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[+red [i Come one come all.
The tea is always warm, the flowers are always in bloom.
Enter this delightful wonderland! ]]


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Amai stay silent as she listen to D speak. She bent her wolf like ears back as she seen Kuri enter the room. She hadn't see him in years. It was hard to believe they once call each other siblings. She kept a faint smile on her face. [+red Yoku really means no harm... neither does shadow."] she said softly as she heard the door open again.

First T-chan and now Envy. Amai's ears flatten against her head. It had been a long time since she had seen Envy. Her tail flickered as in a rather distressed motion. It wasn't like she was thrill to have everyone here. She could tell they didn't want to be here... Why did they even bother.

Amai mind started to wondered, into depressing thoughts. It was easy to to tell when it did. All the flowers began to close and go back to a budding state. [+red "I should go help Shadow with the tea... I will see if I can get you some soda to drink T-Chan. Do you want anything Envy?"] she said as as she linger in the hallway. Before stepping into the kitchen.

It was like a rush of people all at once. It was a bit much for her to take in. She hadn't seen those faces in years. It wasn't like they care about here they were just hear because Dark asked them to be. She sighed softly as closed her amber colored eyes. She then open them feeling an intense pain in her chest. It had to be Uragiri doing. She bit her lip as she help shadow with the tea.
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[center Monster. That’s what he was called. Well... No one knew exactly who he was. They only knew of the crimes he had committed. A murderer. Only a monster could do the things he had. Killing people without mercy? Sure maybe only a monster could do that. Listening as they screamed and begged for him to spare them... Yeah he was a monster wasn’t he..? He didn’t care though. This was his lot in life. This was his fate. It had all been laid out for him the minute he picked up the sword. The blade always had the best look when covered in blood.]

[center The wolf had found him one night and approached him. The man would have cut the horrid creature down if he hadn’t got a feeling that he should listen to what the strange creature had to say... When the creature spoke to him... Oh the joy it brought him. Destroying something so full of light. Ah the blood that would flow! What a fantastic idea. He knew nothing of this tea shop or the people within, but if they needed to be slayed. His eyes lit up in joy just thinking about it. Ah what fun this would be!]

[center He stood along side the wolf now. He was watching the sky silently. It would be time soon wouldn’t it..? He wished for the day to come quicker. He would swiftly put an end to whatever the wolf needed him to. He smirked coldly. There was nothing that would save them from his blade.]
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[center How unlucky. She has to revisit this place. She wasn’t happy about it. A text from Kuri. She hadn’t spoken to that man in years. Why couldn’t he have talked to someone else..? This was frustrating. Kuri was never far from Darcia... Oh wait... Wasn’t she still under Dark..? Oh who knew anymore. Envy honestly didn’t care. She silently walked into the tea shop. Where had she been hiding out..? Well with Ayame. That sweet woman had taken her in without too much trouble and Envy was glad for that. She didn’t work for Ayame though. No the two were friends and looked out for one another. Ayame was too sweet for her own good and would never make anyone work under her.]

[center [+hotpink “Really Kuri..? You couldn’t have just reached out to someone else. I really don’t want to be here... Around anyone...”]]

[center She crossed her arms over her chest and turned her head defiantly off to the side. Clearly she was very angry about being here. She hadn’t wanted to be called or drawn here. She wished they had just left her be. Yet here she was standing before them. She wouldn’t look towards Amai or Darcia. Instead she crossed the room and sat down across from Kuri. The green haired male looked up at her and winked. Oh he thought he was funny. She wished she could strangle him.]

[center [+hotpink “You aren’t cute.”]]

[center It came out cold and she meant for it to. She soon looked out the window quietly not saying anything.]
  .Lovely. / -Rika / 9d 21h 46m 0s
[center The man entered the tea shop without any flare. His green hair a mess. A tired look on his face. He glanced towards Amai, but barely looked her over before looking towards Dark.]

[center [+lime “Ah Darcia. At least you know I’m willing to help. I contacted Envy, but she didn’t seem to like this idea very much.”]]

[center Without saying anything to Amai he walked over to a table and sat down. He opened up a laptop and sat two different phones down. His orange eyes were on the laptops screen. He smirked lightly. He didn’t seem to have any interest in the people around him. After a moment he looked over his shoulder his eyes on Dark.]

[center [+lime “Listen Darcia... I may be around here to help, but I’m no fighter. Not anymore. So whatever this feeling is... Whatever this darkness is... I’ll help from behind the scenes, but if I’m attacked... Well... I can’t promise to stay.”]]

[center He turned his eyes back on the screen. He soon tapped the table with one of his hands.]

[center [+lime “Is service always slow..? I want a Mountain Dew... I wanted it like yesterday.”]]

