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Taehyun was never one to lose his cool over his pack, they were well behaved for the most part. Though, problems arise when a seemingly normal human moves into the apartment building Taehyun owns, and she has her own demons to deal with. How will Taehyun handle things? Let's find out.

[center ~]

Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Taehyun and his mystery ship is here after winning the polls! Who is it? Well, it's someone from a girl group! I was [i somewhat] inspired to write another story featuring someone from a girl group after completing Eunwoo and Rocky's story so here we are!

If you were curious, all the wolves mentioned are actual types of wolves found in the world! They can be found [http://www.caninest.com/types-of-wolf/ here]!

Now, onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Taehyun: A shapeshifter who is the alpha of the pack. He also owns an apartment building in Detroit, Michigan and lets people stay there for free as long as they had work. It didn't mean he let everyone in though, because he refused to let those who were known to cause problems live in the apartment building. He is known for his strict but caring personality, making sure that everyone was okay while he also made sure that no rules were broken. He has a room to himself in the apartment he shares with his pack. His animal form is a large grey wolf with an x shaped scar across his chest seen in his animal and human forms.

Junhyuk: A shapeshifter who is one of Taehyun's betas. He and Sungwoon have been butting heads since Sungwoon returned after being exiled from the pack and frankly it annoyed the hell out of him. He knew better than to cause a scene though, because Taehyun wasn't merciful if someone pissed him off. He is the oldest in the pack, and yet his genetics make him at the bottom of the gene pool as a beta. He didn't mind his position as beta though, because nothing really happened in the pack that required him to help make decisions. He is roommates with Timoteo. His animal form is a large Arctic wolf with icy blue eyes.

Timoteo: A shapeshifter who is Taehyun's other beta. He is known in the pack for being the person who drove Sungwoon away because Sungwoon didn't agree with Timoteo's sexuality. Timoteo is asexual, and had been relieved when everyone else was on his side, thus letting him stay in the pack. He was indifferent when Sungwoon rejoined their pack, not really caring since he figured that Sungwoon had moved on from what had happened. His animal form is a large Mexican wolf with brown eyes.

Yoonsan: A shapeshifter who is technically the youngest in the pack. In terms of when he was born he would be considered the second youngest, but Hojung had started changing before him so he was considered the youngest in the pack. He is known for his temper, as he still had trouble controlling it when new werewolves came to visit their territory for a couple days. He is roommates with Hojung and Sungwoon. His animal form is a large Iberian wolf with grey colored eyes.

Hojung: A shapeshifter who is technically the youngest in the pack. He is considered the youngest in terms of when he was born, but he is the second youngest in terms of when he started changing. He is a werewolf hunter, having been recruited when Yunhyeong came through Detroit to purge the city of werewolves with a bunch of other werewolf hunters. He is now a part of the Treasure Box faction. Half of the money he earns from werewolf hunting goes towards the bills for the apartment building, since he figured that was the least he could do to help. His animal form is a large Russian wolf with blue green eyes.

Sungwoon: A shapeshifter who rejoined the pack after he became a lone shapeshifter due to his other pack's alpha getting killed. He was forced to leave when everyone was on Timoteo's side concerning Timoteo's sexuality. He had joined another pack for a while before the alpha was killed. He had changed a lot since then, and no longer had any qualms against Timoteo's sexuality. He is known to clash with Junhyuk a lot, getting into random small arguments here and there because of a difference in opinions. He works at a nearby cafe because Taehyun told him to work or get kicked out again. He was fine with that, not wanting to be kicked out again. His animal form is a large eastern wolf with sea green eyes.

Moonbyul: A human who came to Sungwoon about needing a place to stay. Nothing is known about her home life before meeting Sungwoon, but from the way she acts, it made Sungwoon tell Taehyun immediately. According to what Sungwoon managed to gather she had an alcoholic roommate, but that was all he knew about her.

Sandeul: A pure blooded werewolf who is a part of Kris's pack, being a beta to one of Kris's top generals Jinyoung. His job initially was to make sure things were fine within the territories in the states, more specifically the northern territories. As he was in Detroit he ended up finding his mate in Moonbyul, and couldn't figure out a way to approach the situation. After clearing up a misunderstanding between himself and Taehyun he ended up moving into the apartment building that Taehyun owns along with Jinyoung and Dongwoo. His wolf form is a large grey wolf with black markings on his chest and a large scar going shoulder to shoulder across his back seen in his wolf and human forms.

Jinyoung: A turned werewolf who is a part of Kris's pack, being one of his top generals. He is known to be one of the very first turned werewolves, having been turned by Yedam. He is the only surviving family member that Yedam has, being his older brother. He has a commanding presence with him, that affects even the shapeshifters who were initially slightly hostile with him. Despite the commanding presence, he is a rather caring person. He holds the contract over Dongwoo's soul, the contract given to him from winning a fight with werewolf hunters. His wolf form is a large dark brown wolf with a scar on his shoulder from being turned and a nasty looking scar going across his chest seen in his wolf and human forms.

Dongwoo: An animal-human who's soul is bound to Jinyoung by a contract. The contract had been passed from person to person, eventually ending up with a pair of werewolf hunters who were sent to kill Jinyoung. When Jinyoung won the fight Dongwoo was passed to him, and they've been together ever since. He isn't sure of when he came to be or what life was like before then, but Jinyoung often said he smelled like the brothers Daniel and Jaehyun, which meant either he was their distant relative, or he was a shapeshifter whose animal form was a polar bear. His animal form is a large polar bear with a silver necklace around his neck that held the contract. The necklace acted like a collar when seen in his animal form and a regular necklace when seen in his human form. The pendant of a bear head is seen attached to the necklace, and that held the symbol for the contract.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1361271/level-up-graphic-shop-open-free these] guys for the awesome poster~!


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[center Chapter 15]

Moonbyul was not one to be suspicious of everything but something wasn't right with the cafe. It wasn't like she didn't want to work there, no it was the complete opposite, but things seemed a lot more tense with everyone. When she asked Kihyun, he said it had to do with a certain visitor coming, and Moonbyul wondered who it would be.

"Don't worry about it," said Jihun as Moonbyul asked him. "It's not going to involve you, but everyone is extra wary when a werewolf hunter announces that they're coming over," he said. "It's different when everyone knows them, but when a [i new] hunter comes around that's when everyone becomes anxious," he said. "You don't know what he's like," said Moonbyul. Jihun nodded. "That makes sense, I think," said Moonbyul.

[center ~]

Eunki stopped by the cafe again, much to Moonbyul's annoyance. "Don't worry, there's a reason," said Eunki when Moonbyul shook her head at him. "Hanse brought his guest," he said. "And asked if I could come and tell the mutt," he said.

Moonbyul grabbed the walkie on the counter and spoke into it. "Is Sandeul around?" She asked. "[i He's taking a shower, he'll be at work in an hour, what's up]?" Asked Taehyun. "Eunki stopped by again, said that Hanse is almost here with his guest," said Moonbyul. "[i Already? We weren't expecting him until next week]," said Taehyun. Eunki held out his hand for the walkie, and Moonbyul handed it to him.

"Look here mate," said Eunki, his British accent coming through. "We got your guy, so I'm out," he said. "[i Alright alright]," said Taehyun. "[i Remember, one human in the city]," he said. "Alright," said Eunki, handing the walkie back to Moonbyul before heading out the door.

"I swear," said Taehyun as he entered the cafe with Sandeul a few minutes later. "Some people can be impatient as hell," he said. "I don't think Eunki liked me," said Moonbyul. "He was thirsty," said Taehyun. "It's normal," he said. "He just wanted to get out of there before hurting you," he said.

"Just you today?" Asked Sandeul. "For the moment," said Moonbyul. "Sungwoon's supposed to be here in a bit," she said. "And plus you're joining me today," she said. "Of course I am," said Sandeul as he went to grab an apron. "Turn on the open sign please?" Asked Moonbyul as she turned to Taehyun. "Sure," said Taehyun as he went to do so.

Sandeul came out of the back room as Sungwoon entered the cafe, going to get his apron before going to his spot at the register. The walkie talkie was placed in a charger by the register in case someone at the cafe was needed. Taehyun went to sit down at a table, doing something on his phone.

[center ~]

"Aish, the trouble I nearly got into trying to find you," came a new voice as the door chimed and in walked two new faces. "I wasn't [i that] hard to find," said the second person.

"Ah, Hanse!" said Sandeul. "What can I get you?" He asked. "Well, I'll take the usual, and next time you see Byungchan tell him he owes me big time," said Hanse as he shook his head. "And tell Eunki that he can stop threatening to tear me to shreds because I needed him for [i one] last thing," he added. "Sure," Sandeul said with a snicker, ringing up the order as Hanse passed him the money. "Keep the change," said Hanse. "It'll be a few minutes then," Sandeul said, nodding his head.

"Over here Hanse," said Taehyun as he waved him over. "God damn it, I nearly got myself killed trying to find this dude," said Hanse as he walked over with who everyone assumed was Wontak and sat down in front of Taehyun. Wontak sat beside Hanse, keeping his hands on the table in a way to show that he was harmless.

"So you're the werewolf hunter that everyone has been looking for," said Taehyun. Wontak snorts. "It's not that hard to find me," he said. "And yet I [i nearly] got killed for it," growled Hanse. "[i Excuse you]," said Wontak. "If you hadn't gotten in the middle of a [i war zone] you would've been completely fine," he said. "Well [i I'm] sorry, how was [i I] supposed to know that your latest mission took you into a literal war zone between humans?" Asked Hanse.

"Is that really where they're sending werewolf hunters now?" Asked Taehyun. "I've run into the occasional vampire hunting team, but yeah," said Wontak. "I'm just glad to be back in the states," he said.

"So, what was so important that Yuvin had to give me one last mission for?" Asked Wontak. "Well," said Taehyun. "How much do you know of your family?" He asked. "I know enough," said Wontak. "Then you know you have a brother then?" Asked Taehyun.

"I knew," said Wontak. "What?!" Said Sandeul. "Yeah, I knew of you the entire time," said Wontak as he looked over at Sandeul who walked over and sat beside Taehyun with their drinks. "I got pictures," said Wontak. "And learned of you from there," he explained. "Mom and dad didn't want you apparently," he said. "Said it was abnormal for you to start changing so late," he said.

"So you killed them for that?" Asked Sandeul. "No," said Wontak. "They were in trouble for other reasons," he said. "It's funny because Dongmyeong and I were both sent to hunt them down," he said. "His story is a bit tragic, but it's good that he's found his brother after all these years," he said.

"So where are we going to go with this?" Asked Sandeul. "I don't know," said Wontak. "I could retire but I have this last mission to do," he said. "And I have a reputation to keep," he said. "What kind of reputation?" Asked Sandeul. "You'll find out one day," said Wontak.

"Dongmyeong was known for his clean kills, what about you?" Asked Taehyun. "I'm known to get in and out within a few minutes," said Wontak. "I think when it comes to teams I prefer to work with him," he said. "I don't think there is a more famous duo than you two," said Taehyun. "Well, other thank Kookheon and Yuvin," he added. "We were never declared an official team," said Wontak. "But if we run into each other we will work together," he said.

"So, about the werewolf you're going after?" Asked Taehyun. "I'll be in and out in like 10 minutes," said Wontak. "No worries," he said. "I made sure to come around on a day where he was home," he said. "Good," said Taehyun.
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[center Chapter 14]

There was something about the amount of visitors visiting the cafe that Moonbyul was extra wary about. She figured it had something to do with her being no more than just a human but Jihun was still human, at least that was what he said when she asked, so she wondered if it had to do with being a normal human, one that wasn't really as exposed to the supernatural world as Jihun was.

