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[center [b [#c71912 Check out the OOC thread [u [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=152365 HERE ]]]]]

[size10 [center [i Enter the Dreamscape, a place of wonder and mystery.]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/fEhIbww.jpg]]

You abruptly awake in a strange place. [i Though, perhaps awake is not the right word.] You become suddenly aware of your surroundings. You are standing in fields of clouds, a pleasant breeze gently whispering past. Something about it helps ease your concern of this strange new place. You realise you’re ankle deep in warm, shimmering water; it's surface sparkling brightly in the light, with soft low clouds extending towards the horizon in all directions, coloured in hues of pinks and blues. The scent is almost magical. The world around you is beautiful beyond imagining, overwhelmingly so. Perhaps this is all just a wondrous dream? Maybe, but everything feels [i so real]; The wetness of the water, the breeze, even the oddly radiant sunlight shining down on you. As you take it all in, you can see in the distance a rather strange city sprawled across a low hillock. Laughter echoes out across the water and the soft music of what sounds like a local fair can be heard gently dancing across the lake.

[I [size10 [center Enter the Dreamscape.]]]

You suddenly realise, you don’t know how you got here. The last thing you remember, you were just, going about your day, or perhaps you were just headed to bed. Perhaps you were even bedridden with an illness and had to stay indoors for a while. Maybe you were slurping a delicious slushy on your way home. Whatever the case was for you, the last thing you remember it was just another day. Then suddenly you were here.

Something urges you forward, towards the city, but deep down inside you feel something is wrong here. Peering around, through the clouds you can see other figures standing nearby. As the mist slowly clears away, you can see they are people, just like you, confused but also taken aback by the breathtaking beauty of this place.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/OuwuqZG.jpg]]

[b [center Quick Power & Story Explanation OOC]]

Obviously, the characters have little clue what is going on, and slowly begin to realise that they have gained powers as they explore and experience this new world. These powers can be anything , anything that you can imagine. Along with these powers you may of course opt to pick up heroic weapons or artefacts, that is your choice. Powers and weapons will be limited by setting and common sense, please don’t make your character hold fifty blades and shoot fire out their arse.

Seeing as I have to explain what is going on to get anywhere, I’ll have to spoil the twist early. [i You died.] The entire group that is in Dreamscape, is dead in the real world, simply they do not yet know it. Is this the afterlife? No, not exactly. It is only these few ‘people’ here, nobody that has died before them is here now, and others will only arrive should a character ‘die’. Someone may have been hit by a car, someone might have had a serious illness and died. Maybe you were in a wheelchair in the real world and something happened, but you walk in the Dreamscape. The characters that do remember their deaths, say, a gunshot victim, would remember it hazily at first, or in a dream, but it would be preferable if they learnt about it further into the story. Those who were killed unbeknownst to them may find out, they might not.

I will be sure to shepherd the story along at first a little, but beyond that you are free in a dream-world. If you have an idea and want to explore some far away lands with the group, feel free to suggest it IC or OOC.
There is currently a vague structure for how the 'world' is set out, but as it is a land of dreams really anything goes.

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[center [size16 [+red Rules & Explanation]]]


[b [+red OOC is to be kept to [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=152365 the OOC]. Skellies are also to be submitted in the OOC or PM'd to me.]]
[b This is a semi-literate to literate RP]. Some mistakes are fine.
[b Violence] will eventually occur, preferably not at the start. It will distressingly increase.
[b Swearing] is allowed, try not to be excessive
[b No Cyber], you know the rules.
[b Romance is acceptable,] but not the main purpose.
[b Do Not Kill Other Characters]; Disagreements may come to things of the sort, but as always this should be discussed.
[b For the most part, you should be human.] You may choose to have odd small quirks, whiskers or cat ears if you really want, strange eye colours etc, a small quirk in a land of fantasy is fine.
[b No God Mode or Power Play], yes, we get powers, but we are not literally gods.
[b I intend for this to be a small-group RP.] About four would be optimal, including myself.
[b Please try to post regularly.] Once every week should be more than reasonable, if you cannot manage that, please mention it and do try for at least once every couple of weeks. A slow but dedicated burn is fine by me.
[b Anime/Illustrated Pictures Preferred], and try to keep it relevant to your character.
[b There is a minimum 800 characters to each post]
[b It is not first-come-first-serve.] That is to say, sending in a skelly first doesn’t guarantee you a place above anyone else. I may end up being picky, but as long as you can submit a quality skelly, know that I really, truly hate turning people away.
[b The setting:] The world is medieval themed, but has many modern aspects. Castles, royalty, knights, swords & bows are all present, but with the comforts of the modern world. Basic machines, plumbing, electricity, these exist, but are not exactly commonplace. As it's a land of dreams, many-a-strange contraptions are used in lieu of modern technology.


