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While Asteria was not exactly accustomed this sort of horseplay, and she was glad when Elene’s big friend put her down, she was not necessarily going to judge her or others for it. She may have been sheltered, but even she understood that people came from all sorts of walks of life and this was just a part of the waitress’, even if it was rather... boisterous.

[+teal “No, please do not worry. I was the one who chose to come over even though you were clearly in the middle of something.”] That something just happened to be being hoisted about in a silly fashion, but that was alright. Besides, this was no worse than her own friend had acted only a little while ago. Speaking of which, the conversation soon led back to Maria. [+teal “Oh yes, Maria... I made her stay behind so I could come thank you properly. She has made enough of a menace of herself.”] No need to make this any more uncomfortable than it already was. With her being as awkward as she was. [+teal “I would love to talk, but unfortunately I will need to get back to my friend, I want to make sure she gets home safely.”] It was not as though Asteria had any real fear that she was too drunk to do it herself, but she would feel terrible if something happened to her when she was supposed to be going with her back home. [+teal “I will be free tomorrow though, if you don’t have to work... or we could do another day, or schedule around your shift, whatever is most convenient for you.”] Feeling a little self-conscious having this conversation in front of so many prying eyes, the woman quickly switched tracks. [+teal “You can just message me and we can figure out a plan.”] Remembering that they hadn’t quite exchanged numbers as she had simply been handed Elene’s, the dark-haired woman quickly revised her statement. [+teal “Or rather I will message you so that you have my number and we can go from there.”] That was a somewhat embarrassing oversight, but she was doing her best to try and hold it together and not look like one big gay mess.

Looking down to her purse, Asteria quickly began to ruffle through it to track down her phone. She had a lot of stuffed in the medium sized bag, and somehow the communication device had come loose from its normal place, so it took a moment to find it again. When she finally had a hold of it, she held it somewhat triumphantly. [+teal “...I should get back to Maria, but I will do that now.”] Smiling softly at the other woman, she nodded her head as though she was confirming her own plan with herself. [+teal “It has been lovely getting to meet you, and you all as well.”] She briefly turned to the others before giving Elene one more look before she turned to leave with a small wave goodbye.

As she walked back across the restaurant, the thin woman began constructing her text to Elene. Her fingers were quick on the glass screen and she had it all written out before she even made it back to Maria who was waiting at the front entrance. Knowing there was a good chance she would completely overthink what she was saying Asteria hit send before she could do that.

[b [i Hello, Elene. It is Asteria. This is my personal phone so feel free to message me at will. I look forward to finding time to meet up. Until then I hope you have a goodnight.]]

She had to quickly lock her phone after that, lest Maria grab ahold of it and criticize her communication skills. It was going to be a long night with her asking a million questions and trying to give her all sorts of needless advice, but given Asteria was feeling pretty alright about life right this second, she thought she could handle it.
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[tab ] Seeing Asteria come over and introduce herself, as well as realizing she was still firmly hoisted over the shoulder of Jake, Elene immediately felt the blood run out of her face, before promptly returning in full force and coloring her features in what she was certain to be a rather unflattering tomato red. She smacked against Jake's arm to let her down, not too hard but enough to show that she was done playing games, and much to her relief he set her down where she tried to smooth herself over.

[tab ] [b [+indigo "Sorry about that, these goons don't know how to not be disruptive--"]] She said turning her head slightly at the two men and the rest of the band members who were obviously trying not to bust open their sides with laughter at the sheer ridiculousness of the short woman's death glare. She offered a hand to Asteria [b [+indigo "It's nice to meet you, Asteria. Properly, anyway. I'm glad you liked the cake as well."]] Elene added, smiling a little to the woman before her. She hadn't really expected to get this far quite frankly-- she halfway wished they had just been able to text or something-- it would give her more time to organize her thoughts and better ability to hide her still red face.

