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Jenny looked to Sebastian and thought for a while.
[b “I could video call my mom after work. That’ll be a good time for her and my dad. Oh and my sister is going to be thrilled.”] She said with a small laugh. Her sister had always been the mountain Jenny was trying to compare to but with Sebastian she felt like she didn’t need to. She had everything she ever needed. She had a man who loved her, who adored her and she loved him and adored him. She sat on the couch and she seemed excited. Her headache was kept at bay with painkillers and she wasn’t overly in pain. She looked to Elliot and Roslyn as they came down and she smiled to them both.

[b “Morning you two.”] She said to them and gave a lazy wave to them both. They looked a little off about something and she didn’t know what it could be. She glanced to Sebastian and wondered if he knew but she figured it was best for now not to pressure them into telling her. She hoped it wasn’t anything serious, God knows they all needed a break. She stood and braced herself slightly as her head went light but it passed quickly and she headed down to the station. Computer screen still made her feel sick and hurt her head.

[right [pic]]

Elliot waited for what seemed like a lifetime. He fidgeted a little and when Roslyn came back, he eyed the test and held his breath. It was positive. He wanted to be excited but Roslyn seemed more concerned with work, something he should have expected he figured. He sighed and held her hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze as he headed downstairs with her and looked to Sebastian and Jenny with a nod in greeting. He wrapped an arm around Roslyn, almost protectively. Whether they wanted it or not, she was pregnant and even though he was excited at the prospect of being a father, he knew she was stressing. He knew she was scared and he could be patient. He wouldn’t push for them to be open about this yet.

He followed his way down to the station and eyed Jenny.
[b “We can do computer work, Jen. You focus on your notes or something.”] He said to her and gestured to her head. Artificial light wasn’t good for concussion.
[b “Okay what’ve we got today?”] He asked as he shifted through some case files and sighed out a little.
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[right [pic]] The two are breakfast together and enjoyed each other’s company for a little while before Jenny decided to get up for a shower. He’d already showered before he made breakfast so while she was gone he slowly got dressed and took regular sips of his coffee to make sure that he was completely awake.

When Jenny came back he smiled as she leaned down to kiss him and he brought he hand up to her cheek. [b “I must be the luckiest guy in the world to have you agree to be my wife and honestly, whatever you want for this wedding you can have. If you want big, you have have big, if you want small and intimate you can have that too. I want to give you everything.”]

He took her hand and led her downstairs where he slumped on the sofa with her, waiting for Elliot and Roslyn while they had another mug of coffee. [b “Have you thought about when you want to tell our parents?”]

[left [pic]] Roslyn smiles towards Elliot, feeling a lot better about the whole thing after he reassured her that they were in this together. She was sure that she would be able to get through this with him by her side whatever the outcome. [b “Good morning.”] She said as she leaned down to kiss him, clutching the bag close to her. Elliot would know what it was of course and when he took note of it, she smiled and head into the bathroom nervously to take the test. She couldn’t wait in the bathroom alone though so she took the test back into the bedroom and placed it on the side while she lowered herself onto the bed and sipped her smoothie.

[b “Thanks for this. It’s helping to settle my stomach.”] She said as she kissed his cheek and after a few minutes she picked up the test.

[b “It’s positive.”] At least now they knew. She threw the test into the bin and then stood up with a sigh. [b “We have to get to work but we should talk about this properly later.”] She said as she placed a kiss on his cheek and made her way downstairs, holding his hand.
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Jenny slept peacefully for the first time in a long while. She woke in the morning, blearily reaching out for Sebastian when she felt his fingers brushing some hair out of her face. She shifted a little and opened her eyes, looking up at him and smiling a little. She sat up a little and rubbed at her head, it was a little sore but nothing too much to be concerned about. Like a dull ache. She looked to breakfast and looked somewhat relieved.
[b “Hey. Good morning.”] She murmured as she gathered the blankets around her. She took a drink of coffee and ate a little breakfast.