[center Skelly;]

[b Character Name:]
[b ES Username:]
[b Age:] (14-24)
[b Gender:]
[b Personality:]
[b Weapon(s):]
[b Power(s)+Details:]
[b Short Bio:] (Simple bio, who were they in the world, what did they do, maybe some of their interests, really, [i who were they]?
[b Death:]
[b Extra(s):]


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Vitaly eased his way up the bank and onto the grass near the cyclist, who stood there smiling, his hands clasped together as before. [#e372dc "Look here. Where exactly are we? You clearly know something. I don't want to go in there until we know where we are." ] Looks like the others were just as annoyed as he was. Still confused, Vitaly added; [#4c70f0 "We don’t have tickets, we just need to use a phone.."]. crossing his arms. The mans cheery face turned to a look of concern, almost fear. [#9932CC "You don't have tickets?! Oh dear! Are you sure you don't have any?"] he piped up in a near-panic, stepping forward to examine the small gathering. [#9932CC "Oh! I know!"] He seemed to glance each person up and down for a moment, as if considering something. [#9932CC "Check your pockets, perhaps?"] he insisted, giving a sly grin and an all-too-obvious wink to the group.

Vitaly furrowed his brow, starting to reach the limits of his patience. Humoring him with an eyeroll, he patted his pockets down once more with a [#4c70f0 “See, noth-”] He paused in a brief moment of confusion. There was something pointy and plastic in his pocket. Drawing out the card, he examined it closely, turning it over. [#4c70f0 "I don't remember this being in my pocket."] mumbled Vitaly. He was sure it wasn't there earlier, he would've felt it poking at him. His was a dark red card framed in black, with strange black symbols written across its front. He could make neither heads nor tails of the writing, but it seemed to be what the man was after, his eyes lighting up as he saw Vitaly draw the card. [#9932CC "Excellent! That's quite a relief, you know! It'd have been quite a problem if you didn't each get a ticket!"] he cheered before turning and waddling up towards the fair gates. Vitaly looked from his ticket to the others, they all seemed to have different colours and text, yet in the same style. [#4c70f0 "Well, whoever's messing with us, we’ll get to a phone inside and just call the cops, or something.."] he reasoned, half sure, hurrying up the slight incline after the man.

The music was loud now, they were close. All arrays of balloons, the occasional firework and even some strange looking kites littered the skies above the fair. Embedded in and framing the gates were two large candy-canes, practically just like any over-the-top theme park. [#4c70f0 "What exactly is inside?"] Vitaly called out. [#9932CC "Oh I wouldn't know, it changes all the time!"] the man called back cheerily, walking towards a rather large, but pudgy bloodhound sitting to the side of the entrance. [#9932CC "Five to come in then, Surebrec!"] Vitaly paused once more as it appeared the man was now talking directly to the dog. [i Okay?] [+red [b "They'll need to show me their tickets."]] boomed a voice, the dogs mouth flapping open a little. Vitaly's eyes widened as he almost recoiled. [i A talking dog?] No way, it had to be an animatronic or something, right?[#9932CC "Right, then! Show him your tickets, ladies and gents!"] The dog seemed to stare blankly at them before Vitaly offered out his ticket somewhat hesitantly, the dog shifting its head to examine the ticket. [b [+red "Oh, you're one of [i those]. Pity. You're free to enter, then."]] he grumbled, the voice still rather loud. [#4c70f0 "Er, thanks?"] Managed Vitaly, awkwardly stepping back and away from the dog, almost bumping into one of the others as he started to edge towards the gate.

Vitaly, eager to get away from what could only be a very realistic animatronic dog, stepped through the gates.. A strange feeling washed over him as he stepped past the threshold - Like he was walking through some kind of invisible bubble. [i Strange], but not uncomfortable. The air inside was different than when they had been out on the shore, instead now filled with aromas of various delicious smelling foods, sweets and a few other unfamiliar scents wafting about. The music too, seemed to be coming from no particular direction, a very bewildering thing. Peering around the small courtyard he could already see lots of stalls set up, and in the distance were all forms of bizarre and fantastical rides. The people walking around were mixed between what he would imagine as a Shakespearean play, and animals from Dr.Seuss' wildest dreams; all manner of beings from general fantasy. Tall folks with slender builds and pointed ears, elegant gaits and feminine features, short and stout men [i ] with thick beards down to their belts, laughing amongst themselves as they tried their hands at some of the games at the stalls. Elderly men and women wearing starred robes and pointy hats could be seen here and there, and even a large brutish guy with somewhat unsettling green skin was trying out the high-striker, swinging the very large hammer with ease. It was as if he'd walked into a mash-up of all his childhood books and fantastical fantasy novels. He was vaguely familiar with cosplay, but this was something else entirely.

