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A weight came off Asteria’s shoulders when Elene assured her it was not something to worry about. However, it was somewhat embarrassing to have tried to make such a gesture when it really wasn’t such a bit deal. Perhaps she should have just ignored it and let the night continue on as it would. Still, she did find it strange that having her parents as her bosses made the situation easier instead of harder. If Asteria’s parents ever caught her stepping out of line in what was supposed to be a formal setting she got an earful. They always sweated the small stuff. Must have been nice to have a little bit of leniency.

[+teal “Oh, well, I am glad to hear that then.”] The young woman held back another apology, she had said enough sorrys, especially on someone else’s behalf. But without that she wasn’t really sure what to say. Her hands went to the glass of tea set in front of her and she took a sip. As soon as the fruity sweet liquid hit her tongue, her wine-red eyes figuratively lit up. [+teal “Oh my goodness, this is very good.”] There was a hint of citrus in there too. Was it lime? Asteria had not expected it at all. [+teal “Is this made in house?”] It did not matter to her either way, she just wanted to know if she could get this elsewhere or if she would need to return here to enjoy this treat.

Maria groaned from the other side of the table. At some point she had started paying attention to the other two in all their awkwardness. [+green “No!”] Eyes shot over to the blond who wore a look of mild irritation. [+green “You are supposed to ask if she can give you her number after work, you dunce!”] Her words were spirited but not incredibly loud. They did not make it any farther than the next table over, but no one seemed interested. [+green “How could you miss that [i obvious] hint?”] Her blue eyes shifted over to the crowd in the kitchen window and she brought her hand to her face, sighing heavily.

Asteria’s dark eyes hardened on her friend. [+teal “Eh!”] It was a chiding sound. [+teal “That is enough out of you.”] Her face was already reddening again. [+teal “Quit bothering her.”] Cute or not, Elene didn’t deserve to be bothered at work. Now wasn’t the time, even if she did kinda want to talk to her a little bit more.
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[tab ] When Elene returned to the two young women's table, she felt a strange sense of relief to see them still sitting there. Not that she had really thought that they would have left, but more so that she was letting her own anxiety begin to get to her and well-- that would just sort of be the type of thing that would happen to her. The dark haired young woman had a bite of her appetizer and Elene could clearly see the mini-panic when she set down the woman's iced tea for her.

[tab ] [b [i “Ah, thank you… and um… I really am sorry about before. I hope you don’t get into trouble or anything. I am willing to talk to your manager or whoever to let them know that it was all her fault and none yours.” ]] The dark haired young woman said worriedly, which honestly surprised Elene more than anything else.

[tab ] [+indigo [b "Oh-- no don't worry about it."]] Elene replied, just a bit awkwardly-- [+indigo [b "My managers are my parents they don't sweat the small stuff. I just can't give out my number to a customer while I'm working.']] Glancing back towards the main part of the restaurant, she could see her mum and father whispering something among themselves, and her father caught her eye and waved happily. [i Their gossip travels far too quickly...] she thought to herself, wishing for the first time in a good while that she didn't work for the restaurant her trio of parents owned and operated.
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Asteria munched away on her appetizer happily. Truly things like this were meant to be shared, which had been her plan before Maria made a scene . But now, she was content to chip away at the board of meat and cheese herself. That was fine, she had a big appetite. That came long with being a caster. Using magic consumed large amounts of energy, so she was almost always hungry. But for her, someone who loved food wholeheartedly, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. She could snack all she wanted, though it did get on some of her friends’ nerves that she would often start eating in the middle of conversation. That was probably a habit she should learn to curve, but here in a restaurant, no one could get mad at her. That was what this place was for.

The music, now in full swing, simply became part of the atmosphere for the young woman. It was not unpleasant. Asteria found that she actually quite liked it, even though it was not something she would have picked out herself. She had been raised on mainly instrumental music. The old classics, though that was more a choice of her parents’ than her own. After all this time she liked it, so she was not upset or anything, but it might be nice to listen to something like this on her own time at some point. The dark-haired woman would not dare ask Maria for music suggestions though. That was only liable to blow up in her face. She would do her own research, or perhaps ask someone she trusted to actually steer her in the correct direction.

