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[center Jade took another drink of his drink. It was almost gone but luckily the bar tender seemed to notice. He chewed on his bottom lip as he thought of what to say. It wasn't always easy making small talk. He figure he would at least try.

[#9431f6 "Well luckily the atmosphere in here isn't to bad... Nothing too crazy...judging by the expression things must not going well at home. "] he said softly. [#9431f6 "Did you make your girlfriend? Boyfriend mad? "] he said as he stared at the counter. He didn't bother to make eye contact with the male. He was nervous already speaking to man. It was a strange feeling that didn't very often bother him.

Why was he nervous? He talked to stranger many time. Most the people he worked with her nothing more than dollar signs. He sighed softly as he took another drink of his drink. He then glance toward Itami his two colored eyes seemed to sparkle.
  Jayce Mathers / Tsurai / 121d 4h 3m 51s
[center Kasha was actually glad to hear that that woman would still take them in. She was so tired and ready to sleep. She smiled softly as followed Ayame inside. It felt nice being in a stable building. It smelt good, it was heavily scent the lingered through the halls. [#e3a6fc "Thank you so much... I will repay in what ever way you see fit...."] she said with a small smile.

She hope a bath would be the first thing. Then some warm food and a bed. The thought of sleeping in a warm bed just make her smile. It has at least been a few weeks since she slept in a bed. [#e3a6fc "Thank you again for taking me in..."] she said with a smile.

Once Kasha was shown around she took a nice long bath. It felt so good. She was so happy to finally be clean. She just wished she had an extra pair of clothes to change into. She smiled softly as she met Ayame in the hallway. She followed her to the dining room. She smiled softly as she ate a delicious meal with Shadow at her side. This place was great, and Ayame really did seem sweet.
  Kasha / Tsurai / 121d 4h 43m 22s
[center Ayame wasn't surprised by her being weary. Most probably wouldn't take her in, but Ayame wasn't like everyone else. She had a kindness about her. It didn't matter who someone was as long as they treated her with respect and kindness she would help them. She had even taken in people that treated her coldly before only because she was always trying to see the good in people. She smiled warmly. [+hotpink "I am willing to take that risk. I doubt anyone would just barge in and try to start a fight here though. You should be safe."] She said warmly.]

[center She led her in through the back and listened as she spoke. She looked at her quietly and offered a kind smile. [+hotpink "No. You do not have to do anything if you don't want to. Plus I would prefer that you don't become a temporary flower."] She smiled warmly. She wouldn't have her do things like that just to pay her back. It wasn't worth it.]
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[center Slowly Itami looked towards the blonde man. He didn't know what he should say. No one normally spoke to him other than his boss. Most seen his scars and left him be. They didn't want to deal with the problems he might bring to them. He was contemplating something. Should he even tell this man what it was that he was thinking about? It didn't seem like a good idea. Yet what would it harm? It wasn't like this man could change anything.]

[center [+red "I suppose I am just deciding on if I want to walk home early or not."] He looked off to the side after he said this. He didn't like talking to people he didn't know very often. He had a hard time making friends. Then again if he would open up a little more this wouldn't be such a problem.]
  .Itami. / -Rika / 125d 13h 17m 27s
Jade was staring at his glass letting his fingers dance around the rim.[#9431f6 "You sure seem to be contemplating something."] he said as he glanced at Itami. The male smelted like blood, and cigarette. Watching him smoke one right after another one he knew the male must of had something bothering him. Or he just really liked to smoke.

He sighed softly as he took a drink of his cocktail that was almost gone. This male had to be the most interesting in the bar. There was something about him that made him stood out despite his dreadful attitude. Jade looked at he male then looked away quickly.

It was like Jade was after the male or anything but he was curious to know what the man was thinking. He seemed to be deep in thought about something. Jade had no idea that his was his step brother. It had been years since he seen that boy. It had been years to since he even thought about him. All he could think about was he things his father had done to him. How he would lash out in anger and lose himself completely.
  Jayce Mathers / Tsurai / 128d 3h 5m 53s
Kasha listen to the woman speak. She was friendly but she still didn't trust here. Was she really this kind or just trying to trick them. She sighed softly as she looked at Shadow who reassured her that it was okay. [#e3a6fc "A place to stay would be nice... I have grown quiet wary but there is a bad man after me....Would you really be willing to take a risk on having me stay?"] she said with a sigh.

This woman had no idea who she was running from. She sighed softly as she looked at Ayame. She was had grown so wary and tired that she didn't seem to mind telling this woman anything. It was rather hard for Kasha to open up toward anyone. It took Shadow almost about a year before he could gain her trust. Shadow was a the one who saved her. Made he realize who she really way.

