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[h3 [center [b The Sewers]]]

[center Disgusting. Everything about this place. Of all the places they had to go it just had to be the sewers. Sol growled lightly clearly not liking this even though she didn’t have to walk in it. The smell could have been horrible to her sensitive nose, but because she was so close to Envy all she could really smell was flowers. Out of all of them she was the luckiest. Sol let out a soft sigh as she listened to the two guys.

[+skyblue You two are really annoying. Stop finding things to bicker about.”]

Sol’s ears perked up and her nose twitched. Something felt very wrong which she told Envy about. Envy tried to calm her down but it didn’t work because she could hear the uncertainty in Envy’s voice. Envy knew that Sol was very keen when it came to sensing things. Noticing when things might get bad was one thing Sol was never wrong about.

Sol wasn’t surprised that Arthur agreed with Envy. He was an idiot. He couldn’t read Envy. Clearly William couldn’t either. Envy wasn’t trying to put Sol’s senses off as if they were nothing. Sol listened to them talk. Envy didn’t say anything. She glanced at Sol and then sighed softly.

[#f53884 “Right! Oh wait I mean no! We can’t just get into a fight with that guy!”]

Envy shook her head slightly. Sol laughed lightly. Almost nervously. Seemed her mistress wasn’t really paying attention. Sol looked towards William who seemed to know a lot about her kind. The only thing that was left out was normally ones that were very sensitive like Sol couldn’t battle. Sol had no fighting ability at all.

[+skyblue I don’t know, but it is definitely not Envy’s flowers.”]

The scent was different. One she didn’t recognize and it was dangerous. For now though they could do nothing. Sol wasn’t surprised when they ran into people down here. It was sometimes how things were. Envy let her gaze run over all of the people. She listened as William and Arthur spoke. She frowned lightly.

Was everything going to be an argument between those two? What did it matter where the silver went? Clearly these people needed it. It wasn’t like they couldn’t come across more money. Ah Arthur gave them the silver anyway. Honestly it was expected. He asked her if it was okay, but really it didn’t matter did it?

Yet it was thankless. Of course. This wasn’t a surprise. She frowned and her eyes seemed to grow cold. William spoke before she could and she dismissed the venomous words that laid on her tongue.

A child. Envy looked away. A child had more gratitude. She hadn’t been ruined yet. Not yet hardened to the reality she was in. What Arthur had done for her would always be remembered, but... Envy cast a glance at the people as they left. It could also be dangerous. Not everyone was friendly. Those people had a right to feel the way they did.

As they exited the tunnels Envy sighed. Finally. That place was starting to bother her. Of course nothing was easy was it. The man that met them here was dangerous. The very person they hadn’t meant to run into. Sol’s ears went back. This was the danger she had sensed. This couldn’t be good. Brainwashed? Sol couldn’t help it. She started laughing.

[+skyblue “Brainwashed? Oh that’s great. Even if we had that power it wouldn’t work on someone that doesn’t have a brain.”]

Envy sighed. At least Sol could still be insulting even in situations like this. She felt the gaze on her and looked towards the Fyurian. She tilted her head slightly. She was distracting in this outfit? She knew that. Actually it worked on some men to get them to buy things at her shop. It had gotten her out of trouble before too, but she didn’t like using it. The real reason she wore this outfit was because it put the flowers she adorned herself with close to her skin making it easy to keep them alive with her magic.

Wait did Arthur just call her sexy? A babe? Seriously? He didn’t have a brain. Sol was right. When William tried to run Envy frowned.

[+skyblue “Coward.”]

Sol growled lightly. Envy hushed Sol. Now was not the time for that. A fight had broken out and Envy took a step back. Why did this keep happening? She was useless in battle. Well not completely useless she just felt useless. She listened as they were all talking. Was this really the time for that?

So they were going to fight. She had to do something. She couldn’t just stand here. This would get bad. Arthur could die. She heard her name and looked towards William. She frowned. She wasn’t happy about his display earlier. Trying to run away.

Even though she felt useless she wouldn’t run. She didn’t like what William was saying. Actually it angered her.

[#f53884 “No. I won’t leave him. I can help. Even if it’s just me being a distraction... If we survive this William... Me and you will have words.”]

She sighed keeping her anger at bay. She took Sol off her shoulder and shoved her into Williams arms.

[#f53884 “Keep her safe.”]

Sol looked at Envy startled before she looked at William.

[+skyblue “You should know better. Envy won’t leave Arthur behind. For some reason she thinks she needs to keep that idiot alive. Envy knows Arthur more than you. Your words are empty to her. Plus... You are kind of a coward.”]

Sol flickered her tail in irritation and worry. She looked towards Envy. There was a chance that she would have to fight. Being a distraction might not work.

[+skyblue “If it comes to fighting Envy you can do it. You stood up against a witch that knew more than you. You can win against this guy... Or if all else fails just strip.”]

Sol giggled at the end clearly having calmed herself down. She had faith in her mistress even if sometimes it didn’t seem like it.

Envy took a deep breath as she walked towards Arthur and the Fyurian. Something stopped her though. The sound of a flute. Sol’s ears perked up and her nose twitched.

[+skyblue “Company..? He smells unfamiliar.”]]

[h3 [center [b A wandering Musician?]]]

[center [pic]]

[center Such a lovely forest. A lot better than the stuffy towns with people constantly bothering him.

[+orange “ ‘Hey bard! Yeah you! You sing and tell stories right? Tell me a story. Sing me a song!’ How many times do I have to say I’m not a damned bard? I don’t tell stories and I sure as hell won’t sing songs on command. They don’t own me. I’m not a pet. I’m not for their personal entertainment.”]

His complaints fell of deaf ears. There was no one around him. Kirai traveled alone. He liked it that way most of the time. No one peeked his interest enough for him to offer his services. That’s right he could actually do things. Most just seen his flute and assumed he was a bard of some type.

No. They were mistaken. He was much better than a simple bard. The flute he played could do a lot more than offer a nights entertainment. Depending on the song he played he could do many things. He could buff defense, attack, as well as give a small regeneration boost. That’s right he could cause healing. Mostly small cuts, but if played continuously it could be a lot more useful. It was even more useful with another healing ability.

He also could play a song that caused the people who heard it to fall asleep. The flute was actually quite useless in the hands of just anyone. Kirai came from a family that had very little arcane running in their blood.

A long line of witches in the bloodline supposedly. Kirai didn’t really care. In the end it just explained why he had some arcane ability. They couldn’t use normal spells though. Actually they couldn’t even summon a familiar. It was a good thing though. Kirai hated animals. He thought they were dirty. Demons were over used and pointless. He would rather do things on his own.

If he had help then those things would simply be pawns. Things simply used to get him ahead.

His abilities could only be activated by using an instrument. The instrument had to be made by their own hand. So the flute was made by him. The songs written by him.

Instead of being called witches or warlocks they were called Aria. The reason they weren’t wanted like witches was because most Aria worked under the service of knights.

Kirai was breaking the rules. He should have been working with the knights, but his family lied about his abilities. After making the flute he left home. He had been traveling around for sometime now. He was looking for something to be entertaining to him.

So was it fate or luck that brought him to this group of people in front of the opening to the sewers? Ah maybe it was both. He looked the people over one at a time. He had time. No one had noticed him yet. The pink haired woman. She was a witch. He knew. Could feel it. The white fuzz ball... That disgusting thing belonged to her. That armored male. The large sword. Hm? A knight maybe? Great. Just what he wanted to see. The male holding the cat. Who the hell was he to the witch and knight?

Why was the knight with a witch? If it was a knight? The white haired male... Why fight a group like this? He wasn’t exactly normal was he?

Strong enough to win against a knight, but probably not against a witch. Well that depended didn’t it? The witch could be completely useless. The blonde sighed. Choices. Choices. He brought the flute up to his lips.

What song to play? What person to help? If only he knew exactly what was going on? Wait? Who was he kidding? He never helped anyone out of the kindness of his heart. The white haired man was strong. Probably could kill them all if the witch was useless. The blood shed would be entertaining, but... He had the upper hand here and honestly Kirai didn’t like that.

If anything Kirai wanted the upper hand. He didn’t have anything all that strong. Actually if he had to engage in a fight without having the upper hand... Well he would end up dead. His spells didn’t work on himself.

An Aria’s abilities were completely useless unless they have a group to focus on. The only offensive thing Kirai knew was a song that could cause sleep, but with this many people... He wouldn’t be able to sleep then all and there was a chance the witch could resist it.

Kirai sighed. He didn’t know these people but they really pissed him off. He would focus on the white haired male. An attack boost and if the white haired male turned on him he’d put him to sleep and slit his throat.

Dirty trick? Kirai didn’t care. He didn’t take into consideration what the white haired male might be or how many potions he could have drank. He began to play. The people would notice him, but who could guess what he was? Not many Aria were seen outside of the knight ranks. Honestly they were barely seen there. Aria were kind of rare. Their arcane powers actually stopped working at a certain age too.

Kirai’s father Volos lost his abilities at thirty. He knew nothing of his mother though. She had died with his twin brother Rei. No he didn’t care to learn what happened to them either.

The witch turned her attention to him as did her fuzzy familiar. What happened next caused him to miss a note and mess up the song. This would mean he would have to completely stop playing and start over, but he decided against it.

The witch turned her head away from him and moved towards the white haired male. She stopped a moment as if considering how to handle this before she summoned her weapon. She waited watching before charging in and using the blade of the sickle part of her weapon to block the white haired male’s blade. It took a lot of out her, but she stood her ground the best she could.

Instead of getting aggressive she offered a rather lovely smile and spoke.

[#f53884 “Hey cutie ~ Why not put the weapon down and actually talk to me? You might find out I’m not so bad. I’m actually really sweet ~”]

Kirai stood there unsure of what was going on. The witch was pulling out all her charm not to fight? Why?

Instead of trying to replay the song he lowered the flute and watched the group. A spark of interest in those cold deep green eyes.]
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[center [h3 Heading Down The Sewer]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b The sewer was full of rats and a god awful stench. Arthur had groaned loudly with a slight huff.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center This is so gross, I feel like one of these rats. Crawling through the sewer cause I'm too afraid of what's on top. I don't see why I shouldn't have just fought this guy.]]]

[center [+brown Because even Hunters fight those guys in a group for starters.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Okay but there are three of us! Also I'm a Knight not a Hunter so that doesn't even apply to me!!]]]

[center [b William groaned with a sigh as he continued to lead Arthur and Envy. As he begun to explain Arthur's flawed logic.]]

[center [+brown For one Arthur only Senior Knight's accept taking on a Fyurian alone and no even all of them survive. So usually they'll at least send a Senior Knight 3rd class to ensure a guaranteed success. As for their being three of us? I'm not one for the barbarous nature of violence and bloodshed. I believe Envy too would rather spend her time buried in a book than in some life or death struggle.]]

[center [b Though the difference between William and Envy was... William couldn't defend himself. Really at all sure he was knowledgeable and had a silver tongue but he never had to really fight before. He's always done well to avoid such a risky venue. Arthur had groaned before retaliating with William.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center You sure no Knight's have never beat one before? I mean aside from what was it? The Geezer class? Hey! What how do you know so much anyway?]]]

[center [+brown How do you know so little? You joined the Knight's after all you should know these things. Also it's the "Senior" class not the Geezer class. However I'm convinced you do that on purpose]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hehe maybe~]]]

[center [b Arthur chuckled as William shook his head. It wasn't long before Sol had mentioned she had a bad feeling a smell. Envy had told Sol she was overworrying and Arthur was quick to join in.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Envy's right! Besides if worse comes to worse we can take this guy! Right Envy?]]]

[center [+brown I wouldn't be quick to dismiss your familiar lady Envy. She seems to be an intelligent sensory type like lady Veronica's. I've read much on those though tomes on Familiar's are outlawed for... Obvious reasons.]]

[center [b William had smiled at Sol with a peculiar look. Something about those cats big green intelligent eyes. William had read much on Familiars and he preferred the sensory types over the brutes such as demons. They seemed useful and underappreciated all things considered.]]

[center [+brown Sol what is it your smelling?]]

[center [b As they traversed through the smell began to fade and up ahead was a small makeshift camp. What seemed to be a group of poorly dressed people. They all stared at the group. Not a "terrible" place for camp it was awhile from the rushing water of the sewers and the smell was indeed weaker here. Though it was still faint in the air so living conditions weren't ideal.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Who are these people?]]]

[center [+brown Sewer dwellers those who essentially have no place other to go.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center No place... To go? How much do you think they'd need?]]]

[center [+brown Huh?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Coin, how much coin?]]]

[center [+brown What an odd question but what they truly need are the skills to make it above. You know how the saying goes. Feed a man fish you feed him one day. Teach him how to-]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I know! But...]]]

[center [+brown Don't go giving away the old mans money. You may not mind starving but Envy needs your help and that money. Runic energy unlike Arcana it isn't energy efficient it burns plenty of calories also why Knight's are so costly to keep around. They have to eat plenty if they want to be ready for-]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What if I give them 5 silver and don't eat?]]]

