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[i “If I can’t have you, no one can”.. Something everyone’s heard at least once or twice while in relationships.. But what happens when it truly comes with a price?]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/GG7L05D.png]]

[#e84a70 [b Muse A was the boyfriend/ girlfriend to Muse B who happened to be in a gang. Everything in the beginning was almost a dream come true. They were happy and so very in love. Or that was until Muse B happened to become so wrapped up in their role of the gang that they no longer could separate their gang self from who they were with Muse A.

Muse A tried to give Muse B multiple chances. Tried to see them as the one they had fallen for. But the more that time passed, the harder that was. Only could they see their former lover as the monster they’d become.

“If you leave me, remember this.. If I can’t have you, then no one else can” Muse B said to A the night they left them.

Now sixth months later, Muse A is starting to try and move on in their life. They’ve changed jobs, met new friends, and are even starting to fall in love again. The threat that their ex made is nowhere in mind and they just think it’s a threat.

Muse A starts to date the new person and for a little while everything seems fine. But what they don’t know is B has been watching the whole time. And the more B watches, the stronger the feeling of betrayal and hurt gets. Keeping to their word, Muse B offs Muse A’s new lover.

So now, A knows what B meant. They would not be the one to suffer but those around them would.

Where does this leave the sanity of both? And who wins the game of Love and Lust? Or will there be nothing more but a bitter end to the messed up tale?

Help me decide by joining Heed My Words!]]

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We know them babes

[center [size20 CAST]]

Muse A: Elmo
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Muse B: Buttercup
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[font "times new roman" The female looked down at him and nodded a bit. She had read his message a little bit ago, and hadn't had the chance o reply back. When his hand took her's, her heart fluttered inside of her chest. She honestly didn't know how lucky she had been meeting him. He was the light at the end of a really dark tunnel. [#D7ACAC "It sounds perfect. If you want to go back home and sleep you can, I don't get off till around four anyway, I could meet you at your place with pizza and snacks"] she said with a small smile.]

[font "times new roman" That's one thing she really adored about the male. They did simple dates, and she loved it. She wouldn't trade those kinds of nights for anything. She hated being spoiled, and he had learned that the hard way. She did like the fact he thought about her, and bought her gifts, but it made her feel like she could't ever repay him. [b "Meall! Get your ass moving, and get back to work."] Marshall called out. She rolled her eyes and looked over her shoulder. [#D7ACAC "I'll be right there"] she called back, then turned her light grey eyes to the male before her.]

[font "times new roman" She leaned down and pressed her lips against his. [#D7ACAC "Go home, get some sleep, and then I'll be there before you know it. Pick out some good movies too. None of those really horrible one's that we just end up talking through either"] she said with a small laugh. She kissed him again lightly, before slipping off and going back to work. She had been the lucky one when she spotted him. It was like something had clicked for them both. She didn't know what it was, and she wasn't about to lose that feeling either. She wanted this to last more than anything. She sighed lightly as she went behind the counter.]

[font "times new roman" She started helping the customers and ringing them out as quickly as she could, and then she ended up switching with Diana, and started serving as well. She didn't know when Kyle left, but she hoped he would try and get a little bit more sleep before she showed up. She didn't want to keep him up late, and she wasn't planning on it. She plastered on a fake smile, as she went about taking orders, and cleaning tables. Her shift couldn't end fast enough.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/JtchI8I.jpg]]

[font "times new roman" The male smirked a bit and shrugged his shoulders a little bit. [#0075D0 "Honestly you can thank my mother for that. She was the one that taught me to cook, and taught me how to make a woman happy"] he said lightly. There was something off just then. He thought he had heard her voice a little bit ago, but he wasn't about to ask her about it. It wasn't his place anyway. If she wanted him to know, she would tell him. For the time being though, he would keep it to himself, until the time was right. He looked away from the woman, and looked down into his own coffee mug. There was something he had to tell her, but didn't know how too.]

