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Evanora smiled as the girl was clearly accepting of her and even excited. This should be a very fun expedition of getting her ingredients verse going off on her own, dealing with just Mischief. Not exactly fun. Vera would be a nice addition on their adventure. "[#7127b0 I am glad you see it that way.]" responding to Vera about her tagging along making sense.

Vera also didn't seem to mind the idea of staying in Evanora's home. That made things easier. She'd finish up her day at the shop, call Mischief home, and prepare a bed or place to sleep for Vera, then tomorrow they set off. She'd make sure to leave a note on the door as well for any potential customers, as it wasn't just going to be a few days, but perhaps a few weeks to make it and get all of the needed ingredients. "[#7127b0 I couldn't allow you to sleep on the floor. No, no. I have a couch you're welcome to use. You're also welcome to use my bed. It's large enough for the two of us to comfortably fit.]" Evanora may not think much of humans, but she wouldn't allow her to sleep on the hard and cold floor. She invited her to stay and is happy to provide a more comfortable bedding arrangement.

"[#7127b0 Who is Mischief, you ask? Oh, he's my familiar. He should be back any moment.]" As if on cue the front door had swung open and cawing filled the front lobby. "[#7127b0 There he is. He's quite annoying at times.]" Evanora squeezed by Vera in the smaller back room, brushing against her briefly.

"[#7127b0 Mischief!]" she shouted over the cawing, it slowly died out as the large crow landed on the perch on the counter, tilting his head, his eye searching over the human in the back room. "[#7127b0 You're being rude, we have a guest. Vera, Mischief. Mischief, Vera.]" Evanora waved her hand between the two, a touch of a smile on her lips, Mischief was a goody-goody kind of familiar. Evanora will always wonder how she summoned a familiar so different from her. I guess she can appreciate how he keeps her from breaking [i too] many witch laws.
  ρσтισηѕ / Chaton / 20h 44m 18s
[+cornflowerblue “I guess when you put it that way it makes a lot of sense.”] Vera continued to smile excitedly. She had basically given up on hiding her happiness here. It really wasn’t working out for her. Instead she focused on a basic game plan for where they should go next. Evanora probably knew where to get most of what she needed, but if there was anything that she was wondering on, Vera had some contacts that could definitely help. That was one good thing about traveling so much. You meet a lot of people.

Listening to her go through a checklist of things that needed to be done before she could leave, it sounded like it was more than just packing up her things. That would push them later than she would have liked and therefore meant they would either need to stay in the woods on the mountain, not her first choice, or stay here. Nora basically made the decision for them when she asked if she wanted to and was comfortable staying here for the night. [+cornflowerblue “Oh I don’t mind. If you are gracious enough to have me then of course I will stay. A witch’s house or not, a place to stay indoors beats a bedroll on the cold ground outside any day.”] It wasn’t like Vera minded the camping lifestyle, but she did miss the warmth of a home from time to time. She usually got that fix by staying in at a tavern or inn, but this was just as good. [+cornflowerblue “I can just find myself a place on the floor that will be out of the way. I don’t take up much room, I promise.”] The idea that this could turn into a girls’ night sleep over crossed Vera’s mind. It sounded like a lot of fun, even with all the potential to embarrass the heck out of herself. She really was excited to get just a little more of a glimpse into this secret world she had always been cautioned to stay away from. Deep down there was a tiny little voice telling her this was wrong, but it was easily stifled with one look over to the mysterious new stranger. Vera really couldn't get enough of her.

Pulling herself from all these thoughts, the dark haired woman backtracked a bit. [+cornflowerblue “By the way, who is Mischief, if you don’t mind my asking?”] It was awful nosy of her to bring it up, but she was curious and surely Nora would tell her if it wasn’t any of her business.
  Vera / Loxi / 6d 15h 42m 23s
Evanora stifled a laugh, with her right hand covering her lips, as Vera had practically shouted in excitement. She was an interesting girl. Most human's shyed away, feared, or hated witches and interactions with them but her? Vera seemed excited and interested in Evanora since walking into the shop. An odd and interesting little being. She couldn't lie and say this didn't pique her curiosity and amusement enough that she mostly just wanted to tag alone and listen to more of Vera's long winded talks. That, and it seemed Vera would be amusing to play with, it was much more fun than sitting in a little ole shop waiting for grouchy witches.