[tab ] She shifted her feet a bit uncertainly. [b [+indigo "I-- uh-- do you want to talk or -- you had your friend with you as well--"]] She offered, sort of trailing off as she spoke, realizing the woman's friend wasn't with her.
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The note’s message was unexpected. Asteria was just about sure they had scared her away for good, but it seemed Elene was unopposed to meeting again, in fact it seemed that was what she wanted. Though the invitation seemed to be pointed at her rather than Maria, so the dark-haired young woman tucked the piece of paper away not interested in sharing that or the dessert with her friend. Still, that did not mean the blue-eyed girl across the table was not going to try.

[+green “So, is it from your secret admirer or what? There’s a number on that card isn’t there.”] Her tone was matter of fact, as if there was no room for there to be anything else written on that small scrap of paper that her friend so quickly hid away. Grinning, Maria left it at that, she was just excited to have been right all along. It made all the scolding worth it, at least in her mischievous mind.

Really, she would have preferred if her friend just kept her mouth shut every once in a while, but it was a relief that she did not drag her teasing out any more than she did. That gave Asteria time to eat the delicious slice of cake. In the end she was merciful and allowed Maria a small section of it. The last section of their meal passed quietly. Asteria was musing about what she should say in her message to Elene, of course she would have to thank you for the cake, but what else. Probably give her name… that would be good. But how to do that without looked terribly desperate was the question. Should she wait a day or two? It was very childish, but appearances meant an awful lot to her, so she was considering it. Maybe write the text tonight and set a timer to remember to send it in a day and a half. That seemed like an appropriate amount of time.

The band went off for their intermission just before the pair sent of their check fully paid for. It was time to get out of here and continue with their original plans, though it was probably late to be going to the book store… it was likely they would just go back to Maria’s, but she was going to make her friend take her to the store tomorrow morning. She owed her that at least.

As the two were headed toward the door, there was some shouting near the kitchen. Without the music playing, they were actually able to hear it and it drew the pair’s attention to the group there. Asteria spotted Elene and wondered if she always managed to get herself pulled into the center of noisy situations. It was very tempting just to continue out the door and go with her texting plan, but after seeing her again it felt borderline rude. Encouraging tipsy Maria to wait outside, she turned that was all on her lonesome in hopes that it would go a little more smoothly without the blonde to muck it all up.

When she got a little closer, their eyes met, and she smiled politely, though waited to come within a acceptable talking distance before saying anything. Then words for a moment words failed her as she stared at the vibrant eyed woman. [+teal “Um… I… I wanted to say thank you for the cake. It was very good, everything was.”] Normally she did not get this nervous talking with strangers. Maria had gotten under her skin. [+teal “Also, I thought I should properly introduce myself. I am Asteria, it has been a pleasure, even if it got a little out of hand.”] It was tempting to offer her hand to shake, but she did not want to come across as any more needlessly formal than she probably already did.
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[center [font "Lucida Handwriting" [size16 Sorry for getting off on the wrong foot.
Maybe we can hang out sometime?
-Elene ]]]
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[tab ] Elene settled down at the older computer tucked away in the back of the kitchen, pulling up the restaurant's website and trying to check over how far she had gotten in her work before she had to leave it abruptly for the start of the dinner rush. She bit the edge of her cheek, wondering if it was even worth it to start in on the work again. From outside, she could hear the band letting the audience know that they were going to take a break and then be back up for another set in just a bit.

[tab ] There was a loud shout through the kitchen and she swiveled around just in time to see the band's drummer come in, and beam seeing her. [b [i "El! What are you doing cooped up in here?"]] He asked, just a tad too loud.
[tab [+indigo [b "Well I was just working on-"]] Elene started but was quickly interrupted by Jake scooping her out of her chair unexpectedly and carrying her out of the sanctuary of the kitchen, back outside where the rest of the band was hanging out-- [+indigo [b "Azurel! Control your boyfriend!"]] She called over to Az as he was busing a nearby table, causing him to look up and crack up seeing the relatively short young woman being carried much like a child.

[tab ] [b [i "Yeah, like that's going to happen."]] Jake smirked, setting her down and stuck his tongue out at her, causing Elene to glare at him. Az came over to give him a quick hug before finishing up busing his table. Maybe this was the sort of reprieve that Elene needed to get out of her head- but she couldn't help but glance around to hope they hadn't made too much of a scene, and to see that the two young women were still there...