[center [+brown Do whatever but just know Envy will have to pay the price for it.]]

[center [b William didn't really care either way and he was going to stay out of it. Yet he had lectured Arthur hadn't he? Something about his attitude had.. Annoyed William. It was too... Naive or perhaps stupid was the better weird. Arthur had looked at the people. He had taken the ten silver throwing it towards them.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Is this okay Envy? If not I... Understand. Hey! Listen up! If my friend here agree's with the idea these ten silvers are yours! Each one is 100 coppers so if you split it well maybe you can have a good start! If you ever need any help though just head to the Royal Capital of Tristania and ask for Arthur Chevalier! I'll be there to help you!]]]

[center A Knight? Help us? What's in it for you? A promotion?]

[+blue [center Hey! Shove it! We don't need your hand outs.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b The people at jeered and shouted at Arthur. Throwing things at him and even threatening him. Arthur had shook unsure of how to respond. He wasn't angry.. He was... Hurt. He wasn't sure how to ease these people's suffering or how to help them. What could he do? What could he say? Was it arrogant of him to sweep in suddenly of what was years of suffering? To say, "Don't worry I got it now" Knight's weren't trusted either. Why was that? No, he'd prove them wrong the Knight's can be trusted!]]

[center [+brown Hey! I may not be a fan of the Knight's but at least he made a damn effort. Instead of pitying himself and holing up in here hiding from the Guild Hunters. Like a pack of rats, I get not trusting him but you'll still take the money while spitting in his face will you? If you act like the garbage they say you are. Well... Need I say more?]]

[center [b William was cold and blunt as he kept going forward. It wasn't he was mad for Arthur's sake. He just couldn't stand people who'd complain and complain about being forsaken than spit on any hand reaching out to them. William wasn't a man of morals but he had certain standards of self respect. The people had grown quiet as one little girl went up to Arthur she offered a curtsy in her tattered rags.]]

[center [+pink Thank you mister Knight.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center No, I wish I could do more but... Thank you. You guys get somewhere safe okay? I'm sorry for how things have been but.. You did well to make it this far.]]]

[center [b He patted the small girls head as she smiled offering him a small flower. He chuckled and placed the flower on top of his helmet before making a derpy face.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I'm now the Flower Knight!]]]

[center [+pink Hehehe you're silly mister Knight!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What? Me? Silly? Nah I'm the mostest seriousest knight ever!]]]

[center [+pink Hey! Those aren't real words mister!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh pfft sure they are!!]]]

[center [b He giggled lightly before patting her off back to her parents. The people were unsure how to react. Anger? Disgust? Defend their actions? Thank him? Instead they had simply watched the man leave. Though only she was smiling that one smile was more than enough for Arthur.]]

[center [b It wasn't much longer afterwards they had exited the tunnels into a forest with a ravine nearby. They had finally made it!]]

[center [b However it wouldn't be celebrated for very long as the white haired swordsman awaited them. Blade drawn and a potion in the other hand as he looked forward at them. Willam was shocked "If he was going to cut us off. Why let us make it to the open forest? And not force us to fight in the narrow tunnels?"]]

[center [youtube]]
[center [b ]]

[center [b Arthur popped his shoulders drawing his own massive blade. Staring forward with a wide grin.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Well this saves us the trouble of having to sneak through this forest at least. I was tired of sneaking through anyway.]]]

[center [+brown Tsk..]]

[center [b William was waiting for his chance to escape. His chance to bolt first moment he could. There was no way the three of them could kill a prepared Fyurian. William's whole body was shaking, his legs and his arms. Those piercing orange iris's stared right through William. William had let out a half cocked smirk with a cold sweat dripping down his spine. "Great William now you have to think. What are the pieces on the board? We got a half brained Knight and a beautiful but amateur Witch. She at least has a good head on her shoulders as well does that Familiar. As for William? What could he do? He was a craftsman and a researcher. He couldn't really do much could he? Except maybe reason with the guy.]]

[center [+orange If you surrender now I'll only have to place you under arrest. If the Witch has indeed brainwashed you I believe we can build a case around that-]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What?! Are you serious?! Envy doesn't even have that kinda music! Even if she did she'd never use it! My question is why didn't you try picking us off earlier in the tunnels?]]]

[center [b William looked over a bit surprised. "So he did notice huh?" Rex had flinched a little at Arthur's loud and sudden outburst as he grew a bit flustered.]]

[center [+green I-I... W-Well... I-If you choose to fight than...]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I would rather fight you yes. I can't let you just go around killing witches based off half cocked accusations.]]]

[center [b Arthur's voice had taken a turn for the serious. It was unlike the goofball Knight but he seemed sure of himself. Not in his usual risky way either. It was almost as if he knew the risk but had decided this was still the best course of action. William was shocked at how serious Arthur was taking this. He honestly had only saw Arthur as a foolish child. Rex sighed gripping his fist around his blade.]]

[center [+orange I only kill monsters. I've heard what you have been up to and I can't forgive it. For why I chose this place is because enemy or no. A warrior deserves a better grave than those tunnels.]]

[center [b Rex finally made his gaze onto Envy and her cat. At first his gaze was cold and piercing before he had noticed her rather... Unique outfit. Rex's face turned beat red as his chest began to pound. He was struggling even keeping his eyes on her.]]

[center [+green I-I but first.. C-Can.. Can she cover herself u-u-up?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What the heck? You really go back and forth you know that? Are all Fyurian's so weird?]]]

[center [+brown Funny to hear you of all people calling someone weird "mister flower Knight"]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hey that's different! Also if Envy's sexiness distracts you than that's your fault not hers!]]]

[center [+green W-WHAT?! N-NO! I! It's not... She's not...]]

[tangerine [size30 [center She's not what? A total babe? That's a lie and you know it!]]]

[center [+brown Umm.. What the hell is going on here? Are these two for real?]]

[center [+green I-I... T-That doesn't matter I-]]

[center [b Before Rex could even finish his sentence William began to make a mad dash outta here. "If he's really that easily flustered he might not even be a real Fyurian. He acts more like a school girl. He could be a decoy sent here to buy time for the real deal. Who else in the world would have a stupid talk with Arthur on Envy's "Sex Appeal." Which means I'm home free to run right outta here.]]

[center [b The sudden movement had caused Rex's eyes to flutter and his animal-like instincts had taken over. His face from flustered and soft to stern and focused. He had flipped his own sword up drinking the Dragon's Swallow potion for increased stamina and agility. flipping backwards he kicked the blade at William at an extremely alarming speed. The potion was expanding Rex's lungs increasing his stamina but also causing a searing pain. Luckily the phoenix revival from earlier still had lingering effects left though weakened due to the time from that fight and here. Arthur had gotten in front of William just in time to block the blade but Rex had already dashed in grabbing the deflected blade. Crashing his own sword down and clashing with Arthur. Arthur had started to push Rex back with superior brute force but Rex had kicked at Arthur's leg to disrupt balance. A signature move for Rex but Arhur's armor and stubbornness didn't falter as he pushed at Rex. Rex wasn't surprised however. He was quick to adapt, instead he flipped over Arthur covering the Knight in several slashes as his armor came to defend him. Rex had spun smacking his own gauntlet into Arthur's helmet and kicking off of Arthur's chest causing him to stumble back. If it wasn't for Arthur's armor he'd already be dead by now. It was clear Rex was the superior swordsman they were in a different league in raw skill.]]

[center [b Arthur had realized this but it didn't change his next move. Charging straight in with a lumbering vertical strike. Rex had veered to the side kicking the side of the blade away. Arthur's powerful arc crashing into the dirt leaving a sizeable hole in the forest floor. His Runic energy was raging around his army. Combining that and his brute force it packed a mighty punch that and the old man's new weighty sword. Rex had spun his own blade crashing it down on at Arthur's to sever the blade. "How is that one handed longsword gonna sever my blade? The blade had crashed down and it seemed neither sword was worse for wear. Arthur was surprised the Fyurian hadn't shattered his own blade attempting. Rex was shocked his own blade hadn't down the trick. Arthur had taken the change to headbutt Rex backwards as the man stumbled a bit Arthur had gotten a bit cocky taunting him.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center How was that tiny sword supposed to do anything?]]]

[center [+brown It's not even THAT small you just like to overcompensate. That is an Alchemical blade crafted with the aid of Arcana and Alchemy. It's Alchemical Formulai look similar to that of the Legendary Durandel.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What?!]]]

[center [+orange You're weapon doesn't even use Runic Energy so how?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I guess I really gotta thank the old man huh? He made this blade one hell of a shield!]]]

[center [b Rex hadn't bothered to press for answers he was here for one purpose. Dashing back in the two crossed blades. Rex had thrown several slashes as Arthur struggled to keep up. Arthur had offered a clumsy stab in retaliation. Rex had spun with the elegance of a ballerina stabbing at Arthur's face. His barrier had appeared but the blade managed to scratch his cheek. Arthur had thrown a right hook Rex had taking his single gauntlet on his right hand to Arthur's stomach. Arthur crashed his blade downward again. Rex had simply veered right kicking it away but this time? Arthur had expended Runic energy. Turning the Barrier around his body into small burst of Runic fire. A white flame that almost engulfed Rex but he had rolled out of the way. Seeing his own opening he grabbed a rock quickly throwing it at Arthur's face. It had hit the Knight rather hard in his left eye. "So when he uses his Armor for offense it drops his barrier. He can enhance his strength without that tradeoff but to rely on ranged damage it's risky. Rex had looked over to see his left shoulder had gotten singed. "What? I was sure I avoided his Runic Energy. Arthur had forced his left eye to open though he was bleeding. A small white glint in his eye was mending the tissue but it was causing Arthur to pant and drain him. Luckily he had eaten a LARGE breakfast before coming here and his workouts had help kept him in shape. He could afford the loss of energy at least for now. Arthur however wasn't aware of the slight healing factor his Runic Energy had. Arthur wasn't aware of any of the properties of his Runic Energy aside from the barrier he was reacting purely based of Instinct rather than Knowledge.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center So I can use my Barrier like a weapon. That's pretty damn cool but I guess I gotta be careful huh? Huff... Huff.... You're a lot stronger than I imagined. I just imagined another big brute like the old man. You're even shorter than me though! Still you're more dangerous than any giant man I've ever had to deal with. You're good honestly I can't match you're swordplay hehe..]]]

[center [+orange So why fight t-than?]]

[center [b Rex tried to stay calm but he couldn't help but stutter slightly at the flattery. Compliments? Weren't something Rex was used to receiving from others. Was the Knight trying to throw him off? No it seemed he sincerely meant that. Rex may have had the edge in swordplay but in brute strength and durability? Though Rex was too prideful to admit. It was a good thing he didn't use the Golem Elixir instead. even with it in head to head brute strength it would have been a shaky battle. Dragon's Wing was a good choice and it matched Rex's fancier swordplay better too.]]

[center [b William had waltzed carefully over to Envy as to not attract Rex's attention. He was wrong about this man that much was for sure. He was the real deal. However Arthur? Was a lot tougher than he expected. No way a Junior Rune Knight should have been able to hold his own. Still it was Naive of the Fyurian to let them make it out in the open forest. Again in a narrow place Arthur may have had an edge. That didn't matter William was determined to make a run for it but he couldn't do it alone. Last time... "Last time Arthur protected me. That idiot why did he... After how I treated him. No, he was simply doing what he blindly thinks is his duty. I won't die for something so shallow as a child's dream of fantasy. I can't run alone though I need back up."]]

[center [+brown Envy..]]

[center [b William whispered to her.]]

[center [+brown I was wrong I think Arthur can handle this, you and me should make a run for it ahead. I think Arthur would prefer we get outta of his way so he can enjoy his warriors duel or whatever.]]

[center [b William was lying the way the fight was going? Arthur wasn't going to make it. However it was possible the peaceful witch wouldn't know that. Or maybe she'd blindly trust in her protector or she'd make the wise choose and simply go. There was much William wanted to learn about her and Sol's kind. He couldn't do that if he was dead. He had offered her a soft smile reassuring smile to boot.]]

[center [+brown No need to worry I'm sure it'll work itself out.]]

[center [b William felt a weird sting in his stomach. "Sorry Arthur it's nothing personal but... Well you offered you're life up didn't you? Time to put you're money where you're mouth is and prove it." William didn't like the idea but what was the alternative? They all stay? So what? All three of them could die? No way, that wasn't going to happen.]]
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[h3 [center [b A Letter Left Behind. Her Past]]]

[center [pic]

[center She was a strong woman. The witch that taught Envy. Envy had been five over to the witch willingly by her parents. They had hoped she would learn how to use her abilities and be safe. There was hope that some day she would return home, but her small village was raided for witches and among the people killed were Envy’s parents. The witch that had agreed to take Envy kept the young girl distracted with constant training. The only thing she couldn’t get Envy to do was summon a familiar.

[+green “You need one girl. It is important you have one because it will enhance your power. It’ll fight for you.”]

[#f53884 “No! I don’t want anything to ever have to serve me. It doesn’t matter what you say.”]

