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[center [h3 Incoming Rookies]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Captain Daichi was in the recreation room. He had moved one of his office tables in the room as to save time between working out and paperwork. It wasn't very tidy and it was against regulation but he didn't mind bending the rules when it came to small things.]]

[center [b He was staring at a few sheets while lifting a large dumbbell with the other arm. He sighed as he leaned back into his chair ruffling his hands through his hair. He was finally setting up the specifics and now he was simply waiting for his team to show. They were scheduled a surprise patrol. It was to show these rookies the basics and some of the ropes around here.]]

[center [b He was waiting for his team to show up. He was almost sure his lieutenant would show first. Mari was a diligent worker who really stepped up when it came to maintaining the equipment Hajima sent them. He could use her and Alfred's help in whipping the rookies in shape.]]

[center [b They'd be the first third generation users added to the small company. They could use the "fire power" as least the higher ups felt so. Daichi was curious to see them on the field. One of them would be packing a unique piece of equipment. He was reviewing over the papers to make doubly sure he knew what he was getting into.]]

[center [+darkred Yumi Adachi huh? Engine Blade? So she uses it with her Ignition ability? I'm sure Mari will have a blast tinkering with that thing. They better bring blueprints with the damn thing if they expect us to maintain it. As for the other rookie.. Darcia? So we got another foreigner huh? Besides nationality and some other simple statistics there isn't a lot to go on with either one of them.]]

[center [b Daichi had placed his weight down as he let out a loud yawn and a stretch as he scratched the side of his leg. Laying back he decided to do some bench pressing while he waited for the others. Maybe he could go and break his previous record. "Nah I really shouldn't push it right before a patrol with the greenhorns."]]
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