"[#7127b0 Finding magical ingredients for my potions isn't a waste of my time. Really, I enjoy it, but it would just be easier with some of my suppliers to have a human assist me, as not everyone is so keen to witches.]" That was true. It was also true that some of the races didn't particularly care for either human or witch, but she'd cross that bridge when they got there, but for now having another race with her may help get some of the nicer items on her list. "[#7127b0 But, I'm glad you'll have me.]" She smiled.

Evanora listened as Vera began to mumble to herself. About how Evanora would have to pack and when it would be best to head out. "[ I still need to close my shop, pack, and get Mischief back from his hunt. Why not stay here tonight and we can get up bright and early?]" She offered the human to stay with her. Evanora's home sat just on top of the shop. It was a bit small, but when it is only yourself and your familiar, one doesn't need a very large space. But for the evening while they get things together to travel tomorrow, it would work perfectly.

"[#7127b0 That is, if you're comfortable sleeping in a witches house for the evening?]"
  ρσтισηѕ / Chaton / 7d 21h 38m 53s
Stopping with the other woman, Vera looked up into her vibrant green eyes as she explained. She was enrapt by that gaze. It made it a little hard to focus, but even still she got the gist of it. Evanora really did want to come with her. The thought filled her with joyful excitement tinged with a hint of anxiety, her own dull eyes probably reflected that as she couldn’t quite find her words until she was asked if she would have her along.

[+cornflowerblue “Of course I don’t mind, I would love to have you!”] That eagerness from before stained her voice, so much for hiding all this enthusiasm. [+cornflowerblue “Eh… that is I would love to have you along.”] A little too late she realized the slight awkwardness to her statement and tried to fix it, but that only brought more attention to it. Once again she found herself embarrassed in front of this witch. Honestly, Vera was prone to this sort of thing, but it wasn’t usually [i this] bad.

Trying to distance herself further from her mortification, Vera went on. [+cornflowerblue “It was just that I initially thought you wanted me to go find these so you didn’t have to waste your time. Once I did that we would make our trade and we would both be happy with it, but this works too. It will be nice to have some company for once.”] Grinning excitedly, she knew there would be a lot to get used to having someone else around, but the young woman looked at it as a new type of adventure for her to try out. She just hoped she wouldn’t make too big a fool out of herself along the way.

[+cornflowerblue "You'll need time to pack and get ready..."] It was early afternoon now, so Vera was trying to figure out the best plan of action. She mumbled to herself as she did so. [+cornflowerblue "It's quite the trek back down the mountain and I would really rather not have to set up camp there. Depending on how much time you need it might be best to wait till tomorrow to set out..."] It wasn't like she had anywhere to be, so that was fine by her, but it really depended on Evanora and how quickly she could prepare to leave. Vera imagined it would be quite fast with the use of magic and the motivation of getting a mundane person out of her house. However, given how nonchalant the witch had been with her so far, there was no telling for sure.
  Vera / Loxi / 7d 22h 57m 15s
Evanora glanced over to see that Vera was eagerly writing down her words and ingredients that she needs. Though, she seemed a bit surprised that Evanora spoke about them both. Did she think Evanora was really just going to wait around and [i hope] Vera came back with the things she needed? No, no, Evanora would like to accompany the human. Not that she assumed Vera would not return or somehow take advantage of their agreement, but Evanora was interested in watching the other in action, that and she hated having things done for her. She rarely accepted help or assistance for anything.

"[#7127b0 Why?]" Evanora turned fully, facing the girl in close proximity, a smile on her lips. "[#7127b0 Because I'll be joining you. You can't possibly know what all these items look like exactly. That and I want to ensure the ingredients make it back to my little shop.]" Evanora said with a small tilt of her head. There also was never a guarantee Vera would make it back to Evanora's shop alone. Most humans never make it back for a second trip and shop at her place. It was extremely easy to get lost and turned around due to being so close to the Veil.

