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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/z3tzod8.png]]

four kingdoms ruled over the land. All of which fight for resources. Pillaging and raiding each others villages, taking prisoners, or killing their enemies people all together. Bandits, those with no alliance to any kingdom, would raid weaker villages for food and other resources they could not get on their own. It was chaotic times. Some flourished and loved war, senseless killing, others used killing as a sense of justice, and others? They suffered. Famined by war, villages struggled, many died off. War was destroying the land and everyone in it.

[b Character A]'s village was a particularly small one. It became even weaker as tariffs and rations were split to help those going to war. Their already scarce crops became even harder to come by. Many children were starved, some even passed during this time, but the village still stood. Until Bandit's targeted them, stealing what crops were left from war rations. They murdered, burnt down, pillaged their homes. [b Character A] watched as his family and friends were murdered senselessly. Few villagers managed to survive, including [b Character A]. They band together and built the village back up. Being orphaned, he was still alone, the other villagers too pity and helped him where they could. Mostly, they prioritzed their own surviving families.

Eventually, the village became lively again after years of rebuilding and help from the kingdom. [b Character A] was still all alone. As the village began to stockpile their crops, Bandits targeted the small village once again. Demanding crops, ready to pillage, murder, and take what they needed to, hungry and willing to stop at nothing to get their food for themselves.

[b Character B] was a ruthless killer. He was merciless, finding fun in fighting, killing, and serving justice where he felt it was due. Since the pop ups of bandits and those who took advantage of small villages, he took oath to protect who he could, all while enjoying spilling a little blood. He'd been tracking this group of bandits for sometime and followed them to [b Character A]'s small village.

[b Character B] attempts to fight off the group of bandits alone. Slowly, he becomes overwhelmed by their numbers, but not faultering as he dodged and striked where he could. Not wanting to hide or stand Idly by while his village was raided, again, [b Character A] does what he can to help [b Character B]. Through distractions, throwing rocks, calling out to [b Character B] on where to dodge or avoid behind attacks. Together, they run off the bandits. Impressed, [b Character B] declares [b Character A] is his lucky charm.

[center that's where our story begins.]

[center Notes]

Essentially, Character B attempts to fight off the group of bandits alone, defending the village. Character A assists him, telling him where the Bandits were trying to hit him from, distracting where he could - not wanting to be useless again during another raid. Character B and Character A set off on an adventure together. Character B calling Character A his 'lucky charm', protecting him, as they travel and continue B's quest to help small villages who are being tormented by bandits.

Slowly, but surely, they create a bond. Character A becomes attached to Character B, being the only real family/closeness he's had since he was a young child.

Let me know if anything is confusing, not clear, or you want a bit more information on what I'm wanting~

[center Rules]

1. This will be MxM. I would like to be Character B - the ruthless fighter. But, I can also play Character A - the younger man. Character A is much weaker, frail, and a bit on the lanky side. He's short, stunted from being starved most of his life. Character B is larger, well fed, muscular, and strong. Let me know which you'd like to be when asking to join ~

2. Mature content. Violence, cursing, ect. Any cybering or sexual scenes will be taken off site or TSed. Which ever my partner is comfortable with.

3. I'd prefer to see a minimum of 1-2 posts a week, prefer more often, but obviously that wont be required. I have a life too and can go a few days without even logging on. I'd like to keep replies around 1500-2000 characters. Though, honestly, as long as there is effort, enough to reply to, and well thought out/detailed posts, the amount doesn't really bother me all that much.

4. Illustrated pictures only, please. Fill out the Skeleton below and reply with the name of the RP so I know you've read and understood everything.

5. Must be okay with large age gaps. Character B is late twenties/early thirties. Character A will be late teens/early twenties.

picture reference


Age (18-22)

Bio: I know I wrote a bit of a bio for them both. But you can elaborate. Add details that I didn't place in the plot, ect.

Extras: What else should I know?


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Aster watched as the fight seemed to begin. It was apparent and very clear that the younger man with the long hair was wielding a sword too heavy for him. Yet, he was still able to take out one of the bandits. Something urged Aster to approach, to be more prepared to enter the battle, and soon he was on his feet once again, rushing towards the fight.

