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Maybe they were looking [i too] closely into this so called psychic link they had. Maybe there wasn't anything there. But, when Xion frantically calls his twin saying he may have murdered someone, all while Dongmyeong had finished killing off a vampire that he had been sent to kill, things take a dark turn. What will happen to the two brothers? Let's find out.

[center ~]

Wow, that plot planning took a dark turn.

Hello! Author-nim here with a story that is basically a spinoff from my current wolfau series! This will [i not] be canon to what I already established for Xion and his twin, but you will see some characters from my current series pop up in this story!

To explain, twins are rare in the supernatural world. When they are born sometimes the older twin is left to live while the younger twin gets killed off, usually before they start changing. This almost happened with Xion and Dongmyeong but Xion managed to get out in time before it could happen and Dongmyeong was led to believe that his brother was killed, thus giving him the reason to become a werewolf hunter. They met again at the end of Wooshin's story which can be found [https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1408556/a-tale-of-two-packs here]!

To explain the psychic link, Xion suffers from insomnia while Dongmyeong suffers from narcolepsy. How does this link them together? Dongmyeong is constantly tired, sleeping at random times of the day while Xion is the one stuck wide awake. When Xion does sleep he blanks out, his mind just going into a state of unconsciousness and that lets him sleep for at least an hour. During this time Dongmyeong is completely wide awake, but the only time he feels like this is if he's doing missions, or is traveling and needs to be awake for most of it.

I would like to reiterate that this is [i not] canon to my current wolfau series and it is just a spinoff! Happy reading~!

Now onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Xion: A pure blooded werewolf who is the younger twin between himself and Dongmyeong. For years, he believed that his twin was dead until recently when they finally met each other again and is quite happy to be around his twin again. He suffers from insomnia, which his own pack believes that is somehow linked with his brother who suffers from narcolepsy. Sleep is near impossible for him, as he never really [i sleeps], he just blanks out and comes to whenever his twin is done with whatever he is doing. Sometimes he dreams from his brother's POV, which is odd even for him because as far as he knew, that wasn't supposed to happen. He is a vampire hunter, being on the same team as his twin and is also being guided by his mentor Hwanhee. He is apart of his brother's faction. His wolf form is a small white wolf with a silver tint from him dying his hair a dull gray color even though he recently dyed his hair back to brown.

Dongmyeong: A pure blooded werewolf who is the older twin between himself and Xion. He had been led to believe that Xion was killed because his home pack believed that he would be the stronger twin. He suffers from narcolepsy, being exhausted all the time and sleeping throughout the day despite getting a normal amount of sleep every night. He feels bad for Xion though, and makes some effort to be more wide awake so Xion can get some semblance of sleep, despite it not working very well. He is only really wide awake when doing missions, being a vampire hunter. He was a werewolf hunter, the resulting supposed murder of Xion making him go on a rampage to kill his home pack and was forced to become a werewolf hunter or be killed. After being reunited with Xion, he became a vampire hunter, being a part of his own faction. His wolf form is a large black wolf with a large scar going down his back seen in his wolf and human forms.

Hwanhee: A shapeshifter who sort of became a mentor for the twins. He wasn't sure why, but he figured he could help them, and try to find a balance between the whole psychic link that seemed to exist between the two of them. He is part of a 'shifter pack that is now led by Xiao, and is mated to Jinwook. He is a vampire hunter who used to be a part of the Treasure Box faction before joining Dongmyeong's faction after it had been approved to move to the vampire hunting association as an official vampire hunting faction. His animal form is a large lion with a dark brown mane.

I hope you enjoy the story~!


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[center Chapter 7]

Because the three of them would take this mission, Dongmyeong decided to let his wolf do the killings, letting Xion be awake for his part of the mission with Hwanhee. "Good luck," said Xion. "Yeah, you too," said Dongmyeong as he nodded.

"Hyung," called Dongmyeong as he turned to Hwanhee. "I need to talk to you," he said. "Alone," he added as Hwanhee walked over. Hwanhee inclined his head towards the forest and Dongmyeong walked into the forest with Hwanhee, turning to him once they were far enough away.

"What is it?" Asked Hwanhee. "I don't know how this mission will go but I want you to try something," said Dongmyeong. "If it seems like Xion is completely out of it, try calling for him using his human name," he said. "It's a hunch that I have but it might work," he said. "What's his human name?" Asked Hwanhee. "It's Dongju," said Dongmyeong. Hwanhee nodded. "I'll keep that in mind," he said. "I'll see you after the mission then," said Dongmyeong. "Stay safe," said Hwanhee. "Will do," said Dongmyeong as he went to change and head off to where the vampires were.

[center ~]

Hwanhee and Xion stopped in front of the building Wooseok had suspected to be a blood den, standing just across the street from it. "You ready for this?" Asked Hwanhee. Xion nodded. "Was born ready," he said. "Let's go clear out a blood den then," said Hwanhee as he nodded. They ran into the building, quickly checking everything and clearing out any vampires that were in the building.

Xion was in one of those moods as he finished checking the area out, looking around and seeing if there was any vampires still around. They had gotten to five, and Dongmyeong would probably end up getting the rest, Hwanhee assumed. "Xion?" Asked Hwanhee as he turned to Xion. "What?" Asked Xion. "Everything alright?" Asked Hwanhee. Xion nodded. "Everything's fine," he said.

"Are you sure?" Asked Hwanhee. Xion nodded. "Okay... Dongju," said Hwanhee. Xion blinked, his shoulders slumping. "Oh," he mumbled, his voice softer than usual. "Dongmyeong figured it out huh?" He asked, looking down. Hwanhee nodded. "I didn't think it'd come down to that so quickly," mumbled Xion. "I think we found a way to let you sleep," said Hwanhee, causing Xion to snort. "I guess," said Xion.

