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Toris Laurinaitis managed to escape his abusive boyfriend to spend the summer at his friend Alfred's home, and while with Alfred the two ended up forming a relationship and making love multiple times, but now Ivan has found Toris and drags him back to his home only to learn that the man he thought he had complete control over is pregnant with Alfred's bastard. What will Ivan do to Toris now and will Toris be able to protect his unborn until birth?


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Toris glared at Ivan as he began refuting all his claims and the Lithuanian wanted so bad to take the knife out of the closet and slice the man's member to ribbons, he was hoping the man would concede instead he got hard which told Toris, even before Ivan ripped the bottle out of his leg and threatened Toris with it that there was a very good chance he wasn't getting out of this alive and it also confirmed Toris's worst fear. The male rolled his eyes at the Russian's threats and his face went back to neutral as he turned to the closet, took out the knife, and the first aid kit. Toris tossed the kit at Ivan hating the man's drunken instincts as he caught it though Toris had wished it would hit him in the face. [#00960e "Patch yourself up I'm going to shower."] the Lithuanian growled before marching into the bathroom then closing and locking the door then he quickly stripped and tossed his bloody clothes in the metal garbage can before lighting it on fire, he would clean it up later. Toris turned on the shower and got in the tub he desperately wanted to scream he was back in the place he hated the most and being with Alfred had made him realize he had never loved the Russian it had all just been Stockholm Syndrome from the years of abuse and mental torture he had been through since that day he had tried to save his best friend and lost everything.
Toris began sobbing lightly as he washed all the blood out of his hair, off his body, and off the knife but then he looked at the knife and just stared at his reflection in it before placing the blade on his wrist and cutting 3 quick lines across it not even wincing as he watched the blood come out and then he bit his lip realizing this truly was the only way he would ever be free. Toris cut 3 lines on the other wrist and started to plan out his final escape if he managed to survive the seven months he would send his baby to Alfred then kill himself as he knew Ivan wouldn't change and tonight would be the last night Toris came to him willingly it wouldn't be the last time they had sex, but it would be the last time Toris would pretend to feel anything until the man truly showed he could change.
Toris stepped out of the shower after another moment, bandaged up his arms and tied up his hair, that had grown quite the length over the summer, before heading out to Ivan stark naked. Toris then dropped to the floor in between Ivan's legs and finished patching the man's wound before opening the towel and 'getting busy' though he began to feel a bit funny, but just chalked it up to the stress of everything.
{Time Skip}
Toris rose before the crack of dawn having only gotten a few hours of sleep, as Ivan had made sure to make up for lost time, and got out of bed stumbling only a bit at his now sore hips, but shook it off and headed to his closet room to grab a change of clothes before starting his day and of course he started with the kitchen and dining room not wanting Ivan to know he had let his brother's escape. A few hours later Toris, being the diligent housekeeper he was, had finished the kitchen, dining room, cutting up all the meat in the kitchen to freeze, cleaned the living room and sunroom and was now moving onto the bedrooms when he heard a knock at the door. Sighing Toris took out the spare key to the padlocks, thinking Ivan really was stupid for thinking Toris didn't have spares I mean he had lived there for a good few hundred years at this point, and unlocked the doors which busted open revealing Natalya and Katyusha and as usual the moment Nat saw Toris she hissed having put on a show of hate for Toris for years because he 'stole her big brother' though at the last UN meeting he had made it to Toris had figured out that Nat was secretly dating Lili the young Liechtenstinian girl. [#0020ff "Oh great he found you."] Nat hissed before sideswiping Toris and heading straight to her brother's room and Toris rolled his eyes. [#00960e "It's not like I really wanna be here brat."] Toris grumbled having once had a crush on the girl that was now nothing more than affection felt towards a sister, in the Normal Family sense, before turning a smile onto a very pregnant Katyusha and helped her in and to the living room before getting her a cup of water. [#00c1d9 "Thank You Toris and sorry about her you know how she is... and I'm sorry you got dragged back here again."] the Ukrainian said and Toris smiled lightly sitting down next to her. [#00960e "It's fine Kat I'm just glad nobody got hurt."] he said watching the older girl's belly move and bump out as the child inside attempted to stretch in such a small space and a pang shot through his heart as he figured he wouldn't live long enough to get to experience that. [#00960e "How are Sadik and the twins?"] Toris asked trying not to cry. [#00c1d9 "Oh they're wonderful, but with this one on the way It's been hard to keep up with everything thankfully Sadik is such a good multitasker I mean..."] the Ukrainian started and Toris smiled but zoned out as she talked about her happy life it had been a few years since Kat had ran off with the Turkish male and had worried everyone, but Toris was glad to see she was happy and in love raising her family, something Toris would never have. Toris suddenly jumped when Kat put her hand on his and he looked at her and realizing he was crying Toris quickly batted tears from his eyes, but this only caused the girl to grab his hands and pull him in for a hug. [#00c1d9 "I heard from Alfred this morning, he told me everything... I'm so sorry Toris."] she said and Toris let out a sob, but then jumped again when he heard yelling and he quickly stood and turned towards the corridor where he could see Ivan fighting with Nat.
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[center [font "Letter" Ivan’s attention immediately went to the boy by the door as he spoke his eyes narrowed. He was about to speak but Toris began to speak telling him that he didn’t expect Ivan to leave him there that long. And the boy was right that he had escaped and always went to that damned Americans which began to piss the Russian off just thinking about it.

