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Yosuke played with his hair in silence for a few seconds. “Do you think I look pretty like mama?” he asked shyly and looked up at her with a slight frown.

Boruto hugged her tightly. “Just wanted to say hi, Aunt Kara. Love you!”
  Kaneda Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 141d 2h 47m 21s
"sure sweetie." She said and smiled.

"I think you look like Mom, and we both know how much people like her." She said and cuddled him.

Kara smiled at Boruto and went over." Yes sweetheart?"
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 141d 3h 10m 19s
He kissed back after a small pause then leaned back on the couch to relax. “A?” he asked just a little shyly.

Yosuke nodded and pouted a little. “He said I’d never get a girlfriend cuz I have a weird forehead and pink hair!” he whined softly and nuzzled her slowly. He whimpered. “Not my fault I look so funny...”

Boruto saw Kara and waved happily. “Aunt Kara!”
  Kaneda Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 141d 3h 27m 55s
The clone sauntered over and undid his belt kissing him deeply.

"She's probably grabbing something really quick." She said and paused hugging her little brother. "hey little brother. Is big brother being an asshole to you too?"

Kara soon came back and made sure the three gifts were just inside the door out of sight.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 141d 3h 41m 39s
Sakuto tilted his head a little bit. "Something sweet?" He watched her closely, seeming a little unsure.

Nobuyori smiled and kissed her head softly. "I was wondering where dear Kara ran off to. It's her party, she should be out here with the rest of us."

Yosuke purred loudly as he snuck out of his room and made his way to the party. He soon found Sarada and tackle hugged her, nuzzling her lovingly.
  Kaneda Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 141d 6h 33m 11s
"i just said i wasn't going and the house needs to be cleaned anyway.... Unless you want something sweet now." She said and went over to him.

Sarada sipped the wine and ate politely. "what you thinking about, babe?"
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 142d 4h 31m 16s
Sakuto watched her silently and frowned a little. “You’d seriously rather clean...?” he asked and stopped the movie with an annoyed look. “You might as well go to the party.”

Nobuyori hummed as he sipped his wine, relaxing with Sarada by the fire. “Want some wine?” he offered her, wondering where Kara went.
  Kaneda Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 142d 6h 31m 40s
The clone turned the movie on and took care of the dishes and cleaned the house.

Kaguya smiled softly and cuddled him.

She nodded and smiled.

Kara smiled and let everyone get their share of the food before going inside. She grabbed the three gifts and set the fourth aside for later.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 142d 17h 42m 41s
Sakuto raised a brow at that and still looked suspicious. He ate slowly, occasionally glancing at the clone. When he finished his food, he set his dishes down and sat on the opposite side of the couch as her.

Matatabi purred and licked her hand a few times before curling up again to rest by the fire.

"We leave early tomorrow, Midori," Kurama whispered to her and smiled. "So get plenty of sleep tonight."

Son nodded and let out hot air, cooking the fish to perfection with his heated breath. He then carried all the food out and set it up before he sat down by Sakura. "Hi," he greeted a little shyly.
  Kaneda Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 142d 20h 32m 1s
"she's annoying and clingy... So yeah." She said casually and gave him his food. "We were going to end up fighting tonight anyway...."

Kaguya smiled at matatabi and pet her gently." Beautiful as ever matatabi."

Midori smiled and kissed him. "I know baby."

" Can you help me cook the rest of this fish?" She asked and looked up at him." That way everyone can eat at the same time?"
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 142d 20h 37m 42s
Sakuto narrowed his eyes a little more. "You've been friends with her since birth practically. You expect me to believe you'd leave her, just like that...?" he asked suspiciously as he finally followed her downstairs. He sat silently, watching the clone closely.

Matatabi licked Sakura's cheek then hopped off and went over, purring as she sat by her brothers. "Hello, sweet Saiken." She looked at Kaguya and bowed her head politely. "Hello, Lady Kaguya."

Kurama nuzzled her carefully. "Don't worry, I wouldn't hurt you," he promised softly.

Son went over and looked curious. "Yes, my beautiful bride?" he asked softly.
  Kaneda Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 142d 20h 41m 20s
"i changed my mind. It's not going to be the first party your aunt throws and probably not going to be the last.... Besides um... I was thinking about breaking things off with her anyway." She lied smoothly and watched him. "your ramen is getting cold and your favorite movie is waiting."

She smiled softly and kept petting her." You can go say hi to your brothers over there."

She nodded and kissed him. "Mm-hm.... So I'll have to be careful with my training."

"It's inside." She said and pulled away softly. She checked the fish and called son over.
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 142d 20h 46m 15s
Sakuto watched her hesitantly. "Is this some kind of trick...?" he finally asked her and narrowed his eyes. "First you outright refuse to keep the promise...now this?"

Matatabi purred sleepily and looked up at her human. "You have soft hands," she complimented softly and nuzzled her belly. "I like your hair, too."

Saiken kept playing, carefully, with her horns.

"You're very pregnant, it sounds like," Kurama teased softly.

Nobuyori nodded and gave Sarada a certain look. "Do you have any wine, Kara?"
  Kaneda Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 142d 20h 51m 27s
"i got your favorite.... And i got a movie set up downstairs." She said and watches him.

Sakura pet matatabi gently and looked up at him slightly.

Kaguya relaxed and smiled.

Midori smiled and said. "And Ashina's and Indra's."

Kara smiled and said. "I still have to grill the fish."
  kara dragon / wingedwolfy120 / 142d 21h 1m 16s
Sakuto paused his music for a moment then opened his door and crossed his arms. "Yes...?" he finally asked.

Naruto sighed and nodded before snuggling up to her.

Saiken relaxed slowly and gently played with her horns as they enjoyed the fire.

Kurama smirked a little and licked her cheek. "Good girl."

Nobuyori shrugged and hugged back. "Sarada was rushing me, but we made it," he said softly. He messed with her hair a bit then smiled at her. "Did I miss food?"
  Kaneda Ōtsutsuki / TheLizardWizard / 142d 21h 4m 13s

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