Suddenly feeling very small in the very bizarre crowd he looked towards the others, as if imploring them for some kind of back-up before a small voice caught his attention. [+blue "Hey mister! [i Mister!"]] A tug at his pant leg brought his attention downward as he examined a small girl dressed in trews and a tunic. [+blue "You look strong! I bet you'd be good at throwing things, [i right?"]] she asked emphatically, pointing to one of the stalls, balloons pinned up against its backing. [#4c70f0 "Huh, Me? Look kid, I-"] [+blue "[i Great], this way!"] the girl interrupted, literally dragging him over to the distant stall as he tried to keep his footing. [#4c70f0 [i "She's monstrously strong for a kid..]]" flashed through Vitaly's mind as he stopped short of the stall, the girl rushing around the side and jumping through a small doorway before hopping up onto a stool, beaming. [#4c70f0 "Oh, you're the stall owner? Sorry kid, but someone took my wallet. I don't have any money to play."] Vitaly mumbled, instinctively rubbing at his increasingly sore wrist. [+blue [i "Money?] What would you need [i money] for? You don't throw money silly! Just these!"] the girl squeaked, propping a box up on the stalls counter. [#4c70f0 “Darts?"] he asked, looking down at the tin box, filled with a dozen finely crafted metal darts.. [+blue "Yup!"] she cheered, still beaming.

[#4c70f0 “Look, uhh, kid-”] [+blue “Alex!”] [#4c70f0 “Sure, uh, Alex. I’m kinda’ in the middle of something.”] he mumbled, glancing back towards the gate. Just how far had he gone? He couldn’t even see where it was anymore! Let alone a phone booth nearby. [+blue “Please, please, mister! At least one game!”] He turned back around to see her very clearly pleading with him, putting on what seemed to be very cliched puppy-dog eyes. He wiped at his face again in frustration. This was all [i way too much] for one morning. Shrugging his shoulders he relented, [#4c70f0 “Alright ki - err, Alex. One round, then I have to find my friends.”] She cheered happily, pumping both fists. Strangely though, as he lifted the first dart, it felt almost alive in his hands. A trick of the mind, or maybe he really was on something, but he almost felt like there was a tiny little heartbeat inside that he could hone in on. Shaking it from his mind, he carefully aimed and flicked the dart at the first balloon. With the expected pop, the first balloon was down. [#4c70f0 "Alright.."] he mumbled under his breath, nodding and looking back to the tin. Again, there was a sense of [i something more] to that tin. Warily reaching down he took another, going for a smaller balloon this time.

[i Pop, pop, pop]. Something was definitely going on here. [i He couldn’t miss.] That is, to say. The darts were going where he wanted them to go, [i exactly where he wanted them to go.] He’d played with darts before once or twice, but nothing like this. For every pop Alex shouted encouragements, but this was getting freakier and freakier. With the last balloon popped, Alex gave a final cheer and rummaged beneath the counter briefly before bringing up a large plushie. Practically throwing the large bright blue bear at Vitaly, he staggered back as he clumsily caught it. [+blue “Thanks for playing! Come back any time! I hope you find your friends before night time mister!”] Blinking over and over, it took a few seconds for him to process what had happened before he slowly turned around and started slowly walking back into the crowd, a shocked expression glued to his face as he just paused to squeeze the bear close, again realising that he was in some kind of insane park. [i What the fuck is this place?]
  Aserox / 317d 9h 2m 9s
[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] [b [i "Over here!"]] Came a voice out of the direction of the figures and voices that she was hearing, from what seemed to be the lower voice-- she still couldn't quite make out any distinguishing details of the figures, but she could hear more voices enter into the mixture-- it was all very strange. Marissa made her way closer and seemed quite a distance away from them; until she wasn't.

[tab ] The sudden change was both natural and disorienting all at once, suddenly now facing what seemed to be some sort of fantastical fair-- well, at least that explained the Ferris wheel she had seen from a distance-- which held much of what she would presume a fair to hold, while still maintaining an 'out of the ordinary' quality. There were others near her now as well, and it surprised her to so suddenly be in such close proximity to them. Were these the people she had been hearing? She thought she recognized the voices, especially of one of the men who was speaking with a gentleman who matched the fair in his odd appearance and mannerisms. She just barely caught the end of their conversation.

[tab ] [+mediumpurple [b "Tickets?" ]] Marissa asked in confusion, trying to think of what the strange man meant. [+mediumpurple [b "Where are we supposed to have gotten them... Unless..."]] This [i was] a dream, yes? Just a very odd one with people she had met in passing and never remembered perhaps... The mind was odd in that way. Could she control the dream? [+mediumpurple [b "The tickets are in our pockets and we haven't noticed."]]

[tab ] Something changed. She wasn't certain what, and she wasn't certain how, but she reached for her pants pocket and felt something within it that hadn't been there before. Sheer coincidence...
[tab ] [i Right?]
  |Marissa| / DanceMyDear / 328d 16h 32m 3s
He kept his distance, at least enough to stay somewhat out of anyone’s focus. He could hear two more female voices at this point and yet they all seemed rather lost as well. Judging by how everyone called out to one another and the conversations that had taken place it didn’t seem like any of them knew one another and their voices didn’t seem familiar to him at all. [i [+green Maybe it would be best to just make myself known, although the overall situation is rather uncomfortable.] ] Or at least that’s what he thought until it seemed like everyone heard something approaching. It sounded like some old machine was waddling it’s way through the water towards them. This made him think twice about moving forward, more cautious, more careful. He’d still prepare to act if any danger was headed their way.