Ivan stood up but than immediately sat down as Toris smashed the bottle against the wall, Ivan had finally broke him and he was enjoying the site. His eyes trailed down the boys body as he began to lick his lips the shorter male told him the boy wouldn’t be joining them. At first it outraged him but then his heart skipped a beat when he said they would never join since they were dead.

Ivan placed his hand upon his hip as he had placed his bloodied hand on his cheek Ivan grabbed Toris hand and kissed it he than mentioned his heat. [#DDA0DD “Nyet! Its not my fault I had everyone searching for you but as you should know I need my satisfaction I tried to replace you but nothing can replace you are mine, my own my love. If you wouldn’t have ran then you would be pregnant with my child this is your fault!”] Ivan looked towards his groin then back up at Toris his heart beating fast just like the first time he met the boy the first time he had fallen in love with him.

Ivan hissed as he said he had seven months to convince him to stay with him or he would loose everything ivans violet eyes became power hungry only wincing once as he was stabbed in the leg. [#DDA0DD “Oh so brave you are, fine you have seven months until that child is born I will make you love me again and that child will be ours and then after every heat you g into we will conceive a child. I never cared for those brothers of yours and you did the dirty work I was going to be doing once I was done with them any ways.”] he pulled Toris face to his purring forcing his tongue in the boys mouth and removed the bottle from his leg before pointing it at his stomach.