She looked to Sebastian when she finished and sought out a painkiller from the bedside table, taking one as she got up and stretched. She found a bra and underwear in no time and grabbed a towel. She slipped for a shower and eyed the scar on her side, still fresh as she frowned a little. She washed and dried before getting into some clothes. Jeans and a shirt and stepped out into the bedroom again, settling on the bed and finishing off her coffee. The painkiller seemed to have lifted her headache and she found that she wasn’t thinking about the ordeal as much. She looked to Sebastian and grinned a little, leaning down and kissing his lips softly.

[right [pic]]

Elliot stirred in the morning and managed to grab a shower, figuring Roslyn had gone out and he sighed as he made her a smoothie and left it in the room as he showered and got dressed, settling in the room. He looked to Roslyn when she appeared with a bag and it clicked where she had gone.
[b “Hey, good morning.”] He said to her quietly and got up, wrapping his arms around her and looking to the bag. He figured they would have to know for sure, both of them. He was nervous, because if they weren’t pregnant then it would be a bit disappointing and if they were then they had so much to get ready.

[b “I’ll wait.”] He said to her and kissed her lips.
[b “We’ll be okay, whatever it says. I promise.”] He vowed to her softly and brushed his fingers over her cheek gently. He was nervous because this was their lives. He sat on the bed and ran a hand through his hair. Would her family hate him for this? They weren’t married and this wasn’t planned but he was still excited, he still wanted this in a weird sort of way.
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[right [pic]] There was no better way to solidify this than to make love to the woman who had agreed to become his wife. She was still recovering so he made sure that he was gentle with her and made it so she didn’t need to move around too much. By the time they had shared themselves with each other it was time for them to get some rest and even in sleep he did not let her go.

He woke up first the next morning and he carefully slid out of bed without waking her so that he could go downstairs and make breakfast for the two of them. He had a permanent smile fixated upon his face and he started to fix something that they could eat in bed before they had to get to work. They still had a couple of hours under their shift started so they could have a nice relaxing morning.

When he heard Roslyn’s voice her turned and laughed. [b “Lots to be chipper about Ros. Are you sick? You’re a little pale.”] He asked as he went in the fridge to get some milk for their coffees. As soon as he had everything on the tray he made his way back up the stairs to wake up Jenny with her breakfast. He set it on the side and then sat on the bed stroking some hair out of her face. [b “Morning baby.”]

[left [pic]] Roslyn was completely relieved to hear him say all of that. Knowing that she would have Elliot with her made everything a little bit easier to handle. Of course, she would still need to do a test and confirm it so that they could put the right steps in place.

[b “I love you Elliot.”] It didn’t take her much longer to get to sleep after that but she was up early again with some morning sickness. She slipped out of bed quietly and used the bathroom until it passed. After that she got herself showered and dressed and walked to the chemist across the street from their house. Normally she would go for a run but she didn’t want to make herself sick again and she needed to get a test so that they knew for certain.

Once she had her test in a paper bag she head bag home, finding Sebastian in the kitchen. [b “You seem awfully chipper this morning.”] She said as she got a bottle of water out of the fridge. [b “I’m fine, just a little tired.”] She took a sip from her water and eyed the paper bag before waving Sebastian back upstairs. Roslyn wasn’t far behind as she made her way back to the room she shared with Elliot.
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Jenny cosied into him under the blankets and nodded.
[b “That’s a good idea.”] She mused as she took his hand and played with the fingers there lazily. She was excited. She was going to be someone’s wife and not just any old someone, she was going to be Sebastian’s wife. He was an artist, he was passionate, he was an amazing worker and a phenomenal man all round. It was insane. It didn’t feel real. She shifted slightly so she could prop herself up and looked down at him. The last month had been Hell for them both with Jenny’s recovery and her lapsing memory but she never forgot him.