His instincts seemed to serve him right. As Aster grew closer, it seemed the young man was being overtaken, losing his sword, and only sporting a small crystal - or what appears to be crystal - dagger. If he didn't act fast, things would end poorly for the other man. With that thought in mind, Aster drew his mighty sword, letting out a deep and guttural yell as he rushed the bandit, swung the sword down into the bandits back. Blood spilling out onto the ground and over the man below him. Swiftly, and with ease, Aster removed his sword turning towards the rest of the bandits, a grin forming over his face. "[#bb3b07 You alright?]" He passively asked the man on the ground before turning back to the group of bandits.

This would be fun. Aster, without any hesitation, charged towards the group. Fighting, slashing his sword, men dropping around him, blood soaking the dirt nearby. It seemed this fight would be easy and over in moments. Only, another group of bandits appeared to be showing up, ones that neither party seemed aware of. But they were met with a delighted Aster. Why would he want such fun to end so soon?

"[#bb3b07 Ahah, more of you?]" He smugly spoke, lifting his sword once more, preparing himself. Once again, Aster was surrounded, slashing and hacking through the men that came forth to him, but slowly, he felt a little overwhelmed but still his entertainment and adrenaline pushed him forward. Unaware that the bandits sent to the back line earlier were now approaching him.
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[center [abel [size15 Luka leapt from his horse landing soundlessly on his feet. Unsheathing his sword, the boy staggered as the weight of the weapon pulled him off balance. Planting his feet, he pointed the sword in front of him. Although the boy was small in stature, he made up for it in heart and bravery.

A beefy bandit rounded the corner locking eyes with Luka. Raising his mace, he charged for the small boy. Luka did not move, he watched carefully as the brute moved towards him with haste. Timing it perfectly, Luka side stepped twirling in place. His long locks of raven hair flared out in a halo. Extending his sword, Luka parried and slashed just like his father taught him. His blade connected with flesh. Crying out, the bandit fell his knees cursing before dying.

Luka had never killed anyone before. He thought he would feel different, but nothing changed. He was still the same child who grew up in this valley. Only now, he was prepared to die for it.

Just as the prince regained his composure, another bandit caught him off guard. Trying to swing his sword, he regretted bringing a weapon that was too heavy for him. It's weight pulled him off his feet. Falling onto his tailbone, he winced as the hard earth caught him. Trying to grab his sword, Luka realized it was no use. The blade was just too heavy and awkward. Without hesitating, he reached up and pulled the necklace that had been hanging from his neck breaking the cord. In his hand was a small crystal dagger. It glinted in the summer light. Instinctively blocking with his arm, the small dagger clashed with the sword of his opponent. Looking around for something else to protect himself with, Luka was praying for a miracle.

[p I added to Luka's bio and profile. Hope that is okay! You can look at it if you're interested.]
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Aster had noticed a small cluster of villagers gathered in the field not too far from where the bandits had just been gathering. He liked a village that fought back. Only, they still looked meek, clearly suffering from the harsh rations placed on just about every village in the land, but Aster had made the conscious decision he would stay out of it if he could. He only really assisted if he was truly needed and if these strapping young men could hold off these bandits, he was happy to just ensure they were okay, and then move on.


Bandit one had been stealth fully squatting beyond a bush. His eyes never moving from the village before him, watching as a small group of men gathered, clearly alert of their position. "[i Seems we can't sneak on in this time, boss.]" Bandit two merely rolled his shoulders, a grin stretching over his face. "[b Ah, we don't need to sneak. These kids have been wiped out before. They are barely recovered. Look at them. It will practically be taking candy from a baby.]"

The other men let out quiet snickers in agreement. "[b Oi, two of you, round to the other side of the village. Be sure not to be noticed. We may still get a bit of a jump on them, yet. Not until my signal.]"