Lost in these thoughts and others, Asteria had a mouth full of bread and cheese when Elene returned with her glass of tea. Panicking ever so slightly, she hummed and gestured a thank you as she tried to get the bite down so she could properly speak. It took a few seconds, but she managed. [+teal “Ah, thank you… and um… I really am sorry about before. I hope you don’t get into trouble or anything. I am willing to talk to your manager or whoever to let them know that it was all her fault and none yours.”] The mildly embarrassed woman was still hooked on the idea that the waitress might be in trouble. It was unlikely since no one had really be around to see or hear what happened, but it worried Asteria all the same.
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[tab ] [+indigo [b "Of course."]] Elene said when the darker haired woman gave her an out of going to get the peach tea, and she tucked her tray under her arm and headed more quickly than she intended back towards the kitchen. She could feel her face getting more flushed as she got back into the kitchen and went over to the fridge.

[tab ] [i So stupid...] Why was she getting all -- this? Now? What was she going to say when she got back to the table? Would they uncomfortably ignore it? Maybe she should switch tables with Az... Or would that be more uncomfortable? That girl was really cute...

[tab ] Elene gently bumped her head against the wall next to the fridge a few times for good measure, trying to clear her thoughts for a second.

[tab ] [b [i "Something on your mind?"]] Elene nearly jumped out of her skin and dropped her tray turning to look at her mamá who was in the middle of throwing a ball of dough into a disc shape with the kind of expert precision that came from years of practice, red hair pulled back into a messy bun and giving her a smile. Elene stood up slightly and readjusted herself.
[tab ] [+indigo [b "Just a little flustered mamá."]] She said, grabbing out some of the peach tea and ice.
[tab ] [b [i "Mmhm. Your mum gets the same way."]] Her mamá said, putting the dough she was working with onto a cornmeal-covered peel. [b [i "If they make you this way you should ask them out. It'd make your dad relieved to see you find someone."]]
[tab ] [+indigo [b "I think I may have already ruined it."]] Elene replied, putting ice into a tall glass and pouring the tea into it, and slicing off a bit of peach and lime to put onto the rim.
[tab ] [b [i "Hm. Give them a dessert. Maybe a slice of the cake-- it is very good today."]]
[tab ] [+indigo [b "Maybe so. Thanks mamá."]] Elene said putting the drink on her tray again. The older woman just smiled happily and retrieved a few ingredients to cover the pizza she was making-- bacon and apple and honey drizzle with good cheese. Elene took a deep breath and headed back out of the kitchen, back to the table.]]
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Watching as the waitress became just about as flustered as her, Asteria began to feel worse, even though it was all Maria’s fault. Looking up to Elene, she was stumbling over her words looking for an escape from the situation, so the dark-haired woman gladly gave her one. [+teal “Yes, yes, I would love to try the tea. I must have missed it on the menu, thank you for the suggestion.”] Asteria was all but shooing her away from the table so that she could escape before Maria subjected her to any more of her lunacy.

No sooner than the green-eyed woman was out of earshot, which was not far with the music playing now, Asteria turned on her friend. [+teal “I cannot believe you! You are going to get her in trouble. You need to knock it off or I am leaving you here with the bill.”] She practically hissed her threat.

Maria didn’t look particularly apologetic as she stared back at her uptight friend. [+green “You really need to loosen up a bit. She was fine. I seriously doubt she is going to get fired over a joke like that.”] Leaning back in her chair, Maria crossed her arms. [+green “Fine. I will back off, but I really do think she was interested. She wouldn’t have been so flustered and used work for an excuse if she wasn’t.”] The blue-eyed young woman winked at her friend as she took up her glass of wine and diverted her attention to the band in the background. [+green “Who knows, maybe she will want to chat after she gets off for the night.”] She was basically talking to herself at that point.

