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[center [h3 Introductions]]

[center [b Daichi lost seemingly lost himself to his bench pressing. However, he felt something strange lurking in the corner of his eye. Or maybe it was simply a burning sensation that someone was watching him? Placing his equipment back where it belonged he stood up popping his shoulders loudly. He gave a hearty chuckle seeing one of the new blood had arrived alongside Mari. She was staring intensely at the man. Was she sizing him up? It wasn't strange to have third generation's challenging Daichi to a fight often. Being an unpowered captain called into his question to lead a squad often. He leaned in close to the woman peering into her eyes. Before letting out a wide smile. Whatever it was? That wasn't the case he could tell that much. He slapped her back with a hearty laugh.]]

[center [+darkred You can't stare at people like that! They might think you're trying to pick a fight ya know? Name's Daichi Takakai but don't bother with captain or Mr. Takakai. Daichi's just fine!]]

[center [b He pulled away as he crossed his arms still a soft smile on his face but his face seemed more introspective. He was peering at her outfit from bottom to top before glancing at her Engine Blade.]]

[center [+darkred Nice piece of work you've got. You're dressed a bit odd though. Were you expecting some comic con?]]

[center [b He had let out a slight chuckle before Mari had lectured him about him being engrossed into his workout. He waved his hands with a bit of a shrug.]]

[center [+darkred Yeah I guess that's my bad I just got tired of sitting around all the time. Don't worry I filled out paperwork on the recruits though.]]

[center [b He explained to Mari knowing she would break down on his case if he hadn't gotten it done. He may have been the captain but she did help keep the restless man in check. Alfred had entered shortly with a salute followed by a "sir and mam" Daichi had walked over wrapping his arm around the younger male.]]

[center [+darkred Alfred come on you know you don't gotta do that every time! I won't tell the board if you won't! Hahaha! I mean you've been working here a while!! I was just telling the new recruit to go ahead and call me Daichi!]]

[center [b The captain gave a merry smirk as he patted the young male's back before letting go. It was, of course, Alicia's turn to show up asking about the new blood. Daichi pointed at Yumi before giving the sister a wave.]]

[center [+darkred Hey Alicia! Sleep well I hope? Well this is Yumi Adachi he other new recruit will probably be here soon.]]

[center [b The captain had seen Alicia pull a scalpel out from her hand. It's not like the companies cut open live Infernal's and when they died? They turned to explosive ash. So the captain crossed his arms with a loud "Hmm"]]

[center [+darkred Knowing us I'm sure you just had to patch me up again. I tend to be in you're care a lot in the infirmary! Haha!!]]

[center [b It was true the captain may have indeed been the strongest and most capable Fire Soldier here despite being unpowered. However, he found himself with the most injuries maybe that wasn't the mark of a real "talented" captain. Though he was usually at the forefront bearing what he could for his squad. He was grateful to have Alicia to patch him up when he found himself in need of "Repair."]]

[center [b It wasn't long before Darcia had entered the room with an awful warm greeting. Daichi had offered her a firm handshake ]]

[center [+darkred Yo, the names Daichi Takakai the captain of company 8 but just call me Daichi! All right, everyone, this is Darcia Lovell! Treat the two new recruits with respect. That being said I will be expecting Alfred and Mari to whip them into shape in time. Especially you Alfred since Mari also has other duties she occupies herself with. These are the first third-generation users we've got on the team! So let's see what they can do all right? Oh yeah! I didn't introduce our sister. The one drowsily drinking coffee over there is Alica Bell. She's been here for exactly a year so we've got plenty to celebrate after the patrol. I've got special news for Alic-]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Before Daichi could finish his speech a blaring alarm had begun to set off in the building. Daichi's tone had turned however his usual smile was still plastered across his face as he looked at his team.]]

[center [+darkred Grab you're Bunker gear and meet me in the garage. Recruits you're to follow Alfred I'll go get the "Matchbox" meet me at the front.]]