Little did he know all of that caution would amount to practically nothing when the odd stranger began to speak. His eyebrows rose at the haphazardly whimsical air the man carried about himself. The conversation that took place once he arrived only managed to raise more questions than answers! [i [+green Who is this guy and what is his deal?] ] A “fair”? Is that actually what’s going on around that Ferris wheel? And “The Clearwater” must be where they are, but is that a place or simply what they call the water in this crazy place? And before anyone could even ask a decent question the guy just starts on his way back to that place! [i [+green The fuck?!] ]

He quickly got up from his crouched position so that he could catch up to the guy, the other male voice in the group sounding as if he was struggling to find some kind of answers, but as soon as he stood up they were right outside of the place that was once resting on the horizon. [+green “What the hell just happened? Wasn’t I just-“], he started without realizing how much closer he was to everyone. He could clearly see all of the others which meant he too could easily be seen. At least he wouldn’t have to worry about finding the best time to approach. Three girls, another guy and some strange man of odd proportions who looked as if he were strait out of a act at a fair... makes more sense when where they currently are is taken into consideration.

So far everyone seemed equally confused and the strange man’s avoidance of giving strait answers was anger inducing. Somehow they had managed to make it this far without even being told where they are. Was he going to help or just cause more confusion? [+green “So-“]

[b “I trust you have your tickets?”]

[+green “Excuse the fu-“]

[b “Look here. Where exactly are we? You clearly know something. I don't want to go in there until we know where we are.”]

Jordan took a deep breath. He was relieved that the girl with pink hair decided to speak. He was far too frustrated with this oddball to not say something hurtful and he’d prefer to not be that way. This place wasn’t normal obviously so keeping his cool is a must. He instead put more focus into the “fair” which looked like it was an old place yet a new place? It was as if time was folding in on itself. Even the form of transportation the short guy was using just felt odd to imagine. Before he couldn’t help but feel like they were in the clouds, but now he doesn’t know when or where they are. It was like they were outside of time, in some separate place that felt different and yet the same? Maybe it was all just his imagination, but aside from his belongings Jordan couldn’t help but feel like something was missing.
  Jordan Carter / Doburesu / 329d 4h 13m 28s
Mia turned back to the mysterious stranger who was just as confused as her. He began to open his mouth, but quickly their attention was dragged elsewhere. There was another voice, so someone really was out there. A woman, make her way, splashing the water about. She spoke of human minds not being able to just create faces, and dreams. That was a fast deduction of the situation.

But, ultimately, at this point Mia couldn't refute anything this stranger said. For now, she'll just assume they are lost or this was some kind of trick or game. "[#e66094 I'll be honest, that Ferris wheel city, or whatever, is not looking too appealing to me.]" she spoke honestly as the girl spoke of going to the Ferris wheel and checking it out.

The other stranger had asked if someone could call for help. Mia had just realized she didn't even check if her camera or phone were still on her. Frantically, she patted the pockets, looking down, searching all over for her items "[#e66094 come on]" a groan escaped her as she continued to feel over the same pockets over and over, as if her phone would magically appear.

"[#e66094 Fuck. I wish I could, but it seems someone has stolen my phone as well!]" Mia felt her blood boil. What in the hell was happening? Where were they, where did her stuff go, and why was this stupid Ferris wheel city feel like its pulling at her to come closer? A squeak and whine of what grinding metal came from beyond the haze. It stopped her and grabbed her full attention. [i What] was that?

"[#e66094 Y- Yes. But I don't know what [i that] is]" Mia had responded softly. Her eyes glued to the general area the screeching had come from. Her instinct was the run away, but she was stuck, watching as the haze began to clear and a figure started to come into view. It was hard to make out what exactly was approaching them.

"[i Hullo! You folks on your way to the fair?]" called a cheery voice. It seemed it was from the very figure just in front of them.
Mia stayed silent and let the stranger speak for them. Merely watching the figure. She was trying to determine if she needed to high tail it away or not. But, after a moment popped out a chubby and short man on a comically tall unicycle. Mia felt she was tripping on some drug. What is this? Who is this? The man wore a warm and inviting smile, his cheeks were a deep rose color, he almost looked like a cartoon character. But in real life.

"[i I say! You all look rather dreadful, did something happen to you on your way here?]" Mia merely met the gaze of the others, confusion seemed to be the general consensus, and she felt better knowing she wasn't the only one terrified and confused. "[i Well then, best get a move on! Wouldn't want to waste the day mulling about in The Clearwater, come on then, hah-hah!]" The man was cheery once more and turned sharply, going towards the castle and Ferris wheel.