[center The pink haired woman was watching him with irritation and yet she was smiling his way. He heard her speak to Amai.]

[center [+pink “I’m sure you remember

[center Kuri turned to look at the two ladies.]

[center [+lime I wouldn’t be surprised if you forgot about me though... I am much different now.”]]
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[center It appeared everyone in the shop but Amai was worried. They were watching her with distrust. Lovely. She held a rather cold gaze as she looked towards the two that she was being introduced to. She soon crossed her arms and tilted her head slightly. She wasn’t going to be looked at with distrust. She had once owned this damned place. It was once always filled with light and now darkness swirled around it. She soon turned her attention back to Amai ignoring the two for now. She had no interest speaking to people that didn’t trust her. It would seem that Amai trusted she was the real thing. Good. At least one person knew her well enough.]

[center [+pink “It would seem you are the only one welcoming to me. It seems a lot has gone on maybe I should give a call to a few people to come and help.”]]

[center It wasn’t like she didn’t know people. If a threat was planning to close in then she had people close to her. People that had disappeared when she had. The only one she feared wouldn’t show would be Envy. Envy had always been a little tricky to locate. The girl was always so difficult. There were other things though preventing Envy from really stepping foot in this place and Dark understood. That girl could really hold a damned grudge. She had learned it well, but she would try and contact her anyway. She pulled her phone out of her purse and sent out a text. Kuri. He had disappeared with her. Becoming hard to find. No one realized that she kept him just a text away. Never far from one another.]

[center [+pink “It will probably be a good idea to get some familiar faces to help. Your group will have to trust us though Amai or we won’t be much help.”]]

[center It was clear that the girl hadn’t liked the mistrust she felt when she walked in here. She soon looked around the place quietly. Whatever had been going on here... Well... She sighed. It looks like she would have to put a stop to it.]
  .Dark. / -Rika / 9d 22h 8m 42s
[center Let out a blood curdling howl was Uragiri. It was almost that time. That time that Amai couldn't keep him sealed away. He planned to pay her an over due visit. Amai had used a bit of her powers to keep that tea shop up and running. To keep it beautiful, always in bloom.

It was about time to change that. He couldn't wait to watch it all withered and burn to the ground. There would be nothing but ash left when he was done with the place. Amai should of been frighten because he wasn't a lone this time. He had friend they were going to help him get the job done.

With that retched fox, and cat out of the way things would be a lot easier. If anything happen to those two Amai would just be heart broken. She let her guard down then that tea shop would burn. The moon was almost full, every time it was it was chance for him to break loose.

[#f57d00 "Just you wait darling you going to be in for a big surprise..."] He said with a fiendish snicker.
  Tsurai / Tsurai / 91d 1h 57m 20s
[center Shadow groan when he heard his name being called. He had just gotten comfy and he really didn't want to move. When it came to Amai he would do just about anything. He stood up getting out of bed. Of corse at this time he had taken his shirt off revealing most his exotic piercings and scars that had again over time. He rolled his eyes when he see Yokubari wonder back into his room.

[#6a00c2 "What is that you need"] he said as walked down the hallway. He then seen a stranger standing at the door. Who was this? Shadow was cautious his tail flickered behind him softly. As he looked the woman over.
He stay quiet until Amai introduced him.

He was glad to see Amai happy but he was worried. What if this was on of Uragiri tricks? It seemed like something that Uragiri would do. His golden eyes danced around the room until the focus back on Dark. [#6a00c2 "Why don't you too catch up and I will make you guys some tea!"] he said in a friendly manner. He was still on guard though. Even though Amai had given him a few dirty looks.

He knew it bother her when he came out of his room shirtless. Also when he was being rude. He couldn't help it. He was protective over Amai even though she was the reason he had some many of these scars. It wasn't all her fault, it was his that horrid man that tried to hurt so a beautiful heart. A heart the weep for the smallest of things.
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[center Yoku had hear Amai call he decided to come out of his room, which was only a down the hall a little ways. Of course he had gotten glared at for still having a cigarette in his mouth. He sighed softly as he put out then put the bent cigarette behind his ear. His sapphire colored eyes glance toward the new woman.

She was quiet beautiful, just as Amai said. He smiled softly but kept his distance. He wasn't much of talker. He young when his parents died. He could still remember wonder around aimlessly. He was scared, cold and hungry. Some how he end up here with a friendly wolf. This wolf took him in even though he was nothing more than a little kitten.

[#1609f1 "Hello..."] he said softly as he looked toward Amai and D. [#1609f1 "Excuse me..."] he said as he walked back towards his room. He wasn't very good around people it was something he need to work on.
  Yokubari / Tsurai / 91d 2h 43m 47s
[center Amai was sweeping a small path out in the garden that had been covered with many flower petals. Her ears flickered when she heard the little bell on the door ring. [+red " Will be with you in just a minute."] she hollered. She put the broom down and then walked inside wiping her hands on her apron.