"We cleared this out, so let's see if Dongmyeong finished his missions," said Hwanhee. Xion nodded and went to grab the items from the vampires, putting them in a bag they reserved specifically for missions after taking a picture of them and emailing the pictures.

[center ~]

Dongmyeong wasn't one to do his missions in wolf form, but he found it relatively easy to do since the vampires were caught off guard. It was due to experience as a werewolf hunter did he rarely hunt in his wolf form.

Dongmyeong huffed as he finished his side of the missions, looking around to make sure he did get all of them. He counted five, so he was sure that his brother and Hwanhee had gotten the other five.

Footsteps alerted Dongmyeong to visitors and he turned to them, spotting his brother and Hwanhee walking over. "Done?" Asked Hwanhee. Dongmyeong nodded and went to change and put on his clothes, coming back a few minutes later.

"How did the blood den search go?" Asked Dongmyeong. "No humans, but we took out five vampires," said Hwanhee. "I took out five here," hummed Dongmyeong. "Was there any signs of a blood den?" He asked. "No," said Hwanhee. "Might've moved them, I dunno," he said.

"They did," said Xion. "All evidence I found made it seem like they were moved anyway," he added. "Ah, I forgot you were trained to look for these things," said Hwanhee as he scratched the back of his head. Xion chuckled some.

"So they were moved?" Asked Dongmyeong. "Nothing we can do about that," said Xion. "We were only here to help out Yohan and his pack," he said. "Xion's right," said Hwanhee. "We can't go after them but I know someone else will as soon as they get noticed," he said. "I feel bad for all those people," said Dongmyeong as he sighed. "I know, but if we go in blind we won't know how many people there are," said Hwanhee.

"Well, let's go," said Xion. "Let's get some sleep at least," he said, turning to Dongmyeong. Dongmyeong nodded, turning to Hwanhee in question. "Yeah, I think some sleep would do us good," said Hwanhee as he started heading back to Yohan's pack house. Xion and Dongmyeong followed after him.

[center ~]

Dongmyeong stood before his home pack's alpha, wondering why he was called here. "Dongju has been killed, I'm sorry," said the pack leader. "What?" Asked Dongmyeong. "Why the [i hell]?" He asked, a growl forcing its way through him. "We believe you will be the stronger twin," said the alpha. "As if," spat Dongmyeong. "I [i refuse] to bow to your damn rules," he snarled as he triggered the change, snarling in rage before beginning the slaughtering of his home pack.

When he was done Dongmyeong let out a grief stricken howl, lifting his snout to the sky as he did so. Footsteps alerted him to visitors, causing Dongmyeong to turn to them, spotting who would become his mentor, Yedam.

"Well, that saves us the trouble," said Yedam as he surveyed the carnage. "However," he said, turning his attention to Dongmyeong. "What to do with you hm?" He asked, his head tilting to the side in thought. "How bout this, become part of my pack, and no werewolf hunter will come after you," he said. Dongmyeong inclined his head in answer. "Good choice," said Yedam.

[center ~]

Dongmyeong woke with a gasp, sitting up and immediately looking for Xion. When he found Xion actually asleep Dongmyeong sighed, in relief and in exasperation. Looks like it would be his turn to be wide awake for a few hours, as Dongmyeong got up and left the room, deciding to go sit on the front porch.

Wooseok joined him a few minutes later, slumping down on the porch swing and causing it to lightly hit the wall behind them. "Couldn't sleep?" He asked. "I woke up actually," said Dongmyeong as he shrugged, sighing. "What about you?" He asked. "Couldn't sleep," said Wooseok. "But that's alright," he said.

"I'm guessing Xion got to sleep since you're awake," said Wooseok. "Yep," said Dongmyeong as he scratched the back of his head. "Figured," said Wooseok.
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[center Chapter 6]

When they arrived at Yohan's pack house Yohan was standing outside with Wooseok and Hangyul, his alpha stance apparent as he stood with his head held high and his arms crossed. That sort of cockiness caused Hwanhee to straighten up on instinct, eyeing Yohan with narrowed eyes.

"Welcome back Seungwoo," said Yohan. "And hello you three," he added. "Hello," said Hwanhee as he schooled his expression to be blank. "Aish," said Wooseok. "Cut it out with the cockiness will you?" He asked, sighing as he hit Yohan over the back of his head. "Ow!" Whined Yohan as he rubbed the back of his head, the atmosphere changing immediately. "They're here to [i help] for god's sake," grumbled Wooseok as he shook his head. Hwanhee chuckled some, relaxing.

"Good to see nothing much has changed," Xion said with a teasing grin. "Oi, if it wasn't for my role as advisor I'd've left ages ago," Wooseok said, shaking his head. "And leave me alone with these idiots? At least take me with you," Seungwoo said, laughing some. "You're on your own there buddy," Wooseok said, laughing as he walked over to Xion. "Good to see you again," he said, hugging Xion. "Same to you," said Xion as he hugged Wooseok back before stepping away.

"Ah, Xiao was right, you did re-dye your hair," said Wooseok as he looked Xion over. Xion snorts. "I lost a bet," he said. "My wolf form's fur remains the same though," he said. "Things going well for you two?" Asked Wooseok as he looked concerned. "Been fine," said Xion as he nodded. "All this traveling let me catch up on a lot of sleep," he said, scratching the back of his head. "I never thought I'd be able to be awake this long," Dongmyeong said with a snort, yawning as he covered his mouth with his hand.

