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Ah Minecraft, spent a long time in that ages ago. Also on Pokemon. These days I just lounge about for the most part, procrastinating, but soon I'll be back into WoW with the vanilla server release.

No worries, I'm sure with the pace as is it won't be a problem.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 124d 18h 18m 45s
My friends and I have just been on the grind leveling up our pokemon so we can have a server wide tournament!

Been pretty good. :) I will have a bit harder of a time posting this next week due to work and some overtime I have to do, but I'll do my best to post when I need to!
  ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ / Chaton / 125d 12m 15s
We just opened up a town on the server we play on so my friend and I have been fussing about with that in the spare bits. It's quite enjoyable to see houses start to pop up one block at a time.

Other than that things have been a bit busy and hectic, but good here. How bout y'all?
  |OOC| / DanceMyDear / 125d 1h 31m 55s
lol, sorry, I have been eyeballs deep in pixelmon all weekend and only popping on like once a day when I remember there is other things outside of that game xD

How is everyone?
  ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ / Chaton / 125d 1h 38m 17s
Go sports!!! Move the spherical object towards the objective!!!
  |OOC| / DanceMyDear / 125d 3h 56m 35s
Quite chatty aren't we folks? xD

So uh, how about that local sports team? They sure are sporty . .and stuff. . .
  Chattin' / Aserox / 125d 4h 30m 4s
New post up and edited.
Any questions, concerns, thoughts etc be sure to mention them ^.^

Also feel free to make the gentleman Wallace say any nonsense that you see fit - Think something akin to Alice in Wonderland when it comes to him.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 126d 6h 30m 52s
Alright looking good, I'll have a post up later today barring any unforseen circumstances. Just out in the rain atm.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 126d 17h 42m 14s
Hi! Sorry I’ve taken so long. Writing my post now!
  Zurui “Ruin” / catthhay / 127d 3h 59m 34s
Awesome! I'm excited to see the next bout of posts :) I'm already enjoying everyone's characters
  ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ / Chaton / 127d 21h 11m 5s
I messaged them a little while ago, they have reassured me that they will post within a couple of days. Either way there'll be another post up by Sunday night.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 127d 23h 1m 10s
I assume we are just waiting for one more person to post before the next round? ^^ I just wanted to check in ~
  ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ / Chaton / 128d 5h 31m 4s
Looking good, and it reads fine. There's a sentence that seems to go nowhere but I'd guess it was shifted around or partly edited and something was cut from it. Could be my brain not getting it, will re-read it later after I wake up proper.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 129d 23h 28m 33s
I liked trying to take on an approach of how Marissa would respond to this-- I hope it reads in a way that makes sense though-- she's very caught up in her thoughts.
  |OOC| / DanceMyDear / 129d 23h 45m 37s
Not a worry, not a worry at all! ^.^

Its an odd spot but the further along we get the more opportunities there'll be for creativity! My next post will give more context and more things to work with - while a round of just dialogue would make sense I feel each post would be forced to be quite short, so, a-shepherding I shall go!

Edit: Ah, right. If people would like to know the "dot points" of upcoming story events feel free to PM! I feel that not everyone likes spoilers.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 130d 9h 31m 54s

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