[center [b Daichi had gone with them running into the locker rooms stripping down his over jacket as he went to grab his equipment quickly.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Daichi grabbed a massive sword the Cleaver Mark II. It may not have been as fancy as the "Engine Blade" but what it lacked in finesse it made up for in raw power. A large heavy blade that could vibrate intensely if need be. It was considered a failure because it was unwieldy and dangerous to use. It was a piece of gear that the captain stuck to managing himself. Granted him and Mari had worked together to create the Mark II. The Mark I was considered even more dangerous and created by Hajima. Many soldiers lost their lives using the Mark I so even though the equipment wasn't forcibly repossessed it was against regulation to use it for anything besides scrapping for parts. However, the captain couldn't bring himself to scrap even the Mark I. Using it as a frame of reference him and Mari managed a somewhat safer revolution. It was still a weapon only Daichi could pull off.]]

[center [b Daichi had packed a few extinguisher grenades in his Bunker Gear. Taking a Bunker Helmet with added shoulder pads. His Bunker Gear was modified to be a bit heavier but offer a little more protection. Taking the massive Fire Blast Shield and placing it on his back. He took the type two battleax. Only Alicia had the skill to bless water and help create sacred darts. That would be all the captain would take this trip but sometimes he changed it up. He may have been big and full of muscle but even he had a limit of what to bring and still can move around effectively. He was already one of the slower members on the field That being said after gearing up the captain managed to jog to the garage to get the units large armored vehicle. Or AKA the "Matchbox" driving it to the front with Mari. He looked in the back glad to see it had emergency equipment just in case. That was due to Mari's hard work and diligence. Maybe they could grab some more Ashes from a new Infernal for Alicia to study when they get back.]]

[center [+darkred All right company 8 were moving out!]]
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[center She had been up before her alarm went off. Nervous and unable to catch that extra hour of sleep. To keep herself busy she had showered and got dressed. The black dress she had decided on cut off a little below her knees. None of that had taken nearly enough time. She sighed and looked around her apartment. Nice and neat. The way she liked it. The whole place smelled of flowers. She smiled lightly to herself. Flower arranging was a hobby of hers and it kept her busy most of the time. The only real messy spot in her apartment was the table. Flowers laying out that she had been working with. Even this mess was organized though. The stems she had cut off in a neat pile even the flowers laid in a small pile. To her this was still a mess.]

[center She cleaned up the flowers and the stems putting everything away. She would return to this another day. She would have to get new flowers by then though. She would make a reminder before she left. By the time she had finished that it was about time to leave. She let out a soft sigh. She had to compose herself. She couldn’t act nervous. It had been her decision to come here and help. It had been against her families wishes, but she hadn’t cared. She would follow her own path. She knew in the end they would accept her choice. They always did. She looked around her apartment quietly. The smell of flowers still lingering on the air. She wished she had time to do more with them, but she didn’t. She had to go.]

[center She left the apartment feeling a little less nervous, but not completely as composed as she wanted to be. She had taken a note down on what subways she would have to take to get to the company eight building. She at least felt confident in that. She of course had left the paper with that information inside of her apartment though. She glanced up at the building deciding on if she should go back inside or not. She knew the way. She had read it several times. She didn’t have time to go back inside and look. She would just have to go from memory. She could do that.]

[center She was wrong. By the time she had gotten to the first subway she had forgotten everything she had wrote down. So she ended up taking a wrong one before she asked for help. Now as she stood in front of the building she looked down and sighed.]

[center [+deeppink “Well I suppose at least I was only lost for a little bit... It could have been worse...”]]

[center She sighed softly again and slowly collected herself before she stepped inside. This building was rather large. Where was she suppose to go again? Great. Oh right. The captains office right? Where was that? She looked around slowly before she just chose a hall and began walking down it. Thankfully the hall she walked down led her towards where everyone was gathered. She stood there a moment letting her eyes fall on the girl that was standing in the doorway. She carefully walked over to join her looking into the room. So this was where they were suppose to gather? In the gym? She shook her head dismissing those thoughts for the time being. Was she the last one to arrive? Great. She had wanted to be first. She should have left earlier. Damn. Nothing she could do about it now. She had pushed all the nervousness she felt away. She had to. As she always liked to appear confident of herself. So she greeted everyone with a warm smile.]

