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[center [h3 Setting]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b At an unspecified point in the future, world sea levels have risen and the world is in a shambles. The rising sea levels have been carving up continents and causing the disappearance of many countries. Japan is now much smaller with people gathered within the small Tokyo Empire where the Holy Sol Temple and Haijma Industries have developed the Amaterasu, perpetual thermal energy plant. In the year 198 of the Solar Era in Tokyo, special fire brigades called the Fire Force fight increasing incidents of spontaneous human combustion where humans beings are turned into living infernos called "Infernals". While the Infernals are first-generation cases of spontaneous human combustion, later generations possess pyrokinesis while retaining human form. The Fire Force was formed by combining people with these powers from the Holy Sol Temple, The Tokyo Armed Forces and the Fire Defense Agency. Though the equipment is funded and made by the company known as Haijima.]]

[center [h3 Plot]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The Fire Force is made to combat the threat of the "Generation" a total of eight companies exist in Tokyo. This is the story of the men and women in Company eight. One day these companies hope to reach the answer to what causes the infernals.]]

[center [h3 Roles]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b These are the roles/ranks of those in each company. Though I plan to start with six characters. I may add more later? We shall see how it goes.]]

[center [i Captain: There will only be one captain. This person will be the oldest and most experienced of the team. Leading the company into Fire Fights.]]

[center [i Lieutenant: The second in command of the team.]]

[center [i Sister/Priest: This person is important in giving the Infernal their last rites otherwise they might not be able to find peace in the afterlife. These men and women also usually spend time learning in the medical field to look after the team.]]

[center [i First Class Fire Soldier: A first-rate fire soldier with plenty of combat experience and training.]]

[center [i Second Class Fire Soldier: A second rate fire soldier who still has plenty left to learn about the job. Usually in their young years.]]

[center [i Engineer: These men and women repair and maintain equipment given to the company understanding the ins and outs of how to use said equipment as well.]]

[center [i Scientist: These men and women research the bodies of the fallen Infernals helping classify every infernal. They are not a one size fits all after all. These women and men are the hope for the greater goal of the Fire Force. To find out where the source is coming from.]]

[center [h3 Pyrokinesis]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Important terms used for those with and without Ignition ability. Also, the differing ways in which it could be used.]]

[center [b Unpowered: Those lacking any sort of Ignition.]]

[center [i Second Generation: Those who can train to push and manipulate already existing flames. They cannot create flames without using some sort of starter. A match for example.]]

[center [b Known Second Generation Abilities]]

[center [i 1: "Living Flame" Shifting existing flames to create small seemingly sentient flames to use as familiars.]]

[center [i 2: "Flaming Bullet" Allows the user to control the gunpowder inside bullets, making the impact they make stronger or weaker, depending on the situation. The user can use this ability to make their bullets non-lethal. With "Trajectory Control", one can change the trajectory of their bullets, which allows them to shoot their targets at any given angle and from longer distances, and with "Bullet Speed Control" they can accelerate said bullets, leaving behind a trail of fire. With "Ricochet Control", one can force their bullets to rebound, bounce or skip off a surface, increasing their velocity.]]

[center [b Third Generation: Those of the newest generation, these individuals can create flames from thin air. While also being more resistant to flames than most though not completely immune to flames.]]

[center [b Known Third Generation Abilities]]

[center [i 1: Propel: Using flames under the feet and hands to zoom and fly around the battlefield.]]

[center [i 2: Plasma: A rare ability heating an area to create a plasma weapon that appears more akin to electricity. This fire is more difficult to be manipulated even by second generation users.]]

[center [i 3: Cloak: Cloaking the user in a sea of flames used to increase speed and strength however this can a very dangerous technique to use. Lesser cloaks are usually used to avoid any serious injuries.]]

[center [i I'm open to the idea of creating new ways or powers that the ignition users can use. As long you discuss it with me first.]]

[center [h3 Company Eight's Equipment]]

[center [b Members of the Special Fire wear bunker gear, which is shared by all individual brigades. Fire Soldiers from Tokyo tend to wear black helmets on their heads, with the letters "FIRE SOLDIER # TOKYO", which was later changed to "FIRE FORCE # TOKYO" . They also wear large jackets, with bright neon-blue stripes across the arms and stomach-area, and a collar directing outwards. Their jackets have buttons in shape of a cross. On several occasions, members of their respective brigades were seen wearing orange jumpsuits, when off-duty, with the same cross-shaped symbol on their backs.]]

[center [b The uniform also consists of gloves and a neck protector. The Fire Soldiers wear striped trousers, black-colored shirts, buckled at the waist with a belt, and black boots. On the left upper-arm of their jackets, a number patch with the insignia of the brigade is present. The uniforms, however, are allowed to be customized, for example exposing the feet of a third generation to use a propel ignition ability..]]

[center [b Seven-Style Fire Fighting Battle Axe is a weapon made by Haijima Industries, that is used by members of the Special Fire Brigades. When its trigger is pulled, the ax allows its user to fire sacred spikes from the firing hammer, which is located in the front of the weapon. The battleax also has a safety switch installed.]]

[center [b Core Annihilating Pile Bunker is a weapon made by Haijima Industries, that is used by members of the Fire Force. It is composed of a pneumatic or hydraulic piston, connected to a spiked shaft and recoil springs. When equipped to the user's hand, it can be used to impale an Infernal's core. This equipment is rather heavy and difficult to use without proper physical training.]]

[center [b Flame Resistant Shield: A massive shield used to protect the user and their team. Requiring top physical form however to be able to be used. The shield can withstand extreme flames and physical attacks.]]

[center [b Flame Resistant Helmet: An additionally heavy helmet used for even further protection. Though not required equipment to wear due to its weight. It's extremely flame resistant and even useful against many physical attacks.]]

[center [b Special Fire Extinguishing Bullet, which allows to subdue and slow down an Infernal's movements. However, the firearms required to use such bullets are rather heavy. The bullets aren't overly plentiful.]]

[center [b I'm open to new idea's for equipment as long as you discuss it with me first. ]]

[center [h3 Skeletons]]

[center [b I have six different sheets to be filled out. You're given free roam on your character's background and personality. These sheets are more so the six kinds of characters I'm looking for. Captain etc, and also to set limitations/rules for each character sheet. As to prevent any form of god-modding and such.]]

[center [b Captain's Sheet]]

[center [i Name: Prefer the captain to be born in Tokyo but he can be any nationality.]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture I may ask you to make some small changes. ]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 30-40]]

[center [i Height: Up to you ]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you ]]

[center [i Abilities: Unpowered: Can't use an ignition ability however trains like crazy and unlike their comrades? They can carry over 30 Kilos of gear on top of the bunker gear. While still moving and fighting carrying said weapons and equipment. Being easily the physically strongest and most experienced on the team. What equipment and fighting style they'll use? Is completely up to you. You are probably the most talented at using every weapon to so keep that in mind!]]

[center [i Role(s): Captain (obviously) as for the second role? You can choose between Engineer or Scientist.]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b Lieutenant's Sheet]]

[center [i Name: ]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture I may ask you to make some small changes. ]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 24-30]]

[center [i Height: Up to you]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you]]

[center [i Abilities: Second Generation User: (Up to you which variation of second-generation abilities they use. As well as being fairly good at using the equipment they help maintain.]]

[center [i Role(s): Lieutenant and Engineer.]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b Sister's/Priest Sheet]]

[center [i Name: ]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture I may ask you to make some small changes. ]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 18-26]]

[center [i Height: Up to you ]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you]]

[center [i Abilities: Nonpowered, wearing lighter equipment than the rest of the team. Only these people can say the last rites for the Infernal. They are also experts in the medical field. ]]

[center [i Role(s): Sister/Priest and as for the second role? You may choose between the three. Second Class Fire Soldier, Scientist, Engineer.]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b First Class Fire Soldier's Sheet]]

[center [i Name: ]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture I may ask you to make some small changes. ]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 19-24]]

[center [i Height: Up to you ]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you]]

[center [i Abilities: Second Generation User and on top of that this individual is ex-military. Making them an extremely dangerous fighter.]]

[center [i Role(s): First Class Fire Soldier]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b Second Class Fire Soldier's Sheet]]

[center [i Name: ]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture I may ask you to make some small changes. ]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 17-19]]

[center [i Height: Up to you ]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you]]

[center [i Abilities: Third Generation User: Up to you which variation of Ignition you will use.]]

[center [i Role(s): Second Class Fire Soldier]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b Second Class Fire Soldier's Sheet ]]

[center [i Name: ]]

[center [i Pic: I'll be really picky when it comes to pictures overall. If I don't like the picture I may ask you to make some small changes. ]]

[center [i Gender: Male or Female]]

[center [i Age: 17-19]]

[center [i Height: Up to you ]]

[center [i Weight: Up to you]]

[center [i Abilities: Third Generation User: Up to you which variation of Ignition you will use.]]

