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She cuddled him and listened. "I know... But my anxiety has a habit of making me think otherwise..."

Etsuko watched listening to his answer and stood tackling him and kissing him deeply ignoring her brothers when they cheered and teased them. "I love you, Madara Uchiha."

Sarada smiled and nodded. "Thanks, yosuke." She sat next to boruto and cuddled his side. "How about we watch a movie while yazi is busy? We can bug papa too."

Mahiro blinked hearing the change in his voice somewhat and signed to him. "Your voice, obito oji-san."

Karin stripped revealing a simple shark tattoo on her hip and got in as well. "I was thinking movie night, or we can bother orochimaru?"
  Ayame Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 80d 2h 22m 53s
Izuna hugged her tightly. "I didn't know until recently, Ayame, I promise. I would never leave you, though. Etsuko isn't that kind of girl, I promise. She's a great person...you'd really like her."

Madara glanced at Etsuko then back. "Small. The size of the wedding doesn't determine how much you love a person. Actions do that, and I would spend an eternity in Amaterasu if it meant she was happy." He looked at her again.

Yosuke slowly walked in with the track of snacks and water and looked at her. "You look really pretty, Sarada-san," he told her sweetly.

Tobi grinned for a moment before his gaze became colder. "Hello, little one," Obi greeted her, his voice much deeper suddenly.

Suigetsu stripped then got in the shower with her. "What would you like to do?"
  Izuna Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 80d 2h 31m 55s
Ayame listened and nodded. "Okay, so you have to do s-stuff with her.... Okay, I-I trust you not to leave me then..."

"What kind of wedding are you planning to have with my sister? Big or small?" He asked simply.

Sarada was wearing the new outfit and opened the door. "Hey, come in."

Mahiro giggled and poked Tobi's cheek looking at him curiously.

Karin smiled at him and kissed him. "Come on." She said and walked to the bathroom with him.
  Ayame Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 80d 2h 37m 34s
Izuna closed his eyes at her touch and smiled a little. He leaned closer and kissed her lips gently. "Etsuko...the name I said earlier...she's my best friend. She brought me back from the dead." He shyly explained how he mated with Etsuko and the entire situation.

Madara raised a brow. "Just one question? Sure, what is it?"

Boruto got dressed as well so they wouldn't get caught and watched her move with a goofy grin.

Yosuke waited quietly for a moment. "I um...I got snacks and stuff..." he repeated softly. "Uncle Yazi kicked me out for now so he can wrestle the nice dragon lady," he said after a pause. "I was tasked with getting snacks and water for us for after."

Tobi rolled around with Hige and laughed happily. "Tobi likes puppy!" he decided happily and grinned more.

Suigetsu stopped working and looked at her. "My work can wait. You're far more important to me." He kissed her lips and went to the bathroom with her. "Still got the plug...?"
  Izuna Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 80d 2h 48m 18s
She put a fingertip to his lips softly and said. "If you didn't then I would have been too shy to say I like you."

Etsuko watched and sighed. She jumped when her older brother, hidemaru finally got his turn and said. "My test is just one question."

Sarada kissed him and said. "I love you, we'll continue, i promise." She stood and got dressed. "Hold on, yosuke!"

Kara smiled at the sight and watched mahiro play with obito and her new pup.

Karin nodded and said. "I want to take a shower... And go on a date.."
  Ayame Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 80d 2h 55m 12s
Izuna held her a little closer. "I still can't believe I...took you...while half asleep," he admitted in a soft voice.

Madara didn't complain once the entire time he did the tests.

Boruto slowed down and pouted. "But...we were having fun..." he complained before he finally pulled away from her so she could get up if she chose to.

Yosuke whimpered, thinking Sarada didn't want to play with him.

Kisame shrugged and slowly fell asleep.

Suigetsu yawned softly. "Almost done purifying this water..."
  Izuna Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 80d 3h 2m 11s
Ayame blushed and kissed him softly.

Etsuko sighed as her brothers made Madara continue the stupid tests.

Sarada heard her little brother and looked at boruto. "Baby?"

"Don't tempt me jaws." Kara said and looked at him.

Karin stretched slightly and hugged suigetsu's shoulders carefully. "You almost done yet?"
  Ayame Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 80d 3h 5m 57s
Izuna kissed her nose and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close before he ran a hand through her long hair. "I think your hair is beautiful," he whispered softly.