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The rest of Asteria’s meal was uneventful, but for the most part she preferred it that way. Sure, she would not have been mad to see Elena chew Maria out one more time. It would be entertaining and she knew the blonde deserved it, however that also meant Maria would have to step out of line again, which she would rather not happen. So overall this was fine since she was able to focus on her food without interruption. Speaking of which, she was somehow able to finish the ungodly amount she ordered for herself. It was nice that she would not have to worry about taking any leftover, but she did feel a little bit like a glutton, especially with Maria who liked to poke fun. For this reason she had decided against dessert, though the display set up at the front of the restaurant was calling to her something fierce.

Listening intently, waiting on the check, the dark-haired woman closed her eyes. It was relaxing, even if the music was a little more course than she was used to. It wasn’t until their new server appeared and called to the women that Asteria opened her eyes again, though she was surprised with what she saw. Kayla was holding an enticing piece of cake. [+teal “There must be some mistake. We didn’t order anything else.”] As much as she wanted it, she attempted to keep her self-control about her. An endeavor that did not last any longer than the waitress telling her that it was a gift from their pervious server Elene, and therefore on the house. [+teal “Oh.”] It was a sound of pleasant surprised. [+teal “That is very sweet of her.”] Especially after she had such a rough time at their table. [+teal “Thank you.”] Eyes focused readily on the cake, they were filled with excitement. But there was one more thing. A small note that came with it, taking the paper form Kayla, she thanked her one more time and let her leave before she looked to see what it said. It was only polite to read a card before getting into a gift, though she couldn’t imagine what it might say.
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[tab ] Elene laughed just a bit at the young woman's comment about giving them a hard time. [b [+indigo "I'm certain that if there is anything to give you a hard time about I'll certainly hear it."]] She said smiling a bit. [b [+indigo "Well. I hope that you two enjoy your meal."]] She added, wondering for a moment if she should ask for the woman's name. Would that be too awkward now? Earlier she had introduced herself, as was policy with most of the waiters that worked here. It helped to foster a familiar type of vibe to the restaurant that her parents wanted to uphold.

[tab ] Deciding against it for now, she wavered for a brief moment before going to check in with the other tables that she was serving, keeping an eye out for Kayla- she was at the large group that had come in a short time ago, and prepping for the change over so to speak so that she could go work at the mini office that had been fit into the kitchen when she passed by the desserts case, seeing the cake that her mamá had said she should offer to the young woman. She smiled a bit and cut off a piece and writing a note and asked Kayla to bring it to their table when they got done with their entree to the dark haired woman.
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Asteria’s eyes shined excitedly as she caught sight of their food coming to the table. She had been watching for a while now, not because it was taking too long, but because she was that eager to get to try her meal. Everything else had been excellent, so she was looking forward to getting a taste of some other stuff from the menu. [+teal “No, no, this is perfect.”] The young woman thought it must be weird to not have a commute to work or back home after she was done. It was tempting to ask, but she stopped herself knowing it was the waitress’ norm, so of course it wouldn’t be strange to her.

For once in her life, Maria kept her mouth shut. Well, at least when it came to what she really wanted to say. That being that if Elene was off of work now, they were free to have a nice sit down, exchange numbers, all that good stuff. But knowing her third strike would be the one to make her friend walk out kept her quiet. Instead she just thanked Elene along with Asteria. It was probably a surprise to both the other ladies, a pleasant one, but a surprise nonetheless.

Finding the offer to help them even though she was off the clock a bit different, the red eyed woman laughed lightly, it was a happy, airy sort of sound. [+teal “I think we have bothered you quite enough for one night. But that is very sweet of you to offer. Please go enjoy your free time. We will be here if you think you need to give us a hard time about anything.”] As far as Asteria was concerned, she had earned it.
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[tab ] Elene was glad for the break from the slightly awkward encounter's of the two women's table, happily writing down the orders of a group of regulars who had barely even had to look at the menu to know precisely what they wanted. It was always nice when they got that sort of customer-- and Elene headed back into the kitchen, relieved to see Kayla putting on her apron and picking up a tray when she got there.

