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Hey guys! I really just want a good ‘ol angsty vampire x human roleplay like from my angsty high school days XD .

[ link 1]
[ link 2]
[ link 3]

Those are my best quality references lol, but if you think you can stomach it you can look through some of my other old vampire RPs if you think you can find them. I’m not as angsty as I was then, but it gives you a solid idea right? Plus my writing ability is so much better and I’m not as romantically or plot-wise oblivious! Yay!

[h3 So basics?]
I want to play a human. She’s a hunter, but mostly just defends herself from all the vampires that are after her blood. We can discuss whether they are after her blood because of taste or power or both, but there is going to be a prophecy of some sort linked to it.

I would love if you could play a vampire. The gender doesn’t matter to me, as long as they are a strong vampire with a pretty merciless and/or harsh demeanor. I want our characters to Not Get Along at first, with my character being standoffish and a little bit of a bitch at first and yours being fairly power hungry and not really caring about my character’s wellbeing at all. Them being violent would probably be a good trait. We can hash out details between ourselves.

I would like this to be a relatively slow romance . Death, angst, drama, action, etc is expected.

I INTEND to have part of the Prophecy be that my character is reborn once she is killed by a vampire via draining. This roleplay will get dark at times, don’t be afraid to shoot me a PM if you think i need to lighten shit up with adventure or romance.

We might cover things like self worth, self harm, depression, etc. please tell me any and all of your potential triggers ahead of time so i know what to avoid. Thank you!

[h3 So...]

Just shoot me a PM if you had the patience to read everything above and are still interested. We can hash out he exact plot and whatnot together. This is not first come first serve though, so be wary. I want a role player who is in this for the relative long term and can keep up with me. You don’t have to be able to respond every day though, once a week or so is fine if that is all you can do. I’m flexible. Thanks!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Zika watched the vampire closely as he spoke, and slowly her lips curled up into a small smile. So he thought he could threaten her? Scare her? At least he didn’t try to play innocent, that got old years ago. Once the man was done speaking, Zika just chuckled. If he thought he could intimidate her into giving up, especially so soon, he had something else coming.

Slowly, almost lazily, one of Zika’s hands rose until it was flipping the stranger off defiantly. Her lips widened even more, until they were hating half of her teeth in a defiant smirk. Challenge glinted in her eyes, wild and energetic with the threat being aimed at her. No, she wasn’t someone to back down easily. If anything, being threatened just spurred her on into fighting even harder. Her teeth briefly reflected the sun as it rose higher, shining off of her pearly whites and ironically sharp canines. Her raven-Black bangs briefly stirred in a soft wind.

[+purple “Good try, bastard,”] she said lowly, her voice somewhere halfway between a purr and a growl but unmistakably predatory. [+purple “Try me. I’m not running anywhere if that’s what you’re scared of. You’re free to stick around as much as you want, but there’s no fucking way you’ll get even a [i drop] on your tongue. Stalk me, I don’t give a shit. And I’m not a bleeding heart or anything, so trying the whole I’ll-kill-your-classmates thing is a futile route too. If you want a good ol’ fashioned fight to the death, I’m your girl. But don’t think you’re gonna see me begging for anything but you to get your head out of your ass anytime soon. Nobody’s succeeded in killing me before you, and your chances are just as shitty. So what do [i you] wanna do?”] she urned his question on him, walking down the stairs until she was defiantly standing only ten feet in front of him on solid ground.

[+purple “Hang around, maybe find an opening and amuse me for a while until you inevitably give up or get killed by me, or you can run off, or you can try to fight me right here and right now and risk dying anyway. What’s it gonna be?”]
  Zika Zurui / catthhay / 127d 3h 11m 33s
Dominic remained wary of the hunter. Of course he knew who she was. Though he was likely not very known. He had an understanding with a couple other hunters. He'd prey on criminals most of the time and his name won't spread in certain circles. Though he did fancy the occasional delicacy that comes with blood untainted by narcotics and alcohol which is what led to this encounter. "My plan was to get you between your last two classes. Have that one girl from your class... Jessica. I'd have her go tell the lecturer you were feeling ill and had to be escorted home. It wouldn't arouse suspicion as to wat would happen later. One could frame it so you became ill and died. I haven't hammered out those details yet. I had hoped to have that figured by your lunch period."

He had intimate knowledge of her schedule. It had been two weeks since he started following her. His vision was superb enough to stand half a mile away yet see his subject as if through binoculars. Spycraft was easy for vampires. Which is why some were even employed on both sides of the Cold War. "I'm at an impasse. You're on to me now so if I let you go I may lose you. But I'm not hungry enough for a full meal right now. I wanted to drain you slowly, intimately. So I'll tell you what I'll do... allow me a sip, fresh from the vein, each week and I'll protect you from parasites like that," referring to the lamprey behind him. He was attempting to negotiate with her mostly as to keep a low profile at this point. Two bodies to clean up will attract too much attention.

Dominic had slowly crept his way forward. Only a foot away Dominic lowered his weapon and stared at her. "Or I can push you off the building and make it look like a suicide. Claw your arms as I do to make you fit the profile. Then pay a coroner to look the other way as I drain your still warm corpse." This was textbook extortion if there were an example. He would have what he wanted and whether she lived or died depended on her.
  Dominic / Z-Plague-01 / 132d 22h 25m 21s
The woman raised an eyebrow, closing her book and leaning backwards a bit as her eyes took in the person that approached her and killed the lamprey. Honestly, it would have taken somebody much less experienced than Zika to not notice the rather obvious individual, much less graceful than vampires as they were. But it was a slight tingle in her neck, the barest breath of discomfort, that alerted her to the presence of a certain apex predator having remained close by for a while. It had to have been a while, surely, since the discomfort from her curse, the Prophecy, set in over time depending on the strength of the vampire present. Weaker ones, particularly Newborns, took upwards of a whole day before they triggered the discomfort in her throat. But older, stronger ones would take less time. Unfortunately, that didn’t really help Zika in this particular moment. She had no idea how long the vampire had been tailing her or if they were even in range of her curse’s detection the whole time, so assessing their strength was impossible.