There was one particular person that liked to hang around the cafe, and his presence honestly scared Moonbyul. Everyone assured her that Eunki was harmless, but the way Eunki held himself was what set Moonbyul off.

"I blame the fact that you're a vampire," said Moonbyul as Eunki stopped by again. Eunki snorts. "[i I] can't help being what I am," he said. "So get used to it human," he said. "You don't have to be here you know," said Jihun. "I know," said Eunki. "But I'm here anyway," he said.

"I get that you're part of the information network but is there any really important reason that you need to be here for?" Asked Jihun. "I actually do have a reason," said Eunki. "But the mutt named Sandeul needs to be here for it," he said. "I think he's back," said Moonbyul. "Radio him?" She asked.

Jihun grabbed the walkie and spoke into it. "Sandeul back yet?" He asked. "[i I am, what do you need]?" Asked Sandeul. "You got someone asking for you," said Jihun. "[i I'm on it]," said Sandeul before the line went silent. Jihun put the walkie on the counter by the register. "Anything else?" He asked. "No, that's it," said Eunki as he nodded, going to sit down. "If it was that easy I would've done so days ago," grumbled Moonbyul, earning a snort from Sungwoon who was cleaning tables.

Sandeul entered the cafe, an eyebrow raising in question when he saw Eunki. "What do you want now?" He asked as he went to sit down in front of Eunki. "Your brother," said Eunki. That caught Sandeul's attention as he sat up straighter. "What about him?" He asked. "And I have a brother?" He asked. "You're surprised," said Eunki. "I never knew I had one," said Sandeul.

"You've been out of the loop it seems," said Eunki. "But yes, they've been found," he said. "I wasn't here when Taehyun got any information regarding any family I have left," said Sandeul. "Well when you weren't here there wasn't much going on, except people looking for them," said Eunki.

"What about my parents?" Asked Sandeul. Eunki shook his head. "Dead," he said. "Who killed them?" Asked Sandeul. "Werewolf hunters," said Eunki. "What the hell?" Asked Sandeul. "They stopped working for Kris, you know how that law goes," said Eunki. "I guess," hummed Sandeul before he sighed.

"So when am I going to be able to see him?" Asked Sandeul. "I dunno," said Eunki. "It depends on him at that point," he said. "He doesn't work for Kris, nor does he know about you so," he said, shrugging. "What does he do for a living then?" Asked Sandeul. "I don't know actually, but word around says he's a local hunter," said Eunki. "Deer and things, he mostly does trades and stuff," he said. "I see," said Sandeul.

[center ~]

"What the hell?" Asked Taehyun. "What?" Asked Sandeul. "You want to go find your brother even though you don't know what he does for a living?" Asked Taehyun. "It can't be that bad can it?" Asked Sandeul. "Kid, I think Eunki left something out when telling you you had family," said Taehyun.

"[i My] information tells me that he's a werewolf hunter," he said. "And his initiation mission was to kill your parents," he said. "He got the hunter part right, but I guess he didn't want to tell you what he did for a living," he said. "You realize how bad of an idea that would be?" He asked.

"Who came to you with that information?" Asked Sandeul. "Yedam himself," said Taehyun. "Look," he said, showing the email he had been sent. "Here's his picture," he said. "Ah," said Sandeul. "I see," he said.

"His name is Wontak," said Taehyun. "He's in the Treasure Box faction, but prefers to work alone than with other groups," he said. "He's been at this for a good 10 years now," he said. "And apparently he's your younger brother," he said. "According to Yedam, he was without a faction for most of his time as a hunter," he said. "He's one of the newer members of the faction, but he, along with Dongmyeong, were advocates of the now famous mantra," he said.

"Does he have a pack?" Asked Sandeul. "No," said Taehyun. "He is a lone wolf, and apparently prefers to be that way," he said. "Sounds like something he'd do," hummed Sandeul.

"Last I heard Byungchan was going after him, but he's busy with stuff in Toronto," said Taehyun. "He is," said Sandeul. "I was there talking to him with Jinyoung," he said. "He said he had something important to do but he sent one of his other pack members to do it," he said. "Seems he was asked to look for my brother," he said.

"Do Yuvin and Kookheon know him?" Asked Sandeul. "It's possible," said Taehyun. "Those two are one of the more well known teams due to them being brothers but," he said, shrugging. "Werewolf hunters tend to stick to their respective teams/factions," he said. "But thanks to the Treasure Box faction there's been a lot more teams and solo hunters working together," he said. "I see," said Sandeul.

"Don't go to him yet, wait until he comes here okay?" Asked Taehyun. "Right right," said Sandeul. "No problem," he said.

"Though, he may have to come around anyway," said Taehyun. "Apparently Moonbyul's alcoholic roommate is a werewolf, and his so called violent drunkenness is due to his wolf," he said. "If I remember anyway, that was what Yuvin was here for, but since he came to me with information before he left, he decided to pass the job onto your brother," he said. "I see," said Sandeul.

[center ~]

"Did Eunki stop bothering you?" Asked Taehyun as he turned to Moonbyul. "He did," said Moonbyul as she nodded. "Good, I know he was only around to pass on information but he didn't need to stick around for that long," said Taehyun.

"I never knew that my old roommate was a werewolf," said Moonbyul. "Apparently he hid very well because werewolves aren't supposed to be living in this city, unless they're with me of course," said Taehyun. "I wonder how he managed to stay hidden for so long?" Asked Sandeul. "He was never home," said Moonbyul. "But when he was home he stayed in his room," she said. "That would explain it," hummed Taehyun.
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[center Chapter 13]

"It's funny, Eunki wasn't my first contact within the vampire world," said Taehyun as he was washing windows again with Sandeul. "Really? Who was your first contact?" Asked Sandeul. "Well, I can guarantee it wasn't Mashiho," said Taehyun as he shrugged. "I doubt you'd know the guy but," he added. "Mm," said Sandeul.

"His name was Youngbin," said Taehyun. "I believe he's still alive, but I'm not entirely sure," he said. "From asking around apparently Daniel killed him or something? But I doubt it," he said. "Eunki answers to him, as do a lot of other more well known vampires," he said.

"If Eunki showed up then Youngbin will?" Asked Sandeul. "It's a possibility," said Taehyun. "We'll see what happens within the next few days," he said, moving to the next window. Sandeul hummed and moved to the next window on his side of the building.

[center ~]

"[i Taehyun, you have a visitor]," came Yoonsan's voice through the walkie talkie. "I'm on it," Taehyun said into the walkie talkie as he left his apartment. It was a rare occasion where he was alone for once, Sandeul having had to go back to Toronto for something important and Moonbyul was working.

"Youngbin," said Taehyun as he stepped outside. "Hello," said Youngbin as he grinned. "What brings you here?" Asked Taehyun. "Eunki stopped by for a bit I heard," said Youngbin. "I was also here to check on that blood den, it seems your resident hunter took care of it," he said.

"What, did it belong to you?" Asked Taehyun. "Nah, marked humans were in it apparently, but they were moved it looks like," said Youngbin. "A team will be sent to track them down I'm sure," said Taehyun. "I'm sure they're already on it," said Youngbin.

"What information did you bring me?" Asked Taehyun. "The person you're looking for has been found," said Youngbin. "It's not my place to look for him though, so send someone who can," he said. "Which means they're a werewolf," said Taehyun. "Yep," said Youngbin. "I tend to avoid you 'shifters and werewolves regardless but," he said, shrugging. "You've been good to me though," he added.

"I think I'm one of [i very] few 'shifters who use your side of the information network for information," said Taehyun. "That you are," said Youngbin.

"So other than passing on information, what did you come over for?" asked Taehyun. "Eunki stopped by," said Youngbin. "I had to see what he was up to after he handed me the info you had given him," he said. "Ah, I see," said Taehyun. "So he passed the job onto you?" He asked. "For the moment," said Youngbin.

"Staying around or moving on?" Asked Taehyun. "I'll be moving on after hunting," said Youngbin. "That is, if I'm allowed to," he added. "One human," said Taehyun. "I can't risk another blood den showing up," he said. "Fine with me," said Youngbin as he nodded. "I'll be out of the city in about two hours then," he said. "I'll pass on a message when I leave," he said. "Alright," said Taehyun. Youngbin nodded and left, heading off to find a meal. Taehyun shook his head and headed back inside.

[center ~]

"[i Taehyun, you have a visitor]," came Kihyun's voice through the walkie talkie. "Again?" Asked Taehyun as he blinked, grabbing the walkie talkie and speaking into it. "Who is it?" He asked. "[i Yuvin]," said Kihyun. "I'll be right over," said Taehyun before he put the walkie on his belt and went to grab his shoes and phone. He headed out and went to the cafe.

"You're the first non-vampire visitor in a while," said Taehyun as he entered the cafe. Yuvin snorts. "Oi, I'm just as important as those in your information network," he said. "Of course you are," Taehyun said with a teasing grin. Yuvin shook his head and went to sit down in a booth after getting his drink and Taehyun joined him, sitting across from him.

"What brings you here? I hope none of our werewolf friends were causing trouble," said Taehyun. "No," said Yuvin. "Kookheon has a break from missions so we decided to head home, I'm not done with them yet but I came over with him for a visit," he said. "Ah that's right, you have family here in Michigan," hummed Taehyun.

"Word around the network that Sandeul's staying permanently," said Yuvin. "He is," said Taehyun. "What convinced him to do that?" Asked Yuvin. "He found his mate," said Taehyun. "Ah, that makes sense," said Yuvin.

"How long you staying around for?" Asked Taehyun. "A few days, it's nice to have a break," said Yuvin. "But we'll be staying with family, so I'm heading back after our little chat," he added. "That's fine," said Taehyun. "I wasn't going to offer an apartment, it's full," he said. "Really? How many more tenants did you get?" Asked Yuvin. "Just your typical human tenants," said Taehyun. "Ah, I see," said Yuvin.

"Any interesting hunts lately?" Asked Taehyun as he left the cafe with Yuvin. "Not really," said Yuvin. "Been rather boring lately," he said. "I haven't had a good brawl with a werewolf in months," he said, sighing a bit. Taehyun hummed in response.

"By the way, my father says to stop keeping such a tight hold on Detroit, it's causing his pack to become nervous," said Yuvin. "[i I'm] sorry, I had to tighten my hold on Detroit when a [i blood den] popped up in the city," said Taehyun. "I know I control most of the vampire side of the information network but they should know the rules by now," he said, shaking his head.

"That's what Kookheon told him," said Yuvin. "But since my father lives in a smaller city they don't have that problem," he said. "He blames you for the recent increase in vampire activity," he said. "I've only had two vampires come through the city, it's not like an entire army is here," grumbled Taehyun. "I'll tell him that," said Yuvin.

"Well, I'll see you around then," said Taehyun. "See you," said Yuvin as he nodded before walking off. Taehyun shook his head and headed back to his apartment.

[center ~]

"[i Taehyun you have a visitor]," came Yoonsan's voice. "Again? What the hell?" Asked Taehyun as he went to grab the walkie and speak into it. "Who is it?" He asked. "[i Yuvin and his brother]," said Yoonsan. "Alright I'm on my way out," said Taehyun before he put the walkie on his belt and went to grab his phone and put on his shoes. He headed out to the entrance, spotting Kookheon and Yuvin.

"Hey you two," said Taehyun. "Sorry for coming by unannounced but I'm heading back to doing my missions," said Yuvin. "I've had visitors all week," Taehyun said, scratching the back of his head. "So who knows who comes by next," he said.

"More vampires?" Asked Yuvin. "A team that came by to find out where that blood den leads actually," said Taehyun. "Ah, I see," said Yuvin. "We're heading out, so," he said, shrugging. "Good luck on your missions then," said Taehyun.