[center [i Role(s): Second Class Fire Soldier]]

[center [i Personality:]]

[center [i Background:]]

[center [b Though I don't care what gender each role is. I do want about roughly even of the two genders. It doesn't need to be split down in the middle three males and three females. However, I would like at least two of either gender.]]

[center [h3 Current Cast]]

[center [pic]]

[center [i Name: Daichi Takakai]]

[center [i Pic:]]

[center [i Gender: Male]]

[center [i Age: 34]]

[center [i Height: 198.12 cm (6'6")]]

[center [i Weight: 127.06 kg ]]

[center [i Abilities: Unpowered: Incredibly fit, with tons of expertise and training in several weapons.]]

[center [i Role(s): Captain, Engineer]]

[center [i Personality: Daichi is a strong stalwart man. Always putting himself on the front line to protect his subordinates. That isn't to say he doesn't have faith in his company. He'd trust any of them with his life. He appears light hearted and reckless however beyond his smile is a seasoned Fire Force soldier. He doesn't believe in leaving behind anyone on the Fire Force. Despite being an Indomitable leader he relies plenty on his Lieutenant to keep up with paperwork and other busy work such as maintaining the equipment around. Resulting in the Lieutenant surpassing the captain in terms of engineering. That being said the captain is known for performing well under fire. ]]

[center [i Background: Daichi grew up in Tokyo and trained and studied plenty to become a Fire Soldier. He's the latest captain of the Fire Force He's been a Fire Soldier since seventeen however. He's been in service almost since the birth of the Fire Force. He's also the only soldier recruited to captain without having any Ignition abilities.]]

[center [pic]]

[center Name: Mari Hayes]

[center Pic:]

[center Gender: Female]

[center Age: 26]

[center Height: 175.5 cm (5'9")]

[center Weight: 62.25 kg ]

[center Abilities: Second Generation User: Living Flame. Highly skilled and experienced engineer.]

[center Role(s): Lieutenant and Engineer.]

[center Personality:
Mari's an avid believer of work hard, play hard. As long as the job gets done the way it needs to and respect isn't discarded, everyone can feel free to relax, joke around, and have fun. She won't expect her team to do anything she wouldn't do herself. Striving to be an example, she's always looking to better herself, skill-sets, and ways to help the team. She can get carried away with that by tinkering with the equipment and practicing abilities, but will eventually allow herself to get to a stopping point. After a day of hard work, she loves to decompress. Same applies with her team. After a good success, she'd take them somewhere to treat them as long as she got the okay from the captain. 'Drinks on me!' . Overall, she can be real chill and wants to have fun, but the job is the job. Once she's on-duty, that takes priority, but she always looks out for her team.]

[center Background:
Born & raised in Tokyo, but mixed nationality . When Mari was little, she loved making various contraptions; whether they were toys, tools to get into things around the house , props/traps to prank someone, etc. Her older cousin was a director of one of the development departments and used to take her with as a kid. This gave her an opportunity to enhance, direct, and refine those skills under the company's guidance. She ended up doing an internship when she was 13 and working there from 15-19. At that point, she wanted to do more than just develop equipment she would never truly be able to test out and utilize, so she joined the Fire Force. Since then, she's gained a lot of combat experience and still does some contracted work here and there for extra funds and resources. Her drive has allowed her to become a lieutenant of one of the teams and a vital leader among the Fire Force's engineers.]

[center [pic]]

[center Name: Alfred Greaves]

[center Pic:]

[center Gender: Male]

[center Age: 24]

[center Height: 6' 0"]

[center Weight: 215 lbs]

[center Abilities: Second Generation User and on top of that this individual is ex-military. Making them an extremely dangerous fighter.]

[center Second Gen Ability: Ability: "Flaming Bullet" Allows the user to control the gunpowder inside bullets, making the impact they make stronger or weaker, depending on the situation. The user can use this ability to make their bullets non-lethal. With "Trajectory Control", one can change the trajectory of their bullets, which allows them to shoot their targets at any given angle and from longer distances, and with "Bullet Speed Control" they can accelerate said bullets, leaving behind a trail of fire. With "Ricochet Control", one can force their bullets to rebound, bounce or skip off a surface, increasing their velocity.]

[center Role(s): First Class Fire Soldier]

[center Personality: When you first get to know Alfred, he seems like a bit of a muscle-headed jack ass. At least, that's what his appearance would tell you. A tempered and disciplined soldier, he has no qualms with taking the life of an Infernal. He may even relish the bloodshed. But at the end of the day, he fights to protect that which is most important to him. Just don't let his love of fire dissuade you. When not on a mission, or training, he enjoys snacking on tea and crumpets with his "familiar", Fuzzball.]

[center Background: Born and raised in Her Majesty's United Empire , Alfred joined up with the Royal Commandos as soon as he was old enough. Why? Because he wanted to fight back the terror that was plaguing the borders. Learning how to kill, when to kill, and, by extension, how to protect his Homelands, was just part of the job. Terrorists, looters, they were nothing compared to these "Infernals". Realizing he and his homeland were under equipped, and not trained on how to take these new threats down, he set his eyes on this "Fire Force" he had heard of in Japan for new equipment and training. With nobody but Fuzzball by his side, he set off to join the Fire Force, to train and fight against this new enemy. Now, as a 1st Class Fire Soldier, he wants to know what makes these Infernals appear, and what makes them tick.]

[center [pic]]

[b Name:] [b [#ff9900 Alica Bell]]

[b Pic:] [#ff9900 [b]]

[b Gender:] [b [#ff9900 Female]]

[b Age:] [b [#ff9900 28]]

[b Height:] [#ff9900 [b 1.67 meters] (5’5”)]

[b Weight:] [#ff9900 [b 72.6 kilograms] ]

[b Abilities:] [#ff9900 Aside from being able to perform the [b Last Rites of an Infernal], Alica doesn’t have any special abilities aside from being a [b first rate medic] and a [b useful Scientist]. ]

[b Role(s):] [#ff9900 Her primary role is a [b Sister/Priest]. Her secondary role, while not as good as her first she’s still damn good at, is being an [b Scientist].]

[b Personality:]
[b * [#ff9900 Humourless]] [b —] [#ff9900 The inability to find humour in things, and most certainly in themselves]
[b * [#ff9900 Stubborn]] [b —] [#ff9900 Unreasonably, often unyielding; bull-headed: Determined; resolute]
[b * [#ff9900 Apologetic]] [b —] [#ff9900 Apologizes all the time, even when not at fault]
[b * [#ff9900 Blunt]] [b —] [#ff9900 Characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion]
[b * [#ff9900 Fortitudinous]] [b —] [#ff9900 The courage to stand up for what is right, even in the face of pressure]
[b * [#ff9900 Patient]] [b —] [#ff9900 Remaining calm and not becoming annoyed when dealing with problems or difficult people]
[b * [#ff9900 Philosophical]] [b —] [#ff9900 Showing a calm attitude toward disappointments or difficulties]

[b Background:] [#ff9900 First things first, she ain’t from [b Tokyo]. Hell, she wasn’t even from [-b Japan]. Alica’s country of birth was the [b United god damn States of fucking America]. One thing to understand about her, which was her love of playing [b support roles] in video games: specifically [b repairing], whether it was repairing damage to people or inanimate objects. And based on her video game playing preferences Alica decided to make a career out of fixing people. It took a few years, but through stubborn determination she was a [b doctor]. Working in America became a bore, but events in a certain country, [b Japan] to be specific, perked her adventurous curiosity.]

[center [pic]]

[center Name: Darcia Lovell


Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5’5

Weight: 125 lbs

Abilities: Third Generation User: Cloak

Role(s): Second Class Fire Soldier

Personality: Friendly towards most people. Willing to help. Sometimes she seems like she seems full of herself. Really she’s not though. She always thinks that everyone else is better and that she’s only in the way. She never voices this to anyone though. She constantly thinks she needs to prove herself so she will push her limits. She isn't afraid of putting herself in harms way.

Background: She was born and raised in France.]

[center [pic]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 Name: Yumi Adachi


Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5,2

Weight: 121 lb

Abilities: Third Generation User: Propel:

Role(s): Second Class Fire Soldier

Personality: Mild tempered with unusual taste and preferences. She's lost many friends due to her blunt honesty. She may be soft-spoken and even monotone but she's got a sarcastic sense of humor if given the opportunity. She can be surprisingly flirtatious as well although with her intense ice-cold stare it's hard to tell. She's cool calm and collected on the outside but underneath? Who know's what that girl is thinking.

Background: Yumi's has mostly lived the lifestyle of a NEET. She did graduate high school but she never really wanted to just stay home and play her Otome games. She's never exactly been social but when her unique and extraordinary powers were discovered. Due to certain circumstances back at home, she was forced to apply for the Fire Force. She had always been very reliant on her powers and has shown great prowess.]]]

