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Sorry it’s taking so long guys. It’s been a more hectic weekend than anticipated x.x
  Zurui “Ruin” / catthhay / 118d 16h 50m 33s
Hey! I'm still alive, this week was hectic. I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to the last post as we continue on. So far, I'm enjoying everyone's characters
  ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ / Chaton / 119d 4h 16m 19s
Sounds neat, and no worries on the wait time!
I really don't mind as long as we all keep communicating, it's when people disappear that it gets weird :P
  Chattin' / Aserox / 121d 4h 56m 25s
Oh, that's really cool ^^
I hope that your reopening goes well!
  |OOC| / DanceMyDear / 121d 5h 2m 46s
Metaphysical stuff, mostly. I’m deep into the witchy world, so i sell handmade jewelers, spell kits, dream interpretations, things like that. I’m gonna be selling a lot more boxes and kits though, so I wanted to buy a bunch of boxes with my store logo on them
  Zurui “Ruin” / catthhay / 121d 5h 6m 50s
I don't think anyone particularly minds the wait it's only been a day or two~ :)
That's super cool! What do you sell on your Etsy shop!
  |OOC| / DanceMyDear / 121d 5h 11m 5s
Hey guys! I’ll go ahead and post either today or tomorrow, sorry for the wait! >.< planning on reopening my Etsy store, so I’ve been ordering mailers and other boring stuff to get ready.
  Zurui “Ruin” / catthhay / 121d 5h 12m 36s
I like that we've essentially fallen into a posting order though not strictly committed to one. It's kind of nice. :)
  |OOC| / DanceMyDear / 121d 5h 41m 33s
She's quite right that the tickets essentially materialize in our pockets, not to worry ;D
  Chattin' / Aserox / 122d 22h 29m 23s
Posted-- let me know if I need to change anything or something doesn't quite make sense.
  |OOC| / DanceMyDear / 122d 22h 49m 2s
Alright cool ^^ I'll try ti have a post up tonight.
  |OOC| / DanceMyDear / 123d 9h 47m 38s
After the next continuance we'll shift back to the general "At least two posts between your own" ~ Basically we'll enter the fantastical fair for the day and (hopefully) meet up again before dusk, or at dusk.
  Chattin' / Aserox / 123d 9h 47m 44s
Essentially that, as if you were always much closer than you thought, or were somehow brought closer without anyone actually dragging you
  Chattin' / Aserox / 123d 19h 14m 12s
So, I know it's not quite up to that yet, but should I generally presume that everyone has suddenly been brought into more or less the same closer area? I liked how in Chaton's post they mentioned their character seemingly very suddenly being next to the faire, sort of like everyone had been pulled with a sort of magnet.

I'm just trying to wrap my mind about things a bit ^^
  |OOC| / DanceMyDear / 123d 20h 15m 7s
Hello, sorry I’ve been sorta absent. Been trying to get back home and what not. I’ll probably have a post up by the end of the day.
  Jordan Carter / Doburesu / 124d 10h 50m 4s

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