[b “You’re really serious, huh?”] She said with a smile as she pressed a kiss to his lips, leaning back and watching him.
[b “You know when you said you’ll make an American of me, I didn’t think you meant it like this.”] She teased and laughed softly. Her body was still a little sore but she was so excited right then it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except them being together and she loved Sebastian so much in that moment.
[b “Thank you, Sebastian.”] She said to him as her eyes trailed to his. He had been there for her and been unendingly wonderful and to know he still loved her after all of it was something she could never put words to.

[right [pic]]

Elliot stared at Roslyn like she had five heads.
[b “Roslyn I wouldn’t leave you.”] He was shocked she would ever think that.
[b “I love you, and a baby isn’t going to change that. Ever. Nothing will. And I’m not going to leave you.”] Elliot said to her and held her in his arms. He loved that woman unconditionally and he would never dream of leaving her. A baby was just an extension of their love, more to adore and love. He wasn’t about to run to the hills because the baby was his responsibility too. And he would make sure that Roslyn and their growing infant was looked after. And he would protect them for the rest of his life. They were tied together now.

[b “I’m not going anywhere, Roslyn. Come on, come to bed.”] He said and coaxed her to lay with him a while as he wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair gently. They were going to be parents. And he had this new primal instinct to look out for her. He always would protect her but now she carried an extra life and he kissed the top of her head.
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[right [pic]] It was like everything in his life was slotting into place and having Jenny agree to marry him was the most important part of that. He certainly took after his parents in that respect. They fell in love hard and fast and married just as fast. At least he knew that they would be accepting of their decision to get married and he was actually rather excited to tell them.

They has a month or so until they were going to have time off and in his mind that was plenty of time to get everything organised for their day. He squeezed her a little tighter and then looked to her.

[b “I thought we could get married on the first day of our leave and then we could enjoy the rest of our time off as a married couple, travel a little, maybe even go on a honeymoon and get out of the States.”] He kissed her head and relaxed back into the bed. [b “We’ll start telling people the news tomorrow. I think everyone is going to be stoked for us.”]

[left [pic]] Roslyn could hardly believe how Elliot was reacting to this news. He was just as kind and just as loving as even and it was obvious to her that he really cared about her. Not that she ever doubted it before but some men could be easily scared off when it came to getting a girl they’d been seeing for a few months pregnant.

Roslyn wasn’t too worried about work. She knew that there were benefits that came with the job but she was concerned about whether they would permit Roslyn to continue living there if she was going to bring a baby into the world. There was room for a baby but that didn’t mean Elliot’s boss had to accept a baby in a property that was intended for work and then there was Sebastian and Jenny to consider! They wouldn’t want a baby keeping them awake at all hours.

When she arrived back at the bedroom she sat in the edge of the bed and nodded when he said everything was going to be fine. [b “You’re really not going to leave me?”] Once her worry about that would subside she would realise just how excited she would be that they had a baby on the way.
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Jenny kissed him back and pulled away, giggling softly.
[b “Of course it’s a yes.”] She laughed a little and wrapped her arms around him. She didn’t care it wasn’t ‘proper’ proposal. All she cared about was that Sebastian still wanted her, and she wanted him. She loved him so much and he had really stuck with her through all of the hard times she’d had lately. He had been so patient and so understanding. He had been her rock, her mountain throughout all of this and it was emotional for her to hear that he didn’t only just want her, he wanted to be her husband.

[b “I love you, Seb.”] She said to him quietly. It didn’t bother her they hadn’t been dating for too long, she just knew Sebastian was the one for her. He made her laugh, he was there for her and he didn’t judge her for any scars she had. He was patient with her most importantly. He didn’t hurry her along when her mind was muddled. And he loved her, the same as she loved him. And it was incredible.
[b “I’m going to be your wife.”] she breathed and smiled a little, as if it was some sort of odd dream.

[right [pic]]

Elliot looked to Roslyn and stroked her hair back from her face gently.
[b “Don’t worry. We can figure this out. We have room here if we need it. And you’ll get maternity leave, Roslyn.”] He said to her quietly. He didn’t care that they hadn’t been together for that long. A child would be the best of both of them.
[b “Really, Ros. I’ll make this work, I promise.”] He said to her. He made good money from work, he was sure they would cope just fine and it didn’t matter. The child would be loved all the same and that was what was important.