[center [h3 Rules]]

[center [i 1: No Drama, at least outside of the roleplay. Inside is fair game of course.]]

[center [i 2: Site Rules Apply ]]

[center [i 3: Only control other people's characters once you've PM'd them and asked]]

[center [i 4: No posting order, that being said wait for at least two others to post first before posting again.]]

[center [i 5: I hold the right to change any rules if the need arises.]]

[center [i 6: Not a strict rule but I ask you to post at least once a week. However, if you can't just let me know and we can wait on you.]]

[center [i 7: I don't mind short post just no one-liners!!]]

[center [i 8: If you wanna join send me a PM with the title "Fire Force" to let me know you have indeed read the rules.]]

[center [i 9: I don't mind romance, hell even if you want a quickly formed romance go for it. I only ask that the romance doesn't consume the main plot. That being said certain moral challenges like choosing to save a lover? Or doing your job and saving a citizen? That could be lots of fun. It can be apart of the plot! Just not the ENTIRE plot.]]

[center [i 10: No more than two characters per person! However, you aren't required to play two characters!]]

[center [i 11: Due to a question I was asked I wanna clarify. Anime or Illustrated pictures only. ]]

[center [i 12: Just in case I wasn't clear for Ignition users? I want you to only use one of the variation techniques along with whatever your generation is capable of. So when you send in a skelly I may ask what type of Ignition they use. Like "Living Flame" or "Flame Bullet" I don't want your character to be able to use all the known abilities that generation. We can also work together to create a new technique or form of that power if you wish! As for those using equipment based fighting styles. You are free to use multiple weapons and change up gear on the job. Depending on your role may affect how effective you are at using said armory. Course you can always improve as the Roleplay goes along!]]

[center [i 13: Just have fun! It's a laid back semi-lit group roleplay so just enjoy it!]]


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Roleplay Responses


Mari didn’t have any problems from a quick glance aside from whatever was bothering her back. Wincing and a somewhat unsteady stance pointed signs towards the lower back, but since Mari wasn’t bleeding profusely or dropping in snap Alica decided she’d treat her once back at the base. That was if Mari managed that, but if something happened in the matchbox on the way back then Alica knew her abilities would serve her well.

And then came the order, loud and clear through the fiery mess did Alica hear Daichi say it. Holster her spent revolver into the hip holster on her right hip, Alica brought her hands up and together while kneeling her head simultaneously. From her mouth came the sad, somber prayer, [b [#cc00cc “Flames are the breaths of souls... And smoke is the souls' release... Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. This soul, return to the raging flames. Látom”]]. Alica hated saying this phrase, not for the number of times but because of each human lost. The feeling of having lost a human life was never pleasant, but at least this prayer allowed traveling for the soul instead of eternal damnation of being anchored.

And then silence. The cracklings of burning materials vanished, leaving a smoking ruin leaking grey air through its openings. Alica breathed out deeply, feeling as the tenseness from the shoulders went out with the breath.

The silence didn’t have a chance in existing for long. First the thankful and in-tears husband, followed shortly by the ever hungry paparazzi media. The media began questioning the captain but Daichi was having none of it; no doubt after they left the media would turn their attention on the surviving husband. Alica snorted angrily as she followed Daichi, some of the media moving away like the Red Sea parted from Moses, fearful of an angry looking Priestess.

Back inside the Matchbox Alica uttered nothing, arms on knees and head towards the floor as she breathed deeply in and out. Despite the rough start the call had ended extremely well, praises from Daichi and Mari, minimal damage to them and the recruits showing their promising potential.

Once parked back at base, Alica knew that she couldn’t relax just yet. Daichi, Alfred, and Mari would need to be administered aid. While Daichi was persuadable, Alfred draggable and knew self-aid, Mari would be somewhat of a pain to deal with.

Alica dragged Daichi into her lab, giving him a quick check over. Besides burn marks she found nothing else, so she simply gave him a bottle of burn cream and had Daichi on how way to do things after giving instructions on the application of the burn cream. And in case Daichi forgot her verbal instructions, those same instructions were printed on the side of the cream bottle.

Then before going back out of her office, Alica took the next few minutes in quickly storing away her belongings and changing into more civilian style clothes, finishing with a lab coat over her t-shirt.

Peeking outside, a quick left-right glance, Alica spotted Alfred sitting patiently outside with his cat. She knew his hatred for her shop of horrors. Alica bit her lips before quickly disappearing inside. A few minutes later she emerged with a bag containing stuffings, bandages, wraps, burn cream, and pincers. [#cc00cc “Alfred, here’s everything you’ll need so you can treat yourself. If you need something, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Once you’re done, please return any unused items.”] After he’d left, Alica went back in and rechecked her gear.

Aside from the empty revolver, nothing else was out of place or gone. Alica had quite the stock of holy water bullets for her revolver, taking one day out of each month for making more such holy bullets and other such projects.

And now came Mari’s turn. Mari made the announcement first via knocking followed by commenting on spotting her injury. Alica’s eyebrows furrowed, concentrated on the hole in Mari’s back as she lifted her t-shirt. After a short [i tutting] sound, Alica ordered Mari to lay on her stomach. While the tone was kept friendly, it left no room for argument.

Grabbing a pair of scissors Alica walked over to Mari, [#cc00cc “Alright, shirt is going up”], and made a cut straight from bottom to top before disposing of the t-shirt. Alica didn’t care for Mari’s consternation, except for suggesting a place to get a new one, more worried about the wound than some blood-soaked t-shirt with a hole in it.

Just by looking at the hole Alica knew she’d have to prove it, which meant using morphine. This illicited a noticeable sigh on which Mari asked, and Alica responded with the morphine bit. Mari didn’t like the answer, but successfully countered when Alica questioned whether she wanted to feel the tools as they poked the hole.

Then came the morphine. Alica decided to spray it out of the syringe. The initial contact with the skin caused pain, another annoying comment about dosage. For fucks sakes, Alica knew how to do her job, but patients always seemed to find a way to question.

Now in some cases the patient had a right to question the nurse or doctor, but this was definitely not one of those cases.

After waiting eight minutes Alica let Mari know that the probing would begin, and while Mari’s laugh went on Alica began the probe. Deep down in her guts Alica knew something had been stuck in and then jerked back with some force. The tear inside the hole showed that most of the damage had come from being torn out, which meant that Mari had torn out a barb.

Despite the distracting effects of morphine Mari noticed her pausing, which led to her responding with questioning about being stuck on something. With Mari’s flat out self-incriminating evidence of being hooked with a barb Alica responded somewhat sharply, [#cc00cc “You should’ve kept it in! You’re lucky!”]. Shaking her head in a disappointing way, Mari had been extremely lucky the barb hadn’t torn out more flesh or caused more bleeding, or a fatal combination of the two. Didn’t matter whether you were stuck to a wall, especially with squad mates around who could cover you.

Alica managed to convince Mari that she need to be stuffed and bandaged so the wound didn’t grow bigger and no nasty infections occurred. Whilst this wouldn’t last for too long, there was nothing else to do while the skin regrew. It was during the wrapping that Alica noticed burns along Mari’s hands, burns which by the looks required immediate attention.

Unfortunately, Mari didn’t think the same with her standing up off the table. Alica just couldn’t believe that someone would prioritize some fucking party over serious burns! Alica decided to pull her rank as doctor, and Mari responded with her pulling of Leftenant rank. She could not allow Mari to simply walk off, [#cc00cc “No risk taking from you, back on the table now!”], having to raise her voice at Mari.

Somehow during all this Mari had forgotten that one of them was shirtless, and the recruits shouldn’t be shown a shirtless superior. [#cc00cc “Shirtless no less”], grabbing Mari and pulling her back. And somehow the person who enjoyed enforcing certain standard somehow forgot about those certain standards, and Alica replied with a sting, [#cc00cc “At least have some standards”]. Alica smiled devilishly as she her reply hit home on Mari, maybe she’d finally listen.

Hearing Mari say sorry caught Alica off guard. Aside from the scandal over burn cream application, she couldn’t think off what Mari needed to apologize for. Alica only understood when Mari made a jolt, and not even a second later Alica fell into the darkness as her body collapsed to the ground.