Shaking her head, the more level-minded girl opted to ignore the woman across the table and instead divert her attention to the tasty looking food before her. After a few bites she determined it was even better than it looked, which was amazing and helped to calm her down. Asteria just couldn’t stay mad when she had something yummy to snack on. However, that did not clear her mind completely. She kept thinking of Elene and what she would say when she returned with that peach tea. Should she just pretend nothing ever happened, or maybe she should apologize again? She didn’t know which was the right option, but she was prone to the later. Sweeping things under the rug did not sit well with her.
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[tab ] [b [i “My friend here is very shy, but she just couldn’t get over how absolutely adorable you are. You think we can get her your number?” ]] The blonde woman had said when Elene returned to their table with the first part of their meal, and she could feel her ears start to heat up along with the edges of her cheekbone, likely tinging pink a bit. She wasn't quite certain what to say to that-- fortunately she didn't get the chance to stammer out a flash response, as the dark haired young woman spoke first, her fair face colouring red just as hers was.

[tab ] [b [i “I am so sorry; she is an idiot. Please ignore her completely.”]] She said quite rushed, sending furtive glances to her companion. Elene really wasn't quite sure what to think of any of this whole situation really-- Did she think that these women were beautiful? Extremely. Was giving out her number against company protocol? Very much so. If they had met when she wasn't working, especially the dark haired young woman, and had been asked the same thing? She honestly would probably give her her number or- discord-- or email or something. She realized that she was starting to take too long to respond, and it just made her all the more flustered.

[tab ] [+indigo [b "Uhm-- I don't-- I think it's against the rules here --"]] She said trying not to sound like a complete flustered, gay mess over realizing that other girls liked girls too. [+indigo [b Is there a drink or something I can get you? We have peach sweet tea.."] She added trying to regain some of her composure.
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It was all of five seconds after the waitress left the table that Maria piped back up, though thankfully she kept her volume at an appropriate level. [+green “Oh my god, she was super cute wasn’t she?”] Her blue eyes eager looked after Elene until she disappeared and then began searching about the dinning area. [+green “Oh no, they are all hot! I have to get some numbers tonight.”] The young woman dramatically stated after seeing some of the other wait staff. She was a natural born flirt.

Asteria on the other hand would have been mortally embarrassed if she said half the things that came from her friend’s mouth. [+teal “Please, you promised me you would be on your best behavior. I swear, if you make a scene I am going to leave you here by yourself and go straight home.”] It was not an empty threat, the straight-laced girl had done it before and she was not afraid to do it again.

[+green “Why are you always such a stick in the mud? Besides asking for someone’s number isn’t ‘making a scene.’”] Maria used air quotes for emphasis, to which Asteria could only sign in response. That was the end of the conversation for now, but both of them knew this wasn’t over. Not by a long shot.

Despite the people filing in through the door and how busy it looked to be, their drinks and appetizers were on the way quickly. The women were already talking about something else when Maria caught sight of their waitress and had a mischievous idea. It manifested on her face in the form of a smirk and Asteria knew she was plotting something, though she could not imagine what. At least not until their first wave of food arrived. When Elene asked if they needed anything else, the blonde’s grin grew. [+green “Yes actually.”] Right then the band started up in the background, forcing her to raise her voice just a little louder. It was not enough to carry very far, but at least to the emerald-eyed woman she was addressing. [+green “My friend here is very shy, but she just couldn’t get over how absolutely adorable you are. You think we can get her your number?”] Smooth as warm butter, there wasn’t even an ounce of hesitation in her voice as she asked.

Asteria’s face flushed fast and her words stated pouring out frantically. [+teal “I am so sorry; she is an idiot. Please ignore her completely.”] In her mortification it did not occur to her to deny her friend’s accusation.
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[tab ] Elene took a brief moment to take in the two customers-- they seemed a bit newer to the restaurant, which was always nice to see-- and both of the young women dressed and spoke quite elegantly, if not casually. She tried not to over-think what she looked like-- after all, this was her work uniform-- more or less fitting within the sort of 'work casual' style that her parents tried to put out. The trio aspired towards a place where all walks of people could feel comfortable being in-- cute and classy enough to be able to fit a wedding reception, but rougher and casual enough to fit the pasta and pizza restaurant vibe they had more of now.