Yuvin nodded and turned to Kookheon. "Ready to go?" He asked. "Yeah," Kookheon said, sighing. "Missions are a pain in the butt," he said. "I know the feeling," Taehyun said with a chuckle. "See you around," he said. Yuvin nodded and left with Kookheon.
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[center Chapter 12]

There was something about the new arrangement that made Taehyun, Sandeul, and Moonbyul's relationship move forward. An unspoken agreement went on between the three of them, one that certainly told the others that the three were fine with the way things were going and everyone seemed to be okay with it.

It seemed that the werewolves that were in Sandeul's group were gone again, as once Jinyoung told them that Sandeul would be staying permanently everyone seemed to disappear, including Dongwoo who had gone to meet up with Jinyoung after Sandeul told him it was okay and he would be fine.

[center ~]

"[i Taehyun, you have a visitor]," came Sungwoon's voice as Taehyun was making lunch. Taehyun blinked, looking over at Sandeul, who was leaning against the counter who shrugged, having no idea who it was. Sandeul went to grab the walkie talkie and spoke into it. "Who is it?" He asked. "[i His name is Eunki]?" Asked Sungwoon.

"Ah... Another contact of mine," hummed Taehyun. "What do you want me to say?" Asked Sandeul. "Tell Sungwoon to send him over to the apartment, and ask if someone could bring him to the door, I'm making lunch," said Taehyun. Sandeul relayed the message, and it was Kangmin who answered, saying that he'd bring Eunki up to the apartment before heading out for the day.

"[i Is Moonbyul there? She has work in an hour]," said Sungwoon. "[i I'm just down the street getting some... Things]," came Moonbyul's voice. "[i I'll be over in a bit after I get done shopping]," she said. "[i Alright]," said Sungwoon and the line went quiet.

"I forget that she's human sometimes," hummed Sandeul, earning a snort from Taehyun. "I'm used to it, from the female tenants we sometimes have," said Taehyun. "Errand running has us get some rather weird things," he said. "Mm," said Sandeul.

The walkie came to life again, and it was Yoonsan. "[i He's here]," he said. "[i I'm going to get him]," came Kangmin's voice before it went quiet again.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and Sandeul went to answer it, nodding to Kangmin who moved to let Eunki inside. "Do you need anything?" Asked Kangmin. "I'm fine here," said Sandeul. "No, we're good," called Taehyun. "Alright," said Kangmin before he left and Sandeul closed the door.

"What brings you around Eunki?" Asked Taehyun as he turned off the stove to let the food cool down a bit as he went to get plates. "Word around the information network says that you're looking for a relative," said Eunki. "That's not news," said Taehyun as he turned to Eunki.

"I may have found your guy," said Eunki. "I'm listening," said Taehyun as he went to put food on the plates, offering one to Eunki who declined the plate but went to lean against the counter. Sandeul got his own plate of food and started eating, waiting on Eunki to say something. Taehyun took the declined plate and started eating.

"Based on the information you gave me, your guy is somewhere in the states," said Eunki. "Where, I'm not completely sure," he said. "But I'll keep looking for him or her," he said. "You may need to contact Wooseok and get something from him hm?" Asked Taehyun. "Nah, I can find your guy, it'll just take a bit longer," said Eunki.

"What brings you here?" Asked Sandeul. "Other than passing on information? I have other jobs," said Eunki. "A blood den popped up in the city it seems," he said. "Kangmin talked about having something to do today, so it seems he's after the blood den," said Taehyun. "I was here scouting the area before going to the cafe," said Eunki. "You got a nice little hole in the wall spot," he said. "A good spot to get information," said Taehyun. "A lot of hunters pass through it seems," agreed Eunki.

"Staying for a few days?" Asked Taehyun. "Unfortunately not," said Eunki. "I have another place to check up on, Jaehyun is not going to be happy to see me but," he said, shrugging. "You cause them a lot of trouble," said Taehyun, earning a snort from Eunki. "I'm just doing my job," said Eunki.

"Well, I'm going to go," said Eunki as he pushed away from the counter. "It was nice catching up," he said. "See you around," said Taehyun as he went to open the door for Eunki. Eunki nodded and left, Taehyun closing the door behind him.

"What the hell was a [i vampire] doing here?" Asked Sandeul once Taehyun turned back to Sandeul. "What, you're surprised?" Asked Taehyun. "It's just odd to see one in a city owned by a pack of 'shifters," said Sandeul.

"Eunki is one of very few that I trust not to immediately go on a killing spree," said Taehyun. "He doesn't hunt animals, but he keeps his kills to one person per hunt," he said. "He's one of very few human drinking vampires who refuse blood dens, and actually helps hunters find them," he said. "I see," said Sandeul.

[center ~]

"How was work?" Asked Taehyun when Moonbyul entered the apartment. "Went fine," said Moonbyul. "Hojung doing missions again?" She asked as she noticed that he was absent. "Yep," said Sandeul as he nodded.

"I'm surprised it took you this long to notice," said Taehyun. "[i I'm] sorry, I never notice these things," said Moonbyul, earning chuckles from Taehyun and Sandeul. "It's alright, Hojung's always like this," said Taehyun. "An introvert?" Asked Moonbyul.

"Well, he's the youngest in the pack," said Taehyun. "He's always kept to himself due to that," he said. "I see," said Moonbyul. "He's a good kid don't get me wrong," said Taehyun. "It'll take a bit for him to warm up to you is all," he said.

"We talk sometimes," said Sandeul. "I tend to keep to myself too but he doesn't mind that," he said. "As long as we keep our sides of the room clean anyway," he added. Moonbyul hummed in response.
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[center Chapter 11]

When Taehyun asked Sandeul and Moonbyul they agreed on moving in. With that everyone in Taehyun's pack except Hojung chose an apartment on the second floor, with Hojung sharing his room with Sandeul. Moonbyul moved into Junhyuk and Timoteo's room, with Timoteo leaving his bed and a dresser along with a desk for her. Yoonsan and Sungwoon decided to share an apartment since Sungwoon would be gone most of the day working anyway. Junhyuk and Timoteo decided to stay roommates also, since it seemed convenient to do so. Dongwoo decided to stay in the apartment he had been given for now, figuring that Jinyoung would be coming back soon enough.

[center ~]

"So how'd the talk with her go?" Asked Taehyun as he leaned against the counter at the cafe, watching Sandeul make his drink. "Went fine," said Sandeul. "She figured it out immediately anyway," he added. "She knew that my attention was divided but she wasn't sure why until I explained it to her," he said. "I see," said Taehyun.

"So everyone moved to their own place huh?" Asked Jihun as he walked out of the back room. "Well, there were still people being roommates, but yes, pretty much everyone has their own apartment now," said Taehyun. "Kangmin has been thinking of doing that, so that Kihyun and Jisung can be on their own and he and I can be in the apartment," said Jihun.

"If he does decide to do that, talk to me, I think there's an apartment open," said Taehyun. "It is his choice in the matter, apparently he's the leader between your team," he said. "That's true," said Jihun. "He is," he added. "But I think ultimately it comes down to Kihyun and Jisung's decision too," he said. "Kangmin is fine with them in the apartment, but it's really up to them," he said.

"It seems he'd rather have Jisung around," said Sandeul. "More due to growing up with him as he's stated before," he added. "But who knows," he said. "Things could be different for you four," he said.

"So, when is Jinyoung coming back?" Asked Taehyun. "I don't know," said Sandeul. "Last I checked he was checking on the group we're a part of," he said. "Most of the group has their own pack they lead, and they live around Toronto," he said. "I think we're the only ones to do that anyway, Byungchan and the other generals don't live around Toronto," he said, putting Taehyun's order on the counter. Taehyun took the drink and took a sip, nodding.

"So I know that Jinyoung's group watches the northern territories but what's your involvement in it?" Asked Jihun. "I'm Jinyoung's beta," said Sandeul. "But I'm pretty sure that I'll be replaced soon," he said. "By who?" Asked Taehyun. "Dongwoo," said Sandeul. "The others aren't in the main group anymore, it's just Jinyoung, Dongwoo and I," he said. "Those two are too busy and I'm probably going to be here," he said. "Makes sense," hummed Taehyun.

The walkie talkie sitting on the counter came to life and it was Yoonsan. "[i Taehyun you got visitors]," he said. Taehyun took the walkie talkie and spoke into it. "Who is it?" He asked. "[i I dunno, they're just standing on the landing]," said Yoonsan.

"Who's home right now?" Asked Taehyun. "[i Junhyuk and I are, do you need us to check it out]?" Came Timoteo's voice. "If you can, I'll be over in a minute, I'm down at the cafe," said Taehyun. "[i Alright]," said Timoteo.

"What's Timoteo's role?" Asked Sandeul. "You're starting to recognize voices now," said Taehyun as he chuckled some. "I hang around you too much," Sandeul said with a snort. "Other than being one of my betas he's one of our fighters," said Taehyun. "I see," said Sandeul.

Jihun took the walkie talkie and spoke into it. "Can someone remind Moonbyul that it's her day off today?" He asked. "[i You forget that I have a walkie too, but thank you for reminding me]," came Moonbyul's voice. "Ah, sorry," Jihun said, chuckling awkwardly. "[i Anything else]?" Asked Moonbyul. "You're due for a morning shift, along with Sungwoon," said Jihun. "[i On it]," came Sungwoon's voice, and everyone heard him sigh before it went silent. "I'll be off then," said Taehyun before he left the cafe.

"Gongchan?" Asked Taehyun as he walked over. "Jinyoung got sent out again, Byungchan took his route," said Gongchan as he shrugged. "I assume Jinyoung is moving in?" He asked. "I mean, Sandeul already claims that he lives here," said Taehyun. "I don't think Jinyoung gave any indication that he was moving in," he said.

"His pet is here," said Gongchan. "Dongwoo is here on his own accord," said Taehyun. "Besides, I'd assume that if that was the case he'd've told at least Sandeul. "I see," said Gongchan. "Sorry for any confusion," said Taehyun. "No no," said Gongchan. "It's fine," he said. "I just came to the wrong conclusion," he said.

"So what'd you come here for?" Asked Taehyun as Timoteo and Junhyuk stepped outside. "Oh, it's Gongchan," said Timoteo. "Long time no see," he said. "Was just asked by Byungchan to check Detroit since he knew Sandeul was here with Dongwoo," said Gongchan. "You staying for long?" Asked Taehyun. "A few days if you don't mind, it was a tiring drive," said Gongchan. "Do you mind rooming with Dongwoo then?" Asked Taehyun. "Not at all," said Gongchan. "I'll take you to his room then," said Timoteo. "Lead the way," said Gongchan. Timoteo nodded and walked into the apartment building with Gongchan following after him.

"All this could've been avoided," Junhyuk said with a snort. "I know," said Taehyun as he sighed. "Damn people need to be let known of these kinds of things," he said. "Jinyoung isn't known for letting his group know that he's residing somewhere unfortunately," he added, sighing again. "Mm," said Junhyuk.

"How's living in a new apartment going for you?" Asked Taehyun. "Been fine, it's basically the same as before to be honest, but with less crowding in the apartment," said Junhyuk. "Well, at least the apartment smells like pine forest now," Taehyun said with a shake of his head. "The human doesn't smell it," Junhyuk said with a snicker. "Of course not," Taehyun said, shaking his head before heading inside.
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[center Chapter 10]

There was something different going on between Sandeul, Taehyun and Moonbyul. No one could figure out what, since the three of them didn't talk about it. When Jinyoung came back with Dongwoo however, the two of them figured it out immediately.

"You three are pushing on with your relationship aren't you?" Asked Jinyoung as he sat down beside Sandeul as he watched some TV. "I guess," said Sandeul. "It's not going anywhere big at the moment but Moonbyul is starting to want to hang with us more," he said. "How's that going for you?" Asked Jinyoung. "It's fine," said Sandeul. "I think at one point I'm going to have to explain that I do have two mates," he said. "I'm lucky, I don't get that," Jinyoung said with a snort. "It's not bad though," he added. "I see why everyone evolved like that," he said.

