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[b [center I am looking for a partner or two to start up some roleplays with!]]

[b [center -A little about what I am interested in at the moment-]]

Right now I want a magic or fantasy based romance story with a FxF pairing. I don't have a set story in mind, but I would love to work something out!

[b [center -A little about me-]]

-I do semi-lit to literate roleplays. Posts length will ebb and flow with the story and its rhythm. 200 [i words] is my absolute minimum though.
-How often I reply tends to fluctuate. Sometimes I will post frequently, but there are times when it might take me a week or two just because I'm not in the mood to write. Either way, I never drop roleplays without telling my partner.
-I only use illustrated pictures. They don't have to be anime, digital art of any kind is usually fine, just no real photos.
-I prefer 1x1 roleplays because I find they have more focus.

[b [center -A little about what I am looking for-]]

-Someone who can keep up with my post length and quality.
-A creative writer who is comfortable freely adding to the plot and world.
-Open communication. We should be able to discuss what is to come and any problems we might encounter.
-I may ask for a writing sample, just to see if I think our styles will work off one another.
-18+, not necessarily due to adult content. Just that I am moving away from writing with minors. Sorry.

[center [b If you find this interesting and want more details , go ahead and message me!]]

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