[#DDA0DD “My love you should learn not to threaten me though im glad I broke you to this point but lets not do that again, ill let you keep this child but the moment you try to do something stupid I VILL KILL THE CHILD and ALFRED. You hear now come to bed, well first get me the first aid kit I need to stop this bleeding. Da?”] he spoke then bit the boys neck before kissing the bite mark. The tall Russian grabbed the bottle beside him and poured the alcohol on his leg cleansing the wound his member hard as a rock from the way his lover was talking to him. he wanted to do so many things to him but he was to exhausted and the boy had to be from watching everything unfold. [#DDA0DD "YOu will lay in bed with me there are no ifs or ands you will be staying in bed with me Toris, remember don't try anything funny. if you try to bring me down I will also bring you down my Love."]]]
Nobody moved when Ivan ordered them to eat then when Ivan grabbed Ravis and moved to rape him Toris tried to stop him only to be held back by Eduard who was gripping his arm in a vice grip and Toris looked at his middle brother who just looked like he was going to cry as he avoided looking at the scene and Toris was beginning to grow angry with Ivan.
Once the man finished with Ravis Toris rushed over to the boy and tried to make sure he was okay while Ivan ate, moving him back over to Eduard. Before he could finish checking Ravis's wounds Ivan suddenly grabbed Toris and put him against the wall choking him and then ordering him and threatening him and for once in the many years Toris had been forced under this man he didn't flinch and just stared into Ivan's cold drunken eyes filled with murder and lust until he was let go and he glared at Ivan when the man went to hit him before turning back to his brothers and helping them to the table. [#00960e "Eat what you can then leave through the basement, there's a secret door in the kitchen behind the dumbwaiter here's the code. I'll keep Ivan busy just get back to your son and go into hiding for a few months and I'm sorry for everything."] Toris said handing the boys a napkin with instructions written on it then gave them both forehead kisses before he turned and walked out of the dining room, not giving his brother's a chance to stop him. Toris then walked to Natalia's old room and grabbed one of the girl's knives before going back to the kitchen and going ham {pun intended} on a few fresh boars that had yet to be cut up and portioned out for meals until he was covered in the boars blood and looked really, really manic then he headed to Ivan's bedroom his face showing no emotion as he didn't bother to knock and just walked in closing and locking the door behind him, he could hear Ivan in the shower and went over to the closet and stabbed the dripping bloody knife into the closet door before sitting down against the door one knee up in the air as he took one of the empty vodka bottles and started moving it around in his hands. When Ivan came out Toris watched him his face still showing no emotion as he saw the man hadn't noticed him yet and was sitting on the bed in a towel. [#00960e "You know I didn't actually expect you to give me the entire summer Ivan..."] Toris said looking back down at the now bloody bottle in his hands as not to see Ivan's face. [#00960e "You really are stupid heh I mean this isn't the first time I escaped to Alfred's didn't realize you had such a bad memory..."] he said then stood up and crashed the bottle against the wall hard enough to make the thick glass shatter then he looked up glaring at Ivan. [#00960e "I'm afraid my brother won't be joining us this evening... or ever again for that matter. Unless your into Necrophilia of course."] Toris said walking over to Ivan and standing in front of him the bottle still in his hand as he hoped the drunk man would buy his act and think the boy had killed his brothers. Toris smiled and began playing with the broken bottle cutting up his hands before placing the bloody hand on Ivan's cheek and leaning in so their faces were only a few centimeters apart. [#00960e "I didn't think it was fair really you're mine Ivan and though I guess it's fair that you stuck your dick in someone else when someone else stuck their dick into me, but really baby the pregnancy is your fault all you had to do was be smarter and my heat would have been yours, but you missed out decided to play with my brothers instead of coming to get me."] Toris said before backing away and slapping Ivan with his bloody hand and pointing the broken bottle towards Ivan's groin. [#00960e "Now here's the funny part [i love] I was going to end my pregnancy for you, give you the chance to try again, to be a father, but you had to go and threaten me then break my brother's legs and rape Ravis right in front of me, so now you get nothing. My brothers are now meat I will make into meals, and the baby will stay Alfred's and once I give birth both the child and I will return to him, so you have seven months. Seven months to convince me why I should stay with you otherwise you will lose me forever, and I will take EVERYTHING from you! DO. I. MAKE. MYSELF. CLEAR?"] Toris said his face once again stone-faced as he jabbed the bottle into Ivan's leg piercing it and making it bleed.
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[center [font "Letter" Ivan purred as he walked back to his room he grabbed a few tools and gadgets before going to the front door humming a Russian lullaby as he began to put pad locks on the front door that needed a key to open it so the Lithuanian would not try to run away. Of course Ivan didn’t think he would run away and risk his brothers getting killed but just in case he didn’t want to loose the three and be with out servants that came along with his boyfriend.

The Russian had did this to the garage and back door before going back to his room where he began to down some vodka. His phone began to ring so he answered it immediately hanging up. It was his younger sister Natalia whom wanted to marry him. She wanted to murder anyone that got close to him but was stopped every time.

As ivan thought about it he began to drink more and more finishing his first bottle when he heard Toris tell him it was dinner time. The white haired male licked his lips grabbing a second bottle swaying down the hallway before entering the dinning room seeing the food laid out and the males against the wall like good servants. He sat down before hissing slamming the bottle down, [#DDA0DD “Sit at the table everyone your acting as if I don’t feed you! Look at you!.”] he walked over to Ravis and ripped his shirt open. [#DDA0DD “Look skin and bone he didn’t want to eat because his Lying cheating brother wasn’t here!”] he yelled looking at Toris.

Ravis looked away he didn’t want to say anything even though it wasn’t a lie the male didn’t feed him much he wanted him to be skinny he wanted him to have the perfect body but when he got to skinny he abused him more. Ivan let his shirt go than moved to his hair griping it and pushed him on the table Once ivan was finished having his way with the boy he went to his seat and began to eat the food that was prepared for him.