"You got to see as everyone progressed through the years," said Sandeul. "More like centuries," hummed Jinyoung. "But yes," he added. "It's a bit odd," he said. "I never thought that our species would evolve this much," he said. "Well, genetics change throughout the generations," said Sandeul. "It does," hummed Jinyoung.

[center ~]

Taehyun looked at Sandeul with a dumbfounded expression after being asked something. "What?" He asked. "I know, it's out of the blue but why don't we move in together?" Asked Sandeul. "I mean, I think it'd make sense right? Plus Moonbyul can move in if she wants," he said. "I'll think about it," said Taehyun.

"I think it'd make sense though, why didn't your pack choose apartments of their own anyway?" Asked Sandeul. "We didn't think we'd need to," said Taehyun. "No one had yet to find their mates when we bought the apartment building so," he said, shrugging. "I see," said Sandeul. "We just went with it," said Taehyun. "I'm sure no one is going to object to it but that means everyone needs their walkie talkies on them," he said. "Well, everyone has one already but," he added. "If anyone needs anything then the walkie talkies are in reach, I get it," said Sandeul.

The walkie talkie on Taehyun's belt came to life and it was Yoonsan. "[i Hojung where are you? You got visitors]," said Yoonsan. "[i ...I was taking Moonbyul to work]," came Hojung's voice after a few minutes. "[i Who is it]?" He asked. "[i Kookheon and his brother]," said Yoonsan. "[i I'm on my way back, someone tell them that I'll meet them out front]," said Hojung. Taehyun took the walkie talkie off his belt and brought it up to speak into it. "I'll tell them now, also there's a pack meeting once Sungwoon comes in from work," he said. "[i Alright]," came everyone's voice. "Well, let's go greet the visitors," said Taehyun as he put the walkie talkie on his belt. "Yeah," said Sandeul as he followed Taehyun outside.

"Hey you two," said Taehyun as he spotted Yuvin and Kookheon sitting on the steps. "Hey," said Yuvin as he stood, turning to Taehyun. "Hojung will be over in a bit, he just had to drop one of the humans off at the cafe," said Taehyun. "Ah, I see," said Yuvin as he studied Sandeul with a tilt of his head.

"What brings you here?" Asked Sandeul. "Mm, just checking on Hojung, that last mission was brutal I heard," said Yuvin. "Hojung's been resting a lot since he got back," said Taehyun as he nodded.

"It was pretty bad," said Hojung as he walked over. "Luckily I can heal quickly still, but damn it was bad," he said. "This is why you join teams," said Yuvin. "I don't work well with teams," said Hojung. "I mean I'm stuck with my pack," he said, jokingly. "Oi, not all of us are bad," said Taehyun as he shook his head.

"On the subject of teams, I might just retire," said Hojung. "I'm better off here anyway," he said. "It's been hell with these recent missions," he said. "I know, it can be better if I was part of a team but I work better alone," he said.

"What's this meeting about anyway? You rarely hold any pack meetings," said Hojung as he turned to Taehyun. "It's regarding recent events," said Taehyun. "Involving the human?" Asked Hojung. "And the mutt," said Taehyun as he nudged Sandeul with his elbow. "Can you stop calling me that?" Whined Sandeul as he rubbed his arm. "Alright then," said Hojung.

[center ~]

"Isn't it a bit soon to be asking me a question like that?" Asked Moonbyul as Sandeul walked her back to the apartment after her shift. "I think it's fine," said Sandeul. "Taehyun's holding a pack meeting, and isn't it expected by now at least? You'll have your own room, since I'm pretty sure Taehyun has a 3 bedroom apartment," he said. Moonbyul hummed in response.

"Besides," said Sandeul. "We need to have a talk too," he added. "About what?" Asked Moonbyul. "About me as a werewolf," said Sandeul. "There's some things that I need to explain to you so when it does happen it hopefully will make more sense," he said. "Oh," said Moonbyul. "It's nothing bad, at least I hope," said Sandeul. "It depends on how you take it I guess," he added. "Right," said Moonbyul.

Jinyoung sat on the front steps waiting on them as Sandeul and Moonbyul arrived in front of the apartment building. "What's up?" Asked Sandeul. "The others are getting quite restless," said Jinyoung as he shrugged. "What do you want [i me] to do about it?" Asked Sandeul. "You're the leader of the group," he said.

"I was heading back to Toronto," said Jinyoung. "So Dongwoo is staying here for a bit," he said. Sandeul sighed. "Okay," he said. "That's fine," he said. "Tell Gongchan I said hello," he said. "And tell Sunwoo that we need to spar next time we get together," he said. "Sure," said Jinyoung as he nodded, getting up. "I'll be back then," he said, walking off.

"Jinyoung is scary," said Moonbyul, earning a chuckle from Sandeul as he headed into the apartment building with her. "He may look scary but he's a big softy," said Sandeul. Moonbyul hummed.

"Do you want to come to my apartment or go to yours to talk?" Asked Sandeul. "Yours is fine," said Moonbyul. "Okay, don't mind Dongwoo if you see him in his animal form, back home he likes to lounge around in his polar bear form," said Sandeul as they headed to his apartment. "Got it," said Moonbyul.

Dongwoo was lounging on the couch, watching a movie as Sandeul and Moonbyul entered the apartment. "Hey you two," said Dongwoo. "Jinyoung left then?" He asked. "Yep," said Sandeul. "Go have your talk then," said Dongwoo. "I assume that's what the human is here for," he said. Moonbyul looked sheepish as she rubbed the back of her neck. "Come with me to my room then," said Sandeul as he headed into the hallway and into his room. Moonbyul followed after him.

"So," said Sandeul as he sat down on his bed, letting Moonbyul sit at the desk in the room. "There's something you should know about my kind as a whole," he said. "Since I was born a werewolf I have two mates," he said. "Don't ask me how or why, I don't know either," he added. "You are one of them," he said. "I have another mate who is another pure blooded werewolf," he said.

"...Oh," Moonbyul said after a few minutes. "And here I thought you were gonna say that you can change into a giant beast on two legs," she said. "Um, they do exist," Sandeul said with a snicker. "But no, I'm not able to do that," he said. "Really? Who?" Asked Moonbyul. "I'm sure you'll meet them one day," said Sandeul. "Donghun is rather... Hesitant to talk about his heritage," he said. "Apparently his blood line directly comes from Jinyoung but as far as I know Jinyoung's kids were human," he said. "From what Jinyoung himself has told me anyway," he added. "I see," said Moonbyul.

"You're taking this well," said Sandeul. "I've noticed that part of you is hesitant with me," said Moonbyul. "Like only half of your feelings for me are actually for me," she said. "But you try, and that's what matters," she added. Sandeul scratched the back of his head. "I'm just preparing you for the future, at least Taehyun isn't in the same situation," he said. "Right," said Moonbyul.

[center ~]

"You want us to do what?" Asked Junhyuk. "I don't want you to do it," said Taehyun. "I only asked if you wanted to," he said. "I mean," said Yoonsan. "It'd give us a bit more freedom," he added. "Not everyone has to move right away, I still need to ask Moonbyul," said Taehyun. "Right," said Sungwoon.

"Nothing wrong with that," said Timoteo. "You're the first in the pack to find their mate, I wouldn't mind moving to another apartment on the same floor," he said. "I can finally set up a proper surveillance system with monitors for each camera!" Said Yoonsan. "You and your security cameras," snickered Hojung. "But I'm not opposed to it," he added. "I would like to stay here though, I'm still needed for missions so I won't be around much anyway," he said.

"Speaking of, what did Yuvin and Kookheon want?" Asked Taehyun. "They only came to check on me," said Hojung. "Left not long afterwards, they were headed south to check on Wooseok's old pack," he added. "Ah," said Taehyun.

"So who's moving and who's staying?" Asked Yoonsan. "I'll move," said Junhyuk. "Same here," said Timoteo. "Sure," said Sungwoon. "I'm staying, though you know why," said Hojung. "I'm moving also," said Yoonsan. "Alright," said Taehyun. "I'll ask Moonbyul and Sandeul about it in the morning," he added.
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[center Chapter 9]

"So when did you know you were different?" Asked Sandeul as he helped out Taehyun as they worked on general maintenance. "Different how?" Asked Taehyun. "When did you find out you were going to be a shapeshifter?" Asked Sandeul.

"I think I always knew," said Taehyun as he shrugged. "My older brother was one," he said. "So I kind of always knew," he said. "I didn't start changing until after my brother left but," he said, shrugging. "I see," said Sandeul.

"What about you?" Asked Taehyun. "What happened with you to make you start changing?" He asked. "My parents were a part of Kris's pack," said Sandeul. "But they never held a high position, they were a part of Jinyoung's group," he said. "They left though, after I started changing," he added. "So I don't know where they are now," he said. Taehyun hummed in acknowledgement.

"So I always knew what I was," said Sandeul. "But I started changing late," he added. "According to most I've talked to they started changing at age ten, I started changing at around sixteen," he said. "That's odd," hummed Taehyun.

A voice came through the walkie talkie, and it was Yoonsan. "[i Taehyun, Hojung wants you to go pick him up]," said Yoonsan. Taehyun looked towards the camera in the hallway, nodding. "I'll go get him," he said. "[i He has a visitor]," said Yoonsan. "Who is it?" Asked Taehyun as he immediately turned to look at Sandeul. "[i Yedam's here to check on Kangmin]," said Yoonsan. "Ah, I see," said Taehyun as he nodded. "Alright," he said. "I'll go get him then," he said. Sandeul blinked in surprise.

Taehyun shook his head and took the walkie talkie off his belt, going to speak into it. "I'm going to pick up Hojung, anyone need anything?" He asked. "[i Lunch please, I'm doing plumbing in 109]," said Junhyuk. "[i Tell Moonbyul she's due for work in an hour]," came Sungwoon's voice. "[i I'll take her to work]," came Timoteo's voice. "[i Also some lunch would be nice, I'm helping Junhyuk]," he added. "[i I'm fine]," said Yoonsan. "Alright, I'm going radio silent," said Taehyun before he silenced the walkie talkie, putting it back on his belt before putting the supplies away.

"Why is everyone using walkie talkies?" Asked Sandeul as he followed Taehyun out to the truck. "Easier to communicate," said Taehyun as he shrugged. "Especially with Yoonsan and his cameras," he said. "We can usually talk to him through the cameras while he speaks to us through the walkies," he said. "And it keeps our hands free if we're painting or something," he added. "Everyone's on the channel for work," he said.

"Welcome back, hello Yedam," said Taehyun as he stopped in front of the terminal. "Hello," said Yedam. "It's good to be back," said Hojung. "How was missions?" Asked Taehyun. "Fine fine," said Hojung. "We ran into each other on the way here," said Yedam. "So I figured why not stop by," he added.

"I see you picked up a new mutt," said Hojung as Taehyun drove to get lunch. "I'm not a mutt," grumbled Sandeul. "Leave it, he's here because mates be damned," said Taehyun as he sighed. "Who?" Asked Hojung. "Our new resident human," said Taehyun.

"What the hell did I miss?" Asked Hojung. "A [i lot]," said Taehyun. "I heard my brother stopped by," said Yedam. "It's why he's here," said Taehyun as he nudged Sandeul with his elbow. "Oh, fun," said Yedam.

"He still got the polar bear with him?" He asked. "Yep," said Taehyun. "Figures," said Yedam. "What's wrong with that?" Asked Sandeul. "Nothing, I'm just surprised that Dongwoo hasn't gotten tired of being with him yet," he said. "Jinyoung tends to have a [i very] commanding presence even if he doesn't mean to," he said.