[tab ] As she listened to their order in its fullest, she did her best to focus on the order and keep an eye on the other customers who were beginning to slowly filter in, and not to let her mind wander about what it must be like to look so proper and wear gloves and all such things most of the time. The darker haired woman gave the stage to her blonde companion and she nodded along as she mentioned seeing about dessert. The band in the background was starting to warm up to their voices and instruments, switching into a slightly higher paced song now. From her experience, they would do a set of covers then see how the audience was doing-- if they were enjoying the music, they moved onward to a few more experimental new songs of their own devising.

[tab ] [b [+indigo "Don't worry it's quite alright-- there is plenty of food and music to enjoy this evening." ]] Elene nodded, smiling a bit as she wrote down the order down once they had completed. [b [+indigo "I'll make certain that the kitchen gets to starting on your pastas while I retrieve your charcuterie and bread-- oh and may I please see your ID real quick? For the Merlot."]] She said cheerfully, finishing off the script of their order with a neat little flourish of her pen. Giving the blonde woman's ID a quick and calculated once over-- it was really more because of policy than her actually believing the woman was under age-- she handed it back and nodded to them both. [b [+indigo "I'll return in just a moment if you need anything."]]

[tab ] Heading back towards the kitchen she turned in the order, and headed over to where they held the ingredients for their charcuterie and cheese boards-- and it was quite easy with practice to pull the ingredients she needed and nicely arrange them onto a rectangular plate, placing and fanning out cured meats and nuts, putting some fresh goat cheese in a nice little mound along with some roasted red peppers and olive oil, topping things with a little bit of aged cheddar, brie, and grapes. She grabbed a loaf of the olive bread the dark haired young woman had ordered as well and poured a glass of Merlot, heading back to the two women's' table. By then Kayla had gotten into work and was starting on taking orders while Azurel was bringing out other people's appetizers.

[tab ] [b [+indigo "Is there anything else that you need before I head off to assist my coworkers?"]] She asked the two gently, placing the plate and glass of wine down with practiced grace.
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Quite frankly Asteria was in no way pleased to be informed that the plan to go out with her friend Maria to the bookstore and then straight to her home for the night had been overhauled. Her childhood companion discovered that some band that had recently caught her attention was playing in a local restaurant, and so she felt the need to drag Asteria along for the ride. Maria swore up and down that they would make it big any time now, but Asteria had yet to see a simple cover band “blow up” after a few small venue performances. It was silly, but after much pushing and prodding and many promises of tasty food, she agreed to go along with the new proposal, even though she was certain her parents would not approve. While technically an adult, the young woman came from a prestigious and traditional family. To them image was everything and she really couldn’t afford to be caught comingling with rowdy concertgoers, but there she was on her way to some shop she had never heard of.

Upon their arrival, the raven-haired woman was not impressed by the looks of the place. It seemed Maria had really talked it up. Asteria was now leaning toward the belief that her friend had never actually been here and was lying about how good their food was. She had been duped with the tantalizing temptation of a good meal once again… how embarrassing… However, as the pair entered the establishment, there was a shift. The mouthwatering smell of fresh bread took hold of her. It reminded her of her favorite bakery and all of a sudden there was hope.

After a short wait at the door, because it appeared as if they were short staffed, the pair was seated. Maria was adamant they be near the band. Asteria wanted to enjoy her food in peace, but it did not appear to be in the stars today. She stayed quiet until they were seated, and the hostess walked away before speaking. [+teal “You know, I would appreciate it if you consulted me on these things a little more readily.”] She sighed as instruments plucked away behind her.

