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"you'll have to ask shoyo." She said and smiled.

Sarada cuddled him and yawned slightly. "I think i should call Mr shoyo and spend time with mom."

"I'm ready, now what's our mission?" She asked and smiled.

She blushed and whispered in his ear. "Take him to the bedroom in five minutes?"
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He nodded and hugged her before he went back to swimming, floating slowly on his back. "This place is really nice. Can we come here more often?"

Indra ruffled her head. "Good girl," he praised lovingly.

Ashina nuzzled her. "Are you ready? I already got Midori and I packed and ready to go!" he promised and grinned.

Shisui looked curious. "Make it up to Itachi? How so? I'd do anything to make things better for what went down, Kara..."
Sakura smiled getting in and swam over to him. "It is but we'll get used to it."

Sarada nodded and said. "I'll believe you..."

Okuni smiled and hugged him back. "I know, sweetie. I'm sorry."

Kara nodded and said. "it wasn't your fault, Shisui. Danzo is just bad person and honestly pretty scary." She hugged him and blushed. "but maybe there could be a way you could make it up to Itachi? Besides training."
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Sakuto nodded and rushed out onto the water, focusing chakra to his feet to walk on it. When he was out far enough, he jumped up high and dived into the water with a happy laugh. He remained under for several seconds before he came back up. "Woo, kinda chilly!" he shouted and laughed more. "I love this place, mama!"

Indra smiled softly. "Just...hm..." He paused in thought. "Go the the other room for privacy and I guess try checking those places, sweetie. You'll see why you're too small for it."

Ashina saw Okuni soon enough and grinned as he snuck outside. He tried to tackle her with a laugh. "Hey, sensei!" he shouted, hugging himself to her back. "We were waiting!"

Shisui smiled sadly. "It's my fault. I thought Danzo was really going to kill me, so I...tried giving Itachi my eye. But Minato and Kushina saved me and got my eye back. But I traumatized my dear Itachi..." He frowned.
She smiled and stripped down to her underwear and bra. "Yes, now come on swim with your mom?"

Sarada looked up at him and asked. "Would it really hurt me?"

Okuni nodded and left.

Kara nodded and kissed his cheek. "I know, sweetie.... I love you"
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Sakuto hugged her until they got down to the beach then hopped down. He wiggled out of his shirt with a little trouble then pulled his pants off, leaving himself in his boxers. He then kicked off his sandals and wiggled his toes in the sand. "Wow, this place is amazing! It's so clean compared to the other beaches we go to!"

Indra hugged her back with one hand as he used the other to pull his boxers back on. "You okay, Sarada?" he asked softly and kissed her head. "We don't want to hurt you, sweetie. Emotionally, mentally or physically. I hope you understand why all of us are refusing to do those things with you. You understand, right?"

Kisame kissed her back and teasingly waved her off. "They're waiting, babe."

Itachi relaxed and sighed happily. "It was intense. Shisui was...helping me master the Mangekyo," he whispered and frowned. "I hate that I even have that eye...but...I need to master it."
Sakura nodded and kisssd shoyo before he left. "Alright, let's go swimming." She said and carried sakuto to the beach.

She calmed down and then went to hug her uncle indra.

Okuni kissed him back and nodded. "I love you."

Kara hugged Itachi and kissed his neck. "How was your training?" She asked and started to rub his shoulders gently blushing as a memory crossed her mind.
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Shoyo nodded and smiled at her. "Of course, Sakura. Do you two want to go enjoy the beach for a bit while I check up on a few things real quick?" he offered.

Sakuto grinned at Sakura. "Can we go swimming, mama?"

Shin nodded. "When you're older, I promise," he whispered and hugged her again. "You have my word."

Kisame kissed her lips then helped her dress. "Go on, dear, don't keep them waiting."
  Shin / TheLizardWizard / 1d 1h 22m 11s
Sakura nodded and smiled at him. "Thank you."

Sarada looked up at him and asked. "You promise to let me try when i get older."

Okuni panted and nodded.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 1d 5h 18m 6s
Sakuto held on carefully so he wouldn’t fall off and continued to play with her hair, trying his best to braid it for her though he was having just a little trouble.

“We’ll go to the beach house, of course.” He pulsed his chakra and they were teleported to the large house. He smiled at her. “Private beach, only my clan comes here so we’ll have tons of privacy!”

Shin ruffled her hair gently and hugged her again, being very careful.

Kisame soon hung up and chuckled a bit. “Okuni, your team is waiting for you.”
  Shin / TheLizardWizard / 1d 5h 46m 35s
She smiled and said. "I like your blonde hair." She stood carrying him carefully and looked at shoyo. "What should we do?"

Emiko looked at her adopted son and said. "You two should wait until she's older, if you do it now, she might get hurt."

Sarada frowned and pouted against Shin's stomach slightly hugging him.

"Hi Uncle Kisame. Okay, we have a mission and wanted to tell her but you guys were all busy."
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Sakuto messed with his own soft hair and smiled. "I wonder if she'd let me try it out...her hair always smells really nice! Like yours, mama!" He climbed casually onto her back and played with her pink hair. "Do you think I'd look nice if I had been born with pink hair?"

Indra looked surprised for once as well. "I took Emiko pretty young, but...this is shocking. I didn't expect this to happen, with how the previous timeline went..." He paused and cleared his throat. He finished cleaning the table up and offered Sarada a special tea he enjoyed. "Here, honey, drink this. It'll calm you down a little."

Shin looked at Emiko for what to do.

Kisame soon picked up. "Is this...Midori?" he guessed and smiled. "Sorry I kept your sensei busy, kiddo. She's heading out now it looks like."
  Shin / TheLizardWizard / 1d 6h 55m 4s
Sakura nodded and said. "She has a special shampoo for her and Indra."

Emiko looked at her surprised and looked at Indra.

"i know, i see you and all the grown-ups do it all the time.... I want to try it..."

Midori called and waited for an answer.
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Sakuto relaxed immediately and smiled softly. "Aunt Emiko has really pretty hair, mama. Do you think she uses a special shampoo to get it so soft?"

Shin paused and looked at Sarada in silence, glancing at Emiko for help. "Sarada, do you know what you're asking, sweetie?" he asked very gently and knelt in front of her.

Ashina found the house phone and handed it over. "I um...can't remember her house number. Will you call for me?" He licked his fork clean then put their dishes in the dishwasher with a grin.
  Shin / TheLizardWizard / 1d 7h 10m 18s
She listened and nodded. "Yeah, that's perfectly natural."

Sarada blushed and mumbled. "I was hoping you'd do that with me..."

She nodded and smiled.
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