted as he gripped it with his hand still on all fours.]]

[center [+red ReD fLaSh!!]]

[center [b He cried out as the energy all but vanished to a small point on his spear. Dashing forward as Arthur changed the generation of Runes in his stomach. Purposely turning them off as Danny stabbed straight through Arthur shocking his entire body. Arthur hadn't used any of the energy for defense. He grabbed Danny's face softly as he offered a sudden headbutt.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Snap out of it!]]]

[center [b Arthur began to spit up blood of his own as he struggled to stay awake. His white energy encased Danny's hands trapping him in Arthur for at least a moment. Danny's releasing shock waves of leftover energy. He hadn't fully become a Runic beast yet only in its pre-stages. Luckily or Arthur would be long dead. Arthur took all Danny had to offer as he held onto Danny's face his own energy entering Danny. Arthur closed his eyes to focus the energy to attack only Danny's aura. Purging the red in his until he began to grow weary.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b "I've always wanted to.. Understand you. All of you back at the academy but I couldn't." Arthur felt the energy rushing him over. He could feel the anger the bitterness Danny felt. Though he could also feel his passion his loyalty and his dreams. His feelings his regrets all flowed through Arthur. The energy vanishing around Danny slowly as Arthur held on tightly.]]

[center [h3 Understanding]]

[center [b Arthur felt himself drifting off as his eyes closed. He looked around and saw he was wearing a strange outfit. That wasn't all his wounds were gone and he was in a dark place. He moved his hands out forward to see they were a lot tinier than usual.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+lightgreen Whoa! What happened! Was this Danny's attack? Why is my voice all weird? Wait.. Don't tell me.. Why am I a kid?]]

[center [pic,h_989,q_70,strp/doodle_ocs_little_boy_anime_by_cerezoblossom_d56hylx-pre.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9MTAwMCIsInBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzM3YTE4NjE4LTI2ZjMtNGE1Yy04MzRkLWM5OWZlMjM0MjBlNFwvZDU2aHlseC1kNWQzMjMwZS0wM2Y3LTRlMWEtOWFkMS01MTc4ODJhM2M4MWMuanBnIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTgxNyJ9XV0sImF1ZCI6WyJ1cm46c2VydmljZTppbWFnZS5vcGVyYXRpb25zIl19.HmMQgeBpL3dKenYanjiolkexocBsj6s-0u_VfNctZ5Q]]

[center [+brown Like I know!]]

[center [b Another dark-haired boy had appeared what felt almost out of nowhere. Crossing his arms into a light pout.]]

[center [+green Hey! Who are you?]]

[center [+brown What! Dummy, it's me! Danny! We've only been going to the same academy for two years now. Course I bet you're too cool to notice me!]]

[center [+green Huh? Me? Cool? It's you all the girls liked]]

[center [+brown Yeah but that didn't matter you were the one to use that super duper cool armor!]]

[center [+green Why does that matter though?]]

[center [b Danny had fallen sickeningly silent as Arthur tilted his head rather confused. Before being sucked into what felt a dark pit.]]
[center [+green Ahhffh!]]

[center [b Arthur woke up again this time on a beach. "What is going on here?" He looked at his hands they were still tiny. Though this time transparent almost as if you couldn't see him. There was Danny on the beach playing as a young boy. He made a sandcastle it seemed and it was a damn good one too. Arthur had run over smiling and waving but Danny didn't reply. "Can he not.. See me?"]]

[center [+brown Hey mom! Dad! Look!]]

[center [b A young man and woman had approached the youthful Danny. Arthur had tilted his head confused at the woman. "That Witch?! The one who poisoned-" Arthur grew tense and confused but it seemed a wave of ease and respite entered his body. From almost out of nowhere as quick as the unease began it vanished just as soon. "That's not his mom.. I don't know how I know but.. I just do. I wonder if that's just the appearance shown to me. For that matter where am I? Are these? Danny's memories? Is this because are Runic energies merged in one another?"]]

[center [+purple Oh dear that's a big castle! Is that for mommy and me?]]

[center [+brown Mhm! It is papa!]]

[center [+darkblue This is why you took the boy here. To learn how to make sandcastles? If he was focusing on his training we could work on living in a REAL castle.]]

[center [b It was strange she shared the voice of that witch but her body language. The way she pulled out a fan and waved her face seemed like that of a noblewoman. The way she talked was different too and though that witch seemed crazy. This woman here? Almost seemed insufferable even in comparison. Why was Arthur's stomach sinking? Was he feeling? What Danny had?]]

[center [+purple Honey he can resume training tomorrow cut the boy a break.]]

[center [+darkblue I will once he shows results! I've seen he was only scored number 3 on his test today. A shame he brings shame to the - family.]]

[center [b What was that? Gargling? That noise had cut off the family name? Arthur looked around to find that noise. To his left and right but nothing. The woman carried on.]]

[center [+darkblue Had he been born able to withstand eternal Eclipse he'd have a future set up as a Rune Knight. It's why I married you after all but from the goodness of my heart, I've kept you two. Even seeing you're genes weren't passed down onto him. This is how you repay me?]]

[center [+purple .. No dear it's not we will be heading back, we love you very much.]]

[center [b The man smiled brightly as he grabbed his son gently by the hand taking him from the beach. As she took out a cigar to light it with a long sigh.]]

[center [+brown Did mommy, not like the castle papa?]]

[center [+purple No of course, not she loves it, she's just been working hard lately is all.]]

[center [+brown Oh okay.. I'll have to work hard too! To be the best! Just like momma wants!]]

[center [b Arthur had gritted his teeth and though he wasn't one to strike a lady. He charged the woman with tiny fist in hands however he had phased right through her. Falling over into a dark hole as he opened his eyes he saw.. He was somewhere new. An old warehouse? Here Danny had a wooden sword practicing with his father.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+brown Huff huff... Dad how come you aren't a Rune Knight anymore? You're just.. So strong!]]

[center [+purple Well.. That's a long story I'll share when you're older okay little one?]]

[center [+brown Aww man! Well, I'm ready for the next round let's go! I'll win this time!!]]

[center [+purple Hahaha I'm sure you would but let's take a break okay?]]

[center [b Danny pouted before falling over, his father caught the boy placing him on his back with a calm smile.]]

[center [+purple You did well today, a lot better than I was at that age. You'll be wielding a Runic weapon at a young age I can tell.]]

[center [+brown You think so papa? Will I be the best?! Better than the other knights?]]

[center [+purple Hmm.. Being the best huh? That can mean many things you know? Of course, it's not always about being the best.]]

[center [+brown But mom says-]]

[center [+purple I'm aware what you're mother says but she isn't always right. I'm not for that matter either it's up to you to decide what's right.]]

[center [+brown Up to me? I'm not sure.. Well is it okay if I ask for advice than? My teacher always says asking advice from a more experienced warrior is the key to victory!]]

[center [+purple Using my words against me huh? Fine, you win I'll share my thoughts on the matter. It isn't about being the best but rather being the best person you can be. Working with others depending on them and having them depend on you. Some people are strong but not very smart. Others are fast but not so sturdy. Some are talented but struggle to see what it means to be truly happy.]]

[center [+brown Are you happy papa?]]

[center [+purple Me? Of course Danny as long as I've got-]]

[center [b Arthur had felt the room spin in those words. Twirling around and around as Arthur stumbled. "Not again!" by the time he finally gained his balance he saw Danny's home and his mother and father. His mother had a smile across his face with Danny nowhere to be seen. The man had seemed at his wit's ends with a grimace expression.]]

[center [+purple You can't be serious you plan to what?]]

[center [+darkblue I plan to enroll him in the academy next year.]]

[center [+purple The boy's only turning 13 he's not ready the entrance exam will kill him. You have to give him another 5 years.]]

[center [+darkblue I was offered a great deal of money to give them a Knight or a candidate. This family can raise to its former glory if I have but the resources. Perhaps I can find a better suitor to give me a more talented child.]]

[center [+purple Have that child then let me take Danny and just leave. He's my kid too damn it.]]

[center [+darkblue Perhaps but I'm the head of the family so odds are they won't let Danny go without my say so. If you wish to leave however be my guest.]]

[center [+purple ..I'll do it.]]

[center [+darkblue What was that?]]

[center [+purple I'll take his place. In exchange, you give him another 5 years. I'll join the force to hunt that witch.]]

[center [+darkblue She's already killed 5 Rune Knights and 7 State Knights. Are you sure? They say shes likely to ensnare a man into her trance. I'm not sure even you're Red Bull Eclipse spear can take her.]]

[center [+purple I'll be leaving that for Danny one day it will be forged into a Runic weapon and when he's ready. That spear will be his the quality should keep him safe.]]