[+red "Hello what can I get for you..."] she said as looked toward the woman. At first she almost didn't recognize the woman. [+red "...D?] she said almost in a state of shock. [+red "Is that really you?"] she said as she looked the woman up and down. It had been many years since D had left.

Amai smiled sweetly as she started to lash her tail. [+red "I'm so happy that you have come back!"] she said with another big smile. [+red " Would you like anything to drink or eat?.."] she said as he mind started to fill with questions. She was so happy to see the woman it had been so long. [+red "D I have some people for you too meet! My friends that help me keep this place going!"] she said with a smile. [+red "Shadow! Yoku can you guys come down here! I have someone special for you to meet! D has returned!"] she said with a smiled as he tail lashed behind her.
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[center For years she had went under many names. All of them changing as she went to different places. She had never planned on returning back to this tea shop. She figured she would stay gone and continue traveling the world, but something drew her back. She had been gone for years. She hadn't thought the place would still be standing. She stood in front of the doors for some time wondering if she go inside. Did the same people she had left the shop to still own it?]

[center Putting aside all her thoughts she stepped inside. The smell of flowers and tea filled the air. It was a wonderful smell. One she had long forgotten about after she had left this place. She had changed a lot over the years. Just like all people do. No one ever stays the same. She was no exception to the rule. She had been young when she owned this place. It had changed over the time she had been gone as well. Even though it felt calm and peaceful she could feel something dark looming here.]

[center She frowned lightly. What had gone on in this place? Why did it have some form of darkness looming over it. She hadn't been expecting this. Slowly she looked around. It didn't appear that anyone here was upsetting the balance. So it must have been some outside force. One that wasn't here currently.]
  .Dark. / -Rika / 95d 6h 38m 32s
[center Sleeping under a tree in the garden with an empty tea cup in his hand was Shadow. Shadow had grown rather sleep, so sleepy that he fell had fallen a sleep outside. The male had looked so peaceful in his sleep. He had small smile that had crept a crossed his scared face.

Shadow was so sleepy spent to the countless nights guarding the tea shop from any harm. It was hard telling when Uragiri was going to strike again. Fighting against that man and his companions was tiresome. He grown wary as the days past. Wonder what could happen.

Shadow woke to small hand touching his shoulder. It was Amai, he smiled softly as he looked down towards the ground. His cheeks were cover in a faint blush as the woman spoke to him. She taken the empty tea cup and help Shadow into the shop. The took the male to secret door. She open the door that led to set of stairs. She help Shadow down the stairs and into his room.

She told him to get some rest. Shadow sleepy agreed. Shadow had liked Amai for a while now. It was getting harder and harder to ignore those feeling that seem to come creeping in. It wasn't long before he fall a back to sleep. He wrapped himself tightly in his blankets.
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[center [pic]
[+pink [i Come one come all.
The tea is always warm, the flowers are always in bloom.
Enter this delightful wonderland!] ]

Making tea was one of Amai favorite things to do. It made her think of her dear friend who went by D. The woman had taken her in when she was lost. Amai never seemed to leave D side until one day she vanish. She was gone with out a trace. Amai was heart broken that her close friend had just disappear. Amai wasn't let empty handed. Even though D had left, she had D's tea shop to look over. She hoped that one day that D would return.

Amai wasn't truly alone, over the years she had gained some faithful companions. A fox named Shadow, and friendly cat named Yokubari. The trio had become very close. They keeping the tea shop safe from any harm that tried come to it. Harm did seek out this peaceful oasis.

Not everyone was happy, in fact there was a bitter man that wanted nothing more than to see that tea shop burn to the ground. The heartless man went by the name Uragiri. He wasn't a lone in his rein of destruction. He had companions as well that wish to see this peaceful land burn.

Every time he tried end in failure which made him ever more bitter. He wanted to bring that peaceful woman to her knee. He truly wanted to see her suffer but whenever he got close to something would stop him. He could never bring himself to finishing her in the end. Still to this day he hadn't figure out why. Until one day Amai had told him. There was no way it could be true. Amai told him the reason why he could never finish her off was because he loved her.

He was out raged by the woman words. How could he ever feel love? Impossible, he was stumped by her careless remarks. Uragiri defeated yet again return home where he plotted and plan another attack.

Amai, Shadow and Yoku where peaceful making and serving tea to all the people that might step foot into their delightful shop. Amai favorite place to serve tea was he garden. D had shown her many things but taking care of the garden was her favorite task. There were flower as far as the eye could see.
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