These arguments became daily. At sixteen the witch decided she couldn’t train Envy anymore and sent her to a man named Seiun.

[center [pic]]

Seiun didn’t listen to Envy’s protests about not wanting to summon a familiar. Instead he forced her to do that ritual. The first attempt was not very successful, but at Seiun’s badgering Envy attempted the summoning a second time.

[+purple “It May take a few times, but one will respond to you. Sometimes even more than one. Once you get more than two though your status changes and you become a summoner. It takes a lot of years to become a summoner though and if you aren’t careful it can kill you.”]

[#f53884 “Right! I don’t even want this one though so there’s no way I will ever summon another.”]

Seiun laughed and left her there to concentrate. Envy hadn’t liked this idea. Witches were looked down on for their familiars. Didn’t help that most of the time they summoned powerful demons. Seiun has a powerful demon, but... Seiun wasn’t a bad man. Annoying but not a bad person. It took almost a whole day but a familiar finally answered her summons.

A small white cat with big green eyes. It looked at her with distrust and wrinkled its little nose.

[+skyblue “I have only come to you because of the sweet smell you carry. Your magic power is horrifyingly poor.”]

[#f53884 “What!?”]

Envy felt horrified and a little down. So she was weak huh? No surprise there. She wasn’t a fighter. The little cat watched her and tilted its head slightly.

[+skyblue “My name is Sol..? What is yours and the sweet flowery smell what is it..?”]

[#f53884 “Envy... It’s the flowers on my clothes and in my hair. I can grow or conjure them and then use a little bit of magic to keep them alive for a long time.”]

Sol looked Envy over with a sudden interest. A nature witch. She had never served one of them before. They would stay with Seiun until Envy turned twenty.

[+purple “You don’t have the potential to become a summoner so you should move on now. I taught you the only healing spell I know and I taught you how to work along side Sol. You can’t use dark magic or you pretend you can’t. You don’t care for glamor... So maybe it’s time for you to be on your own. Sometimes you can learn a lot more from being on your own. Good luck. If you ever need anything come find me.”]

Envy was actually sad leaving Seiun. Even though he was annoying he had been a good teacher. He was one of the few that practiced dark magic for good reasons. Envy had decided on opening a shop. It would cause a lot less trouble and she wouldn’t have to worry about fighting. With Sol she learned a lot of things. The little cat was insistent she studied things, however she studied little about Seether. She knew the basics but was not well versed in it. Seeing seether though was something she couldn’t not do. Even though she trained a lot between the nature witch and Seiun. They hadn’t been concerned about her knowing too much about Flow or Seether. Somethings were better for her to learn on her own. Envy was alright with that though, but she put most of her free time learning new potions and charms.]

[h3 [center [b Quick Goodbyes]]]

[center Most of Envy’s time was spent writing. Answering the questions she had been given. It had been diving into the past. Talking about how she learned and how Sol came to be. She put a lot of effort into it, but also left a lot of stuff out. No point in spilling out every part of her life. Some of her feelings and emotions were left out. When she wasn’t writing she was working on conjuring up new flowers.

She kept the book at Veronica’s insistence, but she left the letter with her. She had answered all three questions hoping she had given enough information. They had gave them a lot and had helped them out so much. It was sad to leave, but honestly they would be safer this way.

She watched as Arthur went down first. She was sure he hadn’t landed well. She sighed and gave a slight shake of her head. She waited until William had finally descended the ladder before she started down. She looked up at them and smiled.

[#f53884 “Don’t worry! I’ll keep them out of trouble. Thanks for everything.”]

Envy descended the ladder. Sol lay on her shoulder purring lightly and very alert.

Envy walked along with Arthur and William. It was a good thing William knew the tunnels. She had a bad feeling that they wouldn’t have gotten through them very easily if Arthur was the one leading them.]

[h3 [center [b A dangerous Predicament]]]

[center For some reason as Envy and the others got further through the tunnels a bad feeling had settled in Envy’s stomach. Sol seemed even more alert. She was standing on Envy’s shoulder her tail puffing up.

[+skyblue “Mistress something feels wrong. It doesn’t smell right.”]

[#f53884 “Calm down Sol. You are just nervous. Soon we will be out of the tunnels and everything will be fine.”]

Envy had spoke in a hushed tone to Sol. Mostly to calm the both of them down. As they came close to the exit Envy seen that someone was waiting for them. This didn’t seem like a good thing. It seemed wrong. She slowed her steps.]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 177d 15h 3m 50s
[center [h3 Preparations]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Arthur was fast asleep in a few hours in his "training course" he was flat on his stomach. Varrick had begun work straight away with the boys hilt. A bit with the metal Envy and Arthur had brought in but with plenty of his own to use.]]

[center [b William was in his room studying as usual. This time? Looking over the items he himself brought in. Tempted to look at Arthur's armor but not wanting to wake the boy up. William sighed leaning back on his chair.]]

[center [+brown That Knight... And a witch. They would be worth a bit turning in huh? I'd.. Rather not make enemies. Besides I'd rather not get caught up in anyone's squabbles. Worse comes to worse I'll have to leave. Unfortunate not often you get to study under a witch of the arcane. Or a master craftsman... I got really lucky but it may be time to move on as things are getting a bit too heated here. Maybe I should check out the forest... I'm curious on how... Well one step at a time I suppose.]]

[center [b Meanwhile downstairs Envy and Veronica were talking. Veronica had blown a soft whistle only for a silver feathered bird to fly into the kitchen.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+lightblue Aww Ginro I'm sorry I couldn't take you out today.]]

[center [+silver ...]]

[center [+lightblue Oh come on don't give me the cold shoulder say hello to our guest here.]]

[center [+silver Chirp chirp]]

[center [b The bird has said the words "Chirp chirp" causing Veronica a slight giggle. As the bird began to chortle as well. The bird had a voice of a man a deep and solemn voice despite it's regal and gentle appearance. Veronica had turned to Envy straight to her questions.]]

[center [+lightblue So as for you're Arcane I must ask a few questions if you don't mind? How did you come to summon Sol? Are you able to gauge Seether? Self taught? These are three simple questions I shall leave you with.]]

[center [b Veronica had handed Envy a tome of sorts with the first three questions being... Familar's Upbringing,Seether Understanding,Teacher or self taught. Veronica had clasped her hands together and smiled.]]

[center [+lightblue If you need a review over Seether it's in the next page. I hate to leave you with this but I believe you should answer these questions carefully over time in written form. If you choose not to share I understand. As a witch in hiding I understand information and caution are all important. Well with that I bid you ado lady Envy and pleasant dreams.]]

[center [b With a curtsy she had headed off to bed.]]

[center [h3 Three Days Later]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b It had been three days since the witch and Knight had ran into this town. Yet Rex was still looking around for them. Knight's and Hunters and even common guards were at the end of the valley and in the mountains looking for them. Could they have snuck past them all? Maybe they had but Rex had figured to look in the town. The Knights could come here and look? However? It could cause strife so instead they hired a few from the Hunting Guilds to do it. Not too many as to cause suspicion but people in Scattered Blossom weren't clueless. Rex had managed to take a job here catching a runaway rogue. He was paid in advance sadly part of that advance was used to track the runaway. Half for taking the job half for doing it. He could have used the potion to find his true targets but no. Returning he was paid the other half with the thief in tow. Enough money to eat and maybe even find lodging? Problem being no one would rent out to a Fyurian. The orange eyes and white hair? People were terrified of Rex. The guards planning how to take him down if he were to grow angry. That potion he bought? From the client. So it wasn't like they'd sell to him any more potions. Afraid he'd use them to turn on them. Even eating at the Tavern proved to be difficult only through generous tips was he able to eat and even than the owner of the Sunlight Lilies was assaulted with jeers and insults.]]

[center [b This rainy knight Rex entered the tavern the rain was light and it wasn't too cold. A bit of thunder but nothing dangerous. Sitting at the corner of the tavern he ordered his food the waitress... Was really cute and she was sweet. Even sweet to Rex which gave him an awkward smile. She seemed a bit timid but perhaps she was afraid of the rumors. Still? It was kind of her to give the boy a chance. Not everyone here was hard on him and he was grateful for that. He kept his meal simple. Meat stew with a large cup of water. He heard others talking at the Tavern. Even without a potion Fyurian's were always in a highly meditative and focused state. Senses being incredibly sharp though not quite superhuman.]]

[center [+blue He's here again? First that Knight and than a Fyurian? Not sure which is worse.]]

[center [+grey Hey that Knight was accepted by Varrick remember? Besides that Fyurian did a damn good job catching Daniels's thief problem. Took him out in one clean slice didn't even kill the bastard. We judge on character not-]]

[center [+blue Ha character? Backbone? I'd be impressed if he did that as a human. He's a beast, do you praise a wolf for killing it's prey on your farm? Or do you chase it off? As for the Knight we learned the last time we trusted them. Varrick should have learned most of all!!]]

[center [b The louder man had taken another swig of his drink as the softer spoken male sighed.]]

[center [+grey Varrick has been through a lot but I'm glad it hasn't made him bitter.]]

[center [+blue It made him weak, first that suspicious Rune Crafter and now this? He can't replace Nathan and that William? I can see he's using the old fool and his missus. Who's to say this Knight isn't with his lady friend?]]

[center [+grey Look.. We all grieve in our own ways.]]

[center [+blue Damn straight he's not the only one with loss but this is gone too damn far. For his own good we should intervene and while were at it I'm going to start with kicking this Fyurian out. Than the damn hunters who's been in town for the Knights.]]

[center [+grey You? The Hunters? A Knight? A Fyurian? Alone?]]

[center [+blue I could! Though I hired some... Help just in case.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+grey When do they arrive?]]

[center [+blue Already here baby.]]

[center [b The man gave a loud whistle as a few dangerous patrons stood up. Rex too had stood up looking at the man.]]

[center [+orange I-I don't w-wanna fight... W-Where is t-this Knight? I-I can r-remove him-]]

[center [+blue That's our business and we can handle one Knight! We don't need them or you're kind around here!]]

[center [b Rex must have sounded scared from all of his stuttering. Really though? He just didn't know how to talk to anyone. That and he didn't wanna kill anyone.]]

[center [+blue Besides... I was able to make a pretty sweet deal with a traveling merchant around here. I'm sure she was a Witch herself.. She didn't hide it well but.. Eclipse is Eclipse.]]

[center [b He even saw others looking here. He saw a small flask thrown into the ground before letting out a smoke. Rex grunted frustrated. It was a flask that used a material known as "Eclipse" it blocks or jams the paranormal in that area. The material doesn't last very long so finding swords and armor made with Eclipse was rare and only used by Eclipse Knights. but Flask let out a smoke that canceled such things in the area. Cancelling his Fyurian abilities so he can't use or consume any Fyurian potions. Though he would retain his physical changes as a Fyurian. The flask would only blow this steam for about 30 seconds. The real thing was most common people didn't even know what Eclipse was or what it did. Let alone buying some, it seemed a few stiff drinks made this guy chatty at least. A witch huh? Was it the witch with the Knight? Was she trying to get rid of Rex without facing him herself? Using other men as pawns to die? How... She seemed dainty and sweet running away but... If she could do this so callously? That enraged Rex.]]

[center [b Three hunters and they all wore badges. Official hunters that made them even more dangerous. How did a witch have such a flask? Eclipse Knight's of all countries usually hold a strict monopoly on the stuff. The man who took point was quick and cocky. Carrying a dagger and moving quickly. Rex understood the aggression was important and not just stupid. Once 30 seconds was up? They'd be in trouble. Rex drew his sword quickly slashing the man's hand as he tried to back up it was too late. His hand was already missing and so was his knife as he reeled back in pain. Another drew a crossbow and fired at Rex. A drunken shot it was clear despite the badges they were fool hearty and cocky to challenge Rex under the influence. However the shot? Was heading toward the waitress. "Damn it!" Rex without even thinking about it jumped in. He knew trying to slash that bolt without enhancements wasn't a good idea. He may pull it off but it was too risky so he made sure it hit his shoulder. The man began reloading his crossbow as Rex dashed forward the last man wielding a longsword of his own . It was made of iron and poorly made. Strange? They had clashed with Rex. Though without his potions? They figured he'd be an easy opponent. A couple of factors that someone who wasn't a professional wouldn't know? When a Fyurian fights with Enhancements several times? They know what it's like to be in a faster state. With a more focused sense of time. A more permanent medative state a certain "Flow" even without the enhancements. Making them exceptional swordsman. That mixed with the armor and blade Rex was using? Combined with his intense training and combat experience.]]