[center [+deeppink “Hello everyone! Sorry if I’m late!”]]
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The darkness, a perfect place for a peaceful atmosphere to think or relax. Feeling as if being stuck in an endless void subtlety forced oneself into an endless, free-falling perspective.

Within the dark confines of the medical lab a shady figure could be seen sitting hunched over a table. Every so often a shadow in the shape of a weird cup could be seen moving up and down, the shadowy figure quenching her thirst from the cup. The shadowy figure was none other than the science priestess of Fire Force 8 Alica Bell, currently in the middle of a flashback after learning of new recruits coming in today.

Today marked 365 days since she had left America, 52 fast weeks, one slow year. A creeping along single year since her tenure in Tokyo, Japan. And oh my did the first part of started off crazy.

Back in America Alica was known as Dr.Bell to her patients, the other nursing staff she worked with in the hospital, and to other hospitals and their nursing staffs. Dr.Bell managed to find out this Fire Force company thing happening in Tokyo, Japan and had decided to apply for an open position. The wait for a reply, and then for a plane ticket over the sea was not long in coming.

At the Tokyo airport a priestess of the Sol religion, which Alicia thought was a bunch of hocus pocus, took her into custody so to speak. No talking happened, only a lengthy awkward car ride to a building. Dr.Bell did not get any chance to see who else was in this building for she was given only enough time to go in, chuck her stuff, claim the space for a medical lab, and walk back to car, all under the priestesses’ observation.

The next building, that would be the building were Dr. Alica Bell transformed into Sister Alica Bell. The process of this mutating transformation from a regular doctor to a priestess of the Sol religion left quite a mark on Alica, and a permanent change. Dr.Bell never knew how to speak or write Japanese, but Sister Bell fluently wrote and spoke Japanese as if she’d been a native of Japan. Dr.Bell had known nothing about the Sol religion whereas Sister Bell knew every single detail. Dr.Bell had only known how to be a doctor while Sister Bell knew not only how to be a doctor but also the giver of the last rite.

At the end of this [i sister indoctrination school], Alica jokingly called it, she exited a very changed person.

One such interesting example of change was an encounter with a street vendor as she’d been walking to the Fire Force 8 headquarters for her first day as an official priestess. The street vendor had an assortment of vegetables and fruit, and Alica asked for an apple. Her spoken words were in Japanese while her thoughts were in English, subsequently Alica thought she had spoken in English. Which meant it came as a surprise when the vendor commented on her fluency for a foreigner as he bagged the apple, to which Alica responded by paying for the apple and saying that she was speaking English. The vendor couldn’t help but feeling confused at a foreigner who spoke fluent Japanese but claiming to speak English, he attempted to point this out but the foreigner refuted him again before walking off. Alica did come back later to apologize to the vendor and now she frequently bought things from him.

Another surprise awaiting Alica came in the form of a person whom she had not met for over 10 years. She’d met Mari Hayes at the Fitz-Simmons Institute of Science and Innovation. Both of them had been interning, Alica as a med intern and Mari something to do with engineering or similar to engineering. Their first encounter came in the form of Alica walking into a lab in which Mari had been tinkering with what was considered dangerous tools, an obvious safety violation and a ginormous medical risk. Somehow, they began to chat and befriended before splitting off to each their own path. Mari Hayes reintroduced herself in the same way Alica had first introdocurd herself to Mari those many years ago.

Alica snapped out of her flashback, standing up unsteadily while groaning. The flashback had felt crushing on the mind, as if the resting effects of a good nights sleep had been pressure mushed to smithereens. [#cc00cc [b “Guess that is what coffee is for”]], another sip from the cup before walking out the lab and downstairs with a slight limp to her right leg, dressed in her ‘signature’ dark grey beanie, explicit content t-shirt, black jeans, and black/blue sneakers.