[font "times new roman" He just had to gather the courage and tell her. So that's just what he did. [#0075D0 "Listen, things between you and I have been amazing, and I know you feel it as well. I'm going to have to leave for New York City in the next couple of days. My father happened to come across a hella good lead, and he's needing me to clean up the mess. I just wanted to let you know, so that way you weren't blind sided by this"] he said lightly. He didn't know how mad she would be, or if she would throw a fit about him leaving. Would she even care that he was? He didn't want her mad at him, but at the same time he couldn't tell his own father no either.]

[font "times new roman" [#0075D0 "I mean, if you don't want me to go I won't, unless you wanted to come with me. A new adventure so to speak. A new town, forget this place for a little bit, and just see what New York has to hold. Maybe you and I could even make a gang out there, and not have to worry about other's getting into the way, we could run it the way we want too"] he said. He was kind of holding out for a future he knew that wouldn't happen. But the male could wish right? He wanted nothing more than to have her by his side, and running one of the strongest gangs in the world.]

[font "times new roman" He lifted the coffee mug to his lips, and took a drink just then. He then put it down, and locked his eyes on her's. [#0075D0 "What do you think Mystique? Will you come with me, and help me out?"] he asked her. This time he fell silent, letting his words hang in the air between them. Hoping with everything in his being that she would agree to come with him. If she chose not too, he would understand, but he hoped that she would make the right choice, and not let him slip away for good.]
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[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/nj0CWI8.png]]

One year. It had been one year since her girl had left her and told her that what she did was too much. Well Mealla hadn't told her shit. The woman had run and with the help of that brother of hers. She had even been careful to cover her tracks and to leave her phone behind. It wasn't like it would be impossible to find the little dove. But she had decided to leave her and to let her think that things were FINALLY good and going right. Mystique was one who loved to bide her time and loved to play games. If her girl knew anything about her, then she would have remembered that little detail as well.

In the meantime, the "Angel of Death" as she was referred to, or the "Red Devil" had found a new lover. He was just as big as she was and just as crazy. He wasn't the type to back down from a challenge and he sure as hell didn't back down when it came to doing what was needed to be done. Both he and she were two of the biggest gang leaders to grace the streets of the city. Their first time meeting had been an almost gang war over turfs, but then they fell instead. And she didn't regret it. Or she didn't much. He was a good time and they often drank together or had amazing sex, love making, whatever one wanted to call it. Hardly ever did real talk pass between them, but that was okay with her. Seemed okay with him too as they seemed to get the other in ways others never could.

A soft groan slipped from the woman's lips when her phone vibrated and the name Kory came up. But she knew to answer or the pain in the ass would just keep calling her. [b "This better be fucking important. If it's not, I swear to god I will rip off your dick and feed you to the fish."] Came the hissed words as she answered her phone, telling the man she was by no means interested in one of his games.

[#7a07ed "Chill Mys. Just calling because you said to let you know if we ever came across something of inrerest. A particularly pretty little girl you used to date to be specific. Little café in the town you sent me on business in."] Came the quick response because Kory KNEW she meant what she had said. He had seen her do it to their last gang leader before she had taken over and so knew that Mystique could be vicious and would keep her word.

[b "I might just have to reward you. Keep a close eye on the little dove."] And the moment the words slipped from her lips, Mystique hung her phone up and placed it back on the nightstand.

It was JUST after her call did the door open and Asher came in telling her to rise and shine and kiss her. His lips were always so damn tasty and she did kiss him back, slowly sitting up so she would not get the food all over. The moment the coffee was poured and handed to her, Mys took a sip from it and a purr slipped from her. [b "Such an amazing man you are. Fucking amazing in bed and a cook. What girl could ask for more?"] She asked, giving him a wink before she set the coffee aside and took up the plate.

The young woman was serious in her words. But now she had to make a little girl pay. Prove why she should have NEVER left. So things were about to get interesting. Her only problem now was what to do with Asher.

[b [#be5cf5 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b [#be5cf5 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]

[left [pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/1b/72/aa/1b72aaa4bd3990221164a87b88e22e89.jpg]]

The man had gotten back home at about five in the morning from work. He was the local bartender and had been for the last few years. What got him into it had been his best friend Niles who had moved away a year ago. But being responsible, Kyle kept with the job. Found he liked it and had even become the manager of the place. The only fault he hated of it was inventory anf having to straighten out shipments that didn't come in or the fights between dancers and waitresses. But what could he say? It was life and it was a job.