His eyes looked at the men whom had lined up and his eyes glaring at Toris. After he had finished leaving plenty of left over food he went over to toris gripping his neck. [#DDA0DD “You three have 30 minutes to eat and when you and Ravis are done you will meet me in my room, I don’t care if you are pregnant you will be going first. Before you watch me get your brother pregnant.”] Ivan released the male getting his hand ready to slap him but he left glaring at Eduard whom had just stood still.

Ivan walked to his bedroom and then into his bathroom drawing bathwater for himself he felt disgusting he couldn’t show much affection to Toris and he couldn’t punish him much because he had anothers but that was just the thing. He had someone elses child in his stomach so why did the Russian even care.

He sat there and contemplated on what he should do if he should let him keep it. He sat up and grinned washing his body having the perfect plan all ready. O his bath was finished the male had put the towel around his waist and waited for the two to enter to let them know the brilliance of his new plan and the joys of having two to please him tonight and after he would just go back to using Toris unless he couldn’t get Ravis Pregnant then he would continue until he was. ]]
Once on the plane Toris stared out the window at least until Ivan leaned in and asked if his brother's were able to get pregnant as well and his head whipped around his eyes wide and horrified. [#00960e "N-No they can't I'm the only Breeder!"] Toris said not knowing if it was a lie as the brothers each had different 'mothers' as their father had been a traveling merchant who liked to play around and Toris's mom had been a male breeder which was the reason he also grew a womb since 90% of boys born to breeders would also carry the trait and develop wombs and start having heat cycles. At the threat Toris tried to think back to his childhood where he had met Ravis and Eduard for the first time and if his memory served they had both had female mothers.
Once the plane landed Toris was once again forced into the back seat of Russia's car and he watched the snowy land pass them terrified of the state his brother's were in. The house came quickly and Toris teared up seeing Ravis outside in the snow looking frozen and beat-up and he wanted to run to the younger boy, but didn't and just followed Ivan shivering a bit since he had been taken wearing shorts and a tank as it had been very much warm in the US. Toris watched in horror as Ivan belittled his brother as though they were back in the soviet union and when Ravis stated he would be glad to have Ivan's child all the color drained from Toris's face, but then Ravis suddenly took his hand and lead him into Ivan's house and a bedroom where he was horrified to see Eduard with both his legs broken and he let go of Ravis's hand and ran over to him a sob escaping his chest. [#00960e "God I am so sorry, both of you I never meant for any of this to happen."] he cried holding Ravis tight when the boy hugged him then told him to try and escape again to protect his unborn and Toris forced himself to calm down at Eduard's outburst as he laid his hand on his stomach. [#00960e "It's Alfred's I... I had my first heat last week and we... we made love... god I should never have left..."] Toris said then shook his head at Eduard's insistence that Ivan will kill Toris. [#00960e "No... he won't.. Beat me within an inch of my life and abort the baby? Maybe, but he won't kill me... he still loves me I can see it..."] Toris went over to the room's fireplace and started a fire before helping with Ravis and Eduard's room until Ivan came in and told him that both he and Ravis would be sleeping with him tonight and Toris felt anger rise up in his stomach, but he nodded and seeing Ravis shutter caused Toris to want to punch Ivan in the face to finally return all the abuse the man had given him over the years. Once Ivan left Toris turned to Ravis and knelt in front of him so they were eye to eye. [#00960e "Ravis please tell me you aren't a breeder, I won't be able to live with myself if you are forced to carry his child."] Toris begged the boy and he saw Ravis look over at Eduard and tears welled up in his eyes and Toris fell back into a seated Japanese position burying his face in his hands. [#00960e "No no please god no... When was your last heat?"] Toris asked not noticing Ravis walk over to Eduard and taking a smart phone from him. [b "Two years ago..."] Ravis said and Toris looked up at him two years between heats was uncommon once you got your first unless... [b "We didn't mean to hide it from you big brother, but you rarely came home.. and Ivan..."] Ravis said a slight smile on his face as he messed with the phone then handed it over to Toris who took it and saw a beautiful blonde haired toddler who looked exactly like Ravis when he was little. [b "His name is Andres Nikita and he just turned two."] Ravis said and Toris put his hand over his mouth in awe seeing his nephew for the first time. [#00960e "He's beautiful, but that means you still have at least another year before you go into heat again... wait is he alright Ivan didn't..."] Toris said handing back the phone and Ravis shook his head. [b "Don't worry he's with my mom we were about to head off on a cruise to celebrate our anniversary when Ivan captured us."] Ravis said and then it finally clicked what the boy meant and his eyes widened. [#00960e "You two? Together? Since when?"] Toris asked getting back to his feet as they all headed to the kitchen to start making food. [b "Since the Union broke up I know it's wrong and I hope you don't hate us big brother, but we really do love each other and Andres has shown no effects of incest caused complications..."] the boy said and Toris shook his head before smiling. [#00960e "No I don't hate you I'm glad... I'm glad you were able to find happiness before I screwed it all up."] Toris said and both Ravis and Eduard placed their hands on their brother's shoulders before they all fell into silence while they cooked and Toris at least knew that Eduard would be safe from pregnancy as Breeders had a very low sperm count and weren't able to impregnate other breeders, so if Andres really was his then he was a normal male not a breeder.
Once the food was ready they laid it all out on Ivan's large dining table and Ravis and Eduard stood against the back wall like good servents while Toris went to go get Ivan, though he took the chance to stop by his room to dress into warmer clothes. Toris now in a long sleeved shirt and sweatpants stood in front of Ivan's bedroom door and knocked. [#00960e "Ivan dinner is ready."] the male said not bothering to wait for the man to answer as he started heading back to the dining room to stand with his brothers wondering how he was going to be able to get them out of this house and back to their son and the only way he could think of broke his heart... he would have to abort Alfred's child and force himself into another heat so that the baby would be Ivan's instead.
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[center [font “Letter” Ivan Looked into the back seat as he drove noticing Toris was asleep and it made the Russian smile. Ivan had rescued his lover from an Abusive non caring American man who gave no love or attention to the male. OR at least that is what he believed in his sick and twisted mind. Upon arrival Toris took the innicitive to take ivans hand with his good one and in front of everyone he made sure to kiss his hand multiple times as they checked in keeping him close.