[center [+darkblue Well I thank you for such a generous donation. I ask that if you leave. To do so this very moment. I'm afraid any sappy goodbye with Danny will only distract him from his studies.]]

[center [+purple ..Understood.]]

[center [b The scene had vanished as Danny walked up beside Arthur. Both were still as small as before. Arthur looked to Danny with concern clear across his face.]]

[center [+brown So that's what happened, she told me Dad was tricked by a witch. Her charms ensnaring him to leave our family. That she "Depended" on him and he had done the same to her. Replacing our broken family with a nice new one. How did that stay secret? How the hell did I not know? I played into that woman's hands!]]

[center [b Danny yelled as he slammed the pure dark floor his armor returning and his usual state doing the same. The same had happened to Arthur as he offered a hand up to Danny.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hey, you know now right?]]]

[center [+red Yeah after on the verge of becoming a Runic beast.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center You won't, you won't become a monster I won't allow it.]]]

[center [+red How can you just say that? How-]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Cause I can, I like your dad I think that's the kinda father I wanted to have. Even if you spent years saying you hated him deep down you never stopped loving him and I can see he must feel the same way. With that new knowledge take a step forward you can depend on me. We may not have been friends before but we can change that right?]]]

[center [+red Friends? After I stabbed you? Just call it "friends" and that's it?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Well no it's more so like this. "Danny.. will you be my friend?" If you say yes then we can be friends!]]]

[center [+red I.. You are.. Heh heh.. You're absolutely crazy. Just like my father. Take care you don't make his mistake though.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Which is?]]]

[center [+red Letting someone who "loves" you walk all over you till it's too late. ..Fine we can.. befriendsIguess.]]

[center [b Danny mumbled the last part as Arthur offered a large smile shaking Danny's hand.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Friends it is!]]]

[center [h3 Back To Reality]]

[center [b The energy had stopped running rampant and Arthur had pulled Danny in with a tight hug. Danny had dropped his spear passing out no longer would he become a Runic Beast.]]

[center [b Arthur, however, had scorched skin bleeding all over. Holding his stomach as he saw the blood fall to the ground.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center That's.. Probably not good for ya huh? Hehehe.]]]

[center [b Arthur weakly chuckled as he fell over crashing into the ground. The witch had watched with a blank stare before holding her stomach and bursting out into a fit of laughter.]]

[center [+darkblue He wasted his life to save a man from becoming a Runic Beast when the potion's gonna kill him anyway?! The "metal headed knight" I see his reputation at the academy didn't fail him. Strong as an ox sure but he's a damn fool and now it's gotten him killed.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I'll spoil something once but I won't later on. It wasn't Danny's memories but rather the Runic energy. The spear's past and it was always with his father. That's how Danny learned something new. I didn't want it to seems strange Danny learned something from his own memories. I won't spoil things in the future but if something doesn't make sense I may actually have a reason for it. Or maybe sometimes I just fucked up haha xD]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 7d 22h 56m 45s
[center She tilted her head slightly. She smiled lightly to herself. Well he may not think much of himself when it came to words, but she knew better. Clearly he didn’t listen to himself speak. She looked at the sword quietly. It appeared he was proud of it. As he should be. Weapons were not foreign to her. She had tried using weapons before. She wasn’t good with normal weapons though. She had learned to conjure weapons. Though it took so much practice and she was only really fond of one. Her magic wasn’t useless, but it could consume a lot of energy casting spells. If she conjured a weapon it consumed a little of her energy but not as much as if she would cast several larger spells.]

[center She shook her head slightly. A sap? She didn’t know about that. She had only said the truth. She thought about it for a moment before she just let it go. Not important at the moment. The first thing she needed to think about was getting out of here. It seemed he thinking the same thing. So he wanted her to grab a bunch of stuff. It would probably be a good idea and knowing him she knew she would have to keep food on them. Sol slowly lifted her head up and her ears twitched.]

[center [+skyblue “You trust him to track?”]]

[center [#f53884 “If I’m honest... No... But we don’t have any other choice. We will do as he told us for now. You rest... I may need you later.”]]

[center Sol nodded and laid her head back down. Envy went to work filling two bags with everything she thought they would need. Most of the potions she grabbed would be more for her use. It didn’t take long to fill two bags. She looked around quietly. She hated leaving her shop behind, but she would come back to it when she got the chance. She stepped out of the shop closing the doors and putting a spell over the lock as well as over the place. At least it would be invisible for now and magically locked. Now it was time to head towards the bridge. Sol slept most of the walk towards the bridge, but at some point she woke and her ears perked up and those green eyes narrowed.]

[center [+skyblue “Envy... There’s a witch nearby. I can sense her... She’s very close. I smell blood too... Hide those bags. We can come back for them. Arthur is in danger.”]]

[center Envy nodded. Fighting. She should have figured. She stashed the bags and let Sol down onto the ground. Sol led the way towards the scent of blood and the witch. Envy thought quietly to herself as she walked. She had expected danger. Another witch though? She hadn’t thought to run into one of those so soon and why... Why would there even be one around here? The scene she was coming upon was not good. She frowned. Two against one? Really? Sol had lowered herself to the ground and was inching towards Arthur quietly. It had seemed Sol had made up her mind. She was going to try and help Arthur. Envy smiled lightly to herself. It was the right choice. Well it was time to save him now she supposed.]

[center She moved to Arthur’s side casting the spell to conjure her weapon. The weapon that appeared for her was the chain and sickle. A light pink aura surrounded it. She was best with this weapon. She looked around and noticed the potion bottle and frowned. Sol stood silently at Arthur’s side. That potion bottle had something dangerous in it and she was sure Envy knew that as well. Envy looked back to the two. Why was this witch here? And why was she working with this Knight? She narrowed her eyes in anger.]

[center [#f53884 “I’ll help you out the best I can.”]]

[center She knew how to fight, but she wasn’t sure how much she would be able to do. Why had it seemed like Arthur was planning on taking these two on by himself? She sighed softly. She didn’t know if that would be smart. Actually it wasn’t smart. It was stupid. She glanced over at the knight beside her. Why had he decided to do something as stupid as fighting on his own? When clearly he would need help.]

[center [#f53884 “I should have came with you.”]]

[center Even though in her mind she was angry she acted calmly and carefully. She looked back towards the two readying herself. She didn’t want to kill anyone, but she had a feeling that the knight that other witch was helping... He was most likely going to die. The potion he had taken... It wasn’t good. It wasn’t for human consumption. She was sure that witch knew that too. Sickening. Sol looked up at Arthur.]

[center [+skyblue “You uh... Kinda suck at tracking. You were soo close by. What were you thinking!?”]]

[center The white ball of fur slowly leaped up onto Arthur climbing up his armor with ease. Sol worried over what they were going to do here. She could lend her support but she wouldn’t be able to do any fighting. She was only healing and support based. She looked towards Envy who seemed determined. Well if that’s how she felt. The little cat would do her best to help.]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 8d 1h 29m 42s
[center [h3 Fuel In The Tank]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Arthur sighed happily as he wiped his mouth rubbing his belly. He grabbed the water drinking it all. He felt much better and ready to go!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hm? Me? Nah, but I leave that stuff to the scholars! After all, it's only my job to swing around this hunk of metal.]]]

[center [b He chuckled pointing at that massive blade on his back. He remembered when he first saw the thing. A claymore that weighs around 60 pounds was an insane concept than. As most weighed 12-15 pounds. Though with his training and the way the weapon was crafted and well-weighted. He managed to swing it around somehow.]]

[center [b "Well you've heard it now" Arthur let out a gleeful grin as he rubbed under his nose with his index finger.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Kekeke you're a real sap ya know that? It's really nice though!!]]]

[center [b He placed his hands on his hips as he stopped his squats he seemed ready to get moving. The sooner the better right? They could be on their tail this very second after all.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Well if it wasn't magic candy I'm going to have to work it off just like any other sweets! Let's go!]]]

[center [b He turned ready to leave when she said something crucial. She would not be able to take her stuff with her. Arthur crossed his arms together.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hmm.. I see you can only take what you can carry huh? I don't know much about magic really but try your best to hide everything. I'll try to leave some fake tracks for them to follow while you pack up okay? I'll meet you at the bridge, the one south of here. Away from the village. If I'm not there by the time you are? I got caught up in a fight so best leave me behind. Also maybe bring two backpacks of stuff in case I do make it. I'll help you carry some things no problem! Sadly that means you'll gotta carry them alone to the bridge till I get there though. Just an idea.. Haha, look at that? Me? Coming up with ideas? That's a strange turn of events.. Well see ya then!]]]

[center [b Arthur gave a wave as he took off into the forest.]]

