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[center [size10 [+gold Looking at him for a moment, she noticed his awkward smile. He gave her a nod and she nodded back at him. Giving him another slight nod and a shrug of her shoulders, she turned, flipping the hair on her shoulder behind her back, and began to walk towards her carriage nearby.

[+darkmagenta "If I were you, I'd hurry up, cause once they find out what you did, they'll be after you too,"] she told him as she climbed into her carriage. The brooms had packed up her shop already and were packing themselves behind her. The bodies were there on the ground, all five bodies still.

Looking to him for a moment, she nodded, hoping that he would hurry up as she knew that Rune Knights would possibly be on their way once they had heard the news of the deaths of these men. Especially that they were killed by both this fyurian and this witch.]]]
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[center [h3 On The Run]]

[center [b Rex winced when she poured the potion on her arm. Somehow it was harder to watch than even slashing his own shoulder open when he removed the poison. They were covered in blood but it was apparent her battle style and weapon made a bit more of a mess on her clothes with that massive blade. She wrapped the bandage around her arm which was a safe bet. She had whistled for her brooms before leaving Rex had followed almost by instinct.]]

[center [b She had turned around offering the young Fyurian a job. He blinked and let out a slight awkward smile as he nodded at her. "Wow I wasn't even thinking about getting paid. Maybe I'd be better off if I didn't do so many free contracts huh?" Rex probably ended up doing almost 40% of his contracts for free when his client couldn't afford it. He wouldn't haggle with her a price on the contract or the details of the job. He'd serve as her bodyguard and whatever she decided to pay was fine with him.]]

[center [b He could use the money to travel across country. He wasn't sure but he could use money to stock potions. Leaving the town nearby meant leaving his alchemist friend behind didn't it? Well he was a returning customer to that shop anyway. His goal was to make enough money to modify his blade and armor. Not to mention learning how to make Fyurian recipe's from the damaged book he has. As it stands? He doesn't know many by heart. In fact he really only knows a few.. Though this journey can help change that!]]

[center [pic]]
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[center [size10 [+gold Taking the potion from him, she opened he bottle and put it on her wound. It stung a bit, but it was helping. It wasn't instant or anything, her vision was still a bit blurry, but it was getting better as time went on.

Taking a wrapping she had found, she began to wrap her arm a few times, tightly, to make sure the wound was covered, so nothing could get in and the potion could work it's magic. Hopefully the pain would subside soon.

After a moment, she looked up at him and nodded. [+darkmagenta "I'll be alright, it's just a flesh wound, nothing too serious,"] she told him as she whistled to her brooms. [+darkmagenta "Time to go,"] she stated as she exited the tent shop.

Looking behind her, she saw the boy following, obviously. Turning to face him, as her shop folded up behind him, she thought for a moment. [+darkmagenta "Hmmm..."], she thought out loud. [+darkmagenta "You could be useful, may I hire your assistance in traveling to the next city?"], she asked him. Hopefully he would agree.]]]
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[center [h3 Poison]]

[center [b Rex ran to go and hand her the potion. He was surprised she wasn't going to use magic to heal it. He wondered what kind of potion it was. It wasn't Fyurian or she wouldn't be using it. He lowered his guard checking her wound the blood was turning black like his had. A poison that could affect a Fyurian and a Witch? That was impressive both had many resistances and strong immune systems. Fyurians basically chug poison for powerful side effects so this had to be dangerous.]]

[center [+orange A-Are you okay..?]]

[center [b Rex asked a bit worried, they had to get somewhere safe. The location wasn't secure anymore. Despite this not being a contract to make any money he couldn't just leave her here. Not like this, his voice was back to it's usual way. Meek and shy he needed to get over being awkward around a pretty face for once and just focus on what needed to be done.]]
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[center [size10 [+gold Looking up at him, she heard the words that he said, but her vision began to blur a bit as she stood there. There definitely had been poison on that arrow and it was now hitting her. Taking a step backwards, she dropped her sword with a loud thud on the ground.

Her hand went straight for her head as she stood there before him. Looking down at her arm, she could see the blood trickling out of it. It was a small flesh wound, but just enough to get into her bloodstream. Had she been more careful, she may actually have dodged the arrow.

[+darkmagenta "I.. I need... I need that potion over there,"] she stammered. Her voice a bit shaky as she pointed with her good arm at a potion bottle. It was a topical herb potion that she had concocted for healing processes. It was potent and would help with the poison.