Just because no one seemed to ask Toris what had happened to him doesn’t mean that they didn’t keep an eye on the Russian. One wrong move and he would be denied flight. He took toris to get his nessesities and waited out side the restroom so he could bandage himself up and then they boarded the flight. Ivan purred as Toris put his head on his shoulder and patted it before kissing the op of his head getting close enough to his ear so no one else could hear him. [#DDA0DD “I vonder, If you can get pregnant…. Can your brothers also hold children? Since you decided to go run and have someone elses child maybe I should impregnate Ravis. Hes a good little boy who should be waiting for your arrival out front in the snow. Wouldn’t we have beautiful babies.”] he purred pulling away from his ear.

Ivan laid his head back and pondered his thoughts about making both his brothers pregnant to get back at his boyfriend for running off and getting pregnant by another man. As soon as the plane landed Ivan lead toris to his car putting him in the back seat and drove off. As they arrived you could barley see a red dot getting closer and closer as they arrived home. Raivas was sitting shivering in the snow with one of ivans many scarf around his neck no shoes on and his pants and shirt stained with his blood.


Ivan purred getting out of the car and letting out Toris. [#DDA0DD “Such a good boy listening and Vaiting like I told you too, you have permission to go inside but first look who decided to show up! Toris did. Arnt you happy that that he is finally home?”] he spoke in his errie cheerful tone.

Ravis walked over to Ivan and greeted him by kissing his hand his body frail and in some parts broken his face bloodied and bruised. He looked like he hadn’t had a decent meal in weeks. He just looked at his brother and then looked down. He didn’t know weather to be happy that he was back or to feel sorry that he had been captured yet again by this monster. [#DDA0DD “Oh, Ravis…. Your dear brovher decided to go off and get pregnant by another man. So guess what that means for you my sweet Private, you shall bare my child. Ve shall teach your dear older brother a lesson right.”] he grinned and Ravis began to tear up.

He wasn’t crying for himself but for his brother. He had finally found someone else to spend his life with and was even expecting and now he cant even be with that man he is stuck here. Ravis would do nothing but try to protect his nephew or niece in his brothers stomach. [b “I would be glad to Have your Child Master Ivan.”] ravis spoke his voice was Corse from all the screaming and yelling from the beatings.