A few people had already congregated in one of the rooms downstairs, Alice instantly recognized Mari and the Captain from the almost constants interactions with them over the past months since living here. [#cc00cc [b “So... when is the new blood supposed to show up”]], her words drawn out a bit more due to still being sleepy, another audible sip of hot coffee shortly following.

Alica leavened into the wall, dropping her unoccupied left hand downwards. Mindlessly looking around, she felt a sharp tip pressing through the left jean pocket and into her hand. She carefully brought it out to reveal it to be a brand new scalpel. [#cc00cc [b “Huh, was I cutting up somebody last night?”]]
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Shielding his eyes from the sun, Alfred looked out into a forest. A forest that was very familiar to him. It was near his training camp, back in Britain. Before he could ask any questions, something zipped by his head, followed by the pop of a rifle. Drawing his sidearm in a fluid motion, he focused his sights upon a fuzzy humanoid silhouette. The figure noticed, and rushed him, lowering itself to make a smaller target. The first shot Alfred made missed the target by a hair, and before he could fire again the figure rammed it's shoulder into his gut.

With a jolt he awoke in his bunk. Reaching down to his gut, he found his companion, Fuzzball. Fuzzball looked up at him, purring and nuzzling his hand. Judging by the light coming in through the window, it was time for food. Quickly getting up, he grabbed the set of clothing he had left out the night before. Setting Fuzzball up with a little kitten chow in a bowl, and setting both of the aforementioned items upon his desk, made his way into the shower, reflecting upon his dream. [i [#ec2cba It's been a good few years since I've been back to the place... Good memories.]]

Emerging from the shower still drying his hair several minutes later, Alfred smiled seeing that lil' Fuzzball had finished his little meal and was waiting for him. Throwing on his hoodie, and securing his boots, Alfred paused. Taking some time, he fixed his hair, made sure his dog tags were clean, and secured his re-breather around his neck. [#00bfff "Come along, little one. It's time for breakfast."] Extending his hand, Fuzzball jumped into it with an adorable mewl. Scratching his furry friend's ear and chin, he deposited the purring ball of warmth and adorable into his pocket. Grabbing his shoulder holster and sidearm, he made his way to the mess hall. [#00bfff "One can never be too care, right Fuzzball?"]

Smiling gently to himself as the kitten purred and kneaded on his hand, Alfred set up a kettle. Looking around the mess hall to make sure he was all alone, he reached behind the refrigerator he removed a package of crumpets that he himself had baked. Procuring a half dozen, he sealed up the container and returned it to his stash. Dividing the food between two dishes, and pouring two cups of soon to be tea, he took a seat at a table, his back to the wall. Setting Fuzzball on the table, the little bugger began nibbling on a crumpet. Petting Fuzzball with his left hand, he began enjoying his tea while his compatriot began his breakfast.

Once Fuzzball got done with his crumpets, he began circling the cup of tea that Alfred hadn't touched. Alfred field stripped and began cleaning his side arm while Fuzzball gave the tea a few exploratory sniffs, then an exploratory sip. [#00bfff "I'm sorry, Fuzzball, but they were out of your favorite yesterday. I hope some of your daddy's favorite will suffice."] Seeming to be content with that answer, and the taste, the little fur ball mewed at him, before beginning to lap up the tea. Alfred and Fuzzball stayed like that for a good half hour, just enjoying the relative calm of the base and the mess hall. Finishing up with his maintenance, Alfred cleaned up the localized disaster his little bud had made. Washing the dishes quickly, Alfred picked up Fuzzball and headed up to their room.

After dropping Fuzzball off, and giving him a quick kiss on the top of his head, Alfred made his way towards the Captain's quarters. Passing the "Research and Development" lab, as he mentally referred to it as, thoughts of the Lieutenant drifted lazily into his mind. She was always tinkering with something. Judging from the lack of lights, she was off elsewhere. [i [#ec2cba What could possibly be enough to get the LT out of her lab long enou-]][#00bfff "Shit. The recruits."] Brushing himself off, and securing his re-breather and shoulder holster, Alfred made his way to the Captain's quarters post haste.