[tab ] Things seemed to have calmed somewhat after that, and the blonde woman of the table she had been serving had ordered an additional glass of wine, which Elene brought to the two women alongside the main course of their meal. The band had begun to really hit their gel for the night, and each song was just as pleasant as the next, throwing in one or two original songs as well that they had been testing out at a few recent venues.

[tab ] Placing the plates of food and drink down before the two women, she glanced between them. [b [+indigo "Is there anything else that I can get for you two? My shift waitressing is going to be over soon and my friend Kayla will be taking over your table, but if you need me I will still be around the restaurant."]] She wanted to get more work done on the resturant's website, as well as some of her other projects...
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Asteria was impressed. For a restaurant that placed its pride more on breads and baked goods, she was surprised that they would make something like this here. It was commendable and showed the type of hard work she found amiable. Smiling she was about to make comment back, but that was when Maria came in with her spiel. Her dark red eyes were glaring something fierce at the woman across the table. She had a few choice words for her friend, which she was going to wait to unleash until their company was gone, however the waitress spoke up for herself this time and put her foot down. Yet another thing that impressed the prim young woman. Sure, she had to agree with Maria that she was cute, but that moment put Elene on Asteria’s radar. Perhaps not for a date per se, but definitely as someone she wanted to get to know. Maria was loud and pushy, so when someone shut that down it got her attention, especially in a place like this where client satisfaction often came above all else.

Gaze lingering on the suddenly fiery woman as she left, there was a smile playing on Asteria’s lips. One that took a turn for smug when she turned back to her blue-eyed companion. [+teal “You got what you deserved.”] Maria glared back but did not say anything. It seemed for now she was defeated. Hopefully she would stay that way, content with her drink and music. And she was, at least until their food came. By that time, she had finished her drink and the alcohol had her all sorts of chatty, but at least she was also more agreeable. She wasn’t giving Elene a hard time any more, that was for sure, though she did add another glass of wine to her order.
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[tab ] [b [+indigo "The tea is made fresh in house from locally sourced ingredients, much like pretty much everything we serve."]] Elene said smiling a bit, glad that the young woman liked the tea.

[tab ] [b [i “No!- You are supposed to ask if she can give you her number after work, you dunce!”]] Came swiftly from the blonde in the very midst of Elene's response-- and she could feel the blush rising to her cheeks once more at the volume of her statement, hoping her parents wouldn't intervene. [b [i “How could you miss that obvious hint?”]] She was about to say something when the dark haired woman answered in her defense first.

[tab ] [b [i “That is enough out of you. Quit bothering her.”]]

[tab ] [b [+indigo "As much as I am flattered by your obvious attempts to set up your friend here, I have a job to do right now. Aside from that, I do not even know her name at the present as she has been spending more time defending herself from you to even get the chance to properly introduce herself."]] Elene said looking directly to the blonde woman, [b [+indigo "If this issue persists I will request that one of our other servers take over your table so as to keep disruptions from interrupting the music and dining experience from our other guests. Now if you'll excuse me, I have tables waiting."]]

[tab ] She didn't particularly like having to go into full professional mode, and it embarrassed her even more so when she wanted to get to know someone better as they all often did working here. She had made many friends by simply getting to enjoy some brief conversation when waiting had hit a lull, and she was hoping she would have been able to do so here, but instead she was walking with purpose towards a moderate sized group who had recently been seated who were in need of menus.
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A weight came off Asteria’s shoulders when Elene assured her it was not something to worry about. However, it was somewhat embarrassing to have tried to make such a gesture when it really wasn’t such a bit deal. Perhaps she should have just ignored it and let the night continue on as it would. Still, she did find it strange that having her parents as her bosses made the situation easier instead of harder. If Asteria’s parents ever caught her stepping out of line in what was supposed to be a formal setting she got an earful. They always sweated the small stuff. Must have been nice to have a little bit of leniency.