"You do too to be honest," said Taehyun. "It's driving even my pack crazy," he said. "I know you don't mean to but," he said, shrugging. "It can't be helped, I know," said Yedam.

After getting lunch they returned back to the apartment building. Sandeul held onto the bags while Taehyun pinged everyone on the walkie talkies. "I'm back, if you want lunch come to the entrance," Taehyun said into the walkie talkie. "Also tell Kangmin that Yedam is here to see him," he added. A few minutes later Junhyuk came outside with Yoonsan and Kangmin, Yoonsan and Junhyuk getting their share of lunch while Kangmin went to talk with Yedam.

"Did Moonbyul go to work?" Asked Taehyun as he turned to Junhyuk. "Yes," said Junhyuk. "Alright," said Taehyun as he nodded before going back to working on the general building maintenance with Sandeul.

"So is it true?" Asked Sandeul as he held up a sign that was going to be attached to the door. "What?" Asked Taehyun. "That Jinyoung is Yedam's brother," said Sandeul. "You don't believe it?" Asked Taehyun as he drilled a nail into the sign to attach it to the door. "No," said Sandeul. "Not really anyway," he added. "They're both alphas in their own rights," said Taehyun as he drilled another nail into the sign and into the wall behind it. "But Jinyoung chooses to be in his position, same with Yedam," he said.

"I've been with Jinyoung for years, basically grew up in his group," said Sandeul. "It's still hard to believe that he has family sometimes," he said. "I guess," said Taehyun as he finished the sign. "Alright, next door," he said, going to start on the next door. Sandeul held the sign up and let Taehyun do his thing, being in his thoughts.

"Something on your mind?" Asked Taehyun. "A lot of things," said Sandeul. "Like what?" Asked Taehyun. "Nothing important," said Sandeul. "I see," said Taehyun.

"You said you had an older brother," Sandeul said suddenly. "Who is it?" He asked. "His name is Hongseok," said Taehyun as he shrugged. "He was a part of Hui's pack before joining Moonbin's pack," he said. "Mm," said Sandeul.

"What about you? Do you have any siblings?" Asked Taehyun. "Probably, I dunno," said Sandeul. "My parents left when I started changing and I was still an only child then," he said. "I never found out why they left," he said. "But if I did have any siblings I'd like to at least know they exist," he said. "I can find out," said Taehyun. "If you are willing to share such information," he added.

"I'll think about it," said Sandeul. "No problem," said Taehyun. "Take your time," he said. Sandeul nodded.
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[center Chapter 8]

"So, how'd you end up with one of Kris's top generals?" Asked Taehyun as he turned to Dongwoo. "I was with some werewolf hunters when they were sent after Jinyoung," said Dongwoo as he shrugged. "He bet that he could defeat them in battle, so they took the bet, using me as the prize if he won," he said. "He would've accepted death if he lost, but he ended up winning," he said. "This was [i years] before the law for Kris's employees passed by the way," he added. "So no repercussions would've come out of it," he said.

"I think that even if that happened, Yedam would've done something about it," said Taehyun. "How so?" Asked Dongwoo. "Jinyoung is Yedam's older brother, and the first turned werewolf, technically speaking anyway," said Taehyun. "How are you able to gather this information?" Asked Dongwoo. "I have my sources," said Taehyun as he shrugged.

[center ~]

Jinyoung leaned against the counter at the cafe, waiting on his drink as Sandeul was the one making it. "What, you think I'm going to poison it?" Asked Sandeul as he poured the coffee. "No," said Jinyoung as he chuckled some. "You've been my beta for decades now, if you were to poison me you would've done it years ago," he said. Sandeul snorts, not entirely disagreeing with Jinyoung.

"When are you gonna leave anyway?" Asked Sandeul as he handed Jinyoung his drink. "Mm, not anytime soon," said Jinyoung as he took a sip of his drink. "I'm still a good ways away from needing to do anything for Kris at the moment," he said.

"What's your job anyway?" Asked Jihun as he cleaned the register. "I'm needed to check on the northern territories in the US," said Jinyoung. "The other generals usually take the other countries but," he said, shrugging. "Byungchan's been home a lot since Seungwoo went to help out another pack," he said. "Seungwoo isn't obligated to stay with the pack right?" Asked Sandeul. "Since it's a pack of 'shifters," he added. "Yeah, so he tells the pack leader when he's needed to do things," said Jinyoung. "He's their only source of income for the moment, so they've been rather lenient with him," he said.

"I'm still confused as to why this is a thing," said Moonbyul as she blinked. "Well, us supernatural creatures need to make extra income somehow hm?" Asked Jinyoung. Moonbyul nodded. "I get my income from checking on territories," said Jinyoung. "Others hunt, and you got the ones running information networks, like it is here," he said. "Most major cities have at least some sort of information network, Kihyun established one here, and there's one in Seattle and Boston," he said.

"The cafes and coffee shops are just that, cafes and coffee shops," explained Sandeul. "There's a lot more going on behind the scenes, if you look closely," he said. "The most famous one is in Berlin," said Jinyoung. "[i Everyone] ends up going there if they need to go to Europe for anything," he said.

"Toronto is a major hub for vampire hunters I hear," said Sandeul. "It is," said Jihun. "The information network there also spans all of Canada, or so I've learned from Chani," he said. "A lot of Canadian vampires hm?" Asked Jinyoung. "In a way," said Jihun. "Canada's rather large, I wouldn't be surprised if what’s left of Italy's vampires ended up there after the purge," he said.

"I'm surprised Kris was okay with it," said Sandeul. "Chani's on a list of vampires to not hunt, so Kris saw an opportunity to broaden the information network and pass it to someone else," said Jinyoung. "Remember, Seungwoo and Byungchan were the ones running it in Toronto," he said. "Right," said Sandeul.

"It let Byungchan look for unknown packs, it's how he found Wooseok," said Jinyoung. "Those two [i do] have a knack for finding unknown packs or unknown people," said Sandeul. "I think they were known, just not to Kris," said Jinyoung. "Everyone has their own information network," he said. "Just how extensive it is however, depends on who you know," he said.

"They say Chanwoo has the largest information network but," said Jihun as he shrugged. "I doubt it is now, especially after learning of [i who] Wooseok knows," said Jinyoung. "Wooseok's contacts reach even the hard to contact places," he said. "That and he knows to contact certain people that Chanwoo can't," he said.

"A shapeshifter's information network can be drastically different from a vampire's or werewolf's information network," said Sandeul. "Wooseok has ties in the werewolf hunting association through Yuvin and his brother," said Jinyoung. "He has ties to Kris's information network through Byungchan, access to Chanwoo's information network through Jinhyuk, Rocky and Eunwoo, and has Hwanhee and the twins as a way into the vampire hunting association," he said. "I'd say that he has the largest information network now," he said. "Even if he's in a new pack," he added. "He does still hold ties to his old pack," agreed Sandeul.

Jinyoung got a text, and he looked at his phone, sighing as he pushed away from the counter. "I'm needed then," he said. "Where are you going?" Asked Sandeul. "Byungchan needs me to do a Europe run since Seungwoo is busy," said Jinyoung. "I'll be back in a few months then," he called, leaving the cafe.

Sandeul sighed, shaking his head. "Well, I have the apartment to myself," he said. "How so?" Asked Moonbyul. "Dongwoo goes where ever Jinyoung goes," said Sandeul. "Unless Jinyoung told him to stay here," he added. "Which I doubt, I can take care of myself just fine," he said.

"Who are the other two generals?" Asked Jihun. "I dunno, I never met them in person," said Sandeul. "I know Byungchan and Seungwoo through Jinyoung because our old territory bordered theirs, when all four of us surrounded Toronto anyway," he said. "Seungwoo was the general and Byungchan was the beta," he added to clear up any confusion.

"Looks like you're alone for a bit," said Taehyun as he entered the cafe. "Mm," said Sandeul. "Anything new in the information network?" Asked Taehyun as he looked at Jihun. "Nothing really, but Hojung's coming back from missions soon," said Jihun. "He apparently ran into some trouble recently, but things should be good now," he said. "That's good," said Taehyun as he nodded.
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[center Chapter 7]

"You know at some point we'll have to tell Moonbyul about us right?" Asked Taehyun as he went to get groceries with Sandeul. "I know," said Sandeul. "But when?" He asked. "I was thinking of taking everyone to the forest within the next week under the guise of a hike," said Taehyun. "I don't think Moonbyul would mind," he added. "She talks about wanting to take a hike through the forest at work from what Sungwoon says," he said.

"You know," said Sandeul as he paused, looking thoughtful. Taehyun turned to look at him, his head tilting to the side in question. "It's been quite a while since I got to settle down," he said. "I wouldn't mind this, if you would let me," he said. "That would depend on you at that point," said Taehyun. "I know, I technically own the apartment building but," he said, shrugging. "I don't have any control over who does what," he said. "As long as they follow the rules set," he added. "Right," said Sandeul.

[center ~]

When Taehyun announced a hike Moonbyul jumped to the occasion, as hikes were something she liked to do in her free time. Dongwoo and Jihun would be the only ones to stay back, the two of them needing to man the cafe. It wasn't like they didn't want to go, they did, but they both understood that everyone needed to go for a run in their animal forms for a few hours. Jihun was the only human left in Kangmin's group and Dongwoo wasn't really one for running since he was a polar bear. He was built for tanking attacks, not running. Everyone else was definitely up for the hike, knowing that it was really just a chance to run around in their animal forms for a few hours.

Everyone arrived to their designated spot in separate cars, with Taehyun being the one to drive Moonbyul over while Junhyuk drove the others in their pack over in another car. Jinyoung soon arrived with Sandeul and Kihyun was last, bringing along Kangmin and Jisung.

"This is gonna be fun," Jinyoung said, looking towards the forest. "It is," agreed Junhyuk. "We all know the plan right?" Asked Taehyun. "Groups stay together, yell if you get in trouble and be back before the sun goes over the tree line," he said. Everyone nodded to the plans.

Moonbyul eyed the forest in front of her in awe, immediately being reminded of the dreams she had, not really listening to the conversation. Two wolves were constantly in her dreams at night, and she had wanted to come out to the forest to possibly see them. It was something that she deemed nearly impossible, but a small part of her still hoped to see them.

"...Moonbyul," said Taehyun as he managed to catch her attention as he waved a hand in front of her face. "Hm?" Asked Moonbyul as she blinked, turning her attention to Taehyun and Sandeul. "Everyone's headed off now," said Taehyun. "We're the last people, want to head on in or are you gonna keep staring at the forest?" He asked, the last part in a joking manner. Moonbyul pouted before hitting Taehyun on the shoulder. "Yeah, yeah let's go," she said, heading into the forest and following the path. Sandeul and Taehyun chuckled before following after her.

"So why'd you agree to the idea of joining us in the forest?" Asked Taehyun as they walked. "It just felt nice to be away from the city for once you know?" Asked Moonbyul. "I dunno, it seems like something fun to do every once in a while," she said. "Mm," agreed Taehyun. Sandeul nodded. "It's a lot of fun to do," he said. "Especially with a group of friends," he said.

"Why did they go without us?" Asked Moonbyul. "I told them that it'd be better for us two to be with you," said Taehyun. "And I think you prefer to be alone or in a small group anyway," he added. "Since I know the area it's best," he said. "And I doubt you'd want to be alone with me," he said. Moonbyul hummed.

"So," said Taehyun. "What's this I hear about you dreaming of wolves?" He asked. "Damn it Sungwoon," said Moonbyul, earning chuckles from Taehyun and Sandeul. "But," she said, sighing. "I am having dreams of wolves," she added, scratching the back of her head.