Some time later Alica awoke, yawning and rubbing the back of her neck. Blinking several times as her eyes adjusted from the darkness to the light she noticed the blanket covering her frame with a pillow giving a comfortable head rest. Alica slowly stood up, aside from the sleepy legs the back of her neck feeling so sore that not even slow and careful stretching helped. Still partially asleep with the blanket draped around while hugging the pillow, Alica walked out of her office and began to wander around the building, trying to figure out the cause for the sudden plunge into sleep.
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[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Alfred smirked beneath his re-breather as the Infernal faltered, and began to slow. Putting another controlled burst into the creature as the Captain headbutted it, he lowered his weapon. The prayer was almost finished, and as such he joined in [#d6c211 “Latom.”] The Captain finished crushing the creature in his arms, and it was extinguished. Putting his rifle away, he hid it under his protective attire, and was once again grateful for the re-breather. His eyes shone with a hatred for the Infernals, and once everyone else had left the room, he drew his sidearm and put three bullets into the ashes. Holstering his weapon, he followed his team out.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Moving through the crowd was difficult, especially now that the carrion birds were here. [#0dd44f [i Fucking media. Get your greedy little insignificances out of my way.]] He parted his way through the crowd, shooting anyone who asked him a question a glance to shut them up, and continuing along. Climbing into the Matchbox, he nodded to Mari as she congratulated the team. Little bits of blood dribbling from his wounds, he knew that it should be tended to. The rest of the ride back was uneventful, aside from coming down from the adrenaline rush of combat.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Once the Matchbox was parked, Alfred disembarked only to be greeted by the thought to be imprisoned Fuzzball. [#d6c211 “Fuzzball, did you pick the lock? Again?”] Sighing gently to himself, he picked up the purring bundle of love and warmth, and held him close. Alica took Daichi into her workshop of horrors, but not before Daichi instructed him to get himself cleaned up by the Sister. Grumbling to himself, he went over to the lab, and parked himself outside. Sitting there, and waiting for his turn of torture, he pet his compatriot, and scratched behind his ears. Doing so rewarded him with a tiny paw being placed upon the nose of the re-breather, and the purring intensifying. Smiling gently beneath his mask, he continued petting the little one in his arms.]]
  Alfred Greaves / GuardianAngel / 26d 16h 47m 29s
[google-font,700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext] Her team made the most out of those 10 seconds. Captain let go and got his sword. Darcia worked past her fear and transformed into something that reminded her of a character from a ninja show. Yumi got her head back in the here and now. Even Alica joined Alfred in a bullet frenzy. She wasn't sure what gave her injury away, but Mari thanked and encouraged her that she was alright for the time being. However, Alica was already double checking before she even got to downplay it. Despite it all, the way the whole thing ended pissed her off.

After his moment with the Infernal was over, she went up to her Captain. Face to face, Mari reached up, and shut his visor for him. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Dat was sweet, boeht look at ye. Yer loehcky ye dednt go ooeht blazin wit 'er."]]][sub 1] Mari sighed as she placed a hand on her cocked hip as the other one went up to her forehead. It wasn't a facepalm, but she had two fingers pressing into her forehead between her furrowed her eyebrows. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Daichi, please don't hug another Infernal to death. What if you're out of commission for the next call. Or worse. What if the new recruits try to do something similar. Your toughness aside, that's not the way we need to show compassion. Fire burns, Captain."]]]

On their way off the premises, Daichi stopped by the husband and offered a few words as the gentleman thanked him. Sadly their time was cut short by the media and their squad had to leave before they were trapped by them. Before walking away, Mari put her hand on the mourning man's shoulder and gave him a sad but encouraging look as her offer of respect. With each case, she could only wish the best for the survivors.

Once in the Matchbox, the Captain remained quiet as he returned following the actual speed limit. It was weird. So she waiting for him to sai something before she did. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Thank you, Captain. Good job, everyone. Daria. Yumi. Good job out there. You both were thrown right into an assignment after just arriving. It started rough, but you both overcame that.

Yumi, nice firepower. I'd love to see more of your skills with your blade during training.

Daria, good job following up with those attacks when Captain passed the opportunity. I'd love to see more of what your cloaking ability can accomplish as well.

Now that you've seen what it's like...Next time, I expect both of you to be more present from the start.

As for our more veteran members. Nice combinations and teamwork, Alfred. Alica, thank you for the assist earlier. With methods I don't condone repeating, but thank you Daichi for putting the Infernal to rest. Great job looking out for the rest of us."]]]

Once they arrived at the station, it was time for damage control. With Daichi in his state and Alfred bleeding from the neck, Mari let everyone else see the doc first. Alfred would probably treat himself, unless he managed to step into Alica's lab or if Alica dragged him into the lab. The rookies seemed okay. That was a relief. But Daichi's visit alone gave Mari a moment to try something in her workshop. Something she'd rather not have to worry about people throwing her off with a surprise visit. Although she made some useful gadgets with her current flame, if Mari could raise the temperature to the height of a blue flame and control it… with that last part being key, production speed would rise, costs would go down, and she'd be able to have a lot more fun with things she could only dream of making at the moment.

Once in her office, she closed the door and got to work. As she picked up two scraps metals, she winced from the pain in her lower back. Once she put the pieces down, she applied some pressure before continuing. If anymore blood seeped through, her cami had a giant blotch on it anyway. Plus she'd still have to get blood out of her t-shirt as well Injury-wise, it was a good thing she didn't plan to do this sitting down. Grabbing her special pen again, she pressed the button and another flame spouted from it.

[#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Okay, Tsubaki. Let's bring out Lus."]]] Yes, she gave her familiar names. Though it was only by temperature bracket. Tsubaki was a red flame from 980°F-1800°F, while Lus was a blue flame from 2600º F to 3000º F. She detached one of the fiery blossoms and formed it like the ones she threw at the Infernal earlier. Although this one was free floating and barely rotated, it still had several well defined petals with each protruding outward to a sharp point.

Tsubaki then became restless as a blue hue took over. Lus took on a floral-star shape of some sorts but was wild and wouldn't truly become defined. The flames ran throughout as Mari struggled to even keep it in any sort of form at all.

The core of it wouldn't settle down and the flames kept stretching out well past the point she tried to form on each petal. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Come on, Lus."]]] Mari tried to condense the flame so she didn't have to spread out her focus as much. But that backfired. Literally. Figuratively. The whole thing. The flame literally burst back in her direction. Thanks to all of her training, she instinctively 'put her guard up'. So it hit the back of her forearms. The flame dissipated as she tried to muffle her scream. That truly hurt like hell. Resistance was a joke to that. If it hit a more tender spot… [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Shit, that hurts. Feck!"]]]

It was probably time to go to the lab anyway. She'd just get her wound patched up, get her burns treated, and call it a day with some rum. No. She had to set up the welcome party for the recruits. She'd just grab some ice really quick on her way out. Alica took her job seriously. This wasn't going to be easy. Once she got to the lab, she knocked on the open door. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Hey, Alica. I don't know what gave the injury away earlier, but I guess it's to address time now."]]] Mari sat along the edge of the patient table in a way that she was almost leaning instead. Getting this over with, she lifted & held up the back of her cami so the doc could see where the barb hooked onto her.

When Alica saw this, she pretty much ordered her to lay down on her stomach, not in a mean way… but still no getting out of it. So, she complied. As difficult and awkward it was to manage that with minimum pain, this was already going to take as while… but her back had been killing her since it happened. Just as soon as this was over‒

“Alrighty, so shirt is going up” Alica cut the t-shirt with a thin line from bottom to top.

Mari didn’t even have a second for a rebuttal. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Really?! I was going to wash that!”]]] Despite the blood, she had planned to salvage the shirt. As they went back and forth, Alica apparently didn’t care too much for it anyway. She probably didn’t think twice just because of that. It was, but wasn’t her call. As a doctor, yeah. As a friend, she owed her a new shirt. RIP shirt. Lost its life after only a week of finding a home. Alica had a recommendation for a new one at least. Just as Mari asked if it was far, Alica sighed… [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "What's with the sigh?"]]]

“The place ain’t far. Unfortunately I’m going to have to administer some morphine around your hole in your lower back.”

[#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "That's good. What the feck? Oh, come on.”]]]

“Unless you want to feel every single thing I put down the hole.” She made a good point. Mari could see a bunch of tools nearby on a metal tray. Not having to feel that fixing her back, even better yet, not feeling the existing pain. Yes, she definitely wanted the morphine. After letting Alica know that, the doc didn’t waste any time sending the liquid in multiple points around and then in the wound... [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Feck! Can you let me know how many doses next time, Alica?"]]] That last one especially hurt.

“It wasn’t even that much. Barely overly one of the dashes.” It didn’t feel like it. That shit felt like the needle was full. Well, that should go away soon enough… and it did. She lost track of time, but it must have been between 5-10 minutes when the doc checked on her. She couldn’t have felt better. The patient table might as well have been her comfy bed she didn’t want to budge from. The fact Alica announced she was going to start even made Mari laugh. She was definitely enjoying the morphine. However, shortly after the doc started, she stopped.

[#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Alica... Is something wrong?"]]] A bit of concern returned to her voice, though the morphine still had her rather relaxed. Alica inquired about how something was stuck and then tore out. Mari knew exactly what that was. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Yeah.... I sort of got hooked onto a wall when the Infernal swiped Alfred and I..."]]]

“You should’ve kept it in! You’re lucky.” Mari could hear whatever tool she was using hit the metal tray.