Yosuke pouted as he left to go get the snacks and drinks. He got a small tray together with a few glasses of water and stopped by Sarada's room on the way back. "Sarada-san...? Do you want some snacks?" he called out, feeling lonely since Yazi sent him away. "I got some water, too..." he offered almost sadly.

Kisame watched for a moment longer before he joked, "I bet you'd look nice with a shark tattoo..." He relaxed in his chair and closed his eyes with a soft yawn.
  Izuna Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 80d 3h 9m 57s
Ayame blushed slightly and touched her hair slightly. "I think I have too much hair to be honest..." She said quietly and sat on his lip.

Sayuri looked around the room curiously and smirked slightly.

Yazi sighed and said. "How about you get the drinks and snacks ready? Maybe check your dad? I hear he hasn't been feeling well."

Kara smiled and watched as Nagita skillfully worked on the tattoos. "I was tired of seeing these scars... They remind me too much of..." She trailed off and looked up at him.

Nagita smiled and said. "Don't worry he'll love them.... And I'm glad you can to me, sweetheart."

Kara smiled and thanked her.
  Ayame Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 80d 3h 17m 17s
Izuna pulled the brush from her hair gently and set it on his desk before he relax back against his chair with a soft smile. "You look very beautiful," he whispered.

When they arrived, Yosuke whistled as he took them to his room and smiled sweetly. "Okay, here's my room!" he announced. He looked at Yazi for a moment. "So um...what do I do now?" he asked.

Kisame nodded. "I'll keep it a secret, I promise," he replied and sat nearby to watch her.

Kazumi blushed a little more. "Well you're just cute."
  Izuna Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 80d 3h 24m 1s
Ayame blushed and locked the door before going back to him. "Can you undo my hair?"

Sayuri and Yazi walked with him and watched him smirking slightly.

Kara smirked slightly at him and was soon sitting in one of the chairs while her aunt worked on her. "Don't tell itachi.... I want to surprise him."

Kioko smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "You're cute when you blush."
  Ayame Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 80d 3h 32m 32s
Izuna kissed back then smiled softly and relaxed at his desk. "It's a comfy seat..." he said slowly. "I just wonder...how sturdy is it?" he whispered in her ear.

Yosuke rubbed his chin then nodded. "Do you want to use my room, uncle Yazi?" he offered sweetly as he got up and gathered his things, ready to help save the dragons.

Kisame smirked at Kara's teasing and shook his head. "I have some things I could say to you, AA," he replied teasingly and crossed his arms.

Kazumi soon joined Kioko and smiled nervously. "So...that's the house..."
  Izuna Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 80d 3h 40m 45s
She nodded and kissed him cutely.

Sayuri nodded and blinked at his questions and looked at Yazi.

Yazi looked away embarrassed and sighed. "We have to... Wrestle a little bit... In private."

Nagita stifled a laugh and nodded. She knew he was serious but he was too cute. She hid in kakashi's chest and laughed quietly. "He's so adorable." She whispered and paused looking at the door to her parlor.

Kara smiled at everyone hugging mahiro and kissing Kisame softly. "Hey jaws." She teased and went to her aunt hugging her.

Kioko smiled and looked around curiously. She inspected his room and sat on his bed.
  Ayame Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 80d 3h 48m 0s
Izuna thought for a moment. "How about they show us what they can do in battle? If it's not up to standard, they either get trained or get replaced."

"Sayuri..." Yosuke repeated them smiled sweetly. "So um, you're helping Uncle Yazi make eggs?" he asked in confusion. "How do you guys do that? Is it like some sort of dragon magic or something that requires two dragons?"

Hige looked at Nagita and barked. "That's right! Nobody's gunna hurt my human!" he said and growled though it sounded funny from how young he was.

Kazumi nodded and showed her the house, though he ended up at his room.
  Izuna Uchiha / TheLizardWizard / 80d 3h 54m 12s
Ayame nodded and smiled at him. She grabbed a spare piece of paper and asked, what kind of tests should we give them?"

The female played with his hair and smiled. "My name is sayuri."

Mahiro nodded and signed. "Whatever he picks out."

Nagita smiled and looked up at him. "I have a feeling he's going to bite any bullies she gets."

Kioko smiled and kissed him. "Hm.... Give me a little tour?"

Mahiro smiled at him and nodded. "Already are best friends." She signed up at him and smiled.
  Ayame Muramasa / wingedwolfy120 / 80d 4h 2m 21s

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