[#e3a6fc If you are willing to take that risk... I wouldn't mind staying here... I need to rest...bathed and eating something would be nice... in return I could do some work for you... I can even be one of your temporary flowers... I will more than likely have to run again... "] she said with a soft sigh. The black cat looked up toward Kasha with his head tilted to the side. He knew who she was running from but Kasha didn't? The man that who was sent to after was Yokubari. Yokubari was a trained hunter. There was one thing that he and Kasha didn't seem to remember. They are siblings.
  Kasha / Tsurai / 128d 3h 4m 14s
[center Itami laid one of his hands on the table and drummed his fingers against it. He still hadn't touched the drink in front of him. Sighing he stopped drumming his fingers on the table and pushed the drink off to the side hoping that the bartender would get it and come get the damned thing. He didn't want it. He soon pulled his phone out of his pocket checking he time before he laid it down in front of him. Time was going by so slowly. It was still a few hours before his boyfriend would come get him... Then again maybe he would forget about him again.]

[center That wouldn't be too big of a surprise. He was so easy to forget about. It wouldn't matter to him either. He would just walk home or... His boss would take him home. Normally he wouldn't let his boss take him home though. He would only get lectured and he didn't like it. He hated when someone wanted to look after him. His boss would never understand his thoughts on anything anyway. He would just be told he was thinking about everything wrong.]

[center He was getting to the end of this cigarette. It wasn't even his first one of the night. He was quite the chain smoker. Sighing he put it out and leaned his chin in his hand. Now what? He didn't have anything better to do tonight. He closed his eyes wondering if he should try and go home or if he should stay here for the time being. He was sure it honestly didn't matter though. If he went home he would be alone for maybe an hour before his boyfriend would be home. That would bring abuse.]

[center Slowly he opened his eyes. [i Fuck... I don't know what to do.] He thought bitterly. He ran a hand through his hair with his free hand. Life had never been kind to him. No... That wasn't fully true. Life tried to be kind... He just preferred to be in pain.]
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[center Well the cat seemed to like her at least a bit. Once she knew it was okay she reached further out and scratched the cat behind the ears. When the girl spoke she slowly moved her hand back and stood up to her full height. She smiled warmly. It seemed the girl and the cat understood one another very well. That wasn't anything surprising honestly. She seen a lot of different things due to her job. She heard the girl's next question and instead of getting offended she began to giggle lightly.]

[center [+hotpink "This my surprise you miss, but I actually own this house. So I am very happy with my job my workers are happy as well and if they are not I let them go freely."] She answered with honesty. She looked towards the house and smiled confidently. [+hotpink "Kasha. That's a pretty name. Shadow. What a cute name for such an adorable cat."] She turned to look back at them as she spoke. Her amber eyes seemed to hold such a warm inviting light to them. She had a feeling this girl might need a place to go. There was no way she had been looking for this house.]

[center [+hotpink "Hm. You two seem like you have been running for quite some time."] She said slowly. She crossed her arms for a moment and seemed to be thinking over what to do. Taking them in could bring trouble, but she wasn't afraid of a little trouble. Besides she was pretty good at getting out of it most of the time. Usually just saying the right things or doing the right things got her out of most things. [+hotpink "Why don't you two follow me though the back. Don't need them thinking you are clients or workers."] She said gesturing towards the back of the building.]

[center [+Hotpink "You two can stay in the guest room. I usually save it for my twin brothers when they come to see me, but they haven't been around in a few months and Kirai always calls me before randomly showing up anyway."] She said reassuringly. [+hotpink "And don't worry its away from all my lovely flowers. So no one can mistake you as someone whom works under me."] She referred to all the women and men that worked under her as flowers. The house itself had become The Garden. [+Hotpink "I should warn you though the door does have a flower name on it. Spiderlily. It is Kirai's favorite flower. So I had the door decorated for him.] She smiled. [+hotpink "You don't have to stay permanently. Just long enough to rest. It looks like you both might need it. If you feel like you need to pay me back for it I can always have you run errands, but I honestly wouldn't care if you paid me back or not. I'm offering you a place to stay only in kindness."] She took a few steps back towards the building and looked towards them curious if they would take her up on the offer or not.]
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[center Kasha jumped a little as the woman approached her and her cat Shadow. Shadow didn't seem to mind the woman, he sniffed, his whiskers twitched slightly as he waited to be petted. He left out a soft meow letting Kasha know it was safe. [#e3a6fc "Hi..."] she said softly as she looked at the woman.