This morning, the man wasn't thinking about work though. He was thinking about a beautiful woman he had met about eight months ago. She had been new to town and he just kind of happened across her at the café she worked in. The two of them got to talking and just something clicked. She had made him smile and laugh again. Two things he would have NEVER thought possible after Rayna. But her Mealla was like an angel sent to brighten his life. And she really had. Just thinking about her had the male smiling like an idiot. It was to his thoughts about the young woman did Kyle find himself falling asleep.

[#be5cf5 [i 'Sorry, just saw your message. How about I come get you after your shift and we can do dinner and a movie, beautiful? Xx -Ky']] It was a quick message and the man knew it. But he really wasn't one for type. He preferred if he was going to talk that he either talk to them in person or on the phone. Old fashioned for sure, but the man had always been raised that way. Also when it came to Ealla, Ky couldn't get enough of her voice.

As soon as his text was sent to Mealla, Kyle got a quick shower and changed into a black button up, dark blue jeans and his favourite pair of boots. And when he was dressed, the man grabbed his keys, wallet, and phone and left the appartment that he lived alone in save for his cat, Coco and locked up going to his black mustang. It wasn't the latest model but was a 2003 model he had gotten from his older brother and loved the hell out of. And soon, the man had it purring to life and drove to the café that Mealla worked in, the café that they met in and he shut off the engine.

For a few moments, Kyle watched her through the window and just admired her. Soon, the man was out of the car and walking through the front door, a bright smile on his lips. He didn't say anything but took a seat and waited for her to come to him. When she did, the man'd hand did gently take hers. [#7a07ed "So, did the plan of dinner a movie sound good to the beautiful angel?"] He asked, blue gaze locking on her.
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[font "tempus sans itc" It's been about a year now that Mealla ended up leaving Mystique. There isn't a day that goes by, where she's looking over her shoulder wondering if the woman would pop back up in her life. She sighed lightly, as she rolled onto her back. She put her arm over her eyes, wishing she wasn't thinking like this right now. Today marked the day she met Kyle eight months ago. She honestly didn't think she would have met someone so quick. She had met him at the small cafe she worked at, and something seemed to just click.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Just thinking about the male brought a smile to her lips. She removed her arm and reached for her phone. She looked at the time, and realized she was awake before her alarm for a change. She turned the alarm off, and then scrolled to Kyle's name. She then clicked on it, and opened up a new message. [#D7ACAC [i Good morning handsome. I have a short shift today, so if you want to meet me after work that would be wonderful. I will see you later. Xoxo Ealla.]] She then hit send and put her phone down.]

[font "tempus sans itc" It's always been a dream of her's to live in New York, and now that she was, she didn't think she would ever go back home. The night she had left Mystique had been the hardest night of her life. Her brother had been amazing, and had stayed with her the whole night. She had been up all night bawling, and he was right there holding her tightly, and telling her that she would be okay. That had been the same night she made the choice to leave for good, and he supported her in it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She shoved those thoughts aside as she threw her black and white comforter and sheets off of her body. She stood and padded her way to the bathroom. She turned on the light and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked different, but at the same time she looked better. She didn't look so scared anymore. She had control of her life, and no one was controlling her. If Kyle ever did that, she would be gone in a heartbeat. She shook her head lightly, as she undressed and threw her clothes into the hamper.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She then stepped into the shower and turned on the water. The chilly water woke her up even more. She hurried and showered, and then climbed out. She wrapped a towel around herself as she brushed her teeth. She then made her way back into her room, and she found her uniform. She dried herself off, and then changed. She slid her socks on, and then her shoes. She moved over to her small makeup table, and applied a small amount of makeup. Then she was ready. She unplugged her phone, and slid it into her pocket.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She then gathered up her wallet and apartment keys, and headed out. She would grab a bite at the cafe. She normally got up about thirty to forty minutes before her shift, and didn't have time to eat. That's one thing that really bugged Kyle, and she smiled lightly as the male crossed her mind once more. She checked her phone, and hadn't received a message back. It was his day off, and she knew he slept in so she wasn't going to bug him with another message.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She made her way down the street to the cafe, and she clocked in right on time. She put her phone into her back pocket after she silenced it, and wrapped the apron around her waist.
[#D7ACAC "Good morning Marshall"] she called out. Marshall looked up and grinned at her. [b "Good morning Mealla! You look amazing"] he cooed. She blushed a bit and rolled her eyes in reply. She then moved over to the counter and took over for the male. She looked up when customers walked in, and she took their orders.]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/JtchI8I.jpg]]