[center [b Clashing blades with the man Rex backed up with a twirl as the man charged him with brutish force. Rex had parried the man jumping off the counter throwing a kick across the mans face. "Swoosh" Rex figured the crossbowman would be ready. The swordsman had lost himself into the fight charging at Rex fueled by anger after the kick. Taking the shot at the shoulder from his own partner howling in pain. Rex took the brief moment to cut down the man in an instant with a downward slash. The man fell and the wounded man had managed to grab the knife with his other hand charging Rex. He had to take this man out fast before the crossbowman. Rex had thrown a feint to his left before throwing his sword to his right. Performing a rather sudden pirouette as he slashed past the man. His knife play was more fancy than practical. Though Rex almost seemed like a dancer on the battlefield himself. Charging the crossbowman next he drew his short sword blocking the strike. Rex had quickly kicked the man's legs apart with an intense look into his eyes. As he clashed the mans blade changing battle tactics in a moments notice taking the man by surprise. Wielding his own sword with two hands and after his quick kick to knock down balance? He went for a weighty two handed arc to slash through the shortsword of iron. Slashing right through the blade with his own Durandel. Carving through the man's arm as he grabbed Rex by his throat with his only current arm in desperation to strangle him.]]

[center It's true what they say! Fyurian's are the servants of evil! Just like witches! That bolt was laced with a poison most vile to your kind! So I'll take you to hell with me!]

[center [b Rex grunted as the man squished his hand gripping his blade before lopping the mans head off in impulsive anger. As he panted surrounded by the bodies before sheathing his blade. They weren't just in it for the money. They believed in what they fought for... Before Rex could think he grabbed his right arm as he honed in and focused on the pain and throbbing. Making a poison that could harm a Witch or a Fyurian? Was rather difficult. A Fyurian? Who consumed toxic potions often?Iit'd be easier to simply stab a witch or a Fyurian than even try to poison them. That being said? Rex wasn't taking any chances as the flask ran out of steam. He pulled walked out the Tavern. he left as to be sure to not breath in anymore Eclipse, pulling out his Phoenix Revival. Before gulping down the entire thing leaving him down to only two potions. As he zipped his satchel up he knew the potion wasn't created to stop toxins. He took his own sword and took a deep breath. As he raised his blade trying to stab his shoulder. Though it was too awkward, he took the moment to take off his shirt and leather armor. The armor was barely damaged but the poison had gotten in. He took his blade slashing down his own shoulder with his trusty Durandel. As he began to bleed everywhere the blood was ominously blackened. As the blood began to spew and pour he gritted his teeth as he held the wound open with his hand. As the blackened blood began to pour and seep out. He gritted his teeth even with the potion it took an intense amount of willpower not to pass out. His Fyurian meditative state and intense pain tolerance came into play. Combined with his stubborn nature it wasn't long before the blood let out was only it's natural hue of red. Letting his hand out of his own shoulder now for the wound to close. His heart was racing incredibly fast as he leaned against her the tavern wall as the bleeding stopped he was still panting. The potions side affects caused his heartbeat to race more to replenish more blood. That and there had to be traces of venom his body and the potion was still fighting off. It was hard to tell if being in Eclipse weakened the effects or not but everything seemed to be working fine. Rex was used to the side effects of these potions though this particular potion drained stamina. The boy went from what was his death bed laying there to back on his feet in the next 30 seconds. The potion would still last for several more minutes so it'd tire him out a bit more but he'd be fine. That being said his blood was rushing and he couldn't help but feel this adrenaline rush. He stood up shirtless as he pondered on the attackers. "I shouldn't have killed all 3 of them. I just... Lost it. Can't get information off a corpse. It was reckless of me to just cut them all down. I have to hold myself back." It was Rex's first time fighting under the effects of Eclipse though not his first time seeing it in use. "I should really apologize for making a mess in her the Tavern..."]]

[center [b Rex headed back in but the owner of the bar had yelled at Rex alongside the waitress.]]

[center [+pink Go! Be gone from here!]]

[center [+grey You heard her! I thought I could stick up for your kind... But you just destroy and murder! You could have walked away forgot about that Knight.]]

[center [+orange So you know where he is?]]

[center [b Rex said clear as day perhaps because of his blood pumping from the fight. The man had chosen to remain silent. Yet? He hadn't reached for a weapon. Rex had walked forward as the waitress stepped in front of the owner.]]

[center [+pink If you want my father you have to get through me!]]

[center [+grey Lily! A fyurian won't hesitate to cut down anyone! Woman or man!!]]

[center [b She winced with her arms raised into tiny fist trembling. Rex had sheathed his blade kneeling to take the pouches off the corpses. They stared at first with relief than disgust. Rex didn't want the gear. He saw another poison arrow and one more Eclipse bomb. Who was it for? This poison... For it to work on a Fyurian? It must have been rare.... How? Did they get ahold of this? Regardless with that money Rex now had about 80 silver all together. He threw the flask and arrow to them.]]

[center [+orange That's Eclipse and a deadly poison. Use it on any Fyurian,Knight,Witch that you feel is dangerous. If you feel that is me feel free to come and try.]]

[center [b It was as if Rex was different from his usual awkward teenager self. Before he could leave the man cried out to stop Rex. Rex seemed vicious and almost bloodthirsty in this state.]]

[center [+grey Look... Varrick's my old friend but he's going to get killed caught up in this. He.. Trusted me with everything.]]

[center [+pink Dad no!]]

[center [+grey If you catch this Knight... And his Witch companion. Will you never come here again?]]

[center [+orange As long as I'm not requested here? Yes.]]

[center [+grey You'll.. Leave though right?]]

[center [+orange Yes.]]

[center [+grey ... Promise you won't hurt Varrick.]]

[center [+orange If he doesn't fight me I won't. If he does? I'll make sure he leaves. Who is this man?]]

[center [+grey A blacksmith... The Knight plans to leave today...]]


[center [h3 Seether]]

[center [b In the tome is a basic explanation of the natural phenomenon called Seether.]]

[center [b Seether: An energy that comes from "FLOW" a stream from within the world itself. Though little is known about FLOW itself Seether has been researched. Though it can't be seen with the naked eye it can be harnessed. Though dangerous to the human body it cannot be exposed to in dense amounts. Too dense and it can be seen by the naked eye. That being said trace amounts of Seether can be found in almost all humans and animals. Even plants and tree's! Seether helps many Ecosystems thrive and flourish! Some races can even use Seether without such contraptions the same can be said for certain animals too. However when these races use Seether they fine tune it. Removing other elements from it while adding their signature Seether that they are born with. Creating something new known as "Arcana." Some "humans" use this technique those born with such a techniques are seen as witches and warlocks. Being able to harness such an inhuman power without the aid of a rune or machine certainly seems monstrous. Runic Knight's use Runes to convert the Seether into a more user friendly energy. Many Runes work differently taking different elements and properties from the Seether in the air or directly from the FLOW itself. Though many Runic secrets are kept to the five great nations higher ups. Though Witches and Wizards alike can learn to see this substance with the proper training.]]

[center [h3 The Great Escape]]

[center [b It was the day of the Escape William had spent the last three days locked in his room. Varrick? Crafting a blade. William had studied Arthur's armor but mostly had avoided the two. Veronica had insisted Envy keep the tome she had given her.]]

[center [+lightblue I wish we could have one last dinner with all of us again. It's been a pleasure having you all. Even with all the racket Arthur made in his room.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hehe my bad!]]]

[center [+brown So it's time they head out huh?]]

[center [b Varrick had entered the room with a massive blade and a smirk.]]

[center [+red I was going to repair that armor but it seems it uses Runic energy to maintain and repair itself! Impressive! It's gotta take it's toll huh? So eat up! My wife made you guys some packs and it's got ten silvers. Its not much but...]]]

[tangerine [size30 [center We can't accept this...]]]

[center [+red Ha! Feel bad? Just pay us back one day champ! It's a shame we couldn't have that rematch huh?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Next time! I'm coming back here as soon as I can!]]]

[center [+red Sounds like a plan lad! Hahaha!]]

[center [+lightblue Speaking of plans we got a change of ones a lot of Hunters are looking for you two. Even Hunters that refuse to work with the Knight's are planning to get rid of you and the Fyurian in one fell swoop. Ginro has been keeping me posted. It may have gotten out Varrick was holding you two here.]]

[center [+red I only told me pal so he could help out. The owner of the Sunlight Lilies! Guy knows a lot about this town.]]

[center [+lightblue I had Ginro watch him and I don't suspect he let the information out. Though Ginro avoided the Fyurian's presence. We have an underground route you can take. Turns out William knows the way.]]

[center [+red So we'll have William guiding you guys through the tunnels!]]

[center [+brown What?!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh no... You already got me an awesome sword and did so much... We couldn't.]]]

[center [+brown Ugh.. I'm leaving town anyways so I can they'll just get lost.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I... Thank you guys... So much. I...]]]

[center [+red No tears! The longer the goodbye the longer it'll be till next time lad!]]

[center [b Varrick had took them in the backroom storage opening a tile. Shoving Arthur down the ladder. "Ahhhh oof" Arthur had landed on his ass down the shaft. William shook his head taking the ladder down.]]

[center [+red Envy lass take care of yerself and the others.]]

[center [+lightblue We wish you luck on your travels and thank you for the company.]]

[center [b William had began to guide them through the underground tunnels. Arthur was admiring his new blade blunt and weighty. Even a little heavier than before but Arthur? Loved it all the same. Little did they realize? Rex was already waiting for them further in. At the exit of these intricate tunnels.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Sorry it's bleh >< I'll slow down my pacing soon but I figured it matched Varrick's personality for a quick farewell anyway haha.]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 195d 14h 50m 11s
[center A bit forward huh? Envy tilted her head at how Arthur responded to that. A bull? She laughed lightly clearly not offended. Maybe she understood what the knight was trying to say. It wasn’t like he would call her a bull and mean it. No she knew better than that. What he said next though made her fall silent and blush. Something sweet and fluffy? No. She looked off to the side not responding to that.

[+skyblue “Sweet and fluffy? Oh Arthur. You haven’t seen all the sides of Envy. You may want to wait before you decide what kind of animal she is. Bull may just be the right word. Though I would go with something like rattlesnake.”]

Sol who normally insulted and joked about Envy seemed serious here. Her head cocked off to one side and those green eyes glittering. Envy frowned slightly. This wasn’t the first time she was called a snake. She watched the white cat for a moment before looking away.

The conversation continued as Sol finished up healing Arthur. She was surprised by what Veronica said about her. She hadn’t expected to hear that. She knew she still had a lot to learn, but she had always been the type to not want to fight so her magic was rarely used for battle. She sighed softly.

Well it was clear Arthur had no filter. Usually asking a lady her age could be seen as rude, but it seemed Veronica took it rather well. That was good. At least he seemed to be feeling better. There he went again apologizing. What was she going to do with him? She decided against telling him he didn’t have to apologize. Honestly it should have been her apologizing. She hadn’t exactly been useful.

She looked down as they talked about his sword and runes. Even though she started out listening her mind soon drifted to her own thoughts. She couldn’t keep putting Arthur in danger. She was going to be chased for the rest of her life. That’s what she had been taught. To always be careful and stay alert. She was never fully safe. Maybe it was time for Arthur’s adventure to end before it got started. That way he could chase his own dreams.

Sol watched Envy quietly. She had been with Envy for about ten years. Honestly that’s not very long for a witch and a familiar. If witches took care of themselves they could live for a very long time. Familiars could live very long lives too. A lot of witches liked to upgrade their familiars to try and get something stronger. Sol had been sent back quite a few times and had been very reluctant to respond to Envy’s summons but the way Envy smelled had drew Sol to her. Sol had even told her that the only reason she came to her was because of her smell and not her ability.

Sol soon gave a slight shake of her head and got to her feet walking over to Envy. She mewed lightly at her mistress drawing her attention. Envy smiled as she looked down at Sol. Her thoughts broken but not forgotten. She picked Sol up. Seems she had missed a bit why she was thinking.

Looked like they were talking about a person that was tracking them. Great. She doubted she could get anyone to serve her. She was pretty sure that wasn’t how it worked. It had been hard enough to just summon a familiar. When her first teacher tried to train her she refused. She didn’t want to make something serve her. It wasn’t until she began studying under a man named Seiun that she learned to summon a familiar.

Only because she was forced. Again her mind had drifted. She sighed softly. She really needed to pay attention. The thing that snapped her back this time was Veronica speaking to her. It appeared she wished to know more about Envy. Envy offered a small and friendly smile.

[#f53884 “Sure I can talk.”]

It wasn’t like she was that exhausted. She wasn’t sure she would be able to sleep well anyway. She looked towards the stairs. She really did hope Arthur was feeling alright. She soon frowned lightly. He was fine. Why was she worried..? She didn’t need to be. Yet she was.]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 197d 14h 46m 33s
[center [h3 Moments Respite]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Arthur had pet Sol scratching behind her ears with a light and playful laugh. He was very distracted by the small kitten's reactions. William had simply smiled before speaking once again.]]

[center [+brown I apologize perhaps I was a bit forward?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Huh? A bit? I'd say you were chasing straight to the bull!!]]]

[center [+brown Well.. I wouldn't describe your lovely friend as a "bull"]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Huh?! No that's not what I meant! If Envy was an animal I wouldn't say a bull! Something more... Sweet and fluffy!]]]

[center [+brown Heh, and you say I'm the bold one?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Huh? Did I say something direct? I've no idea what you mean!]]]