"Good, we're having a late night talk session later," said Wooseok as he turned and walked over to the front porch. "We have a lot to catch up on," he called before heading inside. Yohan sighed. "Well, let's go discuss things hm?" He asked. Hwanhee nodded, motioning for the twins to go ahead. Xion and Dongmyeong headed inside with Hangyul following after them to show them the room they'd be staying in. Hwanhee and Seungwoo walked over to the front porch, following Yohan inside to sit in the livingroom to discuss things.

"So what's the problem?" Asked Hwanhee as he sat down, leaning forward and putting his elbows on his knees in a thinking pose. "We've been having problems with a rather large coven of vampires," said Yohan. "But we would leave them alone, they're not a problem for us in general," he added. "The thing is, is that they started getting noticed," he said. "Wooseok has reason to believe that there is a blood den somewhere," he said.

"Is there evidence of one?" Asked Xion as he walked over and sat down beside Hwanhee. "According to Seungyoun and Hyeongjun there's been talk of people going missing in town," said Yohan. "And an abandoned building was bought recently," he added. "So there's reason to suspect a blood den," he said.

"We could take care of the blood den and have Dongmyeong take care of the vampires?" Asked Xion as he turned to Hwanhee. "Hm... It's possible," hummed Hwanhee. "I think we can do that," he said, nodding. "Do you think one person can take care of 10 vampires?" Asked Yohan, earning a snort from Xion. "He singlehandedly took out a pack of 20 werewolves before," said Xion. "He's killed vampires before," said Hwanhee. "He's pretty good at his job," he added.

"We'll go tomorrow," said Xion. "Let Dongmyeong sleep," he said. "That's fine, he's tired," said Hwanhee as he nodded. "Leave us to do the job," he said, turning to Yohan. "We'll be in and out in an hour," he added. Yohan looked skeptical but a look from Seungwoo prevented him from saying anything more as he nodded. "Alright," he said after a few minutes.

[center ~]

Wooseok sat outside with Xion on the front porch swing for a late night talk session, the both of them sitting in silence for a bit. "It's strange," said Wooseok as he looked out over the front yard. "Things have changed so much," he said. "And yet I still feel the same as before, just in a different position," he said.

"You're trying your best," said Xion. "I can tell from the way you never interfere with anything unless Yohan directly asks you, he's trying to keep his promise," he said. "Yeah, I guess," said Wooseok as he sighed. Xion hummed, looking deep in thought.

"How's things for you and your brother, really?" Asked Wooseok. "Could be better," said Xion. "We're doing our best to work with what we have," he said. "Lately I've been getting more sleep because of traveling but," he said, shrugging. "We were only home for a week when you called for us," he whined, pouting as he did so. Wooseok chuckled some. "Sorry, I didn't know who else to turn to," he said. "I could've asked for anyone, but I trust you, your brother and Hwanhee," he said.

"How's things for you?" Asked Xion as he turned to Wooseok. "Mm," said Wooseok as he shrugged. "Better now at least," he said. "I'm not as burdened as I was when I was alpha," he said. "It doesn't mean that I don't have to take care of the pack however," he added. "I still do, but Yohan has the final say," he explained. "I see," said Xion.

"How are you doing with sleep?" Asked Wooseok. "I could get more," said Xion. "But I get as much sleep as I can," he said. "I wish I could get more sometimes but it's impossible," he said. "Can't even sleep in wolf form anymore," he said. "I end up spending the nights running, whenever we're home anyway," he said.

"Your brother is doing well it seems," said Wooseok. "He is," agreed Xion. "He's not as weary as he was when you met him at least," he added. "He seemed to be exhausted with life," agreed Wooseok. "But now, he's happier than he was, I can see it," he said. Xion hummed in agreement.
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[center Chapter 5]

Something about landing in Berlin again filled Dongmyeong with a sense of fear. He had always avoided Berlin when he was a werewolf hunter, knowing that it was a city that was off limits unless someone was [i really] needed. He had known that werewolf hunters do live in the city though, but he never interacted with the others, feeling no need to unless it was [i really] necessary.

Frankly Xion was excited to be back in Berlin, that meant he got to see Jinhyuk again. He knew this wasn't their final destination however, as they were headed to Austria next, where Yohan had decided to have his pack reside in. He was on pretty good terms with the werewolves that controlled Berlin, having worked with the members of Chanwoo's pack before when helping find blood dens. He was feeling pretty good about this, and hoped they could get to the bottom of what was happening soon.

Hwanhee was being the leader of the group like he usually was, though being in Berlin again brought a sense of home. It was odd, because he never lived in Berlin, or Europe in general as he grew up in the states, but he was okay with it. He felt the most at peace here, and knew that the peace was keeping the twins in line. They looked up to him, and Hwanhee was sure that they kept their relaxed postures because he was relaxed here. It didn't mean that he wasn't homesick however, but that was a different matter entirely that he couldn't really explain to the twins until they found their mates and ended up going away for missions.

[center ~]

Jinhyuk looked up when the door chimed, and a grin appeared on his face as he recognized the new faces. "Hey you three!" He said, waving. Hwanhee grinned in return. "Yo," he said. "The usual?" Asked Jinhyuk, knowing that chatting would come later, when Seungwoo stopped by to get them. "Sure," said Hwanhee as he went to pay for the drinks. Xion had already gone to sit down with Dongmyeong at one of the comfortable couches to wait for Seungwoo. Jinhyuk nodded and processed the order before handing back the change and handing the cups over to Dami and Sanha. Hwanhee nodded to Jinhyuk before going to go sit down with the twins, sitting across from them and doing something on his phone.

