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There was peace for a time the Great nations of the world worked together in building the peace and maintaining it. However it was not to last. No instead from inside their own foundations an organization known only as the Usagi, Consisting of rogue members the Usagi established their own village. The village hidden in the moon, It was there their organization would gather members and it was there the new war would start from.

As members of Usagi you are meant to establish this new found power of the group and have the world fear the name of Getsugakure.


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Cern looked between his partner and the jail. Several things had been known about the place. The man who led it before was an insane person who wanted to bring back his child through the use of a cube and would stop at nothing to bring the boy back. He nearly succeeded other then that his son did indeed come back but he also was not the same, He was a monster even to those who were monsters. The groups had stopped him through sheer force and would not allow it to happen again. The cube had been moved somewhere unknown to all but those who took care of it.

It was also well known that the only way in if you didn't work here was through a sentience. [b "The best option would be on the next convoy to the jail we jump into it as criminals. That does mean however loosing the nice weapon of yours."] pointing to the claymore on his back Cern looked once again to the jail and back to his partner. [b "We have a way in without doing so but that would cause problems while we are here in the land of grass, and while we could cause a jail break it won't help much and we can't have the criminals out and about as well. We were told secret."] Holding up one finger. [b "I could place your blade within a scroll and have you or I swallow it and at a free moment summon it back to you once we are inside and go from there."]
  Cern Crow / Colorful_insanity / 16d 14h 18m 2s
Ito inspected the prison when they stopped and thought about the best course of action. They could go in quietly and be out before the guards even knew something was going down. Ito could even use his blood abilities to make the guards help them, though he was still trying to perfect this technique. Currently, Ito could only control two people at once before it became too difficult to focus. His hand went to his sword again as he thought things over before his attention slowly shifted from the prison to his partner.

"How do you want to handle this, Cern?" he questioned calmly. "If we split up, we could interrogate more people. But it'd be easier to go together, watch each other's back." He studied his partner and nodded once. "I trust you not to let someone surprise me."
  Ito Ketsueki / TheLizardWizard / 24d 12h 31m 43s
Cern watched his partners face as he explained the details. There was little concern on his part, but of course the one question he wanted to ask himself his partner had already asked. [b "I wasn't told. I do know he knows who he sold the blades to if he doesn't have them on him, but from there where they are is going to be harder to find. I do know our leaders would like for us to be back within a few months as to not arouse suspicion within the village."] Standing up he dressed himself and watched as his partner went to place a hand on the hilt of the blade he carried upon his back.

[b "I am ready to go as well. I just needed a bath and clean cloths before leaving. As this will likely become a rare thing on the way."] Placing the last item of his back into position Cern looked to his partner and nodded. They were off to their first destination the last known location of their target, which was the land of grass, it was rumor he would be here to sell the final blade, but to who, when where, and such was all unknown and left out. The only thing that was given to them was it would be in a month from that day.

The trip was short, but it would have to be as they would push it just to get to the land of grass with at least a bit of time to discover all the missing information they needed on their target. The first would be a where. Cern had stopped at the prison in the hidden grass partner not far. Stopping just barely off the treeline he clicked his tongue to make their calling sound and dropped to the ground. [b "The prisoners would know where someone wanting to sell on the black market would be, especially those who deal in illegal content. This is our best chance of a starting place. We get in get a couple prisoners interrogated and get out. What you think?"]
  Cern Crow / Colorful_insanity / 25d 3h 41m 38s
Ito listened in silence as his partner explained the details of the mission to him. It seemed like a relatively easy mission, with the two working together, and he briefly wondered why they had been chosen. He didn't question it too long, though, and soon nodded his head just the slightest at Cern. "I see. Are we to interrogate this man, or will he give up the information we seek?" he asked finally. "If he refuses to talk, he'll regret's pointless refusing Usagi."