Looking around for a moment, she tried to find something to wrap her wound with after she put the topical potion onto her wound. Some potions were meant for drinking and others were meant for topic use, like medicine. Herbs were used and everything was natural. Nothing poisonous to the human body, at least not in her shop currently. Though, she knew how to make some, if need be. It was not something she required at this moment.]]]
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[center [h3 Encounter]]

[center [b She had taken down two men of her own leaving the broom a total of five corpses. That sword was massive had she used magic to strengthen herself? She was a witch after all. It seemed the blood rushing to her had changed her demeanor. Rex was much the same with his Fyurian blood racing. Though his wound was grave the Phoenix Rising potion was still in effect causing his wound to heal up nicely. Though it drained stamina and was hard on his heart.]]

[center [b He was trying to explain to her she wasn't the vile witch he thought she was. Her expression appeared angry and with Rex's blood pumping he was on his toes. He was more direct than usual his voice a bit lower. Not harsh but lower and more direct than he had been. Perhaps it was the mutations that had affected him this way or perhaps this was how he was once he got his blood flowing.]]

[center [+orange No, I was here to kill an evil witch. I don't happen to see any of those around here.]]

[center [b Rex looked to her ready to draw his blade if need be. His blood was racing a part of him wanted to see what she was made of. Not to kill her of course but.. Once he grew excited it sometimes took a minute for him to calm down. He never heard of a sword wielding witch and it took his interest. What happened next? Depended on how she took his answer.]]
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[center [size10 [+gold Smoke began to fill the room, her back was to the boy, so for a moment, she did not see what was going on. But she could definitely smell what was about to happen next. As a witch, she had a bit of intuition and fled to the next room, behind the curtain.

It didn't take long before she was suited up in her own armor. Although she was a witch, she was skilled with a two-handed sword. Her Aunt was no ordinary Aunt. She was a skilled swords woman and knew way too much for her own good. Sometimes, Ren believed her Aunt had once been a Rune Knight, but she had never seen a female Rune Knight.


Her outfit and hair changed as she stood there. Moments later, she heard a commotion from the back. Outside there were two men armed with weapons. One had a short sword and the other a crossbow. They looked ready to pounce on her. They saw her sword and laughed at her. [+red "No witch can beat us,"] they laughed.

A smirk spread on her face as she held the sword in her hands and attacked them. She may have been small, but she was mighty. It was either them or her, and she knew that all too well. A slash here and a slash there. Dodging them as best as she could, but the man with the crossbow had shot one arrow as it grazed her left arm. It stung a bit, which meant it may have had poison in it. But that was not going to stop her right now. After mere moments of quick steps, she had finally taken them down.

Feeling exhausted and weak, she looked down at her clothes, now stained in blood from then men. She walked inside her shop and to the front once again. This time, she looked very different than he had first met her. Her demeanor was very different than it was before. As she looked at him, her sword dragging behind her, the magical brooms already cleaning up the mess in the shop.

Then, she heard his words as she looked at him. [+darkmagenta "You were here to kill me I take it?"], she questioned him, her facial expression turned a bit into a furrow of her brow, causing her to look angry, which is what she was feeling. Her magical brooms could sense this, as they began to clean hastily. As magic, for a witch, was connected to their emotions.]]]
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[center [h3 Something I'm Looking For?]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex stammered a bit as she asked what he was looking for.]]

[center [+orange I-I.. W-Well I..]]

[center [b She'd cook? For free? Really? Wow that was really kind of her. What could he say? "Sorry I got no money I came to check if you were evil to murder ya! You're not so let me go now haha." That would come out just.. Great! God he felt almost stuck but her offer was still incredibly sweet.]]

[center [b Before Rex could think of some sort of respond he was hearing something outside. A customer? No wait- He's an idiot! He's not the only one who grabbed this contract right? He even saw others looking here. He saw a small flask thrown into the shop before letting out a smoke. Rex grunted frustrated. It was a flask that used a material known as "Eclipse" it blocks or jams the paranormal in that area. The material doesn't last very long so finding swords and armor made with Eclipse was rare and only used by Rune Knights. but Flask let out a smoke that canceled such things in the area. That didn't just affect his new witch acquaintance but himself as well. Cancelling his Fyurian abilities so he can't use or consume any Fyurian potions. The flask would only blow this steam for about 30 seconds. However? Whoever was using this? Knew that?]]