"Would you believe us if we said we could turn into the wolves in your dreams?" Asked Sandeul. "What?" Asked Moonbyul as she turned to them, her eyes widened in surprise. "What did you think we came out here for?" Asked Taehyun as howls erupted from the forest around them. The howls sent a shiver down Moonbyul's spine, though she felt extremely safe in Sandeul and Taehyun's presence.

"I'm a werewolf, and he's a shapeshifter," said Sandeul as he shrugged. "What's the difference?" Asked Moonbyul. "My pack is rather famous for being actual types of wolves," said Taehyun. "But we don't reach horse size like Hui's pack does," he said. "We're just slightly larger than our real counterparts," he said.

"Werewolves are that, just werewolves," said Sandeul. "We hate silver, and we're structured like a normal gray wolf but with different fur colors depending on the person," he said.

"Can you show me your wolf forms?" Asked Moonbyul. Taehyun nodded, turning to Sandeul. "We'll be behind some trees," said Sandeul as he nodded. Taehyun and Sandeul went to change behind the tree as Moonbyul waited with curiosity, wondering if they really were the wolves she had been dreaming about.

Taehyun was the first to walk over after changing and Moonbyul fell back in shock, putting a hand over her mouth. Sandeul was next, and Moonbyul backed up, hitting a tree. "W-What?" Asked Moonbyul. It was then that she noticed the figures of the rest of Taehyun's pack, along with a few other wolves she could only assume was Kihyun and his group along with Jinyoung. Taehyun's pack was the easiest to recognize because they all had different color eyes while the others had regular gold colored eyes.

"I-I need time to process everything," said Moonbyul as she gulped, letting her hand drop to the ground. "B-But, I'm okay with this," she added. "So I guess it's time to go?" She asked. Taehyun turned to look at the sky, noticing how late it got. He then nodded, motioning for the others to go get their clothes. Everyone soon went out of view, and Taehyun and Sandeul went to change and put their clothes on.

"Where did you two get your scars?" Asked Moonbyul as she walked back with Sandeul and Taehyun. "We'll tell you one of these days," said Taehyun. Sandeul nodded in agreement. "Okay," said Moonbyul.
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[center Chapter 6]

As expected, Sandeul didn't bother them anymore, at least from what Moonbyul had observed. He left her alone, and the others were sure that Jinyoung and Sandeul would be back whenever they were finished with whatever else they had to do. Jinyoung sent a message when they left the city, telling Taehyun that they'd be back within the next month or so.

"Ah, it's strange," said Taehyun as he walked with Moonbyul, the two of them just taking a walk around the neighborhood. "Those two are good friends of mine," he said. "But they didn't say that they were coming for a visit," he said. "I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble," said Moonbyul. "No, it's okay," said Taehyun. "We were stressed due to not knowing who they were until Jinyoung approached us," he said.

"What does he do for a living?" Asked Moonbyul. "Jinyoung?" Asked Taehyun. Moonbyul nodded. "He does a lot of traveling for work," said Taehyun. "Just to check on things with people," he said. "I see," said Moonbyul. "Does this have to do with your building?" She asked. "In a way," hummed Taehyun as he nodded. "But it's nothing bad," he said. "We take care of the building while the owner pays for the bills," he said. "It's why no one really moves in permanently," he said. "And we are so careful with who moves in," he added. "I see," said Moonbyul.

"Not everything is covered though," said Taehyun. "Hojung makes sure that any repairs and stuff is paid for, but the general bills, like electricity and water and building taxes, are paid for by the building owner," he said. "I see," said Moonbyul.

"How is things at work?" Asked Taehyun. "It's been okay," said Moonbyul. "Jihun has been patient with me and Sungwoon isn't sure what to do with me since I've been able to handle all the tasks given," she said. "Kihyun comes in every few days to check on inventory and things, we've been very busy," she said. "They try not to overwork me though," she added. "That's good," said Taehyun.

"They had to close the cafe early today," said Moonbyul. "Apparently Jihun got called to something at last minute and no one was able to fill in for him," she said. "Ah..." said Taehyun. "Who knows, you might get a new employee soon," he said. "It's possible," said Moonbyul.

[center ~]

Repainting the hallways of the first and second floors of the apartment building was always a chore to go through. Taehyun got the first floor while Junhyuk got the second floor, and everyone got to watch in amusement as they did the arduous task themselves. There was a few new tenants, some humans looking for a temporary place to stay for the moment until a more permanent option became available. They learned pretty quickly not to mess with Yoonsan and his security cameras, and to keep things civil in the apartment building. Moonbyul got to get to know some of her neighbors, but stayed on a professional level with them, only being neighborly in saying hello.

"Why is painting hallways always so taxing?" Asked Taehyun as he looked around the hallway to examine his work. "It's funny to see you doing this," said Timoteo as he came over after bringing a drink for Taehyun. "[i You] try doing this then," Taehyun said, scowling as he took a sip of his drink.

"When are they coming back?" Asked Timoteo. "I dunno," said Taehyun as he took the roller and started painting the other side of the hallway. "Last I checked they were meeting up with another pack member of theirs but that was weeks ago," he said.

The walkie talkie attached to Taehyun's belt came to life for the first time in hours and it was Yoonsan. "[i You got visitors]," came Yoonsan's voice. Taehyun put down the paint roller and did a thumbs up to the camera in the hallway before going outside to see who it was. Timoteo was left to continue painting, grumbling about it after a few minutes.

"Sandeul, Jinyoung," said Taehyun as he met them on the steps to the apartment building. "Hello," said Jinyoung. Sandeul nodded in greeting. "I see you met up with your pack member," said Taehyun as he noticed a third person with them. "This is Dongwoo," said Jinyoung. "Hello," said Dongwoo as he nodded in greeting.

Taehyun blinked, nodding. "What brings you here?" He asked. "I'm here because Jinyoung wouldn't leave Sandeul to his own devices," Dongwoo said with a snort. "I'm just a fellow werewolf," he said, shrugging.

"If you were, I'd know," said Taehyun. "You don't smell like a werewolf," he said. "Well, that's shocking," said Dongwoo. "You knew what I was the entire time?" He asked. "I've only met one other animal-human like you," said Taehyun. "And he's a wolf-dog," he said. "How the hell did they manage to get a polar bear cub?" He asked. Dongwoo shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets.

"How long are you staying around for this time?" Asked Taehyun. "Mm, we're not due for anything so," Jinyoung said, shrugging. "You got an apartment open?" He asked. "We do," said Taehyun. "Need a place to stay for a bit?" He asked. "If that's alright," said Jinyoung. "Follow me then," said Taehyun as he turned and walked into the building.

Junhyuk noticed Dongwoo immediately, blinking in surprise. "What?" He asked as they walked passed him. "Don't question it," Taehyun called back as he went to get a key, leaving Jinyoung, Sandeul and Dongwoo to stand outside the apartment for a minute. Junhyuk shook his head, sighing as he went back to painting.

Taehyun came back out with a key a few minutes later, going down the hall to the apartment at the other side of the building. "Here you go," he said, turning to Jinyoung and handing him the key. "Keep the place clean, no parties, don't mess with Yoonsan and his prized security cameras, trust me he [i will] know something is up," he said. "Don't mind the other residents, and keep things civil yeah?" He asked. Jinyoung nodded, and Taehyun stepped aside to let them enter the apartment.

"What the hell?" Asked Junhyuk as Taehyun walked over. Taehyun shrugged. "I learn to not question logic anymore," he said, earning a snort from Junhyuk as he went back to painting. "I'm going to get back to painting now if you need me," he said. Junhyuk waved him off and Taehyun went back to paint, letting Timoteo get back to whatever he was doing.
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[center Chapter 5]

Taehyun sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. This human was starting to become a problem, as they started stalking Moonbyul at work. It took calling the police to get them to stop. He knew that it wouldn't stop the person but it was enough to keep things on the down low for a while at least.

The pack came first however, and Taehyun was one step away from kicking Moonbyul out because Yoonsan started grumbling about stalkers. Said stalker was starting to go after the members of the pack and Taehyun didn't like it when that became a thing.

"I'll take care of it," said Taehyun as he was confronted by Yoonsan. "Look," said Yoonsan. "I know she's your mate and everything man but this is starting to become ridiculous," he said. "I don't want to be [i that] person but," he said, sighing. "I'll take care of it," said Taehyun. "Trust me, I'm pissed off by this guy too," he said.

[center ~]

After Moonbyul got off work Taehyun was the one to walk her home, and Sungwoon knew immediately what was up when Taehyun showed up. The guy had showed up again, and let's just say it didn't end well. A fight nearly broke out between Jihun and the stalker and they had managed to get his name this time.

"Who is this guy?" Taehyun asked curiously as he walked with Moonbyul. "Who is who?" Asked Moonbyul. "Your so called stalker," said Taehyun. "He's more than just an alcoholic roommate isn't he?" He asked. Moonbyul looked down at her feet.

"I don't want to be [i that] person but if he's gonna stick around and the tenants of [i my] apartment building are complaining about it, something needs to be done," said Taehyun. It hurt him to say that, but he always put the pack before everyone else. His pack was all he had. In a way it had extended to Kangmin and his team, but only because Kangmin was a long time friend, and like a little brother to Taehyun.

"You don't know what he can do," said Moonbyul. "Try me," said Taehyun. "He gets the law on my building? I have [i written] contracts with every [i single] tenant, including you, saying that you're staying here for free as long as you had work," he said. "My roommates and I take care of the building, making sure [i everything] is up to standards," he said. "We get money from an outside source," he said. "But we take care of the building," he said.

"We've done nothing wrong," he said, turning to Moonbyul. "If your [i roommate] is going to continue to cause problems I'm going to have to tell you to leave," he said. "You can't do that!" Said Moonbyul. "I have every right to," said Taehyun.

"If I may," came a new voice, causing Taehyun to turn to said voice. "Oh, Jinyoung?" Asked Taehyun. "What brings you here?" He asked. "Sandeul is here on business," said Jinyoung. "It seems however," he started. "Your friend has caught his attention," he said. "God damn it," said Taehyun. "This makes things even [i more] complicated," he said, sighing.

"Your stalker friend, is Sandeul," said Jinyoung. "Said alcoholic roommate does exist however," he added. "That would explain why Sungwoon and Jihun don't know him," Taehyun said, sighing. "Mm," said Jinyoung.

"So am I still able to stay?" Asked Moonbyul. "Yes, don't worry," said Taehyun. "I should've looked more into it, I'm sorry," he said. After making it to Moonbyul's apartment door Taehyun bid her a goodnight before leaving again with Jinyoung, heading back out and texting the pack that something had come up.

"I know, I should've said something sooner," said Jinyoung as they walked around. "But Sandeul didn't want to involve me in this, until he was warned by the police anyway," he said. "If he had come to me personally I would've understood," said Taehyun. "He [i tried]," said Jinyoung. "But he didn't want to approach you after the police got involved," he said.

"Give him my regards," said Taehyun. "If he had approached before Moonbyul said she had a stalker of sorts this would've been avoided," he said. "Yeah, no problem," said Jinyoung. "I'm sure he understood the reasoning behind it," he said.

"Where are you two staying now?" Asked Taehyun. "Nearby at one of the hotels," said Jinyoung. "Sandeul is almost done with the mission he came to Detroit for, so we're leaving pretty soon," he said. "Sandeul will come back with me whenever he's done with missions," he said.

"It's weird," said Taehyun. "We both found our mates in the same person," he said. "I know," said Jinyoung. "I think that's why Sandeul is so understanding," he said. "He knows how much you want to protect your mate, and so he knows better than to try and interfere," he said.