[center [b Arthur had stuck his tongue out in a cheeky manner as he playfully hit himself on the helmet.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Remember? I'm just the dumb one who didn't focus on my history lessons? Maybe you'd want to explain it to me?]]]

[center [+brown Ahh so your not as dumb as I thought huh? Fair I'll say you've won this one sir knight. Come you two follow me I'll show you the rooms. Only have one spare room but I can sleep on the couch so Envy can rest in my room.]]

[center [b Sol had finished healing up Arthur and even speaking with Veronica on her knowledge of these strange stones. William of course had watched with great curiosity. Veronica had smiled had Sol bowing her head rather humbly.]]

[center [+lightblue I am grateful for the praise wise familiar. Do try to give you're master a little credit though she is quite talented. Her arcana feels... New yet well refined rare for a young witch.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Wow! How old are you lady?]]]

[center [+brown Hey we don't ask a woman such questions Arthur.]]

[center [+red Hahahaha! The boy surely has guts.]]

[center [+lightblue My age? I'll leave that to your wild imagination. Now keep in mind even after the shell you may feel dizzy so don't-]]

[center [b Arthur had jumped straight up with a wide grin and an energetic twirl.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center No I feel great! Sol! Veronica! You guys are awesome!]]]

[center [+lightblue My, you certainly are resilient aren't you?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I guess I'm just a little stubborn! Heh! Stubborn or not though. I'm sorry for being problematic. I know you don't want me to apologize Envy but I am. Sol's right though and I'll make sure Sol doesn't regret healing me up I'll be more careful!!]]]

[center [+red Hmm.. That was the right answer had you said you were looking fer a fight well.. I wouldn't be repairing yer sword!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Right answer...? Wait.. You'll fix my sword!!]]]

[center [+brown I knew you couldn't sit still old man. Well this is a good time to try out my new rune crafting supplies I suppose.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center You'd add a rune?! To my sword? I thought only the knights- Nevermind. That doesn't matter anyway...]]]

[center [+red Huh?! You insulting my work boy!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Huh?! N-No!!! I just... Well... I can't use rune weapons.]]]

[center [+brown Oh yeah I just presumed since you are using Rune Armor you could wield both in tandom. Only the elite can manage such a task huh? Still you could swap using the runes right?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center N-No.. I can't use weapon runes.. In general.]]]

[center [+brown ...What? For real? Wielding Armor runes are much more complex. How can you not wield weapon runes? You can't even wield simpler ones? A Frontal Gate Rune for example?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Frontal.. Gate?]]]

[center [+brown You don't know what Runic Gates are? I guess you don't understand Gate's twelve degree's either huh? Or the Runic Circles? I mean at least one of these concepts you must understand to wield a Rune.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Umm.. I... You gotta know that stuff to use it? I just thought you... Well...]]]

[center [+brown What?! Yet you're rune seems active... Are you sure you can actually use that? Using a Rune by pure instinct? That's something humans aren't capable of.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Could a Fyurian?]]]

[center [+brown Wow you really are clueless huh? Fyurian's can't wield Runes no matter the training or upbringing.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Aww they can't?]]]

[center [+brown Imagine if they could, I don't think anyone would be able to stop their kind. I'm sure if the theory witches had made them is true they made that a certain fail safe.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Uh huh.. I see... Kinda? Are you sure Envy can't walk up to the guy and say. "Hey yo man I think witches made yo people so like could you do me a solid and serve me?"]]]

[center [+brown ...Sometimes it's hard to tell if your joking or serious with you.]]

[center [b Arthur had held his stomach laughing as he began to head upstairs. William had placed his hands on his hips with a perplexed look on his face.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Envy! I promise we'll be super careful tomorrow! So we can get into Galia! Thank you Varrick! Veronica! One day I'll pay back my debt!]]]

[center [+red Don't even sweat it lad! I'll make your sword one that can sever and endure! With or without a rune!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hmm.. Since it can't use a rune can you focus more on durability over sharpness? Even if it's dull I just need it to be sturdy. Also I want it to have some weight! Is that okay to ask?]]]

[center [+red Hmm... You are more perceptive than you look. Most clients ask for light,durable,sharp not caring much for how it's done. It's true if I don't have to worry about sharpness or weight... I can probably forge a blade that can even withstand Runic attacks.]]

[center [+brown No way old man I doubt that you couldn't-]]

[center [+red Three days, give me three days. I'll accept this challenge.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Really?! You serious old man! I'm excited too test it in-]]]

[center [+red Hmm..?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh yeah hehe.. I said I'd be careful huh? You've got my word I'll get Envy out of this town as carefully as possible! Besides if we wait three days the Fyurian may lose our trail right?]]]

[center [+red Depends on the potions he may be wielding... If he finds an Alchemist in town with any Fyurian exclusive potions? Well...]]

[center [+lightblue True if he were to consume a potion suited for tracking. Eyesight,Hearing,Smell he could end up finding Envy quickly if he has smelled her scent before. Hmm..]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What's with people and scent's? Do Fyurians and mages like smelling people?!]]]

[center [+brown Huh... Never heard a knight use the phrase mage before.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Well.. It doesn't feel right calling you guys witches you guys are too nice!]]]

[center [b Arthur was standing on the staircase as he crossed his arms lost in thought. Before shouting out in exclamation.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I'll prepare these coming days! Old man you got any weights! Or any old tools I can lift? Course I'll avoid fighting him but I wanna make sure my body is healed and in peak condition just in case!]]]

[center [+red Haha! A simple plan for a simple knight!]]

[center [+brown I doubt three days of "training" will really help.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Maybe not! Better doing that than nothing!]]]

[center [+lightblue You should do nothing and focus on resting!]]

[center [b Arthur had chuckled rushing upstairs. All there was left was to wait and to prepare. Veronica had shook her head looking to Envy.]]

[center [+lightblue I must say.. I've been around for some time but I've never thought to befriend one of the knights Envy. It's rather impressive... You've done something that's considered impossible by our kind. I wonder if you two are the first to try it.]]

[center [+brown Well I plan on inspecting that rune of his. I wanna see if he's been maintaining it. Somehow I doubt that.]]

[center [+red Good idea we could inspect the armor while we are at it!]]

[center [+brown On a three day time limit?]]

[center [+red Sure!!]]

[center [b William had let out an already exhausted sigh by the prospect of such an idea. Veronica had stood up as she began to speak with Envy.]]

[center [+lightblue If you don't mind Envy could we speak in private? I'm curious to see how far your studies of the Arcane have gone. If you wish to decline and instead rest tonight I would understand.]]

[center [b Veronica had offered the young witch an understanding smile. She had only wanted to help one of her kind make it out of this mess alive.]]

[center [h3 Arthur's Thoughts]]

[center [b Arthur hadn't asked which room was even the guest room! Classic Arthur... Luckily it had a sign in front of it. Walking in he saw a bunch of junk everywhere. It seemed they used it as a storage room too. "Perfect I can use these metal scraps as weights!" Arthur had removed his armor. Under were his clothes from the academy. With the Rune off the male his body appeared different. His hair color had gone from blond to a dark brown. Runes had strange affects on the body at times. Arthur wasn't an exception to that rule. He was a bit shy about his actually childlike appearance. He had plenty of muscle but he always mistaken for a few years younger than he actually was.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Arthur had begun to do plenty of sit ups before starting to work on any sort of weight training. Thoughts rushing to his head. "Did I say too much? Too little? I got so caught up down there I hope I didn't ignore Envy... I mean to be honest? I really don't know much about her. I know she likes nature.. And Sol. Hmmm... I've been so focused on defeating every obstacle... I wonder if this crosses her mind too? Probably not I'm sure she's focused on surviving. Can't blame her! I'll... Change the Knights! One way or another I will!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Can I really get her past a Fyurian? Hmm...]]]

[center [b "What if I'm just... Not strong enough? No! No point in worrying about that. I have to no matter what!"]]

[center [h3 Wandering Fyurian]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b -Sometime before the escape of Envy and Arthur-]]

[center [b Rex was wondering through the forest cutting his way through branches and bushes. His sword drawn the blade "Durandel" a well made Alchemical blade. Forged by both Alchemist and witches alike.]]

[center [b The sword had a light glow to it but nothing too fancy aside the many inscriptions and runes on the blade. It was a thick one handed longsword. Rex was comfortable with such a weapon almost as if it was an extension of his arm swatting away branches and bugs alike. The young man had came here on a contract.]]

[center [b The Rune Knight's had placed a contract in town that there was a report of a witches activity. A traveling witch and she seemed to be heading out here. The Rune Knights however hadn't had time to search and destroy as they were called out to handle another matter. One of politics involving another country. This was good news for "Rex Rider." the man barely old enough to no longer be a lad. For he was a Fyurian (Furi-an)]]

[center [b Those who use alchemy,potions,enchanted items along with conventional weapons to slay monsters. Schools to become Fyurian were being hunted down by those who believe these folk as much monsters as the beast they hunt. So much so in fact Rex had never been to such a school himself.]]

[center [b He found a book in the forest on a dead man. Looking back? He was possibly Fyurian as well. Many pages were burned and destroyed. Though the pages attaining to potions? Remained and Rex trained everyday with a blade learning the weakness's of specific monsters though the book was incomplete he learned much by trail of error. Being an orphan boy he needed to find a way to make money. This? Seemed the best way for a person with no connections or skills. The orange eyes? The white hair? Due to uses of several potions before and during fights. It hadn't made him faster or stronger he wasn't as inhuman as people believed. He only built a tolerance to drinking such dangerous potions over time. It read that many can die even in doing so carefully. One must be in top shape and be rightly compatible. Rex matched these terms with stubborn resolve to boot and here he was. The hard part was... Finding a way to perform a ritual. That however is a story for another time.]]

[center [b The blade had belonged even to the Fyurian buried deep beside the man. Whoever slayed the man believed his swords and possessions "Witch Craft" for everything else was destroyed. Rex was a self made Fyurian. Though he was curious what it'd be like to visit a Fyurian school maybe learn more of the trade. That'd involve making enough money to leave the country.]]

[center [b Rex had used much of his money on the armor he was wearing. As well as to change the runes on the blade so he may wield it. he grew up stealing and scavenging. Taking on petty monster quest by the time he was large enough and even with all his training. He almost died each and every time. Usually going with hunters from the village and sharing a reward.]]

[center [b He'd come a far way since than for over a year now he took contracts alone some even rather dangerous. This? Would be his first witch. Every beast he slayed before had not spoke. Could not speak This? She'd be able to think? To come up with strategy? What would she look like? Would she look like the stories say? A horrifying creature of darkness?]]

[center [b The reward? Was 5 whole gold pieces. That was 500 silver! Did the Rune Knights want her that badly? Or was it the Eclipse Knights? Rex hadn't cared much for the factions of Knights. What mattered was they were busy and they apparently wanted her. She was worth even more alive but Rex hadn't trusted his skills to somehow take her alive. She'd be too dangerous. Rex had finally snapped out of his thoughts. He was reviewing his supplies and well..? He hadn't had much honestly.]]

[center [b He had three potions but it'd have to do. Dragon's Wing ]]

[center [b Golem's Elixir: It hardened the skin to be as hard as stone for a time. However it made the user feel rather heavy and slow taking more stamina to move around.]]

[center [b Phoenix Revival: As the name implies it was a powerful healing potion that closed wounds. Stopped bleeding and caused the hard to beat faster to replace blood faster. Best drunk before a fight so healing can begin the moment the Fyurian is hurt. However? The potion is hard on the heart. With faster heartbeats the user is likely to grow tired quickly.]]

[center [b They had balanced each other out the book would explain the potions toxic levels more. A Fyurian could only drink so many potions in a short period of time. It'd be dangerous to drink all three but he would if need be He didn't have the money or time to prepare any further. He was told a crossbow was smart against a witch but long distance combat? Was something Rex was always terrible at no matter how hard he tried. His wit,swordplay,potions will have to suffice.]]

[center [b He found the house... Empty? Where could she have gone?]]

[center [h3 Timeskip]]

[center [b Rex was rushing through the forest. Based on the intel given maybe she was... There we go! He found a woman casting magic! At the bridge! Dashing out he began to throw a vicious flourish of attacks! She was attacking an innocent and pure looking woman alongside a knight in shining armor! Rex... Was the shy type. He avoided eye contact with the woman and knight as they ran across the bridge. He wanted to say something heroic like. "I'm here don't worry!" But he found himself chocked up on words.]]

[center [b Little had Rex known at the time? He had attacked the wrong target.]]