[+teal “Oh, well, I am glad to hear that then.”] The young woman held back another apology, she had said enough sorrys, especially on someone else’s behalf. But without that she wasn’t really sure what to say. Her hands went to the glass of tea set in front of her and she took a sip. As soon as the fruity sweet liquid hit her tongue, her wine-red eyes figuratively lit up. [+teal “Oh my goodness, this is very good.”] There was a hint of citrus in there too. Was it lime? Asteria had not expected it at all. [+teal “Is this made in house?”] It did not matter to her either way, she just wanted to know if she could get this elsewhere or if she would need to return here to enjoy this treat.

Maria groaned from the other side of the table. At some point she had started paying attention to the other two in all their awkwardness. [+green “No!”] Eyes shot over to the blond who wore a look of mild irritation. [+green “You are supposed to ask if she can give you her number after work, you dunce!”] Her words were spirited but not incredibly loud. They did not make it any farther than the next table over, but no one seemed interested. [+green “How could you miss that [i obvious] hint?”] Her blue eyes shifted over to the crowd in the kitchen window and she brought her hand to her face, sighing heavily.

Asteria’s dark eyes hardened on her friend. [+teal “Eh!”] It was a chiding sound. [+teal “That is enough out of you.”] Her face was already reddening again. [+teal “Quit bothering her.”] Cute or not, Elene didn’t deserve to be bothered at work. Now wasn’t the time, even if she did kinda want to talk to her a little bit more.
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[tab ] When Elene returned to the two young women's table, she felt a strange sense of relief to see them still sitting there. Not that she had really thought that they would have left, but more so that she was letting her own anxiety begin to get to her and well-- that would just sort of be the type of thing that would happen to her. The dark haired young woman had a bite of her appetizer and Elene could clearly see the mini-panic when she set down the woman's iced tea for her.

[tab ] [b [i “Ah, thank you… and um… I really am sorry about before. I hope you don’t get into trouble or anything. I am willing to talk to your manager or whoever to let them know that it was all her fault and none yours.” ]] The dark haired young woman said worriedly, which honestly surprised Elene more than anything else.

[tab ] [+indigo [b "Oh-- no don't worry about it."]] Elene replied, just a bit awkwardly-- [+indigo [b "My managers are my parents they don't sweat the small stuff. I just can't give out my number to a customer while I'm working.']] Glancing back towards the main part of the restaurant, she could see her mum and father whispering something among themselves, and her father caught her eye and waved happily. [i Their gossip travels far too quickly...] she thought to herself, wishing for the first time in a good while that she didn't work for the restaurant her trio of parents owned and operated.
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Asteria munched away on her appetizer happily. Truly things like this were meant to be shared, which had been her plan before Maria made a scene . But now, she was content to chip away at the board of meat and cheese herself. That was fine, she had a big appetite. That came long with being a caster. Using magic consumed large amounts of energy, so she was almost always hungry. But for her, someone who loved food wholeheartedly, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. She could snack all she wanted, though it did get on some of her friends’ nerves that she would often start eating in the middle of conversation. That was probably a habit she should learn to curve, but here in a restaurant, no one could get mad at her. That was what this place was for.

The music, now in full swing, simply became part of the atmosphere for the young woman. It was not unpleasant. Asteria found that she actually quite liked it, even though it was not something she would have picked out herself. She had been raised on mainly instrumental music. The old classics, though that was more a choice of her parents’ than her own. After all this time she liked it, so she was not upset or anything, but it might be nice to listen to something like this on her own time at some point. The dark-haired woman would not dare ask Maria for music suggestions though. That was only liable to blow up in her face. She would do her own research, or perhaps ask someone she trusted to actually steer her in the correct direction.