"[#7127b0 That is, if you don't mind having me? I certainly wouldn't want to step on any toes.]"
  ρσтισηѕ / Chaton / 8d 41m 37s
Ooo, ingredient hunting. That could definitely be fun. Without a second thought, the human followed after the potion witch to the back room. It was not until she was there that she realized that she probably wasn’t supposed to be. However, that did not stop her one bit. Who was going to get her in trouble? Evanora was the only other one there and she was the one who told her to come back. It would be both their skins, so Vera remained fairly calm. That was, except for all the excitement she was feeling. There were a million questions running through her head. The enthusiastic woman wanted to know what everything was and what it did. But so long as Nora continued to speak, she kept them locked inside. That didn’t stop her eyes from wandering though.

As the other woman began to list what she needed, Vera was quick to start rustling around in her bag. She found a small notebook and a matching writing utensil. Scratching down each item Evanora listed in barely legible hand, the gray-eyed woman nodded along. She also mentioned that these places might not be so friendly toward them… wait them? Was she planning on coming along? Her racing mind came to a screeching halt. [+cornflowerblue “Um… why would it matter what anyone thought of you?”] That was, of course, not the question she was dying to ask. She really wanted to know if she had decided she was going on this little misadventure, but Vera also didn’t want to look even half as eager for that to be the case as she was. The woman hadn’t really had a travel companion before and it sounded like it would be a whole lot of fun, especially with her. The pace of her heart quickened in anticipation for an answer.
  Vera / Loxi / 9d 3h 21m 13s
Evanora tried to suppress the small giggle as the girl excitedly agreed to helping her gain the items she needed. Some would be easy to get, others not so much, as they had to cross to other regions mostly run by other races that weren't always particularly kind to either Human nor Witch. She looked back at the girl as she spoke about how helpful the potions were going to be to her and how she wanted to properly repay her. It wasn't like she was going to get the girl in danger, but one never knew with how the races were now-a-days, but it was a bit funny how ready Vera was to go out without even first knowing was Evanora needed.

"[#7127b0 alright, if you're up for it. I have a list of items i'm in pretty dire need of for potions.]" Evanora said with a small smile before waving the girl to follow her around the counter and into the back room. It technically wasn't legal to allow Vera into the back. There was much more magical items, those that humans were forbidden to use or have, some that could be dangerous if Vera decided to mess with, but Evanora had a slight want for her to see those things.

Her naivety and interest in magical items was amusing to watch. In the back was shelves of stored items. Some emitting a glow, others were strangely dull and almost void of any color, different smells mixed in the air. It was an odd fragrance of herbs, flowers, and random magic assortments. It wasn't unpleasant, just different. Evanora enjoyed the smell, it smelt of magic, that was hard to describe to those who didn't wield such power, but other witch like people would understand. "[#7127b0 See, I'm out of hemlock bark, ground ivory, seafruit, bassalt, and a few other items.]" She said, pointing to areas of the shelves that had the labels resembling the names she said out.

The ground ivory was completely gone. Not surprising. A fairly rare ingredient but makes the most potent of love potions. Human's can't resist even the smell of a love potion made with ground ivory. The hemlock bark still had a long strip, it was dark, musky, and obscenely strong. It made great potions for fortitude, strength, and hardened skin. That was more popular among her young men looking to be a strong hero of sorts.

The seafruit was used in just about every potion. It gave it a bit of life and helped as a magical conduit to seal all the ingredients together. She normally has a large stockpile...but she may or may not have been a bit lazy about getting more lately. "[#7127b0 A lot of my items come from places that either hate me, you, or both of us.]" Evanora lightly joked, but it was true. It wouldn't be a particularly all fun trip. But it would be nice to have someone like Vera who is used to trades. Possibly haggle them and get what Evanora needed.
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Vera knew she had the tendency to talk too much, she could see it in peoples eyes, at least that was the queue that she normally used to tell herself to shut up. So it was a little surprising to be told that she rambles so bluntly without having first saw that expression. The following comment explained it, but the mundane woman was still a little embarrassed. [+cornflowerblue “Yeah, that’s what people say about me. But I’ll admit you’re the first person to say you like it.”] She laughed lightly at her own expense, but she was happy. Even if the witch was simply humoring her, it felt nice.