[#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Thanks. I'd still be on the wall if I did that."]]]

“At least the vine or whatever the end was attached to. Anyways, I’m going to have to pack the wound and wrap it around your chest and abdomen. And then redo it tomorrow.”

[#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "... ...the wall won that round of tug-of-war. And how long will that take?"]]]

“Not too long. It’s the burns, that’s going to require some burn cream.” Alica finished packing the wound and bandaging her up.

[#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Fine, then I'll take that to go."]]] Mari started to get up off the table. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Thanks, doc."]]]

“Pleases back down, now.”

[#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Later. I have to go set up the recruits welcome party." Mari continued to the edge of the table.]]]

“This won’t take long” Alica took a bottle of burn cream and gave a stern look.

[#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Then it can be done before the actual party starts. I just have to get it ready. I'll take the cream in case it starts hurting more."]]] She reached out a hand to grab the bottle.

“This is Doctor’s orders, it goes on right now,” Alica started standing up slowly.

Mari stood up, face to face with the doc, [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Lieutenant's orders. Stand down. I'll be back after."]]]

Stepping closer, “No risk taking from you, get back down on the table now.”

Stepping in her face. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "I'm walking out."]]] Mari then turned to the door to start acting on her words.

Alica grabbed Mari by the arm “Shirtless no less.”

Mari spun back, giving an unyielding glare [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "We all change in front each other anyway, Alica. My room is right down the hall."]]]

“At least have some standards,” pulling Mari into the direction of the table. That last part stopped her for a moment. She had a point. Changing in front of each other or not, she’d just be walking through the station halls. If the recruits saw her… Lack of standards was not really the example she wanted to set for them. However… She didn’t have to go around with just bandages and no shirt… Alica had extra jackets in her office.

[#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Thank you. And Sorry."]]] Mari said as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a taser, and let the current flow right into the back of Alica's neck. She was going to be out for a while. As Alica fell, Mari managed to catch her. She pushed her up onto her own table and swung her feet up with it. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "I dont know if you can hear me, but I'm sorry. I'm going to borrow one of your coats now. & I'll return it later."]]] Before heading out with her ‘borrowed’ coat, Mari grabbed the burn cream to still have just in case.

It wasn’t long before she reached her room and put on another shirt. On her way back out, she grabbed a pillow and blanket and brought it to Alica’s lab. At the very least, she should be comfortable and warm while she’s unconscious. So, Mari set the pillow under her head and threw the blank over her before. She also returned the lab coat before escaping from the room again.

She spent the next hour was spent decorating the rooftop with a bunch of stuff she prepared the day before. She made a face recognition activated fireworks launcher. So, it would go off when the rookies walked out the door, not whenever someone merely opened the door or something. Once it went off, Mari would guide the sparks down as flower petals in front of the “Welcome Darcia and Yumi” banner. After getting everything set up, Mari hooked up the music to the speakers by her makeshift bar that she actually situated the night prior. It was ready. Hopefully everyone else was too. She just needed Alica and Alfred up there before Daichi could bring the recruits upstairs.

[size9 [i 1. "That was sweet, but look at you. You're lucky you didn't go out blazing with her."]]
  Mari Hayes / Yoruneko / 41d 9h 23m 43s
[center Her first battle and yet she was unsatisfied with it. It had been enough hadn’t it, but she hadn’t reacted in time. Instead she had only stood by and watched at first too scared to do anything. She was going to have to get better about that. Next time she could end up hurt or... A lot worse. Dead. She stood watching the captain curiously her head tilted off to the side. So it would seem it was over now wasn’t it. It seemed to return to her again. The realization that what they had been fighting had been a human. Her power was gone now. The flames had dissipated.

Even on their way back she was lost in thought. Clearly their captain seen the humanity that was once in those creatures. She closed her eyes. She had avoided the people on her way out. Not being unfriendly, but not being talkative either. She had been in her own thoughts anyway. This was something she had wanted to do. To help people. She looked around at everyone and smiled softly. At least they managed to get out of there somewhat unscathed. For now she would dismiss her thoughts. The image was still there though. How the captain had handled the end of that things life. She would think more on it later when she was on her own.

What she really needed to work on was handling things better. She had been terrified and in being so... She could have been more hindering than helpful. She was going to have to get better at it. Yes this was her first time dealing with one of those things, but that doesn’t mean she should have got frozen up about it. Sure it worked out in the end but next time could be worse. She would have to be able to react a little quicker. Not stand in fear. She closed her eyes nodding to herself. She would be sure that next time would be a lot better. She was hard on herself and she knew that, but she wasn’t going to disappoint everyone. She wanted to do her best. To show everyone she was a lot better than they thought. Though she didn’t really know what anyone thought. She was sure it wasn’t good though since they had seen her freeze up the way she did.

At least she hadn’t been alone and at least this team was very good at their jobs. She slowly opened her eyes looking around at the group again. She would be more careful and quicker for now on. She wouldn’t allow herself to be frozen like that again. She wanted to be like them. React right away. She had to do better. She dismissed her internal lecture for the moment. Now to just focus on what was going on at this moment.]
  .WildFire. / -Rika / 47d 17h 36m 47s
[font david [i Yumi had sat in the back of the matchbox. Pondering on the mission before. She waved her feet around in the back as she began to whistle a mild tune. Her mind wandering to that fight before. The captain had flung that beast even more viciously than she had without an Ignition. Was he even human? That's a dumb question course he is.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 Just like my Gen..]]]

[font david [i She muttered under her breath now she was in the mood to go home and play her Otome dating simulators back at home. Her usual mild-mannered face fractured into a subtle smile before returning to its usual state. She was glad to know he hadn't refused to use an Ignition out of pride. Yet she still found the incident heavy on her mind. Why was that? She knew why at least deep down she did. The way he held that infernal? Like it was a human passing on. She's never seen anything like that. The way he handled the media refusing to answer any hard-pressed questions. Were all captains like this? He had told them in the back to be wary of the media. She only gave a slight nod and a slight salute. After all of that, he was able to praise them? Though on the surface she seemed unaffected but deep down? She was glad to receive such praise on her first day. It seemed he allowed Darcia and herself a chance to shine in that fight. She had looked over to Darcia examining her fellow Rookie with a curious gleam in the hue of her small eyes.. It wouldn't be long before the matchbox would arrive back at company eight's HQ. Her eyes had wandered over her crew from Alfred to Alicia. They were all as talented as they were attractive. She was warned company eight was the black sheep of the bunch but they didn't seem all that bad. She looked over at Alicia with big doe eyes tilting her head slightly. She still couldn't get over Alicia's aesthetic she'd be lying if she said she didn't like it. Though she seemed as docile and expressionless as ever.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 Thank you, Alicia, for checking on me during that last fight. I'll try to be more careful next time.]]]
  sωσя∂ / Himedere / 54d 16h 47m 58s
[center [h3 Captain's Duty]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b The beast had been restrained by Mari allowing for the captain to make a mad dash toward his blade. Jumping to grab the blade Darcia had charged on slashing through the beast with a powerful cloaking strike. Daichi smirked as the beast reeled. The beast countered by spewing flames he charged in blocking the beast and striking with his massive blade sending it skyward. In midair Yumi had managed to spew massive flames from her feet flying skyward herself. Daichi had never seen third generations in action besides the other captains of course. They weren't half bad. Yumi wasn't exactly strong physically but she was quick and using her flames to enforce her strikes. Throwing in a flurry of kicks and slashes sending the beast downward spiral. All the while Alfred was making controlled fire at the beast without hitting his allies in the chaos. Mari and her familiar had managed to restrain and limit the beast's offense. The captain had caught the beast flying down with his massive shield with a loud THUD. As he headbutted the beast yet again tossing it toward Darcia. Darcia on all fours charging with razor claws. You could tell Darcia was nervous and even scared but that fear? Somehow managed to only fuel her four legged charge. Her ignition flaring red hot her claws growing larger for a single strike. It was an all or nothing strike but the result? She had managed to rip the limbs from the beast as it fell to the ground it's flames slowly starting to fade.]]

[center [+brown Sister... Begin the prayer. Before it's flames are completely extinguished. ...It's okay you won't have to suffer anymore.]]

[center [b Daichi had lifted his visor up to reveal his face. He leaned reaching his hand out to the infernal. It was missing an arm and both of it's legs and at first? It shrieked and howled in pain but Daichi had reached his arm to it's remaining arm. Holding it's hand tightly. The flames were burning the captains hand even through the gauntlet it hurt. He pulled the infernal holding it close as he patted it's back. The flames still singed the captain all the while. His eyes were full of sorrow and empathy for the poor creature. At first it did struggle his embrace but it began to calm. It's howl had lowered until a lower tone. It sounded.. Almost relieved. It's fingers gripped around the captain's hands as the big man himself fought the urge to tear up. Instead offering the creature a gentle smile.]]