[center [b Cloaked men? Bounty hunters? Three of them. How did they have such a flask? Rune Knights of all countries usually hold a strict monopoly on the stuff. The man who took point was quick and cocky. Carrying a dagger and moving quickly which made sense. A witch without magic? Not very dangerous. Rex understood the aggression was important and not just stupid. Once 30 seconds was up? A witch can be very dangerous with access to her magic. Rex drew his sword quickly slashing the man's hand as he tried to back up it was too late. His hand was already missing and so was his knife as he reeled back in pain. Another drew a crossbow and fired at the witch. Rex without even thinking about it jumped in. He knew trying to slash that bolt without enhancements wasn't a good idea. He may pull it off but it was too risky so he made sure it hit his shoulder. The man began reloading his crossbow as Rex dashed forward the last man wielding a longsword of his own. It was made of iron and poorly made. Strange? They had clashed with Rex. They could see by hue of his eyes? He was indeed Fyurian. Though without his potions? They figured he'd be an easy opponent. A couple of factors that someone who wasn't a professional wouldn't know? When a Fyurian fights with Enhancements several times? They know what it's like to be in a faster state. With a more focused sense of time. A more permanent medative state a certain "Flow" even without the enhancements. Making them exceptional swordsman. That mixed with the armor and blade Rex was using? Combined with his intense training and combat experience.]]

[center [b Clashing blades with the man Rex backed up with a twirl as the man charged him with brutish force. Rex had parried the man jumping off the counter throwing a kick across the mans face. "Swoosh" Rex figured the crossbowman would be ready. The swordsman had lost himself into the fight charging at Rex fueled by anger after the kick. Taking the shot at the shoulder from his own partner howling in pain. Rex took the brief moment to cut down the man in an instant with a downward slash. The man fell and the wounded man had managed to grab the knife with his other hand charging Rex. He had to take this man out fast before the crossbowman. Rex had thrown a feint to his left before throwing his sword to his right. Performing a rather sudden pirouette as he slashed past the man. His knife play was more fancy than practical. Though Rex almost seemed like a dancer on the battlefield himself. Charging the crossbowman next he drew his short sword blocking the strike. Rex had quickly kicked the man's legs apart with an intense look into his eyes. As he clashed the mans blade changing battle tactics in a moments notice taking the man by surprise. Wielding his own sword with two hands and after his quick kick to knock down balance? He went for a weighty two handed arc to slash through the shortsword of iron. Slashing right through the blade with his own Durandel. Carving through the man's arm as he grabbed Rex by his throat with his only current arm in desperation to strangle him.]]

[center It's true what they say! Fyurian's are the servants of evil! Just like witches! That bolt was laced with a poison most vile to you and her ilk! So I take you to hell with me!]

[center [b Rex grunted as the man squished his hand gripping his blade before lopping the mans head off in impulsive anger. As he panted surrounded by the bodies before sheathing his blade. Grabbing his right arm as he honed in and focused on the pain and throbbing. Making a poison that could harm a witch? Was rather difficult. A Fyurian? Who consumed toxic potions often? Also rather difficult it'd be easier to simply stab a witch or a Fyurian than even try to poison them. That being said? Rex wasn't taking any chances as the flask ran out of steam. He pulled walked out the store. pulling out his Phoenix Revival. Before gulping down the entire thing leaving him down to only to potions. As he zipped his satchel up he knew the potion wasn't created to stop toxins. He took his own sword and took a deep breath. As he raised his blade trying to stab his shoulder. Though it was too awkward, he took the moment to take off his shirt and leather armor. The armor was barely damaged but the poison had gotten in. He took his blade slashing down his own shoulder with his trusty Durandel. As he began to bleed everywhere the blood was ominously blackened. As the blood began to spew and pour he gritted his teeth as he held the wound open with his hand. As the blackened blood began to pour and seep out. He gritted his teeth even with the potion it took an intense amount of willpower not to pass out. His Fyurian meditative state and intense pain tolerance came into play. Combined with his stubborn nature it wasn't long before the blood let out was only it's natural hue of red. Letting his hand out of his own shoulder now for the wound to close. His heart was racing incredibly fast as he leaned against her shop as the bleeding stopped he was still panting. The potions side affects caused his heartbeat to race more to replenish more blood. That and there had to be traces of venom his body and the potion was still fighting off. It was hard to tell if being in Eclipse weakened the effects or not but everything seemed to be working fine. Rex was used to the side effects of these potions though this particular potion drained stamina. The boy went from what was his death bed laying there to back on his feet in the next 30 seconds. The potion would still last for several more minutes so it'd tire him out a bit more but he'd be fine. That being said his blood was rushing and he couldn't help but feel this adrenaline rush. He stood up shirtless as he pondered on the attackers. "I shouldn't have killed all 3 of them. I wonder if the witch knows a spell to talk to the freshly fallen to ask a few questions? Can't get information off a corpse. It was reckless of me to just cut them all down. I have to hold myself back." It was Rex's first time fighting under the effects of Eclipse though not his first time seeing it in use. "I should really apologize for making a mess in her shop.. I really hope she isn't mad at me.."]]