There was a subtle change in tone right after Evanora mentioned the money being enough; it made Vera expect there might be something more. And she was right. Apparently there was something else she could do for her. [+cornflowerblue “Yes, of course.”] Her agreement to help was perhaps a little too enthusiastic. Quite frankly it would be an excuse to come back and see the elegant woman again, and she really did not want to pass it up. Little did she knew that the woman across the counter was thinking of taking it one step farther. [+cornflowerblue “These potions are really going to help me out, so I want to at least do something worth your while in return. I’ll never stop thinking about it if I am the only one who actually benefits from this exchange...”] Well, she kind of thought she was going to have a hard time not thinking about her anyway, but that was besides the point. [+cornflowerblue “So what is it you need? I’m up for a challenge!”] The gray-eyed woman wore a bright smile as she looked up to the witch with confidence. Even if it was rare or difficult to obtain, Vera was confident she could get whatever it was.
  Vera / Loxi / 10d 23h 6m 20s
Evanora took note of the soft and dusted pink hue that creeped up on Vera's face. It was precious. "[#7127b0 How sweet.]" Evanora responded as Vera said she doubted she was boring. Whether she thought she was interesting, or not, Evanora more or less would try to avoid giving too much information. She could be a more private witch. That, and she purely wanted to have some fun with the little human, no fun in giving her details on herself.

The witch merely watched as the girl went into great detail about why she came to her shop. Precious. That came into her mind as she smiled watching her talk. Vera seemed very confident and content with her answer as she finished up. Evanora let a soft giggle as Vera's smile grew wider. "[#7127b0 You ramble, but I find myself enjoying that.]" Her green eyes danced with amusement.

"[#7127b0 That's plenty fine. Unless..]" Evanora thought for a moment. She wouldn't mind some kind of trade. With all the pointless issues between races lately, it was harder and harder for her to get certain supplies for potions. Maybe? "[#7127b0 I may have just something I could ask of you. But are you sure you don't just want to drop off those coins?]" Evanora asked. Interested if she could actually help her in getting some items. Hell, she was even interested in joining her on the journey, even if it made her brother and sister witches upset for going so far out of the veil.
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Her name sounded as refined as the witch herself, Vera thought it was fitting. Although, she found the nickname Nora indescribably cute, so if she had the chance to call her by name that was where she was leaning. Smiling, a nervous chuckled escaped her. [+cornflowerblue “Yeah, I guess I did know that.”] Still, she was having fun hearing it from the source. Vera may never get another chance like this so she was desperate to learn everything she could about this mysterious woman and the world she lived in.

As the blonde moved just that bit close and expressed her interest in knowing more about her, Vera’s cheeks dusted with color once again. It was nothing in comparison to the last time, just the tiniest touch of pink, but it was there nonetheless. The human knew there wasn’t any hidden meaning or intent behind the shopkeeper’s words, but in the presence of such a bewitching person it was difficult to keep her thoughts straight. She managed though. [+cornflowerblue “I seriously doubt that…”] there was no way Nora was boring, at least not by Vera’s standards. However she dropped the thought, opting to answer the questions given to her. [+cornflowerblue “Places like this shop are rare in my world, so when I hear about one within reach, I can’t help but go looking. Sometimes I find them and sometimes I don’t. This time I did and it is jam-packed full of strange and wondrous things, many of them I have never seen before. To me this place is wholly unique and I am fascinated by that.”] Perhaps she was going into too much detail again, but Vera really did love finding new places and things, it excited her. [+cornflowerblue “I don’t fear the unknown, rather it makes me want to know more. I am not sure if that sets me apart from other people or not, but it did bring me here and I am glad for it.”] Her wily smile grew; she was happy with her answer.