[center [h3 Show You're Mettle]]

[center [youtube]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Ugh! What was I thinking?! I know nothing about tracking! Do I just stomp footsteps everywhere? I know I should have taken more than combat classes! Oh, Arthur let's not kid ourselves.. I'd have fallen asleep in those classes anyway. I sounded so cool and sure back there and now look! I'm such an idiot!]]]

[center [b Arthur had his hands in his hair panicking light as he took a deep breath. How would he handle the closest pursuit units? Arthur crossed his arms unsure of what to do next. He looked around and spot a nearby clearing.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh don't tell me I'm that stupid..]]]

[center [b Arthur ran to the clearing to see the bridge they were supposed to meet at! He stomped his foot and groaned as his shoulders slumped in frustration.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I gotta be leading them away from here! Not-]]]

[center [b Arthur turned around hearing a scuffling as he raised his arms upward into a guard. The Runes on his arms glowing brightly. A man with a spear had dashed through as quick as a buck slashing through with a forward strike. Knocking Arthur back as he barely managed to catch himself drawing his blade.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+red I'm surprised you generated those Runes quick enough Arthur. You were always a little slow.]]

[center [b Arthur took a stance with a slight smirk on his face before noticing the blood on the man's spear.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Did you? You aren't even a Rune Knight! So why kill her?! I don't understand!]]]

[center [+red Are you dense? I didn't kill that witch.. Yet but you know the Rune Knight's can request help from State Knights right? They help make our Runic equipment with the help of Enchanters. We owe them muc-]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Who's blood is that then?! Huh?! Tell me!!]]]

[center [b Arthur shouted as the man groaned shaking his head. He gave a stern look holding his hands on the spear tightly.]]

[center [+red Some foolish bounty hunters went rogue. Though not all of them had to die. One of them gladly told us the whole story. It was a mistake to send people with no loyalty to Tristania! I was ordered to take you back for questioning and take the Witch in by force. I know we never got along on missions before Arthur but I'd rather not slay a fellow Knight today. If you help me take her down than maybe-]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Haha, Danny! Are you serious? I never really minded you much. Sure you were harsh and by the rules but I admired the way you always studied and worked hard. I was proud to call you my ally.]]]

[center [b Arthur smiled at the man brightly however it vanished as quickly as it appeared.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Except.. Those men were innocent and so is this so-called "Witch." I thought you fought for Justice not just to complete missions!]]]

[center [+red ... I've always hated that smile of yours. The way you appear to look down on me just because you won our spars! Like they meant something! They weren't real fights! In a real fight, a dull-witted idealistic idiot who only relies on brute force can never be a Knight! We keep the order! Not enact fairy tales in shining armor! This is the real world. Now that I've got my Runic Spear you aren't a match for me anymore. I've become an Intermediate Knight 5th class, you aren't even in my league anymore. You who can't even wield Runic weapons talking about Drivel! You lucked out with that armor and you know it!! It's the ONLY armor that works for you. I bet it's got something to do with that brawn of yours. I used to fear that brawn of yours would mean no matter how hard I studied or worked. I'd never surpass you, now I realize there was nothing to surpass in the first place.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I had no idea you were this frustrated. You've got one thing right.. I've still got a lot left to learn. I should have noticed your suffering but I didn't. As you're fellow Knight? I'm sorry I didn't stop you before things got this bad.]]]

[center [b Danny gritted his teeth in anger and scorn in his eyes before taking a deep breath to focus on the Runes in his spear. A red aura covering the tip of the spear as he dashed forward Arthur had blocked with his weapon. Arthur held the blade at the flat end as Danny dashed to the side kicking Arthur before dashing behind him slashing at him with his Red Aura sending him flying back. Arthur's White Rune's flashing bright as he slammed into a tree coughing up spit. Coughing the wind knocked out of him. "That Red Energy? That new speed?" Arthur came to his feet. He had no idea Runic equipment could generate energy or aura. His armor only protected him and was dense. Danny fired a red blast from his spear as Arthur charged forward slashing at the blast. A massive explosion incurred with smoke covering the place. Through the smoke came in Arthur punching at Danny. His Red Aura was somehow passed right through? His punch connecting through the cover of smoke. Sending Danny back a few feet from the armored Juggernaut as he flipped back to his feet.]]

[center [b Arthur's sword was shattered and he was forced to sheath the hilt on his back. Even a heavy sword like that wasn't a match for a Runic weapon wasn't it? "His Aura can't be used for blocking my attacks can it?" Danny took the Red Energy to his face to close the wounds and bruises as it seeped inside of his body.]]

[center [+red So it can heal wounds.. Better yet if I harness it properly it can. I feel the Runic Energy inside.. Of me. I had no idea it could be used like this! This must be how to captain fights! I just know it!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Danny be careful! You shouldn't just put stuff inside of yo-]]]

[center [+red Shut up!]]

[center [b Danny dashed in striking at Arthur's armor with his Palm covered in Red Runic energy. Slashing several times as Arthur guarded and protected himself. Danny laughed as he felt the power flow through himself and his body. Arthur felt the bruises on his body although his armor hadn't given in. He could tell taking these blows wasn't good for him still. They were even stronger than before. Arthur ran forward twisting his body and curving his punch. Danny was behind Arthur already except? Arthur had moved his body to punch behind himself before Danny even made his Red Dash. Connecting another punch it landed true. Danny's Helmet was basically destroyed at this point and the man was dazed as Arthur followed with a headbutt an elbow grabbing Danny and throwing him to the ground. Arthur went in for one final punch to take him down as the Red Energy further seeped in to heal Danny. Screaming in pain Danny shouted as Energy sent Arthur sliding back as he raised his arms. The cloaked his Spear in Runic Energy. Arthur had pulled his broken blade out again.]]

[center [b The two charged at each other, Arthur had let out a loud bellow. "Come on! Focus.. Generate the Runes through my gauntlets. To my fingertips into the hilt and.. Push through that energy. I've got to build that energy up.. It's coming from.. My body? The armor? Both? I can't follow the Current the flow.. I'll just have to release the river of energy and hope for the best!"]]

[tangerine [size30 [center AH!]]]

[center [b Before the clash a sudden flash of white energy filled in the broken hilt of Arthur's sword. Danny hadn't expected it and honestly? Arthur wasn't either. He couldn't control it so he just put as much as he could in that moment. Danny unable to muster more energy before the clash Arthur sent the man flying back bursting through his red Energy. The man flipped through the air as he crashed down. He managed to barely get back up with his left arm twisted mangled and broken. Arthur held his sword as the White Energy suddenly vanished.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh crap, well I guess I'll have to finish this without it!]]]

[center [+red So sure of yourself.. You've just opened new wounds for the energy to flow through.]]

[center [b The man screamed as energy filled his body as he began to chuckle. It was cut off by chocking as the energy turned a darker shade of crimson red. Vomiting and coughing as blood spewed from his wounds he yelled in pain.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center It's the spear! Danny let it go!]]]

[center [b The man had refused as Arthur ran in taking blast after blast as Danny fired off his body falling apart. Arthur smacking as many blasts as he could with his arms punching them away with his Runic armor. However, he was still taking to many blasts to his chest and face even. He coughed reaching in pulling his fist back as he dug his feet into the ground. Gritting his teeth as he tightly closed his feet punching at the Danny. With his other hand he grabbed for the Spear as the energy surged and shocked Danny he managed to kick Danny off of it. The energy quickly vanished as Danny fell to his knee's panting a bleeding mess. It seemed he was beginning to calm down and the pain was finally seeping in.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Are you okay?]]]

[center [+red Damn it.. Damn it! How did I lose!]]

[center [b Arthur stumbled a bit throwing the spear to the side. As he leaned against a tree panting heavily. Using Runic Armor to fuel the blade? Had to be a wasteful and difficult technique. Still, it managed to save Arthur this time but it was exhausting he felt like he just ran a marathon in full armor. As he took deep breaths he looked at Danny.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Danny.. It was a good fight it's apparent you are a lot better than using Runic Energy than me. I didn't even know it existed till today honestly! You're super strong and talented! You should use that to help people ya know? Not hurting oth-]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Before he could finish a Fireball same as before had been flung at Arthur. Turning around and hacking at it with his arm the flames burned the man up a bit. Nothing serious but it was enough to make him fall over panting on one knee. A witch flew in on what was a Scythe. Floating the Spear over she tossed it to Danny.]]

[center [+darkblue Can't have you keel over yet Danny boy~]]

[center [+red I don't need your hel-]]

[center [+darkblue You're captain sent me Danny. If you've doubt me little one.]]

[center [b She flashed a Knight's Crest. It'd be easy to believe she stole it except.. It was a captain's crest. So had he truly let her borrow it? No way a witch entered a city and killed a captain. It was easier to believe the captain had.. He was strange but.. Could he? Have really? Danny found himself confused but the rule stands as she holds that badge? He must listen to her order. Hurt and wounded he stared forward.]]