"Good to see you again," said Jinhwan as he walked over with their drinks. "Hey Jinhwan," said Xion as he nodded. "Hello Jinhwan," said Hwanhee as he nodded. Dongmyeong nodded in greeting, already tired from the journey.

"Who asked for you three?" Asked Jinhwan. "Wooseok," said Hwanhee. "Apparently where they decided to set up was having problems with vampires," he said. "Wooseok contacted me directly to ask for help," he said. "Do you think you'll need any more help?" Asked Jinhwan. "Probably not," said Hwanhee as he looked at the twins. "These two can handle things themselves, this isn't their first international mission," he said. Jinhwan nodded and went back to the counter to get the other orders.

Seungwoo entered the coffee shop a few hours later, and Jinhyuk greeted him. "Hello," said Jinhyuk. "The usual?" He asked. "Sure," said Seungwoo as he went to pay for it. Jinhyuk processed the order and handed back the change, nodding to where Hwanhee and the twins were sitting. "It'll be a few minutes," he said. Seungwoo inclined his head before turning and spotting Hwanhee. He walked over, sitting beside Hwanhee and catching their attention.

"So what are we dealing with?" Asked Hwanhee as he put his phone in his pocket. "A rather large coven of vampires are occupying the nearby town," said Seungwoo. "Now, this wouldn't be a problem if they didn't start any problems with us," he said. "Wooseok is nearly at his wits end trying to keep the others from being too reckless," he said. "The youngest want to fight but he hasn't even started changing yet," he said.

"Stupidity won't do you good," Dongmyeong said suddenly. "He's the youngest but if he gets himself killed because he thinks he can do it without proper training he's stupid," he said. "What does the alpha and his beta think?" He asked. Seungwoo blinked, taken aback by the sudden harsh tone from Dongmyeong before shaking his head. "They don't want anything to do with the vampires," he said.

"So you called us to get rid of the problem?" Asked Xion as he tilted his head to the side. "If possible," said Seungwoo. "None of the pack except for Wooseok has had [i any] vampire hunting training," he said. "I've had my run ins but more due to other reasons," he said.

"How many are there?" Asked Hwanhee. "10," said Seungwoo. "That's a [i lot] of bounties to collect," hummed Dongmyeong as he looked thoughtful. "Always thinking of money eh?" Xion asked with a snort. "I'm too used to working alone, sue me," grumbled Dongmyeong.

"We'll do it," said Hwanhee as he changed the subject. "Not just for the bounties, but to keep the peace," he said. "I think the possibility of a blood den might be included," said Xion as he looked between his brother and Hwanhee. "I think so too," said Dongmyeong. "If there's a coven that large they can't just be drinking from the humans in town, they'd get noticed pretty quickly," he said.

Seungwoo observed the way the twins acted around Hwanhee. There was an obvious leader in Hwanhee, but in terms of experience it seemed that that title belonged to Dongmyeong. Hwanhee seemed to make the final decisions while the twins gave in their input, coming up with a strategy that would work given the situation. Now he knew why Wooseok gave the suggestion for these three. Despite the apparent gap in skill the three worked well together, and that made Seungwoo be more sure of what was to come.

Seungwoo was brought out of his thoughts when Hwanhee waved a hand in front of his face. "Sorry, what?" Asked Seungwoo. "When are we leaving?" Asked Hwanhee. "Ah, whenever you feel the need to leave," said Seungwoo. "They're holding out the best they can but it's best to leave as soon as possible," he added. Hwanhee looked at the twins, an eyebrow raising in question. "We can go now," said Dongmyeong. "The travel will allow me to get some more sleep at least," Xion said with a shake of his head. "It's settled then," said Hwanhee. "We'll go now," he said. "Now it is then," said Seungwoo as he stood.
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[center Chapter 4]

"Xion," said Dongmyeong as they sat outside for a late night talk session. "What's up?" Asked Xion. "Why don't you use your real name anymore?" Asked Dongmyeong. "I dunno," said Xion. "I never really thought of why I changed my name," he said. "But I guess it's to get away from what had happened, I just put it behind me you know?" He asked. Dongmyeong nodded. "That makes sense, yeah," he said.

Hwanwoong stepped outside and closed the back door, immediately going to his recliner and sitting down, sighing as he did so. "Nightmares?" Asked Xion. "I just couldn't sleep," said Hwanwoong. "You comfortable over there Dongmyeong?" He asked. Dongmyeong hummed, nodding in response as he opened his eyes, turning his head to look at Hwanwoong from his position on the loveseat. "I'm fine," he said. "Could use one of the other recliners," said Xion. "Nah, leave them for whenever Jinhyuk or Wooseok come visit again," said Dongmyeong.

"When are they coming for a visit do you know?" Asked Xion. "No," said Hwanwoong. "They haven't given any indication of coming back for a visit, at least, anytime soon," he said. "Xiao says that Wooseok is doing quite well with the new pack though, it certainly took a huge load off his shoulders and let him relax," he said. "I heard that Jinhyuk was looking for a pack," said Xion. "But I dunno if he's going to find one, he doesn't want to leave his brother behind," he said.

"I wonder if we'll be sent to Europe next?" Asked Dongmyeong. "Wasn't that where you were before Byungchan found you?" Asked Xion. Dongmyeong nodded. "It was," he said. "And we went there again, because Hwanhee wanted to check on Wooseok after he left," he said. "Right," said Xion. "I remember that," he said. "That was right after we rejoined wasn't it?" Hummed Hwanwoong.