[#DDA0DD “Good, go get you and both your brothers cleaned up for dinner someone fix a feast. Since im sure Eduard can not valk for a little bit.”] The Russians eyes seemed to glow in murderous intent yet again. Ravis grabbed Toris handand led him inside to where their brother was in the bed both his legs broken and Ravis looked at him and hugged Toris. [b “Let me and Eduard be a distraction….you get out of here. Protect your child its okay to leave us I can keep Ivan busy.”] Eduard moaned and groaned in pain before sitting up slowly over hearing Ravis.

[I “Your pregnant! While whos child!”] he began to cough and laid back down. [I You need to get out of here Ivan will kill you… and your baby but will kill your baby first.”] he stopped talking as he heard steps getting closer Ravis getting a pan of water pulling the covers off Eduard wiping down his badly bruised broken legs before helping him into a wheelchair. Ivan stopped by the room looking in and looked directly at Toris.

[#DDA0DD “Ravis, you shall sleep in my Room tonight, Toris My [I Love] you shall join us.”] he then left the room Ravis teared up before hiding his face from Toris he didn’t want to show the fear he held for what would happen tonight he just wished Ivan would end it all and kill him but he had to much fun torturing him and his brothers.]]
Toris glared at Ivan when he went over to pick up the test and tried to stand and run, but then Ivan grabbed his shirt and demanded to know where Alfred was, but Toris kept quiet flinching when he watched Ivan take out his pipe and begin to destroy the house and Toris spotted Tony out of the corner of his eye and ran to the small child-like alien knowing Ivan would be busy for a moment. [#00960e "Tony run please don't let him see you, and tell Daddy I'm sorry okay? And give him that letter..."] Toris said kissing the alien before watching him run away to go find Alfred tears streaming from his eyes. Toris screamed in pain when Ivan grabbed his wrist breaking it and he stumbled as he was dragged out to the car and tossed in the back seat and he nursed his broken wrist as he cried listening to Ivan's threats and just nodded at his questions about leaving him, he wouldn't not now, now he had another life to think about and if putting up with Ivan meant keeping his lover's child he would do as was asked of him, of course there was nothing stopping the man from forcing Toris to abort after all one bad hit to his womb this soon would be enough to force a miscarriage. Upon the threat to Alfred's life Toris bit his lip praying Alfred would read the note he had prepared for the man a week after he had gone to live with him, after all he had always expected Ivan to come for him the fact that he had gotten the whole summer and now even the chance of a baby made Toris happy.
Toris eventually passed out in the car and didn't wake till they got to the airport and he made sure to use his good hand to hold Ivan's while the man got their tickets if Ivan wanted his perfect boyfriend back he would get him. Thankfully nobody asked about Toris's injuries and he managed to convince Ivan to stop in the airport pharmacy so Toris could buy a wrap for his wrist along with some pain pills and some cream for his face which now had a clear handprint on it. Toris used the airport bathroom to wrap up his arm and put cream on his face then he went back out to Ivan a forced smile on his face and held the man's hand again, then once they were checked in and sitting waiting to board Toris leaned his head on Ivan's shoulder and pretended to sleep, just normal couple things, though they were far from ever being a normal couple.