[center [b Rex knew there would be more of them. He came back in the store fully armored and he had his weapon drawn. It could be a moment it could be minutes but he had to be direct.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm sure you know but.. I-I'm a Fyurian I was h-here to c-check a c-contract on.. A V-Vile.. Witch. You? A-Aren't that but t-the Rune Knights...]]

[center [b Rex knew she could defend herself witches were dangerous after all what was the best move? Stand and fight the next possible wave of enemies? Or get out as soon as possible? Rex had put his life on the line for someone he didn't even know. Why? Did it align with a Fyurian's code? Or rather was it something he himself just felt he had to do?]]
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[center [size10 [+gold Looking up at him, she gave a shy smile. He seemed a bit nervous now. Noticing how he looked away from her. He must have heard the stories about her or something. Now, she looked down, a bit saddened that this customer was not saying much.

[+darkmagenta "Is there anything in particular that you are looking for sir?"], she spoke up as she turned around and went for the tent. [+darkmagenta "I have many items for sale. You may even trade food for something you want here. I could even make you something for free, if you had all the ingredients,"] she told him as her back was to him. She was a bit unsure if he would buy anything.

Something about him seemed different as well. Not many people had that hair color or eye color. Then, it dawned on her. Her heart skipped a beat as she stood almost frozen in fear. But she wasn't about to let that stop her. Having only heard the legends of them, she had no idea they were still around. They were almost as scarce as witches these days. Taking a big gulp of air to calm herself, she waited for the boy to answer her.]]]
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[center [h3 Business Witch]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had blinked a bit surprised. Her demeanor? Her glasses? Her tone? She seemed like a normal book keep. On top of ledgers and such it didn't seem any different from any official shops. It seemed well put together and she herself? Seemed really smart. "Rex is that just cause she's got glasses on?" No! Rex thought to himself she just has an aura about her.]]

[center [b Perhaps Rex was a gullible Fyurian it was likely but he decided to drop his guard a bit. He tried offering a friendly smile but it came out slightly awkward and forced. Rex always struggled talking to his clients. Talking to his female clients? Was a million times worse.]]

[center [+orange Oh.. O-Okay...]]

[center [b Rex wasn't sure what to really say next. Would he shop here? Pretend to be a customer? He was so awkward and he didn't bring any money! What would he do? Or what would he say? He just avoided eye contact looking away as a painful awkward silence set in. "What do I do? What do I say? I just... Should I just walk out? Go work on another contract?"]]
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[center [size10 [+gold The boy looked a bit out of place here, in her shop. He seemed a bit nervous, which she could understand why. After all, she was a witch and they were very rare to come by these days. The way she dressed was nothing like a witch though, it was very plain and simple, more like a regular shopkeeper.

Tilting her glasses downwards, she saw the broom hit him in the shoulder a bit. She had forgotten she had them cleaning up in the shop. Waving her finger towards her broom, she nodded her head back a bit as she looked back at the boy. The brooms then went back to where they should have been and not moving.

[+darkmagenta "Prices you ask,"] she began as she thought for a moment. [+darkmagenta "I try to be fair, as most of my customers rarely have anything, so usually it's a few silver pieces or a trade,"] she told him as she looked back up at him. A smile spread on her face.]]]
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[center [h3 Introductions]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had stammered slightly till he saw the women. He had almost reached for his sword by instinct. He than relaxed to see she wasn't the beast he was expecting. An illusion? Perhaps to have him drop his guard.]]

[center [+orange H-Hello..]]

[center [b Actually she didn't seem at all how he expected. She was... Well how to put it? She was incredibly beautiful, a spectacled beauty. Rex had a weakness for girls with glasses. "Not that's why I'm here!" admiring the target of the contract? Not very professional was it? Despite trying not to he stared for a moment before looking away and back to her.]]

[center [+orange B-Before I start.. I have to a-ask.. What kinda prices do y-you have?]]