[center ~]

Their conversation was interrupted by Hwanhee as he stepped outside, sighing as he spotted them. "Okay," was all he said as he shook his head before heading back inside. Xion took that as a sign that Xiao wanted him to help with breakfast so he got up and headed inside. Hwanwoong was left to wake up Dongmyeong who had fallen asleep and helped him inside, bringing him to the kitchen to sit down before going to get ready for the day.

"Rough night?" Asked Xiao as he looked at Dongmyeong before turning back to the stove. "Nah, just Dongmyeong's narcolepsy," said Xion as he sighed, helping Xiao with breakfast. "I can't help it you know that," Dongmyeong grumbled from where he sat, with arms crossed on the kitchen island as he leaned against it. "Have you gotten [i any] sleep since you got back?" Asked Xiao as he turned to Xion with a worried expression. "No, but I'm used to it," said Xion as he sighed again.

"I hate to cut our vacation short," said Hwanhee as he entered the kitchen after getting dressed for the day. "We're needed," he said. "Where?" Asked Dongmyeong as he perked up, sitting up immediately. Xion blinked, shaking his head to stay awake as a sudden drowsiness took over. "God damn it," he said. "Sorry," said Dongmyeong. "Go sit down," said Xiao. "I got breakfast," he said. Xion nodded and went to sit beside his brother. Hwanhee stood across from them, leaning against the counter as he gathered his thoughts.

"So, we're needed in Europe again," he said. "Apparently Wooseok's territory is dealing with some particularly violent vampires," he said. "Yohan himself had contacted us, since Wooseok said we'd be good for the job," he said. "When are we leaving?" Asked Dongmyeong. "As soon as possible," said Hwanhee.

"We can go now," said Xion as he nodded. "Might as well right?" He asked. "After breakfast," said Xiao. "You guys need to book flights and stuff," he said. "I already did, but it won't be for another few hours," said Hwanhee. "So we can eat and pack up before heading to the airport," he said.

Everyone came into the kitchen for breakfast, and everyone took note of Hwanhee's serious expression. "You're being sent out again huh?" Asked Gyujin. "Yes," Hwanhee said, sighing. "I wish we could stay longer but this was important," he said. "Who asked for you?" Asked Gyujin. "Wooseok and his new pack," said Hwanhee. "Ah," said Gyujin.

"Tell them we said hi yeah?" Asked Xiao. "Maybe one day they will come for a visit," he said. "Maybe," said Hwanhee. "That's up to Yohan," he said. "He is their pack leader," hummed Xion.

"Maybe when things calm down for them it'll be the perfect time for them to come visit," said Xiao. "Maybe," said Gyujin. "It won't be everyone though, probably just Wooseok and Seungwoo," he said. "Of course," said Xiao. "I don't think it'd be wise for Yohan to leave his pack to their own devices," he said.

[center ~]

After breakfast Xion was the one to pack for himself and Dongmyeong since Dongmyeong would most likely be awake for the entire plane trip. Dongmyeong was back to being lethargic, but he knew it would pass as soon as they were traveling. Gyujin was going to be the one to drop them off, since he and Kuhn were sent out to find more blood dens so he tried to be quick about it.

"The trackers are being put to work like usual," remarked Xion as Gyujin drove them to the airport. "Are you that surprised though?" Asked Kuhn. "No, not really," said Hwanhee. "Good luck, and stay safe," he said. "Yeah, you too," said Gyujin.

"Good luck then," said Kuhn as they stopped in front of the airport terminal. "Yeah," said Hwanhee as he got out with Xion and Dongmyeong. "Stay safe," he said to them, patting the truck before stepping back. Kuhn waved as Gyujin drove off, heading to wherever they needed to be. Hwanhee, Xion and Dongmyeong headed into the airport terminal and got checked in and through security before heading to their gate to unwind for the next hour or so before their flight.

"I can already feel myself getting tired, are you really that excited for this flight?" Asked Xion as he turned to Dongmyeong. "It's first class, I've never flown first class before," said Dongmyeong. "I always flew economy," he said. "Miles my friend, they help a lot," Hwanhee said with a chuckle. "We could've gone to the lounge but I see no point," he said. "We're stopping at JFK for a layaway anyway, we can go to a lounge there," he said. "Cool," said Dongmyeong.

"We'll take economy up to JFK then we'll take first class to Berlin, where Seungwoo said he'd meet us," said Hwanhee. "Wooseok would come himself but Yohan needs him to keep the pack in line," he said. "Wooseok may be no more than an advisor but Yohan's still new at this," he said.

"Let's hope we can get to the bottom of this problem," said Xion. "Yeah," said Hwanhee as he nodded. "We will," said Dongmyeong. "Even if we have to kill everyone that is a vampire," he said.
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[center Chapter 3]

When they got home Xiao was waiting on them, wondering what the news was. "Everything went fine I assume?" Asked Xiao. "Yeah," said Hwanhee. "He stumbled upon a blood den," he said. "So nothing was brought up against him," he said. "That's good," said Xiao. "Everyone was worried," he said.

"Did we miss anything while we were gone?" Asked Hwanhee. "Mm, not really," said Xiao. "Just the usual banter between everyone," he said. "No one does the late night talk sessions anymore, at least not when Xion isn't here," he said. "It feels weird, to the others anyway," he added. "That would make sense," said Hwanhee. "He kept it up even after Wooseok and Jinhyuk left," he hummed, nodding.

"I'll leave you to unpack then," said Xiao. "Jinwook's been wanting to spend time with you again," he said, snickering. "Oi," Hwanhee said, slapping Xiao over the back of the head as he blushed. "Ow," whined Xiao as he rubbed the back of his head. "Just go, seriously," he said, laughing some as he ran away before Hwanhee could hit him again. Hwanhee sighed and headed upstairs after grabbing his bag.

