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"I'm sorry, Itachi..... You can... You can leave me if you want...." She whispered and tried to hide her crying in the covers. Her chest felt tight and her stomach hurt a little bit but nothing like earlier.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 50d 10h 30m 12s
Itachi seemed a little unsure but nodded anyway. He ran his hand over her belly softly and relaxed with his head pressed against her. He closed his eyes and breathed her scent in, craving it as if it were a drug. He always got like this when they were apart for too long.
  Itachi Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 1y 50d 10h 32m 32s
"no, that crow of yours with his eye put me in a genjutsu.... And I met his spirit..." She told him and shivered whimpering. She hesitated and hid her face in the covers. "He said he's happy for you...."
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 50d 10h 34m 41s
Itachi looked confused by her words. "Honey, I think you might be a little out of it. Shisui has been dead since I was young," he whispered gently. His brushed his lips against hers, barely touching her.

Kisame flinched. He stared at Sakura quietly and slowly grinned. "Hey, Sakura..." he began.
  Itachi Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 1y 50d 10h 36m 50s
"I talked to shisui..." She said and squeezed his hands back.

"No because you didn't think with the head on your shoulders...." She said and looked up at him. "The bad news is that Itachi is upset with you two...."
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 50d 10h 38m 44s
Itachi pressed his forehead against hers and held her hands tightly. He almost whimpered as he held her and closed his eyes tightly. He tried to stay calm, but ended up almost crying all over again. "My beautiful Kara..."

Kisame frowned and looked away. "All because I didn't use a condom...?"
  Shisui Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 1y 50d 10h 43m 4s
Kara made a slight sound and began to wake up. "Itachi?"

Sakura smiled and sat down. "She didn't miscarry.... But she was very close to losing one of the babies."
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 50d 10h 45m 9s
"Good news, I guess," Kisame whispered.

Itachi ran his hand through her hair then leaned down and kissed her head gently. "Kara..." he whispered and frowned. "My beautiful wife..."
  Shisui Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 1y 50d 10h 47m 36s
Kara slept soundly and instinctively turned her head towards his touch.

Sakura watched him for a moment and then went to Kisame. "You want the good news or the bad news first?"
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 50d 11h 19m 7s
Itachi frowned and slowly went into the hospital room, seeming very unsure. He sat in a chair by her bed and watched with his new Mangekyo, try to figure out what to say. He slowly played with her hair as he watched her.
  Shisui Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 1y 50d 11h 22m 31s
"obviously I'd be upset too... But.... If I knew that Sasuke loved me as much as he already does, I'd forgive him but I'd ask for it not to happen again.... But if they used an anti pregnancy seal.... I think I wouldn't be as mad...." She said and looked up at him. "Itachi.... Whatever your decision is.... She's still going to need your love...."
  wingedwolfy120 / 1y 50d 11h 50m 38s
Itachi frowned when he remembered what happened. He looked at Sakura, looking hurt all over again. "I...I was fine with them hooking up, you know? They're very important to me. But they always used condoms. Then I find out Kisame went without a condom for...uh...butt stuff. Fine, no risk of pregnancy. But then..." He frowned and looked at Sakura. "What...What would you do if Sasuke slept with someone without a condom?"
  Shisui Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 1y 50d 12h 25m 15s
She smiled softly and held up four fingers. "You're having quadruplets... That's why she's been gaining so much weight so fast.... But Kisame did tell me some of what happened.... So I am going to ask that you take it easy on her..... She thought she was going to lose you and that's what triggered this..." She explained and touched his hand softly. "I know you'll want to talk to both of them.... I actually smacked Kisame for thinking with his dick instead of his head.... But still, promise you'll go somewhat easy on her?"
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 50d 12h 28m 46s
Itachi looked really confused. "What? No, you mean the baby," he corrected her. He had no idea Kara was pregnant with multiple babies. "We only have one baby, Sakura, what..." He blinked. "I...I'm going to have several babies?" he whispered as he teared up. "We're going to have the big family we wanted?"
  Shisui Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 1y 50d 12h 32m 47s
Sakura healed her and sighed in relief. She jumped hearing Itachi yelling and went to go talk to him. "Itachi." She said and looked up at him. "She's alright, but she was so close to miscarriage.... She and the babies are fine."
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 50d 12h 34m 55s

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