"[i Ha-ha, truly a splendid day isn’t it?]" Mia was hesitant to follow. Honestly? She planned to stay where she was. Why follow that random cartoon character? What if it wasn't safe? The man seemed to chase after him. "[#e66094 That is the last thing... Ugh...]" Mia certainly wouldn't want to stay alone and have to figure this all out by herself. So, with very little enthusiasm, Mia ran after the two and ignored her stomach telling her this may not be such a fun time. The chubby man didn't seem to know much more than they did. But he sure liked to talk in circles annoyingly. Mia felt her irritation growing as he talked around the other man.

"[i I trust you have your tickets?]"

"[#e66094 Look here. Where exactly are we? You clearly know something. I don't want to go in there until we know where we are.]" Mia crossed her arms and looked at the smaller man in frustration. This was becoming less and less funny as some sick joke. It was then, in her frustration, she realized they were suddenly extremely close the Ferris wheel. How? Just a moment ago they were what seemed like miles away.
  ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ / Chaton / 331d 15h 28m 40s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/1js7C0y.png?1]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Nanum+Gothic]
[Nanum+Gothic Vitaly slowed as the figure turned and moved towards him, suddenly thinking about what might happen if they weren't friendly. The haze seemed to dissipate, giving him a clearer view. The look on her face suggested she was in the same boat as him, [#e372dc "Uh, I don't think I can help you very much. I'm just as lost as you are ~ I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you have no idea where we are right now?"] With her reply his worry returned again. Where the hell were they? [#4c70f0 "I, uh-"] He was interrupted as another voice came through the haze. [#b134ea "Is there anyone out there?"] came a somewhat meeker but silvery voice. [#4c70f0 “Over here!”] Vitaly shouted back, turning quickly to see where the voice came from. More sloshing of water could be heard moving towards them, and once more VItaly spun to see who it was. [#8d392a “Damn, you guys don’t have a clue either? Well. The human mind can’t make up faces and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you two before, so that rules this out as being a dream at least.”] Great, some kind of academic. Then again, she certainly didn’t look the part. [#8d392a “You can call me Zurui, or Roo if ya want. Feel like walking towards that blatantly obvious Ferris wheel together and making sure it isn’t a trap or somethin’?”] Her speech and bearing didn’t match his initial thought, though. [i Trouble], was probably a better word. Wait, was her name Roo? Like kangaroo? The gears slowly ticked in Vitaly’s mind as he thought about what to do, wiping his face with his hand. Grouping up would probably be fine, better still if they had reception out here. [#4c70f0 “What? [i Trap?] We’re just lost, that’s all, can one of you call someone? Maybe call 112? My phone’s been stolen, I was just going to use a pay phone at the fair over -”]

Vitaly paused as a sound caught his attention. The squeak and whine of some kind of metal, and perhaps creaking wood? Accompanying the occasional squeak was the slow sloshing of water, as if something was moving along the shallows surface from the direction of the fair. [#4c70f0 "Do you guys hear that?"] he whispered, taking a couple of slow steps in the direction of the approaching sound. Ahead in the foggy haze, a strange figure was indeed approaching. It's bizarre outline was hard for him to place, but before he could figure out whether he should be worried or not a cheery voice bellowed out from its direction. [#9932CC "[i Hullo]! You folks on your way to the fair?"] it called. From what Vitaly could hear, it was like a caricature of an elderly British man's voice. Vitaly piped up; [#4c70f0 “We were just about to head over, looks like we’re lost.”] A moment later, the rather short and generously-proportioned man could be seen riding what could only be described as a tall unicycle, that was instead a water-wheel. His face was adorned with bright rosy cheeks and a broad welcoming smile. He wore brightly coloured, striped breeches with wide flares, a likewise striped and coloured tunic, a bright yellow surcoat with various strange symbols embroidered along its entire length, and a velvet cap with a feather fastened to its side. His hands were clasped in front of him, resting just above his somewhat disturbing pot-belly. His friendly face turned to one of concern as he noticed the groups general unease and confusion. [#9932CC "[i I say]! You all look rather [i dreadful], did something happen to you on your way here?"] Vitaly looked from the man to the others, at a loss for words, his face scrunched up in incredulous confusion. The strange man slowed to a stop, bringing out his arms to balance himself on his water-unicycle. The man’s face suddenly shifted back to its previously cheery self; [#9932CC "Well then, best get a move on! Wouldn't want to waste the day mulling about in The Clearwater, come on then, hah-hah!"] he cheered, as if to preempt any questions. The strange man, with arms outstretched, turnd and began wheeling over towards the castle in the distance, humming a tune to himself. Vitaly’s senses came back just as the man started paddling away. [#4c70f0 "H-Hey! Hey wait!"] Vitaly shouted, outstretching an arm briefly before running after the rather peculiar man.

