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"You wanted my attention, right?" Hidan asked with an amused look on his face. "So I'll be making you airtight, babe," he whispered in her ear.

Zetsu watched for a moment then turned and left silently.

Megami looked at Shimizu. "H...Hello," she greeted sweetly.

Yosuke did as he was told. "Like this...?"
  Megami / TheLizardWizard / 2d 10h 59m 59s
Kemuri turned around to look at zetsu and gasped struggling between the clones. "Hidan, what are you doing?!"

Yazi smiled and said. "He won't bite, sweetie."

Yazi's clone smirked and said. "Show mr your a."
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 11h 10m 39s
Zetsu suddenly entered the room wearing only a towel, the man looking crankier than usual. “Just shut up already,” he ordered.

“Who the fuck are you? Fuck off!” Hidan shot back. “Or I’ll kill you!!”

Zetsu glared. “You really don’t recognize me?” He shoved his hand through his chest yet somehow it didn’t do any damage to his body. Slowly, Hidan’s body began to be covered by a glowing white energy. When Zetsu pulled away, Hidan no longer looked ready for a fight.

Hidan turned and suddenly attacked Kemuri with two clones.

Megami swam in silence, too shy to reply.

Yosuke blushed. “Are you gonna...?” he whispered shyly.
  Megami / TheLizardWizard / 2d 11h 17m 42s
She swallowed and growled. "Get out..." She pushed him towards the door and let the tears fall. "I can't believe i let my guard down with you.... Thanks for hurting me again, we're done!!!" She hissed and glared up at him. "well? What are you waiting for, an invitation from the daimyo himself? Get the fuck out!!!" She sobbed and grabbed some fresh clothes starting to get dressed. She still felt his eyes on her and ignored him too hurt to look at her first love.

Yazi smiled and said. "This is your brother Shimizu. Shimizu, this is megami."

Yazi's clone stared at him with wide eyes and pulled him into a hard kiss.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 11h 55m 43s
Hidan chuckled softly and shook his head. “I only helped you because you forced me to,” he lied calmly and turned away from her.

Shimizu looked at Yazi and nodded before he continued to swim.

Megami slipped into the water and swam happily.

Yosuke dropped his disguise and was suddenly wearing a short green dress with leaves at his throat and wrists. His long pink hair was let down as well. He looked up shyly. “I...Son-san helped me dress up...”
  Megami / TheLizardWizard / 2d 12h 4m 58s
"because I was angry at you...." She said and got out. "Hidan... What do you want me to do, say I'm sorry? I know you better than to accept a simple apology..."

Yazi nodded and said. "come on." He carried her to where Shimizu was and smiled at him. "Do you mind sharing with her?"

Yazi's ckone tilted his head curiously and asked. "What are you planning?"
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 12h 9m 53s
Hidan allowed her to be in charge at first but soon the man pulled away from her and climbed out of the tub. “Okay?” he responded finally. “I don’t believe that for a second. You keep threatening to murder me with that fucking poison!”

Megami looked unsure. “I don’t feel good, daddy...” she whispered. She felt sick from being out of water for so long.

Yosuke soon sat with him in the forest and smiled. “We’re all alone, Yazi-kun~”
  Megami / TheLizardWizard / 2d 12h 26m 9s
She wrapped her legs around him and flipped them over in the tub splashing more water out of the tub. "You're one to talk. You always threaten me with my life...." She pointed out and looked down at him. "I love you and suigetsu...."

Yazi smiled at his daughter and made a clone go with yosuke. "Would you like to meet your siblings?"

Yazi's clone followed yosuke and smiled.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 12h 53m 34s
Hidan let her play with his hair then glared at her and looked away. "Then stop threatening my life," he muttered coldly and pulled away from her.

Megami waved with a whisker then hid shyly.

Yosuke practically purred at being called Yazi's mate. "Yaaaazi, I needed your help with something! Clone or real you, come on!" he whined and ran off.
  Megami / TheLizardWizard / 2d 12h 59m 44s
She played with his hair like she used to and looked into his reddish magenta eyes. "I still love you..."

Yazi paused and smiled at yosuke. "This is my daughter, megami. I had a mate before Kara and Itachi married and this is our daughter. Megami, this is yosuke, one of my mates."
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 13h 2m 8s
He closed his eyes as his body healed his part back on. "Bout time you gave it back..." he muttered then shrugged. "What does it make us?" he asked and blinked then shrugged again.

Megami nodded a little bit and relaxed a little more as he held her.

Yosuke landed next to Yazi and pouted as he tugged at his arm. "Yazi-kuuuun....?"
  Megami / TheLizardWizard / 2d 13h 9m 43s
"what does this make us now..." She asked and gave his part back. "I love someone else and... Think you can share?"

Yazi nodded and held her close." It's okay... You're home now. And you're not alone, i got you some new siblings."
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 15h 54s
When she relaxed, he smirked at her. "Now can I have it back? I've been very fucking pent up since going under ground..." he pointed out.

Megami hugged back and began to cry. "Daddy, I was scared!" she sobbed against him. "I thought I was all alone!"
  Megami / TheLizardWizard / 2d 23h 31m 16s
"and i was in prison...." She said and kissed his neck shivering befire relaxing against him finally. She looked up at him and panted.

Yazi looked at her sadly and hugged her tightly. "Oh my baby... I'm so sorry..."
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 23h 34m 5s
Hidan growled happily when she finally obeyed his request and kissed her happily. "I've been buried under dirt for over a decade, you stubborn bitch," he shot back and smirked at her.

Megami looked up at him. Slowly, one of her whiskers rose up and touched his forehead, showing the attack and how she was the only egg to make it. "I got abandoned for years until a human found me..." she whispered.
  Megami / TheLizardWizard / 2d 23h 42m 36s

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