Lost in these thoughts and others, Asteria had a mouth full of bread and cheese when Elene returned with her glass of tea. Panicking ever so slightly, she hummed and gestured a thank you as she tried to get the bite down so she could properly speak. It took a few seconds, but she managed. [+teal “Ah, thank you… and um… I really am sorry about before. I hope you don’t get into trouble or anything. I am willing to talk to your manager or whoever to let them know that it was all her fault and none yours.”] The mildly embarrassed woman was still hooked on the idea that the waitress might be in trouble. It was unlikely since no one had really be around to see or hear what happened, but it worried Asteria all the same.
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] [+indigo [b "Of course."]] Elene said when the darker haired woman gave her an out of going to get the peach tea, and she tucked her tray under her arm and headed more quickly than she intended back towards the kitchen. She could feel her face getting more flushed as she got back into the kitchen and went over to the fridge.

[tab ] [i So stupid...] Why was she getting all -- this? Now? What was she going to say when she got back to the table? Would they uncomfortably ignore it? Maybe she should switch tables with Az... Or would that be more uncomfortable? That girl was really cute...

[tab ] Elene gently bumped her head against the wall next to the fridge a few times for good measure, trying to clear her thoughts for a second.

[tab ] [b [i "Something on your mind?"]] Elene nearly jumped out of her skin and dropped her tray turning to look at her mamá who was in the middle of throwing a ball of dough into a disc shape with the kind of expert precision that came from years of practice, red hair pulled back into a messy bun and giving her a smile. Elene stood up slightly and readjusted herself.
[tab ] [+indigo [b "Just a little flustered mamá."]] She said, grabbing out some of the peach tea and ice.
[tab ] [b [i "Mmhm. Your mum gets the same way."]] Her mamá said, putting the dough she was working with onto a cornmeal-covered peel. [b [i "If they make you this way you should ask them out. It'd make your dad relieved to see you find someone."]]
[tab ] [+indigo [b "I think I may have already ruined it."]] Elene replied, putting ice into a tall glass and pouring the tea into it, and slicing off a bit of peach and lime to put onto the rim.
[tab ] [b [i "Hm. Give them a dessert. Maybe a slice of the cake-- it is very good today."]]
[tab ] [+indigo [b "Maybe so. Thanks mamá."]] Elene said putting the drink on her tray again. The older woman just smiled happily and retrieved a few ingredients to cover the pizza she was making-- bacon and apple and honey drizzle with good cheese. Elene took a deep breath and headed back out of the kitchen, back to the table.]]
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Watching as the waitress became just about as flustered as her, Asteria began to feel worse, even though it was all Maria’s fault. Looking up to Elene, she was stumbling over her words looking for an escape from the situation, so the dark-haired woman gladly gave her one. [+teal “Yes, yes, I would love to try the tea. I must have missed it on the menu, thank you for the suggestion.”] Asteria was all but shooing her away from the table so that she could escape before Maria subjected her to any more of her lunacy.

No sooner than the green-eyed woman was out of earshot, which was not far with the music playing now, Asteria turned on her friend. [+teal “I cannot believe you! You are going to get her in trouble. You need to knock it off or I am leaving you here with the bill.”] She practically hissed her threat.

Maria didn’t look particularly apologetic as she stared back at her uptight friend. [+green “You really need to loosen up a bit. She was fine. I seriously doubt she is going to get fired over a joke like that.”] Leaning back in her chair, Maria crossed her arms. [+green “Fine. I will back off, but I really do think she was interested. She wouldn’t have been so flustered and used work for an excuse if she wasn’t.”] The blue-eyed young woman winked at her friend as she took up her glass of wine and diverted her attention to the band in the background. [+green “Who knows, maybe she will want to chat after she gets off for the night.”] She was basically talking to herself at that point.

Shaking her head, the more level-minded girl opted to ignore the woman across the table and instead divert her attention to the tasty looking food before her. After a few bites she determined it was even better than it looked, which was amazing and helped to calm her down. Asteria just couldn’t stay mad when she had something yummy to snack on. However, that did not clear her mind completely. She kept thinking of Elene and what she would say when she returned with that peach tea. Should she just pretend nothing ever happened, or maybe she should apologize again? She didn’t know which was the right option, but she was prone to the later. Sweeping things under the rug did not sit well with her.
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