[center [+darkblue Here, drink this little one. I warn you, you must fight hard for the effects won't last long. Though I didn't make it myself it will serve you in defeating Arthur.]]

[center [b She said with a cheery smile as the man took the potion. Drinking it down as the wounds began to close and heal up slowly. Arthur had given a wry smile. "Well, that's not good huh?" Holding his smile he let out a slight chuckle.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Well I'd hate to be too bored.]]]

[center [+darkblue Ooo back to the wall and you're still laughing? I must say.. I've always had a weakness for men with a few screws loose. Sorry doll I can't let you or that Witch leave here alive. Nothing personal I'm sure you understand.]]

[center [b Why was a witch helping them? What was in that potion? How did she have that Badge? "No, I can't focus on that. If I don't focus on this fight? I'm done for."]]

[center [h3 Knight Ranks/OOC]]

[center [b Arthur and Envy wouldn't know past Intermediate Knight 5th Class.]]

Emperor Knight

Royal Knight's
1st Class:
2nd Class:
3rd Class:
4th Class:
5th Class:

Senior Magic Knight
1st Class:
2nd Class:
3rd Class:
4th Class:
5th Class:

Intermediate Magic Knight
1st Class:
2nd Class:
3rd Class:
4th Class:
5th Class:

Junior Magic Knight
1st Class:
2nd Class:
3rd Class:
4th Class:
5th Class:
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 9d 22h 49s
[center It appeared he didn't think all that much about the way he spoke. She somehow wasn't surprised though. Didn't he say he normally heard the word obnoxious from other people? She could kind of understand why some would say that. She wasn't like other people though. That didn't mean she didn't get annoyed though. Normally she was rather easy to annoy. Why wasn't this young knight annoying to her though? She shrugged it off for now. It wasn't important.]

[center [#f53884 "You may think you are simple, but you have a good thought process. Yes it seems that he does. You learned from a good person."]]

[center She watched him and how he reacted to her complement. She smiled faintly and giggled. It appeared she had flustered him. She hadn't expected that and it hadn't been her intention either, but it was rather cute that he got flustered like that just over something as simple as her complementing his appearance. What he said next though seemed to explain a lot. He had never heard it before. For a moment she looked him over expecting this to be another joke, but it appeared that it wasn't. That was a little sad.]

[center [#f53884 "Well you've heard it now."]]

[center She watched as he started eating and laughed lightly. Well him being flustered didn't last all that long. That was fine. She listened as he spoke to her why he was stuffing his face. Magic candy? She had heard of magic candy, but had never made it before. Actually she was pretty sure it involved working with potions. So most candy made with magic wouldn't be very safe for human consumption.]

[center [#f53884 "No I'm afraid it is completely normal candy. No magic involved. Most magic candy wouldn't be very good for human consumption."]]

[center She tilted her head off to the side and watched as he did squats. She shook her head slightly. She was very sure you couldn't work off anything that quickly. She supposed he could always try though.]

[center [#f53884 "Oh! Sure I'll get you some water."]]

[center She headed to the back to get some for him. She didn't seem to mind being asked for stuff. He had protected her so she owed him for that. She returned with water. She could probably have used magic for most of this, but she had a feeling she should be conserving some of that energy. She didn't know what they would run into when they left.]

[center [#f53884 "No sadly I do not have anything here. Normally... When I am moving I use transportation spells, but a lot goes into that. It would mean looking into another location and setting up the proper spells. It is also very energy consuming which is why I tend to pick places that have huge forests. Since I don't have anything set up I won't be able to move anything until I've found a new place to stay."]]

[center She hated leaving everything behind, but she would have to deal with it for now. She could at least put a spell over the place to hide it when they were leaving. Then again if another witch came across it. Always so much to worry about. She would leave those worries behind for now.]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 10d 2h 52m 59s
[center [h3 Start Of An Adventure]]

[center [b Arthur offered another nervous chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head as she praised him.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center D'aaaw nah I don't deserve that but thanks! I am a bit simple but.. My master does give good advice!]]]

[center [b Arthur had let out a hearty laugh however he was cut off by her sudden compliment. He blinked a crimson red invading his phase. A bit hypocritical wasn't it? He told her it often not thinking it'd get her flustered course he didn't think much of it. He figured she must simply just know she was attractive. Hearing it from her though? About himself? He scratched at his cheek with a light chuckle as his voice sounded a little softer than usual.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hehe.. never heard that one before.]]]

[center [b He wasn't flustered for long however when she said the food was free. He gasped happily almost like an excited child as he started stuffing his face.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Are you sure?! Wow! Thanks! I really owe you now! Mmm.. thish ish goodsh! Is it like magic candy?! Wait.. You gonna fatten me up and cook me like in the fairy tales? Hehehe kidding kidding!]]]

[center [b He laughed stuffing his face as he ate away. He stood up and stretched doing a few squats almost as if it work off what he just ate. He cracked his neck before asking.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center You've got anything to drink? Sorry for asking so much.]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Arthur wasn't supposed to leave countries but he could escort her to the borders right? Maybe Galia would be accepting of Witches? Who knows really but it was worth a shot right?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hm, it'll take awhile to get there without a horse. I'd say almost a month on foot. Unless you've got a ride in this house? Actually.. How do you keep your store so mobile? Well either way we should go soon! That caster got away after all. So it means some people already are on the way here huh? I'm ready to go when you are!]]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 11d 23h 33m 21s
[center Envy was surprised by the change in demeanor. She listened closely to what he was saying and smiled lightly. Well that was nice thing to say. Even though she hadn't expected it. He seemed to have gone back to himself rather quickly.]

[center [#f53884 "That's very well put. I don't think I could have said anything like that any better than you just did. You say you are simple, but clearly you do know how to talk. A way with words is a better way to put it. Well your master sounds very intelligent."]]

[center She smiled as he started to thank her and then talk about a friendly battle. She wasn't so sure about that. She remembered the last time she had a friendly battle. It had been with the witch that trained her. She had lost, but it had been enjoyable. She couldn't believe how directly this guy commented on her looks. She giggled at what she heard next.]

[center [#f53884 "I probably could, but it is very draining. Plus you should be happy with the appearance you have. You don't need to be glamoured. You are cute in your own charming way."]]

[center She tilted her head slightly. He wanted to pay for the sweets? She smiled warmly.]

[center [#f53884 "You don't have to pay for any of it."]]

[center She was serious about that. She listened as he spoke about coming with her. Well looks like he already made his choice. He was going to be coming with her. As long as he was sure he wanted to come with her even knowing the dangers. Now she would have to decide where to go next. Maybe somewhere she hadn't been. It looked like they would probably be in for some traveling.]

[center [#f53884 "Well we could go to Gallia... I haven't been there before. Just completely leave Tristain... Could even go further than that too if I had to. Hmmm."]]

[center She seemed to be thinking it all over. She wasn't sure where to go, but getting out of here would have to be the first thing they did.]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 12d 17m 41s
[center [h3 Kind Witch]]

[center [b Arthur smiled and nodded, he understood she didn't want Witches to look worse than they already had. He took a moment to look to the side before speaking. His tone was somehow a little different than usual. Softer and yet a little more direct.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center That's true, only those ready to be killed should kill. You shouldn't go around hoping to take someone's life. However, if you've dreams? Aspirations to fight for? Then someone leaves you without a choice? You've got to choose, them or those dreams. Envy you are a kind witch I can glean that much from you as simple as I am. In the end, choose those dreams whatever they may be!]]]

[center [b Arthur placed his hands on the back of his head with a wide grin. Back to his usual aura, he wiped under his nose.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center That advice is something my master taught me back at the Academy. He's a really great guy!]]]

[center [b Arthur smiled and even took a gasp of air as she began to wash her magic over him. He'd never been touched by such magic before as it was forbidden. He felt his wounds fading and a burden off his shoulders. He was still hungry and slightly tired but the pain? It was weird going all his life waiting for cuts and bruises to heal the old fashioned way. Sure the academy had top-notch ointments and alchemist and those were useful. It was nothing on this though he felt a hand on his face. A warm energy and the blood? It stopped flowing. That's...]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Wow.. That's amazing Envy! Thanks a ton, I owe you! The least you can do? Well, next time I'm curious to see what a Witch can do! Hopefully not in a life or death battle though! Just a friendly bout! Well, don't worry I'm stubborn and thick-headed so my views don't often change. I won't think of you any differently. I mean if you wanted you could sneak something nasty in that healing magic but you don't. I'm still shocked you aren't using glamours.. Man, you're hot! I'm sure the other witches get jealous. Hahaha! Think you could use glamours on me to be as hot as you? Haha, kidding you did mention they were draining to use.]]]