Alfred was on his way home his mood high ready to see Toris and maybe have a bit of a snuggle before eating whatever delicious thing the lithuanian made him for dinner, he was planning to propose to the man soon, but then suddenly Tony was running up to him and Alfred stopped his face pale his alien son looked terrified. Alfred burst into a run and went to the boy scooping him up and then took off towards the house falling to his knees shocked when he saw the place was destroyed and Toris was gone. Tony whined and Alfred looked down at him before connecting their foreheads, it was the only was Tony could talk to others. [i [#8589ab "Daddy, Mommy was taken by Uncle Ivan he told me to say sorry... Daddy is Uncle Ivan going to kill Mommy?"]] the young alien asked and tears formed in Alfred's eyes. [#001cff "I don't know bud... I don't know but if their is one thing for certain I'm going to kill Ivan if he does."] Alfred said standing again and putting the little boy down his anger growing as he started cleaning and began formulating a plan to get his lover back, but then he froze seeing a small stick on the ground and he picked it up carefully as though it was the most valuable thing in the world then his face turned red and he turned towards the door planning on getting on his motorcycle and speeding to the airport, but he stopped when he once again saw Tony standing there holding a letter that was sealed with the custom wax seal he had gotten Toris as a welcome gift. Tony held out the letter to Alfred and with shaky hands the man took it and walked to the living room pulling Tony onto his lap then carefully opened the letter reading it.
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[center [pic]]
[#00960e [font Georgia Dearest Alfred,]]
[#00960e [font Georgia If you are reading this I have been taken by Ivan, to say I expected this is what you would call an understatement. I don't know how close we have gotten, but if it's to a point I've longed for since you first rescued me then I know this must be painful for you. I know this will be hard to hear, but please, please don't come for me. I know you are probably asking me why when he's done such horrible things, but it's because I love you so much, you were always the light that I saw in the darkness, the fire to warm my heart, and I can't risk you getting hurt. Ivan is not a man to reckon with I know that if you try to come for me he'd kill you in a heartbeat in front of me and laugh while he did it. You and Tony are my world and I promise I will try to make my way back to you one day Ivan can't keep me forever, a toy is only good until it's broken after all. If I don't make it I want to thank you for everything, you've made me happier than I ever thought I'd be and I wish you and Tony the best of lives and the happiest of loves, and I'll see you on the other side.]]
[#00960e [font Georgia Yours Forever, Toris]]
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
Alfred was a mess with tears as he read, and reread the letter and he stood and walked into the room he had shared with the man and laid down on their bed sobbing a terrible mess still clutching the test and the letter in his hand, and he cried until he fell asleep into dreams and memories happier than his reality. Tony watched his human father break down and spent the next hour cleaning before going into his parents room and curling up with Alfred helping keep the nightmares away before falling asleep himself.
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[center [font "Letter" Ivan watched as something came out of his pocket it seemed important because the male tried to reach for it. [#DDA0DD “Mmmm, Private vhat are you reaching for Hmmm?”] he asked gripping Toris shirt as he grabbed the Pregnancy test. The Russian quickly became enraged as he saw it was positive and dragged the Lithuainian inside the Americans home slamming the Door. [#DDA0DD “Vhere is that son of a bitch? The vone vho did this to yo?”] his violet eyes holding murderous intent let the male go pulling a pipe out from his jacket and began to destroy things around the home. He then walked over to toris gripping his wrist easily breaking it in frustration. [#DDA0DD “Ve are going home, Ja?”] he then lft the pregnancy test in the middle of the floor dragging the male behind him throwing him in the back seat of the car putting the child locks on both doors already so he wouldn’t run away.

One in the car the Russian looked in the rearview mirror and smirked. [#DDA0DD “My love you vont leave again right? You don’t vant your brothers to suffer any more than they already have do you?”] he spoke before laughing trying to figure out what he would do about the creature growing in his stomach. Would Ivan let Toris keep the child and put it under Ivans name and then force his body to continue to have children or would he get rid of it? Ivan continued to think about it as he drove to the airport leaving a destroyed home left for the American as well as the pregnancy test. [#DDA0DD “If that Man comes to try and save you I vill kill him, you belong to me and always have I vill not let you go again. You vill stay by my side until you die. My dear Toris.”] he laughed yet again The Russian truly did love Toris but had a very possessive and bad habit of showing how much he did love him, lets just say he learned it from his mother.]]
Toris was shocked to see Ivan and then the man grabbed him and told him what the male had feared for so long, that his Baltic brothers would get hurt because of him and when Ivan confirmed it Toris just stared at the man in shock, then the white haired Russian slapped him and Toris fell to the ground the positive pregnancy test falling out of his pocket and sliding away from him and Toris quickly reached for it, but it was to far out of reach and he could feel the Russian standing over him. Toris rolled over to look up at Ivan his frail body already shaking in fear, once the boy had been strong, once he had been a hero, but then he became broken all because of the man currently standing over him his purple eyes glowing with murderous lust Toris was all to used too.
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[center [font "Letter" Ivan had grown tired of his boyfriend just taking the beatings the rough sex everything he never fought back any more it was a bore. Ivan decided that during this trip he was going to take the youngest of the Baltic brother Raivis at least when the Russian wanted to take advantage and have fun this male would struggle and try to get out of the situation. Maybe Toris would learn his lesson when his brother came home bruised and scared worn down. Also, no longer a virgin.