He moved to his partner then and added, "Are you ready to head out now, or do you need time to prepare?" His hand moved to the sword on his back and he gripped the hilt. "I'm ready to go." Ito usually traveled light during their missions, preferring to rely on his skills and blade instead of wasting time with other tools.
  Ito Ketsueki / TheLizardWizard / 25d 14h 45m 49s
The young boy's Amber brown eyes watched his partner with slight ease. Cern had always wondered between Ito and himself who would win in a fight, but perhaps that is why they were paired up was their duality. The battle would be long and bloody and the outcome likely the death of both of them. The problem was the unknown strength of the others abilities. They knew each other well, but not their limit on their things. For an example would be Ito's blood rage while known to Cern he did not know what could trigger it, or end it, or how long it lasted.

Cern handed the scroll over to Ito as he continued his explanation of the mission. [#3c454e "From what I have been told we hunt the thief, he himself should know the locations of the blades themselves. Its unlikely he will have them upon his being if he has any left. From what I am told of rumors and such Mamo Hozuki is a middle class ninja and only tries to gain fortune by stealing items and selling them to the highest bidder. More so he tends not to be charged with criminal activity as they can never prove that it was him who had taken them."]

Placing his hands together Cern looked to his partner a blank face upon him. [#3c454e "Last known location for Hozuki was upon the North Hot springs headed towards the land of Grass. I believe he goes to make one last deal with the land of Grass's hidden village."]
  Cern Crow / Colorful_insanity / 50d 9h 55m 17s
Ito placed his hand on the hilt of his sword as he listened to the mission details. He had always been curious about the seven swords and knew they would be very useful for Usagi to have. With only them having the swords, they'd be deadlier than they currently were. Still, the swords alone wouldn't be enough for Usagi to come out of the shadows just yet.

"Nobody will know of Usagi, Cern," he assured his partner in his usual emotionless voice. He lowered his hand from his sword and eyed the scroll they were to use. "Do we know where to find each sword, or will we need to search for them? Are they in the Mist currently?"
  Ito Ketsueki / TheLizardWizard / 59d 8h 59m 52s
Cern had dressed himself and nodded. [#3c454e "Yes Ito we have a mission given to us by the leader. Usagi wants us to go and recapture the Seven swords from the Hidden Mist village."] The child had dressed himself in his normal street clothing and a smile upon his face. [#3c454e "We have however to make sure no one knows we are from the league, as if we are discovered then so is the Usagi and the leader's don't want to be discovered just yet. While we have the village under Usagi control the world believes we are a modern hidden village."]

Unwinding the scroll for the swords he placed his hands on the center of one of them. [#3c454e "Leader gave me the justu to lock away the swords into this scroll, so we don't have to carry around the swords while we return them here."] The male wound the scroll up again and returned it back into his pouch. Standing up the smile still on his face. [#3c454e "Lets get going though so we can get back. I have a lot of stuff to do here."]
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Ito Ketsueki was once a loyal ANBU for Konoha. He served them without question, fullfilling mission after mission. Most of the missions the nearly-emotionless man went on were assassinations or intel gathering. It didn't matter to him, for Konoha had given him a home when he became an orphan at a young age. He was...happy there, as happy as someone like him could be. You see, the people of the Ketsueki clan were almost always emotionless. When they lost control, however, they were know to fly into a blind rage where they would attack anyone in there way, using powerful blood jutsus. So, the people of his clan over time began to act emotionless in order to keep others safe.

What Ito hadn't known, however, was that it was Konoha that had slaughtered his clan. They had feared their powerful blood jutsus and wiped them out one night to prevent them from ever causing trouble.

Ito had learned this truth when he was in his teens.

The night Ito had found out the truth, the boy lost control for the first time in his life. He slaughtered the people in his ANBU squad and fled the village. It was easy for him to escape once he was away from his squad. When he was finally free of Konoha, Ito wandered without purpose. He abandoned his ANBU gear soon after leaving the village, not wanting to have any ties to the village that caused him so much pain.