[b “We’re not going to panic, alright?”] He said to her and kissed her cheek softly. He lead her through to the bedroom and sat her down. He was still excited to be a father but he could tell she was nervous and so was he. He knew a child was a big thing in any relationship but he loved Roslyn and he would love their child unconditionally.
[b “We’re going to be fine.”] He said to her, wrapping his arms around her again.
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[right [pic]] His heart raced a little as he waited for some kind of response from Jenny. The worst she could do was say no and he hoped that he knew her well enough to know that it wouldn’t change their relationship if that were to be the outcome. However, he could hope that she would agree to be his wife. The silence felt like one that latest a lifetime but when she finally looked up at him she seemed to be questioning whether he was being serious.

[b “Jenny, of course I’m serious. I want you to be my wife, more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my entire life.”] When she spoke he could only take her words as some form of agreement and when she kissed him he put everything he had into kissing her back passionately.

[b “Is that a yes?”]

[left [pic]] She had never been so scared of anything before. Not even having Walter Black hold a knife to her came close to this. She could lose everything if Elliot decided that he was against this and she was so scared that it would change the way he felt about her. However, she was surprised by his actions. There were no words but he pulled her into his arms and held her like he had so many times before.

Tears started to spill out of her eyes gently and then she looked up at him. [b “You really think this is good news?”] She lifted a hand to wipe at her eyes. [b “But we didn’t plan for this. We haven’t even been together that long and then we have our jobs...and where will we live and...”] She stopped to catch her breath and then looked back to him.

[b “What are we going to do?”]
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Jenny tucked into Sebastian’s side, his warmth was a comfort immediately and his presence along with the words. She knew there was no great rush to remember but it was haunting that she only remembered snippets of what had happened to her and most of the time it was nightmares. She played with his fingers lazily and nodded.
[b “I know I just want to know what happened to me properly.”] She mumbled. She had hoped throwing herself into work would help and prompt her memory a little but it hadn’t.

Her train of thought was broken when Sebastian spoke again and she fell silent. He wanted to marry her? Even though she had been hurt and most nights were spent dealing with nightmares which took its toll on him too. She knew it did. But she did love him more than anything. He had looked after her, cared for her in her darkest moments and even accepted her despite her feeling like a huge mess.
[b “Are you serious?”] Jenny asked and looked up at him, wondering if this was one of his jokes to cheer her up. But she couldn’t see any joke in his expression.

[b “You really want to marry me?”] She asked him and for the first time in a while she smiled genuinely as she watched Sebastian.
[b “Id like that.”] She said to him finally and shifted so she could kiss his lips softly.

[right [pic]]

Elliot watched Roslyn when she opened the door and she looked scared. He immediately felt a pit of worry spark in his gut as he watched her. Was she sick? Before he could speak, she was apologising and then it came out. She was pregnant. Or she thought she could be pregnant.

There was a strange mixture of emotions. There was worry and concern for Roslyn, there was joy because he was going to be a father and then there was an impending sense of reality. Elliot wrapped his arms around her tightly and pulled her close.
[b “Really?”] He asked her quietly and kissed the top of his head. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be a father, he just expected it would be more planned and perhaps better timed than right now.
[b “Hey, Don’t be sorry, Roslyn.”] He soothes her gently and took a few beats to get his head steady. It wasn’t bad news, he told himself and it wasn’t. Sure it was perhaps not great timing but it was good news. They could be parents.

[b “It’s not something to be sorry about.”] He said finally and offered her a smile. A child was never bad news.
[b “This is good news.”] He said finally and kissed her forehead. He wouldn’t want kids with anyone else except Roslyn so what if it was early? It didn’t mean the child would be loved any less.
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[right [pic]] Sebastian shook his head and pulled off his towel, getting under the covers with her so that he could pull her close to him. It might help to keep her calm like it had in the few weeks. Just being close to her like this often helped her go back to sleep when she was struggling and sometimes she would manage to get some sleep without seeing that warehouse again.