[center [h3 Present Time]]

[center [b Rex sighed as he went through the Galian like town. "Scattered Blossom" A beautiful valley town. Rex liked the atmosphere it was interesting. The Hunters lived free from the Tristania knights while living more under Galia like tradition. Hunters and Knights never got along here so a knight would stick out huh? So why was Rex sighing? He attacked Mika... He was apparently an ally to the knight's? Wasn't she a witch? Rex felt kinda bad about watching them arrest Jeremy for helping them escape. Why had Jeremy? Had the witch used charming magic? She was... Pretty. "NO REX! Don't do that! It isn't the time to have head in the clouds! You need to focus!" Rex hadn't grown up much in school or around others. Social interactions or what was considered "normal" was beyond the boy. He was awkward to a fault and insecure to boot. All he was good at? Was fighting. "Funny usually quiet people are smart... Yet I'm just a quiet idiot. Ugh.. No time to feel sorry for myself! I gotta find a way to track her! I could head back to Ortama to my usual alchemist store... Or if I learned more recipe's! This burned book only has a handful of recipes for potions. Plus I got terrible memory... Maybe just buy a tracking potion? Oh except I'm basically broke cause of the armor I got. I'll just have to ask around? Oh cause talking to people is my strong suit! Awkward teenager to the rescue! Bleh... Doesn't help everyone's staring. Why are they staring? Oh duh.. Cause I'm Fyurian. Doy! You'd think I'd be used to that... Oh wait I'm not cause I avoid towns during the day like a big old coward! Great... Just great. Can I go home? Forget this quest? ... No I can't... Cause if she did charm that knight... He'd need her testimony to prove the guy innocent. Wait.. He doesn't really know that guy or owe him. Wasn't he here for money? Now he wants to help someone get out of jail? Someone in critical condition who could die? Maybe... She can heal him. Great I gotta bring her back alive for that? ... No Rex Money or not I can't leave people behind who need help. Besides what if she hurts people in this town?]]

[center [b Just like that? The flip flopping Rex had a new burning resolve in his orange eyes. A glowing flint of burning passion despite his inner insecurities? He wouldn't hesitate if it meant he could reach his hand out to help someone out. Whether it was the Fyurian way or not he didn't care. It was HIS way of doing things.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [h3 Scattered Blossom]]
[center [b Name of the town in case I forget I got it as headlines easier to find that way xD]]
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[center Envy sighed softly. Of course Sol had such a colorful way of talking. Sometimes it could be very frustrating. It seemed Arthur was entertained by Sol though she would never understand why. Well at least it didn’t seem to hurt Arthur’s feelings. Was the knight blushing..? Because she had defended him..? No. She watched as he chuckled and then waved at her. Something about it was adorable, but she simply smiled lightly in response. What he said threw her off a bit though. Sweet..?

She didn’t hear that very often. Mostly because no one was ever able to get to know her. It was hard to get close to anyone when you couldn’t really trust a lot of people. She looked off to the side not saying anything and just listening as what was said next. She looked towards the woman as she began speaking about spirit shells. It seemed Arthur knew nothing about them. Really that wasn’t surprising. He had been completely clueless when he came into her shop. She listened as they were speaking not really throwing anything in. She knew of spirit shells, but she hadn’t ever used one before. She had seen them being used though.

[#f53884 “Go ahead Sol. Healing is definitely not something I’m good at.”]

[+skyblue “You don’t have to tell me that twice.”]

Envy narrowed her eyes as Sol leaped from her shoulder. Of course Sol couldn’t keep her damned mouth shut. She looked off to the side and gave a slight shake of her head. Sol giggled lightly and soon looked up at the woman.

[+skyblue “You are really powerful lady. You know a lot and appears you’ve done a lot too. Not even Envy has messed with spirit shells yet.”]

Envy looked towards Sol and tilted her head slightly. She soon sighed softly. Sometimes Sol frustrated her. Then again it wasn’t like she didn’t know having a familiar could be frustrating. The person who had instructed her had an annoying familiar. Why did she have to get one too? She smiled softly though. Sol was helpful and sweet at times. Sol looked backed towards Envy and seemed to smile a little. She gave Envy a hard time but seen a lot in her. She soon looked to Arthur.

Arthur had said something about not starting fights all the time and Envy looked off to the side. She couldn’t exactly lie about that since he kind of started a fight when they got into town.

[#f53884 “Um... You just started one a little bit ago...”]

Sol looked up at Arthur and tilted her head. She would be using her magic again only this time with something that would be much more helpful. She only hoped that it would at least last a little while before Arthur ended up getting hurt again.

[+Skyblue “Please don’t make me regret doing this... In other words let’s hold off on the fights until we are out of this place. No point in causing trouble for people that went out of their way to help us.”]

Envy sighed. Sol was lecturing Arthur. She supposed it wasn’t surprising though. She could understand where Sol was coming from, but... She could have been a lot more helpful then she was. Someone else had came inside and she turned to look. She recognized him before Arthur could say anything. Not only had he almost knocked her down he had also referred to her as lovely. At the time she hadn’t thought about it. She listened as everyone began talking again. She kept to herself learning from what was said as well. She didn’t know everything.

Of course hearing about a strong person would put Arthur in the mood to fight even though he should be worrying about getting better. She gave a slight shake of her head. There was no way they should be fighting anyone right now. At least they got him convinced that it wasn’t a good idea. She was glad for that, but she knew it was something that would be on the back of his mind. Soon she moved to the table with everyone else to eat. She didn’t eat much and a lot of the time she was tearing bits up and feeding it to Sol who seemed more than appreciative. Sol once finished and everyone was ready she made her way over to Arthur and focused her magic on the crystal. This was easy. Almost like giving Envy her magic. Envy watched Sol and smiled lightly. Though what Arthur said surprised her.

[#f53884 “You don’t have to apologize.”]

[+skyblue “Finally am apology.”]

Envy looked towards Sol and sighed. Of course. Sol was after all a cat. She looked to Arthur thinking over what he had said. Clearly he had put a lot of thought into that. It was surprising and yet... She looked off to the side thinking as everyone else spoke. He was smart. She knew that. It was probably hard for people to see, but... She heard Arthur introduce her and Sol and looked towards the man named William. She looked towards Sol. How could Arthur call that little thing adorable when it was mean to him..? Maybe he liked the abuse Sol gave out to him. What was said next took her by surprised. Her eyes stayed on William for a moment before she looked away.

[#f53884 “I.. I wouldn’t say that.”]

She stumbled over her words and soon gave a slight shake of her head. She didn’t know how to take this person. She was caught off guard by that. Sol purred lightly at being called adorable and didn’t seem to care much for what the other man had to say.]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 202d 17h 40m 51s
[center [h3 "Idiot Knight"]]

[center [b Arthur was speechless and even Sol was standing on guard. Would they have to fight? If Envy's life was in danger he'd have no choice but to use runic energy. Could he even though? In the state he currently is in? Though it wasn't long before Sol had told the story painting Arthur as quite the dunce.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center ...Pfft! HAHAHAHA! Yeah! I guess that's true! Sol you're hilarious!!!]]]

[center [b Envy had scolded Sol and defended Arthur a bit. He had looked over to see her peering over. He had blushed slightly as he offered an awkward chuckle and a slight wave. "Wow she was really cute wasn't she? This is what the Eclipse knights were so afraid of? Really?"]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Wow Envy you're too sweet ya know that?]]]

[center [+red Lad you are as clueless as that cat says you are huh?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Haha maybe!]]]

[center [b Arthur chuckled before holding his sides again in pain with a light groan. Veronica had let out a sigh standing up she had raised her finger at Sol. Motioning for the small creature to come over. She had placed a Gem on Arthur's forehead placing some of her own magical energy into it.]]

[center [+lightblue This is a Spirit Shell it's-]]

[tangerine [size30 [center A magical crystal?]]]

[center [b The woman had given a light giggle shaking her head.]]

[center [+lightblue Sorta I suppose they do use metals similar to that of crystals but the process is rather difficult. Most witches struggle making even a single one to be frank. Even the witches who can know it may not really be worth it.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Why? What's it do?]]]

[center [+lightblue They all vary in uses this is a Shell of Respite. However they all share one common trait.. They break upon use and require the aid of a powerful caster that shares the affinity of the crystal. My Arcana's affinity isn't the same as this respite. All casters are granted a primary affinity we can learn magic beyond that affinity but this is where we truly excel our "nature" so to speak. You're pretty friend here has nature for an example.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What...? How did you know? Wait.. Affinity? Natures? Arcana? I don't get it at all....]]]

[center [+lightblue I suppose magic is a little confusing to most who don't wield it. I cannot use the nature of this crystal but I do have the mana to release the shell. Envy's familiar here has an affinity for this type of healing magic doesn't she? From the scent of his Arcana I'd say the little cutie is rather talented too huh?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Huh?! You're smelling Sol! That's really weird lady!]]]

[center [+red Hey! Watch what ye say kid that is my wife!]]

[center [+lightblue Hehe Arthur you are a strange one. This crystal should mostly heal your wounds and restore your energy. Though you should still take it easy for a bit afterwards. I don't have another one if you were to get hurt again if what Envy says is true about you picking fights.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What?! I don't pick that many fights! Do I Envy?]]]

[center [+red Kid that may be a losing argument you're startin']]

[center [pic]]

[center [b On that note a man had entered the kitchen the same way Envy and Varrick had came in. Closing the door behind him he dropped the bag with a long sigh.]]

[center [+brown Hey Varrick,Veronica be careful there is a Fyurian in town looking for a witch and a knight. In fact I think I saw them-]]

[center [b The flowery boy had turned to see Arthur and Envy. He had blinked a moment before letting out a warm laugh. He had a certain glow to his eyes as he rubbed the back of his head.]]

[center [+brown Well I'll be...]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hey it's you!! That guy who almost knocked over Envy!!]]]

[center [+brown Yes I do apologize about you're lovely friend. I was in a bit of a hurry to get back to my research. Though had I known you two were wanted perhaps I could have made some coin?]]

[center [b Despite his words he had maintained only a gentle smile across his face as Arthur raised an eyebrow at the man.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What?!]]]

[center [+red Oh William don't be that way! Don't listen to the boy he has a strange sense of humor but he's amazing at his craft. He handles all my Runecraft you see.]]

[center [+brown Yes these fine folk have taken me in when I had no where else to go. Veronica was even kind enough to indulge my studies of the Arcane.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Wait.. You can use magic!!]]]

[center [+brown Oh goodness no not a drop of mana in my body but I still like to further my education. Most are repulsed by the concept. The Hunters and Knight's even agree on that much. Though hopefully I can change that.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hmm... You don't seem so bad after all! Sorry for jumping to conclusions!! By the way what is a Fyurian?]]]

[center [+brown You're a Runic Knight and you don't know that? I wonder if the exam marks are lower than they once were. Fyurian's are human's altered by an ancient alchemical ritual. The ritual's name and practice only known by the Fyurian's. They cease to age while changing physically. Many speculate the Witches and Wizards had created them to make familiars or bodyguards out of mere mortals.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Why do they say that?]]]

[center [+brown Because they are capable of drinking several toxic magical potions. Having an even higher tolerance to it than that of magic users. The toxin's their bodies can hold allow them to use several potions at there disposal. That combined with a heightened sense of "mind" and they have earned the name the "Warriors of Alchemy" don't let the title fool you they are usually known as the fiercest swordsman.]]

[center [+red Those lot are not exactly to be trifled with.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Wait.. If it's true witches made them maybe he'll feel loyal to Envy? Why would he hunt her?]]]

[center [+brown You.. Haven't studied much history at all have you? Fyurians for lack of a better word are mostly sellswords. Even if they were once a servant of magic users the case probably hasn't been so for a few era's at the least. I thought Knight academies were more prestigious than this.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Heh heh.. They are but I flunked all my written exams.. Whoops!]]]

[center [+brown I see you aren't too ashamed to admit that huh? Yet you are able to wield Runic armor. Fascinating.. Well I'm sure Veronica and Varrick were gonna invite you over for the night no?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I can't sleep now! Knowing a super strong swordsman from a legend is looking for me! I gotta see this guy! I'm too curious now!]]]

[center [+lightblue No, you've caused you're friend here enough trouble it seems. As a "witch" I am grateful you have defended one of our kind. That being said? You should focus on getting better and sneaking out of town if at all possible.]]

[center [+red She's right lad I've seen some more experienced Fyurian handle some mighty beast. Witches and Knight's a like not even the Hunters guild much like taking jobs on Fyurian unless it's absoutely necessary. I hate to say it but the Eclipse Knight's are best suited for dealing with Fyurian. Only cause of their fancy toys of course!]]

[center [+brown Eclipse is a bit more complex than that but I suppose you aren't entirely wrong. Regardless of the matter Veronica is right. You two should rest than leave when you can.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center ... Fine fine you guys win!]]]

[center [b Arthur had begun to eat while doing something most would think he wasn't capable of. Thinking he was wondering how he was gonna get Envy into Galia and about his own goals afterwards. About becoming a knight and finding a "Lord" that he could serve. "Where'd that come from? That pilgrimage will take forever to even start... Maybe it was seeing that William guy. He's what I'd imagine a Lord to be like. Smart and good at giving orders a real leader type. That being said he'd have to be someone who shared Arthur's ideals someone Arthur could really serve. Not that he was eager to end his journey with Envy but he was always looking forward to the bright horizon. After digging in it seemed Arthur was ready for Sol to come over and use the crystal on him he looked to Envy and Sol and took a long sigh before speaking.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I'm sorry, Envy..Sol Veronica's right I should be more careful. It's not just my life at stake but yours as well. I swear though once I climb up the ranks and find myself a "Lord" to serve. I'll carve a path for him to change the system about Knight's chasing Witches.]]]

