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He chuckled, 'Rambo just likes moving without the effort and hes going to love seeing some waterfalls and things as we go on our road trip." He said kissing her, "How did I know Nikki would be just as excited as we are about this? Shes supported us since the first time I came to Nashville with you, 17 years old in a beat up pick up truck with 60 dollars to our names combined... she thought I could sing." He said shaking his head, "Seems like a million years ago but it wasn't... and it seems like I've been planning to ask you to marry me for months."

He knew she hadn't noticed his newest tattoo as of yet, he had Alexandria written in crusive on his hand, his left hand. He loved her more than anything even if he was an asshole to most people and had a reputation for being difficult and liked to drink maybe a little too much sometimes. He started their drive, they were trying to stay off of highways so they could see more of the country and road side attractions.
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Alexandria was so excited for her and Kane, and just this road trip in general. She had been struggling so hard with life lately, Kane always being gone on the road, and then when he was home, he was out at the bars with his band and friends. Maybe this was a new beginning for them.

She looked up from the passenger seat when Kane came out of the house with her charger. [b “The most important thing!”] she said. She grinned as he hopped into her Jeep. [b “Thanks babe.”] She glanced back and seen that Rambo was already dead asleep. [b “I’ve never meet a dog who loves car rides more than him.”]

Since the entire world already knew that they were engaged, they didn’t have to announce it. [b “Nikki is so excited. She asked if she could help me plan it. I told her yes, because Mom said she couldn’t take off work until the day before the weddding. Apparently her office is really short on people right now. We need to figure out the wedding party.”]
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"Just breakfast baby." He called back to her knowing that their lazy dog baby was following her around the condo. When he saw her he smiled and kissed her.

Later that day when everything was packed, Kane loaded the jeep and made sure there was an area for Rambo to be, food and water along with a bed and space for him to relax and his favorite toys. He kissed her gently and wrapped his arms around her as she was admiring her engagement ring, "A fall wedding sounds nice... around my birthday and our anniversary... maybe a gazebo to get married in outside or one of those things made of vines that arch over us? Always thought I'd leave the planning to you but you do have some good ideas." He said with a smile.

Smiling he held the passenger's side door for her and made sure he had the house locked and did one last run through before they left and found her phone charger. "Forgot this baby." He said getting into the jeep and starting it, Rambo already asleep in the back.
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A few hours turned into eight hours. Alexandria was not one that was able to function with a lack of sleep. Her mood was terrible if she had to function with only six. It was horrible. She woke up and found that Kane wasn’t in bed. She heard a noise downstairs. [b “What did you do? Start a demolition job downstairs?”] she called.

She groaned as she crawled out of bed and headed into the bathroom. She needed to shower and then she would start packing everything. She knew Kane hadn’t even touched his luggage, she always packed his things.

Three hours later, she had everything packed and loaded into her Jeep. [b “I think I have everything we need. If I forgot something, we’ll just have to stop on the road.”] She paused for a moment as her ring shimmered with the sunlight. She couldn’t help but smile. [b “I’m thinking about a fall wedding, outside... Maybe closer to the end of October? All these leaves will be changing, we can get sunflowers..”]

[ outfit]
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When they got home he all but carried everything into the house besides her purse that she had. He had made sure to hand her the keys, his mother had left Rambo earlier that day so he was there to greet them as soon as the door was opened. “Hey buddy.” Kane said dropping their luggage. “Rest and then we have to repack for our road trip and pack Rambo’s stuff too, he’s going to love it, I’m glad you talked me into the SIV in case we want to camp In the back and there’s plenty of space for Rambo.” He said kissing her lips gently. “I know your tired, let’s hesd to bed.”

In their room he plopped down on the bed and pulled her close to him taking in the scent of her perfume that he loved so much, he would never get tired of that smell. “A few hours sleep and then we can pack the Jeep, I love you baby.” He did love her, even if he was an asshole sometimes, he did love her a lot. With everything he had and with everything he was. He loved her.
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Alexandria smied softly as she listened to Kane explain how everything came about. She honeslty couldn't believe that he had came up with all that himself. [b "I love it. I love you, thank you babe."] she said softly. She looked up when he said he knew that he hadnt been the best boyfriend and she nodded. She wasn't going to sugar coat it with him. He had been a shitty person to her at times, but she loved him more than anything.