Hand dipping into her coin purse, the gray-eyed woman pulled out a handful of gold coins. Six in total, that being two for each potion she picked. It was a fairly hefty sum, but Vera knew she could sell the magic liquor for a great deal more. In the end she would have a handsome profit. As she set the coins on the counter, she felt somewhat bad giving Nora something she wouldn’t need. [+cornflowerblue “Are you sure this is okay? There isn’t anything else you want in return?”] The mundane woman was not sure what else she could give, but was compelled to ask. [+cornflowerblue “This may be pretentious of me, but if there is something you want I could try and get it for you. I am rather good at tracking things down.”] She very much doubted there was anything that she could get that Nora couldn’t easily find herself. After all, she had magic on her side.
  Vera / Loxi / 15d 3h 6m 59s
Evanora smiled and met the girls eyes, "[#7127b0 Oh, I agree.]" She didn't care much for rules. They limited her fun, so, often the young witch broke the rules and did as she pleased. It may be why she was one of the few witch and magic folk that were allowed to leave the veil and interact with Humans at all. She smiled back at the girl, who seemed to be relaxing and even more interested in just speaking to Evanora. It was cute, like a little excited puppy.

The girl responded with her name, Vera? A pretty name. Soon, the girl starts to overshare and talking about her travels. Interesting profession. Though, Evanora couldn't say much for herself. She worked and mostly lived in her potions shop wit Mischief. Only really travelling to go back into the veil and enjoy time with her own kind. "[#7127b0 About me? Oh, You may call me Evanora. Or Eva, or Nora, really. And you already know I'm a potion shop owner.]" She teased, not going to into herself. Not interested in sharing about her own life.

That, and a human girl doesn't really need to know about her. "[#7127b0 But I'm boring.]" Evanora continued, leaning in a bit more, "[#7127b0 I'd like to know more about the merchant girl. What about my shop is so interesting? Humans usually fear places like this.]"
  ρσтισηѕ / Chaton / 17d 20h 8m 10s
The witch may have been watching her, but Vera found herself distracted by the well-practiced motion of the other woman’s hands. It was almost mesmerizing how she was able to handle such delicate products so effortlessly. She supposed it just came along with the territory. Do the same thing day in and day out and you are bound to master it. Well, if you weren’t a complete and total klutz, but nothing about the beautiful woman before her looked as though that was the case. No, she seemed the opposite. Elegant to her core.

[+cornflowerblue “I imagine life would be pretty boring if that weren’t the case, so I am glad to hear that.”] Pulling her gaze from the bag, the human finally looked back up to that emerald stare and smiled. [+cornflowerblue “Some rules are worth breaking.”]

When given the price, if it could be called that, Vera hummed in thought. An offer to pay what she wanted. Almost seemed like a trick, but she opted to keep an open mind for the time being. Especially when she was asked her name. The dull eyed woman vaguely recalled an old wives’ tale about names being powerful tools for the magical. Whether that was true or not, she hadn’t a clue, so she decided to be polite. Plus, she might get a name in return or better yet a new regular contact to visit for wares. [+cornflowerblue “It’s Vera.”] She hadn’t really asked for any more than that, but the woman decided to continue. [+cornflowerblue “I am a merchant. I travel all over the country and sometimes out of it to find rare or valuable goods to bring to people who can’t go themselves. Sometimes I take requests, but most the time I just go places that sound interesting and see what I find.”] Might not have been the best idea to openly admit she was that free spirited, but whatever. [+cornflowerblue “Places like this.”] Vera looked around the shop, emphasizing her point.

Successfully distracted, and still in need of some time to think of what she wanted to offer, Vera threw the question back the witch’s way. [+cornflowerblue “What about you?”]
  Vera / Loxi / 18d 21h 50m 34s
Evanora nodded as the girl said she'd still like the potions. Carefully, she took a velvet string bag, filling it with her items, it was a special material to make sure the potions don't break or manage to leak while the customer carried them wherever. She listened with a smile, watching the girl more than her hands moving the potions. "[#7127b0 Lucky, huh?]" she chirped back, feeling amused and interested in the mere human woman. They were strange beings. No clue just how fragile they are.

Evanora watched as the woman grabbed her coin purse. Rarely did Evanora accept human coin for anything, really, that currency is mostly useless unless she needed human wares. But she rarely did. But, something about this girl made her feel generous enough to make an exception. She raised an eyebrow as the girl began to ramble a little, she returned the warm smile to the girl. "[#7127b0 We're not all so stuffy, dear. My shop is open to all races.]" Evanora smiled a little more.