Ivan began to sip on his vodka a whip in hand while looking at the young Latvian who was being forced to dance for the Russian snapping the whip against his soft skin causing a red mark to appear on his back. The Tall white-haired Russian began to get bored he wanted His long-time boyfriend which he loved in a very possessive and abusive way which is how the Russian did things.

He began to drink more getting angrier and angrier hitting the young Raivis over and over before gripping his neck. [#DDA0DD “Why! Why did I have to bring you? You are worthless I don’t need you! I need Toris!”] the now raged drunken Russian. Raivis gasped for air tears flowing out his eyes as he tried to fight away from the Russian. Ivan finally let him go when he was unconscious and did the unthinkable.

After he had finished with the young male, he picked up the phone and called the house knowing that the phone was close enough to Toris small so-called room so when the Russian called for him. It was 2am at home but the male should have answered but he didn’t The Russian became angry calling a few more times and there was no answer.

After the Russians meeting, he took Raivis with him back home searching for Toris, but he was missing. HE called everyone he could think of he showed up to the males’ family’s home and he wasn’t there. His Boyfriend, no his Property was missing, and it pissed the Russian off.

It took him a while to find the location of the Lithuanian and when he did it made him even more angry in which he beat both of Toris brothers to an inch of their life. [#DDA0DD “When I get ahold of your brother he will be in the same boat as both of you, you can thank your Whore brother for you both almost loosing your life ya.”] he spoke his accent thick.

Ivan took the first plane to America before renting a car and driving to the Americans house. He didn’t want to start a physical fight with the American because he was just as strong maybe even a little stronger and didn’t want to chance, he just wanted what belonged to him back. He stood at the door before knocking. To his relief Toris had answered the door and immediately he put his hand around his mouth. [#DDA0DD “Shut up and let’s go we are going home. And if you don’t come quietly, I will take you by force and those two boys you call brothers will really die.”] He whispered down into the males’ ear. [#DDA0DD “To bad your younger brother wasn’t as good as you are. He struggled to much and I may have used more force than normal on him. Nothing compares to you, so you are coming home with me you belong to me.”] he let go of Toris before striking him across the Face.]]
[i [#00960e 'Tonight's the night'] Toris thought as he lay on his mattress in the storage closet he called a room at his boyfriend Ivan's house it had been many years since the boy and his brothers had been a servants here, but Toris had thought he still loved the man and had continued dating him after the fall of the soviet union, but it had been a terrible relationship, beatings to relieve stress, forced sex when he wasn't in the mood, emotional blackmail when all Toris wanted to do was spend a few nights at home with his family and friends, but tonight the boy was getting out as Ivan was out of town on business. Toris waited until the house was silent and got up creeping out of his closet and out of the house where he smiled seeing Alfred his American friend waiting for him on his bike and the brown-haired Lithuanian ran to the American hugging him before getting on the bike and the two sped off into the night straight to the airport where they would fly back to America and Toris would be free, or so he hoped.]
[i The summers in America were beautiful and to Toris so was Alfred, though the Lithuanian tended to fall into a housekeeper role Alfred always seemed to make time for the male and took him to see the sights and the two bonded and Toris felt happiness with the small family he had with Alfred and Tony. As the summer progressed the two became closer than ever before and soon the two began making love Alfred was ever so gentle compared to Ivan that there were many times Toris would cry from the gentleness.]
Months passed and soon hints of fall could be seen on the trees outside Alfred's home and today the boy was sitting on the toilet his head in his hands as he waited for the pregnancy test beside him to dry, Toris had known he was a breeder since he was 14 but he had never had a heat and just figured he was defective, but last week had been different and after a few minutes Toris stood and with shaky hands picked up the stick letting out a sob of happiness as it read positive, he couldn't wait to share the news with Alfred, who was currently at work, but would be back soon. Toris put the test in his pocket and went back to cleaning a skip in his step, but then there was a knock at the door and Toris walked over to it expecting it to be a package, but as he opened the door his blood ran cold and he stumbled backwards. [#00960e "Ivan."]
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