[center [b Arthur gasped and drooled at the food she brought. He rubbed his hands together ready to go ahead and dig in but before he did he had asked.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center How much for the sweets? Just curious I'm not exactly loaded on coins right now.. Heh heh..]]]

[center [b Arthur rubbed the back of his neck with a slightly nervous chuckle as he playfully stuck his tongue out. It was then she told him how dangerous it would be. Arthur had stood up with a slight smirk and a spark in his eyes. As he pounded his chest with a wide brimming smile.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I know! I'm pumped!! This is my chance to see how far I've come as a Knight! To fight some really strong guys! Plus I get to help out someone super freaking nice so I'm doing what a Knight should, right? So it's two birds one stone! So where to?!]]]

[center [b They were in the Eastern reaches of Tristain. near the village of Lute. Though Arthur wasn't sure where to go cause he knew little of the outside worlds and the kingdoms or races that ran them.]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 12d 3h 18m 9s
[center Of course he would just chuckle like it was nothing. Why wasn't she surprised by this? Maybe because she had expected it. She listened as he spoke and she glanced off to the side. She could fight. She had been trained to. She would have to defend herself against the world. Of course she didn't like believing that. She wanted to have hope that she wouldn't have to live a life of fighting and running. Of course such hope had been misplaced. So she learned to be more careful.]

[center [#f53884 "You were right. My first thoughts are to flee rather than fight. I could have probably killed one of them, but that would have only been if I had to. I prefer not to harm anyone. It only makes us look worse in the long run."]]

[center She sighed softly as she looked him over. All this over protecting her. Sol walked over to her mistress and rubbed against her leg lightly purring. The white cat wasn't useful in battle, but she was very exceptional when it came to healing. Envy could tap into Sol's powers for much more potent healing. It was exhausting for the familiar, but Sol never minded. These wounds that she would be tending to could have been a lot worse. She leaned down picking up Sol carefully and the adorable white cat mewed lightly at her before slipping out of her hands and moving up onto her shoulder carefully.]

[center The white kitten's forest green eyes seemed to glow lightly making them a bit brighter than they were normally. Envy reached out and took a hold of Arthur's chin lightly. She tapped into Sol's magic for stronger healing potency. Envy had actually never been taught any form of healing. Not until she had summoned Sol. She wasn't very good at healing without Sol. Without Sol she could heal simple things such as scrapes and cuts. Only a few though before she ran out of energy. Using Sol she could heal more major wounds. Burns and deep cuts. She could save someone's life with Sol, but... She couldn't bring back the dead.]

[center She listened as he spoke to her as she worked on focusing her mind on healing. A soft pink glow had formed in the hand that she had taken a hold of his chin with. It was mixed with white. The power she was drawing from Sol. It was simple. That's what Sol always said.]

[center [I [+skyblue "As long as I am with you... You just have to be touching somewhere on the skin to heal wounds anywhere on the body. When you are alone you have to deal directly with the wound or you won't be able to seal or heal it. It's simple. Just remember without me your healing sucks."]]]

[center Not the greatest memory from Sol, but one that made her realize she would be at a loss when it came to any kind of support without Sol. She soon drew her hand back once she was sure all the wounds were healed. She had always been told healing magic always felt warm. She never felt anything when she used it. Sol's eyes slowly dimmed. The white cat nuzzled into her mistress's neck and decided to nap upon her shoulder. Envy didn't mind. She frowned faintly. Beautiful. No. Not everyone kept those thoughts.]

[center [#f53884 "It's the least I can do... I mean I didn't help with the fighting. So you don't have to thank me. As for killing anyone... I would have tried not to. I don't exactly like having to resort that far into violence. You complement me now, but most change their views on me pretty quickly. You just like to talk and joke. I like to listen. So I suppose that's why I don't find you obnoxious. I doubt you are the reason they found this place. If they were looking they would have found it anyway. Glamours are very draining. Even Sol doesn't like to use glamours or help me use them. They can be useful when I go into town or need to be among people in general."]]

[center Earlier when she had said he was charming she was being sarcastic, but... She wasn't going to tell him that. Besides it wasn't like there wasn't any truth to it. She watched him and laughed lightly. She wasn't surprised that he would burn through energy so quickly. Runes would definitely do that. Even she knew that. She shook her head slightly. Of course he wouldn't know the specifics. She would have to get him something to eat then. That was fine. She practically lived in this place most of the time so... She had food here. She walked towards the back. Wait. She paused at the doorway realizing what he had said. Was he talking about coming with her when she left here? Why? She hadn't asked him to.]

[center She looked over her shoulder towards him. Surely he knew it would be very dangerous. She didn't know who or what else would come after her. Sighing she looked ahead again and walked into the back without a word. Was there a point in saying anything? Would he listen to her? No. She was sure that was the right answer. No he wouldn't. She would have to deal with this as it was. Looking through what she had in the back she picked a couple of different things and returned to the front of the shop. Most of it was sweets. What could she say? She had a sweet tooth.]

[center [#f53884 "This isn't everything so if more is needed there is more in the back. Hm... You do know following me anywhere could be very dangerous right. In one day bounty hunters attacked... We could be attacked by something a lot worse... Even other witches might attack."]]

[center She frowned lightly and looked off to the side thinking to herself. She was going to have to make sure she was ready for battle next time. She sighed softly. She didn't have an idea of where she was going next either. She looked around the shop and gave a slight shake of her head. Moving again. How irritating.]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 12d 6h 18m 5s
[center [h3 Modest Witch]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Arthur was enjoying his conversation with Envy sadly it was suddenly interrupted. Though everything seemed to work itself out! Except Envy seemed upset that he had stood up for her. He blinked looking a bit surprised before letting out a soft chuckle.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Well, it was clear you weren't going to fight. Even though I'm sure you can. You probably could have killed those men. Even if not you'd certainly kill one. You seem very modest you know that? Well, regardless I felt this way meant less bloodshed. For you and for them.]]]

[center [b Arthur smiled as she and Sol began to tend to his wounds.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Thanks, for helping me out and.. For not killing anyone. I was enjoying our conversation! Not every day a beautiful witch calls me charming! I'm more used to the word obnoxious haha. Also, Sol's got a point I'm not exactly a master of stealth! I hope I'm not the reason they found the shop in fact. I still can't believe you don't use any Glamours though!]]]

[center [b Arthur had heard his stomach rumble as he went to his pack. Wait.. Oh no! It wasn't much but it was destroyed! Figures with his clumsy fighting!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I HAD brought a lunch! Haha oh well! My armor consumes a lot of energy when I use its Runes. Though I can't tell you the specifics honestly. It's just a feeling! I'm sure it was on one of the test but.. Well hehe. It means on top of having to stay in top shape! I've gotta eat a lot!]]]

[center [b The armor burnt energy and calories quickly. Arthur had chuckled a bit as his stomach rumbled.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Weird question but... Do you sell any snacks? After that, we can get going. I'm sure you'll have to move shops right? It means I'll have to take a few days off. Hmm.. Ehh I'm sure it'll be fine! So I'm ready to leave when you are!]]]

[center [b Arthur hadn't even let the thought of letting her go alone cross his mind. Not at least till she was somewhere safer. Besides, the idea sounded somewhat like an adventure to him.]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 13d 57m 4s
[center She could see she had confused him. For a moment she thought to herself about how to explain it exactly. For some reason she wasn’t surprised he didn’t know much about magic. A lot of people didn’t which was why Witch’s could sometimes be very misunderstood or judged harshly.]

[center [#f53884 “The use of dark magic doesn’t make anyone bad. It’s just very draining on the body. It’s almost like a bad effect. Almost like giving up some of your life to use it. Some use it for good and others use it for bad. Usually the bad ones are hunted down by other witches. They don’t want their way of life to be disturbed. I don’t deal with any of it. I prefer to not deal with other witches.”]]

[center That of course didn’t mean that she didn’t know any of them. She had run ins with plenty of other witches. She watched him as he seemed to have some kind of thought. She shook her head slightly at what he had came up with though. Also... Had he called her pretty? It wouldn’t be the first time she had been spoken to like that before. It was just that pretty was a better word and one she preferred over what she had been called before.]

[center [#f53884 “No. I do not use glamour. Glamour takes a lot of time and effort. It is very draining to try and keep up your appearance. Most would draw off of the magic that their familiars can offer.”]]

[center She almost felt like a teacher talking about magic like this. Explanation after explanation. She didn’t mind though. Actually it was nice to have someone actually listening to everything she said. Normally they would just nod and buy whatever they had wanted without actually caring what it did. The ones that actually listened usually were a lot smarter about what they wanted from her. She enjoyed watching him with her familiar. A lot of people loved Sol. She could understand why. Sol was adorable and soft. Friendly too.]