[font "tempus sans itc" The male sat by the window shirtless and blowing out smoke. The beautiful redhead he had managed to snag was still asleep in his bed. He cocked his head to the side and took another drag of his smoke. He let the smoke linger a moment before blowing it out through his nose. He honestly didn't understand how he had gotten so lucky with her. He was one of the biggest gang leaders, and she was another one of the biggest gang leaders as well, and he had snagged her up in a fucking heartbeat.]

[font "tempus sans itc" The night before they had an amazing night of drinking, and then love making. Every time she came over, there wasn't much talking. Sometimes there was some sort of drugs involved, but other times there wasn't. He shook his head as his phone started to buzz. He stood and moved over to the dresser and picked it up. [#0075D0 "Hello?"] he snapped. He then slipped out of the room, so not to wake up the woman. [b "I'm surprised you are up at this hour, I was just going to leave a message"] the woman on the other end spoke.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#0075D0 "Honestly, I couldn't sleep. So I was having a smoke, and then I was gonna make breakfast for Mystique. What do you need Amber?"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "I was just wondering if you'd be okay if we had a new target, and we took him down. He's been in our territory selling everything under the sun, and Malichi caught him. He's in the basement right as we speak"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [#0075D0 "Has Malichi had his fun with him first? If not let that happen, and get all of the information needed, and then you can do as you please with him"]]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "But Asher.. I want to have my fun first"] she whined. The male shook his head at the sound of her voice. [#0075D0 "Let Malichi do it first, and then you can. End of story."] he then hung up without getting a reply back. This was one of the perks about being him. He then made his way to the kitchen, and pulled out the breakfast foods he was in the mood for. He hadn't made Mystique breakfast yet, and she deserved it.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He put the coffee on, and then made eggs, bacon, and sausage. Along with some toast and some of her favorite fruit as well. When it was finally all done, he put it all onto one tray, with a couple of plates and glasses as well. He then made his way back up to the bedroom, and nudged the door open. [#0075D0 "Rise and shine beautiful angel. Breakfast is ready"] he said lightly walking over, and put the tray onto the bed. He then leaned over, and his lips found her's, and he kissed her gently.]

[font "tempus sans itc" He pulled back and licked his lips lightly. [#0075D0 "I made a lot of food this morning, I hope you are hungry"] he said lightly. He then took a plate and filled it up for the woman, and waited for her to sit up. He set it aside, and then dished up his own as well. He then poured her some coffee and turned back to her, with a small smile dancing on his lips. God she was beautiful, and he was one lucky bastard to have her.]
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Things as usual didn't seem to be going right. For some fucked up reason she was taking the fall because Michael could not handle the job he was given to do. Honestly how hard was it to steal weapons? If she had been the one sent this would have NEVER been the problem. But no now three of their members were sat at the police station in handcuffs and possible going to prison.

[b "I told you, me, Bruce and Kevin could have handled this job. But no you wanted to send Michale, Alana and Brant. This was not supposed to happen Grady."] The young woman of twenty-three muttered as she took a drag from the cigarrette that she had lit up the moment her ass began to get reemed.

[#81e66b "Don't tell me how to run things, Misty. I know what I'm doing. Tell me off again and you'll pay for it."] Grady said, gripping her chin so that she HAD to look up at him. He knew it was a mistake as she was not one to be scared of him, but he had done it.

[b "Try and threaten me again and you'll lose something. Remember last time you got your ass handed to you. So I'd be careful."] She hissed and gripped his wrist. When he had let her go, Mystique smirked and put out her cigarrette. [b "I've gotta go and CAN'T keep Mealla waiting. Fuck shit up again and I will have your balls."] And with that she walked from the office they had been in and got her helmet on, slinking one leg over her bike as she let it's engine purr to life.