[#9932CC "Ha-ha, truly a splendid day isn’t it?”] the strange man called before returning back to humming his tune, almost bouncing in his seat as he cycled on. [#4c70f0 “Hey, stop! Can you tell u-[i shit]!”] Vitaly nearly fell as his foot slid on a smooth stone, tripping mid step and catching himself with his hand before face planting into the water. [#9932CC “Can I tell you what, lad? Speak up now!”] he called, still bouncing in his seat. Jogging once more, Vitaly managed to catch up, walking at a rather brisk pace to keep up with the cycler. [#4c70f0 “I mean, can you tell us where we are?”] Vitaly asked, constantly looking from the cycler to the water ahead. It seemed the ground was getting rockier the further they went, and his shoes were sliding against their smooth, evidently slimy surface. [#9932CC “Why, you’re right there of course!”] came the man’s reply, his voice making it sound like it was a rather obvious answer. [#4c70f0 “Where exactly is here?”] Insisted Vitaly now getting annoyed, slipping and sliding as he tried to keep up. [#9932CC “You mean now, or when you asked?”]

Vitaly couldn’t help but frown as the man’s cheery tune began to grind on him. Was he messing with him? [#4c70f0 “What?”] Vitaly managed. [#9932CC “Indubitably!”] he guffawed, resting his arms over his jiggling belly once more. Glancing to others, he was sure they’d also try to get something out of him, though it was very apparent that he was going to be of little actual help. [#4c70f0 [i ‘Well, what else is there to do other than follow him?’]] wondered Vitaly, deciding instead to focus on the path ahead. It was only then that Vitaly really realized how much closer they had gotten. Almost, as if by magic, they had traveled significantly closer to this ‘fair’, its music now easily heard. It reminded him of theme park music from back home, and yet, something was a little strange. As the haze dissipated and the towers became more visible, the waters edge could be seen meeting with bright green grass, random smooth, mossy pebbles scattered across the strange shoreline. Further up from the shore a high cobblestone wall marked the borders of what resembled some kind of fantasy themed fair thrown together with a circus, with a simple wooden picket-fence framing the walkway in. [#9932CC "I trust you have your tickets?"] the man asked as he hopped down from his uni-cycle, resting it on a fence post before turning back to the group once more.
  Aserox / 332d 48m 4s
[b ... Did we do acid again?]

That was the first thought that overtook the rough woman’s brain as she woke up in inch-deep water surrounded by cotton candy clouds. But no, the illegality of such an action put to the side, she hadn’t taken any serious drugs in [i years]. Not since she took the leadership of the Ruin Retics.

[b God, Cherry and I are the only ones who know what a damn Retic even [i is]]

Truth of the matter was, running any gang was just too much responsibility to constantly be shitfaced. Especially a small one like hers, rising in the ranks and pissing everyone else off. No, she stayed sober most of the time and only indulged in a cigarette or bottle of cheap liquor here and there. The hard stuff was off the tables, but...

If this wasn’t an acid trip, then what was it?

[+maroon “It’s like a Steven King novel trying to be cute,”] she muttered under her breath, turning in a slow circle and taking in the fact that she had woken up [i standing]. The pastel fog slowly started to part, but the woman was not fooled or enamored by the dreamlike scenery, by the whimsical Ferris wheel she could now see in the distance. Someone like her, who had been through shit and back? Something so gorgeous was not amazing, it was dangerous. Too good to be true, something had to be wrong with it—nothing was actually that pretty and pure and even if there was a place like that then somebody like Zurui wouldn’t have access to it.


Muffled sounds caught the female’s attention, making her head whip to the side. Shadows moving in the slowly clearing fog caught her attention, making her whole body tense.

The cool water licking at her feet, the whisky fog barely tangible as it brushed her face and arms with lazy gentleness, the equally lazy warmth of the place settling into her bones...

No. It wasn’t a dream, and her emotions were too stable for it to be anything drug induced. Her mind was lucid, clear, active. This was real, [i whatever] it was.

With that decided, she took cautious steps towards the nearest shadow that she had heard sound from. Hackles raised and hand side clenched into fists, just in case this place really was borne from Steven King’s twisted mind.

[+pink “—Have no idea where we are right now?”] was the first thing she was able to clearly make out audibly, a dialogue that was matched to a pink-haired woman and a slightly scruffy male. Zurui might have been a hardheaded, stubborn thug, but she wasn’t dumb. She could make an educated guess as to what they were talking about. Slowly, so that she didn’t startle them too much, she walked closer and made her steps slightly heavy so that they would hear the soft splashes of her feet as she moved towards them.

[+maroon “Damn, you guys don’t have a clue either? Well. The human mind can’t make up faces and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you two before, so that rules this out as being a dream at least,”] she offered, her slightly raspy voice somehow sounding gruff, bored, and annoyed all at once. She didn’t trust them, she didn’t even know them, but it was always best to go in a group when venturing into new ground. Protection in numbers and all. [+maroon “You can call me Zurui, or Roo if ya want. Feel like walking towards that blatantly obvious Ferris wheel together and making sure it isn’t a trap or somethin’?”]

