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Kazumi paused seeing Sasuke hiding Sakura and frowned slightly. "Let me guess, they did it to her too?"

Kara sighed and looked at Sakura slightly. "He's safe, i promise."

Sakura peeked at him and nodded slightly looking over at Kara.

Kazumi apologized again and paused looking around. "one second, stay there." The seventeen year old said and went over to a cherry blossom tree nearby and skillfully made a pair flower crowns from the blossoms. He came back and gave them to Sakura nd Ino as apology gifts. "I'm sorry again, I really should have kept a better eye on them...."

Kara smiled gently and watched her favorite cousin. Their relationship was quite similar to how Itachi and shisui used to be and of course there were times she couldn't say no to his requests.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1d 4h 51m 41s
Sasuke's susanoo faded when Sakura knocked one of Kara's uncles out and he sighed loudly. "Thanks, Sakura..." he whispered and closed his eyes. He still seemed pretty pissed, though. When he saw Kazumi, his eye twitched in anger. "Better not be another person here to flirt with my fucking wife," he growled out as he pulled Sakura to him, hiding her in his cloak.

Indra soon sat back to just enjoy the heat of the water. His eyes slowly closed and he gently hugged Midori to his chest. He seemed tired. "You're clean for sure," he promised.
  Kyoshiro / TheLizardWizard / 1d 5h 23m 49s
Yukimura held his hands up and said. "Alright, we'll be good."

Benitora had gotten away from Kara's chokehold but not before getting punched into the ground by Sakura.

Kara watched the twitching unconscious uncle and shook her head.

"Uncle Benitora being a giant pervert again?" A familiar voice asked behind her and Kara turned to see her favorite cousin.

"Kazumi!!!" Kara squeaked excitedly and hugged him. "And yes, he just groped one of my friends... Who's married for God's sake."

Kazumi nodded hugging back and looked at Ino. He went over and politely bowed. "I'm sorry for my uncle's behavior. I swear I won't let it happen again."

Sakura watched and checked Ino. Ino was fine just severely embarrassed.

"I-it's okay... Thank you... Um...?" Ino said and looked at him still blushing fiercely.

"Oh how rude of me. My name's Kazumi. I'm Kara's cousin. I came with my uncles to help protect the masterpieces and transport them here.... Plus I have a surprise for my mom who's here in the village." Kazumi said and scratched the back of his head with a kind grin.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1d 9h 59m 44s
Sasuke watched as Ino was groped and narrowed his eyes. He moved to stand in front of her, a small susanoo forming at his side. "Back off," he ordered angrily. "Touch one of my friends like that again, without their permission, and I'll burn you to ash." Sasuke rarely got this openly angry, but he had been getting angrier ever since Sakura had been flirted with.

Indra hummed a bit. "Oh. I missed a spot." He calmly began to soap her up all over again, hitting every spot in the process. "You know my one rule, Midori. I'll do anything you ask, other than that last step." He touched his crest between her shoulder blades very gently.
  Kyoshiro / TheLizardWizard / 1d 10h 7m 51s
Kara nodded and smiled. "It's to celebrate our new home. You're welcome to come, if you'd like." She said kindly and smiled. "You mind if I go inside, check the vault a little bit?"

Sakura smiled watching her and paused hearing Ino's voice.

"Sakura, Kara!!!" Ino shouted and ran over. "Hey, I see part of the compound is done."

Benitora stared at Ino for a moment and got a goofy perverted grin before groping her chest and stuffing his face between her breasts.

Kara growled and put her uncle into a tight chokehold pulling him off her friend. "Can you stop?!"

Ino blushed brightly and watched Kara choking her uncle out. "Family?" She asked thankful that said hadn't seen what happened or so she thought.

Midori blushed and almost whined when he stopped.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1d 14h 33m 0s
Sasuke watched quietly when Tazuna explained things to Kara and hugged Sakura closely.

"Oh, and your husband...or...a clone of him, not sure, wanted me to tell you he finally finished setting everything up for a concert? He said you'd understand."

Itachi was absolutely hammered as he looked at the finished stage and nodded. "There, perfect. Just like Kara." He took a long drink from his bottle and coughed.

Indra soon finished cleaning Midori and looked at her. His own body seemingly hadn't reacted at all. "You're pretty clean now."
  Kyoshiro / TheLizardWizard / 1d 23h 9m 34s
Sakura smiled softly at him and kissed his cheek. "Let's go with her." She said and followed Kara and her uncles.

Kara nodded and said. "Thank you, tazuna. I couldn't have done this without your help."

Midori whimpered at him wanting more attention on the sensitive spots.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1d 23h 34m 10s
Sasuke watched as Kara left and tensed as he couldn't silence the voice in his head. "See? I knew she didn't want to do the date. She probably hates the outfit and makeup, since you did such a horrible job." He frowned as he watched Kara leave then glanced at Sakura. "But...I had everything planned perfectly..." he whispered as he followed. "The date was supposed to go perfect..."