After a few minutes, Misty kicked off and began to ride back. She now had to think of a lie to tell her girlfriend on why she was late. It was getting harder and harder to keep her gang life and her outside life separate. Mealla and she had already gone on rounds about it. She had promised to do better and she had..for a little while at least. But this was one of many backslides. This had been her life since she had been fifteen and it wasn't exactly something she could change or get out of. Not that she hadn't tried. Those were her thoughts as she rode through the streets and soon parked outside the apartment, bright green eyes looking up at the building. She could see the darkness from the window that usually had a light on. And that struck her as odd to say the very least. But she shook it off as she took her helmet off and got off her bike.

Her head shook and red hair fell down her back in waves as she slipped the helmet under her arm and began to walk up the steps and towards the door. She was slow, trying to listen and see if she could hear anyone inside, but nothing came but silence. This was not the usual and it soon had her heart sinking further and further as she walked in and looked around. And it was a piece of paper that had been folded that caught her attention. Quickly, Misty went to it and read what was said, crumpling it in her fist and smirking. [b "Alright.. You want to play this way, then no one else can have you, my pretty little dove."] She muttered.
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[font "tempus sans itc" Everything was happening so quickly. The female finally gathered up enough courage to finally leave. She was done being used, the mental abuse was enough for her. She couldn't do this anymore. She had dealt with the heart break for ages, and now she was finally letting everything she ever loved go. What else was she supposed to do? Keep living her life the way she was living it? Not doing what made her happy? No. It was time she moved on, and did something for herself for once, instead of being scared and going back.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Mystique wasn't anywhere to be found, and Mealla was finally alone. She could pack up her things, and leave. She heard a soft knock on the apartment door, and she hurried out of the bedroom. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest. She drew the door open, and her brother Atlas was standing there. [#D7ACAC "Thank you so much for coming"] she breathed out. The male pulled her against his chest, and hugged her tightly. [b "Anything for you Ella. You know that. Now get a move on"] he hissed. That made the woman move right then.]

[font "tempus sans itc" As Atlas stood in the hallway looking out the door for Mystique, Mealla was working on getting all of her things packed. She threw her clothes into the suitcase she had bought, and hid really well. She then grabbed her journal's, laptop, charger, and a couple of other things. She was leaving her cell phone behind. It was too easy for Mystique to find her that way. She had to get away, and she knew the Mystique would find her. Her heart was shattering, and she felt like she wanted to back out.]

[font "tempus sans itc" [b "Ella baby, we got to get going. Come on. She'll be home any minute"] he called out. [#D7ACAC "I'll be right there"] she called back, her voice cracking a little bit. She felt her heart shattering inside of her chest, as she pulled out a hand written letter. She then placed it on the dresser, along with her ring. Their relationship had been perfect before, but now, it wasn't. She picked up her bags, and carried them out. She was trying her hardest to keep the tears at bay, but she was losing that battle and fast.]

[font "tempus sans itc" Atlas looked over his shoulder and took her bags. [b "You are doing the right thing Ella. Don't think you aren't"] he said kissing her forehead. She nodded lightly as she pulled out her apartment key, and put it into the bowl. She took one last look around the apartment, locked the door and followed her brother out. She closed the door, made sure it was locked, and her heart shattered even more. [#D7ACAC "Goodbye.."] she whispered. She then hurried down the hallway and out of the building. It was dark outside, and she was running away.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She honestly didn't know what to do with herself. She slipped into the passenger seat of her brother's car, and she shut the door. That's when the tears came. She started sobbing. Her heart was breaking inside of her chest, and she couldn't do anything about it. Atlas slid in behind the wheel, started up the car and took her away from everything she had ever loved. Her whole life was crashing down around her, and she honestly didn't know what to do now. Mystique had been everything to her, and now she had nothing. At least that's what it felt like.]

[font "tempus sans itc" She sat in the front seat of her brother's car, the tears falling from her eyes, getting taken away from the life she knew, to a whole new life she would have to build for herself.]
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