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She shook her head and said. "At first he was until i told him that it wasn't you..." She kissed him softly and stroked his cheek." Your father will be here too."

Yazi grunted and coughed. "oh, hey." He said and ruffled his hair.
  Nahann Otsutsuki / wingedwolfy120 / 30d 12h 49m 33s
Sakuto nodded after a moment and sighed softly. “Is he still mad about me trying to kill him and Sarada when I left the village?”

Yazi Jr purred as he entered the village and followed Yazi’s scent, gripping the straps of his backpack tightly. When he saw his big brother he tackled him hard enough to crack the ground under them. “Brother, I’m home!!” the clone shouted happily.
  Chizuru Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 30d 13h 14m 34s
Kara nodded and smiled. She kissed his cheek and said. "I've already talked to Boruto and told him not to fight with you."
  Nahann Otsutsuki / wingedwolfy120 / 31d 8h 40m 18s
Sakuto got a goofy grin on his face as he thought of how many babies were made because of him. "Hehe...we had a bunch of Uzumaki babies, didn't we?" he asked with a grin. "Is...mom going to be here?"

Kurama nodded and kissed her nose.

Matatabi yawned softly as she woke up. "Your son is free today, isn't he Sakura?"
  Chizuru Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 31d 9h 35m 15s
Sarada kissed him back and smiled.

Kara kissed him back as well and smiled softly. "Your father will be here, same with your siblings from Hinata."

"No, you know her better than that." She said and kissed him.
  Nahann Otsutsuki / wingedwolfy120 / 31d 9h 42m 16s
Sakuto kissed Sarada then kissed Kara gently.

Kagura yawned softly and tilted her head sleepily. "Is Sakuto here?" she finally asked.

"Maybe, if she was addicted," Kurama guessed with a slight shrug.
  Chizuru Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 31d 9h 45m 22s
Kara smiled and said. "I'm glad i could be of help."

Sarada smiled and watched as wakana ran to her brothers. "She loves her brothers."

Shiana smiled and hugged her.

"if she did, would she still fuck you?" She asked and smiled.
  Nahann Otsutsuki / wingedwolfy120 / 31d 12h 59m 17s
Sakuto rubbed her belly gently and grinned. "From my 'relaxation marathon', right? With you, Kara, mom, Hinata...you all ended up pregnant," he said and scratched his head shyly. He sat down and looked to Kara. "Hey, aunt Kara...thanks for visiting me so often. It really helped me stay sane."

Kagura activated a seal that teleported her to her sister. "Hi, sis," she greeted with a yawn. "Is it dinner time yet...?"

Kurama slowly nodded. "Still, though...I feel bad he went through that. Does...Sakura hold it against me?"
  Chizuru Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 31d 13h 6m 39s
She smiled and said. "Boruto's and yours."

Wakana hugged him happily and smiled at her brothers.

"Thank you, sweetie. Kazumi made me that table, you know?" She said and smiled.

Shiana looked up when sakuto came in and pulsed her chakra to call her sister.

"Kura... How were you supposed to know that fucking Sakura would transfer that into him?" She said and hugged him. "it was an accident and he isn't angry with you."
  Nahann Otsutsuki / wingedwolfy120 / 31d 13h 20m 25s
Sakuto picked up his daughter and hugged the girl tightly, kissing her head over and over as he spun her around. "Hey, honey! I'm finally free and we can actually go on those trips we've been planning!" he promised her. He went in with her and looked at Sarada with a gentle smile. "You look heavily pregnant," he teased his lover.

Minato went over and covered the table with a very thin, barely visible layer of chakra to protect it. He smiled at his mother and kissed her cheek. "There."

Kagura hummed as she relaxed on the roof, half asleep as she enjoyed the heat of the sun. "So comfy..."

Kurama frowned. "My dark side ruined his life for several years, Midori..."
  Chizuru Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 31d 13h 25m 59s
Wakana ran to sakuto after squirming out of chizuru's arms and squealed. "Papa!!!"

Sarada paused looking outside and smiled.

Nahann watched his technically older sister run to her father and looked at his twin.

Kara paused hearing wakana and looked out the window. She went back to cooking and looked at her twins. "Minato, kyosuke make sure that griddle isn't going to burn the table please?"

Shiana snuggled her dad having him help with her homework and looked to her brothers.

Midori kissed Kurama's nose again and said. "Stop stressing,he isn't going to be mad at you."
  Nahann Otsutsuki / wingedwolfy120 / 31d 16h 21m 57s
She pet his hair gently and whispered. "Will you play with your daughter while i cook? I'm making your favorite."

She nodded and said. "he doesn't mind at all, and I'm sure he'll wake up enough to spend time with us. I noticed he sleeps a lot whenever I'm pregnant.... Kurama says that's normal because he was the same way when he was with Kushina."
  Nahann Otsutsuki / wingedwolfy120 / 34d 16h 2m 34s
Sakuto hugged Sarada tightly and hid his face against her chest as he whimpered a little. He nodded just a little and did his best to calm himself down, though he continued to cling to her.

Shoyo smiled softly and nodded. "Maybe we can ride through Son's area? I'm sure he wouldn't mind..."
  Chizuru Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 34d 18h 53m 58s
Wakana snuggled him and looked up at him when he started crying. "Papa sad?"

Sarada paused in her cooking and went over to him wiping his tears. "It's okay, baby.... Calm down.... We can talk after dinner and after she goes to bed."

Kara glanced out the window and said." It's really nice out and it's been awhile since we last did a ride.... Could we take our horses? I think yours misses you."
  Nahann Otsutsuki / wingedwolfy120 / 38d 8h 42m 26s
Sakuto held his daughter close and protectively as he watched Sarada begin to cook. He teared up soon and began to cry as he hugged his kid tightly, shaking a little as he sobbed. "I don't remember anything, Sarada," he whispered.

Shoyo kissed her lips gently and nodded. "Sure, let's do something. Did you have something in mind?"
  Chizuru Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 38d 10h 21m 11s

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