"Well," said Taehyun as his phone started blowing up with texts asking where he was. "I'll leave you be then," he said, checking his phone and responding to the texts. "Your pack asking where you were?" Asked Jinyoung. "It's just Yoonsan checking the cameras and seeing that I left with you," said Taehyun. "I told him that I'm fine, but I need to head back anyway," he said. "Apparently Sandeul is lurking around again," he said. Jinyoung checked his phone to be sure, nodding. "I'll tell him to leave the area," he said. "Good, Yoonsan has a bad temper," said Taehyun, earning a snort from Jinyoung. "I'll see you around then," he said, heading back to the apartment building. Jinyoung watched him go, shaking his head before he texted Sandeul.

[center ~]

"Okay, who is this guy?" Asked Yoonsan as he confronted Taehyun. "You wouldn't know him," said Taehyun. "Since you joined us after they left the city," he said. "But it's Jinyoung and his packmate Sandeul," he said. "Oh, those two," said Junhyuk. "What did they want?" He asked. "Sandeul was here on a mission, for Kris I assume," said Taehyun. "I assume Kris wants to know how Detroit is doing," he added.

"So what does Sandeul want?" Asked Timoteo. "He found his mate in Moonbyul," said Taehyun. "He didn't know how to approach the situation, since we're strict with handling any visitors that came unannounced," he said. "If they had contacted us this would've been avoided," hummed Junhyuk. "I think they wanted a stealth approach, they were pretty much hidden from us the entire time," said Taehyun. "I guess," said Timoteo.
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[center Chapter 4]

Taehyun was never one to defend his tenants from anything, but since Moonbyul was the first female tenant in a long time Taehyun found himself keeping a closer eye on things, assigning Sungwoon to keeping an eye on things while he was at work with her. The others could take care of themselves, and Taehyun knew that.

Today was just another one of those days where Taehyun was working on general things on the building, checking on the overall integrity of the building to make sure nothing was breaking. It was usually Junhyuk's job to check on the empty apartments to make sure there weren't any squatters, though they kept tight security measures to keep the building crime free. Yoonsan and Hojung made sure nothing electrical was broken and fixed whatever the others couldn't.

"T-Taehyun," said Moonbyul as she approached Taehyun who was currently cleaning the first floor windows. "What's up?" Asked Taehyun. "I-I don't want to bother you with something but can someone walk with me to work today?" Asked Moonbyul. Alarms immediately went off in Taehyun's head as he turned to Moonbyul, stopping what he was doing as he put the mop back in the bucket. "What's wrong?" He asked. "My roommate... He might be s-stalking me," said Moonbyul as she looked away. "Aish," grumbled Taehyun as he sighed. "No problem," he said, fishing his phone out of his pocket. "What time do you go into work today?" He asked. "In an hour," said Moonbyul. Taehyun hummed, going through his contacts to see who was available.

"Why the hell does Kihyun have you work the afternoon and closing shifts?" Taehyun grumbled to himself as he texted someone. "I hate to bother Kangmin since he just returned from a job but," he said, sighing as he got a response. "He is home, and agreed to take you to work today," he said. "Don't worry about security alright? It's really safe," he said. "Unless you want to stay outside while I finish washing the windows?" He asked. "I'll be fine, t-thank you," said Moonbyul as she bowed before heading back into the building.

It was then that Taehyun noticed a peculiar figure standing across the street, quickly turning his attention back to the windows as to not draw attention to himself. He went back to cleaning the windows, moving onto the next one and ignoring whoever seemed to be eyeing the building from across the street.

An hour later Kangmin walked out of the building with Moonbyul. "Thank you again," called Taehyun as he worked on the second floor windows. "No problem!" Kangmin called back.

"Damn people," grumbled Taehyun as he sighed, finishing with the window washing, dropping the mop into the bucket. "What happened?" Asked Junhyuk as he walked over. "We have a human stalker," said Taehyun. "Ah..." Said Junhyuk. "Kangmin had to walk Moonbyul to work," added Taehyun. "Well," said Junhyuk. "This is your mate," he said. "Of course," said Taehyun. "I would want to keep her safe," he added.

"Where is he?" Asked Junhyuk. "He was across the street last I checked," Taehyun. "You mean the human just pacing back and forth while we were talking?" Asked Junhyuk. "Yep," said Taehyun.

Kangmin walked back with a drink in his hands, waving to Junhyuk and Taehyun. "Hey Kangmin," said Taehyun. "Thanks again," he said. "No problem," said Kangmin as he drank from the straw placed in his drink. "Did the hunters leave?" Asked Junhyuk. "I think they did earlier this morning," said Kangmin. "They knocked on the door to say goodbye so," he said, shrugging. "I see," said Taehyun. "They didn't want to overstay their welcome," said Kangmin. "That makes sense," said Taehyun.

"So what are we gonna do about the stalker across the street?" Asked Kangmin. "Leave him be for now," said Taehyun. "If he comes any closer, like actually stepping up the stairs leading into the apartment building call the cops," he said. "We do have cameras everywhere," agreed Junhyuk as he looked up at the camera pointed towards the front door of the building.

"Who's job is to look at that again?" Asked Kangmin. "Yoonsan or Hojung," said Taehyun. "They've got everything set up in their room," he said. "Mhm," said Kangmin.

"How do they manage that when there's three people in the room?" Asked Junhyuk. "[i Very] carefully," said Taehyun as he grabbed the bucket. "Let's go get lunch then," he said. "Want to join us Kangmin?" He asked. "Ah, sure let me tell Jisung," said Kangmin as he nodded, running inside. Taehyun chuckled slightly and went to clean up and change clothes. Junhyuk waited outside for them, keeping his hands in his pockets.

When Taehyun and Kangmin got back Junhyuk was the one to drive everyone to lunch, while Taehyun was the one to pay for everyone's orders. Everyone talked about random things, just saying what came to mind.

"How's missions been?" Asked Taehyun. "They could be better," said Kangmin. "I haven't had many international missions but I think I'm due for one soon," he said. "Yedam is supposed to stop by, maybe he can put in some word for you," said Taehyun.

"You're checking your phone for once?" Kangmin asked with a teasing grin. "Oh shut up," Taehyun said, chuckling some. "I've checked my phone more often now," he said. "Hojung's been making sure I've checked my emails," he said. "When is he coming over?" Asked Kangmin. "In a few days," said Taehyun. "I think he's only here to check on Hojung," said Junhyuk. "But according to Hojung he's here to make sure you're handling things well," he said. "You know, since everything happened and everything," he added.

"I'm handling things pretty well I think," said Kangmin. "I know, it's been a couple years since the incident but," he said, shrugging. "I'm doing fine, I moved on," he said. "Would I forgive Hayoung and Taeseon for what they did? Probably not," he said. "But the team is doing well I hear," he said.

"They're flourishing under other teams, which is awesome," he said. "I was afraid they wouldn't," he said. "Yeah," said Taehyun. Junhyuk nodded in agreement.
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[center Chapter 3]

"So you decided to stop by huh?" Asked Sungwoon as Hwanhee showed up at the cafe with Xion. "For a bit," said Hwanhee as he shrugged. "Just to check things out," he added. "I see," said Sungwoon as he nodded. "What can I get you?" Asked Jihun as he stood at the register. "Ah, 3 iced coffees," said Hwanhee. "Is it possible to make one extra strong?" He asked. "For your other companion?" Asked Jihun. Hwanhee nodded. "Yeah I can do that," said Sungwoon. Jihun rung up the order and Hwanhee went to pay for it while Xion looked at the pastries in thought.

"Did you want a pastry too?" Asked Hwanhee as he looked at Xion. Xion shrugged. "I guess," he said. "Which one?" Asked Sungwoon. "The cake pop," said Xion as he pointed to one. "Do you want two?" Asked Sungwoon. "Sure," said Xion as he nodded. "They're on us, it'll be a few minutes for your coffee," said Sungwoon as he handed over the cake pops.

"Not that busy today," remarked Hwanhee as he went to wait for the drinks. "No," said Sungwoon. "It's usually pretty busy to be honest," he said. "But you came in after the lunch rush," he said. "I see," said Hwanhee. Xion munched on one of the cake pops, saving the other for Dongmyeong as he went to sit down on one of the comfortable chairs.

"So what's the story with the twins?" Asked Sungwoon as he worked on making the coffee. "Ah..." Said Hwanhee as he hesitated, blinking. "It's okay," said Xion as he shrugged. "I guess it's better to know," he added. "Well," said Hwanhee as he shrugged. "I'm not sure myself," he said. "But Xion suffers from insomnia and his brother suffers from narcolepsy," he said. Sungwoon blinked.

"We're linked in a way," said Xion. "Like he's the one who sleeps or is sleepy all the time and I'm awake all the time and vice versa," he added. "It's kind of weird, because I didn't believe it at first," he said. "But I think it makes sense," he said. "Because I find myself blanking out if he's fully awake and don't come back to the world until he's done with whatever he's doing," he said. "Is he sleeping now?" Asked Sungwoon. "I think so," said Xion. "We kind of just left him there, though he knew we were coming over here," he said.

Everyone turned when the door chimed and in walked Dongmyeong with Moonbyul, the two of them having walked over to the cafe together. "Hey there," said Jihun. "Moonbyul, you'll help Sungwoon with drinks when the evening rush comes in okay?" He asked. Moonbyul nodded and went to put on an apron before joining Sungwoon by where the drinks were being made. "You can make the last one," said Sungwoon. "It's just iced coffee," he added. "Okay," said Moonbyul as she went to make it. Dongmyeong went to sit with Xion and took the cake pop that was offered.

"This oddly reminds me of the way Moonbin's coffee shop is set up," hummed Hwanhee as he tilted his head to the side. "It's similar in a way," said Jihun. "The set up is the same but the workers are different," he added. Hwanhee nodded.

"So who's group are you with?" Asked Sungwoon. "Just keep on asking me questions why don't you?" Hwanhee asked with a snort. "Hey, I was asked to find out mostly everything about you three, Taehyun's curious," said Sungwoon as he passed over the three drinks. "Well," said Hwanhee as he took one of the drinks, Xion and his brother coming to get the other two.

"I belong to a group that used to be led by Wooseok," said Hwanhee, being mindful of Moonbyul. "I see," said Sungwoon. "But since Wooseok left, Xiao took over as leader," he added. "For reasons I don't want to disclose because it'd be rude," he added quickly. "I wasn't going to ask," said Sungwoon.

"We've had our fair share of things like that, trust me," said Jihun. "It's understandable," he said. "Why do people leave?" Asked Moonbyul. "Sometimes things don't work out in a group," said Sungwoon. "Sometimes groups aren't meant to be together," he said. "I see," said Moonbyul.

"We'll be off then," said Hwanhee. "See you around," said Sungwoon. Hwanhee waved before leaving with the twins.

[center ~]

"Aish," said Taehyun after he listened to what Sungwoon told him. "Twins are really rare in the supernatural world," he said. "To see these two still going at it even with their handicaps is different," he said. "The last set of twins, at least technically speaking anyway, were Nichkhun and Kyuhyun," he said. "They were born on the same day I think, but have different mothers," he said. "They consider themselves twins but they're not really twins though," pointed out Junhyuk.

"You know, those two are going to go places," said Taehyun. "Dongmyeong's famous for coming up with the mantra that everyone follows," said Hojung. "I've met him a few times, but I never thought he had a twin," he said. "You've met him before?" Asked Taehyun. Hojung nodded.

"Dongmyeong is a good person, just with a pretty bad history," he said. "The reason he became a werewolf hunter in the first place was due to something happening to his home pack, I'm not sure what it was," he said. "I feel bad for the kid," said Taehyun. "He's a good kid," said Hojung. "Just different," he added.