Spotting what cute female in an unique outfit, he gave her a quick nod before stepping into the room which she was peering into. Stepping off to the side, he snapped off a salute to the Captain and the Lieutenant. [#00bfff "Alfred Greaves, reporting for duty, sir and ma'am."]
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[google-font,700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext] Like clockwork, Mari started her day off with paperwork. Getting that out of the way also got it out of the way of her working space. Like the captain, she had a makeshift table space where she filled out the mission reports, expenditures, and responding documents to higher ups. Outside of the squad, she also received contracted projects requests Haijima. They paid well and even supplied resources and materials she used for her squad. Though paperwork wasn't all she used it for, it was her drafting table. She designed most of her personalized gear for her squad there.

With paperwork far behind her, she was currently working on something new for Alfred, their first class fire soldier, and herself. With new recruits coming in, he'd be leading a lot of their training sessions. This was perfect to demonstrate how people could always enhance their abilities with new skill sets and tactics. New recruits in general, but especially 3rd gens, usually needed a lesson that although they've made it into the Fire Force, they could still do much more than what they could already. Some already have that idea, but could still gain from seeing a live example of it.

Mari leaned back in her chair and stretched out her arms, reaching so far she could feel it in her back. Looking at the time, things were still on schedule. She had just finished Alfred's new attachment for his rifle, but had some final touch ups and checks on her new gear. After that, she was off for Captain's meetup for the new recruits.

Making sure the inner circuitry was properly insulated and secured, she did a small test run to make sure everything still lined up and nothing shifted in the process. With it sealed up, she did a final test for the tensile strength. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Perfect."]]] Checking the time again, she had a satisfied smile. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "With time to spare."]]] Mari put on her new boots and cleaned up the mess both of her "newest creations" made.

Grabbing the files for the new recruits, she did another overview while heading over. She mumbled her summary outloud to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything, [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Yep. Both 3rd gen. Both females too. Darcia Lovell & Yumi Adachi. Darcia's from France. Ooooo, Yumi's toy sounds like a lot of fun. Former with a cloaking ability, the latter with a propelling one. Everything else… Interesting. Okay."]]]

Walking up to Captain's recreational office, she saw a petit silver-haired girl in very unique clothes. It was a nice surprise to not be the only one early. Though, the girl wasn't heading in. She was staring into the room from the doorway with an almost blank but mesmerised stare. [I [Kaushan+Script [size14 Well this recruit seems like fun. Wonder if she's nervous though.]]] Before saying anything to her, Mari saw it: the Engine Blade. Her eyes locked on it with awe. Mari had seen many weapons and gear but this one was a first. Catching herself before she became fixated. [I [Kaushan+Script [size14 Hope this recruit has the skills to live up to it. If not, I'll talk to Alfred to make sure his training plan makes that a focus.]]]

Arriving there, Mari greeted the girl [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Hey, you must be Yumi Adachi. It's okay to go in. You don't have to wait."]]] Entering the room she called out to their captain, [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Hey Daichi, one of the recruits is here. She was waiting outside the room and you didn't call her in. Try not to get too engrossed in your workout, Captain. It leaves a bad impression."]]] Looking back to the new 2nd class, [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Sorry about that. I'm Mari Hayes. Though I'm sure we'll be doing introductions shortly."]]]
  Mari Hayes / Yoruneko / 123d 6h 13m 12s
[font david [i Yumi tossed and turned in her bed spreading her legs out with a light snore. She'd sleep all day like this if she could but her alarm had others plans. The blasted thing began to blare off and on in a loud annoying ring. So loud her apartment "neighbors" banged on the door for her to shut that thing off. Yumi already found herself flat on the floor startled by the damn thing.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 Ow.]]]

[font david [i She expressed with a monotone expression offering her neighbor's nothing in response. With a straight face, she sat up and turned off the Alarm clock. Why were they so mad? It was clear in the evening she only set up cause only she'd sleep that long. Letting out a short stretch with a soft yawn. Sitting up she went to her closet to see the outfit her parents sent her. Formal and proper and it looked hella restrictive.]]