[center [+brown A lord huh? The old Knight's pilgrimage? So some knights still follow the old ways huh?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Yeah! Knight's can acquire a "Lord" in a contract. You're deeds reflect that of your lords and you can-]]]

[center [+red Serve them like a dog.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hey! Quiet!! It's not like that!!! It's... It's hard to explain!!!!]]]

[center [b Arthur crossed his arms into a pout as Varrick and Veronica chuckled lightly. William on the other hand at tilted his head a bit confused as he looked at Arthur and Envy.]]

[center [+brown Well I should properly introduce myself. The name is William Vansworth. You are?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Arthur Chevalier! She's Envy! This is Sol! Isn't Sol adorable?]]]

[center [+brown Sol sure is charismatic but not quite as much as sol's companion.]]

[center [b William had thrown Envy a wink as Arthur blinked a bit surprised by how direct William was.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
[center [youtube]]

[center [b Imagine William sounding a lot like Jason Librect ]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 203d 10h 4m 42s
[center A lady like her? What did he mean by that? She tilted her head slightly seeming to not quite understand or get it. She wasn’t anything special. She listened as he spoke though and didn’t question what he meant. Sol has opened her eyes again and appeared to be listening as well. The smell of food had caught the cats attention and she purred. Surely she would be invited to eat as well. Her tail twitched impatiently as she laid on Envy’s shoulder waiting to be told that she could dig in. Hm..? Arthur reminded him of someone..? Who? She didn’t get to think on it long though as a woman had entered the room speaking.

The woman that entered the room was rather lovely. She was that big man’s wife? Envy smiled lightly as the two spoke between one another. That big bull of a man frightened of such a lovely lady. In a way it was endearing. Her eyes moved to Arthur though and her smile slipped. Her companion and she couldn’t even keep him safe. She felt useless. Irritated with him and herself. Irritated with him because he was constantly getting into fights and irritated with herself for not being the fighting type. Not unless she was backed into corner. She looked towards the two and found herself smiling again. Two completely different people and yet... In love clearly.

The sound of Arthur’s voice caused her to look back over at the knight. Still rearing for a fight. Her smile faded yet again and she narrowed her eyes. She didn’t say anything only watched. Quiet as she normally was. Well at least they were getting along. The atmosphere was rather warm and inviting, but Envy wasn’t at all falling into it. She didn’t know who she could trust and just because people came off friendly. She had to constantly be watching. Her silence and unwillingness to really say much was only to protect herself from being found out or known.

Sol was staring towards the woman silently. She knew. Yet she didn’t speak because she knew that speaking would only give away what she was. She would just pretend to be a normal cat for now, but depending on who exactly that woman was... It may not really matter. Usually familiar were pretty easy to figure out between witches. Sol laid her head down no longer really excited for the food. Instead now she was nervous. Unsure. A witch had attacked them already. What if this one did to? Envy didn’t have the forest to help her this time and the flowers that once adorned her were now gone until she could make more. Plus that man was strong. For not being a fighter. Sol’s ears went flat against her head. They had to be careful and even though Envy didn’t know she was in the presence of another witch yet she must have felt something on the air because she was silent and not contributing to much.

[+skyblue “Your name Envy... Give them your name at least.”]

It was just a whisper in Envy’s ear. Soft and sweet. She had almost missed that her name was asked for.

[#f53884 “My name is Envy.”]

She didn’t offer up her last name though. She had yet to eat. Nervous and depressed. She didn’t feel much like eating anything. She was listening to the conversation. It was warm. Yet she didn’t contribute. She smiled a bit. At least this man seemed to get it. Arthur could be smart in his own way but at certain points... Envy giggled softly. She listened as they all spoke and she continued to be reserved and silent... She wasn’t unaware of the fact that she was being watched though. The man’s wife was watching her. She didn’t quite understand why until the woman said magic. Sol looked up and slowly stood up on Envy’s shoulder. A small growl forming in the little white cats chest.

[#f53884 “Sol hush. She’s only being observant. It’s fine. As of right now there is no danger and there isn’t much we could do if there was anyway.”]

Sol fell silent but continued to stay standing on Envy’s shoulder watching quietly and defensively. It looks like Arthur didn’t have the answer of why they were traveling together. She thought it over. She could lie... Yet even a lie in a moment like this would not make much sense would it..? Nothing would fully explain why a knight and a witch were traveling side by side. Except for the truth and even then she didn’t fully understand it herself.

[+skyblue “This idiot knight noisily entered my mistresses shop wanting things to make him stronger. She advised against anything like that telling him what bad things potions like that could cause and then we were attacked... After that we’ve kind of been stuck with him because he saved our lives... As you can see protecting my mistress he got badly hurt. There was no point in leaving him behind when he was willing to protect her... so we healed him the best we could and for some strange possibly stupid and dangerous reason he decided to stay with us.”]

Sol voiced the truth and Envy sighed softly. She would have at least made it sound better than that.

[#f53884 “He’s not an idiot Sol... He’s just loud and energetic like a puppy. He just rushes into fights without thinking is all...”]

Defending him with words that seemed to be the only thing Envy could really do. Sol looked at Envy and snorted with laughter.

[+skyblue “Oh okay. If you say so.”]

[#f53884 “Anyway... Sol is right. That’s kind of how it happened. He’s been tagging along with us since we escaped my shop. Sol doesn’t exactly know how to nicely tell a story. She’s working on it though I guess.”]

Envy gave a small unsure smile and looked towards Arthur. There was no point in lying to these people. Why should they? That woman had told them she used magic. That was huge to say... So why not tell the truth?]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 203d 14h 58m 40s
[center [h3 Unlikely Host]]

[center [b The man led Envy through the inn through the back of the Kitchen was another door. Opening it showed a small dining room. Mostly wooden and it seemed it had a second floor. If one was to study the back it could possibly be seen as a personal living quarters for the man. It seemed dinner was already being made? Plenty of food on the table with another smell coming from a second kitchen. Much smaller and more personal than the hustle and bustle of the first kitchen. The man heard Envy mumbling to herself a bit.]]

[center [+red Yer really his companion huh? Not sure how the squirt got a lady like you fer a companion ha! Hm? Oh don't worry about it! We all get into brawls around here! Galia tradition! It's how we say hello around these parts. Even if the town isn't exactly built on Galian soil we respect our roots. The lad surprised me! Most knight's are keen on following order and law over personal belief. That and he has a hell of a right hook!]]

[center [b He had plopped Arthur on to the sofa as the knight began to shuffle and groan in his sleep as the man chuckled.]]

[center [+red The boy reminds me a lot of- Oh wait where are my manners? We aren't as barbaric as the Imperial army may have ye belief! The name's Varrick Warrenstone! But please just call be Varrick!]]

[center [+lightblue Dear? Did you bring a guest without telling me again?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b A beautiful woman had exited the kitchen placing some plates on the table. She had a gentle breezy smile but it had caused the giant a bit of stumbling fear.]]

[center [+red W-Well... Veronica y-you see I...]]

[center [+lightblue Hehe~ You dear are too much. Can't you tell when I'm yanking your oversized chain?]]

[center [+red It's hard to tell when you have that terrifying aura...]]

[center [b She had only offered a kind smile as she tip toed signaling for him to lower his head so she could place a peck upon his cheek. On that note Arthur had thrown in his own two cents ]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What's a giant like you doing so scared of a little girl like her anyway! Also don't think that means are fight is over!!!]]]

[center [+red Ahh the lad's awake! Yer companion here was worried about you. We'll settle things when you heal up boy! Though I respect your backbone!! You'd have made it a lot better as a hunter than a silly ol knight!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center No way! Hunters fight for money! Knight's fight for freedom and justice!!]]]

[center [+red Oh? A knight would have used his runic energy on an unarmed man if it came to blows.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I- That's not true!]]]

[center [b The man had laughed ruffling Arthur's hair as he pulled up a chair for the young Knight to be.]]

[center [+red Sit! A growing boy like you needs food!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center ...Fine! It does smell good! Also... For what it's worth! I don't agree with you but... You are a pretty nice guy! Frustrating! But nice! A lot of personality for that huge body huh?]]]

[center [+red Ahh shucks kid why you gotta point out my size? A man my age could get sensitive.]]

[center [b The two had stared in silence before bursting out into laughter. Arthur was quick to dive in the food as the man's wife had only sighed with a gentle giggle.]]

[center [+lightblue Oh dear... He can be frustrating.... Hm? Boy you look...]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I look?]]]

[center [+lightblue ...Nevermind so what are your names? I'm Veronica and this here is Varrick.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Arthur! Arthur Chevalier! This food here is awesome!! You're wife can really cook old man! I bet you catch quite the hunt for her! Wrestling bears with you're "bear" hands! Hahaha get it!]]]

[center [+red Hahaha! You don't just look like him but you're just as simple minded ain't cha?!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Huh? Look like what? Hey you saying I'm stupid!! That's not nice!!!]]]

[center [+red Hahaha! Well for the record my wife didn't make this. She couldn't cook water! Hahaha! No work like that comes to yours truly she just helps me get out the silverware and such. As for the hunting? She's the fighter of the family not me.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center ...What?! But you're like the size of a mountain! What do you mean you aren't a fighter! I heard you tell Envy you guys get in brawls!!]]]

[center [+red You were already awake than huh? Coulda done a real number on me while I was carrying you around child haha!!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center You could have too! I was actually out for a moment there!! I wouldn't attack someone who wasn't ready for it anyway!!!]]]

[center [+red Well sorry to disappoint ye but I'm not really a fighter. You see fer yourself I'm large and I'm sturdy from working the forge!]]

[center [b The man had pounded his chest in great pride of that fact.]]

[center [+red But I've only ever wielded a hammer using the forge I've don't got the knack for fighting. I usually leave brawling to the young ones but I can manage to break it apart when it gets too much. That being said I do admire their fighting spirit! Though me personally I'd rather beat my metals than others!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Yet.. You fought me anyway? To defend your way of thinking huh? Well now when you say that.. I don't wanna fight you either. Not if you don't even enjoy it!]]]

[center [+red Hahahaha! Boy you are strange!! Awfully considerate for how rambunctious you are! I won't let you off that easy on our rematch! I'll prove to you even a guilds blacksmith can beat a knight!]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Oh yeah?! We'll see about that mr gentle giant! So is it true though? Is you're wife really a better fighter?]]]

[center [+red Bet you're ass! First day her and me met she knocked me on my ass in one fell move!]]

[center [+lightblue Not sure if that's exactly fair though I am a lot more experienced.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Really?! But he looks a lot older than you do lady!]]]

[center [+lightblue Really? It's hard to see that brute as anything more mature than a child at times.]]

[center [+red Hah! That's my wife! Always the flatterer!]]

[center [b The woman had simply shook her head laughing to herself. She found herself eyeing Envy and Sol too. She had been rather observant of Envy the entire time in fact.]]

[center [+lightblue Course what really made that bout easier was the fact I used magic...]]

[center [+red ... VERONICA?! You can't say that the boy's a knight! He can--]]

[center [+lightblue Calm dear, it seems his friend here is also a mage. She's even brought her familiar it seems. A "young witch" as the knight's would call her. Now this is odd indeed, sure normally it's the Eclipse Knight's job to handle witches I understand. Though a Rune Knight should at least report such matters no? So why are you two traveling together?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center I umm well....]]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 204d 8h 53m 33s
[center [#f53884 “What? Oh... I can hide easily in a crowd... sometimes.”]

Of course he would say that. It still seemed to surprise her though. Sometimes she forgot how she was dressed currently. It wasn’t like she ran around in this kind of outfit all the time and she definitely didn’t always call attention to herself. It was easy to get lost in a crowd a lot easier than he must have thought. A part of her thought he was sweet for thinking she was noticeable though. She was sometimes but she easily dismissed people noticing her. She didn’t have time for that. Not when she was constantly on the move and barely could trust anyone. She looked towards the place he had named. It sounded pretty, but... She held back a giggle. She highly doubted that was an inn.

[#f53884 “The name is lovely, but I don’t think it’s an inn either.”]

No she was sure that was something else. She did love the name though. She looked towards him and tilted her head slightly. So... he was broke. She smiled softly. She had some money. She always did. So she would be able to pay for things for a bit. Before she could say anything though his attention was taken by the inn. Sometimes he really reminded her of a child. She crossed her arms and watched him. She listened to the conversation and let her eyes wander. She was watching the different people walk by when she heard Arthur get loud. Her eyes quickly returned to him. Clearly he couldn’t be left alone for a second.

She was relieved to see that it was nothing bad, but that wouldn’t last. Honestly could he not start a fight for five seconds? Sol woke from the noise and slowly looked towards Arthur. The little cat shook its head slightly before laying back down. There was no way Sol was interested in doing anymore healing just yet. She probably could have butted in. Could have defended him. Could have done a lot, but she had to keep a low profile for now. She couldn’t just be using magic in a place like this. She frowned and started towards the two. Arthur was strong she knew that, but he was also hurt and this didn’t make her any happier. She was already angry. Why couldn’t he just not try and push his limitations. He was admirable. Standing up for what he believed in.