[b “Now you just stop that. You have nothing to be sorry for Jen. You are doing the best you can and you are healing well. I promise you that at some point you will remember everything that you need to remember but you have time. You don’t have to remember everything all at once.”]

Sebastian kissed her head and pulled her closer to him. [b “We have some time off coming up. There is something I want to talk to you about but I don’t want you to freak out or anything okay?”] He was nervous about asking her this but he knew that Jenny wasn’t the type to want romantic gestures.

[b “What if we got married?”]

[left [pic]] Roslyn had no idea what she was going to say to Elliot and she was terrified about how he might react. They hadn’t been together all that long and he could so easily decide to leave her if he decided that he didn’t want this. This was usually the sort of thing that couples planned for after having been together for a few years, not months.

She was startled when she heard a knock on the door and heard Elliot’s voice. Had she been gone that long that he had decided to come and look for her? She pushed herself up from the floor and moved towards the door nervously and opened it to see Elliot. [b “I’m sorry. I...Elliot...” She had never been so scared of anything in her life. Roslyn bit on the inside of her lip for a moment as she tried to force herself to look at him.

[b “I think...I think I’m pregnant.”]
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Jenny looked up when Sebastian came in and she smiled to him weakly. Of course he knew just by looking at her what was going on and she sighed out. He had been amazing this past few weeks. He had been patient and he hadn’t let anything keep her down. She watched him join her in bed and felt his hand move some hair out her face. She nodded to his question and drew in a breath.
[b “Mm. Same one. Just snippets of everything.”] She said to Sebastian. It was upsetting and frustrating that she couldn’t remember the full thing. People had told her what happened but it just didn’t seem to fit.

Jenny sank down in the blankets and watched Sebastian with soft eyes.
[b “I still don’t remember everything.”] She furrowed her brow and sighed out. It was frustrating to her because she was usually a real stickler for details. She couldn’t even remember her own assault.
[b “I keep waking up thinking I’ll be in that place. It takes me a while to realise I’m not. I’m sorry Seb.”] she apologised because he must have been growing tired with her not seeming to get better and still being confused and plagued by nightmares more often. She was trying though, because she was remembering more and more. She shifted to sit up a little and looked to Sebastian, pressing a kiss to his cheek gently to solidify her apology.

[right [pic]]

Elliot watched Roslyn make a sharp exit. She had done that a few times and he was getting a little worried. He paused the movie and sat up. Maybe she was getting a bit scared off by him? Was he being too much? He sighed and ran a hand through his face as he got out of bed when she didn’t come back. He knocked on the bathroom door hesitantly. He swallowed a little,
[b “You okay?”] He asked her quietly and honestly he didn’t know how to approach this sort of stuff. He loved Roslyn so dearly and he knew something was going on but he just didn’t know what it was exactly. And he wished she would tell him so he could help.

Elliot soon retreated back to the room and tidied up a little, sitting in the bed and running over things in his head. Maybe he could have been too demanding or maybe he was too clingy? Maybe this whole thing had just gone too quickly for her.
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[right [pic]] Sebastian did all he could to help Jenny start to recover once she was back home with him. Her physical wounds didn’t take long but there were still some mental scars and he wasn’t sure when they would heal. That didn’t matter too much because he would be there for her regardless and through it all without a doubt. He was just grateful every single day that she survived and that he had her in his arms most nights. She had gone back to work far too soon for his liking, but he would not stop her from doing what she wanted, especially when it appeared as though it was also what she needed to help her move passed everything. Luckily, there was no big case for them to work on right now which made it easier because she could ease back into work.