It was during Ito's pointless wandering that he came across the sword that he would later use for Usagi.

Now, Ito was one of the three village leaders of Getsugakure and one of the members of Usagi.

Ito had been teamed up with a Usagi member named Cern. Together, the two were practically unstoppable.

Now, Ito had been informed of yet another mission for Usagi and had gone to meet his partner. When he saw the man, he greeted him with a polite nod of his head, his face expresionless.

"Hello, Cern," he greeted finally. "Another mission, I heard."
  Ito Ketsueki / TheLizardWizard / 64d 1h 4m 28s
The Usagi, the group of Rogue ninja that had left all the other villages to start their own. Like the Akatsuki they had taken over an already made village, however instead of having the population forced under their rule they had released them all to the world, instead they only wanted people who would willingly join them of their own accord, and they would allow anyone to join them, civilians, outlaws, rogues, anyone could. They would earn a reputation within the world of taking the outlaws and making them a home. It was however short lived as outlaws had the things they wanted, and the Usagi would not have it.

The founders of the Usagi, the Original three families, The Karasu, The Ketsueki, and the Ishi. They had started the League as a way to escape the easy life of modern ninja and their lack of skill. The league had all agreed war was needed and it would be what would release the world from its poverty. While ninja's now a days had moderate and decent use they would fail in times of war or battles. Only a true ninja would hone their skills through the field of battle, and the Usagi would hold to the tradition as such.

The Karasu, or the Crow were the Clan that had followed the sage of six path's teachings That peace could be obtained, but only if one was patience and always prepared for battle. It was this clan that had formed a new style of Sage mode itself. Away from the Toad sage, and the Snake sage, The slug sage, and even the six path's sage mode. They had made the Crow Sage mode which had its unique abilities within itself. which had given them one of the three foundation spots within the league, and would forever hold a spot in power.

The Ishi family had however disappeared over a few generations and with their last member passing away had lost their "spot" in the league, to that of a Karasu's branch family, a Taka family member. Now their newest member within the league, and one of the three village leaders is Cern Karasu, The male was yet a young adult in comparison to those who had come before him. His level of power however made him a considerable enemy, accept for his partner from the Ketsueki family.

As the sun was rising in the morning over the Hidden Moon village we glance upon its Cold stone walls, on top of it, besides the usual guarding Shinobi was a lone person. The guards seemed angry with this Ninja, but the male didn't seem to pay attention, for his mask hid his face well, and regular Shinobi knew not to demand things of this member of the Anbu. The mask of the Anbu, specifically this Shinobi was carved by his own hand out of the bones from the two tails in which he holds in his body. Not many people talked about it now a days, for it seemed to cause more fear and rumor that the village planned on trying to regain the Three tail, but it has never happened sense they had lost it in the first place. The mask was caved into the shape of a Bird, its eyes painted to look as if they were shut with a few markings to represent the few battles the wearer has been in. [b “Raven, the elders wants you.”] said another anbu member who had appeared from what seemed like thin air. [#3c454e “I will be there.”] That was the ninja's Anbu name, and the one used around anyone else unless he did not have his mask on, then it was Cern Karasu the name his parents had given him.

Slowly as the sky turned from its shades of dark blue, light blue, pink, orange, and red mix to one of light blue, and the burning bright sun the male jumped from the wall to land on both his feet. Walking through the streets of the village with his mask still attacked to his face, his hood up, and anything that could possibly point out who exactly he was hidden away from all prying eyes. Turning left He came to stop at a building that seemed to have no doors, but several windows. It was the second largest building in the village besides that of the Kage's own building. Pushing on the wall about two feet to his left a door appeared out of the stone. Stepping inside the door shut quickly and once it was completely sealed again flames lit up in the dark leading down a hallway that seemed endless. Taking several paced steps It seemed like Cern was counting his steps more then just walking down the hallway. Turning again to face the wall he grabbed the torch on the wall to his right this time and pulled on it. With that another door opened up from the stone that made up the wall.