[+purple “Partially both,”] she admitted shamelessly, her curious eyes roaming the man. [+purple “I suppose I should thank you for getting rid of him for me,”] she nodded to indicate the lamprey. [+purple “He was getting annoying,”] the woman stood, the expensive thick fabric of her hoodie easily draping to cover her body as she moved, the edges falling perfectly at her hips. It was more like a short cloak than anything, really, but modern enough in the design to pass normal human standards. She used one hand to push her textbook and the journal she had been writing on for homework into the open-top satchel that hung from one shoulder, allowing her to free up both hands just in case things went sideways.

[+purple “So? I can guess the ultimate motive behind you being here,”] she tilted her head slightly, her hoodie’s collar keeping her neck decently blocked so that the movement wasn’t overly exposing. [+purple “But that doesn’t explain why you got so close and haven’t made a move yet.”] of course, she could defend herself better than most if he did make a move, and he probably knew that , but she was still intrigued for some reason. Most vampires after her were violent idiots, even the ones who attempted to be charming or outwit her were hopelessly obtuse for someone like her. But this man somehow remained undetected by her for at least an hour, most likely longer, which wasn’t an easy feat with her hunting experience and skill. Plus, he was aiming at her with a gun , but hadn’t pulled the trigger. She wanted to know [i more].

And then she’d scan the Redlists to see if this vampire had a bounty. She had bills to pay, after all.
  Zika Zurui / catthhay / 133d 1m 51s
Dominic had been watching at a distance for some time but had noticed something else had eyes on his prey. He had fed earlier that night so his speed and reflexes were on point. Taking the longer route to avoid suspicion and catch the other predator off guard. It took little time to apprehend the creature. It was a lamprey. Close to vampires genetically but most vampires consider them a failure of a species and often uncontrollable in their hunger they often feed daily. When the object of his observation called him out he looked at the lamprey that had no doubt exposed him in the slight scuffle.

Reaching into his pocket Dominic pulled a small .25acp pocket pistol with a two baffle suppressor attached to the muzzle. Most vampires don't carry guns or weapons in general, but it makes sense to be able to kill at range. Dominic released the parasite and no sooner than it reaching the edge of sunlight to reach the woman did a loud pop occur behind it. To those on ground level no more than a cough of wind. As Dominic stepped out into the sunrise he squinted at the light while holding the gun on the woman from the hip. Stepping over the corpse he looked on at the woman as though to expect her to continue speaking. He would have preferred to stay in shadows but was for a reason even unknown to him he was entertaining this woman's request. "Well did you want to say something or did you just want to make me uncomfortable?"
  Dominic / Z-Plague-01 / 133d 3m 43s
Light blue mingles with purples, pinks, and warm oranges in the slowly awakening sky, starting to gradually throw color over a lithe figure that sat on the top of the concrete stairs leading into the main building of the city's decent community college. The area was mostly empty, only a few groggy souls wandering about in the sunrise-early morning. Most students preferred classes late enough for them to already be awake, so not many lingered like the girl on the stairs.

Her body was mostly shaded by the overhang of the building, leaving only her legs to be gradually warmed by the rising sun. she wore dark purple leggings under an out-of-season hoodie made of suspiciously good quality cloth, heavy and durable. The gold trim was slightly odd, but elegant enough to be mistaken as merely fashionable by anyone who couldn't recognize the symbols belonging to the largest Hunters' Guild in the city. Made up of humans and other species, primarily the "weaker" individuals who were preyed upon most often by the comparatively stronger beings that existed, the Hunters' Guild was just a fancy, modern type of supernatural bounty hunting system. The only humans who were "in" on the not-so-mundane world belonged to one of these guilds or another, usually poor souls who were attacked or otherwise introduced to the inhumans that inhabited the earth in a rather unpleasant fashion.

Zika, the woman on the stairs, was one such unlucky soul. Even as she sat reading a textbook of some kind and lazily sketching answers on a sheet of paper, she was armed. An observant, skilled eye would notice the faint outline of daggers on her hips and hidden in the long sleeves of her hoodie, a smaller knife on the inside of the hoodie's collar along the back of her neck. Had said weapons been visible, the blades would have glimmered with the telltale shimmer of genuine silver. Her short, feathery hair hung lightly around her head, the longer side of her bangs hiding the way her warm brown eyes occasionally darted in a seemingly randomly direction, on vigilant watch of her surroundings.

Vampires were gossips, after all. Once the features of her blood were discovered back when she was only a child, her name had spread through their society like the plague in a hoard of rats.

Zika shifted her position, legs widening ever so slightly in such a way that would make it much easier for her to stand from her place on the stairs on a moment's notice. The almost skintight leggings she wore, perfect to allow her ease of movement, did nothing to hide the wiry muscle along her calves and thighs. Those who knew who she was, and who she had to survive on a daily basis, would know that as only one of the many subtle signs of the fighter that she was. That she had to be.

[+purple "My first class starts in half an hour. I know somebody's there, so can we skip the sneaky shit and go straight for the 'admit why you're here' part?"] her lazy but authoritative voice called out in the sleepy air, sharp eyes darting up to where she suspected the visitor she had sensed to be.
  Zika Zurui / catthhay / 134d 31m 4s

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