[center ~]

"How was the hunts?" Asked Gunhak as he and Youngjo met the twins in the room they shared with Hwanwoong. "Went fine," said Xion. Dongmyeong nodded in agreement. "Nothing too bad happened, well, until we hit the last spot," he said. "We heard," said Hwanwoong. "At least it was just a blood den," he said. Everyone hummed in agreement.

"I heard you two took Wooseok's room," said Xion. "We did," said Youngjo. "It's not like it was being used, but it also gives the 'shifters more privacy, and our room became a guest room," he said. "Kuhn used to complain, jokingly of course, about our smell," he said. "We smell like pine forest to everyone, so I doubt they minded the smell, too much anyway," he said, chuckling some, earning chuckles from everyone.

"Well, we'll leave you two to unwind," said Gunhak. "No one does the late night talk sessions without you two anymore," he said. "So, if you're up for having one just let everyone know," he said. "Sure," said Xion. "I doubt I'll get any sleep again for a while," he said, sighing. "Take the time to unwind, we'll be across the hall," said Gunhak. Xion and Dongmyeong nodded and Gunhak left the room with Youngjo.

"How's the nightmares been?" Asked Xion as he turned to Hwanwoong. "I'm not having them as often as I used to," said Hwanwoong. "Which is great because I can finally get some decent amount of sleep," he said. "You guys been sent out to find any blood dens lately?" Asked Dongmyeong. "Kuhn does," said Hwanwoong. "I think he wants to feel like he's doing something to help," he said. "Due to Kogyeol leaving I assume," he added. "I see," said Xion.

[center ~]

Xion did end up going outside for a late night talk session, deciding to let his brother and Hwanwoong sleep. He didn't tell any of the others but he wondered if they knew. He decided to sit and wait to see who would show up, sitting in his recliner and reclining back, looking up at the ceiling of the gazebo in silence.

Kuhn showed up an hour later, deciding to lay down in the loveseat and let his legs hang off one end. "Hey Kuhn," said Xion as he turned his attention to said person. "Hello," hummed Kuhn as he looked at Xion before looking back up at the ceiling.

"How's things?" Asked Xion. "Could be better," said Kuhn. "I'm handling things alright I guess," he added. "I'm so used to Kogyeol being in the same room as me that it's weird to not see him there anymore," he said. "That makes sense," said Xion. "I think," he added. Kuhn let out a light chuckle at that.

"I mean, I'd want to do so too," said Xion. "If any of the others of my pack left," he added. "I've been with them for so long," he said. "So I'd want to fill that person's place as much as possible," he added. "Yeah," said Kuhn.

Another hour passed before Hwanwoong came outside, going to sit down with a sigh. "I couldn't sleep," was his explanation. "More like "Xion's back, let's go have a late night talk session," Xion said with a snicker, earning a slap on the arm from Hwanwoong. Kuhn laughs, shaking his head.

"What did I miss?" Asked Hwanwoong. "Just Kuhn talking about wanting to fill the gap that Kogyeol left," said Xion. "Ah..." Said Hwanwoong. "I feel like we've been making more of an effort to fill in Seoho and Keonhee's places," he said. "Yeah," said Xion.

"Were those two... Important?" Asked Kuhn. "Not really," Xion said honestly. "Seoho was not one to follow Keonhee but," he said, sighing. "They didn't like Gunhak leading," said Hwanwoong. "So I guess in a way it was going to happen anyway," he said. "Right," said Kuhn.

"I think Gunhak was right in letting you become his beta," said Hwanwoong. "Having the opinion of the youngest and the oldest has really helped us," agreed Xion. "Xiao has Jinwook, and Sunyoul," said Kuhn. "I think they've made it work as best as they could," he said.

"They did," said Xion. "Hwanhee used to have conversations about this while we were out," he said. "Xiao has so much on his shoulders," hummed Hwanwoong. "But I'm sure he can do it," he said. "Gunhak took a load off his shoulders to keep us in line," he said. Kuhn nodded.

[center ~]

Their conversations were interrupted by Sunyoul, who sighed at the sight. "Really?" He asked. "I expected at least Hwanhee but come on," he said, shaking his head. Kuhn chuckled. "Sorry," he said. "Xiao wants you to make breakfast with him," Sunyoul said to Xion. "Sure," said Xion as he moved to get up, rushing inside to start on breakfast.

"How was the talk last night?" Asked Xiao as he stood at the stove. "Went fine, Kuhn joined me last night," said Xion as he went to start the coffee maker before going to get what they needed for breakfast. Xiao nodded, humming in acknowledgement as they worked on breakfast.
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[center Chapter 2]

The drive to Boston was filled with silence, Dongmyeong sitting in the passenger seat as Xion just wanted to lay down in the backseat and try to sleep. Dongmyeong was wide awake for most of the journey, letting Xion finally get some sleep.

"What did they say?" Asked Dongmyeong. "There's going to be an investigation into the matter," said Hwanhee. "Why? Xion didn't do it," said Dongmyeong. "We have no proof of that," said Hwanhee. "We weren't there when it happened," he said. "I want to prove that he's innocent too but there's not much we can do," he said. "I just... I just want him to be okay," mumbled Dongmyeong. "I mean, we're twins but he's the younger twin," he said.

"You two are the youngest in the pack," hummed Hwanhee. "But I know where you're coming from," he said. "We can only hope they don't arrest him on the spot when we arrive in Boston," he muttered, gripping onto the steering wheel. "Do the others know yet?" Asked Dongmyeong. "Not everyone," said Hwanhee. "But Xiao had to be informed, in case we end up staying for more than a couple days due to the case," he said.

