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Dan held her gently and kissed her head.

Alistair looked curious as he looked around. "What are we doing...?"
Val turned her attention to her father and remembered his words from earlier. She began to calm down nuzzling Dan.

Maze smirked slightly and took him and Chloe into the bathroom.
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Lucifer rushed outside and soon flew away, going to where he felt Val. He landed in secret then rushed inside, eyes glowing a little. "Pierce. I should have known. Leave my daughter alone now or else..."

Alistair shivered a little bit then looked at his mother almost shyly. "Mom's...really pretty..." he whispered after a moment, his body reacting even more.
A low growl rumbled in her chest as the building began to shake. She could feel Dan pulling at her but was too angry to notice or move.

Chloe looked up at Lucifer and frowned. "Is something wrong?"

Maze hugged him noticing quickly and smiled. "Of course, little prince."
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"Then back off," Pierce repeated coldly.

Alistair hugged her, not noticing his body reacted to her. He kissed her cheek and smiled softly at her, looking amused. "Good girl. You didn't hesitate."
"stay away from my family and I will." She hissed anger rolling off her in waves. It was enough to catch attention from her father or uncle.

Maze smiled at him and kissed his cheek.
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Pierce shrugged and smirked a bit. "You'd be the only reason I go to hell," he pointed out calmly. "Back off or you'll regret it, girl."

Alistair looked back at Maze and grinned. "I told her to do that, and she's actually doing it..." He smirked a bit and looked closely. "Mazikeen, having fun?"
She stopped in her tracks and glared at him with her orange eyes. "I will drag you to hell myself you piece of shit." She growled in his tongue and made his paperwork begin to flame.

Maze obediently did as she was told and looked up at Lucifer.

Chloe hugged him and kissed his cheek. "I see, you look so much like your father."
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Pierce smirked more. "I'll make you regret being an annoyance. You have a baby brother, do you not? You know how good I am at killing those..." he said in his original language.

Alistair sat back in his chair to see what she would do, looking over when he saw his mom enter. "Hi, mom!" he called out happily. He went over and hugged her. "I aged."
"I have more connections than you think." She purred and took Dan's hand. "We have do some actual work.... Pencil dick."

Maze blinked for a moment and then nodded.

She nodded and went to the same McDonald's.
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Pierce smirked. "Still counts, even if they are just a useful tool." He narrowed his eyes again. "I can't stop you from seeing Dan, but I can stop you from doing PDA at work. You aren't the only one with connections, girl."

Alistair smirked and leaned over, whispering something in her ear.

Lucifer nodded. "Then let's go, shall we? I'm sure your prince will be happy to see you. He IS very fond of you."
"not exactly.... it doesn't count if you use someone to scratch that itch." she said and leaned against dan. "oh and.... you can't forbid me from being with my future husband and father to my child so you can go suck the devil's cock.... wait.... actually you did."

"what is it?" she asked and smiled at him.

"well.... I did hear they brought the shamrock shake back so..." she said and smiled.
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Pierce smirked at her. "You seem to forget I did date Chloe for a bit there..." he pointed out.

Alistair smirked softly. "Maze, dear Mazikeen, I need you to do me one little favor..."

Lucifer smirked. "Well, I might have had a bit to smoke..."
Valarie glared at him and said. "Just because you haven't had pussy in centuries doesn't mean you can wave your blue balls in everyone's faces."

Maze blushed slightly and nodded.

"are you craving fast food again?" She teased and smiled.
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“You’re here to work, not fool around,” Pierce pointed out coldly as he glared at Val.

Alistair almost smirked a little. “Do you love me, Aunt Mazikeen?” he asked softly as he scooted even closer to her.

Lucifer got in the car as well. “Do you want to go check on Alistair?”

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