They arrived back in Nashville around five in the morning, Martha had arranged for a car to pick them up and take them back home to their condo. They were going to sleep and then get ready to leave tomorrow. [b "I'm so tired."] she muttered as they headed for the baggage claim to get their luggage. [b "I've never been so excited to see Nashville in my life."]

She fell asleep in the cab ride back home, as she always did. That would never change. It was the one thing that was consistent in her life, it was funny, but true.
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Kane smiled, "Swore the band to secrecy yesterday morning, told them if they let it slip that I'd have their jobs and thats all I told... no one else knew... I've been planning this for months. Remember when we first moved here and walked downtown and we stopped at that jewelry store and you loved everything in it? A week later I went down there alone when you were in Boston and I started designing your ring with their head jeweler... I know I haven't been the best boyfriend but I was trying my best and I maybe drink too much but i'm trying to slow down on that. So its taken me 8 months from designing that ring to picking the stones and how they were set and working with the jeweler... and last week when I finally picked it up... I knew it was perfect and I was going to ask you then but when I came home you were already in bed and thought I had been out drinking all night when I had been working... so I came up with this plan to ask you in Boston."
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Alexandria was crying. Ugly crying at this point. She wrapped looked down, sobbing as Kane slipped the ring on her finger. It was absolutely gorgeous, unlike anything she had ever seen in her entire life. Kane did good. She beamed when Kane told her that he couldn’t wait to marry her. [b “Good, cause I’m going to start planning on our way back to Nashville.”] she whispered. [b “You need to get back to your show.”] she leaned up and kissed him softly. [b “I love you.”]

She was grinning as she ran back to the side stage and held her hand out to show Hailee her ring. [b “Hailee. I’m engaged! Oh my gosh.”] she squealed. [b “I’m gettin’ married!!”]

After Kane’s show, they had booked a red eye to take them back to Nashville. They were going to rest up and pack, and leave first thing Monday morning for their road trip. She looked over at Kane, who was scrolling through social media no doubt. [b “How did you keep it a secret?”] she asked. [b “Hailee said she had no clue”]
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Kane couldn't help but smile wide and hugged her tight and kissed her soft lips hard before he slipped the gorgeous and sparkling diamond engagement ring onto her finger. "I can't wait to marry you." he muttered in her ear as he kissed her and then brought the microphone to his lips again as he still held her, "She said yes." The crowd roared after he made that announcement. He was in love with this girl and this showed her that.... not even Hailee had known he was going to ask Alexandria to marry him, just his band and they had done a hell of a job keeping it a secret. He had custom designed her ring with a jeweler in Nashville, it was one of a kind.

The next day Kane Brown's engagement to high school sweetheart was all over social media and the tabloids, everyone was interested and wanted to know. Martha even called Alexandria the next morning and gave her congradulations, "The real reason I called was that People magazine wants the exclusive on your engagement photos and your wedding." Kane was answering the door to yet another delivery man. Their kitchen was covered in flowers and baskets all congrdulating them... some even from companies like Nike who had sent clothes and shoes for both of them to match and Tarte for makeup for her on their wedding day.
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Alexandria couldn't figure out why Kane was wanting her to stand on the side stage and watch the show.. She usually watched the first few songs and then went down to the pit with Nikki. The atmosphere from the Pit was just insane, it was so much fun. Kane hated it, becuase they could get rowdy. She told Hailee about it, and the girl was excited. [b "Guess we'll go down to the pits another time."]

She was confused when he stopped after the third song and told everyone that he had to get a little serious. She looked over at Hailee when she heard Kane ask her to come out on the stage. She was blushing as she walked out. [b "What on earth is going on? What are you doing?"] she asked as she gave him her hand.