Maria shot her an apologetic smile but didn’t say much else. Her friend was tempted to push the topic further, however in a rather smart move the blonde pushed a menu in front of her before she opened her mouth to complain any more. Asteria gave her a side eye glare, however it worked in keeping her quiet for the time being. The dark-haired woman took up the menu in gloved hands and began perusing through the different options. Once again, she was pleasantly surprised. There might be a thing or two worth trying here. There was a minute or two to become acquainted with printed menu before someone appeared at their table. It was not anyone she saw when they were seated, but Asteria didn’t pay it much more mind than that. [+teal “Good evening, Elene.”] Despite her irritation at Maria, she remined pleasant with everyone else. No use taking it out on an innocent bystander, especially one who was just trying to do her job. [+teal “Yes, I would like to start with a small loaf of your olive bread along with the cheese and charcuterie board.”] From the sounds of it they were here for the long haul, so she wanted to be ready. [+teal “Then I am going to have the seafood ravioli with the house salad, vinaigrette dressing… and can I get that full sized instead of the side salad…”] She thought for a second more but decided to conclude there. [+teal “And I will see how I feel about dessert when the time comes.”] Nodding as if she was content with what she had picked, Asteria closed the menu and set it to the edge of the table before looking toward Maria.

[+green “And I suppose you don’t plan on sharing?”] Maria practically knew the answer to that already, so she didn’t bother looking at her friends smile of confirmation. [+green “I’d like to start the night off with a glass of merlot and I’ll just be having the grilled chicken alfredo.”] A normal portion of food for a normal human being. [+green “Also, sorry my friend is such a glutton. I will try and real her in, so she doesn’t bother you too much tonight. Thank you.”]

Asteria’s nose wrinkled as she huffed up. She knew Maria was only teasing, but still it was only right that she would be allowed to pout silently from her side of the table. Really, she could be so immature, but somehow they were still good friends.
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[tab ] The sound of a band revving up and getting ready to go echoed a bit through the kitchen of The Bread Board. It was about four o'clock in the early summer on a nice and sunny friday afternoon, and Elene was holed up at a little desk at the corner of the large kitchen, tinkering with the computer that they had there and looking back at her laptop occasionally, eyes searching through the code onscreen and occasionally typing something on the old keyboard. The band outside introduced themselves to the few early patrons they had, recieving a small but enthusiastic welcome, and started to play their first song, a cover of an old Fleetwood Mac song.

[tab ] [b [i "Elene Ramona Dellucci you had better be putting on your apron!"]] A voice called from the front of house, causing Elene to lean back in her chair and turn her head towards the door where a woman in her late fourties with grey streaked black hair and dark eyes held the door open to give her a [i look], pulling a pair of over-ear headphones off her head and pressing a button to pause what she had been listening to.

[tab ] [b [+indigo "My shift doesn't start until 4:30 mum."]] She said in a mildly exhasperated tone, but still tapping a few keys in order to save her work in the computer. [b [+indigo "Besides, I was updating our website and printing tonight's menu."]] Her parents resturant, The Bread Board, had a revolving repitoire of recipes that they kept over the years and rotated just a little differently everyday. But no matter what they were serving, customers always knew they could come in and find fresh baked bread, hand-made pasta, and a variety of charcuterie, cheese, and hearth-oven pizzas. Balls if dough lined the counter off to one side, waiting to be tossed and covered in fillings as the night began to pick up, as she knew it would.

[tab ] [b "Kayla is going to be late tonight, and we have early customers because of the band."] Her mother said, grey eyes looking between the laptop and the computer. [b "You know that I don't like you messing about on the computers."] She was concerned because some people had begun to be… aggressive towards people who used tech a bit too much. It was exactly why Elene avoided mentioning the things she did in her spare time. She closed up her laptap and tucked it away into her bag, getting up and grabbing an apron.

[tab ] [b [+indigo "I know mum. It's okay."]] Elene smiled. She gave her mum a quick hug and headed to the front of house, pulling her hair into a quick bun and picking up a pad and pen. She passed her mamá and dad loading in some fresh ingredients from their storage refridgerator around the back, both in their fourties as well, a woman with long wavy red hair and blue eyes, and a man with dark brown hair and green eyes that matched her own. She smiled and gave a wave to them as she passed and searched for people without order numbers from the opening that separated the inside and outside of the resturant.

[tab ] Spotting a young woman, Elene headed over and flipped her pad to a new page, taking a breath and going into a slightly more peppy mode for work. [b [+indigo "Hello! I'm Elene. Is there anything I can help you with?"]] She asked giving her best smile.
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