Yeah... she wasn’t really a patient person, and she wanted to get a move on already. The scenery was pretty, but she didn’t want to stay in place longer than absolutely necessary.
  Zurui “Ruin” / catthhay / 332d 21h 50m 36s
[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] The soft feeling of water on her skin was the first thing that Marissa noticed as she slowly, hazily began to wake up. She didn't let her eyes open immediately to the world around her, but through closed eyelids she could tell the light was soft and dimmer than she was used to, and that she-- strangely-- was standing up straight.

[tab ] [i What an odd sensation...] she thought to herself, grey eyes slowly opening to take in the world around her. [i Now, this simply can't be right.]

[tab ] The world that was around her was beautiful, but not her own. She could tell almost immediately, from the vast colorful landscape before her and the haze of an almost cloud-like fog that blurred at the edges of her vision. It was far more beautiful than anywhere she had ever been before, and felt almost certain that she never would have been able to. The water that stretched before her was much like a mirror, and she reached to touch it with one of her hands and watched the ripples travel away from her. That familiar plastic bracelet was still on her wrist, and she frowned slightly, trying to read the words but not quite able to make them out. She knew what they said-- but it didn't mean she didn't want the confirmation.

[tab ] Looking over her arm she got a flash of her reflection, before it faded into something different. Still her, yes-- but the clothes she was wearing was by no means what she had been wearing before. A long sleeved shirt and comfortable pants-- she tried not to think too much on it.

[tab ] [i This must be a dream. Yes-- that would make perfect sense.] It would explain the landscape, the soft water, the hazy feeling in her head-- and why she was not laying down as she had been before. Accepting that, she turned her head slightly, making out the appearance of what seemed to be some form of small town with a ferris wheel on the horizon. And, turning more, she began to notice vaguely humanoid figures. [i Is this one of those odd, lucid-dreams?]

[tab ] [b [i "Hey you!']] She heard a voice call, echoing across the water-- [b [i "Hello?"]] came in response, a bit closer. She wasn't alone here-- that was quite the relief. Trying to decide where the closest voice had came from, she started to move in that direction, though still too timid to speak aloud in her dream. She could hear the voices continue and followed them, recognizing one to be higher and one to be lower than the other.

[tab ] Nightmares had plagued her recently, and she was uncertain if this would be the same. [i What place could hold such beauty without something hidden beneath?] Shakily, she decided that she should speak.

[tab ] [b [+mediumpurple "Is there anyone out there?"]] She asked towards the figures.
  |Marissa| / DanceMyDear / 335d 18h 3m 18s
As the light caught his eyes he squinted before raising a hand to shade them. It wasn’t until a few seconds passed that he had really began to notice he wasn’t where he thought he should be. He staggered back a few steps as if he were retreating from where he found himself, but all that did was fill him with concern when he realized he was standing in water. Looking around there was water just about everywhere he could see and it wasn’t until then that he began absorbing the scenery.

All the colors caught his eyes, it was like a sunset accented with both night and day. It was as if he could see the sun and the stars at the same time. [+green “Beautiful”], he whispered to himself as he spun in slow circles. [i [+green This doesn’t seem right. Where am I? Who brought me here? Should I be ready to fight? Or maybe run?] ] His mind raced with concerns. This place didn’t look or feel real to him, making his next actions difficult to decide. It was then that he heard a faint howl in the distance. Jordan turned quickly to catch what made the sound, yet all he could see was buildings and a Ferris wheel? Was there a town or an event going on nearby?

At this point it almost felt as if he had just came out of a daze. The fog didn’t seem as thick, or at least not in the direction of that place, so he began to make his way. He could ask someone for assistance or at least maybe discover where he was. He tucked his hands into his pockets and shivered a bit when he realized none of his belongings were there, but at this point it didn’t matter. He just had to continue on and find answers.

[b “Hey you!”]

[b “Hello?”]

He stopped in his tracks at the sound of voices. He couldn’t make out what was said, but he could hear two others. This caused him to search his surroundings yet again with a bit more caution. This time around he could see others, or at least the silhouettes of others through the clouds. Two of them seemed to be advancing toward one another while the others remained in their locations for the moment. Who are these people and why aren’t they moving forward? There is only one place out here, is it not safe? Maybe he was moving to hastily. He crouched down and ran his hands through the water, watching as it rippled and swirled around his fingertips. [i [+green Maybe it’s best to wait. I shouldn’t rush out into something I don’t understand. I just need to calm down.] ]
  Jordan Carter / Doburesu / 336d 4h 26m 50s
Blue eyes fluttered open, vision blurry as everything tried to come into focus. Bright colors filled her view - pinks, blues, purples, different hues of each. Truly a breath taking sight. Mia gasped, she was barely able to truly soak in the beauty that laid before her. The water sparkled, reflecting the bright shimmering lights, acting almost a mirror. Perfectly still with clouds gently floating on. It took her sometime before she realized she had not a clue where she was, how did she get here? Where even was [i here]? A surge of confusion and panic overwhelmed her.