[#f53884 “companion..? Oh yes! I am...”]

She sighed softly as she followed after the man carrying Arthur. She couldn’t believe this. Well this was just great. Now people were probably more aware of them then they should have been. Sol opened her eyes and glanced around the inn quietly. Well at least they would have a place to rest for now and it was on the house. Sounded like food was included. Good because she was hungry. Envy was in her own thoughts now.

[#f53884 “He’s going to need a lot of rest... He shouldn’t have gotten like that knowing how tired and hurt he is...”]

Sol nudged her cheek lightly to let her know she was rambling out loud. Envy looked up and fell silent. Ah she was talking and worrying out loud. She looked at the huge man carrying Arthur... What was he thinking trying to fight a man like that? She looked off to the side. She should have stopped them. Should have stopped Arthur. He shouldn’t have been fighting like that. Not right now.]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 206d 9h 13m 25s
[center [youtube]]

[tangerine [size30 [center You? Get lost in a crowd? You'd probably stick out as pretty as you are!!]]]

[center [b Arthur laughed and nodded as she told him they could look for a place to rest.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hmm.. Maybe the Sunlight Lilies? I'm not sure if that's an inn though... Either way I kinda realized... I'm broke! All my coins back at the barracks! Haha whoops!]]]

[center [b Arthur rubbed the back of his head with a playful smile. As they crossed through the town looking for a place. "Flint and Steel Inn" Arthur saw a house of cobble stone in awe. It had a forge in the front and a burly man. Pounding away at a massive shield. What kinda inn would also hold a forge? It was strange but Arthur was fascinated and lost in trance like a child at a candy store as his eyes lightened in pure joy.]]

[center [+red I'll show this to the lad and than he could tinker with his little runes...]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Runes?! Someone outside of the Knights knows Runecraft?!]]]

[center [+red Huuuuuh?! Shut yer trap! Of course there be others with Runecraft! The Imperial Knights of Tristania don't own the craft. Hell I doubt they even made it.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center What? Really old man?! You sure?]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The man had stood up looking down at Arthur. He was a larger than life mountain of a man. He gave a wry grin knowing full and well this puny knight may change his tone about the people here.]]

[center [+red Sure as rain boys those spineless knight's have only ever made things worse for us free men.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center ...]]]

[center [+red What's that boy? Cat got you're tongue?]]

[tangerine [size30 [center ..Not to be rude but... That isn't true! The Knight's have always fought for what is right! That's why one day! I wanna be an official knight!]]]

[center [+red So yer just a spineless knight in training huh? Coulda fooled with me that Runic armor. Or do they just hand those out nowadays?]]

[center [b The man gave a bellow of a laugh as Arthur gripped his fist tightly taking a deep sigh.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Say what you want about me but leave the Rune Knight's out of it!]]]

[center [+red Or what kid?]]

[center [b On that cue Arthur had raised his fist punching the man straight into the chin. Though the man's face was unphased completely and Arthur's shoulder gave another loud pop. The blacksmith gave a hearty laugh.]]

[center [+red Those scrawny arms giving out on ye?]]

[center [b Reeling his head back the man slammed his head into Arthur's helmet and all. The Blacksmith's head was bleeding but it had slammed Arthur clear into the ground. The man gave a hearty laugh as he patted his stomach.]]

[center [+red Oh man this is why the Knight's stay outta this town kid. Go home before you really get hurt.]]

[center [b Arthur laid there for a moment coughing before trudging back to his feet. His wounds weren't completely healed and he was exhausted. He thought of gathering Runic energy into his fist for a solid punch but that would only prove this guys point. That the Knight's simply handed these out cause they weren't willing to fight hard on their own. Reeling his fist back he went for another strike with all he had. The man had grabbed Arthur's wrist and he in turn took his own helmet off. Headbutting the smith back! Arthur was now the one bleeding from his forehead but surprisingly the mountain of a man took a step back. Arthur took his other arm grounding his feet taking a deep breath. There was a technique Arthur learned growing up on the streets. It had nothing to do with Runic energy sadly he wasn't too good with that stuff. No it was simply going beyond and pushing his body past it's limits even if it broke him. Giving a punch with his entire back into it. A few of his fingers must have fractured on the impact but his fist went soaring through hitting the mans gut. Spiraling the behemoth of a man backwards on to his ass. His massive abs bleeding as he coughed a bit Arthur held a confident grin despite the pain in his arm and the rest of his body.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center If a poor Knight in training can knock a monster of a man like you on his ass. Than I know the Knight's can save the world! Be it Blights Beast or man they'll find an answer! They'll--]]]

[center [b On that note Arthur had lost consciousness. In the blink of an eye he had begun to fall. The massive man had swept on his feet reaching to catch Arthur as he gave a hefty sigh and a deep chuckle.]]

[center [+red I like this kid, at first I figured his arm simply gave in but I wasn't born yesterday. He's clearly fatigued and injured. Ha! Haha! Hahaha!]]

[center [b The man let out a roar of a laughter as a crowd had already begun to stare and watch.]]

[center [+red What a fool! Picking a fight with me in that state!! I like this kid! Let all who've witness know that this boy is to be treated not as a Knight but as a free man! Like us! I don't particularly agree about his views on the knights but I like his spunk. Hey you! Lady!! You're his companion yes? Come in you look exhausted. We've food and drink for the both of you. Don't worry about the charge it's on the house! Come come!]]

[center [b The man had carried Arthur and his large armor without much effort. Even leaning over to pick up his helmet for the lad. As he carried him into the establishment.]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 206d 15h 50m 50s
[center Clearly she hadn’t thought saying that she was fine through. Sometimes it was automatic. She said it without thinking or processing that it might give away that she wasn’t fine. She let out a soft breath of air. She should have thought about what she said through. What only irritated her further was what he thought she was upset about. Clearly almost dying didn’t count for anything. Maybe strangling him would have been a good option. She let out a soft sigh. Sadly more violence wasn’t the answer. What was the right answer exactly? What should she do..? Spill her emotions to him so that he could just tell her that it was okay..? No. She was interested in that. It wasn’t okay. Him being around her was only making him a target. He could die. She was busy thinking about all of this as they walked trying to figure out how to say all of this. It was nice when he ended up distracted by the sight of all those towns. She looked over the place and smiled lightly. This was a beautiful place and hopefully a place they could rest for a bit. She felt tired out even though she barely had done anything. This had not been what she expected when she had decided to move.]

[center Start of their grand adventure huh? Honestly she didn’t know if she wanted him to keep following her. Maybe she should have been traveling alone. She stayed silent for the time being. It was best that all this was discuss later anyway. She followed after him carefully and looked around. She actually liked places like this. Big bustling places. She always found them fascinating. She hadn’t been watching... Instead she was in her own mind thinking about this new place and everything that had went on... So she wasn’t prepared for someone to almost knock her over. She stumbled, but kept herself up right. She looked towards the guy curiously. Not angry that he almost knocked her down. She listened as he spoke before he headed off. She didn’t seem to mind either way and followed Arthur further into the town.]

[center She looked at him as he spoke. Yes he definitely needed to rest. It would be for the best. She looked around and again found herself smiling lightly. This place was lovely. She looked over at him as he spoke about how pretty the town was. Yes it was very pretty. She looked around quietly and then looked back towards him as he had more to say. It appeared he had things to ask as well. Yes she did travel a lot and she knew about larger places like this. She didn’t try to make herself known in them though. She was always careful. No matter where she was.]

[center [#f53884 “I have been in places like this before. I didn’t always avoid them. I actually preferred them. It’s easier to get lost in a crowd.”]]

[center Her voice sounded light again... Friendly.]

[center [#f53884 “We should find a place to rest before looking around and learning about the town.”]]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 223d 19h 13m 33s
[center [h3 The Outside World]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Arthur was walking beside Envy wracked in pain but the Knight was a glutton for punishment. He took each painful stride with a smile looking back to her. "I am fine" the words hit the Knight in a strange way. He blinked wrinkling his nose unsure of how to take that. Her words hadn't matched her aura or attitude. Though he wasn't described as incredibly obtuse or observant something felt off to him. Most would keep it to themselves and think of something to say at a well placed time with well placed words. Arthur? He was a pretty straight shooter so instead..]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Something's not fine is it? I'm sorry I messed up back there I meant to help out I kinda realize.. Tracking isn't my thing! Haha I'll try to be more careful from now on okay?]]]

[center [b Before Arthur could say anything else the group had managed to pass through a forest clearing. Only to reveal a cliff and a mountainside trail downwards to a valley. What could be seen in the distance were several towns in this incredibly massive valley. Arthur gasped in awe and amazement much like a small excited child would.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center This is.. Beautiful! So this is the outside world huh? I've never left far from home before! I'm excited! This is the start of our grand adventure right?]]]

[center [b In that moment Arthur forgot about the pain he felt in his body standing in awe.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Arthur had began to walk down the trail making sure Envy was managing. In the middle of their walking a man had passed through in a sprint bumping Envy and Arthur with his massive bag. Arthur had winced in pain due to his injuries and he almost knocked down Envy!]]

[center [+brown Oh! Sorry about that! Err.. I can't stay and chat else I'd buy you and you're lovely lady a drink here sir Knight. Love to stay and chat but.. Weeelllll]]

[center [b The man had a smooth honey voice he seemed well spoken and versed in the life of the hustle and bustle of the large cities. Before Arthur could even get in a word edge wise the man offered a gentle smile almost like that of a dainty flower before hauling off.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center That.. Was strange but maybe we could rest in the town ahead? N-Not that I need to rest! I could keep going all day! Hahaha!]]]

[center [b Almost on cue his shoulder had popped lightly as he tried to shrug off with a playful chuckle. It was about thirty minutes before they made it to the first town in the valley.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b It was nothing like his hometown Ortama it didn't have a castle for starters. Tristana was known for a certain culture and architect and this town? Despite being in the country of Tristaina? Hadn't really matched that. Not that Arthur really knew any of that but he could feel a difference at least.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Wow! It's so pretty here! I wish I was sent out on missions out here!]]]

[center Come! Get you're sweet dumplings!]

[left Ramen! Fresh ramen! Come get it while it's hot!]

[right Come by the Sunlight Lilies! Finest dancers in all of the town! Straight from Galia!]

[center [b Arthur had only grew up in one town so all of this? Was new to him. Not to mention he lived on the outskirts of town so he was a bit of a country bumpkin. He scratched his head looking at Envy.]]

[tangerine [size30 [center Hey Envy you travel a lot right? Do you know much about the bigger cities? Oh wait.. Witc- I mean uhh.. You would avoid bigger cities huh? Still I mean you gotta know more what's going on than me at least I hope.]]]
  Arthur / ShieldHero- / 244d 18h 52m 12s
[center Angels..? Maybe Sol was an angel, but right now... Envy narrowed her eyes. She was ready to strangle him. Yet she didn’t make any move to harm him. Sol purred lightly. She knew her mistress wasn’t happy about any of this though. She slowly laid down on her mistress’s shoulder. She was tired. Envy slowly rose to her feet moving away from Arthur. Even though her eyes were narrowed tears still fell. He had almost died. So did this other man. All because of her. She gritted her teeth slightly. Her flowers to had to pay the price as well. She wasn’t happy about any of this.]

[center She didn’t speak the whole time and Sol was silent as well mostly because she was sleeping. She was frustrated and emotionally drained by this whole mess. She followed after him keeping up the silent treatment. When he asked about the fragments of his sword she used a spell to locate and pick them all up. Luckily they were in the forest. Had they been anywhere else... She probably would have been drained of magic. Sol heard her name and slowly opened her eyes.]

[center [+skyblue “I am unharmed Arthur. You putting me down kept me safe.”]]

[center [#f53884 “I am fine.”]]

[center Sol looked to her mistress her ears going back slightly. Those dreaded words. She was very sure her mistress was lying. She wasn’t fine. Yet it would all have to be handled later. Surely it wasn’t wounds that hurt Envy. A lot had happened in one day and... Sol looked over Envy quietly. All of those lovely flowers. It took a lot for Envy to get those right. So they meant a lot to Envy. She kept those flowers alive and healthy when they were on her body like that. Now they were all gone.]

[center [+skyblue “It’ll be okay Mistress. More flowers can be conjured up or grown. Sometimes starting new is nice and you always have to them for defense anyway. Plus on the bright side... Arthur is alive and so is that other guy. So no one died... You were able to help out a lot this time.”]]

[center [#f53884 “Oh... He’s alive for now...”]]

[center This was but a whisper under her breath. Sol’s ears twitched and she looked ahead quietly.]

[center [+skyblue “When we get a moment we can repair that blade Envy.”]]

[center Envy nodded. Yes they would have to wouldn’t they..? Or he would only get hurt even further. She sighed softly as she walked. She hadn’t been enough help. She hadn’t been quick enough with her own fight.]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 264d 19h 14m 0s

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