[center [b Rex may have been a Fyurian though he didn't understand they were seen as nothing but sellswords who did whatever for coin. He himself wouldn't fight a bout he didn't believe was just. One could argue it was a weakness for pretty faces but that wasn't all. He'd end many contracts not getting any payment if his client couldn't afford it. Not a great way to live but deep down the meek boy. He just wanted to help others. His question was to gleam more about her. Had she answered an ominous riddles or directly that it was "a toe here a finger there maybe your soul." He'd see if she was really trying to run a normal shop. He looked around and being well versed in potions hadn't seen anything too dangerous. Though he only specialized in Fyurian potions which she had known of He wasn't sure what all of them were but-]]

[center [b Rex backed up a bit as something bumped him. What was.. It was a broom. Floating brooms in fact cleaning the shop around him. It seemed slightly annoyed he was in it's path. He went forward closer to the front desk to avoid them. His face nearing the Witches as he pulled away again with a slight blush. "I was just.. Trying to avoid.. The brooms? Are they.. Cleaning?" Rex couldn't help but seeing the flying brooms to be a tad adorable in it's own way. Though he was still on his toes just in case this witch was up to anything nefarious.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I hope the moving brooms is okay just thought it'd be cute.]]
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[center [size10 [+gold A traveling shop sounded best for this little witch. Of course, it was practical. It was just a tent shop. A small pop up shop that came around. She had a carriage with which she traveled in. This shop had a few potions and herbs here and there. Nothing too extreme. For, she was a witch and believed in the power of nature.

Though, many feared witches. They were now rare to come by, which is why she chose to be a traveling shop. She wasn't anywhere for too long. A day or two at most and then she would move on before the Rune Knights had found her. Hopefully, being as it was her second day, the Rune Knights had not found her.

It seemed like a day like any other day. Then again, her days were always different and never restful. But it seemed like an okay day so far. Nothing out of the ordinary, which was good. She had a few customers come in and buy small things. Which was all she had really.

As she traveled, she picked up her ingredients that she felt were the most useful for her and what would be useful for others. Nothing really harmful to one, perhaps make you sick if you are not with the illness you have told. Potions can backfire on those who do not tell the truth. Anya learned the hard way.

As a child, she was always rambunctious and told quite a few lies. Most children did anyway. But, for Anya, she grew up in a witch household. For awhile, things had been great, until they weren't. One day, witches were being castrated and killed. Anya was just a child then. Her parents had to hide her, far away. They had sent her to live with a relative who was human. It was then that she learned her love for humans.

Her aunt took very good care of her. Even let her study magic when she was able to. Her aunt was the only relative she had left in this world. Although her aunt had no magic in her, her aunt treated her very kindly. So, Anya wanted to do something in the memory of her aunt. The pop up shop was to help humans, like her aunt helped her. Her way of giving back.

Eventually, she was found out, not too long ago that it was. A poor man came in and she helped him get better, but he returned the favor by telling some Rune Knights nearby that she was a witch, to which they paid him heavily for his information. That;s when she started staying in places for short periods of time.

A noise was heard in the front of the tent, as she was tending to the wing of a hurt bird. Coming out of the back, she popped her head out and smiled sweetly at the new customer. [+darkmagenta "Greetings and welcome to my shop, is there anything I can help you with today sir?"], she asked him as she stepped out of the curtain to reveal her whole body now.]]]
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[center [h3 Fyurian]]

[center [b Rex was wondering through the forest cutting his way through branches and bushes. His sword drawn the blade "Durandel" a well made Alchemical blade. Forged by both Alchemist and witches alike.]]

[center [b The sword had a light glow to it but nothing to fancy with many inscriptions and runes on the blade. It was a thick one handed longsword. Rex was comfortable with such a weapon almost as if it was an extension of his arm swatting away branches and bugs alike. The young man had came here on a contract.]]

[center [b The Rune Knight's had placed a contract in town that there was a report of a witches activity. A moving shop and it seemed to be heading out here. The Rune Knights however hadn't had time to search and destroy as they were called out to handle another matter. One of politics involving another country. This was good news for "Rex Rider." the man barely old enough to no longer be a lad. For he was a Fyurian (Furi-an)]]

[center [b Those who use alchemy,potions,enchanted items along with conventional weapons to slay monsters. Schools to become Fyurian were being hunted down by those who believe these folk as much monsters as the beast they hunt. So much so in fact Rex had never been to such a school himself.]]