[font david [i She groaned grabbing the outfit before hurling straight to the garbage den.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 She scores.]]

[font david [i She said still in her mild-mannered tone before going to the back of her messy closet. Her whole one-room apartment was a mess with figures and manga all over the place. Her wires and controllers sprawled on the floor with her other belongings. Finally locating her outfit she yanked it out of her closet with all the force her tiny frame could muster. Managing to retrieve it she held it close to her chest on her bed. It came with a cape a white dress with a strange and unique design. Leather gloves with too many straps and thigh-high boots. It was something a [ Chunibyo] crazed otaku would wear. Or at the very least an avid cosplayer though either description fit Yumi to an extent.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 Heh.]]]

[font david [i She gave a monotone expressed piece sign to no one in particular. Heading straight to the shower before she dolled herself up. Despite being a rather messy otaku she took great joy in personal hygiene. Being a third-generation user had its perks besides the jobs she could handle heat extremely well. She always heard steam was good for the pours so she'd simply put the water full blast on heat. After said shower, she came out in her towel to brush her teeth and style her hair meticulously. She came back to her room lifting one of her favorite Otome games. Eyeing it with an almost deep longing before placing it back down with a sigh. She had come over to her poster next of a rugged older looking man. Normally Otome addicts were known for liking the pretty ones but she oddly finds herself more intrigued by the love interest fathers. It was part of why she could never keep friends at school with her strange personality quirks it wasn't hard to imagine why.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 I love you.]]]

[font david [i She said as mild-mannered as ever her face still completely straight before touching the poster softly. Right afterward getting dressed in what seemed like a flash as she headed out the door. Although she took her time walking down the stairs and out of the apartment before going to the fire department. Like usual she garnered strange looks from passerby's but she paid them no mind. Taking the subway trains until she eventually reached her stop in downtown Tokyo. She wasn't far now, after several minutes of walking she stopped. In front of her was the fire department company eight. It was a rather large building yet kinda small compared to the companies one through seven. Taking small strides she walked in looking for the captain's office. It was a bit confusing to get around and she found herself lost. Turning around she saw the Gym with a man working out. Her expression remained calm but she had a sparkle in her eye as she mumbled to herself.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 Genta Tobachi? Is that you?]]]

[font david [i He looked very similar to one of her favorite characters one you never could romance in game. Waltzing in she saw the man with an intense glare.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 .....]]]
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[center [h3 Incoming Rookies]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Captain Daichi was in the recreation room. He had moved one of his office tables in the room as to save time between working out and paperwork. It wasn't very tidy and it was against regulation but he didn't mind bending the rules when it came to small things.]]

[center [b He was staring at a few sheets while lifting a large dumbbell with the other arm. He sighed as he leaned back into his chair ruffling his hands through his hair. He was finally setting up the specifics and now he was simply waiting for his team to show. They were scheduled a surprise patrol. It was to show these rookies the basics and some of the ropes around here.]]

[center [b He was waiting for his team to show up. He was almost sure his lieutenant would show first. Mari was a diligent worker who really stepped up when it came to maintaining the equipment Hajima sent them. He could use her and Alfred's help in whipping the rookies in shape.]]

[center [b They'd be the first third generation users added to the small company. They could use the "fire power" as least the higher ups felt so. Daichi was curious to see them on the field. One of them would be packing a unique piece of equipment. He was reviewing over the papers to make doubly sure he knew what he was getting into.]]

[center [+darkred Yumi Adachi huh? Engine Blade? So she uses it with her Ignition ability? I'm sure Mari will have a blast tinkering with that thing. They better bring blueprints with the damn thing if they expect us to maintain it. As for the other rookie.. Darcia? So we got another foreigner huh? Besides nationality and some other simple statistics there isn't a lot to go on with either one of them.]]

[center [b Daichi had placed his weight down as he let out a loud yawn and a stretch as he scratched the side of his leg. Laying back he decided to do some bench pressing while he waited for the others. Maybe he could go and break his previous record. "Nah I really shouldn't push it right before a patrol with the greenhorns."]]
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