Kyoshiro watched as Tazuna went over to Kara. The man explained that the main house was done and only the branch family homes had to be finished.

Indra's hummed softly as he worked and used his free hand to rinse her hair out with a smile. "Looking hot, Uchiha," he teased.
  Kyoshiro / TheLizardWizard / 1d 23h 36m 5s
Kara rolled her eyes and sighed. "Now you owe me takoyaki..." She muttered and led them to the new compound.

Sakura blushed at his compliment and shook her head slightly. "I just hate that we were interrupted..."

Kara soon came to the main house looking up at it and smiled softly. She looked at tazuna when he called for her.

Midori blushed and shivered.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1d 23h 43m 30s
"You look really cute when you pout," Sasuke suddenly whispered to his wife and gently took her hand. He squeezed gently and tried to ignore the little voice in his head that told him she hated his touch.

Kyoshiro nodded a little and chuckled. "To home, then? Or are you truly on leave?" he asked her. "I wonder how your husband would react if he knew you were working?"

Indra slowly switched the spot he was cleaning, his hand moving back a bit. "I'll even clean here," he whispered calmly and closed his eyes.
  Kyoshiro / TheLizardWizard / 1d 23h 47m 9s
Kara growled at his temper comment and grunted again. "Che." She looked away and set a hand on her hip. "What are you three doing here anyway?" She asked as her eyes turned back to green.

Yukimura smiled at his niece and said. "Well, we're here because of the masterpieces.... We were told the main house would be finished soon and we thought we should come along to guard them...."

Sakura watched from behind Kara and peeked at the redhead slightly. This was definitely a different side to Kara than she had previously seen. She blushed and felt Kara possessively take her hand.

"I see.... Do you need any help?" She asked and looked at them. She winced when Sakura pinched her.

"Maternity leave." Sakura reminded her and pouted slightly.

"Sakura.... It'd be a quick visit to the new house and then no more clan business until later, I swear." Kara said and glared at yukimura when he snickered.

"You are so much like your father, it's not funny." Yukimura said and smiled at her. "How about I treat you to take out tonight? You deserve a break from cooking.... Wait... Maternity leave?"

"The elders didn't tell you?" Kara asked surprised and blinked. "I'm pregnant..."

Benitora suddenly woke up and said loudly. "Wait, what?!?!"

"Aw!!! Our little Kara is growing up so fast!!" Yukimura teased and dodged Kara's sword.

"I said stop calling me short!!" She growled at him and sighed. She briefly looked up at Kyoshiro and then away. "Let's just go...."

Midori blushed and whimpered panting.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1d 23h 55m 28s
Kyoshiro watched as Benitora passed out and sighed softly. "Must be thinking quite a few dirty thoughts about that pink haired woman if he passed out like that," he teased and laughed. He nudged with his food then looked at how angry his niece was getting. "Still quite the temper, I see."

Indra calmly used his fingers and seemed interested in simply cleaning her there, though his actions did otherwise. "We have to keep you clean for those lovers of yours," he repeated with a nod and smiled at her. "Even if I have to take my time, you'll be perfect eventually."
  Kyoshiro / TheLizardWizard / 2d 14m 9s
"have fun with your wife, for God's sake." She hissed at him and sighed.

Yukimura noticed their niece and went over to them. "Sakara!!! How are you, my beautiful niece?"

"Can you not call me that in public?" She growled at her somewhat effeminate uncle.

"Aw... Come on, it's a pretty name for such a beautiful girl." He defended and pouted slightly. "And with your eyes glowing such a ruby red, you look like a prettier version of your father.... A mini female kyo."

Kara blushed brightly and shouted. "I will cut you down right now if you don't quit it, Uncle yukimura!!!"

He grinned and threw his hands up in surrender laughing slightly. "Like I always say, mini kyo.... Literally. You are just so adorably short."

Kara's eye twitched and she growled yelling. "Stop calling me fucking short!!!"

Benitora came over, his spear leaning on his shoulder and asked. "What's with all the yelling over here?" He paused and stared at Sakura for a second before passing out with a splurting nosebleed.

Midori blushed and looked back at him. "Not what I mean, Indra..." She said and shyly took his hand showing him between her legs.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 26m 19s
Kyoshiro looked at Sakura one last time then shrugged. He rubbed his throat a little. "Fine, Kara. I suppose I won't have fun, if that's what you want. You are the leader, of course."

Indra gently got her hair wet. "Of course you're wet, Midori. We're sitting in water," he replied calmly. He began to rub her shampoo in with one hand while he rubbed the clan crest on her back.
  Kyoshiro / TheLizardWizard / 2d 35m 10s
Kara hesitated and made a sound. "Che..." She grunted a sound her father made when he was irritated and lowered her sword. "Just leave her alone."

Midori blushed and shivered whimpering again. "Indra.... You're making me wet..... And horny..."
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 2d 39m 26s

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