[center [+skyblue “Master of stealth? No that’s not right at all. You came into the forest yelling at the top of your lungs like a child would. I followed you from the tops of the trees. If you had been of any real danger I would have got rid of you myself.”]]

[center Sol chuckled lightly before looking to her mistress. Envy smiled lightly. Of course her familiar would assume that someone so loud and childish would not be a threat, but... That didn’t necessarily mean it was true. This whole time she had been watching him carefully. She didn’t fully trust him, but she wouldn’t try to put herself in danger by starting a fight that wasn’t needed. As for her familiar handling any real danger. She shook her head slightly.]

[center [#f53884 “You wouldn’t have been able to do anything. You can barely catch a mouse.”]]

[center Sol bristled up and looked away from her mistress saying nothing else. Envy smiled warmly and looked back to Arthur as he spoke. Ah she had called him Noble. He really seen the good in people didn’t he? Not everyone was a good person though. She liked that he seemed to see good in people though. At least there were still people like him in this world. She giggled lightly as he apologized for rambling.]

[center [#f53884 “Feel free to say whatever you want. I don’t see it as rambling.”]]

[center No it was entertaining really. Not all women thought they could get what they wanted though. Confidence was probably the issue there. She smiled lightly it seemed he wasn’t afraid to say what was on his mind. It was an interesting thing. Seeing as he was speaking with someone he barely knew. She wasn’t bothered by it all that much though. She listened as he spoke about training and everything dealing with knights. As well as talking about his test scores. Some people weren’t good when it came to testing. Especially when it came to paper tests.]

[center [#f53884 “Mm. Tests seem to be rather difficult sometimes. You don’t seem bothered by it though. Well they must have seen something in you or you wouldn’t have gotten that badge.”]]

[center She smiled lightly. Though his next comment caused her to freeze up and the smile faltered slightly. A light blush came over her cheeks and for a moment. A brief moment she didn’t know how to respond. He was chuckling about it. A joke.]

[center [#f53884 “I see that you don’t think too much before you speak. How charming.”]]

[center She laughed lightly and reached out to take his hand to shake it. She froze as the door was kicked open. Her hand dropped and she took a step back her eyes narrowing. Her familiar darted behind the counter knowing she would only be useless in a battle like this. It would seem she wouldn’t have to worry about it though. Arthur moved to help. Why? She wouldn’t understand that. She never exactly seen herself worthy of someone helping her. Bounty hunters weren’t anything new to her. She had ran from them before. Trying to avoid any conflict and it appeared she may have to do the same thing here. Another place she couldn’t stay at. It would seem they were getting more and more desperate.]

[center She could hear the commotion outside and frowned lightly. All this because she was here. Someone innocent was put in danger because of her. She knew it didn’t matter that she wasn’t dangerous. It wasn’t that she couldn’t fight, but she always preferred not to. Harming people usually came as a last resort for her. She listened to everything going on wondering what she should do and panicking a little. Yet it seemed the knight had everything under control. As he came back inside she frowned lightly. Of course she had listened to everything going on out there. Yet she wasn’t all that concerned with what had been said.]

[center She walked towards him. How could he be so calm about all this? Yes it was a good thing that these were only bounty hunters, but still... They were dangerous. She had planned on being angry. Risking his life for someone he barely knew, but she couldn’t muster up any anger. He had protected her and that was not even worth her anger.]

[center [#f53884 “I don’t know why you thought you needed to protect me. Even if you see that I am just like anyone else. It was dangerous. You could have been killed and you have been hurt... Sol can assist me with the wounds you have received.”]]

[center Though there was no anger in her voice it still came out almost like a lecture. Which she hadn’t meant. Sol hearing her name jumped up onto the counter.]

[center [#f53884 “Thank you. I’m sure I don’t sound thankful but I am. My life could have been easily taken had you not been here.”]]

[center Her voice softened as she said this. She was going to have to come up with something. Staying here appeared to be dangerous. She could always move the shop... Again. She sighed. It took so much energy though. It would probably have to be done though. First to tend to Arthur. He had saved her life.]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 13d 1h 41m 36s
[center [h3 Introductions]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Dark magic? Potions? Arthur held his arms crossed as he tilted his head he was clearly confused by her explanation.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Dark magic? Makes them look all gross? Does that make them bad? I hope not. I don't want the Rune Knight's to have more reasons to hate them. I guess not all Witches can be good though. Just like people sadly.]]]

[center [b Arthur nodded as she spoke furthermore on the matter as a thought clicked in his mind. Pounding his hand into the palm of his other hand almost as if a light bulb went off over his head.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh that Glamour thing! Is that what you're using? To be so pretty?!]]]

[center [b Arthur laughed and smiled as she confirmed she was, in fact, a witch. He felt silly for asking but he wasn't entirely sure! Arthur had pet the kitten as she explained where she, in fact, came from.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh wow so she can understand me? Sol, you said? Well, Sol! You are.. Freaking adorable. Haha, she didn't tell you about me huh? Maybe I was too stealthy? In my completely massive armor? Yup! Master of stealth! That's me!]]]

[center [b Arthur said with another playful chuckle. As the conversation continued she called him noble. He had blushed lightly as he placed himself against the desk.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center You think so? I think a lot of people want that don't they? I don't know if I'm that noble I probably shouldn't have been looking for a shortcut! Haha well, that's okay. One day I hope I can become the captain of the Royal Knight's then maybe I can change how things work around here? After I graduate from the academy completely that's my next stop anyway. Oh gosh I'm rambling haha I've got a real bad habit of doing that.]]]

[center [b The "Talkative Knight" was a bit of a joke name people gave Arthur back at the academy. He could come off as obnoxious and it made others wary of him. Though Arthur never seemed to mind outwardly. The conversation had gone back to the subject of love potions.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hm? Oh? Women? Really? When my dad was around he used to say to always tell a woman usually finds a way to get what she wants. So I didn't think they'd need love potions! Then again the old man wasn't always spot on about everything either!]]]

[center [b Arthur laughed again rubbing under his nose lightly. As she told him she liked the way he viewed things he found himself with an even wider grin as he looked back at her beaming. Almost like a child excited to have made a new friend.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center You're right! Training is the best way to go! No matter how hard I train though I can't ever seem to wield enchanted weapons! Which is like... The first stage of Knighthood after basic training! I thought I was doing well cause I always won my bouts against the other squires but.. If I can't wield an Enchanted blade? Well, no matter! My trusty Excalibur will do! It's no legendary holy blade but it's a damn good sword at least!]]]

[center [b Arthur nodded as she spoke of staying out of the Rune Knight's way. Though as a Knight he was supposed to turn this information to them. He would not do so, it was strange she didn't suspect Arthur even if he was just a state, Knight. Though course the same could be same for him trusting her so easily.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Yeah, I honestly don't remember all my lessons about the Rune Knight's I just know they specialize in Witches and Witch related stuff. So that probably involves some limited information on Demons and Fyurians. Though sadly.. I did really poor on all my test! So I don't know much past that! It's actually amazing I even got my Knight's Badge! Hahahaha! My test scores were always the lowest! Pffffttt]]]

[center [b Arthur couldn't help but hold his stomach laughing. He may have scored well in practical exams in defeating every other squire but he wasn't too good with a book or a pen sadly. He'd lose attention quickly and he wasn't a fast learner when it came to academics. Perhaps another reason the others didn't like him. Maybe they felt he didn't deserve to pass? When they all worked so hard? Who was Arthur to fault them for that? Maybe it was reasonable to be upset over that.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh wow! Envy Sterling? That's way prettier than my name! I really like it! Wait Envy? Like Envious? Is that cause everyone's envious of that bod?]]]

[center [b Arthur snapped his fingers in the manner he had seen other females do so at each back at the academy with a bit of sass. As he added an "Mhm" with his hands on his hips. Arthur ended up laughing as he raised his arms. Realizing maybe his joke went too far. He was always known for being the class clown that maybe pushed his jokes past the envelope.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Haha, don't hit me I'm sorry I know that was terrible I just couldn't help it!]]]

[center [b Arthur said with another light chuckle. He finally calmed himself down as he reached out to shake her hand firmly.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center It's a pleasure to meet yo-]]]

[center [b Before Arthur could finish the front door had been kicked open. Three men in red cloaks had entered. "Bounty hunters?" Arthur thought as he went to draw his sword turning around. One man wielded in Axe the other a sword and the third a Crossbow. The man with the Axe hit Arthur's shoulder. Luckily Arthur had focused to turn the runes on the armor on in time. Though the Steel Plate was plenty strong even with the runes and these weapons were obvious Iron grade. Arthur had managed to draw his blade smashing the Axe in two and headbutting the man over knocking the Axemen out cold. The Swordsman than stabbed at Arthur's face scratching his cheek before his closed the visor just in time. Arthur had gone to slash at the man with a large reaching arc of his massive greatsword. He realized his sword was too large for the shop and maybe he'd break something. The swing missed and the man backed up slashing at Arthur several times though the armor protected him. The Rune's taking damage affected Arthur's fatigue. Though he was well-rested and prepared. Sheathing his sword the Crossbow user took a few shots at Arthur. As the guy swung his sword overhead Arthur grabbed the blade. Punching through the gauntlet as the Rune shone brighter it took more energy to use the armor in such away. Hitting the guy as he fell back a few feet. The crossbow user ran outside as Arthur drew his blade following. The crossbow user was much faster of foot due to Arthur's heavy armor. Thus why Arthur simply walked. The man in a panic had tripped over himself as he turned over to Arthur as he raised his arms up.]]