The woman before her was wearing a beautiful kimono. She wonder if she work at one of those houses. [#e3a6fc "So are you happily working at once of those house...or force too..."] she said in rather wary tone. Kasha was so tired of running. She had been from town to town trying to get away from he last boss who seemed to be after her for some reason.

[#e3a6fc "Sorry where are my manners... I'm Kasha...and this is Shadow..."] she said as the cat walked back over to her. She leaned down at picked the small black cat up. Who instantly started purring in her arms. Her blue eyes seemed to resemble that of a cats. She sighed softly as she looked down towards the ground. It was getting late, she really need to get shelter before it got too much dark. It wasn't like the dark scared her. She just didn't want to run into trouble. Trouble that almost always seemed to find her.
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[center Jade was so ready for a drink after this long day at work. He was working with a rather picky client. He finally gotten everything perfect. He was happy about that. His art was well known around the city. People just seemed to adore him. All those people who loved him they didn't know what he was really like. They didn't know he was a monster. He seemed sweet, and mature but he was bitter. He was hurting and probably always would be. It was his parents fault... Those retched people who brought him into this world and just didn't give a damn about him.

His father, was the worst. He thought his mother boyfriend was but no. His father was the reason he would always hurt. His father was the one who turned him into a monster. His father infected him with some rare disease that man his animalistic at times. Jade sighed softly as he sat down at the bar.

He hadn't completely forgotten about his step-brother, but he didn't remember very well. It was like he was entirely a different person at that time. Tonight was a night to rejoice. He just completely a rather difficult project for a rather difficult client. Jade had walked from his studio to a near by bar. It wasn't the greatest of bars to be at but that didn't bother him.

The blonde might not of looked it, but he could handle himself. The beast inside would just come rushing out and tear anything to threads. Jade had sat alone at the end of the bar. He order a cocktail and then began to play around on his phone. Checking social media and what not. He didn't even notice that man that sat beside him. Not until the faint scent blood enter his nose. Jade two colored eyes glance at the male. Who seemed to be rather annoyed about something[#9431f6 . ]
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[center The streets are always dark at night. It doesn’t take much to slip around this area. Yet there is one place that always seems to be busy. The red lights around the rather large building. A lovely place that men and women both seem to enjoy. Out at the back a lovely dark haired woman stood barely visible by the lights. She was watching as people came and went. The madame of the house or some called her Mother. She didn’t seem to care either way. She responded to both. She treated her lovely flowers with kindness. If they hated their job they were permitted to leave and she would give them money for it as well.]

[center She didn’t want anyone to be miserable. She only wanted people to be happy. Her eyes slowly moved along the different buildings nearby. She could barely make out a cat and woman slowly walking by. It seemed they were keeping to the shadows as if hiding. She wasn’t surprised. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen anything like it before. She watched them waiting for them to draw closer. She smiled warmly. A charming and sweet smile before carefully walking towards them. She wore dark clothing so no one noticed her moving through the darkness.]

[center When she got close enough so bent over slightly offering her hand out to the cat. [+hotpink “Hello kitty.”] She smiled warmly. She was fond of animals. She didn’t have any herself. The only animal she had any interaction with normally was her Kirai’s dog. She didn’t go and see her brothers very often though. She was usually always busy watching her lovely flowers here. She glanced up towards the blonde woman. [+hotpink “Hello miss.”] She greeted warmly and sweetly. Most thought this was an act but it wasn’t. Ayame really was a sweet and friendly woman.]
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[center It had been years now. Yet the pain of the torture and death of his mother still lingered. He had been young. Stupid. That man who had married his mother had brought such a distasteful child into their life. Itami hadn’t minded the odd child that was put out in the shed at first, but once being tortured and harmed by him things changed. He had never done anything wrong. He was an innocent party and his mother was too. She had been a sweet woman to him. Always loving and caring. He closed his eyes pulling his cigarettes out from his right pocket.]

[center He was no stranger to pain. He opened his eyes and carefully placed a cigarette between his lips before lighting it. His arms were covered in scars. They were of course self inflicted. Pain was the only thing he knew anymore. He was always in some form of emotional turmoil as well. Right now he had an abusive boyfriend that he lived with. A man that wanted only to harm him every night. The sad part was that he just let it happen. He would just pick himself up and clean himself up.]