"His twin I don't think anyone knows about," he said. "The most information I can get about him is that he belonged to a pack that helped out vampire hunters, they helped find blood dens," he said. "I see," said Taehyun. "Kangmin recognizes him but other than that," Hojung said, shrugging. "The pack he comes from is pretty much unknown," he said.

"You know they're unknown if Moonbin doesn't have any information on them," said Sungwoon. "That's true," said Taehyun. "Let's not judge them too much alright? They're just here for missions," he said. "Right," agreed Sungwoon and Hojung.
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[center Chapter 2]

"Who's idea was it to let a new tenant move in?" Asked Timoteo as he looked at Taehyun. "Sungwoon came to me about it," said Taehyun. "I couldn't say no after talking to her," he said. "Yoonsan's not gonna like this," Timoteo said, sighing. "He never liked new people living in the apartment building," agreed Taehyun.

"Why though?" Asked Timoteo. "I dunno," said Taehyun. "I never bothered to ask," he said. "But I'm sure he's realized that we have a new permanent tenant for the time being," he said. "I haven't heard him complain about it yet," said Timoteo. "So not very likely," he added.

"Ah, hyung," said Hojung as he walked over. "What's up?" Asked Taehyun as he turned to Hojung. "We're getting visitors," said Hojung. "Only for missions but," he said, shrugging. "Who is it?" Asked Taehyun. "Hwanhee and the twins," said Hojung. "At least, that's what they're known as now," he added. "Twins?" Asked Taehyun. "Werewolves, and Hwanhee's a shapeshifter," said Hojung. "I um, think we might need to mention it to Yoonsan before he goes berserk," he added.

"Vampire hunters then?" Asked Taehyun. "Yes," said Hojung. "They contacted Kangmin, who told me and I came to tell you," he said. "Well, we can kill two birds with one stone and tell him about the new tenant," said Taehyun. "We have a new tenant?" Asked Hojung. "Yes," said Taehyun. "Well," said Hojung. "That's going to be fun telling Yoonsan," he said.

"When is he coming back from whatever he does in his free time?" Asked Taehyun. "I don't know," said Timoteo. "It's usually around 5 so," he said, shrugging. "We'll tell him then," said Taehyun.

"I find it funny how Sungwoon is the only one to work while we take care of the apartment building," said Junhyuk. "We've always done this though," said Taehyun. "I take care of the bills anyway," said Hojung. "And we make sure things are okay with the building," he added. "They must be burning a pretty sizable hole in your pocket by now," said Timoteo. "No, not even a dent in it," said Hojung. "Interesting," hummed Timoteo.

[center ~]

When Yoonsan and Sungwoon came back to the apartment Taehyun called a pack meeting, and everyone went to sit in the livingroom. Everyone but Yoonsan knowing what the topics were about, so Taehyun cut straight to the chase.

"Well," said Taehyun. "I'm announcing that we're getting visitors," he said. "Who are they?" Asked Yoonsan as he studied Taehyun's expression. "Hwanhee and two werewolves," said Taehyun. "They're vampire hunters and they're only going to be here for a few days to do their missions," he said. "Hwanhee's a 'shifter?" Asked Yoonsan. Taehyun nodded. "The two werewolves are part of his pack," he said. "They're also twins," he added. "Though why I was told this information I don't know," he said. "I'm sure I'll find out why when they get here," he said. Yoonsan hummed in response.

"You're taking this well," remarked Junhyuk. "Ah, I've come to expect visitors after the Treasure Box faction was formed," said Yoonsan. "Though, I doubt these three are a part of it," he added. "Hwanhee used to be, but he joined a new faction," said Taehyun. "From what I've been told anyway," he added. "I wasn't given the specifics but," he said. Yoonsan hummed. "Is that it?" He asked.

"Well," said Taehyun. "We have a new tenant," he said. Yoonsan blinked, raising an eyebrow in question. "I um... I met her one day while working," said Sungwoon. "I didn't find my mate in her," he added quickly. "But she looked like she needed to get away from her home life before," he said. "Nervous, skittish about everything, the like," he added. "I see," said Yoonsan.

"Is she working currently?" He asked. "At the cafe," said Sungwoon. "Kihyun hired her yesterday," he added. Yoonsan hummed in response.

"You took that better than I expected," Taehyun said, scratching the back of his head. "I noticed the slightest change in your expression, so I knew this was more serious than you let on," said Yoonsan.

"You found your mate in her didn't you?" He asked. "Nothing can get passed you can it?" Asked Taehyun as he sighed. Yoonsan looked sheepish as he scratched the back of his head. "I figured, as soon as you mentioned it," he said. "Who am I to try and separate the two of you?" He asked. "I may be the youngest but I have common sense," he said.

"So when are we getting visitors?" Asked Hojung. "In the next few days," said Taehyun. "I think the apartment beside Kangmin's is empty," said Junhyuk. "We can give them that apartment," he added. "For the time being," he said. "We could," said Taehyun as he nodded.

[center ~]

The first thing Taehyun noticed when Hwanhee showed up with the twins was how tired one of them looked. "Ah..." He said. "I know why now," he hummed. "It's only temporary," said Hwanhee. "It's not that," said Taehyun. "I'm not saying you're not allowed to stay," he added. "Come on, I'll take you to the apartment," he said.

"You were told briefly of us then?" Asked Hwanhee. "Everyone lets me know who's coming for a visit, Detroit technically belongs to my pack so," said Taehyun as he stopped in front of the door to their apartment. "Here you go," he said, opening the door before handing Hwanhee the keys.

"The only thing I ask is before you leave make sure to clean up," he said, watching as Xion half carried half dragged his brother inside to sleep. "Will do," said Hwanhee. "You won't have much of a problem with us," he added. "There's a coffee shop just down the street, if you want coffee, owned by your neighbors here," he said, gesturing to the apartment door next door. "I'll keep that in mind," said Hwanhee before he nodded. "Anything else?" He asked. "No, enjoy your stay," said Taehyun as he nodded before leaving Hwanhee to unpack.

"Not what I was expecting," said Junhyuk as he met Taehyun on the stairs outside. "No, not what I was expecting either," said Taehyun. "But leave them be, I'm sure we'll get to learn more about them while they're here," he added. "Sungwoon does tend to get information out of people," agreed Junhyuk. "Let's go get groceries then," he said. "Yeah, let's," said Taehyun as they headed to the parking lot to get the truck.
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[center Chapter 1]

Taehyun stopped by the cafe that Sungwoon worked at, as Sungwoon had something to ask Taehyun. "What's up?" He asked, ordering his usual drink before going to wait for it while Sungwoon made the drink. "Ah, there's a human that comes in regularly," said Sungwoon. "I normally don't bring this up with you but she looks like she needs to move in to the apartment building," he said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Asked Taehyun. "I'm saying that she um... Her home life doesn't look so good," said Sungwoon. "She coming in today?" Asked Taehyun. "She usually does," said Sungwoon as he nodded. "Here," he said, handing his drink over. "Thank you," said Taehyun as he nodded, taking the drink before going to sit down.

"You talking about Moonbyul?" Asked Jihun as he came out from the back room. "Yeah," said Sungwoon. "Ah... She does look like she needs to get away from that," hummed Jihun. "Is it that bad?" Asked Taehyun. "You'll see," said Sungwoon. "I see," hummed Taehyun.

Right on cue a nervous looking woman entered the cafe, fidgeting with her hands as she kept them in front of her. "Hello Moonbyul," said Jihun. "H-Hello," said Moonbyul. "The usual?" Asked Jihun. "Please," said Moonbyul as she went to pay for it. "Hey," Jihun said gently, pushing back the money. "It's on me today, you look like you need it," he said. Moonbyul nodded, looking down. "Thank you," she mumbled, taking back the money and going to wait for her drink.

"The apartment owner's in today, if you want to talk to him," said Sungwoon as he made her drink. "Will he really let me stay?" Asked Moonbyul. "As long as you hold a job, you're fine," said Sungwoon. "The cafe owner doesn't mind you here either, so you can get hired here," he said. "Kihyun does have a soft spot for people with home problems," agreed Jihun.

"Well, here you go," said Sungwoon as he handed Moonbyul her drink. "He's sitting by the window if you want to talk to him," he added. "Thank you," said Moonbyul as she turned, spotting Taehyun still sitting down by the windows, looking out them and pretending to not listen to the conversation. She then walked over, making sure not to spill her drink as she stood behind the chair that was across from Taehyun.

"Sit down," said Taehyun as he noticed her, smiling slightly as he turned to look at her. Moonbyul managed a small smile in return, moving the chair before sitting down, putting the drink down. "So," said Taehyun as he adjusted in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest. "I heard you were having home problems," he said, looking concerned. Moonbyul nodded. "Just an alcoholic roommate, the like," she said. "I see," said Taehyun as he hummed.

"Sungwoon said you would let me stay in your building for free," said Moonbyul. "If I worked," she added. "Yes," said Taehyun. "But I don't just let [i anyone] live in my building," he said. "Most who stay are usually there temporarily," he added. "So if you are staying permanently then yes, you would have to work," he said. "I think it's going to be permanent," said Moonbyul.

"You don't have a job currently?" Asked Taehyun. "No, not currently," said Moonbyul. "B-But Sungwoon offered to talk to the cafe owner," she said. The stutter didn't go unnoticed by Taehyun as he tilted his head to the side. "...Okay," he said after a few minutes. "We have a room open just across the hall from Jihun's apartment," he said. "It's already furnished from what I know, so you can move in immediately," he said. "I'll talk to the cafe owner and see if he can let you work here," he added. "I'm sure he will, but I will talk to him," he said. "Thank you," said Moonbyul. "Stay as long as you need, and Jihun will get you home tonight to show you the apartment," he said. "The keys will be given to his roommate Kangmin," he added. "Okay," said Moonbyul, sounding relieved.

"Hey," said Taehyun as he smiled softly. "Things will get better, trust me," he said, nodding as he got up. "Hang in there alright?" He asked. Moonbyul nodded, smiling slightly in return.

[center ~]

"Oi, we need to see if the apartment across from Kangmin's apartment is clean," called Taehyun as he entered the apartment. "We're getting a new tenant?" Asked Junhyuk. "Yes," said Taehyun as he went to get the keys. "Is Kangmin home?" He asked. "He should be," said Junhyuk as he went to get his cleaning supplies. "Alright," said Taehyun as he grabbed the correct key and headed out. Junhyuk followed after him.

Kangmin opened the door, rubbing his eyes. "Oh, hyung!" Said Kangmin. "What's up?" He asked. "You're getting a new neighbor," said Taehyun. "So I'm leaving the key with you, Jihun will return with her tonight," he said. "Is there a reason?" Asked Kangmin as he blinked in surprise. "Home life," said Taehyun. "Ah... Okay," said Kangmin. "Yeah, I can hold onto the key," he said. "Thank you," said Taehyun before he walked over to the apartment across from Kangmin's and unlocked it, opening the door and Junhyuk went in to see what needed cleaning before Taehyun came back and handed the key to Kangmin. Kangmin took it, pocketing the key. "Is there anything else you need?" He asked.

"Is Kihyun in?" Asked Taehyun. "He went to get groceries, but yes, he's home," said Kangmin. "Tell him that someone needs a job," said Taehyun. "Jihun will fill in with the details," he added. "Okay," said Kangmin. "Anything else?" He asked. "No," said Taehyun. "Alright," said Kangmin as he nodded, closing the door.

"Why do I have a feeling that this won't end well?" Asked Junhyuk as he left the room after making sure everything was clean. "I don't know," said Taehyun. "But let's hope Yoonsan isn't immediately hostile towards her," he said. "She's human," said Junhyuk. "Does that matter though?" Asked Taehyun. "I guess not," said Junhyuk as he sighed. "Let's head back up then," said Taehyun before he headed back to their apartment. Junhyuk followed after him.
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