He'd found himself a comfortable spot, well hidden, under the shade of a tree. Aster watched closely. He certainly wouldn't let the bandits get too much of an upper hand. He already understood he couldn't save everyone, but he would save who he could, and in the act get his thrill of cutting down scum like these bandits. His eyes fell onto a male on a grey stallion, his hair long, dark, but he looked thin and pale. For some reason, to Aster, he seemed to stand out.

Aster would be impressed to see what that one in particular could do.
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[center [abel [size15 A young man stood next to a tall grey stallion. He was grooming the horse in small circles with a circular brush. The boy hummed a beautiful tune to himself as he enjoyed his time with the equine. Reaching down, he grabbed another brush, one with stiff bristle and then began to flick the dirt off with the direction of the equine's coat.

[b [#626262 "Luka,"]] Called a guff voice.
Startling the boy, his head snapped up. His long ebony hair swirled around his pale face. Furrowing his brows, he responded with an edge to his tone.
[#000066 [b "Father, you scared me."]] Luka hissed. He gave the horse a gentle pat on the flank and turned to his father.

His father let out a hearty laugh but there was an underlying nervousness to his voice. Leaning against the fence post, Luka pressed the issue. [#000066 [b "What's wrong father?"]]
Shifting his weight nervously, the older man let out a sigh. [b [#626262 "It looks like there are more bandits on the horizon. I want you to meet with your brother on the outskirts of the field."]]

Luka was quiet for a moment before nodding. He watched as his father turned away and left the barn. Luka was the second son of Lorenz Edelgard, the chief of Mallowcourt, a small village nestled in the valley. It usually did well financially because it was a trade hub but due to famine and crime rates going up, Mallowcourt was suffering. Luka's older brother, Claude was next in line to take over in politics.
Tossing a saddle onto the stallion, Luka grabbed his sword and climbed on. Clicking his tongue, he urged the animal to move forward. Following the trail through the field, he spotted his brother with a group of men at the end of the farm. Bursting into a gallop, Luka rushed into action.
[#000066 [b "How do things look Claude?"]] He ask as he broke to a trot and halted next to his sibling.
[b [#336600 "Bandits were spotted on the outskirts of town, we will to try and route them."]]

[p setting/notes]
[b Mallowcourt:] the village Luka lives in. It is in the valley. Their main money maker is crops and livestock.
[b Lorenz Edelgard:] Luka's father and the chief/king/ruler of the village.
[b Claude Edelgard:] Luka's older brother and next in line. He is about 25 years old.
[b Tarith:] A grey stallion that is Luka's main mount. He will take him when he leaves with Asher.
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"[b Going so soon, Aster?]"

The barkeep hollered over the loud tavern. Aster turned his large frame to look at that man. He'd just defeated a band of miscreant who threatened the smaller village and the tavern owner offered him unlimited free mead during his stay. He let a goofy grin take over his face, "[#bb3b07 Can't stay in one place too long! What kind of adventurer would I be? More villages to protect, more bandits to slay!]" He shouted excitedly, the tavern roared in agreement. Quickly, and quietly, he slipped out of the tavern in the excitement.

Aster didn't like to overstay his welcome. He wasn't one to make permanent bonds, companions, or really even truly learn anyone's names, he had a quest that he believed he'd never truly complete. But that was all the more reason to keep on walking.

[center --]

Aster had traveled through the night. He had stopped merely to sleep for a few hours, but once the sun had peaked over the horizon, Aster was up once more. There was no delay in his travels outside the necessary. Sleeping, eating, aiding villages, and stocking supplies. Even those he kept as short as possible.

He'd finally made it to the top of a hill, it over looked a fairly small village, but everything seemed at peace. Aster watched down at the town. Villagers just living their daily lives and were unbothered. He was prepared to turn and continue the path another way, but something not too far off from the village caught his eye. It looked like a group of five or six. Bandits? Aster carefully waited, watching.

It certainly didn't seem they were up to any good. He started down the hill, his eyes never leaving the group as it appeared they were also making their way to the village. A grin overcame his face once more, his heart started to race in anticipation, he didn't think he'd get some fun so early in the day. Though, he certainly wasn't going to complain.
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