[center [+brown You held out well out here. Not leaving this house or hurting anyone outside till we got here. You should be proud.]]

[center [b The captain began to squish the creature in his embrace. What went from a loving grasp turned brutal as he began to put it to rest while the sister gave her prayer. The beast all the while had accepted it's fate. "She had managed not to attack her husband standing outside... She was a strong willed one. Full of love and remorse" the captain stood up lowering his visor again to cover his face. He walked up to the team offering a wave and a thumbs up. Heading outside the building he placed his sword and shield in the matchbox before heading to the crowd and the media outside. A crying and grieving husband but in his tears he was able to walk to the captain.]]

[center "T-Thank you for putting her to rest.]

[center [+brown We thank you for staying strong till we arrived. You and her she had managed to keep herself in the house till help arrived.]]

[center ...Thank you for everything.]

[center [b The media had swarmed the two and team one taking the chance to question Daichi on the spot.]]

[center [+blue Are you claiming that Infernal's can think? The captain of squad 1 claims otherwise.]]

[center [+red Is it true Squad 8 only has one company of men?]]

[center [b Daichi had offered a gentle wave as he went to the matchbox waiting for his team to get in before taking them back in a much slower pace than he had before. The captain had remained silent till they almost arrived before speaking to those in the back.]]

[center [+brown Rookies! You did well out there! Alfred! Mari! Alicia! Fine work out there. Be weary of those in the media with company 8's new members people are starting to grow curious. Be polite and don't let them trap you any loaded questions.]]

[center [h3 OOC/Team Attacks]]

[center [b I had Yumi/Darcia do an attack as well during my post. If you guys have an idea of a cool Joint attack yours and another character could do you guys can ask each other for permission to add a section of them doing an action in your post. Like for a cool example Mari and Alfred could say.. Guardian or Neko could ask the other if they can an attack from another. Just make sure you get permission so you aren't controlling other characters without consent etc etc. Though I did add a bit for Mari/Alfred without asking cause I wasn't sure if they were on >< so if you Neko/Guardian want me to remove it I will! ^^]]
  Daichi Takakai (Combat) / ShieldHero- / 61d 13h 50m 24s
[ ]
  Daichi Takakai (Combat) / ShieldHero- / 61d 14h 41m 13s
[center Were they going to die before they even got there? Clearly this couldn’t be safe. Darcia gave a slight shake of her head. She supposed they did have to get there quickly, but did it really have to be at the cost of their lives? She let out a soft sigh. This would take some getting use to she supposed. At least he seemed to know what he was doing. That didn’t settle the pounding of her heart though. Driving like a crazy man. How distasteful. She looked around at everyone and then looked to the girl at her side. Again the girl gave her a small wave. Though nervous that their captain was going to kill them with the way he was driving she offered a small smile to the girl and raised her own hand in a wave.]

[center Surprisingly they survived the crazy driving to get to the place they needed to be. She was thankful to get out of there and follow everyone inside. Honestly she was beginning to think that the Infernal would be less dangerous then their captains driving. She looked around as she followed the rest inside. Nothing could prepare her for the creature they were about to come into contact with. Her heart stopped. It had once been human. They would be engaging that thing. Killing it. Her heartbeat picked up and she found herself stalling. She wasn’t able to respond the way she should have. To fight. Instead she was frozen watching it as it attacked. It came for her and she couldn’t force herself to move out of its way.]

[center It was probably a good thing the captain had defended her. It snapped her back and she backed up a few steps and narrowed her eyes. Now wasn’t the time to be scared. She had to help. Everyone else was trying to give it their all. She should be doing that as well! She had been defended and she should have been more prepared for this and she hadn’t been. She quickly activated her cloak ability. She hadn’t used it in combat much. So a lot of this was new for her. She was also not completely sure of its abilities. It always formed as ears and a tail for her. Very Wolf like though some may confuse it for a fox or a cat. She was sure it was more wolfish in nature. She always felt a little stronger and quicker when she activated this. Now though she was confused. What was she suppose to do? Combat probably wasn’t her strong suit. At least she didn’t think it was. Looking at this strange creature before her still put fear inside of her.]

[center She knew she had to attack it, but... Her heart was beating hard in her chest. This had been a human before... Hadn’t it..? They had to kill it now. So that it could be at peace right..? She didn’t know. She was confused. Her mind not in the right space because she was fearful and unsure of how to attack this creature. For a moment she continued to stand there unsure of what she should do. All this fighting and she felt like she wasn’t exactly the strong one in this. She had wanted to be the best and yet here she was not doing anything. She was angry with herself. She charged forward letting anger take over. She had brought no weapons because she didn’t know what she would be good at using. Her ability cloaked over her hands though giving her claws. She heard a slight snarl come passed her lips as she raked her claws across the first part of the monster she could get to. She had some strength behind it.]
  .WildFire. / -Rika / 95d 18h 3m 41s

The famous, or infamous, driving skills of Daichi were known to the Old Guard of Company Eight. Daichi drove like a crazy, Alica had seen similar nut cases in the ER, but nobody received a single scratch. The minivan/truck/tank hybrid known as the Matchbox, though never once had it caught on fire yet, was made to take damage. Now maybe it would not withstand a missile, but their job consisted of fighting living fires and not a battlefield.

As they drove closer Daichi issued orders. Though simple they sufficed, sometimes the simpler the better rather than more complex and worse, the orders clearly stating who had which task. Most missions usually went along the lines of Alica waiting until the infernal was weakened, by everyone else, and ready for the prayer to send it on its way. Only rarely did missions ended up more interesting than usual.

The fast, forward movement was rudely interrupted by Daichi slamming on the breaks as the Matchbox quickly halted. With it stopping close to the blazing building meant less time spent outside, under the eyes of the crowd, and getting in faster. The moment the doors opened the Old Guard of Company Eight, witht the two rookies behind, went in.

The moment they entered the house the creature in charge of this whole mess jumped them. With Daichi, Mari, and Alfred in the very front of the formation it was no surprise that the ex-human female ferally attacked them. Alica slowed down letting the two rookies run ahead since they'd be more useful in a fight, waiting until the moment of prayer would come.

If not Daichi Alica would've found herself as the center of a fire, she'd have to thank him for that later. What she wouldn't be thanking Daichi for would be the burns. How in the hell such a bright idea as grabbing a on-fire living entity came into his head, you know what never mind. Not the first nor would it be the last where Daichi would follow through an idea without even thinking about it. To be fair those spontanouesly idiotic at first ideas eventually worked, along the lines of [i "if it's stupid but it works it ain't stupid"]. Although many times one of the results of those maneuvers had Daichi on the medical table.

The moment Daichi ordered to check up on Yumi Alica sprinted in her direction. Physically, at least any exposed skin, Alica saw not a spot wrong with Yumi, which meant the Bunker Gear worked as intended. Mentally, Alica analyzed Yumi's face and eyes, nothing wrong their either. As to answering Yumi's question, Alica, and probably Daichi himself, wouldn't be able to answer. All they could do was watch the unfolding show.

The unfolding show consisted of three parts. Part one consisted of the least theatrics but the most raw strength; Daichi keeping the writhing infernal stuck thrashing in one place. The other two parts were the complete opposite of the first. Part two enacted by Alfred, the star being the rifle as it [i 'brrrted'] out bullets into the trapped infernal. Part three involved Mari and blazed the other two parts to shame when it came to visual brilliance. Fiery vines spread from Mari's hands as an additional grip onto the seething infernal, a fiery plant keeping the violent and mindless creature from doing anything else.

[b [#cc00cc "Ten seconds? FUCK!"]]

Ten seconds wasn't a long time, and Alica spotted Mari wincing which meant that the person holding the infernal was in pain.