"[#7127b0 Eh, whatever you believe is fair. I don't have much use for human coin. So, tell me, what is your name?]" Evanora probed, moving away from getting them on track for the girls transaction.
  ρσтισηѕ / Chaton / 19d 19h 11m 38s
Vera was waiting in pessimistic anticipation. She was very certain she was about to be told to leave, or at the very least waved off, however when she glanced up at the witch there was a certain air of amusement in her gaze. Was that a good thing? There was not long to wonder about it before the other woman spoke up herself. Her words and tone reflected no great offense to the human’s misstep. That was good, though the brunette was still rather embarrassed about insinuation of her slip up. However, instead of wallowing in it like some fool, she opted to try and push through, even if her face was still off colored at being called cute by such a pretty woman.

[+cornflowerblue “Yes, I would.”] She thought it best to answer the question before anything else. The relief was plain in her voice as she spoke. [+cornflowerblue “I try to avoid making waves, but I guess I could stand to get a little better at it… obviously.”] Vera made a playful jab at herself, rubbing at the nape of her neck nervously. [+cornflowerblue “Not too scared of anything that I might find out here though. I am the lucky sort, so I never run into much trouble.”] It wasn’t fool proof, but as of now she was still alive and kicking. And this wasn’t exactly the only seedy or dangerous place she had visited.

Taking a moment to grab her coin purse, she wasn’t entirely sure she would need it. As far as Vera had gathered some witches took human currency while others preferred other things as compensation, it all came down to the individual. Still, she would rather be ready, so she kept the leather wallet in hand. [+cornflowerblue “You know, I am really glad you chose to speak with me.”] A warm smile pulled at her lips. [+cornflowerblue “I always feel so rude skulking about avoiding magic folks. It is nice to actually hold a conversation for once. Refreshing even.”] Perhaps she was being too cheeky, but the woman couldn’t help herself, she was curious. Not to mention a little enamored, even if the vibrant gazed woman stared at her like a cat might watch a mouse. [+cornflowerblue “So, what do I owe you?”] Her head tilted slightly with the inquiry that set them back on course after all her musing.
  Vera / Loxi / 20d 15h 37m 19s
Evanora watched as the small figure grew and grew, eventually a young woman came into clear view. She looked a little stressed? Not sure if that's the right word. Very aware of her surroundings?

Either way, she was cute, and curious. It was precious in a pitiful kind of way. Evanora leaned against the counter, resting her chin in her hands, watching the girl intently as she entered the shop. The girl barely even looked her way. Not surprising. Human's and witch kind have extremely limited contact. Evanora could careless, she did as she pleased, including talking to humans. But this girl seemed very conscious of the strict rules. Acting as if Evanora wasn't even really there, watching her so intently.

The girl looked through all the potions. None of them were all that harmful. Some were trickier, some could cause misfortune, but still allowed within the legal limits of the human settlements. Evanora was interested if she'd pick some fun ones. Ones she'd know they could potentially use ill-advised.

Unfortunately, it seemed she gravitated to healing, fire resistance, and focus. How boring. Evanora huffed as the girl came over and fumbled with the vials of brightly colored liquid before gray eyes met green. Evanora gave a provocative smile, she heard the '[i Wow..]' slip from the young girls lip. The young witch felt a bit of thrill, certain it reflected in her eyes, a little human broke their laws. Bemusement danced in her green eyes as the girl before her turned into a shade of red she'd never seen on anyone before.

"[#7127b0 Well, I didn't think you'd utter a word.]" Her voice was low for a female, but always carried a sensual and elegant note. "[#7127b0 How fun. You're awfully cute to be coming all the way out into these dangerous woods. Especially now with all the race tensions I hear of.]" She noted it was a bit surprising. Humans had been avoiding the forest and most area's that could hold other races. Due to the brink of war and tensions, avoiding getting caught up in it. "[#7127b0 Would you still like these?]" Evanora raised her eyebrow, referring to the vials, hoping the girl didn't run due to breaking such a 'precious' rule.
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