[center Tonight out at the bar he was alone. He didn’t have anyone he was close to because he pushed everyone and everything away. He had a drink in front of him but he had barely drank anything from it yet. He wasn’t in search of the man that had harmed him. Honestly it was a coincidence that he even lived nearby him. He had seen the man that everyone went to for sculptures. He had actually seen a few in an art gallery before, but he was never interested in getting one done. Besides he could never afford anything like that.]

[center He leaned his chin in his hand. Tonight was slow. He normally worked here, but his boss had made him sit off to the side today. He supposed at least someone cares about him, but he didn’t care enough about himself to even reach out. He bit his bottom lip softly as he sat there thinking to himself. He wondered if life would have been different had he not had to go from foster home to foster home. Not all of them were abusive but some of them were and he was so fucked up before that he just couldn’t handle staying near anyone.]

[center It was amazing that he was dating anyone, but he felt like he deserved all the pain that man put on him. He took a long drag off of the cigarette letting the smoke fill his lungs. What a lovely feeling. He blew the smoke out and looked down at the drink in front of him. He hated alcohol of all kinds. Yet here he was drinking something with a little alcohol in it. The bartender had insisted and he couldn’t and wouldn’t say no.]
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[center Kasha was seen as a beautiful blonde haired woman. She seemed so sweet and innocent which went well with her line of work. People especially men notice her right way. It was rather tiresome but it was good for business it meant she would get paid well. Which was nice considering she was planning to run away from this town.

When word got out, she was well guarded making escape in possible. Kasha hated it, she felt trapped like a caged bird. One night after working she found an injured cat. This cat was bound to died if she didn't so something. Luckily she was able to help this cat escape death. In return the cat decided to grant her a wish and freed her.

The cat helped Kasha, realize who she was. She wasn't a human but a bakeneko. Kasha had no idea she wasn't even human considering her demon side had been seal away. It felt right, but a the same time it made her much more vicious. Kasha stay with the cat as the travel away, trying not to get caught by any humans or other creatures that lurked in the night.
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[center Jayce never seemed to get a break from pain. At home it was lot of mental and physical abuse from his mother. When she way her from home. His mother fiancee would do terrible things to him. He would beat him, sometimes even rape him. When Jayce turn 16 he decided to run away from home. Luckily he got away, his mother never did bother to look for him.

Jayce decided that he would find his father. Perhaps if he was lucky maybe he would take him in. Unfortunately his father was just as heartless as his mother. Jayce father did take him in but the pain didn't stop. Jayce wasn't allowed in the house. He had to stay outside, in a shed. Jayce was often put to work. Work was most painful thing of all, his father was a scientist.

His father would test awful things on him. Drugs and other chemical that often made Jayce body burn with agony. Jayce stay with his father for at least two years suffering his father's wrath. One day Jayce had finally lost control, his body had take another form. All this thoughts and feelings were still there.

This form wasn't very forgiving no matter how much his father begged. Jayce killed him. Along with his father's wife. He left his step-brother alive after he torture him for a while. Jayce decided to change his name to Jayden but Jade for short. Jayce was happy to get away from his horrid family. Life was still difficult. Considering his killer instincts often came back to his mind. He had a hard time controlling his emotions and instincts. He often had an out break and killed seemingly innocent people.

Jayce had moved very faraway from his home town. He didn't want to be anywhere near his what little family he had left. Jayce decided to change his name and even his look. He let his hair grow out to be quiet long. He dyed it quiet often making sure that he no longer looked like his former self. He didn't want his family nor the cops to find him. Jade got into sculpting. He gotten quiet a bit of attention for his work. His sculptures had become quiet a desirable thing. That he was often working. He mostly sculpted animals and people. People were his favorite things to sculpt. Having them sit there in his studio as he made his art come to life. It was exciting but those killer instincts never seemed to leave his mind.

It really had been a long time since Jade killed anyone. Those killer instincts were annoying at times. At least it was easy attracting prey. They normally came to him willingly. Jade never really consider himself beautiful but people often call him that. Why he really didn't know. Jade decided that he would let out all his frustration out at least once a month. Jade was picky on who he slaughter merciless. He normally slaughter people who done made things. Mostly child abusers or other criminals similar to that. It really wasn't hard getting there attention since Jade was consider beautiful.

Jade sighed softly as he got to work one another sculpture. That was the third one this week. It wasn't like he minded, the money was great. It was just getting to that time of the month. Where he need to let those animal instincts out. It was getting harder and harder to hold these feelings, this desires in.

After Jayce got done at work he cleaned himself up and headed to a bar. There were many bars around the city that often attracted some questionable people.
  Jayce Mathers / Tsurai / 142d 10h 49m 4s

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