"From what it looked like it could've been a blood den," said Dongmyeong. "Even though that was my first one, it looked like what I've been told anyway," he said. "That's true," said Hwanhee. "But we won't know for sure until we reach Boston," he said.

[center ~]

When they reached Boston, Hwanhee asked if he could stay at Joshua's pack house since it was late at night when they arrived, and Joshua gave the three a spare room for the night. Xion was wide awake again, huffing as he set up on the floor.

"At least you got a few hours of sleep this time," said Hwanhee. "That's true, I guess," said Xion as he nodded. "But how long will it be before we head home?" He asked. "It won't be for a while," said Hwanhee. "There's still some stuff we need to sort out before we head back," he added.

"Does it have to do with what I apparently did?" Asked Xion. "Yeah," Hwanhee said, sighing. "But hopefully nothing will happen," he said. "They can't prove you did it," he said. "At least, not without substantial proof," he added. "From what I saw myself, I think you came upon the aftermath," he said. "Or something similar," he said. "I dunno, there's many theories," he said.

"I'm sorry for causing so much trouble," mumbled Xion. "Hey, it's not your fault," said Hwanhee. "We didn't know this would happen," he said. "Jinwook's not going to be happy, but it's only because we haven't seen each other in months," he said, chuckling slightly to lighten the atmosphere. Xion managed a small chuckle at that.

"Whatever happens tomorrow, just know we're not leaving without you," said Dongmyeong as he turned to look at Xion from his bed. "Well, I'm not," he added. "I'm not either, even if I have to have Jinwook drive up here," said Hwanhee. "I don't think you did it," he said. "There's nothing to go off on," he said. "I guess," said Xion.

[center ~]

The next morning everyone headed down to the bank to turn in their missions, and Xion was taken aside for questioning, and they noticed that Mashiho himself stopped by.

"What's the verdict?" Asked Hwanhee as he looked concerned. "Not guilty, but we would like to know what happened," said Mashiho. "Apparently you stumbled upon a blood den," he said. "We had a team search around the house and found evidence of more humans, it looks like they were moved before you arrived though," he said. "I see," said Xion.

"Would you like to come in for questioning? You're not in trouble," said Mashiho. "I guess," said Xion. "I'd like to learn more about what happened," he said. "It won't take more than an hour," said Mashiho as he looked at Hwanhee and Dongmyeong. "Sure, take your time," said Hwanhee. Dongmyeong nodded. Mashiho nodded and motioned for Xion to follow him to a room before leaving. Xion followed after him.

Once they were somewhere more private Mashiho sat down at a table while Xion sat across from him, resting his hands on the table as he stared at them. "Now, I just want you to tell me what happened that night," said Mashiho. "I don't remember very much," said Xion as he scratched the back of his head. "Just recall what you can," said Mashiho.

Xion let out a deep breath before looking up at Mashiho. "It was like any normal day," he said. "We were on our last missions and Dongmyeong offered to take the last kill with Hwanhee as backup so I can get some sleep," he said. "They went off on their missions and I got probably like an hour of what I call sleep," he said. "But really I just blank out and then come to, usually about an hour later," he added. Mashiho nodded for him to continue when Xion fell silent.

"When I came to I found myself in a random person's house with blood everywhere," Xion said after a minute of gathering his thoughts. "I just saw one body and panicked," he said. "I didn't know if I did it or not, I just called my brother," he said. "They came to me and Hwanhee called for a clean up before we left and headed here," he said. Mashiho hummed, nodding in thought.

"What did you find?" Asked Xion. "It was a blood den," said Mashiho. "And if you [i had] attacked them we would've seen worse carnage than what we saw," he said. "I mean, you would've had to change or something," he added. "No slash marks, but the blood was tainted, so there were marked humans," he said. "If you had managed to scratch them before coming to we would've smelled it coming off the human, as their DNA would've started changing," he said. "But we didn't," he added. "So you didn't do it," he said.

"Thank god," said Xion. "But what it doesn't explain is why I was covered in blood," he said. "We found ashes belonging to vampires, it looked like they were finishing off a feast," said Mashiho. "Probably stayed around there to make sure no one snooped around when you showed up," he added. "So you got the bounty for their kills, their items were recovered," he said. "Okay," said Xion.

"Is there anything else?" Asked Mashiho as he studied Xion. "No," said Xion as he shook his head. "Alright, let's take you back to your group then," said Mashiho as he stood. Xion got up and followed him back to where Dongmyeong and Hwanhee were waiting.

"Well," said Hwanhee. "We'll go and pack up then," he said. "We'll head home after that," he said. "Have a safe trip," said Mashiho. Xion nodded and went to wait outside the bank for them. Dongmyeong and Hwanhee were about to follow after him but were stopped by Mashiho.

"I suggest keeping a closer eye on him," said Mashiho. "Things aren't as they seem," he said before turning and walking away. Dongmyeong and Hwanhee blink before nodding to each other. They needed to keep a closer eye on the youngest of their pack. Something had definitely changed in Xion, and they weren't sure what.
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[center Chapter 1]

"We're on our last leg of missions," said Hwanhee as he drove the jeep, heading towards one last city before they ended their trip in Boston. "That's good," said Xion as he looked behind him to spy his sleeping brother still asleep in the back seat. "I can finally get some sleep, at least what I think is sleeping," he said, turning back to the road in front of him as he sighed.

"How long as it been since you last slept?" Asked Hwanhee as he glanced at Xion before looking back at the road. "A few days at least," said Xion. "I've been taking the last like 5 kills," he said. "And we've been traveling in between," he said. "That's true," said Hwanhee. "We'll be headed to a small town next, then it's straight to Boston," he said. "It's the last one," he said.