Sebastian climbed out from under the shower and wrapped a towel around him, making way to the bedroom that he shared with Jenny and noticed instantly that she had woken up. He noticed that she looked pale and she recognised the look on her face. [b “Nightmares again?”] He asked as he lowered himself on the bed next to her. It was up to her about whether she wanted to talk about them. He would never force her to if it wasn’t something she wanted to think about. He lifted his hand and shifted a piece of hair from her face and smiled softly. She was still the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.

[left [pic]] It didn’t take much for them to get ‘The Artist’ convicted. He had kept all his weapons in the warehouse and he also kept trophies from each of his victims so there was no doubt that he was responsible for the murders, not that they needed the evidence because he took great pleasure in detailing what he did to each other his victims on the witness stand in court.

Thankfully, things were a bit quieter. A few easy cases here and there but nothing that required a great deal of effort and thought which was good because Jenny was an important part of their team and they needed her back to full health rather than jumping into work to soon.

Right now, she was enjoying Elliot’s company, watching a film in bed together and snuggled up into his arms. As he leaned over and kissed her head and suddenly sat up. [b “I’ll be right back. I just need to use the bathroom.”] The moment she got there she was leaning over the toilet and throwing up. This had happened a few times this week and she thought that it might have been something to do with the street food she had bought earlier in the week but now she was beginning to doubt that. Once she finished heaving, she sat on the floor, pulling out to check her phone calendar. She was late. Roslyn started to panic a little bit and gave herself a few more minutes sitting on the floor.
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It took a long time. Days crawled by in a sort of frustrating haze of pain and torment. But it got better. It was slow and it was long but it got so much better. Her side healed leaving a scar to add to her one on her chest. Her head healed too although occasionally things were still a bit fuzzy but her check ups at the hospital confirmed this was temporary. Her memory returned but with her memory cams a deep set fire that something would happen again and she was frightened. Nightmares plagued her.

Luckily, she had a day off. Things had been surprisingly quiet and Jenny couldn’t sleep. She lay awake and watched the ceiling, Sebastian had been great the past few weeks, always helping with the pain where he could and being patient when her head was dazed and she couldn’t remember anything. Jenny shifted a little, the nightmares could be unbearable most of the time. Most of the times it was snippets of what had happened, the man being shot in front of her and even now she couldn’t quite remember every little detail of he had done. It came in snapshots.

Jenny quietly sat up in bed, afraid to go back to sleep as she rubbed her tired eyes and she leaned back against the wall, it was cold and she sighed as she surrendered to the blankets once more.

[right [pic]]

Elliot and Roslyn has really done their best to help out. It was coming up to summer and they all had some leave coming up. It would be nice to not worry for either of the girls or anyone for a couple of weeks. Elliot has thrown himself into work, keeping busy and keeping out of Jenny and Sebastian’s way because he could tell the two had been frustrated especially when it came to Jenny’s concussion. He’d seen concussions before and they could be nasty but he knew the best thing was time and space for them both to adjust.

Elliot had put on a movie upstairs in his and Roslyn’s room, tucked up in bed with her and watching the screen. It wasn’t late but it was quiet and it was nice to just have some time one on one with Roslyn. He leaned over and kissed her cheek softly as he wrapped his arms around her. Summer wouldn’t be long off and it was still a little chilly but he was so used to it. His jaw split with a yawn and he rubbed at his eyes sleepily, looking to Roslyn and smiling a little.

They would all have some leave to take soon and honestly he was glad. They really needed it to recover from everything. Elliot had the occasional nightmare about opening that warehouse door and Roslyn’s battered and bleeding body crumpled in a heap instead of Jenny’s but for the most part they passed, they came and went and whenever he woke up, she was beside him in his arms to offer reassurances.
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[right [pic]] Sebastian took her hand instantly, squeezing it gently to let her know that he was there for her and that he wasn’t leaving her side. [b “Shhh, don’t try to use that brilliant brain of yours just yet. You need to rest. We’ll talk when we get home.”] Then the doctor returned and relayed some instructions to him to make sure that she was given the correct medicine and dosage. The entire time to doctor spoke he kept ahold of her hand but focused on every last word to make she he knew exactly was he was doing with the pills.