[center [+red I yield! I yield!]]

[center [b Arthur had crashed his sword down as the man flinched. Letting his blade hit the side of the male into the ground. The man seemed confused as Arthur knelt.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Get your two friends and go, they aren't dead but one did take blunt force trauma to the head and I'm still not clumsy using this. So I don't know if I held back enough he could be in trouble.]]]

[center [+red You'd.. Help me?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Sure why not?]]]

[center [+red I..]]

[center [b The man gripped his cloak as he stood up quickly lunging at Arthur grabbing his helmet and pulling it back. Pulling out a dagger to stab Arthur's neck. Arthur moved as the knife gashed his face but nothing too serious. As he took his elbow into the man's stomach knocking him out cold. Before he could even sink in what happened a bolt flew from the forest. No that wasn't a cross-bolt that was.. A firebolt? Arthur raised his arms he saw it was aimed at the Witch? Her shop? Was she the target? He jumped in the way with his arms forward to have his gauntlets take the blast since he was missing a helmet. The blast caused him to slide back his armor was burnt and so was his skin underneath. The armor would in time repair itself though it'd consume more energy and stamina from his body to do so. His face was more burnt though as it was exposed the heat was swirling and he almost fell over from how hot he was in the head. (Literally) grabbing the blade he heard rustling as the caster fled. Arthur fell to one Knee putting his helmet back on as he began to pant heavily.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Huff.. huff...]]]

[center [b It was then a man exited the shop the one that was struck in the head? He was still awake? Arthur had tried pushing himself to his feet as the man dropped his weapon and his cloak with his hands up.]]

[center [+blue I don't speak for that man, my only goal was the witch, not a human. I won't kill you to get to her. Certainly not after seeing how you spared us. I may be a bounty hunter but I've got some degree of morals at least. Why risk yourself for that Witch? Don't Knights serve the people? Not Witches?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Why can't they be one and the same? Why did you attack her? What's going on?]]]

[center [+blue I'll tell ye, we were hired by the Rune Knight's it appears they have too much going on of late. Witches popping up all over so we was hired to do a job. The pay was good too 5 whole gold. They even gave us Eclipse flask to use but we never made it that far.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Eclipse?]]]

[center [+blue I don't know them details but it stops Witches from Witcheren with the casting and such. It's what Rune Knight's use and manufacture I believe. It's all I know though really honest.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center ..I believe you, grab you're two friends and go.]]]

[center [+blue Like that? You believe me? You'll even let my mate who tried to off you go?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center You said so yourself right? Knight's protect the people? For me, that includes Bounty Hunters to Witches. So get goin! Also, thanks for the information. Though I'm not sure what I'll do with it.]]]

[center [b The man nodded with much appreciation as he grabbed his friend outside. Waking up the other and convincing him to leave as they took off. Arthur came inside knowing surely the witch heard everything.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center So the Rune Knight's want you to. I wonder what's got them so busy they couldn't go... Hmm... Well let's be glad they didn't come huh?]]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Since Arthur's an idiot I can further explain Eclipse in the realtime xD]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 13d 18h 48m 33s
[center She wasn’t surprise by the question. Yes witches were told to look vile and ugly and sometimes it was true. Other times they weren’t. Some were as lovely as she was. Some even hid under glamours to appear beautiful. She wasn’t using glamours. She could do them but she preferred not to. They were very draining.]

[center [#f53884 “Ah that’s actually true at some points. It depends on magic I believe. What they put all of their energies in. Dark magic and potions can be very draining. Usually witches that become ugly... They will use glamours to hide their true forms.”]]

[center She didn’t mind speaking about other witches, but seemed a little more closed up about herself. She didn’t mention anything about her own looks. She watched as he peered closer and resisted the urge to move back a few steps. She watched him and felt the unease she felt when he had looked closer melt away at his next question. She giggled lightly.]

[center [#f53884 “Yes I am really a witch.”]]

[center She watched as he scooped her familiar up. She laughed lightly as the cat bristled in surprise. That was true. A lot of witches did prefer demons. She did not. Demons were frightening and could cause her a lot of problems. Plus a demon hadn’t reached for her. Instead when she called upon a familiar she got this adorable little fuzz ball. Since the white kitten was small that meant if she ever wanted to she could possibly call upon a second small familiar. Most likely another cat. She liked only having one though.]

[center [#f53884 “When I called for my familiar Sol is who showed up. She’s friendly and sweet. She may seem like a regular kitten to you, but she has high thought process and can speak. She was suppose to come and get me if someone entered the forest. Clearly that wasn’t that important to her.”]]

[center She smiled lightly. So he wanted to help people. She liked hearing that but was sorry she couldn’t be any help with that.]

[center [#f53884 “That’s a noble reason to want to be stronger.”]]

[center Sol seemed to be grateful to be put down and watched as her mistress was approached. The kitten didn’t seem to be too worried over her mistress though and had stayed silent this whole time. Envy watched as he came closer and took her hand. She froze up slightly unsure of what to do in this moment in time. She blushed slightly as she listened to what he said and glanced towards her familiar who seemed to think this was entertaining. She looked back towards him as her hand was released and watched him move around the room. She smiled lightly the blush fading.]

[center [#f53884 “It’s usually more women asking for love potions then men. It isn’t a very good way to gain someone else’s love. They don’t normally work in most people’s favor anyway. I like the way you see it though.”]]

[center She laughed softly. Love potions were not her favorite thing to make either, but she would make them if requested and she always had a few on the shelves. She listened as he spoke about the bad effects on humans and she nodded.]

[center [#f53884 “Yes. A lot of potions do have bad effects on humans. Yes it would probably be a bad idea. So the option is off the table. The old fashioned way though slow is probably the best way.”]]

[center She smiled lightly as he laughed. Well it seems it wasn’t all that disappointing that she didn’t have what he needed. Good.]

[center [#f53884 “I like to move around a lot. Usually avoiding the Rune Knights, but it appears I’ve put myself in their path. I will have to be careful. There’s no way I could just move this place. Not quickly.”]]

[center As she spoke her voice lowered a little as she mentioned having to be careful. She let her attention return to him as he introduced himself. She smiled.]

[center [#f53884 “Oh! It’s nice to meet you! My name is Envy Sterling! Everyone just calls me Envy.”]]

[h3 [center [b OOC]]]
[center Sure that’s fine and would make sense too. Yeah it would probably be a good idea to explain that to me XD. Sure that sounds like fun ~~]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 13d 20h 13m 42s
[center [h3 Shocked Knight]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Arthur had seen the witch turn around. Beautiful feminine features with an astonishing dress to boot. Her voice was soft and she herself appeared rather vivacious. Arthur had continued to grin though with a light dust of red upon his cheeks.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh wow! They say witches are ugly and vile! Yet you look very.. Wow!]]]

[center [b Arthur was at a loss for words as he crossed his arms peering closer. "Yup, she's adorable no doubt about it."]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Are you sure you're really a witch?]]]

[center [b Arthur had seen her adorable kitten. Picking the small creature up as he smiled brightly.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center D'aaaaw! It's so cute! Is this your.. What's it called.. Oh, you're familiar? They say witches prefer powerful demons as Familiars.. Hmm.]]]

[center [b "You already seem pretty strong." Arthur had giggled lightly as he rubbed the back of his head again a bit modestly.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Gosh, thanks but I've still got plenty to learn! Besides I need to be stronger! So I can stop people from getting hurt!]]]

[center [b It was then she had offered him a love potion. He had placed the cat back on the counter as a crimson invaded his cheeks. He let out a fit of giggles.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center A love potion? That wouldn't be a very nice prank to pull on someone! I mean.. How would you feel if someone thought..]]]

[center [b Arthur had clasped her hand leaning in close as he continued to speak though a bit softer. ]]

[tangerine [size30 [center If someone thought you were so beautiful. They had to have you but you? Hardly knew the man. So.. In order to gain your affections? He gave you a little bit of "Drip Drip" here and some "Drip drip" there than boom! You love a man you never got to know!]]]