"I think I can trick my mind into letting me do this mission," Dongmyeong said from the backseat, yawning as he sat up. "Don't worry about it, I'll take it," he said. "You sure?" Asked Xion. "Yeah, no worries," said Dongmyeong. "We'll find a hotel, and you can get some sleep," said Hwanhee. "Thank god," said Xion. "Even if it's for an hour, my body needs to just rest," he said. "Yeah, no worries," said Dongmyeong. "It's usually pretty easy to get into the hunting mindset so," he said, shrugging.

Once where they needed to be Hwanhee checked into a cheap motel for the night. "Lock the door, we'll come back as soon as possible," said Dongmyeong as he turned to Xion. "Yeah, no problem," said Xion as he nodded. "Stay safe you two," he said. "We will," said Dongmyeong as he nodded. "I'll keep an eye on him," said Hwanhee as he nodded.

Xion waved to them as they left, closing the door, locking it and dead bolting it before flopping down onto the bed with a huff, focusing on willing his body to relax and try and fall asleep. "Just sleep... Just gotta..." His voice trailed off as everything went blank.

[center ~]

"Damn, he must've been [i really] exhausted," said Dongmyeong as he found himself wide awake again, stretching in his seat. "Days of just being wide awake can do that to a person," said Hwanhee as he drove to their destination. "Sometimes I wish I was more wide awake some days so he can sleep," he said, sighing. "You can't help yourself," said Hwanhee. "That's true, but I can't help but want to feel more awake for him," said Dongmyeong. "You're his brother, of course you'd feel that way," said Hwanhee. Dongmyeong hummed, nodding.

"Okay, we're here," said Hwanhee as he stopped in front of a house, parking the jeep. "Are you sure you got this?" He asked. "I got this," said Dongmyeong as he nodded. "Just be there for backup alright?" He asked. "No problem," said Hwanhee as he nodded.

Dongmyeong was the first person to get out, going to get his wooden pocket knife and head into the house. Hwanhee followed after him, keeping back and watching to make sure that Dongmyeong got his kill in while also making sure that they wouldn't be surprise attacked. Dongmyeong soon found his target and attacked, quickly staking them with the knife before jumping back to make sure he didn't get bit. He watched the body turn to ashes, his body pumping with adrenaline as he huffed, taking deep breaths.

"Nice kill," said Hwanhee as he went to search around the ash pile for the item he needed. "Thanks," said Dongmyeong as he took a deep breath, calming down.

[center ~]

Xion came back to the world quite suddenly, blinking in surprise as he looked at his surroundings. "This isn't the motel room...?" He asked, confused. It was then he noticed the stench of blood, and found his body just covered in blood as he took in the blood covered room. "What the hell?" He asked, spotting a human body nearby. "Oh my god..." he said, fumbling around for his phone, and quickly called his brother.

"[i Hello]?" Came Dongmyeong's voice. "H-Hyung," said Xion, gulping as he tried to calm himself down. "H-help," he whimpered. "[i What happened]?" Asked Dongmyeong. "I-I think I murdered someone," Xion managed to say as another whimper escaped him. "[i Hang on okay, we're coming to you]," said Dongmyeong. "[i Just keep your location turned on]," he said. "O-Okay," said Xion as he slid to the ground, biting his lip as he hung up. He fumbled around to turn on location on his phone before hugging his knees, rocking back and forth as he tried to keep the panic away.

Hwanhee kicked down the door, taking in his surroundings, cursing up a storm as he called out for Xion. "I-I'm here!" Called Xion, trying to keep the fear out of his voice. Hwanhee ran over to him, bending down in front of him as Dongmyeong entered the room. "What the hell?" Asked Hwanhee. "I-I," mumbled Xion. "I dunno... I just remember blanking out and coming back to this," he said.

"Oi," said Hwanhee. "We can't do very much right now," he said. "I'll call a clean up okay?" He asked. "Did you do this?" He asked. "I don't know," mumbled Xion. "Okay," said Hwanhee. "Let's get you cleaned up, can you do that?" He asked. Xion nodded, and Hwanhee pulled him to his feet. "Dongmyeong can you go get some clothes?" Asked Hwanhee as he turned to Dongmyeong. Dongmyeong nodded, going to go get it while Hwanhee went to bring Xion into the bathroom to get him to wash up.

"Do you remember what happened?" Asked Hwanhee as he helped wash the blood off of XIon. "N-No," said Xion. "I just... I remember blanking out like I usually do, and then I don't remember anything else," he said. "I came back to this, a-and," he whimpered. "Hey hey, it's okay," said Hwanhee. "Don't worry about it," he said. "If you can't remember that's fine," he said. "That means you may not have done it," he added.

Dongmyeong came into the bathroom with a towel and a change of clothes. "Go wait in the car," said Hwanhee. "You look like you're about to fall asleep on your feet," he said, turning to Dongmyeong. Dongmyeong nodded and left the room.

After getting Xion to clean up and get dressed Hwanhee called in a clean up. "Yeah I think there was an accident here," he said into the phone. "Xion was here but we're not sure what happened, we came in afterwards," he explained. "...He spaced out and came back to this, Dongmyeong was the one to take the mission," he said. "...Yeah, I understand, I'll send the address," he said. "Thank you," he said before hanging up.

Xion walked over after getting dressed, looking down at his feet. "It's okay," said Hwanhee as he turned to Xion, giving him a hug. "We'll get through this okay?" He asked. Xion nodded into Hwanhee's shoulder.
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