When the nurse came with the wheelchair he chuckled slightly at Jenny’s response. [b “We know you can walk baby but you need to rest so you’re going to sit in the chair to the cab and then when we get home you can stretch your legs okay?”]

She did seem to relax a little when she got home and he was about to get her something to drink but Elliot offered, thankfully giving him time to sit with her. [b “I told you to rest that head of yours Jen. We got him don’t you worry.”] He kissed her head and thanked Elliot for bringing her a drink over.

[left [pic]] Jenny was probably one of the toughest women that Roslyn knew and for that reason she had every confidence that she would be right back to her normal fighting self sooner rather than later. It was one of the things she admired about the woman. She smiled over at Elliot and cuddled into him even more as he kissed her head.

[b “Don’t even think like that Elliot. Our jobs may be dangerous but we’ll always keep each other safe. Tonight was proof of that.”] They has all become relatively important to each other over the passing months but it was clear that Roslyn’s affections for Elliot grew more and more each day, just as she was confident Sebastian was the same with Jenny. That was when she walked through the door and she had to fight the urge to stand up and embrace her, knowing that surrounding her wouldn’t help right now.

[b “I knew you’d be back home tonight Jen. Just make sure you look after her Sebastian.”] She smiled as Elliot lowered himself next to her. She allowed her forehead to rest on his and her words became a whisper. [b “I love you too Elliot.”]
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Jenny looked around and saw Sebastian, smiling a little and feeling really out of it.
[b “Hey.”] She said to him and sought out his hand, taking hold of it, if only to ground herself.
[b “S’not your fault, Seb. What happened? I don’t remember getting to the place-“] She cut off. It was painful to try and think back so she stopped and waved it off lazily. She narrowed her eyes. She couldn’t stay in bed, that was boring. Plus she had work to do!

The doctor made another appearance with a white paper bag with medicines in it. He looked to Sebastian, given Jenny wasn’t going to remember any of this.
[i “Antibiotics to warn off any infection that might crop up. We can’t do anything for her head but it’ll come in time. Painkillers, these are strong and if the pain is bad she can take two at a time but two will make her drowsy.”] He explained and a nurse brought over a wheelchair, helping Jenny into one and getting her a cab.

Jenny huffed.
[b “I can walk.”] She said when they were outside and the hospital got them a cab. Jenny could walk, just a bit awkwardly. She was grateful to see their home if she was honest.
[b “Can I just get something to drink before I go to bed?”] She asked Sebastian quietly as she made it inside. She immediately sought out a seat and grimaced as she sat down,
[b “I’ll go to bed- in a minute. Wait- did we get him?”] She asked hazily.

[right [pic]]

Elliot nodded to Roslyn.
[b “She’s tough.”] He assured her quietly. Roslyn was right though, Jenny wouldn’t like being holed up.
[b “Hm? I’m getting good at them. I pay attention to what you like.”] He said with a small laugh. He shifted slightly and put an arm around her as she leaned into him and he kissed her head.
[b “I don’t know what I would have done if that was you. I’d have killed the guy.”] He said as he imagine seeing Roslyn in Jenny’s place. His stomach lurched at the thought and he shook his head. Roslyn has become a huge part of him, whether he wanted to admit it or not.

It wasn’t too long until Jenny and Sebastian returned and he eyed Jenny. She really ought to be in bed.
[b “Hey Jen.”] He said. It almost felt awkward seeing her so roughed up. He kissed Roslyn’s cheek softly and got up,
[b “Hey I’ll get the tea don’t worry.”] He said and made up some fresh tea and coffee, setting it out for them. He looked to Roslyn and gave a small smile. He really did worry that something like this would happen again and what if it was Roslyn.
[b “I love you.”] He said to her quietly as he sat down. Seeing Jenny so vulnerable just made him understand how mortal they all were. And he didn’t ever want to see Roslyn like that the cut from Walter Black had been enough.
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