Alica unholstered her holy revolver, barrel pointed while the gun was held in a cocked arm and sprinting to Mari. Four seconds later, which meant only six seconds remained, Alica stopped to Mari's right side. Extending her right hand and pointing the revolver at the infernal Alica cycled all six holy darts out of the barrel as fast as she could, a slight trail existing for less than a second hanging midair. [b [#cc00cc "Ya fackin' alright"]], not giving time for Mari to respond as Alica turned her back on the infernal and began a quick triage of Mari.
  Alica Bell / NorthernWolves / 128d 21h 6m 29s
[font "Times New Roman" [size14 When the Matchbox engine started, Alfred took a quick glance at the driver's seat. Seeing Daichi there, he smiled behind the re-breather. [#0dd44f [i Oh, the new bloods are in for a treat. Just the thing I need to get myself all pumped up.]] The Captain had a bit of a reputation behind the wheel. That is to say, he is quite infamous for the recklessness of his driving. No one has been hurt, but most people find it quite unsettling. Checking his equipment as the vehicle lurched forward, Alfred secured his helmet before clipping an extinguisher grenade to his tac vest. [#0dd44f [i Crap, I forgot to restock. Guess I'll have to fill out a requisition form with Mari once we get back.]]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 As they made it to the manor, Alfred could feel the blood pumping in his veins. Structural integrity seemed to be holding, and everyone was giving into their curious behavior, getting pretty close to the burning building. He was briefly reminder of Fuzzball, his demeanor softening for a moment. [#0dd44f [i Well, at least the media hasn't shown up. Let's keep it that way.]] Being in charge of the recruits training, he turned to them as he secured his jacket, hiding his weapons. [#d6c211 "Recruit Darcia, Recruit Yumi. Remember your basic training. When you step out of the Matchbox, you are Fire Force members. Remember to carry yourselves as such."] Nodding to them, he opened the back door, and stepped out. The smell of the flames, the heat and ash made his heart race. [#0dd44f [i It has been too long since I've fought the enemy.]]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Some of the Fire Force members seemed to have gotten the idea that they were "exorcising" these Infenals, saving the souls of them. What a load of bull shit. We were killing them, plain and simple. Just the way he liked it. Making his way to the area of operations, he noted just how large the structure was, glad it wasn't a cramped apartment building. [#0dd44f [i At least this way we don't have to worry about fighting in incredibly cramped quarters.]] The moment the doors of the manor were closed behind him, he drew his rifle, flicked off the safety with practiced fluidity, and he began scanning the perimeter. Advancing into the manor would've been difficult if the Captain wasn't cleaving through the debris like a hot knife through butter. No matter how many times he had witnessed it, it impressed him a little to watch Daichi make his way through such solid barriers. Reaching the appeared to be the remnants of the main hall, his thoughts were interrupted by the scream of the damned.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 Lifting his rifle, he spotted the Infernal as it dropped from the ceiling. Before he could get a shot off at the creature, it let loose a wave of flames. Diving to the left behind some fallen debris, he barely dodged the fire blast. Rolling onto his stomach, he quickly rose to his feet. Unfortunately for him, it was at that exact moment that the creature lashed out at him and Mari with it's tail. It caught him right across the torso, sending him hurtling into the nearest pillar. As if to make matters worse, there was some form of barb sticking out of his tac vest. Or, more accurately, the extinguisher grenade. Recognition flashed on his face just as the grenade detonated, covering him and the surrounding area with fire suppressant foam. Sliding himself away from the blast area, he brought the gun to his shoulder and began firing upon the creature with short, controlled bursts. While the Captain and the creature were entangled, the angle at which he had been ejected by the tail had given him a relatively free shot at the creature, and he wasn't going to pass it up.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [size14 The creature roared again as Mari's familiar began to entangle it. He couldn't hear much, except the ringing from the grenade's detonation. He could barely hear the [i Brrt!] of his rifle. His anger at the creature was almost palpable as he began circling in a wide berth, until he was firing into the creature's back. He was still covered in foam as his gun ran dry, bits of red running from his neck. Small bits of shrapnel was caught in his skin, blood welling at the surface. With a relatively fluid motion, much less than before, he ejected the spent magazine and loading a fresh one.]]
  GuardianAngel / 151d 10h 21m 23s
[google-font,700&display=swap&subset=latin-ext] The captain raced through the streets, trying to make every millisecond count. That was one of his great qualities. He always put people's lives and safety as first his priority. Although his driving might make someone wonder if that applies to his team as well. Even though he had some weird ways of showing it, Mari had been around too looking to truly doubt that. Even if they tipped over, the Matchbox was a tank. As if Daichi would let that happen… but if.

As they arrived at the scene, Mari started checking out the manor. From what she could see, it had a pretty solid structure and its integrity wasn't compromised. Only the decorative and superficial architectural elements were degrading into debris. The charred remnants of a couch were barely recognizable in what she now assumed was the living room… It was the ash piles and stains around it that truly gave it away. Salvageable personal belongings were scarce to find. The railings on a staircase up ahead were folding in on themselves. However, the main thing was the structure itself. They could still fight without having to worry about the place collapsing on them. With two new ones with unknown fighting styles… It was a nice relief.

As sad as it was to lose any part of what made a home, the biggest was always the loved one. And although the Infernal still moved, that loved one was gone. They were there to minimize the casualties and bring closure. And to do that they had to 'extinguish them and purify their souls'... Kind and fancy labels for destroying what still remained of that person. After SHC, they were legally dead. Honestly, who would want to view those fiendish remnants as anything else? Mari wasn't religious, but she understood how peace of mind was truly priceless and precious. So, she had no problem pretending they were 'exorcising' Infernals instead of killing them. It helped those who believed to continue their day to day that much easier. She wasn't losing anything in the process and the job was the same job, so why not?

While surveying frame of room they had just walked into, Mari noticed a glow that seemed out of place on the ceiling. When she made eye contact with the source, it howled at the entire squad. The Infernal dropped down readily going into attack mode. Captain used his shield to protect Alica and him from its flames. Mari jumped back and reached into one of het jacket pockets. She took out a narrow metal rod that almost looked like a short wand or a long pen. She clicked a button and a flame quickly sprouted shaped like a stem with multiple buds. She brought her hand to the opposite shoulder and flung the handle forward, propelling a plethora of fiery petals at the Infernal.

The Infernal jolted and snapped back at her but charged at Yumi. Mari shouted for her to move and rushed after it in hopes to do something. Her words did not reach and she couldn't make it in time, no one could. Yumi seemed like she was in another world and mumbled something about Captain's ignition. It was too late by the time she was back in reality. Mari sent another wave of petals it's way so that it didn't continue to attack then Yumi while she was down. The Infernal grew a tail, swiping it at Mari and Alfred. She was caught. It sent her right into a wall and held her there without a foothold. Luckily they always wore fire resistant gear and she had some natural resistance due to being a 2nd gen. Unluckily, some type of bolt or barb was lodged into her side before the tail had her completely pressed to the wall. It was still there. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Feck."]]]

She tried to shrimp free. She managed to loosen the hold, but not much more. Taking a deep breath, she tapped the top of each shoe with the other. A spark ignited at the base, she shrimped again with flames forcing her upward. The bolt tore from her as she managed to break free. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Feck! Dat 'oehrt!"]]] Her Irish accent even came out. Although she couldn't fully appreciate her first field test, she was glad to have her feet back on the ground as she put the flames out.

Seeing what she had missed, the captain was now shielding Darcia and holding onto the Infernal. Using some flames near it, she grew two more flowers. With a wince, she lifted her hands and motioned a slight pull. Leaves branched out and latching onto the Infernal. Mari then balled up her hands into fists and brought her hands down to her sides. The condensed flames held down the fiery husk of a former person. [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "Captain. Darcia’s fine. I understand you can fight like you have an ignition and more, but your muscles don’t give you heat resistance. Please go get your sword.”]]] She winced in pain trying to keep the Infernal trapped as it thrashed about [#c73d52 [Kaushan+Script [size14 "I have it, but I can only promise 10 more seconds."]]]

  Mari Hayes / Yoruneko / 152d 16h 58m 12s
[font david [i On route her impassioned squad mates all seemed fired up. -Pun intended- Alfred had told her and Darica not to play the hero. In other words? Shut up and follow orders. Yumi didn't mind that what she did mind was how bumpy the ride was. She squirmed a little in her seat the captain seemed intent on killing them before they even arrived. She found herself sitting beside Darcia with a soft blink Yumi scanned the female over. Offering a slight wave with her dainty fingers.]]

[font david [i The captain had ordered her to conceal her Engine Blade? How come? It made no sense to hide the weapons upon entrance or exit. Yumi also wasn't sure what the importance of this Latom or whole ritual was but best to follow orders. The captain gave a very simple plan of attack but she was okay with such simplicity. It was befitting of her dear muscle head Genta after all. Yumi had noticed Alfred himself too was in rather good shape. She wondered if he along with the captain and Mari went to the gym often together. She lightly nodded at all three of her superiors as to let them know she understood. When she heard the screech of the breaks she knew it was time to get to work. She never fought a real Infernal but she was considered a prodigy back at the academy. The team charged in with the brash captain making contact. This Inferno was a bit creepy almost like something from a real life horror film. It intrigued her even fascinated her not that she lacked empathy for the human it was before. She was simply gripped by a deep morbid curiosity. The fight broke out and the captain somehow managed to protect the sister and the team aside. It was almost like watching one of those shows where a man wrangled with an alligator only more extreme. With such brute force, Yumi wondered if the captain was even human. Except one thing had bothered the young female.]]

[font david [#89add2 [size10 Why isn't Gen- The captain using his Ignition? I don't understand sure he's strong but you can't fight an Infernal without some kind of ability.]]]