What was even happening to her? Didn't she just leave a wedding? A flash of walking down a familiar street popped into her head and quickly came a strike of pain. '[i fuck]' she groaned grabbing her head, but as quickly as the pain came, it left. Mia was becoming irritated. She didn't like being tricked or messed with. That's what this was right? A game? Someone had to have messed with her or drugged her and now some weirdo is playing tricks on her.

"[#e66094 Funny.]" She huffed out. Mia picked a direction to start walking, but as she did, it felt as if something tugged on her. It was enough to force her to quickly turn her head towards the direction she felt the tug. There she could barely make out what looked to be a theme park? Buildings and a Ferris wheel began taking shape. What kind of hell hole? Mia knew there was a reason that something tugged her attention towards the strange park.

Reluctantly, she began her long walk towards the buildings. Maybe someone there could help her? Echo's of her splashing through the ankle deep water filled the silence that seemed to stretch out around her. It was more comforting than hearing absolutely nothing.

"[i Hey you!]"

Mia stopped in her tracks, stiffening, heart racing. Where? There was no one there just moments ago. "[#e66094 Hello?]" Mia called back. The woman whipped around to where the voice came from. There, through a thick wall of pinkish and blue hue'd fog, was a man jogging towards her.

"[i Can I get a hand here? I think I'm lost.]"

Mia picked up her feet and jogged towards the strange man. Finally, another person, but it seemed they may not be any help and clearly just as lost as she was. But, it was better to be lost with another person than all alone. "[#e66094 Uh, I don't think I can help you very much. I'm just as lost as you are]" Mia hollered back as the two closed the gap. The closer she got to the man, the more clear the fog had gotten, she was able to clearly see the other. Panting slightly, Mia looked up at the stranger. "[#e66094 I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you have no idea where we are right now?]"

She let out a frustrated huff, looking back towards the buildings, if he was here, there had to be others. As if the thought was answered directly, she noticed other figures, they were merely that. Figures, hidden behind walls of fog just like him. Someone, one of them, had to know where they were and why they even ended up here.
  ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ / Chaton / 336d 15h 50m 26s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Nanum+Gothic]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/y8KBCzO.jpg]]

Everything was blurry as Vitaly tried to understand what was happening to him. [#4c70f0 [i Warm.]] Bright colours swirled around the corners of his vision as he rubbed at his eyes. When he finally looked up, the scene painted before him was unlike anything he'd seen before. His brows furrowed and his mouth hung open as his eyes drank in the scenery, a dazzling array of colours and soft shades coming into focus. He began slowly turning round and round, unable to take in the entire world around him at once, stunned by not only the beauty, but the sudden change in scenery. [#4c70f0 [i 'Where the hell am I?']] flashed through his mind. A huge flat lake, covered in colourful clouds and a strange haze. The water shimmered brightly in the glowing light, and the low soft clouds extended towards the horizon in all directions, coloured with shades of pinks and blues. He almost held his breath as he looked on, unable to think. The steady, strong beating of his heart filled his ears as he tried to make sense of this place, suppressing the urge to panic.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/1js7C0y.png?1]]

Around the clouds and further behind him, he could see stars and patterns he'd never seen before, many thousands of these bright twinkling lights all dotting the sky, [i in the daylight]. All his senses were being overwhelmed by what was happening around him, compounded by the unfamiliar yet wonderful scent of the water being gently washed over him by a warm breeze. [#4c70f0 [i Splash, splash, splash.]] He only just realised his feet were [i wet]? Glancing down, it seemed he was ankle deep in water, and, in jeans and a shirt. Wait, wasn't he at work? He rubbed at his face with both hands as he tried to settle himself, so many confusing thoughts conflicting as he reasoned out his predicament. He started in a random direction before stopping, the ripples around him flowing slowly outwards across an undisturbed lake. Wracking his brain, he tried to remember where he was last. Was he out drinking last night? That might make sense if he didn't remember anything, but this was too extreme. He'd ended up in some kind of shallow lake, or swamp? He didn't even live near a swamp! [#4c70f0 [i 'Someone probably slipped me something.']] he reasoned, still glancing either way.

The sudden change was all too much for him, what was this crazy place? In the near silence, he could just hear something more than the breeze and the slow steady beating of his heart. Music was being carried across the water, soft yet familiar. Moving towards the sound, he realised a mild haze had been obscuring something in the distance. He could only see the tops of some of the buildings, and a Ferris wheel. It must have been some kind of theme park. That calmed him a little, at least he could find out where he was and call someone - Suddenly, his hand shot down to feel his pocket for his phone, [i it was gone.] Dread and frustration welled up inside him, he'd just payed for a new one last week and had already lost it! Trudging angrily towards the sound of music, he figured he could at least use a payphone to call for a taxi or something. Hopefully it was just stolen, and not just dropped somewhere in the water. He didn't get far before noticing there were other figures nearby, also obscured by a strange, colourful haze. Glancing around, he picked the nearest one and started jogging over to them through the water. [#4c70f0 "Hey [i you]!]" he bellowed, [#4c70f0 "Can I get a hand here? I think I'm lost."] he called out, waving his arm trying to catch their attention.

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