Once again stepping inside the door slammed shut and more torches lit up. The room now burning bright with light not only from the torches, but also from the little wholes that seemed to dot all over the ceiling like it was meant to seem like the night sky. In the room now besides Cern, was another man who seemed to be wrapped completely in bandages accept for his eyes and the headband which Identified what village he was from. [b “Raven, Welcome I have a mission for you. Its an acquisition mission.”] The young male quickly pulled out his little black book and looked through it for anyone or anything who could have been added or had been left out from his already done missions. [#3c454e “what is it Sensei Ranmaru?”] [b “It is not going to be in the book, they aren't known enough to be in there. With all of the targets from the village's book either Captured and being questioned, or killed by your own hand it seems that us Anbu have just to be ready for missing ninja from our village, or those who go and spread word of the League.”] Cern nodded at the news and with it threw his book onto one of the Torches that was close to him. [#3c454e “Then what exactly is it?”] [b “Its a ninja that turned rogue on us several years ago, and none of our Sensory ninja have been able to find him, at least until now. However the person I had originally intended to kill him has well been killed.”]

Still seeming emotionless on his face Cern seemed to be getting irritated at the beat around. [b “Its one of the new seven deadly mist ninjas.”] [#3c454e “Which one exactly does this ninja have then? The Executioner Blade? The Sewing needle? The Shark Skin? The Helmet Splitter? The Splash? The Fangs? Or perhaps the last one The Twinssword? Which one did the Hidden mist loose this time after I recaptured and brought them all back here, just to have them sold back to the Hidden Mist to once again use?”] [b “Its the All of them that we have lost, and its to the Hozuki child.”] [#3c454e “Mamo Hozuki, Is that who you are talking about?”] [b “That is the one.”] [#3c454e “Just hand me the Scroll and let me be off.”] The man seemed to pull the scroll out from among his bandages that wrapped his body and held it out in front of him. [b “One last thing, Your partner Ito Ketsueki will be joining you."]

Taking the Scroll Cern opened it up and read quickly the details. Nodding he turned around and left the room after pulling on the torch again. Once he was outside in the open he was quickly greeted again by the Anbu member from Earlier [b “Raven, How did the meeting go?”] [#3c454e “Demon if you want to know go ask the elder.”] Cern pointed to the wall behind him. [#3c454e “If you don't mind I have a mission to be off on, Apparently we had all seven of the Blades taken again. This time instead of several people its one.”] [b “I will come with you.”] [#3c454e “No, Elder has already sent help with me.”] With that Cern was off before another word could be said.

It was at first just a blazing daylight of sun off the cloud of mist that had gathered around the village and had kept it hidden so well in the past from the other ninja villages. Those who would enter the Mist wouldn't come out unless they had a map, or they knew exactly what direction to go. Slipping his mask off his face Cern had stripped himself of his Anbu clothing. Pulling out his regular clothing he slipped into the waterfall that was the source of the hot spring that produced the cloud. It had heated rocks and the water around them wasn't extremely hot, but it was hot enough to make a clash of mist when cold water hits the surface. Washing himself of any possible traces of anbu membership the male's hand paused when it touched the scar on his right shoulder. Thinking back to how he got it was not something he wished to remember. Letting his hand drop to his side in the water Cern dipped his head into the water. With that he slipped into his mind and met eye to eye with the Two tail. There the two of them clashed for a little bit, but Cern won in the end. It wasn't a true fight between them, it was a training fight, to see if the boy was still stronger then the animal.

Bringing his head back out of the water The seal pressed on the back of his neck started to glow a light blue in color. Pushing himself out of the water he held his anbu mask in his hands only to let the thing sink into the water. As the mask faded the water became still again. and a faint voice of Cern could be heard just over the rush of water hitting stone. [#3c454e "Hello Ito."] The male looked up at his partner as new droplets of water ran down his body.
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