[center [b Arthur had started the speech calm and softly. If taken in the wrong context? Could even be seen as intense or a bit flirtatious. Though when he began to speak of "Drip drip" here and there he let go of her hand. Waving his own hands around as he spun around the room in an exaggerated way to get across his point. Despite explaining love potions being a mean prank he didn't suspect her of being a mean witch. Though that wasn't only because of her soft appearance or adorable kitten. Arthur didn't like suspecting others. So he generally likes to take people at their word. If she acts like a good shopkeep? Then she must be a good shopkeep! Right?]]

[center [b It was then she started to give the Knight a lesson on potions. He crossed his mind lost in thought. Though he seemed rather empty-headed he did seem something was on his mind.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Bad effects.. Your right. I heard something about most potions being bad for humans except simpler things. I guess that's out the window huh? Aw well! Serves me right for looking for a shortcut huh? I guess if I wanna learn more? I'll have to do it the old fashioned way!]]]

[center [b Arthur had flexed his right arm placing his left arm on his bicep with a loud clank. Flashing his teeth with a wide grinning expression. His eyes even lightly closed before he let out a hearty laugh.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center So can I ask? Why are you out here? You should be careful! You know a Rune Knight regiment has moved around these parts! They don't really like Witches.. Or Fyurians for that matter. Though only witches are allowed to be hunted.]]]

[center [b Arthur didn't like that rule very much. Rune Knight's didn't trust creatures that used magic or potions. Though why was that? Well, either way, he hoped the nice ladies shop didn't get shut down.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh god! Haha, I'm so rude I didn't even mention my name! I'm Arthur Chevalier! But just call me Arthur it's a pleasure to meet cha!]]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Is it okay if most potions that grant boons are pretty much dangerous toxic to humans? Weird I'm asking to nerf Arthur but yeah xD. It's cause if I do add Rex he'll be a mutated human that can handle the toxicity of potions. (Fyurians) Alchemical warriors in a sort of way. Though the populace sees them differently. Also, I can explain what Fyurian's are for this RP if you want your character to know what they are? I was thinking we could add stuff later too. Succubus, Demons and other races, etc. Both original and already existing myths that'd be fun. Later on of course.]]
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[h3 [center [b In the forest]]]

[center [pic]]

[center She had been following silently up in the trees. Dark forest green eyes following the knight's every move. She had yet to alert her mistress though. She was really intrigued and curious of this man. He was rather loud. One of her ears twitched as he shouted. She wondered briefly how her mistress would handle such a man. Wasn't he at all worried about coming to a witch he knew nothing about? Clearly not. She sighed softly and continued moving after him staying a few trees behind.]

[center They were drawling closer to her mistress. She slowly climbed down from the tree she was on. She landed softly in the grass and followed quietly on the ground behind him. Once he stepped inside she quietly slipped around him and trotted into the center of the room to see what her mistress would do with this noisy and intrusive man.]

[h3 [center [b In the shop]]]

[center [pic]]

[center Quickly the pink haired woman turned away from the shelf she was checking to look upon who would joke in such a way. Her eyes narrowed slightly. For a moment she stood in silence deciding on what exactly this situation was before she let out a soft sigh. Clearly he wasn't dangerous. At least not at the moment.]

[center [#f53884 "Well if that is truly the case then welcome."]]

[center She didn't offer a threat within her greeting nor did she come off like she had been ready for a situation where she would have to fight. She listened as he spoke again. She looked him over as she listened to his request. She started to giggle softly. That's what he came all the way out here for? She was curious on how he had even known that a witch's shop had been set up here. It wasn't something that she had just told everyone about. Then again... Her eyes slid to the white fuzz ball that she called her familiar.]

[center [#f53884 "This is your doing isn't it? I have barely gotten anything set up and you are already having rumors spread around..."]]

[center The white cat looked up at her before just looking off to the side. Sighing the pink haired woman turned her eyes back to this knight who was requesting strength. Did he really think a potion would help with all of that? It might for a brief time, but not permanently. Something permanent would take time and would likely have bad side effects. For most as long as they were getting paid... They wouldn't care. Envy was different though.]

[center [#f53884 "That's what you came for? Do you really need something like that? You seem already pretty strong."]]

[center She glanced him over again. Surely that's not what he made his way here for. It had to be something else. Witches offered a variety of different potions and enchantments.]

[center [#f53884 "Are you sure you aren't here for something else? A love potion maybe?"]]

[center That's normally what most people usually came to her shop for. Some would directly ask why others would try asking for something else before usually getting to the point. Then again this situation seemed different and she knew that.]

[center [#f53884 "Most potions for strength only would have a temporary effect. You would only be buff for so long before you went back to normal... Which means you would constantly have to keep buying potions. Anything permanent would possibly have bad side effects."]]

[center She spoke truthfully on this matter. She didn't have a reason to lie about it like some others would. She wasn't in this business for money. She liked trying to make people happy. Not always did that work out for her though. Even though she has told the truth about enchantments and potions it always seemed like someone would not be listening and the effects would anger them in some way or another. She couldn't make everyone happy and she accepted that for the most part.]
  -Rika / 14d 1h 5m 53s
[center [h3 Knight In Rusty Armor]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Arthur had marched through the forest clanking in armor. His steel plate armor was covered in Sigils and adornments all from the enchantments. Arthur had traveled out of town due to a rumor he heard in town.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center A witches shop?! Are they for real? I sure hope so! That'd be.. Awesome!]]]

[center [b He shouted out to no one in particular with a wide childish grin on his face. He used his bladed hacking and smashing his way through vines. His blade hadn't shared in the enchantments but it was made by an extremely talented Blacksmith back at the academy. Arthur was still in the Knight's academy but he was also given the duty's a full-fledged Knight. In completing that phase of his training he was supposed to grab an enchanted weapon like the other students. It turned out he couldn't wield an Enchanted armor. He wasn't sure why but only very few could wear and maintain enchanted armor. Arthur had tried it out despite being told not to. Turns out? It was was the perfect fit for the male and he had no trouble wearing it. In a fight, the Rune's would glow and enhance the armor's properties though it was taxing on the body thus why Arthur trained plenty. Because of the energy, it consumed it required the Knight to eat and train plenty to maintain energy and stamina.]]

[center [b However.. He was still only human despite his good genetics and hard training. He struggled in proper swordsmanship only focusing on physical conditioning. Though he was top of the class in terms of brute strength his swordplay could be rather clumsy. "If I could grow stronger.. I could save more people." The Rune Knight's offered Arthur new equipment and training to help combat the dark forces of "Magic." It wasn't rare for Knight's to Transfer to the Rune Knight Corp. However his goal was to move out of this small village and become a Royal Knight protecting justice and love. "Wow.. That's cheesy when I think of it that way huh? Oh, whatever I can become the knight of cheese! Slaying Squeakers and his mice henchmen! Yes.. It all makes sense. Or perhaps my love of cheese is because.. I'm a mouse myself?! What a plot twist huh?" Arthur chuckled to himself. Despite his ludicrous thoughts, he had big ambitions for himself. Despite the distrust Knight's received from folk around here. Despite some of the corrupt knight's abusing their power over said common folk. His goal wasn't political power nor was it physical prowess to rule over others. He wanted to know if this witch would have a spell or a potion that could make him.. A beacon of justice.]]

[center [b It wasn't much longer before Arthur had seen the shop in the forest. He didn't remember it being around here before? How does a witch move said shop around? It made him wonder but not for long as he brashly came in the establishment.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hey you're under arrest it's the government! Haha, kidding kidding! Well, I guess technically I do work for the government being a Knight and all.. Still, I'm not here to arrest you! Just a customer!]]]

[center [b He said bursting in with a strange joke at a total stranger before explaining said joke. His blade was placed on his back and he wasn't ready or prepared to draw it either. Arthur was straight forward and brash but even he knew Witches were banned in most places. Enchanters under the state could be trusted so could Alchemist but Mages? Were kept under a tighter lock. Though Enchanters used their own magic right? So why the fear and hate toward mages? Arthur wasn't sure the specifics nor did he care too. He wouldn't raise his sword against someone cause a law said they were allowed to be born the way they were. Only if they would hurt others. It was a sappy and simple way to live but Arthur was content keeping it to that.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center So let me cut to the chase you got any potions or spells that can make me like super buff!? Like, make my muscles go crazy bulky maybe? That'd be really fun! Maybe even a catchphrase for my new awesome powers? Oh, wait I don't need a potion for that huh? Hahaha whoops!]]]

[center [b Arthur rubbed the back of his neck while softly sticking his tongue out. Arthur was rather friendly despite her being a stranger. Course Arthur remembered what his mother used to say when he was young. "Strangers are just friends you haven't made yet!" and the boy believed those words in his heart of hearts.]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 14d 4h 15m 54s

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