She swore her heart stopped when he went down on one knee. [b "Are you serious?"] she said before Kane had even asked anything. Her eyes were foggy from the tears, she just nodded. [b "Yes. Of course I'll marry you."] she squealed. [b Yes!"]
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"Stay right here and watch the show please."He almost begged her... it was like that engagement ring was burning a hole in his pocket. He went out and they started with Lose It and the crowd was going wild.... third song in he looked over to her and smiled. "Alright everyone.... time to get a little serious... I'd like to ask my beautiful girlfriend to come out here on stage... as most of you know, I've been dating this gorgeous girl Alexandria since high school... yeah I know shes put up with me that long." The arena of people laughed as Kane took Alex's hand.

"That being said... before I do this next song... I have something very important to ask her." Kane got down on one knee and pulled the ring box out of his pocket. "Alexandria, will you marry me?" The arena was silent waiting on her answer... Kane was holding his breath and he didn't even realize it. The only people who had known were his band and they hadn't said a word about his big plan to anyone.
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Alexandria sighed and simply shook her head. [b “Just because you’re his boss, doesn’t mean he won’t press charges. Keep in mind that’s its not exactly a secret that Kane Brown is loaded, and him suing you would go for a hell of a lot more than him working as a guard.”]

She sighed when she was pulled into his arms. [b “You eat. I’m going to make sure that everything else goes smoothly. Okay. I don’t need you having anymore reasons to stress babe. So you eat, talk with Hailee, and I’ll be right back. I love you.”] she leaned down and kissed his forehead before walking out of his dress room. She looked around and noticed the crew was just sitting around. [b “Alright. You know I hate giving orders, but Martha is gone and per Kane, I’m stepping up. I need his set ready to go, he goes out in Fifteen minutes. Has his band warmed up yet?”]

After she had made her rounds and made sure everything else would go off without a hitch, it was time for Kane to go on. [b “I’m here!”] she squealed before he walked out. [b “I wanted to make sure everything else was golden.”]
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"No ones going to press charges, he needs his job too bad and I'm his fucking boss... he likes to start shit and I've had enough." he said sighing and looked to her, hoping she hadn't caught that he had almost called her his fiance before he even asked her tonight.

"Lets eat something before the show... theres food in my dressing room.... Martha had her emergency.... everyones been giving me shit and nothing is going right. " He complained looking to her, "Maybe I should just cancel the show." He said pulling her into his arms and resting his head on her shoulder. He placed kisses up her neck and behind her ear... "Having you here makes it a hell of a lot better... just wish you could be with me all the time...can't wait until my wi...girlfriend is my manager." He had almost slipped again... he had to stop doing that. Wife... it was a word that held a lot of meaning for him because he was only going to do this once... she was it for him.
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Alexandria nodded when she heard Kane explain that Martha had to go back to Nashville. She made a mental note to go get him a get well soon gift. [b “Think I could fill in? I am in school to eventually be your manager...”] she said. She grinned when Kane leaned down closer to kiss her. [b “Thank you for coming and getting us.”]

She froze when she seen Kane begin to react to the security guard laughing. [b “Get him out of here now.”] she told Rob. She watched as the next few seconds unfolded. [b “Kane!”] she squealed. She reached out and grabbed his hand. [b “Come on. You have to do sound check.”] She began to pull on his arm. [b “Come on.”] she said soflty. She could relax when Kane nodded and followed her. [b “Hailee.”]

Once they were back in the Arena, she looked at Kane. [b “You can’t just go around and punch people like that! What if he decides to press charges!”] She shook her head as she sat down on the couch. [b “Kane. What if he presses charges.. Martha’s gone one show and shit hits the fan...”]
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"Martha went home to Nashville, her son broke his arm so she went home, so I'm flying solo mangerless tonight." he said softly and kissed her gently and the security guard scoffed. Kane turned around and in seconds the man was against the wall. at 6 foot 3 and muscular, Kane didn't need protecting. "What are you laughing at? Not let my fi... girlfriend in." He said almost slipping and calling her his fiance when he was going to ask tonight. "Then when I come get her, your checking her out and giving her a fucking hard time." Kane bounced the man's head against the wall. "You shut your mouth and you'll keep your fucking job... unless you want to continue this."

When he felt her hand on his side he relaxed. She always relaxed him and the way he was he was in no shape to do the show. Pissed off didn't help him. Hailee could even tell that Kane was on the fucking edge. He was nervous about asking her to marry him tonight and he couldn't kill those nerves.
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