[center [b He found a book in the forest on a dead man. Looking back? He was possibly Fyurian as well. Many pages were burned and destroyed. Though the pages attaining to potions? Remained and Rex trained everyday with a blade learning the weakness's of specific monsters though the book was incomplete he learned much by trail of error. Being an orphan boy he needed to find a way to make money. This? Seemed the best way for a person with no connections or skills. The orange eyes? The white hair? Due to uses of several potions before and during fights. It hadn't made him faster or stronger he wasn't as inhuman as people believed. He only built a tolerance to drinking such dangerous potions over time. It read that many can die even in doing so carefully. One must be in top shape and be rightly compatible. Rex matched these terms with stubborn resolve to boot and here he was.]]

[center [b The blade had belonged even to the Fyurian buried deep beside the man. Whoever slayed the man believed his swords and possessions "Witch Craft" for everything else was destroyed. Rex was a self made Fyurian. Though he was curious what it'd be like to visit a Fyurian school maybe learn more of the trade. That'd involve making enough money to leave the country.]]

[center [b Rex had used much of his money on the armor he was wearing. As well as to change the runes on the blade so he may wield it. he grew up stealing and scavenging. Taking on petty monster quest by the time he was large enough and even with all his training. He almost died each and every time. Usually going with hunters from the village and sharing a reward.]]

[center [b He'd come a far way since than for over a year now he took contracts alone some even rather dangerous. This? Would be his first witch. Every beast he slayed before had not spoke. Could not speak This? She'd be able to think? To come up with strategy? What would she look like? Would she look like the stories say? A horrifying creature of darkness?]]

[center [b The reward? Was 5 whole gold pieces. That was 500 silver! Did the Rune Knights want her that badly? She was worth even more alive but Rex hadn't trusted his skills to somehow take her alive. She'd be too dangerous. Rex had finally snapped out of his thoughts. He was reviewing his supplies and well..? He hadn't had much honestly.]]

[center [b He had three potions but it'd have to do. Dragon's Wing ]]

[center [b Golem's Elixir: It hardened the skin to be as hard as stone for a time. However it made the user feel rather heavy and slow taking more stamina to move around.]]

[center [b Phoenix Revival: As the name implies it was a powerful healing potion that closed wounds. Stopped bleeding and caused the hard to beat faster to replace blood faster. Best drunk before a fight so healing can begin the moment the Fyurian is hurt. However? The potion is hard on the heart. With faster heartbeats the user is likely to grow tired quickly.]]

[center [b They had balanced each other out the book would explain the potions toxic levels more. A Fyurian could only drink so many potions in a short period of time. It'd be dangerous to drink all three but he would if need be. He had no oils to put on his blade or Alchemy bombs for that matter. He didn't have the money or time to prepare any further. He was told a crossbow was smart against a witch but long distance combat? Was something Rex was always terrible at no matter how hard he tried. His wit,swordplay,potions will have to suffice.]]

[center [b Rex had finally found it. The infamous shop of the witches. Normally he'd need to drink a potion to increase his sight and smell so he could track the contract. However? The lead was solid in this case. He had came in the store carefully. His blade was still sheathed his potions in his satchel. He'd pretend to simply be a customer and nothing else. Rex had heard a squawk as he turned his head to see a bird. What kind of shop was this? Or rather the question that popped into his head was. "What would one pay this witch? Fingers? An ear? Their soul?" did she prey on the vulnerable? The weak? Rex knew he wasn't a strong person emotionally but had his life been different. Would he have come here? To a shop like this? Looking for help? Well hopefully even at his lowest he wouldn't trade his soul for some love potion.]]

[center [+orange H-Hello..? A-A-Anyone here?]]

[center [b Rex wasn't exactly frightened he more so stuttered because.. Well he never dealt with a talking target before. Social interactions? Were not the boys strongest selling point. Course least he wouldn't fumble over his words like he would with female clients back at towns. Since this Witch will surely have a more bestial appearance and attitude. Or at least Rex thought so anyhow.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b So I was thinking since it's obvious the two are gonna team up? I ask one little rule? More so to help Rex not be OP actually. She not have any Fyurian potions in the shop. Alchemy ingredients and stuff yeah and tons of other cool potions. but yeah it'd make sense she wouldn't make potions to help Rune Knights or Fyurians since witches can communicate and reason with monsters. Course she can have very useful potions! Just not stuff specially Fyurian potions ya know? XD]]
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