[font david [i Was this some sort of macho guy thing she didn't understand? That he'd fight it with muscle and brawn? To prove something? Not unlike Genta in her game but in the real world? Even the star struck otaku knew that was plain stupid. With lives on the line who could take such an approach? How the hell was he ever made the captain? Was she missing something here? Her mind clouded by these thoughts she found herself attacked amid her first real fight. Generating flames around her arms legs and sword she managed to deflect the brunt of the blow slamming backward. Yumi's head was ringing and pounding she was drifting in and out of consciousness racked in pain. It took her a bit to get back on her own two feet with her flames surging around her feet and body. Gripping the hilt of her blade with a surge of flames engulfing the blade. Next, she was ready to propel herself headfirst into this Infernal and hit it with some serious firepower.]]
  sωσя∂ / Himedere / 154d 22h 3m 16s
[center [h3 Trial By Fire]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b The team headed to the Matchbox with Daichi in the driver's seat. Sometimes it was Mari others it was him there wasn't really a particular order. He's even entrusted the role to Alfred a few times before. Taking a deep breath as he hurled the matchbox through the streets. He wanted to hurry and get downtown in the 8th's jurisdiction. Before the Infernal took any lives. The captain drove like it was his own life at stake he couldn't stand the thought of others being hurt. What felt like an eternity to Daichi must have been in reality five minutes. They were closing in the destination it was a massive manor on fire. People surrounding the outdoors he had planned to drive near the front. So hopefully the bystanders wouldn't see them draw their weapons. As a show of respect to those around. Though hiding his Cleaver was always difficult.]]

[center [+darkred We are coming in hot. I'll take the front you all hit this thing fast and hard. We have to weaken it first and when the time comes? The sister will give her prayer. When the jobs finished and we exit the building conceal your weapons and ignition as best you can. Got that?]]

[center [b His voice was a bit gruff but he offered his team a light smile giving a thumbs-up as he slammed the breaks. Those bystanders had cleared a path for Company 8. The back of the armored truck had opened up as he gave a signal to move out. Heavy helmet on while reaching to grip his cleaver with his massive shield on his back. He drew the shield with his left hand carrying them both though it took a great deal of effort. He charged in at the front leading his team in cleaving the rubble in the way.]]

[center [+darkred Hah! Careful! Debris is everywhere.]]

[center [b He warned them as they came in further to the manor. It wasn't long before a firey best upside down on the ceiling roared at the company. Slender and agile while cloaked in flames. It appeared it was a woman before.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Landing on the ground it seared with flames all around as it charged forward spewing fire at the team. Daichi stood in front of the sister to block incoming flame with his shield. Trusting Mari and Alfred to defend themselves. It dashed through knocking Daichi back as he slid a bit. For its small size, it packed a punch and was more feisty than usual. Daichi had to stop himself from crashing into the sister by stabbing his blade into the wooden floorboards. The Infernal screeched dashing forward to slam into Yumi once. Growing a flame tail to sear Alfred and Mari the captain was chasing the beast but it was much too fast. It charged next to Darcia. However, he through his sword grazing the beast as it stabbed into the ground he stepped between Darcia forcing his body to run faster than before. He held his ground with his shield. As he grabbed its wrist burning himself in the process he headbutted the beast. Now it was feral and targeting him good. This Infernal was smart or maybe it worked like an animal? Targeting smaller prey first. That's why Alfred wasn't attacked much due to his height perhaps and why it avoided Daichi completely. Now he had it's attention as it scratched and clawed at him and his shield. Grunting under the heat and pressure he gave a slight chuckle before yelling at the sister.]]

[center [+darkred Alica you check Yumi make sure she's okay! Darcia hit this thing as hard as you can got that? Alfred and Mari, I trust you're plan of attack but if you got time to fetch my sword that'd be great. I'll hold this thing here in the meantime go!]]

[center [b The beast couldn't get away despite its strength Daichi wasn't letting it go. It almost slipped away but he drew his one-handed Axe. Shooting it with his single holy dart. Cleaving the ax into's shoulder. As it pulled and tugged trying to rip the man's massive arm off. Daichi clung and held the monstrous beast down.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I did warn the Infernals could trash and hit our characters suddenly. That being said from now on I will try to PM you before doing a major thing. So I can know what or how you're character would react to certain dangers. Like I'll PM you if they'd block or try to dodge or something that way I can add certain tidbits to my post instead of everyone standing still doing nothing in the action. If that makes sense?]]
  Daichi Takakai (Combat) / ShieldHero- / 154d 22h 32m 38s
[center So she wasn’t late. She sighed lightly in relief. Good. She would have been pretty upset had she been late but she would have made sure not to show it. She looked around the group. This was quite the group wasn’t it. Everyone was different in their own way. It was kind of nice to see. She felt rather out of place though, but she was sure things would be fine once she started to get to know everyone. She looked to Mari. She was a lovely woman and definitely had an air about her that commanded attention. Her eyes drifted towards the blonde. It seemed like he was rather respectful when it came to the people above him. She then looked towards Alica. She was rather odd. Yet she didn’t seem to mind her at all. She looked to the captain curiously.]

[center He was a big intimidating guy. She wasn’t sure how to take him. She soon let her eyes fall on the girl beside her. She was adorable actually. She smiled lightly seeing that the girl had waved to her and she returned it. As the captain addressed them her thoughts changed on him. He looked big and intimidating, but he spoke easily. He came off friendly. She was a little surprised when he shook her hand. She was grateful when he let it go though. Apparently he didn’t know his own strength. She shook her hand lightly and then crossed her arms over his chest. The sound of the alarm startled her and she glanced around at everyone. Well clearly this was going to be interesting.]

[center Looks like they would be hurrying out of here rather quickly. She had to make sure she was confident in herself. This would be fine. She quietly followed after Alfred and Yume. Looks like they would be changing clothes here. It was best to get ready quickly without bothering to worry about anything else. So that’s what she did. Glad she wouldn’t be running around in the dress that she had decided to wear here. Probably hadn’t been the best choice of apparel. The gear she would be slipping into would allow her freedom for movement. She would need it. She dressed herself quickly not wanting to be left behind or in trouble for worrying over small things. Once she finished she followed quickly after Alfred as that was what they were told to do.]

[center Once at the matchbox Alfred addressed them again. It seemed this would be pretty simple as long as they followed the instructions. She thought quietly to herself about that. She was nervous about this, but she would try to do the best that she could.]
  .WildFire. / -Rika / 155d 19m 35s
Alica didn't respond to Mari's comment either externally or internally. Of course she did Alfred being tussled by Daichi while a short girl dressed in cosplay looking clothes looked around. Not that interesting really for the sleepy Alica, except for the light self-impalement on the scalpel in her hand.

But what did prove an inward reaction in Alica dealt with Daichi's comment about patching him up. A rumbling groan filled Alica's head, a mix of frustration, raw rage, an itching to slap Daichi upside the head, and a very small urge to set one of his desks on fire. If Daichi went to some other hospital and they didn't know his job, other doctors would wonder what sort of piece of shit doctor he'd been visiting. Considering this made Alica feel insulted as well since she was not a nonsensical doctor, she had worked hard to become a doctor and even harder to not only keep but better her reputation as a skilled doctor.

Maybe just one day she'd do something, but for now Alica would let Daichi injure himself however many times he wanted.

And then someone else walked dressed in a black dress while apologizing. This apparently was their second recruit named, the shorty anime one named Yumi, Darcia. Alica knew nothing about either one of them having not read through their records. It wasn't part of her job anyways, dealing with the recruits was Mari's, Daichi's, and Alfred's job. Even Daichi himself agreed as he went on his monologuing introduction of the 'Welcome to Company 8' speech.

Alica had become curious about the celebration and the special news before the alarm begun to cry out. Whatever the celebration and special news would have to wait, now the time for unhindered action started.

She sprinted off while simultaneously taking out a black hair tie and putting the lengthy luscious raven black hair into a bun. Lengthy hair made for full pain in the ass time wasting while getting into what basically was a nuns habit, especially the headgear. A bun on the other hand made it easy to put the headgear simply by putting it on over the head without any loose strands caught outside of it which made for a fiery hazard.

Alica’s bunker gear, as stayed above, came in the form of a nuns habit, standard issue for all sisters of the Sol religion. Alicia disliked it, even though she herself was religious, and didn’t customize it really. The only way her uniform could be distinguished was a blood red cross with small dull orange flames coming off the bottom of the cross. As to the gear Alica didn’t have much in the way of it. She wasn’t a fighter, nor did her role really call for it anyways, so her only offensive equipment came in the form of memorized rites and prayers, a backpack looking thing filled with first aid supplies, and something akin to a revolver loaded with holy darts. Wait, the first aid supplies were defensive equipment, not offensive. Although, if used correctly Alicia knew how to use the first aid supplies to kill.

After expertly putting on her gear in a quick manner Alica then ran back to join everyone congregated in the Matchbox, quietly slipping into the back where no one else sat. [#cc00cc [b “Everyone is here? Good, let’s haul ass!”]].
  Alica Bell / NorthernWolves / 157d 16h 3m 41s

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